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Disclaimer: These imaginations are a work of fiction. The places and characters depicted in these works are fictitious except for the names of states. Any resemblance to any person or place is purely coincidental. The names are taken from the daily soaps Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?


Fan Fictions

1.   Moon and Sun – The Times of Wedding ( IPKKND) *Complete*

Preface: - Arnav reaches at the place where Khushi is getting married but his late arrival brings out the emotions and feelings that were taking roots in his heart since a very long time. What had happened in the past that leads him to his end? Losing Khushi, his Khushi.

Link: -


2.   Madhubala – Remember Me (MEIEJ) *Complete*

Preface: - The superstar RK meets Madhubala Malik, a writer to read him a story. She narrates a story and he instantly felt the connection with it. Why? Read it to uncover the truth.

Link: -


3.   Rising Sun : A New Beginning and Breaking Prejudices with Har****a (IPKKND) *On Hold*

Link: -



Three Shots

1.   Madhubala – A Chance (MEIEJ) *Complete*

Preface: - A chance is a level of possibility that something will happen; opportunity or risk but will you take it is all that matters. Madhu and Rishab who had been tied in the matrimony in their childhood, will they take the chance to save each other’s love lives or back away?

Link: -


2.   Madhubala – Last Wish (MEIEJ) *Complete*

Preface: - What if you’re dying? What if you have only little time left in your hand? What will you wish for? As your last wish? His last wish is to see her face before dying. But what lead him to wish a last thing in his world?

Link: - http://



One Shot

1.   Moon and Sun – Enveloped Feelings (IPKKND)

Preface: - Khushi is remembering the last 365 days of her marriage and how Arnav doesn’t pay her any attention. But is that true? What if he has some emotions enveloped inside his heart?

Link: -


2.   Madhubala – Mending and Healing (MEIEJ)

Preface: - Mending and healing a broken Madhu.

Link: -


3.   Madhubala – Not My Story (MEIEJ)

Preface: - But whose story? You have to find it out yourself.

Link: -


4.   Moon and Sun – Inside (IPKKND)

Preface: - Story of a tom-boy girl Khushi.

Link: -


5.   Madhubala – The Face (MEIEJ)

Preface: - How a face changed Madhu’s life. Based on Halloween theme.

Link: -


6.   Moon and Sun – In The End (IPKKND)

Preface: - On separation and then reunion of two people, Khushi and Arnav.

Link: -




1.   Shyam is so damn Lucky (IPKKND)


2.   Ooh La La (IPKKND)


3.   Bittuji in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (MEIEJ)


4.   Thanks to all writers here (TMLS)


5.   A new story - Need your suggestions (IPKKND)

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