Supernatural Love... *completed*

Dec 6, 2013

Supernatural Love... (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 48 times)

Hi guys,

A new story from me and Manal Asyalover270.It is a crossover of 3 serials. IPKKND...QH.....MEIEJ..


Life of 6 best friends forever , who are bounded to each other with the sacred relationship of love.

Got success even in their college life by working hard along with studies....

They were leading a easy and smooth life when something extraordinary happened and changed their life and the world around them....

One trip

One revelation and

One decision changes their whole life.....

to know more read our story SUPERNATURAL LOVE


Starmuski and asyalover270

Dec 6, 2013

Chapter 1.......... (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 42 times)

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Okay now won't waste time with my blabbering and head straight to the story....

The Sun was shining brightly removing the curtains of night....But Whoopes ! Look here what's going on.....6 lazy creatures are still snuggling in the coziness of the pillows and beds and warmth of the blanket but that won't be lasting for long because they heard a voice coming from down stairs "Zoya ,Khushi,,Madhu,Asad,Arnav and Rishab...Get up children it's already 8..You have to go to college."

6 heads shot up at once listening what time it is and made a run for their bathrooms. The first to reach the Dining table was a girl with hair till her shoulders ,Black jeans ,Red full-sleeves top  and her Jigar ka Tukda her iPad in her hand whished the lady with a charming smile. "Good morning Phuphi " Dilshad gladly replied "Good morning Zoya. Baaki sab kaha hai ? "(Where are the others ?)

Zoya replied "Oh come on Phuphi ! So rahe honge. (They must be sleeping) "

"ACHCHA ?(Oh really ?)came up an echo from 5 people standing on the stairs.

The tallest of them was wearing a white colour casual T-shirt with blue jeans.

The second guy was wearing a grey T-shirt with black denim jeans and a coat over it.

The third one was wearing a shirt with the top 3 buttons open and a normal jeans.

The taller girl of them had waist lenght hair and she was wearing a baby pink top with a long skirt  and the second girl was wearing jeans with knee-lenght top and her hair were in a high ponytail.

Zoya gulped knowing what was coming ahead and hid behind Dilshad . She smiled because she knew however big fight they all have at the end of the day all were always together

She said to the guys "Arnav,Asad and Rishab leave her. Bachchi hai(She is a child)" Arnav replied "Aunty ab vo 22 years ki hai,bachchi nahi(Aunty she is 22 years old now ,She is not a kid)"

Dilshad turned towards the girls and said "Khushi aur Madhu tum to man jaou na (Khushi and Madhu atleast you listen to me na)" Madhu said "Khala aap bheech mein mat padiye(Khala please you dont come in between)"

Atlast seeing that this 'war' is heading to no where she said to all "Achcha theek hai. I'm sorry. Ab to leave me na yaar (Okay fine ! I am sorry ! At least now leave me na yaar)" All smiled amd said in together "Awww Now leave it na...We cant stay angry at you for long afterall....We love you Zoya !"

Zoya replied with the most sugar - coated voice ever "I love you all too ! "

They all were happy not knowing a storm will come changing the world that revolves around them and their lives which were for each other....

Finally ! 1st Chapter is posted....Well next chap will be from Starmuski....Read,comment,like and most of all enjoy...

Bye for now !



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Dec 7, 2013

Chapter - 2 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 31 times)

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Zoya replied with the most sugar - coated voice ever "I love you all too ! "

Every one smiled.

"Okay come breakfast is ready or are you guys planning to be late on your very first day? ” asked Dilshad raising her eyebrow

All 6 of them nodded in no and headed towards the Dining table while Dilshad followed them. All took their respective seats and each one of them served themselves.

They finished their breakfast.

"Okay guys come we are getting late” said Khushi watching the time on her wrist watch.

Others nodded and headed outside while Dilshad wished all of them best of luck.

The 6 of them sat in three black Mercedes in pairs.

Zoya and Asad in first one. Madhu and Rishab in second one while Arnav and Khushi in the third one.

Once all settled in the cars they eyed each other and smirked and then suddenly

ZOOOOOOM !!!!!!!

Their cars zoomed out of the mansion on the road of Forks, Washington.

It was looking like they were having a race as the cars were in full speed and no one was letting any one to over take the other.

Soon the cars came to a halt screeching.

Doors opened and the 3 couples came out and stood together looking at the building of their new college.

Forks High School Home of the Spartans.

"As usual no one won!” said Arnav taking away his eyes from the college name.

”Snap out Arnie! we all are the winners" said Khushi looking at Arnav.

Arnav rolled his eyes.

"As usual your talks! which I never understand. How many time I told you Khush that I mean no one particular win "Retorted Arnav.

"come on yaar what’s wrong with you guys. Every time we tell you guys that both of you are right. You both have such a cute and loving jodi but you  guys always end up fighting on this or that "said Zoya smiling.

"Zoya look at them na they are fighting sooo cutely "said Asad playfully pinching her

The 6 of them smiled and said together.


Together they all entered.

Every student inside the college gasped.

The boys were jealous seeing the three angels with other boys and not with them , while the girls were jealous seeing the three handsome hunk with other girls and not with them.

Arshi , Rishbala and Asya looked at each other and smiled hearing the students gossiping on them.

This was not new for these 6 best friends or may I say couples because wherever they go every one becomes jealous and talks about them.

They kept on walking until some seniors who were lost in them came in their senses and called them out.

"Hey you juniors "came a senior in front of them.

"Yes senior" said Rishab rolling his eyes.

"Hey you don’t show us attitude. We are your seniors"The boy said with atitude

"What did he do Mr. Senior "asked Madhu innocently

"He He...."that boy stammered.

"Looking like some one lost his track in jealousy” said Khushi giggling.

Khushi ,Zoya and Madhu high-fived.

That boy was embarrassed he was so jealous with these couples that before saying something he didn’t even thought, another boy came for his rescue.

"Excuse me you are juniors so you can’t question us in fact you have to answer us and do what we say"He said with his atitude

"ok sir! so what we have to do or have to answer” asked Zoya in her sugar coated voice innocently and batting her eyelashes continuously

that boy was lost in her while Asad was angry on him seeing his love like this

"looking like they have nothing to ask lets go guys” said Asad annoyingly burning in jealousy

all 6 so away from there

Third boy came towards that 2 boys

"are u guys fool? Why do you leave them without ragging” said that man angrily

the other two looked at him and then down giving him his question answer

bell ring and classes start

Asya Arshi and Rishbala were seating as a couple and the three couples  were sitting on there nearly desk

professor came and everyone stood up wishing him

"good morning students!"Professor whished them and the wished back "good morning sir!"

"So everyone here we have six more students in your class" Professor introduced the 6 best friends and then continued to his lecture


I hope it was long one

enjoy while reading

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next update from asyalover270


Starmuski and Asyalover270

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Dec 9, 2013

Chapter 3 is out for sale... (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 37 times)

Hey guys,

Manal (Asyalover270) here once again back with an update

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Now back to the story….

After the lecture of the professor ended all went to the canteen.

They all were sitting together.

Rishab said “Wait I will go and get the food for all of us”

All of them agreed. He went and got the food as ordered by all of them. They all were sitting when 3 boys came and sat on the table next to them. They were completely lost in Zoya, Madhu and Khushi. The girls noticed that and they got a stupid but full of fun plan. They wanted to make their boys jealous. They all eyed and winked at each other. They started chatting in low but audible voices that the boys could listen to their talks.

Zoya said “Look at those boys Madhu and Khushi. They are so cute.”

Khushi nodded her head in agreement “Yeah you are totally right. What say Madhu ?”

Madhu shook her head thinking these two are totally crazy but nevertheless joined in the fun” Totally correct. They are sooo cute”

They went on talking according to their plan not knowing the results they would get later on. Rishab walked up to the girl who was sitting on the front seat “ Can I sit here Madam?”

The girl gladly replied in agreement. Asad and Arnav did the same.

The girls had their mouths hanging on seeing that their Boys…THEIR BOYS were sitting and chatting with other girl. They got sooo angry that they walked away. They went to the parking lot and sat in Zoya and Asad’s Mercedes and drove back to home.

When the boys noticed that the girls were nowhere to be seen they got worried.

Asad said to Arnav “I think our plan went a little to far than expected”

Arnav said” I too think the same.”

They saw Rishab coming panting and sweating. They went towards him and Arnav asked “What happened buddy ?”

Rishab replied” Our plan has been a great and I mean it a great flop. The girls have taken Asad’s car and drove back to home.”

Asad and Arnav replied together in shocked voices “WHAT…!!”

Rishab said “Yeah..I am coming from the parking lot and their Asad’s car is not in place”

The boys called Dilshad on the home telephone and she picked it up. They did not even wait for her to say hello and started barking questions on the phone. “Are the girls at home?Did they reach safely?’

Dilshad replied “Yes the girls are at home and they reached safely. They were very angry and silent. What have you done?” She asked in an angry tone.

they told her that they would answer all of her questions but first they are coming home.

The boys drove as fast as they could and reached home. Just as they reached home they saw that there was and angry Dilshad waiting for them with a serious look.

Asad said” Ammi what happened?Why are you angry?”

Arnav and Rishab also asked the same.

Dilshad said ”The girls are very angry and they have not spoken a word since they have reached here.”

The boys looked at her with guilt-filled eyes and told her what had occurred in the college.

Dilshad said “Ya Allah ! Are you guys crazy? How can you do this when you know how sensitive they are regarding you?”

The boys apologized thoroughly and they heard some sniffing and sobbing from the stairs. They saw that they were crying. That was too much for them and they without a second thought rushed to their beloved ones. They apologized once again too much and the girls soothed down a bit.

They all had their dinner and went back to their rooms for sleeping.

All of them were sleeping peacefully but one soul was turning ,twisting, and sweating. And finally she could no longer take the torture and woke up screaming and waking everyone else in the house.Asad came running hearing his Zoya scream in her sleep and knew why she did so.

he switched on the lights of her room and went and took her in his arms.

By that time all of them had reached her room.There they saw Zoya in Asad’s arms and he was whispering soothing and calming words in her ear. They all knew what was coming ahead the next day and were mentally prepared for it.

That was a long one I hope…

Please like,comment,and enjoy...

Bubye !



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Dec 9, 2013

Chapter 4 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 38 times)

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Chapter 4

Next morning

Sunlight was peeping in the every room of mainsion

But today tables has turned the 6 creatures best friends forever who always want to sleep more and more were not willing to sleep infact everyone were awake laying on there bed especially Zoya.

Silent tears were flowing continuesly from her eyes which were red now.

The mainsion was silent which was usually fill with cheerfull voices at this time

Arshi Rishbala and Asad came towards dinning table silently.

Dilshad was already presnt there

"she didnt came na"asked Khushi

Dilshad noded.

Arshi and Rishbala fill there plates with food while Asad fill two plates with food and friends went in Zoya room while Dilshad stood there seeing them.

The 5 friends knocks on the door of Zoya bedroom

Zoya was sitting on sofa silently crying hearing knock she wipes her tears and opened the door.

Arshi Rishbala and asad with plates came in and went in the balcony and sit on one of the 6 chairs with a table in middle of them.

Zoya closed the door and came in balcony and sit on the empty chair near the Asad.

"look Zoya you are not child and we are not going to say anything today you have to understand yourself and eat the breakfast"said Khushi in ordering voice

"you guys eat i will eat later"said Zoya with pain filled voice

"you are going to eat now or else we are not going to eat and you know we are saying true this is not new you should be used of it now"said arnav

after a lot of blackmailing Zoya eat and so does others

After eating every one were silent Asad hold Zoya hands giving her strength to fight with her past but nothing work silent tears flow from her eyes again.

Everyone else went away taking plates giving the couple space.

Both were silent not a word from any of both tears were telling the situation of Zoya heart.

The cool breeze was blowing making Zoya hairs came on her face but she didnt care

Asad was lost in her innocence Angel face everything was perfect except of those tears which were not stoping and never did Asad succeed in making them stop on today day which make his furious and he looked away not able to see those tears.

It was evening Asad came down with dull face he filled jug with water and went upstairs again.

But when he opened the door of Zoya room he was shocked.

Zoya was on floor in unconsious state he was not that shocked as now he was used of it.

Asad went and took Zoya in his arms and make her sleep on bed.

Then he took out his cell phone from his pocket and dialled the number quickly

"hello doctor come soon Zoya fainted...again"

soon room was filled with other members and Doctor who was examining Zoya

"nothing to worry just that this time she skipped her medicins and lack of sleep and other routine you guys know excessive crying and weakness i understand her situation she lost her mother on this day but if everytime on this day she will behave like this will make her condition worst with every passing time she should cope up with it and am telling you guys this everytime"complained doctor

"Doctor we are doing our best but she...."said Dilshad

"i understand"

soon doctor went away and family sit around her.

After one hour Zoya start to toss and turn and again she woke up with screamed and sweating.

"are you okay"every one questioned

Zoya put her hand on her head and after a soothing side hug from Asad she calm down a bit and noded in yes.

Dilshad went away giving the friends there privacy.

Everyone remained silent giving Zoya there time to cope up with it

"I saw it second time for first time"whispered Zoya

Others noded in yes

"It was horrified"start Zoya

Everyone remained silent wanting to hear what she want to say it was for first time she was seeing this nightmare second time she never tell someone about what it is and how is it but with her horrified screamed and nightmare on this day proved that they are horrified and are about her MOTHER

"Someone like monster killed her in very bad way and throw her in fire...."

Zoya closed her eyes and tighten her grip on Asad hand

"infront of my eyes"

Zoya start to cry again but this time bitterly

"Sshhhh dont cry everything is fine its just nightmare"soothed Asad

Everyone else smiled through tears

"Remember Zoya in this way only Asad calmed you the very first day we met him"said Madhu

Zoya wiped he tears and they remember how they met with Asad


Khushi Arnav , Zoya , Madhu and rishab were 6 years old they live in orphan and were very best friends.

Asad and Dilshad usually come to that orphan

One day this 5 friends were playing when Zoya saw Asad seeing every children of orphanage she went towards him

She smiled seeing him while other 4 saw her trying to talk with him and followed her

"will you be our friend"asked Zoya

Before Asad could answer Arnav carelessly said

"come on Zoya why would he. He is not orphan leave him"

Zoya and other girls start to cry hearing being orphan.

On this Asad start to pacify her saying he will be his friend and please dont cry

Rishab and Arnav also pacify there girls.

Flashback ended

Everyone smiled remembring how beautifull that day was.

"Remember Zoya the day of Asad birthday the very first birthday after our friendship how you put full piece of cake in his mouth saying he should eat more for being sweet and then his half mouth was filled with cake and half cake was on his face"said rishab smiling brightly

With this they start to talk about there childhood making Zoya forget everything

Dec 11, 2013

Chapter 5... (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 31 times)

Hey guys ,

Manal(Asyalover270) back again.

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While refreshing their childhood memories no one noticed when Zoya fell asleep due to the effect of the medis*that is what I call medicines*.When Madhu asked Zoya "Zoya tumhe yaad hai...Zoya...Zo...Ye to so gayi...(Zoya do you remember...Zoya...Zo...She is asleep...)"

They all saw that she was asleep on Asad's shoulder. They tucked her in the bed , covered her with the blanket , switched off the lights and closed the door ever so silently fearing she might wake up.

They all returned to their rooms to have a nap too as they had taken a leave for Zoya.

After a few hours...

They all woke up and went down to the Living room and were surprised to see Zoya with Dilshad. The two ladies were chatting away happily not minding their surroundings. It was only when they noticed when Asad faked a cough to get the attention of his 'Ammi' and 'Lady love'.

Zoya merrily replied "Hey ! Wassup people ?"

They all looked at her as if she had grown horns on her head.

Arnav came forward and said "Kiddo*He calls her that* You are still weak.Wait I'll put you to bed back again."

UH OH !!! Big mistake ! That's it...Zoya Farooqui lost it.

"Arnav Singh more time you treat my like a 2-year old baby and you get to face the Karate girl . Not just you. Anyone of you. I am a grown up adult and mature girl.".

She went on and on cursing Arnav and all of them who were fussing around her as though she is made up of glass and would shatter with a mare crack.

Dilshad was the one and only ONE who could handle her at such times. She cam forward and closed Zoya's mouth with her hand and said "Bas...bas...bas meri Himlaya Express.....Bas. Bohot bol chuki tum. Ab khaamoshi se yaha beth jau. Mein khaana lekar aati hu.( Himlaya Express...Enough. You have spoken too much. Now silently sit here. I will get something for you to eat.)"

Although she was silent , she was throwing daggers at Arnav all the while. After 10 minutes of pure silence she could no longer take it and started crying and went straight into the arms of Arnav. Said " I am sorry.....I...I...was just feeling sad and ...and...and..then burst upon you...."

Arnav hugged her back and said "Shh....calm down Kiddo...Calm down...It's completely fine...I understand....Don't worry...Anyways you have the right....afterall...I am your big brother...Ain't I ?...

She just nodded her head and said in a muffled bearly audible whisper "Yes you are my big brother...and the best brother indeed.."

Everyone had tears noticing their strong and pure bond and relationship.

Sorry people..That is all for today...I am not well so this is all....I tried to highlight the importance of a brother as well as a sister in each one's life...

P.S. ~ it is not proof read...please ignore the mistakes...

Bye !



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Dec 12, 2013

Chapter 6 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 35 times)

This update is dedicated to Komal

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Chapter 6

Zoya was in Arnav embrace. Dilshad came she smiled seeing them

"come food is ready"

Everyone noded and came and sit on there seats.

"Khala someday am gonna beat this Zoya"said Khushi chewing the food

"Realy u will beat me but first tell me the reason"said Zoya almost spitting fire

"why what hapend?"asked Dilshad ignoring Zoya constant anger n curious stare on Khushi

"what else phopi look na she always got mad on my innocent Arnie without any reason"said Khushi pouting

Zoya eyes poped out while Dilshad smile

"what did you say.....he is my brother I have all rights on him okay"said Zoya

Khushi opened her mouth to retort back but Dilshad was quite fast to act knowing that if she let this brother lover fight let continue then everything will be upside down

"ok ok stop it I have to talk with you guys something important"said Dilshad with a serious look cathing everyone attention

"yes aunty tell us whats it"asked arnav

"when are you guys planing to get maried"asked Dilshad

Everyone looked at eachother

"aunty you know na right now we are studying"said rishab

"so what study is whole life thing till your death you keep on learning, but you guys are getting old and mariage does not hapend anytime in life it has its own limit"said Dilshad trying to give them some sense

"look i know study is important and before mariage i also believe that you guys study well am thinking why not you guys get mariage after your graduation. after that you guys can do some course or job your wish but i want that i got my daughter in law"said Dilshad

couples look at each other girls blush while boys smirked and enjoyed seeing the red colour spreading on there cheeks

"ok ami/aunty we dont have any problem with your idea"said boys

Dilshad look at girls and seeing them blushing she get her answer with satisfication smile she got up from her seat

"am done"

With this Dilshad went away.

Boys looked at there lady love who were red like tomato.

"This red colour on your cheeks look beautifull"said boys touching there cheeks

Boys looked at eachother and laughed a little hearing that they said it together

Girls stood up and went no ran into there rooms blushing.

Boys followed them

Arnav went in Khushi room after a little knock

Khushi was laying on bed hugging pillow hearing knock on door she sit on bed straightly trying to calm her nerves knowing it will be Arnav

Arnav came in and looked at her he went and sat near her

"aahhh aunty told a great idea isn't it"asked Arnav looking at her

Khushi looked on other side not able to see him

Arnav was enjoying seeing her blushing

"Khushi look at me na i want to see you blushing"

"Arnavvv"said Khushi with fake anger

"look at me na Khush"

Arnav make her face him but she lowers her eyes and then slowly looked in his eyes

Rishab went in Madhu room without knocking and saw her sitting on bed looking at THEIR picture.

He quietly went and sit near her feeling a strong stare madhu turned and there he was

"Rishu you here"asked Madhu suprisingly

"yes me here"

Madhu stood up

"what are you doing here and you came in my room without knocking how dare you"said madhu trying to not to blush

Rishab stood up too

"come on madhu you are going to be my soon to be wife get used to it after all after our mariage am not going to knock before coming in"said rishab

Madhu turned away trying hard not to be seen blushing

Madhu start to walk when Rishab hold her wrist and pull her towards himself she came crashing on his chest

"Rishu"said Madhu with angry stare

Rishab carress her face

"yes Madhu"

Madhu rolled her eyes she didnt understand how she controlled his this flirty behaviour sometimes it irritate her so much and sometime....

Rishab was watching her change of face which end up blush

Asad knock on Zoya room

sitting on sofa Zoya was blushing thinking something

hearing a knock she looked towards room door knowing who it might be she speak sitting on sofa

"am not going to open the door Asad"said Zoya smiling

"Zoya if you are not going to open the door then am gonna break it"said Asad equally smiling

Zoya was startled on it she was not ready to face him she start to think to avoid him

"no no Asad am am changing"said Zoya stammering and then slaped her little on head thinking what a foul idea

"really Zoya now you start to tell lie"

Zoya was embarraced but Asad was enjoying it though he was not able to see her

"Asad am weak so am resting please go"

with this Zoya lay on bed and pull blanked on herslef smiling and blushing

Asad sigh and looked at the door with a hope he had already seen her shadow from door going and laying on bed now if he really say or do something then both his Ammi and Zoya will not let him live in peace

Rishab and Arnav came there and saw him standing on Zoya room door and then turning.

They look at each other and smirk.

They went to him

"looking like someone ditch someone"

"Really have you guys gone nuts she is going to be my soon wife"said Asad being irritated

Arnav start to smell something

"here is some burning smell"said Rishab

now Asad was fuming in anger at first his love didnt let him come in and now his brothers are making fun of him

"haaa look Asad is burning in anger"said Arnav behaving to be surprised

both burst into laughter and start to run as Asad start to chase them


i think it was really a long update so this is enough for now

P.S - sorry for mistakes am really bad in grammer and today Manal was also not there to help me out so...if any mistake occur please correct me


Dec 14, 2013

Chapter 7 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 35 times)

Hey guys,

Am back and sory for late update i have to manage 2 more stories apart from it and also as you know Manal is not well plus study it got hard so sorry....ok enough of my blaberring now back to story and coments

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so....back to story here goes the next chapter


Next day

After college ended.

Zoya Madhu and Khushi started to go for extra clases

"wait dont go na"said Rishab

Girls turned. They raised there eyebrows questionly.

"what??? Dont you know we cant be away from you"said Arnav

"so you guys also join us simple"said Madhu

Boys make faces

"we are tired so please now come with us"sid Asad

Boys hold girls wrist and start to drag them.

This was enough

Girls were tired of there behaviour they are always glue with them as a result they are not able to join any girls parties. If they denied they dragged them. Yes girls were also like them they will also glue with their better half but they never stop them from boys parties or something else they want, this is other thing that boy didnt go anywhere with them. Boys were so much possesive of girls and always remained with them that girls and boys both get each other habit they didnt go anywhere without each other they fight too but still love eachother from the bottom of heart. But still they all knew they want sometime out alone without eachother. They spend very few times without each other. But again their already BIGRI hoye habit.

Girls stopped and get out of there hold.

"if you dont want then let us go ok"said Khushi irritated

Boys shook their heads but girls went away.

After some minutes Asad, Arnav and Rishab were restless they looked at each other and smirked.

Zoya, Khushi and Madhu were hearing lecture when they saw boys standing at the door of the class. They got afraid what if professor saw them they will be also called in or will be scolded.

Girls started to talk with them with sign language telling them to go away but boys were not listening. Professor saw girls looking at door side.

"you! you three what are you seeing outside?"Professor asked sternly

"sir no nothng"said Zoya in defence

"stand up!"Professor ordered

Girls stood up with bow head

"Now, GET OUT"professor almost screamed

Girls shook their heads dissapointingly this was not new for them. Sometimes when they join class without boys they do the same and after they are out they appologized to them

Girls went out. Zoya, Madhu and Khushi stared angrily Asad, Rishab and Arnav while they smirked

Madhu Khushi and Zoya took their bags and went in different ways

"why did you do this"asked Madhu in anger

Rishab hold Madhu waist and closed her

"because i was restless without you"said Rishab with flirty smile

Madhu pushed him away and pointed her index fingure towards him

"today you will pay for this"

Madhu started to go away and before Rishab hold her again she went

"Arnav I wanted to hear that lecture"said Khushi with pouting and anger

"But i wanted you"Arnav said in his husky voice

Arnav came forward while Khushi go backward untill she hit the wall. Arnav came close to her

"you was getting late and I was missing you"said Arnav making a baby face

"aww what a face.... Wait what am thinking i need to teach him lesson some spice in relation is needed and he didnt get it long time ago"thought Khushi

Khushi pushed him quickly and started to run away.

"what the...."whispered Arnav

"Asad how could you because of you that fat sir scold me"said Zoya with her hands fold

"so what? is it new?..... I wanted to be with you"said Asad

Asad took her hand and came close to her and look into her eyes

"yesterday you didnt give me time atleast give me today na"Asad said softly

At first Zoya smiled but then... Suddenly she stomped her foot on his. Asad winced in pain while Zoya ran away murmuring

Girls went infront of the class and wait till boys came. When boys came

"sir we are sorry actully this boys came there and... You know na sir we are sorry"said girls with baby face and pulling boys infront of professor

Professor came towards them and noded

"you three go and sit and also you(pointing at boys) you also go and sit in last seat....and no disturbance will be tolerated"

Boys gulped they cant even denied to this fatty sir or else he will complained to principle. They quietly went and sit while girls also go and took there seats.

All the time boys were making faces while girls highfived and start to listen the lecture

Dec 15, 2013

Chapter - 8 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 29 times)

Thank you so much caribbeangirl , kainat_khan , iansomer ,sweetdevi and komal

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Chapter 8 ~ talent

As class ended, Zoya, Khushi and Madhu wraped up their things quickly and ran out of the college while Asad, Arnav and Rishab were being given warning by professor

When Asad, Arnav and Rishab came out they couldnt find Zoya, Khushi and Madhu anywhere

"they ran away!"said Rishab

"hey look all the cars are still here means......"said Arnav

the three looked at eachother and locking the cars they started to find girls

After coming out of class without getting keys girls start to walk towards home which was very far. Walking on one of the empty road they didnt notice that some road side boys were looking at them

"hey looked at them"said one of the boy

This caught girls attention but they ignored it and kept on walking

That road side roumers started to walk behind them and were talking about them

Soon those men came infront of girls and start to tease them

"hey come on where are you going alone come we will drop you"said one of them coming forward

"look"said other touching Zoya hand

This was it.....they didnt knew whom they messed up

Zoya, Khushi and Madhu started to beat the men

Coming from far boys noticed that some men are teasing their girls. Their anger reached the seventh cloud and they started to run to beat the life out of those boys. Before they could reach everything was finish. Teasers were so badly beaten up by girls that they ran away seeking forgivness and falling

Girls turned and collid with hard chest of their loves

"ahaa we never knew you guys can fight so good!" Rishab comented

"yeah yeah how can you? You guys ever give us chance to show our talent?"said Khushi sarcastically

"we accept it! you guys are very talented"said Asad

"really that's then stop being possesive as you know we can guard ourselves, our body guards"said Zoya

"ok ok now put your talent in pocket and come our cars are still in collage and we need to go for job too"said Arnav

"how dare you arnav"said Khushi faking anger

"yeah i dare, now come"retorted Arnav

"at one condition"said madhu

"and whats it"said Asad impatiently

"we will drive the car"said Zoya and others

"nooo way"replied boys

"then forget that we are coming with you guys"said girls

Boys shook there head knowing its useless to fight with these girls

"ok we agree! now come"replied boys

Girls with a bright smile start to follow them

Dec 17, 2013

Chapter 9 out in the bakery...Fresh and Hot ! (By Asyalover270) (Thanked: 31 times)

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When they all reached home they saw Dilshad waiting for them.

Dilshad saw all them and said "Aagaye tum sab. Kaha the tum sab ? Itni der kaise laga di ? (Finally you al came. Where were you all ? How come you all took so much time ?)"

Madhu replied "Khala don't worry. Hum bas kisi kaam mein phas gaye the. Aap pareshan na ho.(Khala don't worry. We all were just stuck in some work. Don't take tension please.)"

Dilshad smiled seeing the concern Madhu had for her. Nah ! Not just Madhu all of them loved and adored her equally.

Dilshad said "Achcha theek hai. Tum sab khaana kha lo. Khana laga diya hai meine.(Okay fine. Now all of you have your lunch. I have already arranged everything. )"

They all sat down for lunch. While having lunch all noticed that Zoya was looking restless and fidgeting.

Rishab asked her "Hey Zo, what's the problem girl. Anything happened in college ?"

Zoya replied "Nothing Rishu. It's just the college load is too much." With a fake smile which didn't go unnoticed by the people present on the dining table.

Everyone retired to their rooms. On remembering that Zoya was troubled through out the dinner they all assembled in her room.

Asad asked her with utmost care "Zoya kya baat hai ? Kuch hua college mein ? Kisi ne kuch kaha tumse ?(Zoya what is the matter ? Did something happen in college ? Someone said something to you ?)"

She nodded her head negatively.

Madhu also asked " Zoya kya hua ? Tum bohot pareshan dikh rahi ho.(Zoya what happened ? You are looking very disturbed.)"

Khushi also tried her luck "Zoya khul kar batau na. Aakhir hum sab to ek family hai. (Zoya tell us freely na. Afterall we are a family)".

Arnav came forward and took her in his arms. He said in a very caring and protecting tone "Kiddo , aakhir kya hua ?Kisi ne kuch bola kya ?Mujhe uska naam batau. Uska bolna hi band kar doonga zindagi bhar ke liye.(Kiddo , what is the matter girl ?Did someone say something ? Tell me his name. I will make sure he does not speak for the rest of his life.)"

There came Zoya's muffled whisper "Something happened".

Everyone was all ears to the girl in Arnav's arms.


I am too mean I guess for the age of 12. Haha ! There you people go with a cliffhanger*devilish*Keep imagining what happened with Zoya.

Bubye !

Love ,


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