TS: Confusion & Combination

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Sep 29, 2013

TS: Confusion & Combination (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 57 times)

Hi…. With this creation I m taking break for few days….


I created this creation rite now for my beloved ones who going to miss me for few days.


I m dedicating this to, my sweety Arshi_Fan12, my hearty Lucky_Arshi, my darly V1184 and last but not the least my crazy, one and only my sanky…. Sa_Arshi….


This creation for missing me…..


Arnav singh raizada who was the great business tycoon in the fashion industry, who running his chain of business in all over the world always used to face millions of problem with his boldness and brave attitude in his business fashion world, but this business tycoon having fear in one thing which is none other than his sister who always used to telling him to accept for marriage proposal. This stubborn siblings ll used to get  annoyed with each other whenever this topic arise between them, Arnav get irritate if she start this topic and anjali ll get irritate if he deny, it was usual thing between them for many months.


At one day anjali decided with determination, somehow she want to make him to accept for his marriage, with that thought she decided to play drama until he accept, she wont eat or drink anything. Arnav was getting furious on his emotional blackmail after knowing his sister stubbornness, he grabbed his key and went for office. In that time, anjali filled her stomach with her delicious food without letting him to know abt her fake drama. Arnav was worried abt his sister, he cant lose her sister for anything, he also din like to eat anything remembering his sister words but he was unaware of the fact that his sister filling and tasting different types of food and snacks as her wish.


One day went like this, anjali thought this is not enough next plan I wanna do, something wanna do with that he want accept readily, something clicked in her mind. Arnav came from office he was talking on his phone, anjali smiled herself and thought to put plan in action, she was coming down from their stairs with fake dull face, to get his brother attention, when arnav looked at her, she acted like she going to fall in giddiness, she thought herself that before she fall, arnav ll come and save her, but it was too late, she really fell down on stairs before he comes and catch. Anjali with closed eyes got shock, her back was paining, she started to curse his brother, idiot cant he come and catch before I fall… lazy brother… for his marriage he ll take my soul itself… I m falling here but his call was important than me…. But she maintained her act that she was lying unconscious. Arnav tapped her cheek but no response then sprinkled water she opened her eyes slowly. When he asked her, di are u k… Anjali thought, idiot u let me fall here and asking now that I m k or not…Anjali just nodded her head. Her back was really aching she cursed herself for her stupid plan which back fired her. With the help of arnav, she went to her room, arnav was really worried now, he cant see his sister state like this, so arnav said, di I ll accept for marriage for ur happiness, u itself choose gal for me.


Anjali was happy atleast with her fall he accepted for his marriage, she thought, if he accept it before itself means my back ll be fine now but he… after broking my back he saying I m accepting. Anjali started to search for a gal, she thought he was in fashion industry so decided to search a gal related to his industry itself then only they can understand each other well knowing their commitments. Few days went for haunting a gal for Arnav singh raizada, finally anjali selected a modern and beautiful gal who was doing her modeling with international projects.


Anjali informed arnav that she selected a gal for him and she was doing modeling. Arnav was not interested he just nodded, anjali said, her name is lavanya. Arnav nodded again. Anjali told him to meet her once, arnav said, its k di.. u liked her na then what.. I m ready to marry her.. its not a big deal…. Anjali was annoyed with his deal and dealings. She insisted him to meet her. Arnav agreed to meet without tolerating his sister, how can he afteral she is also ASR only, Anjali Singh Raizada.


Anjali contacted lavanya regarding their meet, lavanya informed her that she is ready to meet him and asked him to come at some nite club. Anjali conveyed this message to arnav, he said k for it.


At 9.00 clock arnav went to meet lavanya, he was waiting for 10 minutes for her, he never saw her before not even her photo he just thought every one know who is ASR so  she itself ll come to him. He was getting irritated to wait, suddenly he heard girly voice, Hi I m lavanya… by showing her hand. Arnav smiled and shook his hand, Arnav… Arnav simgh raizada, glad to meet u… She replied shyly, same here too… they with drew their hands. Arnav looked at her, she was beautiful and ****y something attracts in her, he noticed her eyes which were roaming all around the pub, her hand continuously adjusting her dress by pulling down which is just near her thighs, another hand playing with her side curls of hair.


Arnav asked, So how is ur work going… She replied, hmm good.. Arnav asked, where u from… She replied, Mumbai… now residing at delhi. Arnav added, oh how did u join modeling. She was looking here and there, she din like his question it was irritation her, he was asking like teacher and she wanna answer like student, replied, through my friend she told me to try out in this field. Arnav nodded and asked, shall we dance… She nodded with hesitation. Both reached on the dance floor, melodious music going on that time, he pulled her through by waist for dance, she came and crashed on his chest, she cant believe ASR who always running away from gals today he hugging her. While dancing she lost in his touch, she pressed her body more himself to him, he was squeezing her waist while dancing, both lost in each other presence, with their lost state he din realize when his lips touched her soft lips which made her to crush his shirt more.



I ll stop here rite now…. This is punishment for u, for missing me….. Scratch ur head, I really want to see ur faces but *pouting* I cant….


Sanky: Keep ur heart safe…


Sravya: U r my heart so if u understood my thoughts then say it…


Arshi_Fan12: Start to ur horses to run on ur brain….


V1184: u enjoy it dear…. 

Nov 16, 2013

Final!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 99 times)

They were in different world only two of them are existing alone, melodious music playing on the air which adding more romantic feel to their world. Suddenly someone pulled her forcefully from arnav, both are shocked they din realize how they started to kiss and taste each other. Arnav was surprised on his own attitude, he never used to look at the gals itself but here he was dancing and kissing her passionately which is unbelievable for him itself. She was feeling guilty for dancing and kissing a man who soon going to get married, thinking this her eyes glistened with tears for her own act. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Both looked at the person who pulled her, person was standing furiously by seeing both of them. She started to shout, what the hell you were doing khushi…. She uttered, La.. I… Lavanya showed her hand to stop, just shut up… I cant believe my friend cheating me like this… Tears started to flow on khushi cheeks for breaking her friend trust. Lavanya added, Now I saw ur real face khushi, I accept that I only told to say u as Lavanya to him but its just only to know abt him, because I want to know he ll be suitable guy for me or not, but u… what u did.. haan… by knowing he is rich you trying to trap on ur charm rite… You broke my trust khushi, u cheated me…you proved it today that u r middle class gal who ll always trying to attract rich guys, how can u changed as characterless gal khushi… Khushi was shocked to hear her each words which was spilling from her dear friend mouth, it was pricking at her heart , she never thought in her dreams also that one day she wanna hear such words that too from her close friend. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Arnav who was standing there just seeing the scene, when he saw khushi face which is pale with shedding tears, he was angry on lavanya for making her to cry. Arnav said with gritted teeth, did ur drama got over… or something left… Lavanya uttered, ASR.. She… Arnav said immediately, shut up… just shut up… so u only sent her to me to introduce herself as lavanya to know abt me rite… Lavanya just nodded. Arnav asked, now did u know anything abt me… Lavanya was silent. Arnav said, So u dono anything abt me… don’t worry u ll know now… you talked abt cheating rite, you also cheated me by sending ur friend to me as lavanya and abt trust, for every relation trust is very important but before getting into relation itself u broke the trust with me then how can u ask her, Not she only kissed me, I too kissed her even I only called for dance, you are saying her as characterless gal then what abt u… u r saying such words to ur own friend for an unknown person which is me. And u r saying her middle class gal rite, then let me correct u, soon she ll be millionaire who going to marry a Arnav Singh Raizada which is me… ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Lavanya and khushi both are shocked to hear his firing words, lavanya asked with shock, ASR what were u saying… ur sister asked u to meet me not khushi. Arnav said with smirk, oh really…so what I met u now na… and thanks for sending me an angel for me… So can u leave us alone for sometime I need to talk with my future wife to discuss future plans. Lavanya was furious by hearing his reply which also taunting, she left from there with anger. Khushi who was in shock tried to go back behind his friend, Arnav grabbed her hand which made her to land on his arms, arnav said, I asked her go out for our privacy. Khushi said with stammering, arnavji… this is wrong. Arnav asked, whats wrong khushi.. Khushi replied, u cant do this… we did wrong… I mean kiss… She was hurt… Arnav asked, then what abt u khushi.. Khushi looked at him. Arnav added, she was ur friend but her words doesn’t look like that… how u still worrying abt her, as she said now she showed her real face… and I cant marry a gal like her. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Khushi was in dilemma, suddenly arnav showed his hand and said, I m arnav… Arnav singh raizada… khushi looked at him and his hand, she slowly gave her hand and said shyly, Khushi… Khushi kumari gupta… Arnav added, soon going to be Khushi kumari gupta singh raizada. Khushi blushed with crimson red. Arnav smirked by changing color and hugged her close to his heart. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Arnav informed everything to his sister and introduced khushi also. Anjali was more than happy she never thought arnav ll marry a traditional gal but it happened, Love can make any changes which proved in their life, in few days they tied with the bond which is inseparable with all rituals and traditions. ************************************************************************************************************************************************ Guys its long time so I just decided to finish this TS, I dono what I had written just scribbled it whatever came to my mind without thinking, bear it for me….. Take care… lv u all….

Nov 16, 2013

Thank u dears (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 47 times)

Thank you guys for spending ur time on my creation, spl thanks for those who commented. May be soon i ll come up wit another new creation but it ll very short one. Today no updates from my side, Monday i ll catch you wit my stories. Keep in touch.. love u all.. Enjoy ur day.. **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************If you guys feel that my stories needs some changes then plz say it.. If you have any suggestions you can share wit me or you can say how do you like to see arshi in my stories, i ll create as ur wishes.. Thank you once again.. Take care...

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