EHMMBH Fiction Index!

Sep 13, 2013

EHMMBH Fiction Index! (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hello guys!

I have seen a lot of people complaining that there are very less commenters here in EHMMBH Forum, even I agree! So now here I am with a solution for this!

In short and sweet words, we are going to make an index of the whole MeD EHMMBH section, Completed or incompleted stories, like FF's, SS's, OS's !!

This is what you and me are going to do!

You will have to give in all your stories to be involved in the EHMMBH Fiction Index.

After a five days of story acceptation, I will make a complied view including all the stories given!

All that you have to do is to mention the stories you have to include in the comment box and send the summaries to me through 'Contact Me' in my diary.

If you are not able to send, then you can directly post it in this view.

If you know editing, then you can even make a banner for the story or ask me to make one. Including a banner is still not decided, though!

Whether it's your story or someone else's story do not matter, you can mention your stories, your favourite stories and even stories whose writers have left the site. This may even encourage those writers to come back.

This index will help the readers to select the stories in which they are interested and read. It will also increase the comments for a story.

Make sure that you write the best summary so that anyone will want to read your story.

So let's start working and make this initiative a grand success!


EHHMBH Admin Team

Sep 15, 2013

Stories in right now! :D (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 1 times)

Dil Hai Tumhara By Mukta_Sharma


Summary: Have been sent,,

love story ~ virman and virika by Priyavirman


Summary: Not in yet!



Summary: Not in yet!

Manvi: kyon Hota Hei Pyaar by Zaara


Summary: Not in yet!

Tum Jo Aaye by Breezii


Summary: No in yet!

Tum Ho Saath Mere by Cute_Virman


Summary: Not in yet!

Hum to Chale Dost Banke,Jahan Kahan Dil Mil Gaye By Sarunffan


Summary: Not in yet!

Bleeding Heart by Sarunffan


Summary: Not in yet!

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan By Sarunffan


Summary: Not in yet!

War between Hate and Love by Mukta_Sharma


Summary: Not in yet!


Thank Priya for giving in your favorites, I am glad you did! If Cute_Virman didn't give her stories in 5 days, I am definitely going to add them!!! 

Is there only this much stories in this wonderful forum? Not at all!! There are many more! So please remind me about them.

 Was I being so rude in the last update? Sorry if I was, but I was so down, I am deleting that! So no worries!


EHMMBH Admin Team

Oct 10, 2013

FF Index! (By Diamond123)

Hey! I am back!

I think most of you are not interested in giving your summaries and having it in the Index. Is that right?

So we will just stop now with these links and names and after everything gets sorted out, we will add summaries too! Okay?

Please give the names of all the EHM stories, you know! Even if it is not yours, because we want the index to be loooooong! :P

Link is not needed but it would be great if you could give!



Dec 24, 2013

Index to be restarted! (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hello everyone! 

How are you all? I know that the index was long lose but the new Admin Team including me and Cute_Virman have decided to re-construct this!

And we have decided to avoid that summary part as no one is ready to give in the summaries! :)

So I want all of you to give in your stories and your favorites if you want them to be seen here in the index.

Format to be followed-

Story Name - Writer- Link- Genre

The Genres include- Romance, Drama, ROM COM, Mystery, Fantasy and Show Based

Tell us if any other genres should be added!

Me and Cute_Virman are going through all the EHMMBH Forum pages and compiling the links of the stories! If any of you are ready to volunteer, please inform!

We need volunteers! 

With Love,

Diamond123 and Cute_Virman

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Extremely excited!