The way of the ARSHI world (Sanchita's Index)

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Nov 29, 2013

The way of the ARSHI world (Sanchita's Index) (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 21 times)

Sanchita's Index

The biggest gift a writer has IMAGINATION. Imagination is a mental faculty of framing images of external objects which r not present to the five senses. But "Everything u can imagine is real"- Pablo Picasso

So, here is my imagining creativity with my favourite couple Arnav & Khushi. I use my imagination to create my stories.. This is the way of the Arshi world. Hope u guyz will enter my Arshi world..

Thank You Everybody...

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Apr 28, 2014

Continuation (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 17 times)

  1. Hello friends.. Here is the two new creation of mine..

OS: If They Have Proof*completed*

What if Khushi & Nk have the proof against Shyam that he kidnapped Arnav? What if Lavanya & Mami too joined hand with Khushi & NK to rescue Arnav? What if Arnav & Anjali both the sibling throw Shyam out of Shantivan when his truth is out? Now u must be thinking how's it possible.. Then click the link below & read the OS to know..


TS: NOTE Ne Bana Di Jodi *completed*

Can u ever imagine a currency note of rupees 1000 will play cupid between two people? If not then click the like below & read the TS.. & if yess then also read the TS & let me know whether I can match ur expectation..


Thank You



Aug 23, 2014

Few new creation........................ (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 14 times)

The new creation

Birthday Surprises *completed*

It is not wrong to expect wishes from your loved ones in your birthday... But what will you feel when you don't get any wishes form your family & friends? how will you feel when some unexpected things happened with you in your special day? do you want to know that? then click the link below & read this....

P.S : This is a two shot in the occasion of my princess Sravya aka Sravs aka Lucky_arshi & a non Arshi story


TS: happy Mothers day *ongoing*

A two shot in Mothers day Special.... Do you love your mother? If yes then you should read how Gupta & Raizada children have thought something special for their mothers....


OS: Thank You *completed*

This is another non arshi story of mine.. This story is about my friend Krithika aka Sree aka Krithika_Rshi who asked me to give her something special as BRIBE for making my birthday special....


Kaisa ye ISHQ hai, Ajab sa RISK hai *ongoing*

The title itself is telling the story.... Well it is saying that there is no fun in life if there is no risk in it? What will be happened if there is risk in the love life of the couples... wait did ai say that here is more than two couples? yessss you heard it right... This story is about five couples & their life.... & Whose ISHQ (Love) this is & for whom it's RISK, you need two find out yourself.... To know more click the link below.....


Thank you

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Jul 28, 2015

Few more creations.... (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 4 times)

Few more creations....

The Burning Chill *ongoing*


You got your graduation result and you are happy as you got the highest marks….. You and your siblings went to celebrate where you bumped with someone but you did not care much...After  Being followed by the same strangers and being kidnapped by them how will you react? What will happen when you get to know the real reason of being kidnap? Will you able to fall for your kidnappers? What will happen when they introduce you to a entirely different world of Werewolves whom you only know exist in the story books??

It's the story of Worewolves, soulmates and true loves.. If you believe in any of them then you should give the story a chance

Unwritten Destiny- Found My Love *completed*


What will happen if your parents fix an arrange marriage with the new hot professor of your college who is your best friends brother? Ah ha... Don't think too much... Just click the link above and know

It is a collab creation of mine with Krithika_Rshi... 

Wait, What????


A one shot of Nayasa_Khan's OS competition...

Thank You

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Oct 12, 2015

More creations (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 2 times)

Love Conquers All

One shot of Nanak's os competition.... The title says it all... Please peep in to know more....


Undeniable Attraction

One shot of kiddo_star aka Shreya and Farakhan aka Ayesha's os competition.... Two people... One college... A danger... How their undeniable attraction for each other going to survive? To know more you have to read... so... What are you waiting for? click on the link below and read to find out...


Thank you

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