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Dec 20, 2013

Short story (By Wings) (Thanked: 4 times)

Everything started the second month after joining medical college, when we started going to the dissection room. I was too excited, it was going to be a new experience for me, I had always been too enthusiastic about learning things, specially about human body. I was looking forward to dissect human bodies and nervous as well. I was a bit scared about the thought of cutting a body with my own hands. But at the same time the fact that i was gonna see live all the organs, arteries and veins in our body was really fascinating!

It was not just me, the excitement was clearly visible in every student standing outside the dissection room waiting for the teacher to open the door.

Finally the door was opened, and we entered. It was a huge room. The bodies were arranged in rows and covered with a plastic sheet. There were 10 rows and each row had 15 bodies. Each body was assigned to 4 students. The body i had to dissect alongside with 3 more students was a young woman's body, she seemed to be in her early 30's.

Once the teacher was done explaining us what we had to do, we started our dissection. I took out my scalpel and put it on her belly to make the cut. But as soon as the scalpel touched her skin i felt a really strong shudder running all over my body. I panicked and removed my scalpel from her body and asked my friends to start the dissection.

Friends: what happened? are you ok?

Me: Yes i am, just a bit nervous as It's the first time

Friends: haha don't worry, it's everybodies first time

Me: I know, I'll be back in a few, you guys start the dissection.

I went to the washroom, washed my face with cold water. It was normal to feel nervous, after all cutting a dead body is not as easy as it sounds. But I don't know why It was a weird feeling, as if something wrong was going on. At that moment i let it go. I thought I was overthinking about it. The first day of dissection finished.

That night at home I coudnt stop thinking about that feeling I got when I touched her body with my scalpel. It was bothering me too much. I thought I was exhausted, so I went to sleep. That night I dreamt I was in the dissection room, dissecting that same body and suddenly she opened her eyes! I suddenly woke up and screamed, I was sweating and running out of breath. I was shivering and my heart beats were too fast. Hearing my scream my flatmates came to my room.

Flatmates: what happened? did u have a nightmare?

Me: kind of...

Flatmates: do u want one of us to stay with you?

Me: no..I'm alright...thanks

They left after I started feeling better. After that dream, I was more convinced there was something fishy for sure.

Next day, I asked the teacher to lend me dissection room keys as I forgot some of my stuff there. He did. I went to the room. There was no one there, just me among so many dead bodies. Suddenly I started hearing a sound, it was like someone was crying. The sound was coming from that woman's body. I walked towards her, the closer I was to her, the louder the noise became. When I reached her body, I was hesitant to remove the plastic covering her. But I convinced myself that if I wanted to know what was all this about I couldn't behave like a coward. I removed the cover in one go and I was petrified after seeing her. Her eyes were open and blood was coming out of her eyes. But what was more terrifying what the fact that her eyeballs were missing, she had her eyes open but there were no eyeballs in them. Blood wouldn't stop coming out of her eyes. (wo litterally "khoon ke aansu ro rahi thi") After seeing that, there was not even voice left in me to scream, I started stepping back to get away from there.

Dead body: don't go, you have to help me.

I started running away and she kept on repeating the same.

Once I was out, I thought about whatever had happened till moment. First that feeling after touching her body, then that dream, now this. I was sure there was a story behind all this, some reason, and I had to know it. Thats when I decided not to return the keys to my teacher before making a copy of them.

Next night, I decided to visit the dissection room once again. When I entered there it was all quiet. I went towards the body and when I removed the my surprise the body wasn't there!!!

To be continued.....


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