OS: The Taper Wood Estate

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Oct 25, 2013

OS: The Taper Wood Estate (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 30 times)


OS: The Taper Wood Estate 

Genre : Horror, Paranormal 


                   The moon-light skipped on the water ripples, its intensity half cut off before it got reflected from water’s clutches. It penetrated the thick curtain falls that covered the wooden open window which looked over directly into a room. The room was dimly lit by the twin candle lights placed on a coffee table, at the right corner. The autumn fall with paw printed auburn wall flickered into view time to time with the wavering candle light. The room wasn’t small in fact it was so huge, making it accord able for more than three hugely developed adults. Yet, there spewed over the king poster bed was a girl tightly engulfed in her sleep. Soft snores escaped her slightly open mouth and she was cuddled comfortably in a bundle of blanket roll that covered her from neck to toe protecting her from the blowing wind. The huge wooden clock that hung right above the bed post moved its pendulum with a loud dong, thrice in a row as both of its hands came to stop at the number 12.


 She mumbled in her sleep and pulled the duvet closer to her tiny body clutching it dearly to her to avoid the chill seeping into her bones. Right before she could fall back into her deep slumber the distant ringing of a phone disturbed her. She rolled on the huge satin bed uncomfortably its voice getting on her. The abrupt stoppage of it relieved her and she hoped to fall back into her deep sleep when it began again.


 Heaving a sleepy sigh she removed those warm covers away and stumbled on the cold floor as she walked towards that ringing sound. Rubbing her tired eyes and a yawn escaping out of her, she rolled back those long white sleeves of the shirt she was wearing, to her elbow level, and enveloped the chill attack that hit her exposed skin.


  It never was this cold at this time of the year. But, she wasn’t too sure of it. She was new here. Forks was never an option for her or her favourite vacation for an off season holiday. This was what she could afford with her merge savings. Wanting to get away from her over whelming problems she caught the first flight available and took off. The place was unbelieving cold, and she remembered how she had shrugged off the strange stares that she had received when she enquired about the “Taper wood Estate”. All she could think was this “Halloween” period has made people scarier what with them dressing around in strange costumes and giving her deadly stares. Finding an empty cottage seemed much more a challenge that it should have been. If the unwelcome stares and the climate wasn’t much of an indication, this should have been enough to have her back on a plane. That was the only place available with accommodation and she grasped it. Sorrow blinds the reality, and she failed to see the signs that flashed right at her.  Struggling for a long time she finally managed to get to that cottage which was far off from the town, a place devoid of people.


  Now, the ringing of a phone in the midnight didn’t help with her situation. Taking some unsteady steps in the direction of the call she almost tripped over in that darkness. She couldn’t cohere who would be calling her at this time of night when none of her friends or her parents knew of her little trip. The ringing ended before she could lift the phone and serenity surrounded her, frightening her a lot. Hugging herself tight she took back steps when she heard the ringing again. It was creeping her out. Her hands shaking and body trembling, she lifted the phone to ear just in time to hear a muffled command


“Open the door.”


A gasp escaped her and she dropped the phone not hearing the beep sound that cut in.

  She took a sharp breathe and held on to the lamp post nearby not to fall on the ground in a heap. Midnight calls were not in her list but after a long time of consoling and sniffing she concluded it might be a wrong call. Who would come to meet a stranger, and order them to open the door? No sooner did she think that she heard a loud banging on the door. The banging went higher and higher in octaves and she sprinted into a run as she dashed into the earlier room, and covered herself in the duvet, hiding inside it, as she chanted  scared of the events.


  Trembling with shock waves that passed in her entire body she tried muting the banging sound which seemed impossible. The sound dulled down and she was momentarily relieved.  Her relief didn’t last for long time as the phone started ringing again. Putting a word and two to give her courage, she dragged her terribly shaking legs to the phone. Sweating bullets even with the chill breeze blowing around, she took the call with utmost dread.



“Open the door.” The same command boomed in a voice fiercer and a growl in the depths.


  She swallowed on her imaginary water her adman’s apple moving with the movement. The banging started again, and she was literally freaking out.  Her hand gripped on the phone tighter as it carried on. A voice could be heard clearly, the same one that she had listened in the phone. It sounded angry, and ready to kill.  She dropped her phone at the sudden sound that boomed in.




  This sent shivers of fear and anxiety in her, and she took few cautious steps towards the door.


  “Who are you?” She asked her voice trembling and breaking in a hell lot of places. She heard a breath being sucked in, and a mutter of words, before the banging round began again.



She struggled with herself. What if it was a killer? Or more like a rapist? She didn’t want to take her chances, and she bit on her lips delaying her decision.


  She gave in finally, to a deep sigh. It was just the owner she told herself. Oh, good. It scared her to the very core, and this seemed like good news after so long. Still, her hands trembling she undid the latch, and slightly peeped through the little opening. She couldn’t find anyone in her eyesight and she opened it a bit wider to get a clear view.  Once on getting the door to open full she looked out into the wild, and couldn’t find a trace of a person. Just then her eyes collided with a pair of gleaming bright yellow jewels before a scream escaped her and a hand clasped her mouth. Her eyes wide in fear as a figure appeared in front of her. She was sure there wasn’t anyone just few seconds earlier.


  “Let me in, will you?”


  She shook her head, frightened and with no other choice. The only feature that was visible for her to appreciate was his eyes, which were a bright gold shade.


  “I am sorry for keeping you out of your cottage. The care-taker hadn’t mentioned about your arrival.”


  “I do rounds whenever I wish of. Time and situations don’t stop me.”  His voice was grave and wind blew with every word of his.


  Her eyes blinked million times to keep herself awake and get a clear view of the person. But, it seemed impossible. She was slowing drowning … and she blacked out.


  The next day she woke up, she found herself in the bed wrapped in the blanket. She rubbed her eyes to remove any remnants of sleep. She yawned and stretched herself waking every part of her tired self. It was then she had a flash back of the before night’s events.  She stood from her sleeping position, and took off to greet the owner properly. She was unhappy with her behaviour. She wasn’t sure when her lids fell. He must have lifted her and placed her on bed. She felt the urge to thank him for his kind act when she had made him suffer for a long time waiting outside his own house.


  She went to the hall hoping to find him there as it was already morning enough. She turned on her heel and looked out into other rooms when she couldn’t find him. Strange, she thought. He wasn’t anywhere in the house. She was busy pondering whether he had gone early in the morning, when the doorbell rang. Tying her long hair tresses behind her back she made to open the door.


  In front of her was the care-taker Hari Prakash.  She smiled at him, and asked him the question that had been bothering her since she woke up.


  “Hari Prakash, Do you know where your master went? I am extremely sorry I couldn’t be more hospitable. I didn’t expect him to turn up on the door at midnight, and it kind of freaked me out. I wanted to apologize for it. So, where is he?” 


  He stared at her for a long time, not answering her. He was shocked it could be said. His old cataract eyes widened to its maximum and his mouth, toothless, dropped open.


  “Khushi mam, what are you talking about?” He asked after an uncomfortable silence passing by.


  “I am asking about the owner. I didn’t get to talk to him properly yesterday night.”  “I barely talked.” She added as an after-thought.  She hadn’t even asked his name. What kind of manners did she have?

“What is his name? Oh, yeah, do give me his number please, so that I could thank him for letting me stay, and apologize too.” She smiled at the old man, who strangely looked at her speechless.


  “Arnav Singh Raizada. He is the owner of this whole estate, and the lands that end till that fence. But…”


  Arnav. The name itself sounded so full of power. She waited for him to continue.


  “But, he is no more. He died last year right here in this house. The doctors couldn’t find the cause of his death. It was really gloomy back then.” He wiped a tear that skid of his eyes, and walked away from her without any other word.


  He is dead. He is no more. The words echoed in her head again and again as she looked at the retreating form of the hutched back old man. She slammed the door shut and leaned over it her head spinning with various thoughts.


  Was it true that the phone had rung? Was it true that she had heard the banging? Was it true that she had heard his voice? Or was it all an imagination?  Her eyes glided to the phone and she found it still hanging down at the same position she had left it last night after hearing his voice. No, it was not her imagination. It had truly happened. But, then she remembered the old man’s words, and an eerie creepy sense crawled into her.


  She had to get away from her before she could lose her mind. There wasn’t much to pack, as she had just dropped dead on the bed yesterday. Dragging the luggage with her, and not bothering to even change her clothes, she rushed out of the house not evening locking the door.


  She stumbled through the trail path, and with great difficulty made it to the main road, breathing heavily. Luckily, there was a vehicle passing by, and she stopped it for a lift. It did, and she put in her luggage into the back of the jeep before getting into the front seat, buckling her seat belt.


  “Thank you so much for offering the lift. I need to get out of this estate as soon as possible.”  She smiled at the person in the driver seat. He had shades on, and his features were rugged. Even, with the daylight she found it difficult to analyse him clearly.


  “The pleasure is all mine my lady. But, sorry, I can’t take you out of this estate,” He spoke.


  “What are you talking?” She etched her eyebrows in confusion looking at that person. Just then, he removed his shades, and the all too familiar bright golden orbs came into her view.


  “Arnav.” She gasped and clutched her mouth with her hands before screaming at top of her voice.


“Yes, that’s me. Welcome to the ‘Taper wood Estate’ where there is only entry but no exit.” 



                                                                     ~~THE END~~


This is my entry for the OS competition. My main focus was on making the story a "horror" genre ... with the Halloween in corner.  

Hope you people enjoyed it. 

DO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK OF IT. Hit Thank you and Comment please. 



Oct 27, 2013

Thank you note ! Do read :) (By Dhakshi) (Thanked: 14 times)

Hello readers,

My comment section is having some problems. So, here I am telling you all thanks. 

First and foremost, thankyou all so much for reading this. I don't do well with horror. It is not my type... *shivers* 

@Ilovearshi : Thank you dear. Hahaha, I thought you all would laugh off to know it was only Arnav. Hehe..

@Rasanga : Yuu...creepy right? *Thanks*  And to answer your doubt ... HP stays in other house in that estate itself. It is like his second home, you could say that. 

@RON : Di!!! ***Jumping *** thanks.... you know what? Even I thought it would better and like wow if I made this a big story. But, uff... I already have many projects under my hand and I don't want to start a new one without completing them. So, maybe I would think about this when they are all over and completed. 

@Tainer di : Thank you :) As a writer that is the best compliment I could get. What more than to hear from a reader that they could visualize the entire thing. Thank you lots. 

And thanks for this amazing OS idea. *Kudos* 

@Monu_Arshi :  Awee....the last sentence is my fav too...I spent hours thinking on how to end this one. Hehe...I wrote this in my "PHARMACOLOGY class" ..God! The professor was going on and on about pectic ulcer and drugs that I droned off. 

@Coolbakes : Thankyou di :) Glad you liked it and found it scary...hahaha!

@123Alwaysfree : Ooo...dear thankyou soo much. But, I am not very much comfortable with OS...because my ideas keep on flowing and I can't seem to end it in one update. But, if you do have any topic that you would like to read, message me. 

@ArnavkiKhushi7 : hahaha...Halloween indeed ! Trick or treat ??? I choose treatttt ....and your comments did it :) 

Thank you silent readers because if you all didn't read there wouldn't be "500" reads ... OS yes thank you to you all too.



Nov 1, 2013

Winner of Critics Award on OS Competition! (By Tainar) (Thanked: 5 times)

Congratulations Dhakshi!  You've earned the Halloween OS Critics Award.

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