OS : The Bucket List (*COMPLETED*)

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Sep 23, 2013

OS : The Bucket List - about him (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 45 times)


OS: The Bucket List - about him



My Bucket list - About him

1. He has to be athletic. 

2. He has to be handsome, but I don't mind if he is not.

3. He has to have those gorgeous eyes, which will pull me in.

4. He should be tall, taller than a giraffe? No, just taller than me by few inches.

5. He should be complete opposite of me.

6. He should have those large hands, into which mine would fit perfectly.

7. I should feel complete every-time he is next to me.

8. He should have interest in literary things.

9. He should encourage me completely in what ever I do.

10. He should teach me how to socialize.

11. He has to control my anger, every time I throw a fit.

12. He must understand what I always miserably fail to say.

13. He should be the support, I could lean on. 

14. He doesn't need to be perfect, he just needs to be mine.

15. He should love his family more than his career.

16. He has to be stylish, like a runaway model!

17. He should be up-to date on technology, and guide me.

18. He should listen to what I say, and then alter my decisions.

19. He must be the reason behind my success.

20. He has to be mature, and serious.

21. He should steal my first kiss in the rain.

22. Our first love making should be after he truly falls in love with me.

23. He must allow me to wear, nothing but his shirt, when we are alone.

24. He should touch me in places, where no one would ever do.

25. He should persuade me to take a combined shower.

26. He must know how to dance.

27. That dance style should be Salsa.

28. He shouldn't hide any thing from me.

29. He should get used to my shouting.

30. He has to ride the motorcycle in high crazy speed.

31. He should eat from my hands, when he is upset. 

32. He should feed me, when ever I want him to.

33. He should teach me how to French kiss.

34. He has to force me to explore his body like a map.

35. He shouldn't smoke or drink.

36. He should be able to keep me awake all day long.

37. I want him to cry on my shoulders, if ever he is sad.

38. He should tease me and play pranks on me.

39. He has to be the jealous possessive boyfriend material.

40. He should scold and have arguments with me, when I am being irresponsible.

41. He must know how to cook, so as to guide me.

42. I must be his last love ever.

43. He should be adventurous and make me do things I would never do.

44. He should love me for who I am.

45. He  has to love even my negatives.

46. He should be hopeless romantic when it comes to me, but serious with others.

47. He  has to complete me, and never make me feel lonely.

48. He should hug me tight, and spread his warmth in me, when I am upset.

49. He should know the value of relations.

50. But, most of all, he should be Arnav.

   Arnav read the list again and again, till he knew every single word of those 50 items. Did that mean she loved him, he thought, as he read the list again. He was in her room, looking for her, when his eyes fell on the open diary. Curiosity kicked in and he had checked it out. But, now he was in shock. He had never thought she had a crush on him. He was about to step back and keep the diary as it was, but it was too late.

The door opened, and a young lady entered in to the room. Her eyes opened wide on her heart shaped face, as she stared at Arnav and her diary in his hands. 

"What are you doing here, in my room?" Her voice failed her. She was embarrassed, as she knew he must have read what she had written.

"What is this, Khushi?" he asked her seriously, as he shoved the diary opened on the bucket list page. 

She gulped loudly, and she kept quite not knowing what to say. She never wanted him to know, at least not this way. 

"From when, Khushi?" he asked, shaking her vigorously. 

"Forever, ever since I have known you. Ever since we used to play as kids. Ever since I realised it." She broke down before him, as she exposed her heart before him. 

"Why didn't you tell me, Khushi, why?" he asked her, pleading her to give him an explanation. 

She just stared at those dark brown eyes, which were swilling with different emotions, anger, hurt, sadness, and a speck of hope?

"Because it was too late." "Because you are engaged." She took the diary from him, and tore the paper right in front of him.

"This is useless," she said those words as she pushed him back, and ran away, tearing spilling all over. 

She ran away from him, while Arnav just stood perplexed.   

She loved him, he knew now. 


Tada ! Another new story.... Just one more part for this... I am not going to make this a short story...

Hope you all like it, and shower your love on this too.



Sep 23, 2013

Part 2 - The End (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 40 times)


GUYS! I wrote the list in that spun of moment. I didn't plan anything. I just wrote... So, I don't know if it counts as "MY" BUCKET LIST ! But, I am sure many could relate themselves with at least few of the points written.   



Part 2-  The End

"She loves me," he spoke into the receiver, as he fast paced the floor, again and again.

"Aha, told you." An excited voice was heard from the other end.

"Just keep quite." Arnav snapped at whoever he was speaking to.

"What? You want me to keep quite? Keep quite? Are you crazy? This is like your dream come true. Isn't this the reason we started our fake engagement." She dramatically rolled her eyes, and huffed in the phone.

"Would you just shut up, Riya?" "now, tell me what should I do?"

"Are you even real? You get to know your love loves you, and here you are asking me what to do?"

She gasped.

Arnav sighed loudly, rubbing his temples, as he tried to think of a solution himself.

"Okay, okay! Now tell me, how did you find out? Did she come tell you, like we had planned?"

"No, I kinda learned myself," He explained.

"That won't do mister. Give me DETAILS!" 

He put himself in retelling the incidents, how he had stumbled upon her bucket list, his confrontation, and Khushi's run-off.

"You scared that poor girl.Very bad of you Arnav, very bad."

"What? What did I do?" He shrieked at her.

"That's what you didn't do anything. You let her cry, and then let her go." He could know very well she must be shaking her head indisapproval at him.

"You know what she said? She said she hid it from me because I am to be engaged. It is for her that we are playing this game, and it has only made her more introvert." " This is all your fault," He shouted angrily into the phone.

 "Now, Mr.Hot headed, stop fuzzing, and go explain her. Tell her how this was all a furze, planned by your families. And if needed tell her I even have a boyfriend back in US!"   

"You think she will believe?" 

"If she could believe the lie, then of course she would. Now go find her, and tell her those three words, you have been waiting to say." 

"Alright," Arnav said, as he cut the call.

Riya, cursed him, under her breath, " Not even a thank you!" 


There in the s****, Khushi sat on the damp sand, her knees pressed against her chest, her hands holding on to it hard. She shivered uncontrollably what with those huge sobs erupting out of her body, and the climate that surrounded her. Salty wet fluid kept leaking from her already swollen eyes, as she tried every hard to hold them back. And, just like that, she kept a jumper being wrapped around her, and her body being yanked. She was engulfed in a big tight embrace, which only one person in the whole world could mange to do. Arnav.

She tried pushing him off, as she cried harder. But, the more she pushed, the more tighter he held on to her. Finally, losing all the stamina, she laid back her head on his chest, her tiny fist hands clutching on to his T-shirt, as she cried on him.

He held her steady, and placed her on himself, as she let her heart cry out. He was tortured to see her like that. But, right then, she needed that shoulder and console, and he gave in, like he always had.

"Why are you here?" Khushi said him, her voice as hoarse from the crying she ahd done.


"Because I am where you are" He replied, tugging back a free tendril of her hair, behind her ears.

Khushi started at him, before she burst into another round of hysteric crying. "You are getting engaged, tomorrow." 

"Yes, I am, and you know her," He sofly said, his fingers brushing her cheek, as she still pressed her face deep into him.

"Of course I know Riya. She has been all over you in these past few days." Khushi couldn't keep the jealousy out of her voice though she knew Riya and Arnav were going to be married. That idea didn't sit well with her, somehow!

"It is not Riya," He said looking straight into her eyes.

Khushi jerked her head up, meeting his intent gaze. "Then who?" She said so timidly, afraid her words would break if she spoke louder.

"That one girl who I have always thought about, that one person who invadees my dreams and keeps me awake all night, that one person who makes me happy with just her smile, that one girl who i can't live without, and that only girl who I am madly in love with... is right in front of me!"

Khushi started at him. There was no one in front of him, apart from her. Did that mean...? No, it couldn't be. What about Riya?

"Riya?" She asked confusion etched on her face.

"It was just a plan to get you confessed." he said shaking his head, as though he was forced to go on with that idea.

Khushi pondered on his words. Riya wasn't his love. The person he loved was right in front of him... that meant only one thing, right? But, when she realised it was all a stupid plan and she was fooled. She started hitting him.

"You lied to me." She hit his chest with her tiny fists, colliding with a thump every time they made contact with his hard chest.

"You lied." She kept on hitting, and Arnav didn't stop her until she started becoming violent. She began kicking him on his shin, making him twitch slightly.

"Khushi,KHUSHI!" He shook her, as he held her tightly under his iron-grip.

"Only you, only you can think of beating a person, when he confesses his unduly love to you. Only you!" He said shaking his head disapprovingly.

Khushi opened her mouth to say something, but the words never came, because she was overwhelmed. The person she loved, and thought had almost lost, was back with her, and he loved her too. She really didn't want anything else. She didn't mind he lied. All it mattered to her was, he was there with her, holding her. 

She flung herself at him, and he caught her flawlessly, as he swept her off her feet, and twirled her in air, in circles. Her laughter echoed that peaceful beach waves, and the sun shines warmly at them.

They were laying on the sand, Khushi cuddled close to Arnav, her eyes closed.

"Would you have got engaged to Riya, if you didn't read my list?" She said peeking open her eye.

"No. We were to wait till the last moment and see if you would show any signs. But, still if you didn't, I was to break off the engagement right before it happened." He chuckled softly before continuing, "Her boyfriend would have killed me if I didn't. Riya, is Rambir's girlfriend. They came up with this idea, and convinced our families too. Don't ask me how, I don't know."

"So, my bucket list did nothing? It was a waste!" Khushi pouted, making Arnav crazy as his eyes shifted on her lips, rosy and pale due to the cold. He wanted to spread warmth in them, but he remembered her bucket list. How could he not? 

He pulled her closer to him, and whispered to as, "I would have totally kissed you, if it was not for your first kiss rule." 

Khushi blushed at his words. She understood what he implied. There was no rain. She looked at the sky, and at him once more, before she herself took the initiative. 

Arnav was perplexed at her bold move, but he didn't need a telling twice. He caught hold of her, around her neck, pulled her closer to him, her lips in full contact with his, as he plunged on them. 

It was a bliss, for Khushi. To be here, in the beach, with her love, having her first kiss. Her whole system felt alive, and she still tingled with those sensations. 

"What about rain?" He had asked, when he broke off, after that long peck.

"I don't care, as long as it is you." She breathed, leaning on to him. 

"Good! Because I don't plan on waiting for the rain," he said, before he crashed his lips on hers again. 

"Ready to start your learning classes?" He asked as he trailed few kisses along her jawline, making her go all numb with desire.

"On?" She urged him to continue.

"French kissing!" was all she heard, before he took control of her mouth. 



                                                     ~THE END~

Its the end! Hope you all like the little bit of drama and the romance end! ! !

Thankyou all for reading this! This was a idea that sprouted when I was making my list of TO-DO things for the next day!!! Crazy, isn't it? Hahaha...XoXo

Shower your support and I truly love hearing from you guys, what you think about it! So, leave me a comment or two! I don't mind if its more *Laughing*



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