Oct 21, 2013

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  • Who is your favorite author outside and inside MeD?
  •  if you are given a second birth, you would like to be born as who and why?
  • you are given a second birth, you would like to be born as who and why?{by diamond123}
  • Any wonderful memories you have got related to MeD?
  • How did your encounter happen with 1) IPKKND 2)Encounter with MED?
  • What's ur weakness & strength?
  • What will u do when ur loved ones yell/hurt u??
  • How will you divert urself when u r upset???
  • If given a chance to go back in your life, what would you change?
  • Is there any possibility that you would ever leave MeD ?
  • Who is the person you like the best and adore, here in MeD?
  • What will your first words be if you ever meet me in real life?
  • Who would you exchange your wardrobe with if given the chance?
  • When do I come over and enjoy your extensive closet? Since you are in
  • Since you are in the fashion industry, who is your inspiration?

  •  how old are you?
  • how are you managing work & MeD together?
  • Whenever i came across ur comments... i felt honesty... did u faced any issues for being honest..... share us one which u felt unforgettable???

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Oct 22, 2013

My replies to your questions! (By Cool Cat) (Thanked: 20 times)

Hope you enjoy reading the replies! 


Honestly speaking, when I first came to know I was the selected next candidate, I was beyond shocked and more than that overjoyed! There are so many amazing people on this forum and out of all them Ferb_Finiace decided to choose me, I feel blessed and honored!

While writing this, there are several emotions running through my body and mind...it's more like a conflict! Whether people will actually read till the end and then figure out what a bore I am is just one of the thoughts racing in my mind!  


When I first saw the title of the post of MeD celeb, I started giggling, literally! The idea seemed crazy - a celeb coming into MeD? Whoa! I know I have a weird imagination!

I went in and read the whole thing - I must say it is a wonderful initiative. It makes us more aware of the people whom we are chatting with everyday or whom we read stories and reviews of. It makes the person being interviewed special and gives them a voice to express their likes and dislikes!

All in all, the idea is good one and I pray that it is carried forward and is extremely successful in the weeks to come...best of luck to Ferb and the others as well! 

Who is your favorite author outside and inside MeD?

You are asking a person who absolutely loves reading to pinpoint two authors who are my personal favorites? That is practically impossible - I love quite a few of them and I wouldn't hesitate to mention all their names here! 

Hope you do not fall asleep by the end of the list! 

In MeD - Spoon, Jasquerade_x, Tainar, Yelhsa, Coolbakes, Diamond123and Dhakshi are whose written works I religiously follow!

I used to read Apopinion and Charmingsagi's works pretty closely too! 

Outside MeD - Dan Brown, John Grisham, Jane Austen,  Dean Koontz, Alison Weir, Roald Dahl (I used to love his books when I was a kid), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - I am more into thriller and mystery so all authors in that league are amazing! 

If you are given a second birth, you would like to be born as who and why?

That's a tough question! Changing my identity completely to be a person I envy was something I often dreamt of when I was in my younger ages.

But now when I think about it, I don't want to emulate any personality as such, I want to be someone who people would like to emulate!

 But after deep thought, I would, I believe, love to be born as someone who has the power to impact the whole world through social causes and environmental causes - someone similar to all the people working out there to ensure the world is a safe place to live in!

 I cannot pin point to any one person because in my second birth I would want characteristics from many different people - kindness from mother Teresa, wealth like Bill gates, power like Barack Obama, peaceful heart like Gandhi, fierce courage like Bhagat Singh, tolerance like Mandela, leadership like H. H. Sheikh Mohammed and H.H. Sheikh Zayed - the list is once again, endless!

Any wonderful memories you have got related to MeD?

There are quite a few actually - some bitter, some sweet!

I distinctly remember the peace making Atifa and I set about in the IPKKND forum when some Sona_Maria claimed that IPKKND was a rubbish serial and we all were wasting our time! That is when I first found a wonderful person in her and found a new friend in her!

Then there is one more in which I got embroiled in a peaceful debate with Nanak regarding an issue relating to her stories - the amount of tension that got built was immense and at the end of it I was exasperated!

Then there all those beautiful moments I spent with Tainar and Coolbakes getting things ready for the Collaborative Fiction and the time I spent with Jasquerade_x and Linaya when We were working on the Editing challenge! Those were the days!

Oh yes! There was this post which I made on sharing IPKKND experiences, that is unforgettable! So many people added to it and I found so many gems of the IPKKND forum due to that post...I will never forget that!

There are so many more but if I write any more, there will be no space to fit in the remaining questions in this post! I forgot to add that becoming an MeD celeb is going to join the list!

How did your encounter happen with 1) IPKKND 2)Encounter with MED?

1) The promos of IPKKND went on air a month before the actual show started so there was naturally this excitement to watch it! So the day when it first aired, I switched on my television set and saw the first episode...wasn't clearly impressed because Star Plus had given better shows in the past!

But then it seemed to get better and better and voila, I became an ardent viewer! 

2) I distinctly remember my first encounter with MeD was in March 2012 when Arnav and Khushi's forceful marriage track had happened.

I was curious to know why Arnav had taken Khushi to the temple, researched a bit and got the shock of my life - it was to marry her! Could not believe it, so I searched a few more websites and accidentally hit on myeduniya....discovered it really was a wonderful website and I became a member soon after!

What's ur weakness & strength?

My weakness - like every person I have quite a few. But you can consider inability to stay away from myeduniya for a long time as a weakness. 

And I get irritated with jerks really fast! 

My Strengths - My ability to maintain a cool head even when there is a crisis. I consider that my biggest strength of all!

What will u do when ur loved ones yell/hurt u??

None of my loved ones yell at me but when I was small, that used to happen to me often! I retaliate, I fight back! I am not those kind of people who are going to take a beating without opening their mouth.

If I know I am right, I will fight back to prove my point. But if the fight is for a silly reason, I just crack a joke to divert their attention and laugh it off.

But if I know I am wrong, I have no choice but to listen to the screams and shouts because I know I am wrong and they are correcting my mistake!

How will you divert urself when u r upset???

When I am upset, either it's the book by my side or my iPod....music and reading are the two best cures when you are upset! 

If given a chance to go back in your life, what would you change?

Umm....that is something I'd like to think about! As of now, there is nothing as such! I don't regret changing courses or anything else in my life! But there is something, however silly it might be, I wish it never happened.

If there is one thing I would like to go back and change is the ugly fight I had with my boss during the first few weeks of my recruitment...I feel blessed she hasn't fired me yet! 

Maybe I'd like to go back and correct one mistake which I regret making - I ditched a good friend for a fake friend in high school. I don't think I need to elaborate on that, do I?

Is there any possibility that you would ever leave MeD ?

I am not promising anything! Yes, there is a chance that I might leave MeD! If work gets too much, I really don't want to be found spending too much time and not focussing on my career and future...looking at my current status, this time might be arriving sooner than I expect it to!

But even if I leave MeD, I hope to keep in touch with all the wonderful people I have met here! :)

Who is the person you like the best and adore, here in MeD?

A tough question again! Probably the person I like the best is the person who devised and designed the idea of MeD as it is because of her that new people meet everyday and form friendships! 

But otherwise speaking, there are so many darlings I adore to the core of my heart - Dhakshi, Tainar, Coolbakes, Diamond123, Jasquerade_x, Desirendfire, Atifa, Lovelyfan, Kalai, Yelhsa!

What will your first words be if you ever meet me in real life?

"Dhakshi, is that you? You look beautiful just the way I had imagined you to be!"

I know it's stupid but that is exactly what my reaction would be! I haven't seen you so closely, so I know I am going to be shocked and beyond overjoyed to talk to the person in real life with who I used to chat with!

Who would you exchange your wardrobe with if given the chance?

Without taking a moment, I can guess who has asked me such a question! Tainar, it can only be you!

I love the dresses Taylor Swift wears, her collection is amazing so I would love to have some of them in my wardrobe and when it comes to shoes - Victoria Beckham is the girl!

When do I come over and enjoy your extensive closet?

You are welcome to come and enjoy my closet whenever you wish to! *chuckle* but I have one condition, you are permitted only if I am allowed to come over and enjoy the Black Friday sales coming up!

Since you are in the fashion industry, who is your inspiration?

I don't believe in a single inspiration or role model! I love to take good qualities from all the people....but my biggest inspiration is my boss! 

I know I groan and moan about how much she puts me under pressure but then she is the one who really brings out the best me and I admire her for her punctuality, dedication, honesty and her attitude is superb!

I am not into designing clothes so my icon is not a model or designer from the fashion world, in fact it is Bill Gates - he is a failure and yet the success he has achieved is astounding! It gives me a lot of motivation and inspiration!

 how old are you?

I am 24! Is that too old?

how are you managing work & MeD together?

It's not easy! Work pressure is something everybody is aware of and then when you are an admin of a particular forum on MeD, people do have a lot of expectations from you (unfortunately I have been neglecting that for a while!) but somehow I do manage it all.

I just take a few breaks in between my work - once I complete reviewing one file, I log on and check for MeD updates, then I get back to my work and the cycle continues. It is like a treat I give myself for completing my work.

Whenever i came across ur comments... i felt honesty... did u faced any issues for being honest..... share us one which u felt unforgettable???

I believe in honesty - cheating can get you no where! 10 years, 20 years, how long can you run away and escape? God is always watching. And even if you are an atheist, your conscience will prick you for the rest of your life! 

When talking about honesty, cheating and lying is not the only thing that should come to your mind. An honest person can mean a bold and frank person and I really respect these kind of people because they do not sugar coat their words - what you hear from their mouth is exactly what their thoughts are!

I still remember this issue from my high school days - my entire class had a master degree in copying during exams, even the smart people used to copy answers or check with each other whether their answers were correct or not - I was completely against it and wrote an anonymous letter (to avoid being pinpointed by my friends) to my teacher. 

The teacher was simply unwilling to believe the written matter in the letter and instead of finding out whether the content in the letter was true or not, she simply dismissed it as false and the mission was who wrote the letter. I went and confessed to the teacher in private and she was astonished. I told her the entire reality and that is when she began to actually observe that cheating was happening in the the class. Ever since then, anonymity is something I refrain from!

This one is the memorable of all because I could still remember the pressure I faced during those times - the way the teacher looked at me before she realized the truth, how my friends doubted it was me due to the language of the letter...I confessed to everyone later on but I can never forget how I was put under scrutiny during that week!

If you had one choice between going back in time or travelling to the future - which one would you choose, which era and why?

As I mentioned before I wouldn't like to dwell on my past a lot so I'll choose traveling to the future as my answer.

I'd love to visit the future when the earth is destroyed (God forbid such a thing ever happen) - I really want to see how the humans will cope up in the space capsules, surviving merely on vitamin pills because there will be no land to grow food!

Anyone seen Wall-E? Something similar!

 If you have to blend two ppl to make your future guy who would it be??

That's hard! How am I supposed to know!

Umm...but if talking looks wise - Henry Cavill is handsome and not to forget hot (I know I am dreaming too much but what's the harm in dreaming?) and personality wise, my future guy should have a hint of Adi's personality (fictional character but who cares!) and a bit of ASR confidence and attitude!

That's more than two right? Oh noes! *scratching head*

your one fav thing about me?? and what made you think i am a good friend!

Doctorji, I like a lot of things about you! One thing I absolutely adore is Probably your goofy, cute comments! 

Several things made me feel you are a good friend - I may sound funny here but this is my reason! I believe in analyzing language so when I communicate with a person, I try to read in between the lines and figure out the personality. 

You seemed like the chirpy, bubbly, honest, smart and dedicated person which made me love your friendship so much! I love creative people and that is exactly what you are!

if given a chance to make a story of yours a movie what would you do with arnav and adi??

I have written only one story which is 'In the Deep Abyss of Love' which I believe nobody reads and even if they do, they don't like it....it cannot be a movie! A movie is only made from a successful story!

but if ever it became a movie, my Adi and Arnav would remain the same, the characters sketched in the story are exactly how I love to see them on screen and off screen so no changes there!


Phew! Finally I managed to complete answering everything! Hope I have managed to answer all the questions as you wanted to hear from me!

I wonder how many people have stuck till the end! Thank you in advance! I wonder how many who thought I was a cool person and not a bore still has the same opinion! Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Sending Loads of Love,

Cool Cat

Oct 24, 2013

Thank you! (By Cool Cat) (Thanked: 7 times)

Here are my replies to your comments! They really were such an honor and treat to read!

Onlyhope: you could actually relate to what I had written? I thought I was the only unique museum piece in the world! Thank you for giving me the re assurance that I am not an alien!

Cute_Virman: Agatha Christie? Who hasn't read her books? Only fools can miss such an amazing thriller and mystery author! I forgot to include that in my list, glad you reminded me! 

It's nice to know we can relate and nope you are not weird! Just a very amazing person!

Kalai: I have this habit of writing extra, beyond the word limit! Used to be a big problem in my school days and because I elaborate on intricate details, people often get bored! Thank goodness, you did not! You judged my personality pretty well, you do love to read and judge in between the lines during conversations, I guess!

I am definitely not the kinds who will keep quiet if the opposite party acts irrational, is arguing for invalid points and is wrong! People who win respect in my heart are the ones who can speak for themselves! 

Do share your library book incident! I am eager to know!

Anjaliann - I am glad you read the interview! You seem to be a gem of a person and it is evident from your comments, truly!

Your question isn't stupid at all! I guess you figured out when you read about H.H. sheikh Zayed and H.H. Mohammed! Do you reside in the UAE too? Your guess was right, I do live in the Middle East! 

Applecut - You remember me from the IPKKND post? Or something else? Please forgive my short memory but I am puzzled as to how the whole MeD knows about my coolness...am I missing something?

Thank you for reading the interview and liking it!

Jasquerade_x - Jassy! I am sure that I will be learning much much much more from your interview when your turn comes! Diamonds like you are rare to find and I am glad to have you as a wonderful friend! Love you! 

Tainar - Besides you, I have not seen anybody with the same passion for shopping and fashion so they naturally had to give you away! Taylor Swift is a wonderful singer and has an amazing wardrobe - it's fun, colourful but not too bright...just perfect!

Love you too my dear Jungli Billi! *Sending loads of kisses!*

Dhakshi- Yup, I did ditch my friend...realized later in life that was a very big mistake! But don't worry, I have learn't my lesson well! If you're thoughts are that I would abandon you, drop those hopes because I am never going to stop annoying you with my chatter!

I do hope to meet you sometime in the future! What would your first words be if you ever met me?

Ferb_Finiace - I am extremely thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful initiative! I really love you!

Diamond123 - Smarty Pants! I love you so much darling!! Can't wait to hear more from you! Your incessant chatter brightens my day!


Thank you to all the other people who read the interview and also to all the people who pressed the thank you buttons! Love each one of you!

Cool Cat

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