Arshi SS : I love my Crush ... but he loves his crush *Completed*

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Oct 9, 2013

SS : I love my Crush ... but he loves his crush (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 93 times)


SS: I love my crush ... but he loves his crush



I turned on my chat option and scanned through the whole list; searching for a name, a specific one : Arnav. 

My face fell for a minute before I went back to search again. I kept refreshing that page again and again just to see his name appear online. 

But, he didn't come. His name never appeared.

I opened his profile and longingly looked at his profile page, which had been left untouched without any updates for a long time... 2 years. 

He had removed his pictures also, and I was left with nothing to watch, but that deserted page. 

I exited from my account and laid down on my bed trying to forge sleep into my exhausted body, though my brain could only think of him. 

"I think I have a crush on him." 

"Oh my gosh ! Tell us...who is he? When did this happen? How? Details !" 

"Calm down crazy fellows. It is not like you think. It is just a tiny whiny crush." I pointed to my pinched fingers. 

They all scrunched their nose and went back to mind their own business, but not before asking me his name.

"He doesn't have a name." I said dismissing their questing stares.

"Ofcourse he does, now tell us before we punch you."

"You guys are truly violent." I said rubbing on my head as a pillow hit me the second those words left their mouths.

"No escaping with that excuse baby. You have to tell us his name. We all want to know who is that lucky snob?"

"She has a crush? She does?" I heard voices and whispering as it spread all over our dorm.

I shivered and thought about the consequences of it, if this news spread all over the dorm. It would spread all over our class, and ultimately I would be forced to take a name, and there was no way I would reveal it. I thought fast about what had to be done. I worked my brain cells and escaped that situation. 

"I did this for a dare." I told once everyone rounded me. 

They didn't believe me at the first, but they eventually did when they came to know we really had played a truth and dare game recently. 

They let the matter slide, and I heaved a sigh of relief.


After that I made sure I didn't tell them ...and  unfortunately I never got to tell even to him... as I realised he had a crush on someone else, and he disappeared! 


I stuck with this idea...and wanted to pen it down ! So, thought I would let you all enjoy it too...

NOTICE : But, do you want me to continue this? I need a real good response if you want me to continue this !!! 

Oct 9, 2013

Chapter 1 - Our first talk (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 79 times)



Holidays meant nothing but surfing and browsing through the net for hours together. Let it be some stupid useless pictures or mindless jokes that wouldn't even crack a laugh, and even scanning through those thousands of facebook pages. 

I was lazily scrolling down the pages of my profile when a message popped open on my screen. 

It was from our classmate. 

Classmate:  Hi 

Me:  :) 

Classmate:  :) Hw r u?

Me:  Fn... Hw abt u?

Classmate: Fine 

Me: Hey...gotta later! 

Classmate: Ok.. bye

I got back to my work. Actually there was no great thing that I had to do. I made an excuse to him, so I wouldn't have to talk for more time. 

Yes, you guessed right. I was not the type to chat freely. But, I get to know that person, it takes a lot of perseverance from their side, and lot of liking from mine. 

Seriously speaking, I freaked out seeing a message from our classmate, and it was a great deal that I could even hold up the conversation for atleast that while. 

Heaving a big sigh I switched off my chat option, but still continued to stay online. 

I couldn't help but wonder if he thought I was being rude by cutting of the conversation. That is why I always hated having a talk, because I never knew what the other person feels like when we tell something. 

It was then that I realised I hadn't even read his name properly... I reopened the message and clicked on his profile. 

Arnav Singh Raizada

That was what it appeared. He didn't put his profile pic, and I being me, didn't know what he looked like. I never paid attention to my other fellow friends in our class, earning me a name and teasing that I was interested in females, which I easily shrugged off without even paying a little notice. 

I tried to put his name to a few ... 3 or 4 faces that I knew of, who happened to be in our study group. But, couldn't come up with any. Finally, putting that matter aside, into the deep of my mind, I continued with my useless work, browsing. 


I never gave it a much thought because I never expected him to message me ...again 

Anav: Hi

Me: ( I debated on sending a smiley or a greeting and finally decided on a greeting ) Hiee

Arnav: You like art?

Me: ( wondering how he knew that )  Yeah, I do. How?

Arnav: The pic you uploaded is nice. 

Me: ( It struck then. I drew a picture of a girl and had uploaded it for my sister to see. I didn't expect him to see it.)  Thanks :)

Arnav : What are you doing?

Me: Should go and help mom. 

Arnav: Do you always help?

Me: Not always but sometimes. Okay.....gotta go. 

Arnav: Bye.

Even then, I didn't ponder on to think who is he, though my curiosity was a bit raised. It didn't make much difference to me...then.




Good day,


Oct 10, 2013

Chapter 2 : We talk again (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 74 times)

Chapter 2 - We talk again


I opened my chat just in time to find his message popped open on my Fb screen. 

It didn't frighten or startle me as much as before. I had kind of gotten used to his messages... even if it was just twice that we had spoken. 

Arnav: Hi

Me: ( My hands itched to type "Is 'hi' your favourite word?" ) Hello :)

Arnav: Had dinner?

Me: Nt yet... late dinners

Arnav: ok. 

Me:  :)

Arnav:  Wt r u doin?

Me: Nthin much ... 

Arnav : oh.

Before I could type in a response...which would have surely been a smiley, the net went down. I couldn't get the connections, and by the time I got it connected, he was long gone. 

I heaved a sign, and typed in a "tc" and "gn" before switching off and getting into sleep.


"Khushi, come on." 

"Yeah, yeah, I am walking." "See the crowd here. I told you we could wait and come some other time. But, no you wouldn't listen to me." 

"Oh...just keep your mouth shut for a while. The area is already noisy. You don't add to it. 

"My voice is making this a nuisance bearable." 

"God, please send some Pharista ( angel ) to save me from this Shaitan ( devil )"

My mouth opened wide at her comment... What the...!

I was about to retort, when she put a hand on my mouth and stopped me completely. Later that, i just followed her giving her a silent treatment! But she was more than happy with it.

"Finally, it is done. Now you can start your radio machine." She spoke her hands full of packages.

I glared at her and went back to my silence game. I will make her plead, I thought. But,  couldn't maintain it for long, as her squeal made into my ear.

"OMG, Khushi. Walk as if nothing is strange. Walk normaly." She chanted continuously, her grip on those packages.

"What happened? What happened Priya?" I freaked out on seeing her behaviour. 

"It is HK and his friend." she hissed so softly. 

My head shoot up, and I found them in the direction she was looking at. Truly to her words, it was her friend, Hari Krishna ( who she called HK ) and next to him was another person. 

I didn't get a full view of him. All I could see was he was wearing a casual and had shades on him, which covered his eyes. 

I turned back my attention to Priya, and tried cooling her. HK and Priya always had a hate-love relation of friends that I never understood. One second they would be fighting and bashing each other and the other second she would be all praises for him, 'oh my friend' ! 

"Chill. It is just Hk, and whoever his friend." I rubbed my hand over her tightly gripped ones.

"I didn't tell him that I was going out. This is not good." She said pulling me along with her into a nearby shop, to hide. 

There she goes again acting as though she had to justify her every moment to him. It was already getting on my nerves.

"He is just your friend Priya, not your father." I said rolling my eyes.

"Yuck, that sucks. Don't ever call him my father." 

I shrugged my shoulders knowing very well I was struck in this tiny stinky shop for a while, till they disappear from our sight. 

My eyes even closed and I almost was ready to kiss the ground, when I was shook. 

"Come on. They are gone. Lets get away from here." 

I was more than happy to hear it and jumped excitedly and rushed out of the shop, almost bumping into a person. 

"Sorry dude." I waved as I made way to my moppy, and waited for Priya to come. 

She hit me on my shoulder and sent few colourful words towards me, before speaking properly.

"Hey, what did I do now?"

"You almost spoiled our cover." 

"What? How? I didn't do anything."

"You nearly bumped into his friend." She said, this time hitting my head.

"Oh" I replied rubbing my head slightly. "Who is that friend?" I asked.

"Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada." 


Thanks for your over whelming response. 

Good night,


Oct 11, 2013

Chapter 3 - No Progress (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 114 times)

CHAPTER 3 : No Progress 



Did I hear correctly? Did she take his name? I was more interested now than I was earlier that I probed her to continue signalling through my eyes.

"Yeah. His best of best friend." "Don't tell you don't know who Arnav is?" She probably joked it, but seeing I wasn't responding she turned her alarmed expression towards my ignorance.

"You don't know who Arnav is?" She asked shouting each word making it audible to every person standing at a distance of five foot from us, and I only hoped he wasn't among them. 

I nodded my head not knowing what was so wrong if I didn't know about one person. It was not as if the world has ended, well actually nothing fell apart, so why was she making a big scene out of it?

"Does it really matter whether I know him or not?" I asked sceptically, turning the key in the ignition and hoping she would let the issue drop. But, hello, who are we talking to? It is Priya, and dropping a issue without an argument is never in her list.

"Are you insane? Are you out of your mind? Do you even attend college? Are you my classmate?" 

"Miss, Miss, hold on your horses. Put an 'yes' to all your answers and I don't have to trouble myself acting like a parrot."

"You are unbelievable. None can do anything with you Khushi." She was gaping at me. 

I rubbed my temples. I was hungry and my stomach was craving to eat something sweet .. Jelabi. 

"Jelabiiii" I shouted, shocking her and the whole crowd.

"Choory..... carry on with your work." I shooed them off as half a dozen, and even more people started to stare at us. 

"I need Jelabi." I said pulling on her hand, taking her to the nearby stand. 

"Bhai Sabh doo ( two ) plates" I once again pulled on her hand and made her stand next to me. 

"Okay, now carry on." I indicated with my hand, swaying it.

She stared me for a long time, before finally turning on her 'no way' mode. "You lost the golden opportunity. I won't tell even a fact about him."

I rolled my eyes at her. Trust Priya to be over dramatic even in a small matter. " Oh, come on. Stop your nonsense, and get this over with. What is so great about him?" 

She looked at me for a little more longer and folding her hands over her chest said, "Nope. You won't hear a word from me." 

There was no way I could win over her, and so I let it slide. He wasn't a great personality for me to fight over with my friend.

Only thing that went good or even great with this evening was I got to eat Jelabi, and let all other things slip away from my mind. 

Even about him. 

Little did I know soon I would be thinking only about him. 


The response was soo less and it left me disappointed.

But then I asked myself, why do I write? Not because I need praise from you guys!!! But, to quench my thirst to write..... so I consoled myself that it doesn't matter if you people respond or not. It doesn't matter to me. 

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Oct 15, 2013

Chapter 4 - Direct Question and a little progress (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 84 times)

Chapter 4 - Direct question and a little progress


It was momentary, that lapse in interest about him which accelerated with every tick-tock of the clock, donging on the huge wall over my resting head. I shifted in my position balancing myself on the strength of my hand and elbow. His name rang millions of bells in my mind. I was curious and held captive in that swirl of emotion that sleep couldn't invade me. Peace was afar, miles apart from my condition. 

Imminently, I took refuge at my lap top's comfort. Switching on the chat option I waited for a while for messages to pop up in my window, and pronto they did. That message being from Arnav just added a cherry to my iced and strawberry flavoured cake. Strawberry, that tropical fruit which sends shivers of pleasure in me at just the touch of its crust to my soft lips, seemed less pleasurable with Arnav's message popped open. 

I shuddered when the intensity of the thought reached my anxiety filled brain cells and neurons. Taking a deep breath I clicked on it, my fingers slightly shaking and lives quivering, an act absolutely foreign to me. 

Arnav : Are you online?

Me: ( Is he another name for lunatics?) Offcourse I am!

Arnav: oh..

Me: What are you doing so late?

Arnav: I could ask the same thing.

Me: ( He is better than a lunatic ) Gotcha ! Not able to sleep...

Arnav: Does it have anything to do with what happened today?

Me: ( I froze. Time stopped. Did he see me, and recognize me?) What happened today?

Arnav: Hmm...nothing.

Me: ( He is so irritating. Can't he tell what he wants to?) What nothing?

Arnav: Just forget. 

Me: ( He is getting on my nerves now that idiot. ) OKK!

Arnav: So, coming to class tomorrow?

Me: ( No, I was wrong. He is definitely a lunatic.) Yes, i would. Why wont I ?

Arnav: Maybe because you are still awake at this time of midnight?

Me: ( Maybe I should give him more credit, should I ? ) No, I will come, and even if I don't it is not like anyone would miss me. 


(Damn! Why did I have to insert my retarded thinking? Now he is going to stop talking.) 

I chewed on my lips and kept pinching my nails, as I waited desperately for his message. It had been 10 minutes and the light hadn't flashed on my screen yet. I was getting reckless. Counting the numbers in my head I shifted back to the times of primary education. My situation felt the same, but the only distinguishing factor here was there wasn't any teacher and I sure was elder, and matured than those times. My counting slipped out of my brain, and from the beginning I did start again. This was not helping, and so I decided to count on the minutes. My eyes roamed along with that hand giving me dizzy spills. A huff and a sigh escaped from me at this dumb idea of mine. 

Taking the incentive, I decided to put a stop, a red signal to this long uncomfortable silence in our chat. As my hands were searching for the right words a message did get delivered to my inbox.


Arnav: hmmm...

Me: ( Is that the best he could come up wtih? That pig-headed person! ) :)   

(Stupid me...again! Who sends a smiley for this? I need to get my mind checked with a psychiatrist.)

Arnav: :) :) 

Me: ( It is now confirmed that he is more idiotic than I thought. Good, no need to visit the psychiatrist and get my valuable money wasted.)  :p

Arnav : ... :) 

Me : ( Errr...can't he proceed on to some other topic, or doesn't he know anything else? my mind bulb suddenly glowed.) Are you from my batch? 

Arnav : No, I am not. I am from A-batch. Why did you ask? Don't you know me?

Me: ( Great! I am marvellously superb. I blew the undercover myself. Now what should I answer him with ? )  I guess I figured you were from my batch as you know me, and does that mean I don't know you?

( I patted myself for my world first-class confusing answer. Wah! I deserve an award.) 

Arnav : Almost everyone knows you. And , I take it you don't know me. I am Hari's best-friend. 

Me: (No, he is not an idiot. He is a genius ) Oh...k

Arnav: So...

Me: ( My heart raced; don't know why. That word "So" felt so dangerous. It proceeded stomping its way through...) Good nite :)

Arnev: Gud nite then

A relaxed breath released from me enveloped the tense atmosphere that I had created in the past few minutes, and brought back its calmness. Slapping the lap shut I fell on to my bed, my head resting on my puffy pillow. Hugging my "Mr. Thomas" bunny I mentally thrashed myself for my stupidity. "Learn 100 ways to be stupid" and I would top the job with distinction. Feeling embarrassed for not knowing him, ashamed I let him know that, and strange sadness that somewhere I would have hurt him, with all these whirlpool thoughts in my brain, I never knew when I slipped into a dreamless sleep. 


Thank you so much for your response for the earlier update. My heart swell with happiness to unbound levels. 

Hope you all enjoy this update as well.


Nov 23, 2013

Chapter 5 - Face to the name (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 60 times)

Chapter 5 - Face to the name


I didn't want to wake all. I was tired and sleepy. Priya shook me hard that I fell off the bed. Not good. I ended up hurting my back and even hitting my head to the bed post. 

"Hey Devimayya" I shouted and opened my eyes to see a laughing girl in front of me. This is ridiculous. I had gotten hurt and she was laughing at me. Horrible friend!

"Devimayya, I just fell and this girl is laughing hehehehe.....put some sense into her. She is always telling you should put sense into me, but don't you think it is into her brain that you should put more sense. I wonder maybe that is the reason she is friends with that HK guy." I was rambling when I was hit by a pillow.

I gaped at her in shock. "You hit me, did you?" I asked?

"No. I didn't. The pillow did." She flashed a smile at me and began running even before I could get up.

But I am fast. I raced after her and pushed her. She fell on the floor and screamed at me. I just laughed at her and said, "The ground hit you not me." I walked away from there still laughing.

This lightened my moods a lot.

I got dressed faster than I could manage. "Come lets go," I pulled on her hand as I made way to her, grabbed my books. 

"You will pay for it," she said still not talking to me.

"okay, my treat. Jelebies?" I said to her. 

After a long thinking she agreed. But with a twist. "Your treat, but pizza." I scrunched my nose and she laughed at my expense. Devimayya, why did you give me a evil friend?


"So, tell me about this Arnav?" I probed her and waited eagerly. She looked at me suspiciously before turning back to face the board. I pouted at her not responding. 

But soon she pulled on my hand and pointed towards the door. There walking in was her friend Hk ... and beside him was the guy I had seen yesterday...briefly.

"there he is your love guy.." she said as she pulled on my hand again.

 I stared at her and denied her, "No,no. He is not my love guy. definitely though "your" love guy is right next to him. 

She blushed right next to me and I was confused. did I say something? 

I never minded it and went back to stare at that guy who I supposed was  "Arnav"

"" I said! My mouth wide open... "He is gorgeous. Is it even legal for him to walk with his gorgeousnes?" I asked Priya. But she was in her own world.

At that moment our eyes met, and he winked at me.

"hey Devimayya, raksha karna" I prayed as he made way towards us...or more specifically me!



I know it is  a very short update...sorry! Don't beat me. But, something is better than nothing right? 


Wanted to tell this 

Priya is Payal

HK is Akash 



Nov 25, 2013

Chapter 6 - Partners (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 69 times)

Chapter 6 - Partners 


"Priya, Priya" I shook that love-struck idiot. Her attention was only on HK. How come I had never observed it? For get it! I have many other things to worry about. for example: Arnav walking towards me. 

OMG! What will I do? What will I do when he asks me about the chat? My hands sweat and I started to hyperventilate. 

He was smiling. He leaned over Hk and whispered something to him. Hk nodded and they parted ways. No sooner, Priya's mobile beeped with a message. Something was telling me this was bad. She looked at it, and squeaked.

"He know" " He knows" She was getting frantic. Calm down girl. I wanted to put plaster to her mouth. But, then I realized the full effect of her words. He knows, that would mean Arnav knew about my little escape. I raised my head to see him staring right at me. When our eyes caught his sent a smile, and I felt really. 

Priya got up from the seat and hurried outside of the class. I was about to call her, and ask what was wrong when I felt someone sit next to me. 

"You shouldn't call for her." If I thought his stares were enough to fix me, then  I am in grave danger now. Because his voice is so soft, and husky that it is making me faint.

"What?" I asked, my voice failing me. I was having a conversation with Arnav. Freaking impossible!!!

He looked at me amused and shook his head saying nothing more. Weird!

I opened my books and tried to drown myself in the chapters, but it was a task far from achievable. It felt like I was being watched closely, and it made me shift uncomfortably. 

I moved and placed some distance between him and myself. But, it still felt that way. I moved a bit more. I was yet again to move, when he held my hand. That action made me freeze and I looked into his eyes. They were challenging me. Of what? 

"You are going to sit on the floor if you move a bit more." 

I got what he mentioned and it made me blush. Why ? Why? Why?

"Urg?" I said. I am the worst conversationalist. 

He smirked and seemed more amused. 

I pulled of my hand from him and ducked my head trying to hide it from his view. But, I was sure he was only observing me. What should I do, Devi Mayya? 

I was pleading and begging for the teacher to come soon and was so happy when she came. I took a deep breath in relief. 

Arnav chuckled and tried his best not to laugh. Now, I was getting angry. No one laughs at Khushi. I was about to give him a piece of mind when the teacher began speaking.

"We all will be doing baby projects for your health class. I have the partners listed out. Please respond when I call your names." 

I groaned inward. Baby projects. How did I forget about them? Now I was to be paired with some boy and I didn't even know one. I was seriously hoping HK would be paired with me, that way I would at least have a familiar face. 

I was sadly aware that Arnav was enjoying seeing me whimper like this. But, I didn't care. I was so filled with dread. 

I waited for my name to come, and it did come finally.

"Khushi Kumari Gupta...." I waited.. yes, who is my partner?

"...Arnav Singh Raizada." 

My mouth fell open, and I was in shock. Incredible! Shoot me. 

But, the smile on Arnav's face said he already knew this was going to happen. 

Devi Mayya really was angry on me today.


Tada... another cute update to make up for the short update that I gave yesterday!


Dhaks :) 

Nov 25, 2013

Chapter 7 - Canteen Rush (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 75 times)

Chapter 7 - Canteen rush

I waited for the bell to ring and the very second it did, I rushed out of the classroom almost knocking everyone in my path. I was sure I had heard a loud laugh fill the room and it was Arnav. I dashed to the canteen and ordered my favourite snack of all time - Jelabi. I sat there munching on those crispy hot sugary delicacy when Priya sat next to me.

I gulped the whole piece and turned to her. My anger had cooled down a bit.

"How dare you leave me?" I shot at her. She just snickered and drank on the cool drink she had ordered.

"It was necessary," she replied.

"Do you know what unjustice happened today? I am paired up with Arnav. Devi mayya should only save me."

She looked at me pitifully but kept quite. I kept on babbling about Arnav.

"He is a rakshas. He was laughing at me.I will kill him. Kill him." I bwgan hitting the table with the plate. Priya immediately removed the plate from my hand and gestured me to look up. She hushed me to keep quite pulling on my dress sleeve. But I didn't.

"What? Its not like that Rakshas can hear me." I snorted and turned to look in the direction she was pointing at.

There standing in front of me was Arnav with his smirk and HK with his mouth wide open. DONT TELL ME THEY HEARD EVERY WORD. With this thought in my mind I turned to look at Priya but she shook her head confirming my deadly fear.

I am dead.

"It is nice to know you talk about me. I didn't know you had taken interest in me." He said.

I was in shock that the plate in my hand slipped and fell to the ground breaking into pieces. This just earned a laugh from him and another embarrasing comment, "Breaking things is easier sweetheart but breaking into me... impossible." He walked away saying that.

I waa still gaping when HK came to our table and shouted, "Sharp 5:30"

Priya nodded her head while I did nothing.

"What was that?" I finally asked when I gained my senses.

Priya shifted uncomfortably on her seat before spitting out, "We are going to their house for group study to work on the project. Me and HK while you and Arnav.

"When did I agree?" I shouted banging my hand on the table.

"No way out. You know you need the grades for your credits. We are going that is final. Now you have another thing to worry about." She told.

"What more?"

I saw the canteen owner standing before me his hands folded with a stern expression.

Oops ..what to do now? I broke the plate... !!!

If I get my hands on that Rakshas I will kill him sure...I promised myself.

_________________ Another update! Dhaks :)

Nov 30, 2013

Chapter 8 - No, I won't go. (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 64 times)

Chapter 8 - No, I won't go.

I looked guiltily at the owner but mutter thousand curses at the rakshas. Priya was frantic and looked at me helpless. This girl really needed a backbone. I really wanted to strangle that Arnav. Arnav, yes he is the root for all the problem. Hell with him. I was suddenly hit with an idea and I grinned like a wild cat. Yay! He will pay for it. I asked Priya to go the parking lot and wait for me while I took care of this. She was reluctant but finally gave in. "Be careful." She walked off slowly taking my book along. I turned my attention towards that angry owner and put on my best innocent face. "Bhaiya ji..."

I wiped my hands and walked from there happy with what I had done. All I have to do now was wait for tomorrow. It was then the grave news of group study ticked in. Damn. I wont go I decided.

Priya was waiting for me near the moppy. She asked me how I had managed the owner. I waved it off and asked her to wait and see. She shot me an uneasy look,"I hope you didn't do some trick." I laughed but didnt give away anything. "You know me very well." That was all I answered her.

We went home amd I instantly fell on my bed. I and Priya stayed in a separate flat. The college dorms were horrible and I couldn't stomach the stinky smell of the bathroom even for a day. That was it. We decided to move out from there and found a nice flat. "Come on Khushi. Get ready. HK will come pick us up soon." She shuffled through the clothes and picked out a white chudidar to wear.

"Nope. I am all quits." I relaxed back. She shot me a not-so-nice glace, "Are you nuts? We agreed on it. Remember?"

I shook my head. "Priya dear, you agreed. You all decided. I had nothing to do with any of this. So, no. I am not going."

"What anout Arnav?" She started and I cut her off. "That is his problem." I mouthed and closed my eyes, and slipped off to sleep.

It was half past six by the time I woke up. Priya wasn't there, and I was glad she listened to me. I was craving for my regular sweet but settled for a tub of icecream. I opened my lap top and thought I would research on the project alone. But then I was struck. We, partners, had to come up with a topic related on babies. Now what was I supposed to do?

Just.then my screen was blinking with a message. I didn't need super powers to guess who it was.

Arnav - Why didn't you come?

What the devimayya? That rakshas was asking for reason. What should I tell?

Khushi - I didn't feel like it.

Arnav - Is it because of me?

Oh god. How did he know. He must know magic. He is not only a rakshas but a evil witch. Hmm... witch is for girls ..does he count then? Whatever ...

Khushi - I dont have to answer.

Yay! I can give some awesome replies. He didn't reply for a while but finally my screen blinked again.

Arnav - Sorry! Wont tease again...

Oh.My.God. I am hyperventilating. Did he just apolozise to me? That was so, he is still a rakshas.

Khushi - Apology not accepted!

Haha...take that you teaser. Now what will you say, I thought.

Arnav - I will beg for forgiveness.

Wow! That is something I have to see. The great Arnav begging. Impossible. There must be some trick.

Khushi - And how will you do that?

Is that the right thing to ask? Yes, it is. I didn't wait long for his reply.

Arnav - Look out of your window.

What now? I knew he was mad....but to this level I didn't know that. Yet, I did what he asked. I looked into the garden through my window. And, had the greatest shock in my life.

There standing in all his glory was Arnav.

Devimayya hates me. Hates me a lot today.

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Nov 30, 2013

Chapter 9 - Are you a guest? (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 76 times)

Chapter 9 - Are you a guest?

"ARNAV! What are you doing here?" I was beyond shocked. Is this even possible? He was here standing in the garden. Hey devi mayya! Raksha karo.

He shuffled his hair as he swept his hands through them. I took this time to appreciate him more. He was clad in a white shirt which screamed "Am hotter than chillies'. I rolled my eyes at that but to speak the truth god! He truly was I averted my view and slapped myself. What was I thinking?

"Do you want me to apologize or not?" I just stared at him. His lips wete so plum. Is that possible? Maybe I should ask what lip balm he uses. Jeez! "Huh?" I asked.

He rubbed his forehead. "Open the door, will you?" He was cold. The weather had chilled down a few degrees. But, why was everything around me so hot? This angered me. But, I nodded my head and got down to open the door. He was at the doorstep by the time I opened it. He was shivering. Was it really that cold? "Do you need a warmer?"

He looked at me surprised and then embarrased. Did I say something? "No,you dont have need to hug...hug fine."

OH.MY.GOD. He thought I was asking to hug me. Shoot me. Right now. We stood there awkwardly for a while. Thank goodness he broke the silence. "So project?" "Yes, yes."

We settled in the hall. Whatever phase he was going through it must have passed because he looked his normal self...****y...with his famous smirk. "Any ideas?"

"I don't know. Maybe we can go with the baby development. Nutrition, you know?" That was a easy topic.

"Or we could go with the procedure of baby making." He calmy suggested. I nodded my head absent mindedly. My eyes became huge and popped out when I totally understand the meaning behimd those words.

"Hey devi mayya!" I got up hastily and in the process spilled the glass of water that was placed on the table. Arnav wouldn't stop laughing even when his shirt was drenched in that water. "Am so sorry. So sorry." I squeaked and frantikly rubbed on his shirt which only spread more. This made him laugh even louder. I was appalled by him. This was all due to him. I turned an angry face at him. "Clean yourself. Jerk." He smirked at my reaction.

" won't help?" "No, I won't."

"I can do whatever I want to help myself." "Ofcourse everything you want." Any how what is the most he can do? Dry himself under the fan? That is not a problem.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt. One. Two. Three... OMG...he is removing his shirt... "What are you doing?" I tried to make it sound more like an order though it came out all wrong.

"What do you think I am doing, sweetpea?" SWEETPEA??? What the devi mayya... he was totally enjoying my reaction. My nerves were getting on me. He was stripping down in front of me.

" can't..can't do that." I cried and put more distance in between us. His husky laugh filled the entire room. "What? You want to do it?" He asked me raising his eye. He was seriously enjoying this.

"No!" I yelled and jumped back. "Sorry sweetpea" That was the last before he fully removed his shirt and laid it on the side couch. I snapped my eyes shut and closed them with my fingers. This is not happening. This is not happening. I chanted again and again. I heard a soft chuckle and knew it was he.

"Open your eyes, sweetpea. Or are you afraid you will melt seeing all this goodliness?" His voice held amu****t. I looked at him angrily and realised how much mistake it is.

Holy ****! Did he spend all his time in the gym? I couldn't help trail my eyes over his well shaped bulky mass. His chest was so toned ...he could roll in for a model. He should.

"Lets discuss about the project, sweetpea." He said as he relaxed back on the chair, his hands laid back. "...if you are done drolling over me." He added.

Today was a long..long day for me. I gulped in. He was so relaxed and at ease that I wanted to shout at him, "Are you the guest?" But I swallowed the words. Because if I did ask him that he will know he is making me so uncomfortable....he is affecting me.

I don't want to think what will happen then. What will happen if he knows I am attracted to him?

A very scary thought.Very...very..very...


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