Nakshathra's Crazy creations!!!

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Dec 13, 2013

Nakshathra's Crazy creations!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 21 times)

Hi dears... Welcome to my crazy world. My stories are about ARSHI without any hardships. These are the creations written by me till now. Thanks for everyone for being my support on my every creations.

Enjoy my stories which u like....



Childhood buddies:

Her marriage!!! A sin to be destroyed:





"First kiss" Changed my life version2.



Steamy night:    


Love !!! Magic beings...


Bound with her craziness:


Drizzling love:


 Love Skypers:   

Love at flight:  


|Realization| Life changes..  

“First kiss” changed my life:  


My First kiss is her precious gift:

Fear of love:  


Living life with pleasure:


Always love each other forever:   


OS: My Crazy princess


OS: 'Marked' Touch of love

 TS: Confusion&Combination  


TS: Engaged:


OS: Lappy vs Shoppy:


OS: Reel&Real:


OS: Tom&Jerry:


TS: Sleeping Beauty:


OS: Feel of love:


OS: Strange Revenge:


TS: Love destiny:


OS: True Love:



Theme of love & Ocean's happy is on hold..... 

These are my creations which is posted on MED by me....Thank you once again guys for being my support which made me to create these creations.... Love u all...

Lots of love...

Nakshathra aka 'Asha'

Jan 5, 2014

Plot of my Creations.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 18 times)

Hi dears.... Here I m giving my all stories plot which ll helpful for u to choose a story in my creations which u desired to read.

Her marriage!!! A sin to be destroyed

It is type of dark story a gal who fell on his evil trap in the form of marriage without knowing his true face, what would happen when she came to about him that he going to send her as call gal in their absence.

Will she really going to live as a someones wife as well as call gal or before that damage happens, will someone come and rescue her without showing any identity.

How she going to come out of her own husband's trap who trying to play cruel game in her life. When no one aware about his evil plan, who going to be savior for her from her so called marriage life.

Get ready for the sinful ride which going to be destroyed.

Love !!! Magic beings...

This story is just simple cute story, a gal never allowed to take a decision in her life from her school to career, Her dad is nice man he loves Khushi more than anything else but the problem is he always tries to be best in giving things in his daughters life, he is over protective towards her and still considering her as child who don't know anything about life which is good and which is bad, always he insist his wish on her which he consider best for her, Khushi have to compromise her dreams for his dad wish. In simple words, she have everything but still nothing she have.

Arnav is a cool nature guy, who used to love everything coming on its away. He is not a person, anything happened bad, to sit and get broke down. His parents death gave new strength for him, till they alive he loved them but after they died he loving but also understood that life is not to sit and cry what ever hurdles comes, its just simply to move on. He living his life accord to his heart feels, no compromise no force.

This story about, how Arnav going to make Khushi to come out of her shell by fulfilling every wishes and dreams, whatever she wishes to do on her life. From her career to eating golgappe on streets. Arnav going to be her strength throughout her path on her life and finally how Arnav ll make her dad to realize his mistake.

Childhood buddies: 

                              Those who wants to read arshi story from childhood... 


As per my title name, this story developed from Arshi childhood moments how they loved and cared abt each other from their birth, how slowly their relationship bloomed into love from childhood friends. This story contains lot of fun and teasing moments where it leads to romance later.

Love Skypers !!!

Its a simple love story between a gal who living in India and a guy who living in US. They both were not interested in marriage but due to family they have to accept to do. It going to be arranged love marriage, how they going to interact with each other how love waves going to move between Indian and US couple. Distance is not a matter whether they far or near, its just about the feelings between two hearts. Skype going to be a bridge for them to share their feelings with each other beyond the oceans, they are Love Skypers......

Bound with her craziness

Its a four shot story a guy met a crazy gal unexpectedly who was already choose as his life partner which he was not aware off, how he accepted this alliance and agreed to marry her even after seeing his craziness. Its just full of fun.

Drizzling love:


                       This story is little bit emotional.... 

In this story, a rich gal lost her parents in her childhood whereas after their death her uncle took care of her and business. She got married to a man who was money minded, they never shared husband and wife relationship, she was shattered after knowing the truth that her husband having affair with someone and he married her just for her property. She left her house and came back to her home place but she unexpectedly met her prince when she was struggling for her life due to accident, her prince resuced her who already got married but he lost his wife.

how they fell in love for each other and how they ll get married after facing some hurdles.

Steamy night:


                      Story revolves around emotion, anger, pain and hurt.

Here a guy having some bad past which was like his nightmare, he believed that every middle class gal can go any extent to gain some money even they can share their bed with men. When one gal came to his place he heard her talks which was abt her diginity and self respect, he thought to prove her words wrong. That gal met him to ask favour but he kept a deal that one night he want her on his bed, due to her family situation she agreed. They spend their night together, he was shocked to know that she was a virgin still which made him to get anger on his act and felt guilty.

After that night how destiny brings them together and how they ll fell in love....

Love at flight:


                    Full of fun and craziness...

A guy met a gal in flight who was air hostess, it was love at first sight. Destiny brought them together again and how they attracted more on each other, a guy was falling in love with her again and again by seeing her crazy attitude. Guy confessed his love but that gal having feeling for him but she din say it in words, they shared their romantic moments with each other. 

When she going to confess her love for him.....  

|Realization| Life changes...


                     A gal anger and hatred, a guy love and care which going to change their life.

                   Story abt how a gal who never realised the feeling of love and care from her parents, used to believe that money is everything. When his father decided to tie her knot  with middle class guy for holding his property, she was angry on this decision but to gain her property she got married. She hates her husband who was very soft and kind in nature. She was planning to give divorce after taking her property but ll she able to do or not....

How she going to realize his true love...

First Kiss stories......


             All are simple stories they fell in love with each other without knowing to each other, how their first kiss changed their life which made them to confess their feeling in words, hug and kiss... same concept in khushi pov and arnav pov... 

Fear of love:


             A gal got inspired by her senior which made her studious, fate makes her to work under him. A guy was business man and he lost his parents whom he loved from his heart core. They fell in love but that guy was not ready to accept his love due to fear, if he may lost her he ll come out of fear...

Living life with pleasure:

          A gal and guy are college friends they got seperated on farewell, they ll meet after few years and fall in love. Due to that gal, mother promise she agreed to marry some other guy whom her mom decided. Their marriage happened successfuly without knowing whom the groom was, next day she got shock of her life. Whose that groom and how it happened..

Always love eachother forever:


      A guy worked in a company to get some training before he took his own business for experiance. Gal came from abroad after finishing her studies who was that guy's boss daughter. She worked under that guy assistance and they fell in love, without knowing their love that gal dad annouced her engamement with some one, that guy decided to sacrifice his love he dont want to hurt her dad feeling. How they got united...

I hope u guys feel easy to choose my stories which plot u like to read by reading my small hint. Plz share ur views with me so that I can make it better....

Stay in touch... love u all....

Lots of love


Jan 2, 2015

New Creations!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 12 times)

My Life!!! Unknown journey..

A unknown journey of a gal who wanted to be victim of rape., fate played something on her destiny.

A story about a gal who witnessed the horrible scene., few men raped her friend in her own house which she gazed with her direct eyes. In shock she lost her voice she became lifeless gal without any emotions.

Who going to hold her hand on her life journey

How she going to come out of this trauma

Will she again get back her voice

Will she able to face men in this world after seeing such a brutal scene

Lets see about her life., My life !!! Unknown journey... started here

"First kiss" is my first bliss..

Arnav pov from "First kiss" changed my life - version 2

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