Never Ending Love Series "ArShii"

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Nov 24, 2013

Never Ending Love Series "HaMeSha" (By Sviji) (Thanked: 39 times)

Hey Buddies!!!! Welcome to you All, here I'm going to write one/two/three shots on evergreen ArShi, this will come under Love Series, would love to listen from you all what you think about the stories on "Never Ending Love Series".

Nov 24, 2013

HaMeSha (By Sviji) (Thanked: 158 times)




Part 1

Magazine wide lay open, there smiling back at the girl in the now open page is Arnav Singh Raizada, a male Alpha to be if described one, he is another definition of handsome, hot, ****y, arrogant, rude, shrewd business man.

The girl was looking at him with gleam in her ‘ASR in the age of 38 too you beat the young guys who are no chance before you, only your age is increased not your beauty, nature, attitude had changed, they are still the same. In my teen I was fascinated by you but now I’m in Love with you and the rest all I had to do is to marry you.’ giving a manic laugh to herself.



RM, Arnav in his room was running behind the person who always gave him a pretty good challenge and makes him crazy with her antics. Arnav ‘Khushi give me my phone back.’ Arnav looked at his wife, Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada in the age of 31 too looks like the epitome of beauty, it always amazed him how this chit of girl had turned him upside down. No one had the guts to stand before ASR but she did, no not putting up with fights but with all in her innocence. He loves her so much and always makes sure the smile which is lingering on her face always stayed. He lurched forward and pulled her towards himself who crashed on his chest breathing heavily.  He looked down at her who looked at him pouting ‘She is not the very same naïve 18 yr old girl whom I married. She has matured with the 13 yrs marriage life of theirs but still she has that childishness even after having a son of 8 yrs old Arush Singh Raizada who is more matured compared to her.’

Khushi ‘Arnav ji kya dekh rahe ho?’ {Arnav ji what are you looking at?}

Arnav keeping his forehead on her ‘nothing just thinking how lucky I’m to get you in my life.’

Khushi ‘nah I’m more than lucky to get you as my husband.’

Arnav ‘do you remember our first meeting?’

Khushi ‘yes, I was so scared when you came to see me for the first time.’

Arnav ‘and I fell in love with you on our very same first time when I saw your photo.’

Arnav Singh Raizada the shrewd businessman was not only known for his rudeness, his harsh behavior, arrogant nature, but also for his handsome and ****y look. ASR is on his edge now days, not that he was soft nature before, indeed he was cold, heartless but from past one week he is more than cold and his coldness is reaching its height. Employees were in fear to lose their job, in one week there are more than 10 people who were fired from AR corp., no small mistake is forgiven with the punishment of straight ‘you are fire.’ All because of one reason, recently his sister Anjali Jha is behind him with numerous number of photos of girls to get him married which is irking Arnav the most.

Anjali Jha his sister is worried of him being in single, her brother being not in relationship is something which is bothering her so much, hell ASR is not even into any girls and she wants him to settle down. On the other hand Arnav does not want to marry at all; he had lost his faith in Love and marriage after witnessing his so called Parents marriage life.

His phone rang for the en number of times that day and when attended the only message from his sister ‘Chotte you are going to agree to marry otherwise I’ll leave the house with your jiju.’ Arnav frustrated swirled on his chair, he is very tired with his constant nagging sister. And today’s threat was something which he could not turn deaf ears, he knew how stubborn his Di could get and will go to any extent to fulfill what she wants, that is what happened with her marriage fiasco too. She loved Shyam Jha a lawyer who is from middle class family and an orphan, Arnav was against the marriage but his sister’s demand to marry only Shyam Jha and none made him to agree. But he is glad now on seeing how she is happy with her husband. Shyam too had proven how good he is for Anjali and how much he loves her. And now she is hell bent on getting him married, heck he did not want any girl in his life, he is better being himself without letting anyone enter his world.



Arnav came back home that day tired, he went over to his room when his Di came ‘Chotte what have you decided?’

Arnav ‘Di why don’t you understand?’

Anjali ‘Chotte what problem you have in marrying, you will not chose any of your own and will not let me chose too. What are you intend to do? To remain single all through your life, you are young chotte just 25 yr old who has more than half of his life to live. As you are thinking it is not easy chotte to live alone without any companion in our life. Why can’t you see all marriages does not end crucially there is happy ever after too, see me and your jiju, mama and mami, Akash and Payal, NK and Lavanya every one are happily married and is in love with each other. Give a chance for yourself too chotte.’

He sighed closing his eyes, he is not that he loathes marriage or love but after witnessing his father’s betrayal towards his mom and his mom committing suicide he is scared of what if he too someday does the same mistake as his father, he too have his blood.

Anjali who knows her chotte in and out touched his shoulder ‘Chotte I know you are scared but you are forgetting that you are not him, you are our mother’s son, Ratna Raizada’s son. And Ratna’s son will never let her fail.’ Arnav looked at his sister surprised how well she understood him and why she will not, he is her son first and she knows his inner most fear. Anjali cupped his face ‘Chotte don’t think too much on this, just let go of the past and give yourself a chance to live and let someone special enter your life who will make your life colorful with her never ending love.’

Arnav looking at his sister ‘Di just give me this one night, I’ll tell you my decision tomorrow morning.’

Anjali nodded at him ‘I’ll wait for your answer but wish it is positive one, okay. Now common go and freshen up its dinner time.’ with a kiss on his forehead she left hoping her brother will make the decision to marry.



Next morning not only Anjali but whole Raizada’s were sitting on the sofa waiting for Arnav’s answer. Arnav looked at each faces who is looking at him eagerly, he smiling inwardly announced ‘Hmmm I’m ready for the marriage.’ Every person let out the breathe they were holding, NK and Akash hugged each other cheering, Payal and Lavanya smiled broadly on the prospect of getting another sister, Anjali shedding tears of joy in Shyam’s arm, mami squealing in her happiness, nani smiled with moist tears and mama ji laughed. Typical family he thought, Arnav then started ‘that is not over yet, I still have to say something.’

Everyone looked at him concerned, Arnav however looking at everyone ‘I have my conditions.’

Anjali gulping ‘which is?’

Arnav taking deep breathe ‘Girl should be simple and need not be from rich family, no models, and no business woman, should not have façade in her, should know the family values and give importance to them. There is more which I would like to talk with the girl herself. And last but not the least don’t pester me until you find the right one and then if you all feel she is good then I’ll see if she is okay for me or not, so the final decision of marrying her will be mine.’

Anjali breathed ‘as you say chotte.’

Mami ‘don’t worry bitwa we will look for the girl exactly like you mentioned.’

Arnav nodding at them ‘okay then I’ll leave for the office now, Akash NK both of you come together.’ Saying this he went leaving Raizada’s to get into discussion of finding the bride described like by Arnav Singh Raizada.



Arnav in his cabin thought over what he said to his Di and others ‘Yes he agreed to get married but it does not mean he will allow any girl to alter his world. He will make sure he chose a girl who will be naïve and will agree upon his every word, who will not question him and will do what he says, will be meek and timid to go against him. That does not mean he will do whatever he pleases, no he will try to keep her happy and make this marriage work but on his own term. He never had into any relationship, nor even one night stand, when guys in his college used to go on numerous date and night stands he used to study hard to achieve his goal, when he started AR his main focus was to take AR to new heights and flourish the business all over the world. And in this chaos he forgot to live his life, he never took any interest in girls even too knowing how girls are waiting for his one glance on them but nevertheless he never gave them a chance. Models did try to get close to him but he was strictly professional and if any cross their limits than they would be terminated from the contract of AR with their modeling career dooming.

For one month Arnav breathed relief when there was no pestering from his family to look at any girl. All are in an attempt to search perfect bride for him.

It was that one night Anjali and Shyam came to him smiling when he was working in his laptop. Anjali with Shyam sat on his bed and called ‘Chotte!!!’

Arnav ‘haan Di.’

Anjali ‘we have selected a girl for you.’

Arnav who was dreading for this time stopped working and looked at them ‘then?’

Anjali ‘She is your jiju’s distance relative’s daughter.’ Anjali looked at Arnav to see  if he is listening or not, on seeing she has his attention she continued ‘her name is Khushi, I and your jiju had met her already, she is in her first yr of Arts and Science, very simple and nice girl with exactly like you want.’

Arnav looking at them ‘but Di don’t you think she is too young to be married. She is just eighteen for God’s sake.’

Anjali ‘I know Chotte but they are already looking for groom, actually you know that I and your jiju went to see one of his relative some fifteen days back who got admitted in hospital don’t you?’ Arnav nodded….Anjali ‘voh they are Shyam ji’s mausa ji and maasi ji, they had come for our wedding too with buaji mausaji’s sister, but Khushi who had her board exam was not able to attend the wedding. They are very nice people when I met them on my wedding, who loves Shyam ji as their own son. Shyam ji was very disturbed when he got to know     mausa ji is admitted in hospital. We both went to meet them where we came to know he has brain tumor which is in last stage and his last wish is to see his daughter married of into good family. And when I saw Khushi, I liked her instantly; she is so beautiful and simple girl and knew she will be perfect for you. We had talked to them and they are okay with the proposal knowing how you are Shyam ji’s brother in law and had also heard about you lot.’  Anjali passed Arnav Khushi’s photo. Arnav looked at Khushi’s photo, he sucked his breathe on seeing the beauty in the photo smiling at him.

Shyam who was silent spectator spoke ‘Saale sahaab Khushi is my little sister and they are my only family I have. I was worried when I came to know that they are thinking to marry Khushi at this age seeing how naïve she is but when Anjali broached about to consider you both to get married I sighed with relief knowing how well you will look after her if you get married to her. I’m not asking you to marry her, it is just the prospect of marry her to you will be best than to marrying her off to any other stranger. If you like her we will go ahead or else we will search for you another girl.’ Shyam said all with his finger crossed, on Anjali’s nudge he looked at her who on the other hand pointed him to see at Arnav. They both saw Arnav is looking at Khushi’s photo without blinking his eyes. Both smiled at each other, Anjali ‘chotte what do you think about the proposal?’

Arnav snapping out of the trance ‘Err…She seems Good.’

Anjali jumped in happy, Shyam heart fully smiled, Arnav ‘but I still have to talk with her.’

Anjali ‘oh chotte you can do that on this weekend, they had invited us over their house for dinner. There you talk with Khushi and if you agree to marry her then next day we will take your shagun to Khushi’s house.’ Arnav nodded at her pleased, Shyam hugged him and Anjali ‘now I’ve tell this to everyone in our house.’



Gupta house,

Garima came paced around the house looking after everything and running back to kitchen to complete the dishes she decided for the guest. Buaji is in Khushi’s room making her ready, Khushi ‘buaji why are you making me wear this saree.’

Buaji ‘chupt pagli, guest are coming today to see you.’

Khushi confused ‘to see me.’

Bauji cupping Khushi’s face ‘titaliya  an alliance came for you and today the boy is coming to see you with his family.’

Khushi wide eye ‘but why? I’m still studying na bua ji’

Buaji ‘off course we need to do your marriage now, your bauji wants to see you get married to a nice boy.’

Khushi ‘par bua ji so soon….I…I’m scared.’

Bau ji ‘Khushi betiya the boy’s family is very good family and the boy too, he is very big businessman and very handsome too, you know he is none other than your Shyam bhaiya’s brother in law.’

Khushi gulping ‘but….’

Buaji ‘titaliya do this for your bauji, if you don’t like the boy we will not force you, okay, just don’t do any of your sanak today, behave yourself and see if you like him or not. It is just a common meeting; no one is going to force you. We are all here, okay, just be calm.’ Khushi nodded like a very obedient child.

Garima called from downstairs ‘jiji, Is Khushi ready?’

Buaji shouted ‘yes just 10 minutes than my sanka devi is ready, have you finished all the work in kitchen.’

Garima ‘yes, now I’m going to get ready and you too get ready to welcome them.’ Buaji too made Khushi ready and made her way to her room to get ready.

One hour later whole Raizada family was sitting in Gutpa house living room; Arnav looked around and noticed their house to be simple but beautiful too. Garima and Buaji were welcomed them along with Shashi who is now sitting with the Raizada’s where nani, mami, Anjali and others were asking about his health. Arnav after the pleasantries looked around for Khushi, Anjali grinned and winked at Shyam & other’s who smirked back.

Shyam ‘buaji where is Khushi?’

Buaji ‘she is in her room bitwa.’

Garima ‘wait let me go get her.’

Shyam ‘you be here maasi ji I’ll go and bring my sister.’ Garima and Buaji nodded at him, Shyam made his way to his sister’s room, on entering he saw Khushi was tensed and nervous ‘Khushi’

Khushi hugged him ‘bhaiya.’

Shyam ‘you are looking like pari Khushi. Come everyone is waiting for us.’

Khushi clutching his arm ‘I’m scared.’

Shyam ‘don’t be, I’m there na, Arnav is very good man and he will keep you happy Khushi, trust me, now come.’ Khushi walked beside him nervously and once she entered the room everyone gasped, she is looking like angel. Arnav looked at the girl before him, she is exquisite if truth to be told, her hazel eyes, cherry cheeks, pinkish lips, her little nose and glittering nose pin in it, everything defines beauty of the Goddess. He wished she will look at him; Khushi came in front and as buaji already said to looked up everyone and said ‘Namasthe.’ God her voice is like honey sweet thought Arnav.

Khushi’s saree

(with same hair style and accessories)

Nani beckoned her to come near her ‘come and sit with me bitiya.’ She looked at Garima who nodded at her, Khushi moved to nani who after kissing her forehead made her sit, mami beside her pinched her cheeks.

Mami ‘Anjali bitiya you found the perfect Angel for our Arnav bitwa.’ Arnav was getting irritated with the fact that she is not looking at him from the time she came inside the room. She smiled shyly at mami’s Anjali then introduced her with everyone and last with Arnav ‘and Khushi he is Arnav Singh Raizada my brother for whom we bought proposal for you.’ Khushi first time looked up and forgot to breathe, he is so handsome in his three piece suit, his intense gaze on her made her blush and she lowered her eyes. Arnav smirked seeing her innocence, the way she looked at him thrilled him to the core.

Garima and Buaji offered tea, snacks and sweets for Raizada’s, Anjali ‘toh uncle aunty why don’t we let chotte and Khushi ji to speak.’ Khushi gulped which did not go unnoticed by Arnav whose eyes were only on her and others eyes were on him. They were smirking seeing him lost in Khushi but no one had the courage to tease him knowing well how he will not like the very concept of his leg pulling.

Shashi ‘ofcourse bitiya.’ He looked at his wife ‘Garima ji….’

Garima ‘Khushi take Arnav bitwa to your room.’ Khushi looked at his mother in nervous, Garima gestured her to take him and when looked at Shyam he blinked his eyes. Arnav got up and Khushi too got up, she looked at him who indicated to her, after you. Khushi took him to her room, and both took their place in the sofa each one on either side, Arnav looked around the room it was kept neat and clean, on one corner of the room he saw salman khan photo and raised his eyebrows, other side of the wall contains Khushi’s photo’s with her friends and her family, Book shelf with her books neatly arranged, study table where a Devi Maya idol is smiling back at them.

 In the same time when Arnav was taking the insides of Khushi’s room, Khushi was discreetly looking at Arnav and his oh so handsome face with his expressive expression behind her lashes. Arnav after touring her room with his eyes looked at the girl before who looked down and is fidgeting with the pallu of her saree. He cleared his throat making her to look at him, and when he was sure he held her attention he proceded…

Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’ Khushi got Goosebumps listening to his voice for the first time and her name sounded so good. Arnav ‘hmmm relax I’m not going to eat you.’ Khushi blinked at him. Arnav ‘scared?’ Khushi surprised nodded at him, he smiled slightly, Arnav ‘don’t be.’

Khushi ‘voh I did not knew you were coming to see me, buaji told me a while ago before you all came to house.’ Arnav nodded at her understanding, Khushi ‘did you really came to see me?’

Arnav looked at her ‘yes.’ Khushi kept quite not knowing what to say, Arnav ‘hmmm so now when you knew I came here to see you and we are here to talk, then why don’t you tell me about yourself.’

Khushi ‘about me?’ Arnav nodded at her, Khushi ‘but what?’

Arnav ‘tell me what are you doing? What are your likes and dislikes?’

Khushi ‘hmmm I’m doing my first year BSC computer science. I love my amma, babu ji and bua ji. I love jalebis too. I like everything and dislike there is nothing in particular. But I hate darkness because I’m afraid of it.’

Arnav ‘hmmmed, you are salman khan fan.’ It was not a question rather than statement.

Khushi ‘how do you know?’ Arnav showed her the photo pasted on her wall, Khushi nodded at him ‘I like his films very much.’

Arnav ‘okay then I’ll tell about myself, I’m a business man who had done his MBA in Harvard University Boston. I love my family like you and would do anything for them. I have anger management issue, means I got bad temper.’ Khushi gulped, Arnav noticing it ‘relax I’ll never direct my anger towards you.’

Khushi ‘but if I do something wrong and you don’t like it then?’

Arnav smiled ‘I’ll try to not get angry.’

Khushi ‘I’m scared though.’

Arnav ‘look Khushi, I’ll try my level best to not do something which will hurt you, okay. I’m saying all this to you because I like you and want to marry you.’ Khushi blinked ‘you like me?’

Arnav ‘yes I told you so.’

Khushi ‘why?’

Arnav patiently ‘because you are naïve, innocent, simple, beautiful and much more which I can’t express in my words. You are exactly like I want in my wife.’

Khushi worried ‘but I don’t know how to cook?’

Arnav surprised ‘who asked you to cook? I want a wife Khushi not a cook.’

 Khushi ‘will I be able to continue my studies if we get married.’

Arnav ‘of course you will continue your study and I’ll make sure you do that and after this if you want to do PG course then I’ll help you with that too.’

Khushi ‘okay.’

Arnav ‘now tell me do you like me?’

Khushi ‘I… I…like you, you seem to be nice.’

Arnav smiled ‘good, is it okay if I tell our family that we agreed to get married to each other.’ Khushi smiling shyly nodded at him.  Arnav and Khushi both came down, everyone were looking at them, Khushi was shyly smiling and looking down where Arnav had the pride of glow in his confirming everyone, he liked her. Arnav ‘it is a yes from us.’ Everyone cheered and hugged, Garima offered sweets to everyone. Khushi was hugged and kissed by Nani, mami and Anjali. Payal and La were excited and hugged her. Arnav was hugged by his brothers, the ladies too hugged each other. Shashi was happy to see his daughter life going to settled in a good family. Buaji ‘hai re nandhkis**** babua don’t cry see our titaliya’s life is going to settled well.’

Shyam beside him ‘and mausaji Arnav will keep her happy.’ Shashi nodded at him thanking him. 

Nani ‘so tomorrow we will come with Shagun.’ The Gupta’s nodded and buaji ‘now let us move to have our dinner, it is time.’ Garima too nodded ‘yes yes it is time.’ They all settled in dining table where Garima and Bua ji was ready to serve them, Khushi too was standing with them to help them. Anjali ‘Aunty, buaji and Khushi you all three too take your seat, we will serve ourself.’ Nani too insisted and Garima and buaji took their seat. Khushi was standing confused, the only seat available was beside Arnav, Arnav looked at her ‘baito’ Khushi nodding at him took her seat, others hid their smile. Everyone praised the dishes made by Garima, Arnav while having his dinner in the whole time looking at Khushi flustering her more.

Once the dinner everyone were moving to living room when Arnav stopped listening to Garima’s word, he looked at them not letting them know his presence, she and buaji was thanking his jiju and Di. Garima ‘bitwa I don’t know how to say thanks, we were so worried thinking how we are going to marry her off to a good boy but now we are happy to know she will marry Aranv bitwa and Shashi ji last wish too will be frutiful’ and weeped, buaji ‘haan babuwa titaliya did not even know that her father has less time in this world with her, she is his gudiya, we had not told her Shashi babuwa’s tumor, she will not take it.’ Arnav looked at Khushi who was now smiling with his family where NK was cracking some jokes. His heart lurched to think what would happen when she will come to know. Shyam ‘maasi  ji, bau ji Khushi is my sister and I had the responsibility to take of her and her happiness.’

Anjali ‘haan aunty, once she will come to our family marrying my brother we will never leave her alone, she will have me as her bhabi, Payal and La like her sister, NK and Akash like her brother, nani, mami and maam, above all I assure you she will have Arnav Singh Raizada her husband who will keep her as his precious gem. We all are there, we will not let her broken and there is no need for her to know about uncle’s health condition.’

Gaima nodding ‘haan bitiya we are not going to tell her anything, Shashi ji wants her to not know anything and he wants to do her bidaai with smile in his face and without any worry giving to Khushi about him.’ Arnav not disturbing them went towards the group, Khushi looked at him and looked down hiding her blush, Arnav gulped his worry and smiled at her vowing ‘She will be happy with him in every step of her life and he will make sure of that.’

It was time for Raizada’s to take their leave for RM. They all left Arnav and Khushi behind, Arnav ‘Khushi this is my number, I’ve got your number from jiju, I’ll give you miss call from my number save it, okay.’

Khushi ‘ji!!!’ both looked at each other, Khushi again smiled at him with her shyness, Arnav smiling back at her ‘bye!!!’ and went.

After the first meeting, soon from Shagun to other wedding rituals got over with Arnav making Khushi as his wife in front of the world. As Arnav said Khushi had completed her degree without any problem, he stood by her side as her support and made sure she is happy always with her beautiful smile. She had cried only when she lost her father but Arnav was there for her to take care of her and she came back to normal self with him by his side as her pillar. Life was beautiful for them, they had consumed their marriage only after she had completed her studies, he did not want to scare her off with his desire for her and she was young too, but made sure she get accustomed to his touch in those three years by him hugging her, kissing her letting her know how much he loves her. The day they become one was most memorable one for them and there was no stopping from then on, with words he had also showed how much he loves her with his actions. Khushi is the only person who plays her antics on him and get away with it, where Khushi had become his centre of the world, Anjali did not mind one bit, seeing his brother and nanad happy and in so much love she was content. At the age of 23 Khushi had given birth to baby boy who was named as Arush Sigh Raizada and was apple of the eye for everyone from elders to his brothers and sisters.

Second Part will come shortly, once I'll get green signal from you guys, do tell me your view. Both positive and negative comments are welcomed.

I'LL post series of their stories here in this page, it may be one, two or three shots depends upon the story.

Nov 25, 2013

Last Part (By Sviji) (Thanked: 149 times)

Part 2 (Last Part)

Arnav looked down at his wife who is sleeping peacefully; pecking her on her forehead he got down and made his way to washroom to get ready for the day. A while later when he came out saw his wife is up and is trying to elude the sleep from her eyes, she is still a child thought and chuckled to himself. Khushi ‘Good morning Arnav ji.’

Arnav ‘good morning Khushi.’

Khushi ‘today too you got up before me, I never once was able to get up and ready before you.’ And frowned. Arnav coming to sit beside ‘what is the need to rise before me?’ and pecked on her frowning nose.

Khushi ‘a good wife should wake up before her husband and prepare him his coffee and breakfast and give him his needful things from office attire to his file and etc etc and there are house c****s too which a daughter in law should do na….see Payal jiji and Lavanya jiji does this for jiju’s and bhabi does the same for bhai.’

Arnav chuckling ‘hmmm they do but it does not mean you are not a good wife by not doing those things.’

Khushi ‘Arnav ji you will not understand.’

Arnav ‘Khushi jaan there is no need to be upset thinking you are unable to help them or me in the morning, you are there for us whenever we needed don’t you, see after marrying me how you learned to cook so delicious and started managing house hold too. No one expect these things from anyone, everyone live their life they like and you should do to, no need to compromise on your early morning sleep for your wifey and daughter in law duties.’

Khushi pecked on his cheek ‘you are so sweet, I’ll go freshen up and come.’ Arnav looked at the closed door of the bathroom; who will make her understand that there is no need for anyone to do these works in the house when there are servant to do, but his Di, Payal and Lavanya will not rest in peace until they do themselves where now his wife too joined the team.

Arnav Singh Raizada loves his wife so much and never imposed anything on her, everything happens as she wish, he does everything in his power to fulfill every wish of her even if the wish is of small thing like buying a gol gappe from road streets. Life had become beautiful after she had entered his life and now without her will be like dead soul, which he never wishes for him, he will never be able to live without her, with her innocent love his naïve wife had captured and bonded his cold heart with hers which will stop beating the minute her heart stop.  Tomorrow is their wedding anniversary where his family members are on their feet to make the day special for them like they did from the past 12 years. Khushi Singh Raizada had not only captured Arnav Singh Raizada’s heart but also every member in the Raizada family from elder’s to younger, even the servants, all loves her for her soft and lovely nature.

Khushi came out of washroom ‘Arnav ji what are you thinking?’

Arnav ‘nothing Khushi, our marriage life of thirteen years.’ Khushi smiled ‘I never knew how time passed quickly, haina?’

Arnav ‘hmmm but all the memories if thought back are wonderful one.’

Khushi ‘you know I was very scared to marry you.’

Arnav ‘why? You were okay on our first meet.’

Khushi ‘haan but then my friends when came to know about to whom I’m going to get married scared me of saying how rude and arrogant you are? But you never are like this with me and our family; you were always sweet and nice.’

Arnav came from behind and hugged her who was sliding bangles on her hand, he took a pinch of sindoor and applied them on her parting ‘I’m ASR to the world Khushi but for you I’m your Arnav.’

Khushi turned and hugged him, looking at him ‘I know.’ Arnav then put bindi on her forehead which was stuck on the mirror ‘now you are perfect.’

Khushi ‘lets go Arnav ji, you are getting late for office, you have to take your breakfast too.’ Both made their way to dining room where they met with others, greeting everyone took their seat to have breakfast with their family. Once the breakfast is over Arnav bidding bye to Khushi and others went with Akash and NK to office.



Arnav was in his cabin resting his eyes closed after done with the conference which sucked his all energy when his cabin door got knocked. Arnav let the person to come in & looked up to see who it was; it was his peon with a bouquet.

Peon ‘Sir ji this bouquet was delivered in your name.’ the peon kept the bouquet on Arnav’s table as per the order, once the peon left Arnav frowned looking at the flower bouquet. He took it and searched for card to know the person who sends it. There was a card addressed to him, he took the card and after reading it, he clenched the card hard with his jaw firm.

The words in the card triggered his temper ‘ASR this is for you from your number one fan, I love you and wish to marry you one day. Have a nice day ASR.’

Arnav shouted ‘Aman’ Aman came running to his cabin, Arnav ‘get this out of my sight and throw it away.’ Aman looked at the bouquet and the card, he gulping took them and as said thrown on the trash that too outside the company as Arnav wanted.

Arnav in few minutes got a call ‘Hello Arnav Singh Raizada here.’

The other person laughed ‘I know ASR it’s you.’ Arnav frowned at the voice of girl from other end; from the voice he could guess the girl must be young. Arnav ‘who are you? And how did you get my number?’

The girl ‘It was not easy to get your number but I did got your number. And about me, I your number one fan, I had sent you the gift of bouquet but you had thrown it away in a trash. I did not like it.’

Arnav ‘you are mad, and I don’t care you like it or not.’

The girl ‘you should care because I love you.’

Arnav ‘Mind you, I don’t entertain any stalker.’ And cut the call. On the other end ‘haye ASR this is what I like in you and I will get you no matter what?’



It was next day evening of Arnav and Khushi wedding anniversary day, the family like always had thrown huge party, Khushi and Arnav were getting ready in their room. Arnav looked at Khushi who was looking stunning like always.

Khushi’s dress

Arnav came near her, he made her look at him ‘you are looking beautiful like always but something is missing Khushi.’

Khushi raised her eye brows ‘what?’

Arnav ‘your smile which lit the place where you are, the glowing smile is missing, something is bothering you jaan, I’m noticing you from morning, what is it?’

Khushi keeping her head on his chest, hugging him by his waist ‘I don’t know Arnav ji, I’m scared.’

Arnav surprised ‘why?’

Khushi looked at him ‘Arnav ji I’m not feeling good, something is wrong, I’m feeling like I’ll be separated from you.’

Arnav shushed her ‘no Khushi nothing like that will happen.’

Khushi with moist eyes ‘I don’t know but this feeling is nagging me from morning.’

Arnav sternly but softly ‘I’ll not let you separate from me Khushi, you will be with me always and I’ll be with you always.’

Khushi ‘promise you will be always with me wherever I’m.’

Arnav ‘promise I’ll always be there where you are and will not leave you alone. You trust me, na.’

Khushi nodding at him ‘yes I trust you more than myself.’




Arnav and Khushi were mingling with the guest welcoming them, their son Arush was playing with his brother’s and sister’s, Diya, Anjali and Shyam’s daughter; Laksh and Palak, Payal and Akash son- daughter; Prem, NK and Lavanya son.

Arnav got a call and he left to the corner to take the call but as soon he heard the voice his blood boiled ‘What do you want?’

The girl ‘I love you ASR, marry me and announce in this party going in your house that you are going to divorce your wife.’

Arnav ‘no such thing I’m going to announce, did you get that?’

The girl laughed with maniac ‘you don’t know me ASR, I can do to any extent to get what I want. You are announcing like I said or I’ll kill your wife before you this instant.’

Arnav ‘stop the rubbish, do you think I’ll be afraid with your threat.  You can never do anything to my wife.’

Girl ‘then don’t tell me I did not warn you.’ The call was cut; Arnav looked around tense to see who is playing such prank with him. But he could not spot anyone. NK, Akash and Shyam saw his tensed face and came to him.

NK ‘what happened Nanav?’

Arnav told them about the call he is getting and the bouquet he received, the trio were shocked and fuming. Arnav ‘I’m feeling that this girl is psycho with the way she is speaking.’

Akash ‘bhai don’t worry we will not let anything happen to bhabi.’

Shyam ‘no one can harm my sister when we are here, we will keep an eye, don’t worry saale sahaab.’ Arnav nodded and looked at Khushi who was looking at him, he smiled at her, Khushi came towards him ‘Arnavji you are looking worried.’

Arnav put his hand on her shoulder pulling herself to him ‘no Khushi I’m just tired and want to get over with this party to take my wife alone with me.’ Khushi blushed ‘aap bhi na.’

Anjali came to them smiling ‘Come you two, everyone is waiting.’ They all moved towards the centre of the hall where a large wedding cake was brought near where Arnav and Khushi is, La ‘chalo ASR, Khushi cut the cake now.’

Payal ‘haan both of you now cut the cake, children’s are drooling over the cake from some time now.’ All laughed, Arnav took hold of Khushi’s hand which is holding knife and was going to cut the cake when there came a sound of blast…….everyone looked here and there, Arnav saw Khushi was falling back and he quickly held her, to his horror his Khushi is drenched in blood, the front of her saree which was white few minutes back is now soaked in red blood. He shouted ‘Khushi!!!’ gaining attention from everyone, Khushi gasped at the pain with tears running down her eyes ‘Arnav ji it’s paining.’

Arnav cried holding ‘Khushi, no’ looked around shouting ‘call the ambulance dammit.’

Khushi ‘Arnav ji I’m feeling like someone is pulling me away from here.’ Arnav shaked his head in no, Khushi gasping for breath ‘Arnav ji I don’t want to go, please make me stay with you, I don’t want to go without you.’ Beside Arnav and Khushi everyone were crying Arush who was witnessing everything was crying holding his bua Anjali. Arnav ‘Khushi jaan nothing will happen to you, ambulance is coming.’

Khushi grasped his hands tight ‘Arnav ji I…I…Love You.’ And took her last breathe, capturing his face closed her eyes forever.  He cried like maniac holding her ‘no Khushi you cannot leave me. I don’t like this joke at all, please jaan open your eyes, see I’m begging you, I’ll even make your jalebi for you but please don’t go leaving me.’ His family, her family and the guest cried listening to his words and seeing them. NK and Shyam dragged a girl of early twenty in front of all who was running away after shooting Khushi. But when they came and saw what happened they could not control it, their Khushi was lying their lifeless and Arnav’s heat wrenching cries are the only thing they could hear.

The girl was now held by guards is now laughing like maniac ‘I told you ASR, leave her and marry me, now see she is dead.’

Anjali came to her and slapped hard, not only her Payal and La too gave the girl tight slap, Akash shook the girl screaming ‘why? Why did you do that?’

Girl screamed  back ‘because I love ASR and he is mine only Sheethal Kapoor’s’ listening to her words Arnav stopped and looked at the girl, he then looked down at his love and remembered what he told her few hours back in their room

Arnav ‘Khushi, remember this, etch this in your heart, Arnav and Khushi will be with each other forever.’

Khushi ‘hamesha’

Arnav promising her ‘hamesha.’

Arnav kissed Khushi’s face and her lips, he saw the knife which Khushi was holding for cutting the cake is beside them and took it, after pecking her lips one last time ‘Hamesha Khushi’ and then slid his throat, no had the time to stop him, he too fell on his Khushi and took his last breathe, the whole RM echoed with Arush voice ‘Dad!!! not you too.’




Arush Singh Raizada son of Arnav and Khushi had changed after witnessing both his parents dying in front of him. Anjali and other’s took care of him like their own flesh but he always had missed his parents so much that after their death he started living in his parent’s room to feel their presence with him which holds most of the memories than the other part of RM. The girl who killed Khushi, Sheethal had lost her full sanity to see Arnav killing himself before her and is now in the mental hospital along with other psycho’s. The house was not like used to be before when Arnav and Khushi were alive, without them everyone felt void. Only children’s in the house kept them going and soothing them somehow, but not fully though. Arush was all lost but never has he uttered about missing his parents to anyone even if they know but never ask him, trying their best to give the love of Arnav and Khushi too with theirs. His brother and sister became more protective of him. Every night Arush would see the stars and talk with the two twinkling stars which he thinks of his parents, he was following his mom’s word who always told that her babuji had become star after death, so he too now search them in every star and after finding them he talks with them.

Years passed with Arush Singh Raizada taking the position of CEO of AR which once his dad was handling, but now after the certain age as per his dad’s will the company had passed on to him. He is exact replica of Arnav all rude and arrogant but has the loving nature of his mother Khushi which only comes in front of his family but to the world he had become ASR like his father.  As they say history too repeated with Arush too falling in love with a simple innocent beautiful naïve girl like his mother and got married to her. Like their parents Arush and his wife Avni too is very much in love but here their love was protected by Arnav and Khushi who were always there with him in every step of his life. With Arnav and Khushi looking over at their son and his happiness, Arush love life did not wither in the middle but bloomed with years long they living in the world till the birth of their great grandchild. 

           True Love is pure like a new born innocent child which always stayed in the form of Arnav and Khushi followed by Arush and Avni to the generation in future.


                                             THE END    


Arnav and Khushi are dead here but then the series of story here will have such stories too where ArShi will be dead and also in some they will leading a happily ever after. Guys I also said the series may be in two or three shot so I'm making a clearance here that some of them may be one shot too.

Next Coming Up : Ghar AaJa SaJan.

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Dec 19, 2013

New Shot->“GHAR AA JA SAJAN” (By Sviji) (Thanked: 139 times)



The entire area around was echoing with the sound of shehnai, the whole place was shinning like a new bride, prince of Sheesh Mahal is going to get married to the princess of Brindhvan Mahal, groom was sitting before the holy pyre waiting for his bride. Soon the bride was bought and made her sit beside her groom. One by one pandit completed all the rituals of the wedding with at last after phera’s groom placing black beads of necklace around bride’s small neck with placing vermilion on her partings. The pandit announced ‘yajman now they both are husband and wife.’ With the wedding got over, at the age of 10 yr old princess of Brindhavan Mahal Khushi Gupta became Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada wife of Arnav Singh Raizada prince of Sheesh Mahal who is now in his age of 12.  Even though the government had made the rule of taking action against child marriage, it had no effect on the two most knowing Royal families in Lucknow who ruled the area in their own rules and regulation where no government had a say. The two families are the government and the people leaving here are their employees who should abide by them.  Little Arnav looked at his little bride, he knows only one thing which his mom said to him before him getting married to her ‘Khushi is his doll and will always be his’ these words got imprinted on his heart and mind with a hidden possessiveness evoking in him towards his little wife. Soon the possessive came front when he saw his chacha’s son pulling Khushi to play with him; he pushed him away from Khushi and brought her back to him.

Dhruv (Arnav’s chacha’s son is same age of Khushi) crying went running to his parents, when the elders came and asked Arnav on his behavior, his reply stunned them ‘she is my doll and only I’ve the rights to play with her.’

Khushi looked up at Arnav not understanding why he hurt Dhruv and what he said, Arnav moved near her before holding her hands‘ come let’s play, you don’t have to play with him when I’m there for you.’


After 15 years, 2013, In Delhi, AR Fashion House.

Arnav looked at the man in front of him, Aman his PA, his right hand man, Arnav ‘what is the news?’

Aman ‘ASR Shashi Gupta is forcing his daughter Khushi to marry to your Chacha’s son Dhruv Raizada.’

Arnav fisted his hand ‘How dare him? She is my wife dammit.’

Aman ‘He says that he don’t consider the marriage done in her childhood is valid and now he is planning to marry her off to Dhruv next month.’

Arnav ‘Hell he will marry her to another man, I’ll not allow this, she is mine and only mine.’ Growled the lion



Arnav came back after hectic day only to be pestered by Anjali his Di ‘what do you want Di?’

Anjali ‘Arnav you have to marry Lavanya otherwise you are going to lose me forever.’

Arnav ‘Di what is with your blackmailing? You know I’m already married.’

Anjali ‘the marriage which held no valid today.’

Arnav ‘Di for me she is my wife.’

Anjali sarcastically ‘the same wife who is going to get married to another man. Look Arnav you are going to marry Lavanya on the same day when she is getting married and right in our ancestral home SheeshMahal.’ With that saying she marched to her room, Arnav fisted his hands and looked ahead to see a worried Lavanya, he without looking anything headed towards his room.

Arnav was in his poolside watching the water in the pool which is reflecting his inner turmoil, he heard footsteps nearing him from back and looked back to see who it was, it was Akash bhai, his pillar of strength, Akash came near him ‘Chotte Where is your phone?’

Arnav confused, he looked around and saw his phone on the poolside table, Akash following his gaze ‘no not this one the other phone of yours.’

Arnav rushed inside to find the phone kept inside his laptop bag, his secret phone to talk only with his wife ‘**** bhai battery is down.’

Akash exclaimed ‘Oh chotte, Payal was trying to call you on your phone.’ On hearing Payal’s name his ear perked up, Arnav ‘Payal what is it bhai?’

Akash sighing ‘Khushi!!! Payal was telling Khushi is crying continuously and is not stopping, she is getting worried for her.’ Arnav closed his eyes tight, gulping his parched throat ‘I’ll call as soon as the phone is charged bhai, ask Payal bhabi to tell Khushi that I’ll be calling her in another half an hour and don’t want her to cry.’ Akash nodded at him.

Akash ‘what are you going to do? Here Anjali is hell bent on getting you married to Lavanya.’

Arnav gritting his teeth ‘no one can force me into anything, if Di thinks she can succeed in whatever she is doing than she could not be more wrong.’

Akash ‘I just want you and Khushi to be together, can’t see you both suffer for other’s’

Arnav ‘we will bhai, trust me my wife is and will always be Khushi.’ Akash went after getting assurance from Arnav, Arnav looked at the retreating back of Akash Malick who had left behind everything and everyone for Arnav in Lucknow and came to Delhi to support Arnav in every way. Akash Malick was his Dai ma’s son and he was 20 when he came with Anjali and Arnav to Delhi to their mama and mami’s home. He had always been with Arnav since the time he was born, he was like Arnav’s elder brother who fought for him, sheltered him when he did some mistake, when Akash ma Pallavi Malick died he was taken under the shelter of Arnav’s parent owing to the service his mom did all those years. Akash, for him, Arnav is a baby more than a brother whom he had held when he had born and looked after him with his ma till she was alive and then continued looking after him as a father looks after his child after his ma gone forever, he had no regret for left alone in the world after his mother knowing he has Arnav in his life as his meaning to live. The other person who was very much important as Arnav is Payal Sharma his love life who is looking after Khushi on his words and stayed back for him and his brother Arnav with Khushi keeping stone in her heart to stay away from him. They are waiting from the past fifteen years to get together like Arnav and Khushi are waiting. Arnav if trust anyone than it is Akash who is like an elder brother to him, who is his secret holder, his supporter and his messenger who delivers his message to Khushi and bring her message to him or anything to be delivered to personally to either one of them. Whenever Akash used to visit Lucknow to personally see Khushi and Payal, Khushi will be always sent him Ladoos which she prepares for him with sweetener along with sometime send him shirt or sweater which she herself stitches for him. Arnav would always send something for Khushi through Akash who always waits for Akash arrival with his send items or letters every month. And only Akash has the right to call him Chotte not even his Di.

Payal Sharma 33 yrs on the other hand looks after Khushi as her sister, if Arnav is Akash baby brother than Payal performs the role of mother to her baby sister, Payal too is an orphan who was adopted by Gupta’s and had been looking after Khushi from the time she born, she too awaits for her love Akash arrival on every month and feels content to see Khushi’s radiant smile who receives something from Arnav. Arnav had given a phone to Khushi which always kept with Payal to ensures no one comes to know about them still in connect.  Akash and Payal both who loves each other to death also loves Arnav and Khushi to the same extent where they can give their lives for them.



Arnav called on Khushi’s phone, Khushi in her room locked inside clutched the phone as if it is dear to her life. Payal urged her to attend the call and went giving her space. Khushi clicked the green button, Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’ but Khushi kept silent, Arnav was losing his patience with every minute of her silence ‘Khushi jaan talk to me.’ Listening to his plead a sob raised from her which Arnav listened without failing and in a second she started sobbing loudly, Arnav ‘Khushi Khushi don’t, pls don’t cry.’

Khushi ‘Arnav ji papa is trying to marry me to Dhruv.’

Arnav ‘Shhhh he can never snatch my wife from me. Don’t worry Khushi, I’ll make everything alright. He cannot do anything.’

Khushi ‘If something happens I’ll die.’

Arnav shouted ‘Khushi!!! Dare you say that word again, nothing will happen.’

Khushi hiccupped ‘I’ll not be able to live without you.’

Arnav ‘I know and I can’t too.’

Khushi ‘Please come soon and take me with you.’

Arnav ‘I’ll and soon you will be with me, just don’t cry jaan and look after yourself.’

Khushi ‘when will you come?’

Arnav ‘soon’ promised Arnav ‘have you taken your dinner.’

Khushi choked ‘no.’

Arnav ‘now listen to me, have your dinner and sleep without any worry with smile on your face. Okay.’ It is not pleading but commands she had to follow without any further argument. Khushi ‘okay.’

Arnav ‘give phone to Payal bhabi.’

Payal took the phone ‘hello.’

Arnav ‘bhabi take care of her.’

Payal ‘I’ll Arnav.’ With that said Arnav cut the call. And dwelled into past on how they got separated. All was going fine with Arnav and Khushi budding friendship, a first step in their marriage. Arnav as always possessive about Khushi who never mind but in turn was pleased with his possessiveness, Arnav was 15 when his parents died in an accident, taking the chance his chacha had taken all their property throwing him and his Di Anjali 18 yr girl from SheeshMahal. They had sought help from Shashi Gupta Arnav father in law who had shown his true color by shunning them.

Akash ‘Shashi uncle how can you do that? Arnav is Khushi’s husband.’

Shashi scoffed ‘he was but not anymore, I had given my daughter to them only because he was the  heir of Raizada empire but today he is standing like a beggar and I’m no more interested in this relationship.’

Arnav was fuming listening to all this when Khushi came running from inside hugging him ‘Arnav’. Arnav felt content having her in his arms, his little wife but Shashi Gupta pulled her away from him ‘Khushi go inside.’

Khushi clutching on Arnav’s arm tightly ‘No!!! Arnav, papa let him stay with me.’

Shashi ‘no Khushi, he cannot.’  Arnav fisted his hands not able to do anything, Khushi hugged him again ‘Arnav Don’t go please be with me.’ But Shashi pulled her away with force this time and slapped her; Khushi felt her head spinning due to the impact and collapsed on the ground.

Arnav bending towards her ‘Khushi!!! How dare you slap her?’

Shashi ‘I can do whatever I want, you cannot do anything, she is still my daughter, now leave this place you three otherwise I’ll call the guard and throw you away.’ Anjali who was till now only fumed listening to his words marched to Arnav ‘Arnav come let’s move from this place, we will go to Delhi to mama mami.’

Arnav looked back ‘but Di Khushi’ and looked down with moist eyes on Khushi’s laying figure on his lap. Shashi came forwards and lifted Khushi from Arnav’s protesting arms and took her inside the house with Arnav kept on looking her ‘I’ll take you back with me Khushi and that time no one will be able to stop me.’ Akash ‘Chotte let’s move from this place’ his heart wrench to see his brother in so much pain but this is not the time besides he could do nothing to help him, his little brother. The trio then moved out of there and later to Delhi but not before Arnav giving a letter to Khushi through Payal.

Arnav sighed thinking about the letter they send to them over the years through Akash and how they were with each other with their heart and soul connected but physically being away. Even when Arnav went to Harvard for his studies they were in contact with Arnav buying a secret phone for his Khushi and mailing and if needed to send anything then again Akash was there. All was going well he too had completed his degree and then started his business which had met failure in beginning but then started getting success taking them to heights, Arnav had then brought back his ancestral house two months back and was all set to go and bring his bride but he was called in for urgent meeting in London and had to go there. In the mean time Shashi Gupta seeing Arnav back with bang and had once again claimed his property came to Delhi to talk with him to take Khushi back, he had seen his daughter crying over Arnav and without any choice he came to ask Arnav to get Khushi to him. As they say like destiny playing the game, Arnav was in London the exact moment and here Anjali who did not forget the insult had in turn insulted Shashi Gupta and refused to accept Khushi as the daughter in law of the house. There was argument between both Shashi and Anjali along with mami too joining the parade; Shashi losing his patience announced that he will get Khushi married to another man in a month. To take the revenge Shashi had fixed Khushi’s marriage with Dhruv Raizada Arnav’s cousin and his enemy. When Arnav was returned he was furious on his Di who had declared her verdict saying he has to marry her sister in law Lavanaya Jha her husband Shyam Jha’s sister which he refused bluntly. He sighed ‘why can’t these both families think what I and Khushi want.’  




It was week before marriage, Shashi Gupta entered into Khushi’s room ‘Khushi you are going to marry Dhruv without any argument from your side, I don’t want you to create any scene in front of everyone.’

Khushi ‘papa why don’t you understand I’m already married to Arnav ji?’

Shashi ‘that marriage is not valid, and what do you think? Your Arnav is getting married the same day with someone else.’

Khushi scremed ‘no you are lying.’

Shashi ‘I’m not, his marriage is going to take place in the same day as yours in SheeshMahal, they all are here.’ Saying this he went out of the room, Khushi stumbled on the floor crying her heart out ‘I know you are lying, my Arnav ji will not betray me.’ She remembers too well how she got his first letter for her which he wrote before leaving for Delhi…..

Payal ‘Khushi Arnav gave you this.’

Khushi took the envelope from her hand and tore it carefully, inside was a letter neatly folded, she opened the letter to see Arnav’s neat handwriting in it….

My Khushi,

              Dear I’m leaving for Delhi but I’ll come back to Lucknow to take you with me, don’t worry about me, take care of yourself and my heart which I’m leaving behind with you where as I’m taking your heart with me safe. We will be together soon till then wait for me. I’ll try to contact you as soon as I reach Delhi, for now our only intermediate is Akash bhai and Payal bhabi. Payal bhabi will be with you till I come, don’t worry for anything keep smiling your khushi wala smile and be happy, rest leave it up to me I’ll take care of everything. The day I’ll come to you no one can stop me from making you mine.

With Love,                                                                                                                                Yours Arnav. 

Khushi had kept the letter close to her heart and is still having all those letters they had exchanged till now with his every gift safely in her Pandora box.

Khushi ‘I know you will come for me, I’ll not believe anyone other than you Arnav ji.’ whispered brokenly.




It was the day of wedding, both SheeshMahal and Brindhavan Mahal was decorated once again as bride, preparation where going on with full force, guest started to pour on either side. Khushi in her room is ready in her bridal wear and the bridal jewelry looking beautiful but her eyes were betraying her emotion which has lost its glow.  On the other hand Arnav too was ready in his Sherwani, he too was experiencing many emotion.  A few minutes later Anjali came to call him with pagdi, she made him wear them, Arnav did not said anything, Anjali  ‘Arnav come down all are waiting for the groom.’ Arnav nodded his head not voicing out, Akash came from behind ‘Anjali you go down we will come shortly.’ Anjali nodded at them smiling, a few second after Anjali left Arnav came down in his all glory wearing his traditional Sherwani, pagdi on his head with sehra accompanying it. 

Pandit called for bride, Lavanya was brought down, they were asked to exchange varmala and then both sat before holy pyre for marriage rituals.

Here in Brindhvan Mahal at the same time, Shashi came ‘Khushi bhatat has arrived.’ Khushi’s heart lurched, Payal comforted her…..Shashi went to welcome the bharat and the groom Dhruv.

Groom was taken to his room for some rest till the wedding rituals starts. A few minutes later Dhruv was asked to come to mandap and Khushi was brought to mandap as asked by pandit ji,

 Both exchanged varmala’s and sat down before holy pyre. Both the weddings on SheeshMahal and Brindhvan got completed with their elder’s blessing. 

The photographer asked Dhruv and Khushi to lift their sehra and gunghat to take their photo, when both of them removed the veil from their face everyone got shock of their life. Shashi felt as if ground beneath them is slipped, Dhruv father shouted ‘who are you and where is my son?’ Dhruv’s mother was crying for her son.

Shashi ‘Payal where is Khushi?’

Payal ‘She is where she should be in first place.’ Shashi came forward to slap her when Akash stopped him ‘don’t you dare to raise your hand on my wife.’

Akash then turning to Dhruv’s father ‘your son is inside the groom’s room safe and sound but haan he is unconscious for now but don’t worry he is not harmed and will come around in a minute.’ With that saying he took Payal hand in his and stormed out of the palace.

Shashi burning in rage went towards SheeshMahal, which is exactly on opposite to his palace. He barged inside Shouting Khushi-Arnav’s name and came forward to the groom holding his color ‘tell me where is Khushi?’ Anjali and other have freed him from Shashi’s clutches who was panting for breathe, Anjali shouted at Shashi ‘what is this?’

Shashi ‘ask your brother where is Khushi?’

Anjali could not believe her ears ‘he doesn’t know and how dare you enter like this.’

Shashi ‘I’ll dare, first ask him where he had hid my daughter.’ Anjali looked back ‘Arnav what I’m hearing.’

The groom removed his sehra shocking everyone second time in a row, Mami ‘hello hi bye bye NK bitwa.’

Anjali ‘NK bhai you married to Lavanya.’

NK nodded yes ‘haan Di I’m married to her.’

Shyam shouted ‘how dare you to marry her? Where is Arnav?’ Lavanya was silent and worried looking at the commotion but NK was calm. NK ‘he is at his rightful place.’

Mami in her anger slapped him hard ‘how dare you betray us NK?’

NK pleaded with his mother ‘maa listen to me once.’ Mami shakes her head in denial, Mama don’t know what to say looking at the scene before him…..

Shashi laughed infuriating Anjali and other ‘He fooled you too, The Great ASR fooled his sister and own family.’

Two hours before, after Anjali went down, Arnav took the pagdi from his head and made NK to wear it who was hiding in the washroom wearing same Sherwani as Arnav’s. Akash like said took NK down, Anjali who was the one to make him wear the pagdi with sehra did not doubt that it was NK who is marrying Lavanya and not Arnav. Akash as soon as led NK down had slipped from SheeshMahal to Brindhavan where at the same time Aman Arnav’s right hand man hired a person and had made Dhruv unconsciousness who will not come around for few hours and did not allow anyone enter the room till Akash came. Akash once reached inside the groom’s room in disguise and soon changed into similar dress like Dhruv’s one, all the stalking they did behind Dhruv had paid them off thought Akash and worn his pagdi. On the other hand when Akash was taking NK down Arnav had fled away to Khushi who was waiting for him in her bridal wear which he designed for her making Payal to wear hers, no one inside the Palace noticed her who had covered her face when coming out. Khushi and Arnav met with each other in the palace garden and fled to the place where everything was ready for them to get married again.

Khushi on the way was clinging to Arnav hugging him crying ‘I missed you Arnav ji, I was so scared.’

Arnav ‘I’ll not let anyone snatch you from me Khushi.’

Khushi hugged him again, Arnav and she reached the place where Aman was waiting for them with priest, all the arrangement was done, and it was mandir where they got married with Aman and preist along with people around being witness, hired photographer had took their photos and Aman shoot the video. Soon Arnav and Khushi were married.

Arnav holding Khushi close to him ‘Aman you know what you have to do, deliver this evidence of our marriage to Mr. Roy who will prepare our marriage certificate, I and Khushi will sign on them tomorrow after coming to Delhi.’ Aman ‘ASR the work will be done and happy married life ASR and Khushi Mam.’ Arnav and Khushi thanked him and drove off with Arnav saying ‘now final show down.’ Khushi was tensed and nervous. Arnav ‘Don’t worry Khushi I’m there na everything will be fine.’

Khushi ‘I know.’

Here in SheeshMahal everyone were asking Akash , Payal, NK where Arnav and Khushi is for which they had kept their mum. Suddenly there was loud murmur among the guest who were looking at the entrance, Shashi, Anjali, Shyam and other’s too looked to see Arnav and Khushi standing there

Anjali rushed to him ‘Arnav what is this?’

Arnav ‘exactly the way what you are seeing Di?’

Anjali ‘how could you do this Arnav? Married her knowing how much we got insulted by them and thrown away when we needed the most.’

Arnav ‘It was not Khushi’s fault.’

Anjali shakes her head ‘you are blinded by your love for this girl.’

Arnav gritted his teeth ‘She has name and her name is Khushi.’

Shyam ‘Arnav have you ever thought of Lavanya before doing this.’

Arnav laughed bitterly shocking every one more ‘Do you people ever thought of her happiness?’

Anjali shocked ‘what are you saying?’

Arnav ‘Di you and your husband never saw where Lavanya’s happiness is lying,  jiju wanted to marry her off to me because I’m owning AR India’s top most business man and you wanted to me to marry her for your revenge on Khushi’s father. But no one really looked to see what I and Lavanya wanted; where I love my wife Khushi there Lavanya loves NK.’ All gasped at that, Shaym roared ‘what are you saying? Don’t blame my sister.’

Lavanya who was silent till now spoke ‘he is telling the truth bhai.’

Shocked Shyam turned to her, La ‘I and NK love each other, ASR knows it from beginning and it was his plan that we both should keep quite till we get marry. So NK and I went with his plan.’

Shyam went to slap her when NK stood in front of her ‘Don’t think about it.’

Arnav ‘Accept them jija ji your sister will be happy with NK and for your kind in formation NK is the owner of AR fashion house.’

Shyam ‘what?’

Arnav ‘yes I had signed them to him.’

NK ‘Nanav this is wrong, AR is your baby, I’m okay with working for you.’

Arnav ‘No NK it was decided already, just accept it and no more argument on this.’

Shashi came near Khushi ‘how can you do this Khushi insulting me in front of the guest by running off.’

Khushi ‘you have left no choice papa. I love my husband My Arnav ji and you know that too well but you wanted to revenge him so tried to marry the already married girl to Dhruv.’

Shashi ‘they insulted me.’

Khushi ‘you too did the same with them remember.’

Arnav ‘you both are selfish and in your ego you wanted to separate me and Khushi knowing well how we both love each other and are already married to one another.’ He looked at Anjali ‘you know Di Khushi is my home but you did not want to look or hear anything, you have knew it all alone how I was wandering without my home, my Khushi and now I’m back to my home Di to my Khushi.’

Anjali roared not minding anything, or paying heed to his words ‘I don’t care, you betrayed me Arnav and I’ll not accept her in this house.’

Arnav ‘I expected this from you Di, so don’t worry I and Khushi are leaving this place and will not come back until you people realize your mistake.’ He took Khushi’s hand leaving the place, Akash and Payal too followed them, Anjali roared from behind ‘you doing wrong Arnav, if you leave with her then you will not be able to come back, I’ll not forgive you for this.’ Arnav hearing all the word left from the place forever, for him his wife Khushi is the important person.

All the four had reached Delhi, where Arnav had already purchased a villa in Khushi’s name without their family’s knowledge. And the very day he and Khushi registered their marriage, with Aman being ordered before their passport and visa for London was already arranged and living two days in their villa. Arnav - Khushi, Payal – Akash left for London. 

Arnav had already opened a new fashion house in London in the name of Heaven Fashion House. It was the time when he came to London for the important deal right at the time when Shashi and Anjali fiasco had happened. Arnav had then actually came to London to overtake a crumbling fashion house which was previously name NT Fashion House and after he buying it changed into Heaven Fashion House. He had planned it all from the beginning to take Khushi with him to London to start a new life but in the middle the unasked fight between the two families and marriage fiasco had altered his plan. So now after his and Khushi’s remarriage he settled with her in their new house/ mansion. Heaven Fashion House as soon as ASR touch got had started to raise the bar in the market and soon it became world famous in the Fashion Field beating every other company and marking its place as No. 1 company.  Akash-Payal was with them all through the journey helping. On the other side Arnav and Khushi’s life was filled with bliss surrounding with their love everywhere.

In India, Anjali was firm on her belief that Arnav is wrong, NK and La had started their life with the blessing of the elders who had accepted them after lot of fuss, even Shyam agreed to his sister’s choice later having no other choice left. Aman on Arnav’s order had stayed in AR to help NK in handling AR. With years passing everything was settling excluding Anjali, Even Mama and Mami accepted their folly in Arnav and Khushi’s matter, they are guilty along with Shyam but Anjali was adamant to see her mistake. NK always pesters Aman to know about Arnav’s whereabouts but he never disclosed it. Even NK’s threaten on firing him did not work, in fact his readymade answer  comes in fraction of next second ‘I’m here with you on ASR’s order, don’t worry sir if you fire me I’ll join with ASR back, he will accept me in his company.’ NK got sure that Arnav has his own company, with putting lot of pressure on Aman, he got what he wanted. Aman had no choice left due to NK’s pestering, so after consulting with Arnav he had given NK Arnav’s detail. NK and La soon departed to London to see Arnav and Khushi, Arnav was surprised but was happy to see them, NK and La were surprised too to see Arnav and Khushi have a baby boy of 2 yr old named Arush Singh Raizada. And Payal and Akash having a daughter of 3 yr old Palak Malick. Lavanya had thanked him for helping her and NK to unite which he brushed off saying he too was selfish to unite with his wife, so all is well. With that NK and La had remained in touch with Khushi and Arnav.  Mama and Mami too had sought their forgiveness along with Shyam through NK’s help, and Arnav on Khushi’s impact on him forgave them.

Shashi was left alone after his daughter left him with Arnav, he hated Raizada’s because he had lost his wife and maa with Arnav’s parent in the same accident. They two were with Arnav’s parent in the same car and had died in spot, which is why he did not want to keep any relationship with Arnav and his family giving an excuse of not having fame and money. But after years when he saw his daughter’s love he had went to talk with them but alas Anjali had insulted him who evoked his ego and he tried to marry her off to Dhruv. He now knew his fault and guilty too, he is sick and wants his daughter to see once. Arnav and Khushi on Aman’s information about her father came to see Shashi along with their son. Akash too had accompanied them along with his family. Shashi was too happy to meet them and his grandchild. Cherishing few days with his daughter, son in law and grandchild he passed away. Brindhvan Palace was given to Khushi according to the will who did not want it, So Arnav suggested making the palace a home for needful people. As per Arnav’s idea Bridhvan Palace had become Brindhvan Home for orphan children, aged people and struggling women. NK, La, Mama, Mami and Shyam had attended the inauguration function  of Brindhavan Home along with NK-La one yr old son Laksh, Shyam with his daughter of 5 yr old Priya, Anjali was still living with her grudges and everyone knew she will take this to her till her grave so no one minded her absence. When Arnav and Khushi started looking for a person to manage this home, Akash and Payal came forward saying now they want to settle in India and they will look after Brindhavan Home and the people here. With all settled Arnav and Khushi too had returned to their Heaven with their Son. Their life was like Fairy tale where Arnav gave all the happiness in the world with his love to his wife and son and with Khushi giving her all the love to her husband and son.



                                                       The End


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Mar 27, 2014

New Shot "PaaP (Sin)" (By Sviji) (Thanked: 148 times)



The midnight breeze was ruffling around the room through poolside door with moonlight basking its glory inside the room where two souls were entangled with each other. The cool air somewhere calming the burning nerves of the man inside who is in the verge to destroy everything with his high voltage temper, and crush everything coming in his way whoever dares to mess with his life.

Arnav Singh Raizada known as devil incarnation looked down at his life, his love sleeping in his arms his wife Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada an innocent angel. Only weakness for Arnav is his wife Khushi he loves her too much to an extent to destroy anyone or everyone if they even think of trying to hurt her. He had fallen in love with his wife the minute his eyes land on her. Their marriage was arranged one and he with his mom Gunjan Raizada had went to see her.

Arnav Singh Raizada was made to wait for more than a half hour for a slip of girl and he did not like it one bit. He is here to look for a bride for himself; the rishta had come through their priest who was well known to both the family. He had heard from his mom that the girl is an orphan and living with her only bua Madhu Rathi, something had pulled his heart strings the time he heard about the girl. So without any fuss he agreed to meet the girl and the next day they are here to see the said to be girl but the girl in the question is not seen anywhere. He is furious, no one had made him wait and he waits for none but here everything is happening reverse to his principle. Madhu girl’s bua ‘just few minutes, titaliya is getting ready.’

His mom who was patient till now too had started losing her patience ‘what? Getting ready? You know we are coming.’

Madhu looked down guilty ‘voh pandit ji informed me today morning about your visit till then titaliya had gone for work. She came few minutes back only, after getting early permission from her work, on the way she got stuck due to traffic so got late. We are sorry for the inconvenience.’

Gunjan ‘it’s okay, hmmm so what is she doing?’

Madhu confused ‘ji!!!’

Gunjan ‘I mean where she works and her job.’

Madhu ‘voh she is working as a teacher in JHSS School.’

Gunjan nodded at her, Madhu excused herself and went to check on her niece. Arnav looked around impatient, when he heard the beautiful sound and looked towards the direction of the sound coming from, there came a beautiful feet in view with anklet wearing, he traveled his eyes from bottom to top taking in everything with his eyes, his eyes stopped at the quivering lips, then to button nose and then to her eyes. ASR was gazing at the lean figure before him as if he will eat her alive, her perfect bow shaped lips were perfect to kiss oh he is getting unwanted desire in him, her cherry cheeks, her glowing skin due to her fair complexion everything mesmerized him.

Madhu ‘this is my niece Khushi.’ Khushi greeted them ‘namasthe!!!’

Gunjan ‘beta come here and sit with me.’ Arnav looked at her, Khushi smiling at her went to sit beside her she is nervous and it clearly showing in her face, Gunjan ‘He is my son Arnav Singh Raizada.’ Khushi looked up at him who was looking at her intently, her breathe hitched at his gaze, she smiled at him politely then looked down. Arnav had got the chance to look at her hazel eyes which attracted him to no end.

Arnav ‘Mom I want to speak with Khushi.’ Khushi looked at him surprised. Gunjan ‘of-course why not, Madhu ji….’

Madhau ‘haan haan nandh kis**** Khushi take him to your room.’ Khushi ‘ji’ stood up, she looked at Arnav who was waiting for her to take the lead, and quietly she took him to her room. Arnav was having his eyes only on her, he had worked with many beautiful women and models but no one captured his attention the way Khushi is doing.

Khushi was fidgeting with her saree pallu nervously, Arnav cleared his throat and soon enough she looked up, hazel eyes met molten caramel eyes, no one spoke for few seconds at last Khushi broke their silence ‘hmmm I’m sorry.’

Arnav confused ‘for what?’

Khushi ‘I…I don’t want to get married.’ Arnav’s breath stopped listening to her words, he felt anger rasing in him with her refusal, he bit out ‘why?’ Khushi was taken aback with his intimating posture, Arnav again with gritting his teeth ‘do you love someone else’ if yes then he is going to kill him to get her he thought…….Khushi answered him stammering ‘No I don’t love anyone.’ Arnav sighed ‘then?’ Khushi ‘it is just I never thought of marrying so soon, I’m just 21 hardly completed my degree and going for work. I’m sorry my bua ji did not even inform me earlier about all this if she had I would have informed you people and you did not had to trouble yourself in coming here wasting your time.’ and looked up at him with hope ‘so please will you reject me.’

Arnav took his step towards her who moved back, he cornered her on the wall putting both his hands on either side of her head, Khushi was sweating due to fear, he inhaled her jasmine scent wafting off from her, Arnav ordered her, his voice stern and demanding ‘Look at me Khushi.’

Khushi looked at him trembling, Arnav ‘I like you Khushi and what you are asking I cannot do it, Arnav Singh Raizada always gets what he wants and he wants you and he will get you. So we are getting married, no one can stop this.’

Khushi even though was scared managed to ask ‘why? You can get many other beautiful women on your beckon.’

Arnav smiled slightly ‘yes, but I don’t need them because I need you.’

Arnav moved away from her creating space between them, Khushi felt her mouth dry, Arnav ‘don’t even think to refuse to marry me if you do so then I’ll just kidnap you and marry you, choice is yours, I’ll marry you either way. You do know who Arnav Singh Raizada is, don’t you?’ Khushi nodded her head, Arnav ‘good now come down and say yes for marriage without any other word.’

Khushi did as he said and soon enough their marriage date was fixed for next month and engagement in few days. She was scared to marry Arnav he was so rude and arrogant, and in their first meet itself he had scared her.

There next meeting was on their engagement day which is to be held in RM, much to Khushi’s relief Arnav had not bugged her to meet or called her on her phone not knowing he had always kept his eyes on her every move and every minute details of her day.  If anyone so much of glanced her way then the guy would be found in hospital next day which is unknown to Khushi. He is very possessive of her. On their engagement day, once they had exchanged the ring and had been congratulated by the guest, he had dragged her to his room without anyone noticing scaring the hell out of poor soul. Khushi trembled when she noticed him locking the door, shaking she asked in fear ‘why you brought me here?’

Arnav bluntly ‘because I want to be with you alone.’ Khushi looked up at him gulping; Arnav indicated her to the bed and said ‘sit down.’

Khushi ‘no it’s alright I’m fine.’

Arnav bit out ‘no it’s not, sit down’ he ordered her, Khushi at once sat on the bed trembling like leaf. He took his seat before her in the recliner and watched her in silence, after felt like eternity Arnav ‘you are looking beautiful.’ Khushi looked up at him shocked, Arnav ‘you know Khushi I had always imagined you in my room, sharing everything with me, this recliner, wardrobe, the bed….and you see today you are here on my bed, I always imagined you beside me.’ Khushi trembled at his words ‘I…I…I need to go, buaji would search me.’

Arnav ‘No!!! without my wish you cannot go anywhere.’

Khushi panicked and fear started rising larger than before and a sob escaped and then another, Arnav alarmed came towards her ‘why are you crying?’ in a low tone……Khushi looked at him with moist eyes and croaked ‘you are scaring me.’

Arnav shocked moved a little away from her but was still near her ‘Am I?’ Khushi nodded her head. Arnav sighing ‘I’m like this Khushi, cold rude arrogant but I’ll not hurt you, I really like you and I don’t know how to talk with girls when in the first place I never had anyone else in my life other than mom, I don’t know how to be all lovey dovey but I can assure you that I’ll keep you happy and will not let you regret a moment with me in your entire life. But I can’t let you go after knowing my heart lies in you. Will you be fine If I say I had fallen in love with you the first sight.’ Khushi looked up at him surprised,  Arnav ‘yes Khushi I Love you and want you in my life otherwise I would have gladly accepted your request of rejecting you, where even before seeing you I too was not interested in marriage but after I saw you I could not hold myself and wanted to make you mine. But now when I know I love you I had to marry you and make you my wife for eternity and forever beyond.’

Khushi looked at his eyes which said how sincere and genuine he is, she relaxed and spoke ‘I…I… don’t know what to say, you are handsome and running a big business but you loving me is quite a shock you know I’m a simple girl.’

Arnav smirked ‘then I’ll say you are wrong about you’ Khushi looked at him ‘you are most gorgeous women I have met in my life and the fact you don’t know how beautiful you are makes you more angelic.’ and for first time Khushi found herself blushing under his gaze. Khushi flustering ‘hmmm we should really to need go down everyone must be looking for us.’

Arnav nodding ‘okay then let’s go.’ They both were near the door and Arnav was unlocking it and open for her when he heard his name for the first time from her mouth in her sweet voice ‘Arnav ji’

Arnav looked back to see her hesitate and being nervous ‘do you need to tell me something Khushi?’

Khushi looked up at him nodding ‘haan voh can I continue to work even after our marriage.’  Arnav clenched his jaw ‘why is it? I’m more than capable to look after you and your needs, I own a multinational company remember.’

Khushi alarmed ‘no no it’s not that, I just wanted to help bua ji, she doesn’t have anyone other than me.’

Arnav ‘I’ll take care of her too Khushi.’

Khushi ‘no!!! she will not like it; you are her son in law. Please I’m not asking much just let me continue my job.’

Arnav contemplated for a minute ‘hmmm what is your degree?’

Khushi surprised ‘why? I’ve degree on fashion designing.’ Arnav was speechless ‘you have a degree on fashion designing and you are working as a teacher.’

Khushi ‘I…I….’ she doesn’t know what to say, Arnav ‘leave it, if you want to work then resign your job and work in my company.’ Khushi looked at him shocked ‘no no….’

Arnav ‘Khushi you should work in my company and this will give us time to know each other, for me it is not needed, I know you well but for you it is needed to know me, the real me. Just come and join the work after resigning your current job.’ Khushi had no other go than to accept his words. And in two days she was seen working with Arnav under him, the whole office know she is his fiancé and girls felt jealous of her and boys sighed their fate on not getting such a beauty in the their life.

With the days passed Khushi started knowing him better with that came her admiration and her liking towards him. Arnav would hug her, kiss her on her forehead and cheek but never would he take the advantage of her being of his fiance. Soon they were married to each other and Arnav had made their first night memorable one for Khushi and of course for him. He always pampered her in his own ways and would do anything for her. They enjoyed every bit of their life and since Khushi was still younger they had decided to start family planning after four yrs or so, he is young too only 25 to say, and he too wanted to live these moment with his wife before taking the responsibility of father for which he and Khushi were not prepared for now.

Now Khushi is pregnant for five months, they cannot remember how the four years went before them starting for their own family to bring a new person in their life. Arnav looked back at Khushi and remembered the few hours ago happening on that day, all was going well until Khushi this evening started having pain. when the pain was unbearable for her Arnav had took her to her doctor who revealed the shocking news that Khushi had taken abortion pill, it was their luck that they could save the child. Arnav felt ground beneath him shaking, he said to himself but loud enough doctor could hear him ‘Khushi will not do something like this; she never will never try to kill our child.’

Doc ‘I know, Khushi was happy to hear the news of her being pregnant and looking forward for this child. I had seen how much she wanted this baby.’

Arnav looked at doc ‘are you trying to tell me someone tried to kill my baby?’

Doc in firm tone ‘yes, and you need to be careful with Khushi and the baby, she is weak and she needs care, and avoid stress at any cost. Most costly should be happy.’

Arnav nodded at her ‘I’ll take care of her; just don’t tell her about this pills she will not be able to take it.’

Doc ‘it is not good to hide anything from her but then looking at her condition I don’t want her to stress so yes I'll not tell her.’

Arnav ‘thanks doc, can I see her?’

Doc ‘of course you can, she will be coming to conscious in few minutes. Meet me in my cabin after meeting her I’ll prescribe you some medicines for her.’ Arnav nodded at her and moved towards Khushi’s room, on entering when he saw her pale form lying on the bed he felts tears prickling his eyes ‘they could have lost their child, God the thought itself hurting him and he would have with that lost his Khushi too.

Few minutes later Khushi opened her eyes, she looked beside her to see Arnav sitting with moist eyes and thought ‘why he is so sad?’ then the days happening came back and she placed her hand frantically around her stomach to feel her baby, Arnav who watched her action got alarmed and went near her ‘Shhh Khushi everything is fine.’

Khushi looked at him ‘the baby, our baby Arnav ji, she is fine na.’

Arnav ‘yes jaan our baby is good.’ Khushi sighed leaning back on the pillow Arnav had adjusted for her ‘I got scared and seeing your face I thought something worst happened. And what did doc said why I got pain like that?’

Arnav said half truth‘I was worried for you Khushi that’s all other than that nothing to worry about, you are little weak and doc had asked you to not take stress and be happy with avoiding you to work.’

 Later Khushi was being discharged and she was taken to home by Arnav. Arnav after being arrived to home had taken care of Khushi with more care, Gunjan ‘Arnav what doctor said?’

Arnav ‘nothing maa she was just stressed and weak.’

Gunjan left advicing Khushi to take care of herself and the baby. In Arnav’s room, Khushi ‘Arnav ji I’m fine, why are you still worried and tensed?’

Arnav ‘nothing Khushi, it is just when I saw you unconscious I felt like my own life was skipping.’

Khushi ‘nothing happened na, don’t worry I’ll be careful from now onwards.’

Arnav ‘yes, and I’ll not let anything happen to you and our baby.’ and hugged her, Khushi stayed in the protective arms of her husband and soon she drifted to sleep leaving Arnav wide awake.

In another part of the house, in the room Gunjan Raizada is pacing to and fro cursing on her fate on the failure of her plan, if Arnav was not there Khushi would have got miscarriage and everything would had been fine but no he had to come in time to save her. Gunjan Raizada had chose Khushi a middle class girl for her son only because she thought she could have the control on the Raizada empire and her son even after he marries a poor girl who will not stand against her and will agree on her every word but here the case had been different even before Khushi got married to Arnav, he had changed and fallen hard for the girl, first step he did was to by giving her job in their own company without her knowledge, and when she asked his answer was ‘mom you don’t want your bahu to work as a teacher after marriage, don’t you? What you will tell in your circle about being your daughter in law as teacher’ she knew very well her son had played his card well. She had wished to make Khushi as a house wife but no Arnav had to take her to work with him. She had wished to keep her son under his control always but even before that Khushi had wrapped him in her little finger. She had wished her daughter in law will run behind her and follow her orders but Khushi was more like following her husband’s words. And now when she had wished a boy for the heir Khushi is going to give a baby girl. How much she tried to kill the baby but no, now when she was going to get succeed by discreetly giving her abortion pill, Arnav had saved her and the baby. Sighing she closed her eyes to think further how to get rid of the baby growing in Khushi’s womb.



Next morning Khushi was on dining table waiting for her breakfast, Arnav came down all ready, sitting beside Khushi looked at her who was looking at the door of kitchen anxiously, Arnav ‘Wifey what are you looking for?’

Khushi ‘Arnav ji I asked for fruit salad but Rani Di (maid) had not brought them’

Arnav smiled ‘your fruit salad will be coming in a minute Khushi, she must be cutting the fruit.’

Khushi nodded at him and then started applying butter on the toast and served him with juice, soon Rani came with fruit salad before Khushi who was ready to pounce on it. Arnav ‘Khushi easy’ he looked towards her who was going to having a piece of fruit from the fork she is holding, looking at the fruit his face color changed, he pulled her hand abruptly shouting for Rani who came running.  Khushi ‘what happened?’

Arnav turned to Rani ‘who told you to serve Papaya?’

Rani stuttered ‘but sir….’

Arnav ‘shut up, there are papaya’s mixed with the other fruit in this salad, don’t you know papaya should be avoided giving to pregnant woman.’

Rani ‘I…I…’

Arnav ‘how did you to do this mistake?’

Rani looked up to say something, but Gunjan who had come listening to his voice signaled her to keep quiet and Rani hung her head low, tears spring on her eyes, it was not her fault Gunjan was the one who prepared fruit salad but how could she tell to chotte sahab when madam ji is warning her to not say anything against her.

Rani ‘I’m sorry sir.’

Arnav ‘you better be otherwise next time I’ll not spare you if something like this happens.’ Khushi who was bewildered held him ‘Arnav ji pls calm down.’ and turning to Rani ‘Rani Di you bring another cup of fruit salad.’ Rani nodded at her and was going to leave, Arnav ‘wait; prepare the salad like I’m saying.’ He gave her instruction and Rani came back with the salad like Arnav ordered to prepare it, Khushi thanking her took it and had them, she had already lost the appetite but for her baby’s sake she had to take them or otherwise Arnav’s anger next target will be her. She gulped down the fruit salad when Arnav ‘Khushi slow down.’



It was evening time, Arnav had taken off from the office for few days and both Arnav and Khushi were in their room talking about their child when HP came ‘bhaiya babhi ji’s buaji had come to meet her.’ Arnav and Khushi came down to greet her, Buaji ‘how are you titaliya?’

Khushi ‘I’m fine buaji’

Bua ji ‘see what I’ve brought for you’ and extended the bottle towards her, Khushi’s eyes lit up ‘Pickles!!!’ taking the bottle from her hand took a piece of pickle in her mouth.

Arnav ‘but bua ji it is spicy.’

Bua ji ‘not to worry nandhkis****, I made this pickle myself, and besides pregnant woman craves for spicy, sour , sweet things at this stage, taking one or two pickle in a day will not do any harm to her or baby.’ Then she took the bottle away from Khushi who pouted ‘Titaliya I said you should take only limited amount.’

Arnav ‘bua ji where is your luggage?’

Before bua ji could say anything, Khushi confused ‘luggage? What luggage? Are you going somewhere?’

Arnav ‘no Khushi, bua ji is going to stay with you till your delivery; she will be the best to look after you when I’m away for work.’

Buaji ‘haan nadhkis****, I had bought my luggage too, it is there.’ She pointed to the side corner which they forgot to notice before, Arnav ‘HP HP take these luggage’s and keep them in our guest room I told you to prepare in the morning.’

HP ‘ji bhaiya.’

Buaji ‘you don’t worry babua titaliya will be fine.’

Khushi is happy about her bua staying with her; and Arnav could not ask for more, he could not trust on anyone other than bua ji who will look after Khushi well.



Gunjan was livid with anger, first Arnav and now this bua ji, both of them were keeping their hawk eyes on Khushi and taking care of her like a porcelain doll. Arnav had started working from home and both him and bua ji took care of Khushi and her every needs, Khushi and Arnav were on one side enjoying their pregnancy and was very much looking forward for their little pari to come to the world. Soon months passed in a jet speed with Khushi’s delivery date nearing, it was one afternoon when Khushi’s water broke and she was taken for her delivery, Arnav was with her inside the delivery room giving her strength and support encouraging her and the baby girl after hours of Khushi’s pain came to the world much to Khushi and Arnav’s happiness, the cute little girl was latter wrapped in a pink towel given to Arnav who went with his daughter inside the room where Khushi has been shifted. It was Kodak moment for them, with them looking at the little bundle with awe expression. Arnav ‘Khushi our baby looks cute.’

Khushi ‘yes she is beautiful.’ Both had cried looking at the daughter in happiness, it was as if they had conquered the world in their hands.



Khushi with the baby had been brought to home; bua ji was there to look after the baby, and to teach Khushi how to be careful with the nanhi Pari. Later the little girl was named as ‘Heena Singh Raizada’ It had been a month since Heena had born, no one could be happy as Arnav Singh Raizada who dotted on his daughter,  if his world is his wife Khushi then his universe is his daughter Heena.

Khushi would laugh at the way Arnav would love his daughter, he had not left his rude ASR in him but definitely he is a loving ASR when it came to her and their daughter, she knew he could give his life for them. How she was scared of marrying him at first but after knowing him she had come to realize she could not live without her husband Arnav Singh Raizada.

Arnav Singh Raizada had kept welcome party for his daughter Heena Singh Raizada, he need not search for an excuse to celebrate and give party, and now when his daughter is born he wanted to celebrate it. The party was hit and was going well, Khushi ‘Arnav ji I’ll go and put Heena in her cradle and come.’

Arnav ‘Is she sleeping?’

Khushi ‘haan she is feeling sleepy, you just carry on I’ll just make her sleep and come.’

Arnav ‘its okay you take care of her, anyway the party is already ending and guest are leaving.’

Khushi ‘I’ll put her to sleep and come down to send off them.’ Arnav nodded at her, kissing on his daughter’s forehead he looked on Khushi taking Heena to their room. Khushi after giving her milk looked at her child to see she is asleep, putting her on her cradle she caressed her cheek and hair before kissing her on her chubby cheek. She left the baby in their room and went down to send off the guests who were leaving.

After every guest went they both came to their room, bua ji and Gunjan too had already retired to their room. Arnav and Khushi on reaching their room went towards the cradle expecting their baby to be sleeping but what they witnessed was empty cradle. Khushi’s heart started beating painfully ‘Arnav ji our baby, where is she?’

Arnav too was looking at the baby cradle with wide eye, their bone chilled in fear, he looked at Khushi who was frantically looking here and there ‘I had put her in cradle after she was asleep, it was only ten minutes I was away and now she is not in her cradle.’ She ran out of the room Arnav following her, they searched the whole house but their baby was found nowhere, Khushi reached bua ji’s room ‘bua ji is Heena with you?’

Bua ji ‘no titaliya.’ And then looking at both of their fear stricken face ‘What happen to Heena?’

Khushi cried loudly ‘my baby is not anywhere, she is not here, I searched her everywhere?’

Buaji ‘what?’ Gunjan too had come to see what the commotion is and upon hearing the baby missing ‘Khushi where will the baby go if you had put her in her cradle.’

Khushi broke down ‘I don’t know.’ Arnav pulled her to himself from falling, Khushi looked up at him who was terrified himself ‘Aranv ji our baby, where must be she? Bring her back to me, pls.’ and cried her heart out, 

Arnav ‘Shhh Khushi I’ll bring her back pls don’t cry.’

Khushi in anger shouted ‘how can I not? Heena is not with us, I don’t know where she is?’

Bua ji ‘what if someone had kidnapped her?’ Khushi listening to the word felt her world spinning and fainted in Arnav’s arm.  Doctor was summoned who declared she is stressed and medicine is given. Later when Khushi came to conscious she heard Arnav’s shout ‘Do whatever you want I want my baby back with me?’

Khushi started crying again ‘my baby.’ Arnav who listened to her came to her ‘Shhh Khushi they are searching for our baby, soon she will be with us.’

Khushi ‘I don’t care what they are doing I want our baby with us safe and sound.’

Arnav ‘She will be I promise.’




In another corner of the house, phone rang; Gunjan attended ‘Where is the baby?’

Person on the other end ‘Madam ji the baby is with us what we should do?’

Gunjan ‘kill her.’

Person ‘but it is risky job.’

Gunjan ‘oh shut up just give her the paddy husk (a poisonous extract of cactus, in Tamil Nadu it is called as Kalli Paal used for killing girl infant, I don’t know if in north people use this cheap way to kill the baby girl thinking to be a burden but in Tamil Nadu it occurs even now too) and the baby will be done. Once the job is finished throw the baby somewhere in the dustbin and you will receive your amount.’

Person ‘okay madam ji.’

Gunjan laughed ‘now the baby will be no more come in between my dream.’ But she failed to notice that someone had listened to her conversation and that someone is now trembling in fury ready to lash out on her any minute.

With the clapping sound Gunjan turned back to see Arnav Singh Raizada in his all glory looking murderous at his mother. He came towards her and dragged her down, Khushi and bua ji who had heard the commotion came down. Arnav shouted ‘Why?’

Gunjan ‘I don’t know what you are asking?’ feigning innocence. Arnav again shouted ‘I had heard with my own ears you asking to kill my baby.’ Khushi gasped with tears rolling down her cheeks, Arnav ‘why did you do this to us?’

Gunjan ‘yes I asked Heena to be kidnapped and then to kill her because she is girl who is burden and I always wanted a boy as an heir.’

Bua ji who could not take it anymore slapped her hard ‘you being a woman yourself trying to kill your son’s child, chi.’

Arnav brought her phone towards her ‘call them and stop them now or I’ll not hesitate to kill you.’ Khushi had lost her strength and was going to fall when bua ji held her and made her sit ‘bua ji she is trying to kill my baby. What if something happened to her?’

Arnav lookin at his wife condition became more angry and shouted ‘Aman (body guard).’ The guy came running, Arnav ‘Gun.’, Aman shocked but gave Arnav his Gun, Arnav pointing his gun towards Gunjan ‘Call them right now or else I’ll shoot.’ Seeing the gun and knowing her son very well she dialed the number hurriedly…..

Person ‘Madam ji I’m just going to give her the poisonous milk.’

Gunjan ‘no no stop, don’t kill her.’

Person got confused ‘what? You only said a while ago to kill her.’ Arnav in low voice ‘ask him to bring my daughter to RM.’

Gunjan ‘don’t, here everything seems to going out of control we will be caught if something happened to her. You bring her here to RM the same way you took her I’ll be waiting for you at the back door.’

Person ‘but….’

Gunjan ‘just do what I say Lalan.’

Lalan ‘ji….’




An hour later, Lalan came inside RM through the same way Gunjan had told him, he saw Gunjan was standing there scared, it was dark, he went over her and gave her the baby, soon the light came and Lalan was shocked to see police surrounding them. Khushi took her baby from Lalan’s hand kissing her all over the face who is crying at the moment. Arnav was shaking with fury and he went towards Lalan beating the hell out of him. Police had to struggle a lot to free Lalan from him, Arnav ‘arrest these two inspectors.’

Gunjan ‘Arnav you cannot do this to me, I’m your mom.’

Arnav ‘you are not, you are dead for me.’ He turned his back towards her; Gunjan and lalan were taken by police. Arnav was controlling himself when he heard his baby’s cry. He went over to Khushi who was trying to make her calm ‘Arnav ji she is not stopping. Please do something.’

Arnav took Heena in his arms and started cajoling her, and called the doctor to check if everything is fine with his baby. Doctor came and checked the baby and said everything is fine there is no need to worry. Arnav and Khushi were relieved. Buaji ‘I could not believe Samdhan ji could do something like this.’ Arnav was upset with this, Khushi signaled bua ji to not say anything and she went away to her room after giving her share of love to Heena.  Khushi gave Heena her milk and once the little baby’s stomach was full she started playing, Khushi and Arnav looked at their daughter admiring. Arnav slowing holding his baby’s finger ‘I thought I lost her second time.’

Khushi who at first did not realize what he said looked at him shocked ‘what?’

Arnav ‘yes, the other time when you fainted due to stomach pain was because someone had given you abortion pill.’ Khushi gasped. Arnav ‘I never thought that my own mom was trying to kill my baby.’

Arnav kissed his baby’s cheek, who smiled ‘I’m sorry beta you had to go through so much.’ And then looked at Khushi ‘Sorry for not able to stop this in time. If only I was more cautious then this could have been avoided, you and our baby would not have to go through all this pain.’

Khushi hushed me ‘Shhh Arnav ji we are fine because you had made everything fine, see we are happy here with you. Just forget all this happen, we should be happy that we three are together now.’ Arnav nodded at her pulling her to himself ‘this is his world’

Gunjan had being imprisoned for trying to kill the baby with Lalan, Arnav had cut his all ties with her and never once he went to visit her, for him she is dead. Arnav and Khushi along with children, yes now they are parents of two kids, a girl Heena Singh Raizada and boy Advay Singh Raizada. Buaji as Arnav requested had stayed back with them. Their small world cocooned by ASR’s love, care and protection is a heaven for Khushi, Heena and Advay who love Arnav as much as he loves them. Life is such a beautiful fairy tale for them , Arnav could see Khushi’s childhood in his daughter Heena and Khushi Arnav’s childhood in Advay since both the children are like their mother and father. Laughter and happiness is what RM is surrounded by, where one could feel the love through the air which happened to visit RM on its every occasion.


In remote area of our country and in some part of the village around still people believe girl's are burden and tried to kill them in mother's womb or else as soon as they are born....sad but hard truth.....

Do let me know about your views on this shot.....this shot was sleeping kept in my lappy for more than four months...and today I soon na....but I know I'm so lazy girl.....

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