Embarrasing moment

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Dec 17, 2013

Embarrasing moment (By Wings) (Thanked: 3 times)

It was my first day in University. 150 people in the class. I didn't know anyone, not a single person. The teacher started the class and was explaining some stuff. As it was the first day of class, I didn't put my phone on silent, and for my surprise, it rang in the middle of the class! The teacher heard it. He said phone's should be always on silent in class. I apolgized, but he didn't let it go so easily. According to him i broke the rules so now i deserved a punishment. He told me to stand up. I did. He gave me two options, either sing a song or tell a joke.

I was standing with 150 totally unknown people looking at me and thinking about what I should do. I decided to tell a joke as my voice is not really good to sing in public. I was too nervous, all red and i even remember how my cheeks went from cold to hot. My heart beat went fast, and my voice was not coming out of my mouth. Right then the teacher told me I was takjing too long, so i started telling the joke. The joke was "There were three friends named "nobody", "no one" and "stupid". They went to the beach, one of them went too deep in the sea and started drowning, another one went to help him, and the third one panicked and went to look for help screaming "no one is drowning and nobody is helping him" "no one is drowning and nobody is helping him" so after hearing that people came towards him and asked him "are you stupid?" he replied "yes i am, nice to meet you"

Well, to be honest, no one laughed. But i was relieved. The teacher said the joke wasn't bad, just a bit childish. That made me feel even more embarrased. He told me to sit down and he continued with the class. Once the class finished, many people came to me and told me i was red like a tomato and it was sooooooo visible that i was pretty nervous. I admitted that. I made many friends after that incident and obviously my first day of University is something I will never ever forget. Even today, after almost 4 years, my friends remind me of it, teasing me a lot, but the most important thing is that we all laugh together.


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