Jul 19, 2014

Song by Arnav: My fair Pearl (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 2 times)

Song : My fair Pearl

Context: When Arnav realizes his mistake for misunderstanding Khushi and writes this expressing his love to her.

Into you my fair pearl I stumbled,

a true beauty, pure and never like ever

Your inner shine made me blind

and I shielded my eyes from you

You were long gone, swept in the wind

washed away with teary waves

You were no longer mine to call

my, my,my pearl

You slipped through my fingers

My fair pearl.

I found myself returning back

In loads n tons of hope, ah' baseless hope

to the exact spot and every passing day

with the wish to make you mine

catch hold of you again, my divine

You my pearl, who bewitched me,

my heart and soul, whole. 

You, my fair pearl, bewitched me. 

You slipped through my fingers

my fair pearl

You slipped through my fingers.

Once 'ur back in my arms

I promise for real, will never let you go

Am gonna keep you safe

You are my treasure, my fair pearl

every man's dream and mine come true.

You slipped through my fingers

my fair pearl

And, I let you slip, my fault,

Now I want you back, so bad

My body aches and cries, so loud,

For the missing piece, you,

You, you, you,

My fair pearl, you,

As I love, love, love

You, my pearl,

My fair pearl, you bewitched me,

my heart and soul, my whole.

As i love, love, love,

you, you, you, 

My fair pearl...my fair pearl.


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