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Sep 14, 2013

My Fantacy On ArShi (By Sviji) (Thanked: 148 times)

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My all work of fan fiction using the characters from the popular Star Plus serial "Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Do?" which is a trademark of 4 Lions Films Production. 

The characters are created and owned by the writing team of the show, and I do not claim any ownership over them or the show.

The story I tell about "Arnav and Khushi" is my own invention in regards to the content, writing style and situations and it is not purported or believed to be part of 4 Lions Films Production. This story is for entertainment purpose only and is not part of the official storyline.

I am grateful to the 4 Lions Films Production and writer Gul Khan for their amazing storyline about Arnav and Khushi, without their amazing concept my story would not exist.

Scroll Down For Index Of Completed And Ongoing Stories!!!

Sep 14, 2013

My Fantacy On ArShi (By Sviji) (Thanked: 150 times)


                                                      Completed Fan-fictions

*Sang Hoon Tere!!!!


*Arranged Marriage!!!!

*My Friend, My Arnav ji!!!!

*In Love With My Little Maid!!!!

Dec 21, 2013

My Fantacy On ArShi (By Sviji) (Thanked: 139 times)

                                                   Completed Short Stories!!!!

*Cruel Game Of Fate!!!

*Life's Truth!!!

*Missing Khushi!!!

*Missing Khushi II!!!!

*For My Love!!!


*I Lost Myself For U (Re-editing in Blog)

*Found My Love, Again!!! (In Blog)

*Addicted To You!!! (Shifted To India Forum)

Dec 27, 2014

2 To 5 Shots!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 105 times)

Dec 27, 2014

Random Series!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 113 times)

                                           Series On Arnav and Khushi!!!

Never Ending Love Series "ArShii'

(In one Thread, One to three shots on my random crazy thoughts)

* Hamesha

*Ghar Aaja Sajaan

*PaAp (Sin)

Series at Second Chance

*His Inglorious Sin!!! (Completed and in Blog)

*Broken Angels!!! (Completed and Shifted To India Forum)

Jan 1, 2015

One Shot!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 99 times)

                                                     One Shots!!!!

*Chori Chori Chupke Chupke!!!

*Pyaar Tum Se Hi!!!

*My Angel!!!

*True Love Never Dies!!!

*Khushi By Chance!!!

*Simply, It Is Called Love!!!

*You're The One!!!

*Always Mine!!!

*Sun Rahi Ho Na Meri Prem Kahani!!!

*i m con te!!!

*Me Marier!!!

*Wife (Sequel To Me Marier)


*True Love Against Destiny!!!

*Why Not Me?

*Mein Arnav Ki Dewaani Hoon!!!

*Just The Way You Are!!!

*A New Beginning!!!

*Cursed Life!!!

*I Can't Lose You, Not Now Nor Ever!!!

*lo siento, ya estoy tomado!!!

*Ishq Wala Love!!!

*Tera Mera Rishtha!!!

*Never Be Silent!!!

*Arnav and His Love!!!!

*Securing Her Trust!!!

*Silent Suffering!!!

*God's Precious Gift!!!

*Batein Zaroori Hai!!!

Jan 1, 2015

Stories Left In Middle!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 113 times)

                                                            Ongoing FF

*Arranged Marriage 2 "My Innocent Wife"

*Ishq "With You"

*Don't Walk Away From Me (Sequel to Waiting For You)

*Beyond Life

*Forced Knot (In Blog)



                                                               Ongoing SS

*Sins "Avenging For You!!!"

*DeViL's Love (In future Name will be changed)

                                                          Ongoing Random Shot

*Always Mine 2 "Obsession It Is; Love Or Lust?"


*You Are Mine!!!

*Simple Love Story!!!

*Loving Heart!!!


I don't want anyone to use even my discontinued and not yet decided future stories. Because I'm planning to start them after altering the story like I've imagined early.

Note not...I say it again....Do not use them thinking what if I've discontinued. I can anytime start them.

Aug 2, 2015

Thanks Sviji for this post (By Hihi1) (Thanked: 15 times)

Dear Sviji

Thanks very much for this Index post of ur stories, it will be very helpful for fans again thanks

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