Love is just a word..until someone comes along and gives it a meaning

Dec 23, 2013

Love is just a word..until someone comes along and gives it a meaning (By Arshibarun) (Thanked: 40 times)

a girl of 21 was talking continuously at late night  to her room mate and not letting her hostel roomie speak at all.

khushi's point of view- this is my everyday life. Riya is always speaking about her and her boyfriend's day. what her bf gave her what they did on date and so on. I always have to listen to all this nonsense. Riya and her crazy stupid love makes me mad.Sometimes i feel does love exist ? But my brain answers "NO ".I feel love is just an imagination not reality.. But how to explain her. Riya's lovey dovey talks makes my day just so sleepy that i wish like throwing a pillow on riya's head telling her to stop. But i cannot. As she is the only one who cares for me after death of my maa and papa .


*******************NEXT DAY WAS A FRESH YEAR FOR COLLEGE*************************

-riya and khushi entered the college and saw that there were many new faces-

riya- i hope rahul ( riya's bf) doesnt flirt with any of the newbies or i'll kill him !!!

khushi - ok do as u want !! But just a warning dont fall in love it will affect you a lot.....

riya- khushi..u wait till the day comes when u fall in love..everything will change...

khushi- u be waiting.. as that day is never gonna come..

-just as she walked ahead she bumped into a new boy-

boy- sorry miss.......hope u'r alright.....

khushi's point of view- i was overwhelmed by him nature. No boy in this college had ever been so calm. i just thought something was new in him.I wanted to ask him his name.But wait. What is happened to me ? Why should i ask his name.I should just leave. 

( she just said its ok and left)


KHUSHI was in her room writing her diary-

dear diary,

        Days passed by .. and i got to know his name is ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. He has come here from delhi. And he's is my standard too.I have met him a few several times in college.But I have seen him outside too.Once i saw him in an orfanage where i always come to spend time with kids.He was just enjoying with kids and i enjoyed seeing him.he was the first boy i ever saw in mandir praying sincerely. He saw me in mandir too.We gave each other a smile and left. Days are passing by and we have become friends too. But I wanna be just friends no more. Whenever I see him or talk to him there is a war between my heart and brain .Heart says " U LIKE HIM...NO..U LOVE HIM". but my brain says " ITS JUST AN ATTRACTION NOTHING MORE. who to listen i dont know just confused !!!!


arnav's point of view- She's a simple girl with her own dreams .she is innocent and i think im falling for her .I dont know she loves me or not but it is esssential to tell her my feelings before the college ends...

arnav- khushi i wanna say you something....

khushi- yes viren tell na...

arnav- I LOVE U.

khushi's point of view- i was shocked by what he said .We both had same feelings !! now my heart had won the battle and I just forgot everything and hugged him tightly. I felt my days of happiness had started..i remembered riya's words- u wait till the day comes when u fall in love..everything will change...


after a month-

khushi's point of view- riya was true .love is a beautiful feeling and it has changed me completely . now i totally believe in love. And now i cannot imagine my life without arnav.

arnav's point of view- after the confession our lives changed. We lived for each other...but how will she live now ?? Why this happens to true can i tell her that..??



khushi's point of view- it has been 15 days that arnav..arnav left this world and left me..He has a threathful disease. And now we're not together. but our love is alive yet. we loved each other truely . Arnav made me realise the meaning of love and his last wish was to see me happy. so now i'll live as happy and as lively as i was never before..Just for my arnav ...Its true that love changes life completely.Now i belive completely that love is noy just a word but much much more..Arnav is no more but the thing he taught me is alive " love is a beautiful feeling". Love may be with u for a day or a month or for lifetime but it changes u completely forever.U did change me arnav..I WILL LOVE U FOREVER..


**THE END********

( this is the OS i wrote for virika i just edited names to make it arshi os)

HOPE U ALL LIKE IT..............


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