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Oct 25, 2014

Chapter 48 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 11 times)

Chapter 48

The three pairs again came back at the road of Dilshad Mainsion with a plan

"don't know where phupi went am really worried for her"said Zoya worriedly

"yes am worried too she suddenly dissapeared it's shocking"said Asad

Khushi : can Demonio.....?

"no no it can't hapened stop talking rubbish Khushi"Arnav said angrily

Then everyone looked at Rishab, Rishab noticed it and understanding there gesture he smiled and start his work

Demonio looked in shocked at the glass ball where six were standing and discussing about Dilshad's dissapearence

"what is it hapening? First Dilshad got saved then they all dissapeared now when I could see them Dilshad is not present and they think I did it. But I didn't did it Calvin is also dead and why will Dilshad hide what is hapening where did she actually went?"Demonio questioned himself for the first time. Well it's start of such ' first time ' thing.

Rishab created a shield around all of them.

"that was tough"said Arnav sighing in relief

"yeah it was. To show fake expression as true was really tough especially for us who never did it"said Zoya supporting Arnav

"it's not time to discuss this. There are more tough and important work left let's start for it and end it soon"said Madhu seriously

"yes Madhu is right guys"said Asad

"so let's start"Khushi said

Arnav : first we need to find Demonio place

Rishab : it will be surely somewhere in that forest that Madhu saw

"right. We should search there only"said Khushi

"wow today my wife seems so serious"said Arnav pulling Khushi towards him

"Arnavvv"Khushi said angrily

"kya Khushi why do you all girls are same look at Arnav he so desperately want to be with you and you are always pushing him like our wifes"said Asad making Khushi embarrased while Arnav smirked

"yeah we so innocent boys"said Rishab making sad face and looking at Madhu

"woah why do you guys always think same thing huh? Here we need to fight with Demonio but you guys are like always in your own teen-boyish world"said Zoya rolling her eyes

Asad hold her from waist and pulled her closed to him looking at her intensely

"so let us stay here and you also come in our world huh"Asad said flicking Zoya right cheek

Rishab looked at Asya and then at Arshi and at last at her wife who looked at the couples with wide eyes. Rishab smirked and come closer to Madhu

"so my cute Biwi what say. Those 2 couple are busy in each other and there is no one else watching us so should we too?"Rishab asked

Madhu looked at him with open mouth in shock

""Madhu paused after every word and finally looking straight in Rishab eyes she completed "shameless"

Rishab jaws dropped, he looked at her shocked while she burst in laughter taking other couple attention too who were busy in looking in each other eyes

"what hapened Madhu why are you laughing?"Khushi asked clearing the awkward atmosphere of being seen lost infront of her friends

"nothing Khushi just Rishab told me a very funny joke so...."

"ohh tell us too na Rishab"Asad said grining knowing Rishab have been fooled by his dearest wife seeing his expression

"umm it's nothing special guys. Ahh we should really go in forest to end this Demonio game and then spend a blissful life"said Rishab

"yeah you are right Rishab"said Arnav

"I also agree after it only our wives will let us live with them"said Asad

Girls looked at the three in shocked ' how can they talked like this so openely infront of them? '

Looking at girls expressions boys burst in laughter while girls get to know that they were making fool of them

They looked away in anger

"Rishab I think we should start for our journey"Khushi said looking at Arnav in anger while strecthing her hands for teleporting in forest

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Nov 5, 2014

Chapter 49 - Evil traps (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 12 times)

Chapter 49

The six stood in the forest of don't know which place. They walked around there was no end of forest they could not figure where Demonio place is and where this place is

Asad : hey I remember we can find where Demonio is

Everyone looked at him with hope

Arnav : how?

"remember our powers? I can control the elements of nature na so I can control air too and it will only tell me where the place is"Asad told

Zoya : yes you are right

Asad start his magic and in a minute they could feel air directing them towards some place. They keep on walking and finally found themselves in front of a huge palace on the top of which was a huge statue of hawk matching the palace colour. As they looked around on both side of entrance there was a statue of lion. The palace was old so was it's statue and it looks scary

"this is surely Demonio palace look at the place it is so scary"Exclaimed Khushi

Arnav : you are right Khushi, the way it is designed seems the place of evil also who will live in such palace that too in the forest

Rishab : you guys are right but how we go inside we can't go just like that as it is evil place so there must be evil traps

Zoya : yeah I think we need a full proof plan at every step

Asad : we know that Zoya after all we are against Demonio not Zoya

Asad chuckled while Zoya give him an angry glare to which he shut up

Madhu was silent and was thinking deeply. Suddenly she spoke up

Madhu : I know what we need to do

Khushi : what?

Madhu : we all have powers, we have book too so our powers and the book will help us

Rishab : what do you mean Madhu?

Madhu : at first we need to know it's history which can help us. Wait

Madhu looked around the palace and then touch one wall of it. She remained there touching the wall and closing he eyes for few minutes. As everyone start to panicked Madhu opened her eyes. She looked at everyone

Madhu : there are traps at every step of this palace even from the first step entrance

Zoya : Madhu you have seen the all traps right?

Madhu noded

"then you must lead us and we will follow your steps"Zoya said

Madhu : I understand that Zoya but we all have to walk together any of us should not be in front or in back, there will be also points where we need to use our powers

"mean?"asked confused Arnav

Madhu explained "I couldn't see all traps and there will be many new traps too which I think Demonio must have laid as he must have started to doubt from now on. So...."Madhu looked at them

"you know what to do right?"Asad said

Madhu noded

"then what are you waiting for Madhu"said Arnav

Madhu :There will be many traps guys also there will be guards too so Zoya you have to read there minds as they must have known what is cooking in Demonio minds also Zo you have to keep your this power on all the time as guards might be hiding laying some traps. Asad you can control the elements of nature right? So you have to keep on controlling them every time, air the most important element of nature and our help it can tell us traps and hidden places.*to Khushi* you have to keep in mind that your power work as soon, there will be some trouble for us in future. Arnav you can just heal the wounds so you ar going to keep us invisible with the mantras in book. I will tell you guys the traps that I know and, I think Rishu you know your job fully right?*to which Rishab noded* okay then...."Madhu looked at all of them

"...let's start"completed Rishab

Zoya : wait

All look at her.

Zoya : aren't we forgetting something

All looked at her confused. Zoya extend her both hand. Others understood what she meant, they smiled and one by one they all hold each other hand and stood facing the palace with head held high they start to walk

Everyone did as they were told by Madhu, Rishab made shield around all of them, Arnav make them all invisible, Asad was controling air while our girls were keeping there senses alert

Madhu direct them as they walk inside the evil palace. There was eerie silence. They all walked slowly. Suddenly Khushi shouted


Everyone stopped but as it was late they had already step on the trap Khushi shouted again


Everyone bend down and an arrow with a fast speed pass through there head and went straight on the other wall. They all looked at it with wide eyes and then have a sigh of relief. They again start to walk

Zoya*closing her eyes* : guys I feel someone around stop right there

Everyone stopped hearing Zoya and wait for her to say something. After couple of seconds Zoya opened her eyes

"Guys we need to be alert here is one of Demonio man and he is thinking ' I need to attack on more places ' so it means he is attacking all around so that we become visible to them and according to me he is going to attack on us from our back so we need to be alert and as soon feel some movements we need to kill him. Remember our attack powers we need to use them only as we know we don't have time to wander around"Zoya told in low tone so that no one else apart the six of them heared it

Everyone noded

They took small steps as and at the same time looked around for any movement. Arnav who was in the cornor feels some movement next to him so he turned with a jolt and using his eyes power he attacks the person who came infront of him and being the saviour of the world, he has more power than atleast Demonio men so the man was killed than and there

Taking a deep breath everyone turned around and walked for there destination again

They were walking according to Madhu direction when Asad speak up

"guys walk backward"

Quickly everyone took a step backward and as soon they walked back the tiles there legs touch got straight spikes which could have pierced there legs completely

Asad has been told by the air that there were spikes under the earth down the tiles which will come outside as soon they will step on the those tile so he knew when he will stop them it will be late so he speak what was needed on the time of walking on those tiles

They walked little more but then again were stopped by Asad hurried voice

"walked back fast"

Everyone start to walk back quickly and that's when a huge cage fall down to cage them but they were saved by few steps

They looked at it horrified with every evil horrified trap coming infront of them everyone start to get fear in there heart but they fighted with it and were going to sigh in relief taking one step backward, as Khushi had gripped her fear late so when she get the glimpse of future trap they were already there but still she tried her luck

"bend fast"

There relief went in think air and getting grip on themselves they bend but Zoya was late as she has closed her eyes and hearing Khushi voice she was startled so she didn't bend as a result an arrow pierced through her. A cry escaped from Zoya lips andeEveryone looked at her horrified shocked, as they were Asad and Rishab were holding Zoya hands so when they sit down Zoya also partially bended due to the force but unluckily her left hand that was in Asad hand got untangled from his hand and was in air so the arrow just pierced her hand

"Zoya!"everyone said in union

Forgetting the situation everyone were about to walk towards her but Rishab stopped them all

"stop guys we can also be hurt just keep holding hands and Arnav please come here somehow"Rishab said

"but how Rishab? Am in this last end and Zoya in that"Arnav asked

Asad hold Zoya near to his heart who was wincing in pain

Asad : Arnav you walked here just like the way you are standing on our toes.*Arnav looked at him shocked* trust me Arnav. You will not hurt us as you will walk on air actually trust me now come here quickly Zoya's blood is spreading you need to heal it

Arnav noded and start to walk and as told by Asad he was actually walking in air so he rushed quickly and healed Zoya wound removing the blood stains too. After doing his work Arnav walked to his place again and they start to walk again

They had walked two floors up but they need to walk till 10th floor the last floor of the palace.

"wait"Zoya said

"guys am not feeling it right we had walked two floors from down but no one else has feel the danger from the first floor which was filled the dangers and Demonio men. How is it possible that Demonio let this floors like this without any trap"Zoya voiced his doubts

"I think he thought that no one can escape from those trap so he left these floors"Khushi said

Arnav*thinking* : no Khushi, Zoya is right it is not of Demonio to let any step without trap he is sharp that's why he is rulling bad world he can be not this much dumb

"yes you both are right wait let me check"Asad said closing his eyes and asking the air

After some time Asad opened his eyes terrified. He looked at everyone with terrified face but before he could say he was all more terrified


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Dec 4, 2014

Chapter - 50 - continuation (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 8 times)

Chapter - 50

The six looked shocked at the bunch of strange men surrounding them. They all looked at each other while Asad explain

"these are Demonio men they can see us our that book shield is the one that make us invisible but it is of no use here only Rishab shield can protect us but it can break down anytime. But whatever it is we are visible to everyone"Asad explained while taking positions to fight

They fight with them but it was getting quite difficult for them to fight with those powerfull man

"it is difficult to kill them"Rishab exclaimed

"then concentrate"Madhu said

Everyone did there best and kill them

Sighing in relief they walked again. They got saved from many traps when they reached 5th floor they couldn't figure the way. Everyone was suggesting there own way when they noticed Rishab was not there

"where is Rishab?"Khushi asked

Everyone looked at each other and were confused plus shock

"let's go back"Said Madhu

Arnav : no Madhu we can't be emotional we can't go back. Asad you see what actually hapened where he is?

Asad noded and checked

Asad : he was trapped on this floor only and we just can't go back we need to move forward

"but why? We should go back"Madhu said worriedly

Khushi : look Madhu if we will go back maybe we will be trapped too as a result we will be neither able to save Rishab nor ourselves

Madhu sighed and noded

The 5 walk to the new floor 6th one as they took there first step on it they found disturbance in walls which causes disturbance in there minds as a result they lost there concentration and fall into trap. Madhu and Khushi both get seperate from the group and collid with a wall which trap them and swap taking them away

"Khushi!"Arnav said extending his hand and taking one step forward but was caught by Asad who stopped him from taking more steps

"no Arnav you can't"Asad told him

Arnav sighed

Arnav : let's go

Asad looked at Zoya who looked at him with same expressions of sadness. They were falling in the traps which is not good for them

As they walked little more they were surrounded by traps again this time more strong. But holding eachother hand they got saved. Arnav walked absentmindely yet was very smartly saved by dangers with the help of Asad and Zoya who were getting worried now.

Arnav had never been away from Khushi. They had been together through thick or thin. Arnav resloution or he himself was never as strong as Khushi made him with her presence but without her he was nothing. He went through a lot of trauma after his parent death it was Khushi friendship that brought him back and attracted him towards her. In orphanage he was a lonely person a silent boy but as he met Khushi, she brought him back towards himself. And today during there huge fight for world and good they seperated in half way and Arnav was feeling guilty of not being with her of not saving her. Now he was worried what if he couldn't save her but save the world?

Asad and Zoya knew from what Arnav is going through and Zoya could clearly read his mind so she was worried the most which worried Asad too as he knew Zoya didn't get worried without reason and it was not the time to ask her anything because they can lose the control and can be trapped

8th floor, Arnav was exhausted now, phsically and mentally as much time was passing he got worried about Khushi safety and Rishab and Madhu who were also captured. Zoya looked at Asad with worried as this was not right all of there concentration is needed which they were not able to get due to Arnav trauma and Khushi, Rishab and Madhu safety. Though they were getting near to success but in all this they don't know what is hapening with them and whether they are okay and not? Even Asad power cannot find the answer which was scaring them to core as there is not much things which air couldn't tell or pass through.

As Arnav took a step forward on the marble, it dissapeared making Arnav fall into the hole while Asad and Zoya looked shocked hearing Arnav scream

They were alone now. They stood there

"Asad now what can we do? Without we 6 powers we cannot do anything and now just we both are left. How will we dodge the barriers and reached Demonio?"Zoya asked worriedly

Asad looked at her. He also don't know any answer. Thinking for a moment he replied

"don't worry Zoya we both can do it, see Madhu and Khushi see the troubles which air can tell us and about Rishab shield and Arnav healing power we have only one way to do the best of our fighting skills and killed the troubles avoiding every type of wounds. Also you can read mind and know who is around us hmm?"

Zoya noded but then again asked

"but Asad, Arnav, Khushi, Rishab and Madhu are in Demonio possession even if we reached till him how will we fight with him?"

Asad looked at Zoya thoughtfully. Zoya was right, to kill Demonio they have to get there friends back

"but what should we do? We don't even know where they are? Maybe they are on 10th floor with Demonio only"Asad asked

Zoya become silent and looked down. Asad was right too they cannot do anything and this helplessnes was troubling them most. Zoya looked at Asad and said

"should we jump in that same hole where Arnav fall? Then we will be able to help them"

Asad looked at Zoya shocked. He cupped her face

" Zoya... Don't worry am with you and if we do as you are saying we will be trapped too so for now we need to go to Demonio and Zoya......"

Zoya looked at Asad

"am with you we can fight with it"Asad side hugged Zoya

Precap : Demonio


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Dec 6, 2014

Chapter 51 - A step towards end (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 6 times)

Chapter 51 - A step towards end

Asad and Zoya took there first step on the Demonio palace last floor. They looked around shocked. The place was surely like a Devil lived in it. They looked up to see a huge seat very high. They walked looking around that's when they heared a voice

"welcome to my palace Asad and Zoya"

"ops you were already welcomed in my palace now welcome to my chamber"and he laughed out loud evilly

Asya looked at the seat that was high and could see some one sitting there

"Demonio!"Asad and Zoya exclaimed finally they got him

"yes me"

"why are you sitting there and playing your dirty game come down and fight with us"Asad said in angered that was brewing in him from the time they entered the palace

"ahan looking like some one really want his death. Being in my chamber you are challenging me? But look I forgot your mistake and anyways how can you fight with me when your friends are with me"And he laughed out again

The curtains fall from the wall and they could see there 4 four friends being captive seperately on the four wall in a glass. There eyes and hands were tied so they couldn't attack.

"what do you want"It was a fool question yet Zoya couldn't help but ask

"that's foolish question my dear Zoya. But here I am giving you two your friends life. I will not do anything to them but you guys will. You have to play a game it will be of four parts in every part you can save your one friends but if you lose then you will lose your one friend say do you both accept it"

Asad and Zoya looked at each other

"which type of game?"Asad and Zoya asked

"nothing difficult but a fight with my men who will either kill your friend or you will kill him so let's start it"

Asad and Zoya got little afraid as the place around them changed and Rishab stood in a cage in side while they saw a gigantic man with a long tail and some what wolf structure

Asad tried to attack him but his attacks went useless as he was more powerfull. He threw Asad away making him to wince in pain while he walked towards Rishab

Asad again stood up and tried to attack him with his powers but useless. Zoya walked towards Asad

"Asad we both have to fight with him together and have to find his weakness because I think there must be some point on hitting which we can kill him"

Asad noded. He and Zoya tried to attacked him but all they got was he walked little back and walked again.

"Zoya... Look stake."

Zoya looked at Asad and could understand what he mean. She noded. Asad goes to took stake while Zoya keep on attacking on man so that he walked backward and don't come to Rishab. Asad took stake and closing his eyes he ran towards him and jumping he stabbed it in his heart. He start to shook violantly making Asad fall back. Zoya went and hold Asad. Both looked at him they were afraid what if he got more angry but got a sigh of relief as they saw him ending as a sand. They rushed towards Rishab and save him

They again found themselves in Demonio chamber

"oh I see you got your one friend but others are still left."though Demonio said calmly but he was angered on his failure

The room changed and they found themselves in a room surrounded by many mirrors. They looked at mirrors and then at each other confused

"help! Help!"they heared screams and looked around to see Madhu and Khushi each in every mirror

As Rishab took forward towards Madhu in mirror he heared another voice

"no Rishab she is not Madhu am Madhu"He turned to see a voice from other mirror

"wait... I think we have to choose right mirror all of these and that too either Khushi or Madhu and I think we must have one chance keeping in mind Demonio bad plan"Zoya said

"no I don't think it's the matter remember Zoya he said that either we will lost one friend or get one in these four parts and if in it we have to gain and lost both then Demonio must have not said four parts"Asad said calculating everything together

"then there is one thing."Rishab said

Asad and Zoya looked at Rishab

"in all of these Madhu and Khushi there must be one right person either Madhu or Khushi"

"that is problem we don't even know right person in all of them even we don't even know whom we have to save in this part Khushi or Madhu"Asad said

They all looked at each other and stood in confusion they couldn't think straight due to the voices all around them

"guys who was trapped after me?"Rishab asked

Asad and Zoya looked at him they could understand what he was saying but then they sighed saying

"both together"

Rishab : damn!

Asad : should I use my powers

"no Asad it will not work because you can just control the nature elements and these are Demonio traps here only air can help us who will itself get confused"said Zoya sighing

"it is a mind game we need to think only it can help us"Rishab said

They stood there thinking for a moment

"wait... If Khushi and Madhu was trapped together it cannot changed the fact that first, one of both was trapped but due to being together the other was also trapped too"Zoya said remembering the scene

"yeah right and the one who stepped on the trap first will be the one whom we have to save"Asad said happily

Rishab : but how will we know who stepped first?

"Zoya we should try to remember who was the first"Asad said looking at Zoya

Zoya noded. Both tried to remember but they couldn't figure out

Zoya*helplessly* : we could not remember

They again stood helpless they again returned at the same place where they were. They were confused

Rishab : we are left with one choice we have to see these mirrors with concentrate and should see if there is some one who is different from all other only than we can find real Madhu or Khushi

Asad and Zoya looked at him and then noded they were only left with this choice. They spread and looked at all of them closely but still couldn't find them.

"we have to find it,maybe it will be some tiny difference"said Asad

They again looked around when Rishab called them. They walked towards him

Rishab was overjoyed he told them with happiness

"look this tiny red colour in Madhu mang sacred sindoor which no one else had"

Asad and Zoya looked and were happy too. They touched the mirror together resultantly all mirrors got broken. They were shocked did they choose wrong person?

Precap : "Demonio won Asad we lost it"


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Chapter 52 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 8 times)

Chapter 52

Zoya, Asad and Rishab looked at each other shocked, confused and scared. A fear engulfed them as they saw every mirror broken down in pieces. They feel there eyes getting teary yet a hope still lingering in there heart. They were in state of shocked when they heared it


They looked back to see Madhu with teary eyes. They feel like there soul returned in there body. They themselves get tears in there eyes and ran towards Madhu

"Madhu... You are fine na"Rishab said chocking

Madhu noded with a smile and tears in her eyes. Rishab caressed her face to check if she is actually fine. He quickly hugged her. Zoya and Asad looked at them happily

"you scared me Madhu. You scared me"

"am fine Rishu"Madhu replied in his arms

"ufff now stop your emotional drama"They heared Demonio voice

The four looked to see them back in front of Demonio

"ahh you won 2 parts but still two remains so better concentrate on it"Demonio said

"you shouldn't worry about us Demonio infact you should worry about yourselve your death is near"Rishab said angrily

"we will see"came a reply

The place again folded and they found themselves in a desert area. They looked around to find if there is Khushi or Demonio men but they were alone. That's when they heared Demonio voice

"Go find your friend you have fifteen minutes in this time only you have to find and fight"And he laughed"your time starts now!"

The four looked at each other

"we have to get divided in two teams"Madhu said

"yes. Rishab you and Madhu go in this way me and Zoya will go on that way"Asad said

They noded and then couple went in different directions

Both couple found Demonio men as barrier. They fight but they couldn't go as his men keep on increasing

"Madhu you go away I will handle them we have less time"Madhu noded and start to run away

Here Zoya and Asad couldn't get chance to even talk and Demonio were increasing in a large number

"Zoya please you go I will handle these monsters"Asad shouted

"no Asad I can't go they will not let me"Zoya shouted back

"ahh"Asad groaned in frustration

While fighting Asad advanced towards Zoya who was getting trouble to fight with them

Just 5 minutes were remaining. Asad handled the monsters and ordered Zoya to leave for which she noded and using her powers of fast moving she ran away

Just two minutes were remaining yet neither Zoya nor Madhu found Khushi about Boys there busy in fighting with Demonio sticky men

Zoya and Madhu used the best of there powers but found nothing.

"ohh God what should I do now? Just one minute in remaining"Zoya and Madhu asked themselves

"no I can't lose hope I should concentrate"Zoya told herself

Zoya and Madhu concentrate in finding Khushi but in vain

Just 2 seconds were remaining now

Madhu and Zoya start to lose hope as they found themselves together in a desert area again. They looked at each other with fear and shock to find themselves here when they walked differently

"Khushi!"They shouted as they found time runing out of there hands

They had losed all hopes when but then they heared Khushi voice. They looked at each other and ran fast no less than wind and found Khushi at the last second

Here all the monsters got together to attack on Asad and Rishab making them scared

The place again changed into Demonio chamber and Asad, Rishab sighed in relief knowing if there would have been even second late then they must have been dead by now

"Am impressed."Demonio said sarcastically

"don't be sarcasm Demonio. Now start your countdown"shouted Rishab

Demonio laughed replying"first get save from my this last weapon they say this"

The room changed and this time they were near the beach

They looked around to know what they have to do when to there shocked they found Arnav walking towards them but then they felt something fishy as they could see Arnav walking like he was under some spell

They looked at each other gulping down the fear that start to arouse in there hearts thinking about the Demonio plan

Arnav came and stood infront of them and smirk

"hey guys, will not you play volley ball with me today"He asked

The others just gulp while Arnav start to laugh out loud. He then again walked towards them and standing just few feet away from them he asked

"do you guys get scared? Am not powerfull it's Demonio you should be scared of him"He asked in scary tone confirming there doubts

That's when they heared Demonio

"ahan don't think that this time you will get him out of spell by fight this time fight will result in death"and he laughed

"ahh nothing like that Arnav, let's play volley ball"Rishab said trying to calm his nerves while others looked at him shocked thinking what is he planing?

"Rishab what are you doing?"Madhu communicate through there minds

Rishab remained unaffected and looking at Arnav replied back through the same medium, mind

"am trying to confuse him till then you guys try to find some way to make him normal"

"but he can hurt you Rishab"Asad interrupt

"no problem you guys do your work"Rishab replied back taking a step forward towards Arnav

"let's do it Arnav you and me"Rishab said to Arnav

"ahhh why we both? They all are here why not we all play together?"Arnav asked smirking

"ughh Arnav we want to rest for some time till then you and Rishab play"Khushi said

Arnav looked at Khushi seriously

"Oh Khushi you are my wife how can you leave me alone?"Arnav asked moving towards her

Khushi got scared and take a step backward. Khushi quickly walked away from Arnav

"ohh I see you got to know me not bad"Arnav said laughing loud

"stop this madness Arnav you are our friend"Asad explained

Arnav stopped laughing and looked at them seriously

"you will pay for this"

Arnav start to attack them while they tried to saved themselves and at the same time tried to make them remember his true identity but all in vain

"Asad I think we lose it"Zoya said with sadness

Khushi looked at Zoya. She felt a pang in her heart. She looked at Arnav and tried to think for a way out of it that's when she got a flashback

Asad and Rishab were playing video game. They were hardly in there teens. Rishab lost the game while Asad start to boost

"Come one Asad how come you win everytime? It is so complicated game still?"Rishab said

"look Rishab you need to concentrate on every tiny things if there is a conspiracy then there is a way to break it down just a small hint you need for it"Asad explained

"oh that's it? Okay i'll try it next time"Rishab said

Khushi looked all around but she just find sand and water. Water! It clicked Khushi's mind. She thought to walk towards water or asked some one else but then she found all of them away from water saving themselves. Infact she herself was far from it. She was frustrated. She looked all over again to find something that can confuse Arnav but found nothing. There was no place to hide from Arnav's constant attacks and reach to water

"Zoya... Water! We need to throw it on Arnav. Think something to reach there and pass the word."Khushi conveyed her thoughts

Zoya looked at her alarmed hearing her thoughts and noded. She passed Khushi plan to everyone else. They all start to think for a plan to reach there and at the same time were dodging Arnav's blow

"Sand!"Khushi thought and looked at Zoya who looked back at her hearing her and understanding her plan

"guys listen, throw sand in his eyes"Zoya conveyed to all

As Arnav was about to attack Asad, he bended and filled his fist with sand meantime everyone else also filled there hands. They blinded Arnav with constant sand throwing while Khushi walked towards the sea. She looked around to fill it in something when she found broken coconut

She filled it with water and goes near Arnav. As soon Arnav got to see things clearly Khushi threw whole water on him bringing him back to himself

"Khushi..." Arnav said rubbing his eyes

Khushi smiled and hugged him

Demonio looked at them fuming while couples stood together with a smile

"your weapons are of no use Demonio come down and fight with us instead of sitting there"Arnav shouted at him

Demonio stood up letting a light to fall on it revealing his evil face and shocking everyone. Arnav took a step backward in shocked while others looked at each other

Precap : last part


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Dec 15, 2014

Chapter 53 ~ The last battle - The END (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 8 times)

Chapter 53 - Tha last battle

Arnav was more than shocked to look at the Demonio

Demonio, the king of dark world was somewhere like Arnav his features, resemble much to Arnav. Demonio smiled looking at there faces

"What hapened? Why are you so shocked?"Demonio asked

"you... Arnav"Khushi mummbled looking at Arnav and Demonio

What relation do they have? Why do they resemble each other so much?

It was the only question in everyone mind

"ahh now don't make fuss of it am getting bored"Demonio mocked

"whatever it is... You are not like Arnav so don't be happy about it"Said Khushi angrily

"aww I got scared"Said Demonio

Demonio eyes then turned into anger like a fire was set on them. He looked at them and hurled his attack towards Asad who dodged it at nick of time

They knew the last battle of life, for world has started and also they have to win it. They know it

Zoya gave a quick reply of Demonio attack by attacking in return who didn't react much as Zoya attack was weak.

"is this what you have"Demonio asked before attacking on her

Zoya also attacked at same time and there power collid as Demonio was king of dark world his power was almost near to Zoya when all the friends hurled there attack and Demonio attack went on side wall destroying it almost

Demonio growled in anger and attack again this time on Rishab who got injured on his arm but still gave the reply of Demonio attack which was not of much use

Demonio start to attack powerfully while couples attack were nothing they didn't even gave Demonio a scratch

The 6 got tired due to continuoes dodging and attacking even some of them got little injured in the process

"oh it's really a cat dog game am bored of it"Demonio said

The six looked at each other. They knew that Demonio was going to attack back that too strong one. They need to do something

"guys! I think we need to do full concentration in this"said Khushi

They noded in agreement. But before they could do anything Demonio attacked on Khushi

Khushi, to dodge his attack concentrated and used her power with all her might and threw. Demonio attack went back on Demonio only who got hurt on his arm and growled in pain

Everyone looked at each other and noded they knew what the needed to do. They all attacked one by one as a result Demonio fell on his knees

The six walked towards him his head was almost near there feet

"you are dead Demonio"Madhu said with anger

They all were about to attack together when Demonio shouted

"Arnav! Will you kill your father?"

They stopped and looked at Demonio. They were shocked especially Arnav

Father! Wasn't it too much?

"you.... You are lieing"Arnav whispered

"no Arnav am your father I am sorry for what I did with your mother and her friends. They all believed me but I.... I killed them all am sorry. Am really repenting"Demonio said almost crying

Arnav was shocked. His friends and wife support her

They all were busy processing the truth when Demonio stood up and attacked on them but Arnav turned and attacked back in fury

Demonio laid dead. Demonio attack was powerfull but Arnav attack was more powerfull as a result Demonio died, when fury mixed then biggest things happened. Arnav and others looked at dead Demonio shocked

Suddenly walls start to shake and crumble. Arnav keep on looking at Demonio while all others start to look around then they rushed to Arnav

"Arnav... Let's go."Khushi said shaking Arnav

Arnav gaze was still on dead Demonio who declared himself his father. Others looked at each other and gulped the fear that start to arouse in there hearts. They again looked at Arnav who was all blank

"Arnav chalo"Said Khushi dragging him

They almost dragged Arnav towards the door of 9th floor but found it close with falling stones

Then they all walked towards the window while Khushi was still dragging Arnav who was all blank

Rishab looked down from the window and could see they cannot jumped

"we are trapped!"Rishab exclaimed

They looked at him except Arnav whose gaze was still on the dead Demonio

"we have to jump!"Asad said

"but how?"Madhu asked

"air!"Zoya exclaimed looking at Asad who noded

They all decided to jump as the whole building was almost crumbling down.

"we have to jump Arnav"Khushi whispered to Arnav

Arnav looked at Khushi and others too. There was just a some seconds left so they all hold each other hand and jumped

Khushi cried in Zoya arms who also has tears in her eyes. Others looked at them with tears. They couldn't see Khushi breaking down like this

They all looked at the crumbled building infront of them with tears

"we need to move from here Khushi or else we will be trapped. This place is Demonio spell and can stop us from going out after his death"Zoya told softly

"no... No am not going anywhere am not"Khushi cried looking at the crumbled building

"you are behaving like him Khushi we had already lost him we cannot afford to lose you Khushi"Asad told silently

"but how can I Asad? He was my husband. How can I left just like that? I know Arnav is alive I know"Khushi said between sobs

"Khushi he is dead. Look at this crumbled palace there is nothing left. He himself choosed this"Madhu told Khushi

"let's go Khushi. Come, for us"Rishab said supporting Khushi in standing up

Khushi stood up while crying heavily. Giving one last glance to place they teleport to the place where they left Dilshad

Khushi sit on the sofa like a lifeless body. She had lost her love, her husband, her Arnav. Tears flow from her eyes as she remembered the moment

As they all jumped on air Khushi hand was seperated from Arnav. She looked back in horror and saw Arnav standing near the window with a weak smile. As she tried to go towads him palace crumbled into pieces

Dilshad looked at her with sadness. Just now they reached home and others told her about Arnav. Dilshad move towards Khushi and pat her head

"This was suppose to happened Khushi. In such a big war you have to lose one or the other thing"Dilshad said

Khushi hugged her and cry

Asad, Zoya and Madhu Rishab stood in each other arms with tears glistening in there eyes seeing Khushi



That's it guys. I know what you guys are thinking it was not suppose to end like this but this is what hapened. You can throw tomatoes on me but guys think can all 6 people come out safe and sound without any scratch after such a huge war? Can they?

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Dec 23, 2014

What do you want next? Leave coment+votes (By Starmuski)


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Season 2
Dec 24, 2014

Epilogue (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 3 times)


"arre stop it Asad! Am full!"Zoya exclaimed as Asad put a morsel of food in her mouth

"no way Zo! It is about my little Zoya too"Asad said dipping roti in salan

Madhu and Rishab smiled at there antics

"Learn something from him Rishu"Madhu said in Risab ears

Rishab looked at her as if she grow horns

"I think it is always you Madhu, who stopped me"Rishab replied back

Madhu shrugged off her shoulder

"am missing them Asad!"Zoya said suddenly, wiping off smiles from all of their faces

They all looked down sad on the seperation for their friends

"Don't be sad Zoya, it is nature rule, the one who born, has to die"Dilshad said touching Zoya head with affection

"but Khala, it's Arnav whom we have lost! We can accept this loss too but what about Khushi, Khala? She is just ruining her health by locking up herself in that room. We can't afford to lose her Khala"Madhu said sad at their loss

Dilshad sighed

"but we can't do anything too, Madhu"Dilshad said sadly

"I don't know why she just don't understand"Rishab said almost angry on his little sister who is ruining her health for something that she can't achieve

"She was holding his hand Rishab, when Arnav left her hand, she is broken we can't do anything"Asad said

"but why? Why can't we bring her to normal she has whole life to live. It had been two weeks Asad, two weeks! They are enough to detoriate someone health"Rishab asked frustrately

"Rishab is right! We need to do something to bring her back to normal. She.... She had just gone to trauma even in first week she was crying out loud that her Arnav is alive and she is...almost dead with just tears in her eyes"Dilshad said remembering the trauma that Khushi is going through

"Phupi we are with you in everything, to bring her back to normal"Zoya said holding Dilshad hand

Dilshad smiled at her

"You don't be sad Zoya, she will be back to herself soon. But you take care of yourself for that small life that is living in your womb"Dilshad said

Zoya smiled touching her womb

"for now let's just give her today night time. We will start to do something by tomorrow"Asad said

Khushi looked at her and Arnav marriage picture. Tears were flowing from her eyes like they had been from the past one week

"where are you Arnav? You know your ladly sister Zoya, she is going to be mother! Yes she is going to become mother Arnav."said Khushi smilingly

"I have got tired for waiting for you, and making everyone understand that you are alive. You are alive na, that's why am alive. I know my heartbeats are enough to keep you alive and to make your heart beat, I know!"Khushi said looking at Arnav picture, sadly

Khushi felt thirsty, she found jug empty. She stood up to go downstairs but felt dizzy. In this two week, she had gone all weak. With slow steps she walked outside.

She found everyone sitting in dining room. Khushi walked down the stairs

"Arnav!"Khushi said holding her head as dizzy spell return and she found herself englufed in darkness. But instead of falling down, she found herself in a strong arms

Asad, Zoya, Madhu, Rishab and Dilshad were talking when they heared Khushi voice. They turned to see her holding her head and was about to fall down at any minute

Asad rushed and hold Khushi in his arms before she fall down. He quickly took her in her room while everyone else follow

"Rishab, call the doctor"Asad said

Rishab : I had already called her

After some time their family doctor came. She did her checkup

"am surprised to see Khushi in such state. It's first time that Khushi is in such situation"Doctor exclaimed while checking Khushi

Everyone looked down sad

"you all wait outside and let me do her checkup"doctor said

The five noded and walked outisde

After sometime

Doctor came out and looked all of their worr faces

"how is she doctor?"Dilshad asked

"where is Arnav?"Doctor asked ignoring Dilshad question

Everyone looked down guilty. They didn't told anyone that Arnav is dead because they knew there will arose many questions of his body, which they don't have and the reason behind his death which is too supernatural for anyone to believe

"He is no more Doctor!"Rishab told in low voice

"what! No one wonder Khushi is in such situation"Doctor said shocked

"Anyways am not here for any such talks I wanted to tell that"Doctor stopped for a moment

"Khushi is too much weak due to lack of nutriution and sleep. You guys need to keep her happy, and make sure she eat properly"Doctor told

"but doctor for now, she is in trauma how can we....."Zoya trailed

"look Zoya, you all need to do this it's important"She took a deep breath before breaking news

"She is pregnant"

The five stood rooted to their spot. Khushi! Pregnant! How is Khushi going to react? This thought was going in everyone mind.

Khushi, slowly opened her eyes to find everyone sitting around her except one, whom she wished to see from the past two week, her Arnav, her Life. She closed her eyes again, feeling the pain of seperation but opened them soon after

"How are you feeling now Khushi?"Dilshad asked sitting beside her, caressing her hairs

Khushi looked at Dilshad with sad smile

"do I need to tell you this, Khala?"Khushi asked with painfull voice

"he is dead Khushi! He is dead! Stop mourning for him and start to live your life Khushi! You have whole damn life to live"Rishab said angrily, he was tired of seeing his baby sister suffering bits. He feared of losing her, like his brother, his friend, Arnav.

"stop it! Stop it Rishab! My Arnav is alive, he is alive! Can't you see am living, am breathing it is a big proof that he too is living somewhere"Khushi screamed back not accepting the fact

Zoya wiped her tears and taking a deep breath left from there while everyone stood confused, thinking what she is upto now?

After sometime, Zoya came with a soup bowl. She sit beside Khushi and bring the spoon near her mouth but Khushi looked away not wanting to eat

"Khushi, eat it"Zoya said in strong voice

Khushi looked at her

"I don't want to, Zoya! I will it later. Don't bother yourself, you have another life to take care of"Khushi said

"and what about the life that you have to take care of? The life that is growing in your womb Khushi?"Zoya asked accusingly

Tears roll down Khushi's cheeks and her hand automatically touched her stomach, a small smile lingers on her lips as she asked

" pregnant?"

Zoya noded and then cleaned her tears and forward spoon full of soup

"now drink it!"Zoya said with a small smile

Khushi smiled and drinked the soup with mixed emotions.

Khushi stood outside in the balcony, leaning on railing and gazing starry sky. The cool breeze was fanning her face and hairs, her angelic face shining under the dim moonlight making her look like an Angel on earth.

Khushi took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh cool air as she caressed her stomach with a dazzling smile lingering on her lips which she lost two weeks before

"we are going to be parents Arnav"She whispered as she looked at sky

"I know you are somewhere, fighting with your ownself, come back soon Arnav am waiting for you! Come back soon!"Khushi prayed in low voice not less than whisper, closing her eyes

A star broke down with a huge light making Khushi opened her eyes

Khushi smiled brightly as she saw the broken star but she didn't knew which wished it accepted in which way, good or bad it will tell time


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