Tutorials on Photo Editing ~ By Diamond123 and Cute_Virman

Dec 22, 2013

Tutorials for Online Editing ~ By Diamond123 (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hello everyone!

So I am going to post the tutorials of editing online in ipiccy.com and pixlr.com in here! Whoever wants to learn, can read this and try yourself.

Blending in ipiccy- Tutorials to be posted in a few minutes!

Whatever doubt you have, ask here! Queries will always be answered!

With Love,


Dec 22, 2013

Blending in ipiccy- Tutorials posted!! (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 4 times)

                                                Blending in ipiccy

Before starting with ipiccy, you need to register in there ,in order to use the advanced tools. It’s a simple and fast process.

Step 1: Open Ipiccy.com. There is an orange button at the top called ‘Create Account’. Press it ,give your first name, last name, password and email. You will have your account and then sign in.

Step 2: Click Enable Local Storage to save the photos you want to use for editing. Blending will be impossible without this. Now upload all the pics you are using for Blending (I would prefer pics of only one person, no couple photos, it will make learning easier) along with a background (preferable of any dark colour).

I have found this background which is amazing when it comes to blending on it! (Link in the comment box, download and use whoever wants to!)

Step 3: Double Click on the Background and it will be ready for editing! 

Step 4: Go To the Blender option which can be found in the top.

Step 5: There are four options in the top in the blender option- Photo, text, Shape and Stickers. Click on ‘Photo’ and drag a photo to the background.

Step 6: Click on the photo which is now on the background. Various options will come in the left side of the screen. Click on vector Mask.

Step 6: A  new dialogue box will appear with your selected photo in the middle. Select a shape from the left top corner. Increase the feather. I would prefer a rectangle or circle shape and feather between 100-50. When done click ‘Apply Mask’ in the right side.

Step 6: If you are using the background I gave earlier, then change the blend mode, change to Lighten (Blend Mode is there in the right side when you click on photo). It will increase the clarity of the picture and will make blending easier.

Step 7: Do the same with all the pics. It will be hard at first, but when you become practiced, it will just be a piece of cake. After that change the size of the pics and adjust them! When finished click Done.

Step 7: Apply effects, border, text or whatever! If you want I can explain you about the other options in ipiccy.

Step 8: Click Save when done! Save to computer and later upload it in imgur.com or imageshack.com or any other photo hosting site. Your edit is done!!


That was the tutorial on editing in ipiccy. Those who want a tutorial in pixlr and on GIFs will have to wait a bit more, but I promise that I will do it soon!

I wanted to make a better tutorial but very sorry! I have become so lazy! 

Ask me whatever doubt you have! Will alwas be there to help you out.

It will be hard at the beginning, but I promise, you will get better day by day. Youshould just have a bit of patience.

Till next time,


Dec 22, 2013

Background for blending! (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 3 times)


I just noticed that I forgot to post the background I said LOL! Anyway here it is:

(Link is in the comment box)

By the way please do comment and tell me how many of you were able to do this! if you have any doubts, please don't hesitate to ask me! :)

Just noticed that there was alot of typos in the tutorial, modified them all! :P



Were you able to blend in ipiccy?

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Yeah! Helped a lot! :D
No! Will you please explain a bit more?
Dec 24, 2013

Which tutorial next? (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 3 times)

Okay so thanks for reading and trying out blending. I am just a little busy but I would answer all your questions really soon. Once you try blending, show me what you did so that I can tell you on what you should improve. :)

@Arnavkikhushi17- That edit is fab. You rock. The one problem is that the rough edges of the pics you used is visible. For not having those edges, give less feather or decrease the size of the vector mask. Got it? :) 

Now I want to ask you which tutorial do you want next?  

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Blending in Pixlr
Adding textures, effects and other options for your edits
Making a GIF image
Something else (Mention in the comments box please)
Jan 7, 2014

Editing in Pixlr- Two ways! (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 3 times)

Hello guys! I am here with tutorials on blending in pixlr!

There are two ways, me and Cute_Virman has written tutorials in each of them! Take a look!


Way 1: With Eraser Tool (By Diamond123)

Step 1: Open Pixlr.com and select the first option named Pixlr Editor. (Inside the black rectangle)

Step 2: Click “Open Image from computer”.

Step 3: Open a background. I would prefer dark backgrounds as I said so that if we change the Blend Mode, the blending will look great!

Step 4: Click ‘File’ from the task bar and select ‘Open Image’. Open all the images you are planning to blend.

Step 5: Click the select tool [Inside the red circle in the image]

Step 6: Select the part you want to blend and then go to ‘Edit’ and then Cut/Copy, it’s your wish! Then Paste the image on the background!

Note: The option in the black circle in the image is called Toggle, it will help you change the Blend Mode. I have used the background I have given you earlier, so I am changing the blend mode to Lighten.

Step 7: Take the eraser tool and select an eraser from the top. I will prefer the eraser I have taken in the image. It helps you blur the borders perfectly!

After that erase the borders of the image! Use ‘Edit’=> ‘Free Transform’ to change and move the pics.

Step 7: When you are done with all the pics, arrange them close to each other using the Free Transform and Move tools! For selecting a pic again, use the Layer box in the right side! 


Way 2: Using Lasso Tool (Tutorial by Cute_Virman)


1. Open Pixlr and choose the option 'Pixlr Editor.'

2. Choose a background by clicking on 'Open image from Computer' or 'Open Image from URL.'

3. It will be something like this. You can choose any background and can adjust its size by clicking on 'Image' and then 'Image Size.'

4. Click on 'Open Image' to choose an image to blend. Another instruction has been given on the picture.

5. Another window will appear with your picture. Adjust the size as you did with the background (Image > Image Size) I have chosen a quote pic.

6. Choose the 'Lasso tool'. There are 2 types of Lasso Tool shown beside the Feather Option. One is Freehand lasso tool and the other one is Polygonal lasso tool. I've chosen the polygonal one. After that choose the amount of feather. I have kept it at 51. Remember, only start choosing the part you want after choosing the amount of feathering.

After choosing the portion you want, double click so that it looks something like the picture given below. Don't select the whole picture as the rough sides will be visible and to blend that shouldn't happen.

7. Click on 'Edit' (just beside the mouse) and then click on Cut or Copy (whichever one you want). Close the picture window. An alert will come asking you if you want to save the picture or not. Click on 'No'. 

Once this is done, you'll be directly looking at the background and then you have click on 'Edit' and then 'Paste'. The picture will be pasted on the background but it will be small. So to move the picture go to 'Edit' and then 'Free Transform'. You can then stretch the picture and place it wherever you want to. (Picture of this step not given)

8. Add another picture the way you did with the 1st one. Repeat the same process and it will look something like this -


Hope it helped! If you have any doubts then feel free to ask me. I know I have not explained properly so please do ask if you have a doubt in any of the steps. Step 7 is a bit complicated so read it carefully.

Another thing is that if you increase the amount of feather, you'll have to decrease the portion (of the image) you want to select. If the amount of feather is less, then you can increase the portion of the image. I hope everything's clear.


Hello everyone! 

As you guys must have noticed, I have changed the title of the view and have added Cute_Virman's name! From now onwards, she will help me with the tutorials! 

I am so sorry for posting this tutorial late! Forgive me please! As you know, I am awfully lazy! :P

Will post the tutorials on GIF images soon! Till then try learning in pixlr, the blending will be better than in ipiccy!

Have any doubts? please don't hesitate to ask over here! We will always be there to help you out!

If you have tried editing with the steps above, then do show us your edit so that we can tell you where to improve.

Till next time,

Diamond123 and Cute_Virman

Jan 7, 2014

Tutorial for making Video GIFs! (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 3 times)

Tutorial- For making GIF images!


Step 1

Click free Download and wait for a few minutes. Install the software! After it’s done, follow the below steps!


Step 2 : There is a tutorial there itself as a youtube video!



First watch it, if you are still confused, then follow the steps below!


Step 3 : Open a YouTube video you want to GIF, I am taking a video of Jeevika and Manvi as it is very small. Increase the quality of the video using an option which looks like a wheel in the bottom right corner of the YouTube video!


Open the GIF maker, you have downloaded and adjust it somewhat like this! Reason: The Trial version of the YouTube2GIF maker will always have a watermark, we should extend the Gif size like this so that it won’t come on top of the image.



Use the options marked above in the image to make the GIF!


Note: First click the start button of the GIF maker, and then click play in the youtube video or else the first part of the GIF may be lost!


Edit button:

The edit button in the Gif software can be used:

1)      For deleting the unwanted frames: Frames can be deleted by using the cross button shown in the image above.

2)      For previewing the GIF: It was can be previewed using the Inner Preview Button in the black rectangle in the above pic.

3)      The Outer Preview Button  can be used for making the GIF! Once you press that button, your GIF will be created.

4)      For adding a subtitle: It’s hard to explain, try it yourself!


Save the Gif after if it's created by right clicking and then “Save Picture As”Step 4:

Step 5

You can use this website: (Link in the comment box)

I guess the tutorial is unwated because you will understand everything if you try it by yourself and I believe that’s better! If you want help in using the website, do tell me!



Step 6: When you are done, save the GIF and upload it to minus.com or imgur.com! Your GIF is done!


Surprised? LOL! I am! I did this tutorial so fast! LOL!

Anyway do try making a GIF! It's easy and makes us feel proud that yeh I have made this!

Do tell me about your doubts, experience and about your view about my tutorials!

With Love,


Apr 10, 2014

How many of you want to learn this? (By Diamond123) (Thanked: 3 times)


It has been long since I wanted to post a tutorial again, but before that, I want to learn how many of you guys really want to learn this!

Examples of what I would like to teach you:

Comment below if you want to learn! You will need a Photoshop, I can give you a free link for downloading! <3 And I can teach you the basics! :) 

The tutorial on VM making and Blending of GIFs will be made as soon as possible! Sorry for the delay guys! 



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I want to learn!
I don't care about this one!
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Extremely excited!