Oct 23, 2013

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  • Our first meet... when i asked ur help for a trailer task abot ur story... rite... what did u thought abot me first?{BY KALAI }

  • Can u tell me abot urself... u know my poor memory?{KALAI }

  • What will be ur first wish when God comes in front of u all of a sudden?
  • Favorite childhood memory?
  • What's the best decision you ever made?

  • Do you like cooking? Any new combination of flavors you have found out?
  • One thing you wish you had done if you had a chance?
  • if you were given 24 hours to spend with the following characters, how would you spend each day -

  1. a) RK, 
  2. b) Avantika,

  3. c) Khushi Kumari Gupta and

  4. d) Cool Cat (me)
  • who is your fashion idol and which celebrity's fashion sense do you despise the most?
  • If you had to choose between stilettos and pumps....which one it be?
  • Thoughts on Me? (Cool Cat)
  • If Babyta ever destroyed your wardrobe, would you ever get angry and scold her? Or would you just let the incident pass because she is Babyta!
  • What are your top 3 priorities in life?
  •  if asked to propose to RK how would you??
  • if giiven a chance to write the story of Madhubala which villain will you say bye bye too
  • life has many to offer.... but we have regrets too.... do you have any??
  • your title for the THREE MUSKETEERS
  • a secret you have never shared befre
  • IF u land up with an RK in real life then??
  • if you can act ant one scene with ASR which scene would it be??

# answer the question which you feel comfortable #

~~~thank you~~~

Oct 25, 2013

My Answers to the Questions! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 7 times)

1)    How are you feeling while sharing about you with us???

Honestly I am overwhelmed that people want to know more about me.  It’s a wonderful to know that I am more than just a mere name on MED and people care enough to get to know me.  I am feeling quite loved so thank you Ferb_Finiace aka Rachel for this wonderful initiative! 

2)    Did you like the Idea of MED Celeb?  Pls share with us???

I love the idea of MED celeb!  At first glance I was confused. Celeb?  Who…what celebs?  LOL!  But then found out that celebs are our fellow MEDians.  It’s a wonderful initiative to figuratively roll out the red carpet and make each member feel so special.  Since I am now on this red carpet, let me do my beauty queen wave and pose for my photo shoot.   Forewarning:  Please don’t throw eggs, tomatoes and shoes at me for being an absolute bore! 

3)    Our First meet…when I asked ur help for a trailer task about ur story…rite…what did you thought abot me first?

Kalai…I thought you were adorable in the way you worded your request! 

4)    Can you tell me abot urself..u know my poor memory? (Kalai)

Ohh this is a loaded question.  Where do I begin?   Let’s see…I am Bangladeshi and I live in the US.  I like to think that I am open-minded and always make it a point to listen to all point of views before making a judgment.  I am also very passionate.  If I believe in something strongly then I put in blood, sweat and tears for it. I make it my number one priority. I also try my best to be kind and inoffensive but if the wrong button is pushed then  become Hulk and slay with words.   Suppose that’s why I relate so well to mamiji’s character from IPKKND and have assumed the moniker, Tainar the Jungli Billi. 

5)    What will be ur first wish when God comes in front of u all of a sudden?

A great question!  I have many wishes that I would love to petition to God but I supposed I must prioritize.  Recently my mother has started her matchmaking momma tricks along with lectures to get married. It is driving me bonkers!  Obviously I refuse to marry anybody unless I am in love and I have yet to find someone worthy.  So I will request God to help me find a man who is kind, understanding and well quite a bit like my darling Right Kameena.  LOL!  He must be worthy of my love. 

6)    Favorite childhood memory?

Ohh dear…so many wonderful memories…(Biting my fingers) what to choose?  What to choose?  Hmm...well a long time ago my cousin and I had pet pigeons (yes…I know…sounds odd…LOL) but mine died mysteriously.  Naturally I cried till I was blue in the face.  My dear cousin felt bad and gave me his pigeon so I would stop crying.  He has always been a sweetheart, so giving!  Darn…now I am missing him as I haven’t seen him in a long time.

7. What’s the best decision you ever made?

OMG!  These are some tough questions, such brain twisters.    Aside from joining MED, I volunteer once a month with a children’s hospital.  These young kids are fighting with dangerous diseases, against all odds to survive yet they still manage to keep a beautiful smile on their sweet faces.  After each visit, I feel rejuvenated and have a different perspective on life.  I harp about things that I don’t have and want but these babies are just trying to live.  It’s such a humbling experience! I wish I could wrap them all up and kick the diseases away so they can fulfill all their dreams. 


8.  Do you like cooking?  Any new combination of flavors you have found out?

I do not enjoy cooking but I do it anyway.   Most of my dishes are made either in a crockpot or the oven, rarely do I have patience to use the stove.  New combination of flavors, huh?  I am afraid I am not clever enough to come up with anything innovative.  LOL!

9. One thing you wish you had done if you had a chance?

This one is rather painful.  In school I was friends with a troubled young girl.  She had just emigrated from Bosnia and was severely traumatized due to the war.  We used to chat all the time about her experience and many a times she has told that she wants to end her life.  I thought they were just words.  As a child, I thought how can anyone even contemplate suicide?  So I remained quiet and didn’t seek help for her from a trustworthy adult.  I regret not opening my mouth and speaking up because she couldn’t handle the pain anymore and killed herself.  I wish I could go back and help her.  Hold her hands and tell her that everything will be fine and that suicide is not the answer.  I wish I could go back and flag down my teachers, school counselor and even her brother and get help.  Since then I have made a vow that I will SPEAK UP and GET HELP if anyone I know is troubled. 

I am emotionally drained so off for a mini break. 

10.  If you were given 24 hours to spend with the following characters, how would spend each day-

a. RK Ohh my darling Superstar…I would throw him…ahem…I should keep it clean and PG.  My Right Kameena is going through a very tough time.  So for my 24 hours, I would spirit him away on a long drive, away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, from the Evilsters.  We would go to a cozy cottage in beautiful Shimla and go skiing on its glistening, snowcapped mountains.  I would drag him to frolic in the snow so he can forget about all his troubles.  Then we would sit by the fireplace, snuggle, drink hot chocolate and watch Mr. India as he makes funny impressions of each character.  We would talk about his love for movies and how and why he got into acting.  And I would offer him my shoulder so he can lean against it and share all his troubles.  Yeah…and well…I get to spend time with my Right Kameena in my arms.  Hehehe… 

But in yesterday’s episode RK also broke my heart into millions of little pieces.  So I would probably end up using my 24 hours screaming at him, bashing him and giving him pointers on how to not break his wife’s and fangirls hearts. 

b. Avantika I have great respect for her as a woman.  She has great business acumen and a strong code of ethics.  I would love to spend my 24 hours with her learning the ins and outs of Deewan Industries.  When I “grow up” I want to be just like her and be one kick ass CEO.    Ohh and I would love to have her style as well.  She wears some lovely, stylish sarees so I want to also spend time in her closet, playing dress up.  Perfect girly thing to do with a serious yet stylish woman.  

c. Khushi Kumari Gupta Ahh…with Sanka Devi…anything and everything would be fun.  But for my 24 hours with her, I want to learn how to make jalebis.  Then we can have who can eat the most jalebis contest.  Naturally of course she will win.  Then we will burn off the calories and dance away to some awesome songs from many of her dear Salluji’s movies.  Khushi dearest is quite ignorant about computers so I will also teach her and get her set up on FB and Twitter.  LOL!  So she can make friends worldwide and earn some, “what the”, from dearest hubby.  Then we will sit down and watch a Salman Khan movie and we will both drool and earn many more “what the” and “unbelievable” from Laad Governor.  Ahh…the joy in teasing Laad Governor.  

d. Cool Cat.  Ms. Fashionista for our 24 hours we are re-enacting **** and the City!  We will start our day at the gym with yoga.  Then we will dress up and go to brunch at a stylish part of town.  Sip on our cup of mocha while we dish on boys and then the latest fashion trends.  Of course discussion on latest fashion trends must lead to a jaunt to Bergdorf.  Ohhh but the day is not over!  We will then go to the Met as we peruse beautiful art works and ohh my…we meet two handsome young men of artistic inclination, checking us out! After all we are pretty fabulous in our designer wears.   Naturally we decide to all go out for dinner and drinks to a very trendy bar.  We eat, drink, dance and laugh.  But the boys just want to get too frisky so we come up with a clever ruse and leave the bar and leave the tap for the bill onto their heads.  We would laugh at our cleverness and then say, “Hmm…I wonder if Dior and Chanel are still open?  Girl let's go shopping!” 

11.  Who is your fashion idol and which celebrity’s fashion sense do you despise the most?

I enjoy fun, flirty wears but I love classics.  I love Anne Hathaway and Kate Middleton’s sense of style. I go gaga over some of their many stylish outfits!  But if I must have one idol it would have to be Jackie Onassis.  She is the epitome of beauty and grace.   I hate Miley Cyrus’s sense of fashion.  I mean HATE!  Now she barely wears any clothes.  But before her overly hyped s**uality, she wore outfits that aged her considerably.  The girl just can’t seem to find a middle ground.  She is a classic example of a walking, talking, fashion disaster. 

12.  Thoughts on me? (Cool Cat)

Ms. Fashionista I have always been amazed at your ability to stay cool and composed in difficult scenarios.  How do you do it?!?  I also love that you are also very considerate with others feelings even in your honesty.  You’re just plain fabulous and I love you!! 

13.  If Babyta ever destroyed your wardrobe, would you ever get angry and scold her?  Or would you just let the incident pass because she is Babyta!

Wonderful question!  I have already experienced this several times and happy to say I let the incident pass.  When Zara was a baby, she destroyed several of my clothes with her spit ups.  I learned that when I deal with the missy, I should wear cottons or any other washable fabrics.  Recently she has also broken a few of my custom made necklaces.  I just prayed, “she’s just a baby…she’s just a baby…she’s just a baby.” And she is…can’t get mad at a 2 year old for wanting to touch, feel and pull at a shiny, pretty thing.  

14.  What are your top 3 priorities in life?

1.     Babyta.  2. Family & Friends.  3) Job (Has to be in the top 3.  I need money to finance my expensive taste! )

15. If asked to propose to RK how would you do it?

Mrs. ASR…You mean my Jungli Billi fabulosity alone isn’t enough?  Drat!  Well here it goes.   I’ll give it my best shot:

Dear RK,

My love for you knows no bounds.  It is as beautiful and pure as pearls and deep as the ocean.  I will be your shield to protect you from bad times and be your support.  I will be your shadow and rejoice during your good times.  My love for you is unshakable like the mountains and unbreakable like quarks.  I am and will forever be your Jungli Billi till the day I take my last breath.  Tum hi mera ishq.  Tum hi mera junoon. 

How was that Mrs. ASR?  Good enough of a proposal?  LOL! 

16.  If given a chance to write a story of Madhubala, which villain will you say bye bye to?

Mrs. ASR…I want to say bye bye to all the villains but I suppose I shall have to contend with annihilating one evil character out of so many. I would love to say bye bye to Pabho ASAP!  The woman is a disgrace in the name of mother, maasi, woman and human being!  Through her callous actions, Pabho is engineering her own “son’s” downfall.  Unfortunately, her close proximity to RK and Radhaji makes her even more dangerous than bhai.  She’s on the verge of being successful to break up Rishbala.  Ergo, the witch MUST GO! 

17. Life has many to offer…but we have regrets too…do you have any?

Well I already discussed one so on to the 2nd regret of my life.  Granted, once again, I was just a child of just 8 years at the time of the incident. So I had many lessons to learn. I was good friends with twin sisters and one day we had a huge fight.  I don’t even remember the reason for our argument but I didn’t speak to them for weeks.  Then one day, they didn’t come to class.  Though I was curious and wanted to call them and find out why they were missing, I didn’t.  My anger wouldn’t allow me to make a simple phone call.  A few days later, I got news that both sisters contracted measles.  One of the twins passed away due to it and the other sister never came back to school.  It was as if the family just disappeared into thin air.  To this day, I regret that I didn’t extend the olive branch to them and that our last time together was over some silly argument. 

Jeez!  Answering these questions have turned me into an emotional basket case. 

18.  Your title for the THREE MUSKETEERS

****cat Dolls. 

19.  A secret you have never shared before

Darling…a secret must remain just that…a secret.  (Whisper) If I tell you, then I might just have to kill you.  

20.  If you land up with an RK in real life then???

Girl…I’ll have to work long and hard on that boy!  Can’t have mommy, daddy and Superiority Complex issues driving me bonkers.  I love my RK but the boy has way too many issues!  First I am sending him to AA for his drinking problems.  Then he’s going to see a counselor regularly to work through his crazy family issues.  Mommy and Maasi left the job of raising him incomplete.  And I am certainly not stepping into those shoes to complete the process.  No way!  I am not mommy. LOL! So counseling it is till I get a healthy MAN out of the BOY.  LOL!  I just hope he does not lose the s**y, bad boy charm that just makes me weak at the knees. 

21. If you can act one scene with ASR which scene would it be??

It would have to be Khushi’s attempted scene when ASR finally reveals the true reason behind the contract marriage.  My blood boiled and I saw red when ASR called her characterless.  So this Jungli Billi would like to appear right at that moment and school Laad Governor.  Give Mr. Know It All proofs that wifey darling is innocent.  Then turn his ears red with my lectures on how to apologize and make up to wifey.  Of course I would also demand compensation for my public service.  LOL!  ASR…my dearest sister, Mrs. ASR has made me your SIL, so treat toh banta hai!  Hint…Hint…I love diamonds. 

22. What are the things that you love most in you? (Lucky_Arshi)

Lucky_Arshi thank you for this question!  You’re right.  We do tend to focus on the negative.  So once in a blue moon it’s good to consider our positive traits. 

Things I love in me:  I am loyal.  I am dependable and support all my friends and family.  Can’t ignore a cry for help!  I have a strong sense of justice.  So if someone does something wrong, I will speak up!  I may be a bit crazy and get angry too easily but I can’t and won’t retaliate back if anyone hurts me.  Tit for tat just makes the whole world mad.  And I can’t afford to lose all my sanity!   

23. I just wish if Tainar can share anything about her myed friends. (Sameea)

Sameea thanks for this question.  Just like all MEDian, this site is like a home, a safe haven from the harsh reality.  Over the last almost 2 years, I have e-met some lovely friends!  All the MEDians are awesome but there are four who are just exceptional!  They have put up with my insanity, my rants and raves and have been wonderfully supportive!

1)    Rdave1 – My Jungli Billi Brain Twin.  What would I do with you?  You keep me from completely losing it and always bring me back from the dark side.  We virtually hold hands and laugh and cry together as we muddle through our crazy lives.  Fangirling also gets a whole new meaning with you bb!  Love you! 

2)    Coolbakes – Mrs. ASR.  I love you to bits!  You’re crazy, adorable antics always put a big smile on my face.  When I am down, you say just the right things to pick me up.  Thank you! 

3)    Cool Cat – Mrs. Adi.  Ohh did Mrs. ASR and I tell you?  We’ve decided to dub you as Mrs. Adi since you want a guy like him.  Hehehe… Mrs. Adi you make me think outside the box and consider all possibilities.  I wish I had your ability to be cool in the midst of a “fight”.  You’re awesome!  Love you! 

4)    Moumitasghose – Mrs. Ghost…You listen to my madness and then add your own spice to it!  And I love it!  Ranting and raving with you is quite soothing.  You always support my craziness so thank you and love you! 


So anyone still around?  Still awake?  Sorry if I bored anyone to tears!  I tend to be quite long-winded! Sowy!  Thank you all for asking such insightful questions and for wanting to get to know me.  I feel quite special.  Thanks again to Ferb_Finiace, Rachel, for coming up with this wonderful idea! 

Oct 26, 2013

Thank you!!! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 3 times)

Thank you all for your wonderful support and love! I feel quite blessed.  Glad to know my interview did not bore anyone to tears. 

@Kalai - Thank you sweetie.   It was difficult to share my regrets as it took me on an emotional ride.  You think I am a bold clever girl?  Thank you! Glad my madness actually reflected it then. 

@Munia - Thank you dear! I am just glad I didn't bore anyone with incessant details. 

@Coolbakes - Mrs. ASR...sorry sorry...sorry...you too can join us on the adventure on the City that Never Sleeps.   We will forget all our worries and just have a merry good time! See you at Dior buddy!  Haha..you're okay with me and KKSGR making it a mission to disturb your hubby?  You think RK will be flattened with my proposal?  LOL! That would be dream come true. FYI...I am not killing you for the secrets. Jungli Billi would do it.  Of course you are one of my four awesome MEDian friends!  Including me...we are the Fabulous Fivesome.  Love you!!! 

@Diamond123. Linaya...thank you sweetie! Good to know I didn't bore you.  Still surprised that you or anyone else for that matter found my interview interesting. 

@Cool Cat.  Alright Miss Fashionista...noted that you don't want to be called Mrs. Adi.  Aww! I am pretty aggressive in my fangirling for MEIEJ aren't I? It's gotten to the point of madness! LOL! My childhood...as is everyone else's I am sure, is a mix of wonderful and sad memories.  After the pigeon, I never had a pet again.  Well...I also have mild zoophobia so roaming pets aren't really much of an option either.  Must say this interview took me on one emotional roller coaster ride!  With the real RK in front of me, it most definitely won't be PG.  Anything with my Right Kameena would be full of passion. Hehehe...and I will leave it at that! Aside from the drinking, I am more of an occasional social drinker, I am glad you enjoyed our imaginary adventure! Mrs. ASR must be included or she will bhajofy us!  I think our next adventure should be to invade Kate Middleton's closet. Wear some lovely hats and dress and have a jolly good time.  Thank you Miss Fashionista! Glad my interview didn't make you yawn. Love you! 

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