Imp Post *** MeD Suggestions BOX***

Dec 9, 2013

Imp Post *** MeD Suggestions BOX*** (By Med_Development_Team) (Thanked: 12 times)

Hi All - Hope you are ready for year end fun and excitment!!

We are hear to see if you have any suggetions where you would like us to work on .... there are many things which are working on but it is now time to hear from all of you... we do not get enough comments from you on how to make MeD better.... the entire MeD team has one motive...

"lets make MeD a better place ...."

so tell us what you think and where we need to improve... this is your eHome and we are eFamily so why wait? - use comment box or add to this myView - this is your space to Xpress

Also advice your comments on daily "MeD Alert email" you might be getting everyday containing summary of your fav Authors update whom you follow- do you find them useful??? VOTING TIME!!

See Example of MeD Alert emails sent out daily


Hello [Ms. Arshi]

Following updates were made to your favourite diary/category.

Kalai's Updates

•OS-A Guilty Love

Jasquerade_X's Updates

•6thDec2013: Walking Inside

ShaliniRobinson's Updates

•No way out - is that so?

Ocean's Updates

•Episode 271: Arnav fails to escape

You can view the full list of updates on your


MeD Team



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I love MeD Email Alerts
They are annoying and hence I unsubscribed those
I would like to see changes - see comments box for my suggestions
I like Dashboard more then Daily emails!!
Aug 1, 2015

To All Fans (By Ipkknd_Admin_Team) (Thanked: 4 times)

Dear All Fans

Plz give your suggestions for more active our Med.

Thanks with regards

Ipkknd Admin Team

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