Poor Replacement

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Aug 27, 2013

Poor Replacement (By Awful Contrast)

Recently,the actor has been changed for the role of K.D.Pathak's assistant. The new guy's mannerisms,dialog delivery is totally opposite to that of the earlier character Varun.

The new guy is horribly irritating. He looks and sounds totally un-professional. Keeps on rattling idiotic phrases assuming ridiculous postures.

K.D.Pathak's Sanscritised Hindi is music to the ears. He is so polished, unmoved even under severely adverse situations. May be his new assistant's language and mannerisms has been brought in only to strike a contrast with that of K.D.Pathak. If this was the intention, it is poorly visualised.

We are a group of families that are addicted to 'Adalat". After this new guy came in many of us are seriously contemplating to discontinue watching this serial. There could be thousands of families like us.

Before it is too late, please bring back good old Varun. If this is not possible, please find a suitable alternative. BUT SHOW THE GATE TO THIS GUY.

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