FF and SS - Completed and Ongoing List

Dec 9, 2013

FF and SS - Completed and Ongoing List (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 23 times)

FF and SS - Completed and On-going List.

Below are the completed and ongoing list of FF and SS. I hope you will enjoy it.

FF- Hunt for Red October Aka Arnav Singh Raizada – Completed – 1St Story

FF- Short Filler after Today’s Episode – 08.08.12 0 Janmashtami and Arnav’s Birthday – 2nd Story - Completed

FF - Purgatory and Redemption – Journey began and ended at Twilight – 3rd Story - Completed

FF - Shadows and Lies - 4th Story - On-going


SS – It’s not about the money - 1St one Completed

SS - Am I an Asset, Liability or Commodity - 2nd - Completed

SS - Infuriating Boss and Obnoxious Subordinate - 3rd - Completed

Thank you


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OS and TS - Completed

I hope you would enjoy it.

Apr 10, 2014

SS - It's not about the money - Now Completed (By Dpatel) (Thanked: 28 times)

My Dearies,

Just wanted to inform you all SS - It's not about the money is now completed.

SS – It’s not about the money - Completed - 1St one


Thank you


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