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Dec 30, 2013

|MED CELEB| ANGELINA AKKA SAADIA| (By Ferb_Finiace) (Thanked: 3 times)




  • .what will be ur reaction if ipk started once again with the same leads........?
  • who are the best writters in med ?
  • who all working for the brightness of this forum....?
  • bright star of med....
  • what do think of me from my questions......
  • whom you admire alot...i mean as a person of dream.
  • What is your favorite dream?
  • Are you studying/working?
  • Your hobbies
  • What's your passion?
  • why is ipkknd so special?
  • List four people on MeD with whom you would really like to collaborate and work with?

  • What are the most precious three things in your life u care the most.
# answer the question which you feel comfortable #

~~~thank you~~~

enjoy answering them

Jan 1, 2014

My Response! (By Angelina) (Thanked: 12 times)

Hi Ferbs!!

Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the MED celeb. This is a total surprise and I feel awesome!! I have read a few interviews of other MED Celebs before and I truly loved the idea! Hats off!

What will be your reaction if IPK started once again with the same leads?

That's a great question. Firstly, I'm going to pinch myself hardly to confirm if I'm not dreaming and if this turns out to be positive I'm gonna scream to the core and tell everybody around me that IPK IS BACK and do some #BarunBhangraDance and party hard!! Tears may flow out too. IPKKND has given me a lot and I will continue to be loyal to it!

Who are the best writers in MED?

Actually, everyone's a great writer here. But I have been here since IPK days and I have read a lot of myViews of those writers who aren't apparently active on MED at the moment. But they will still remain number one for me. 

Samona, Cherryblossom, Moonrise, Pepper, Rashdah, Ankkg, Ocean, Milady and so many more! I miss them a lot!

Who all are working for the brightness of this forum?

I honestly think that each and everyone of you who regularly visits this forum, posts here, comments or clicks those thank you buttons, are great contributors of the forum. Thank you guys for being active! 

What do you think of me (Ferbs) from my questions?

Ah, I've never interacted with you but you seem to be a witty person.  I'd love to chat with you someday.

Whom do you admire a lot?

I would say Arnav Singh Raizada is the first in the list!! I want an ASR in my life. I understand that he is fictional but I still want him!

Besides that, my mother, my friends (including MEDians) and my teachers!

What is your favorite dream?

My dreams are quite big. I want to be a successful cognitive psychologist. I want to do physiognomy and graphology too. And I want to do business with it. I do want to be a big name.

Your hobbies?

Blogging, gardening, watching TV, talking to plants, reading books, tweeting and jumping around! :D

Are you studying/working?

Both. I'm studying and I do a part time job as well. I'm a virtual assistant to an owner of a well-known fashion blog.

What's your passion?

I have a passion for writing. I love writing short stories and poems. I haven't mastered it yet. But I'm learning. MED has helped me a lot in this field and I'm grateful! 

Why is IPKKND so special?

Honestly, I have quite a long reply for this but let me cut to the chase. I was a lost depressed soul with some family problems and IPK brought me out of it. It showed me a whole new world and I'm much happier today because of it. IPK is my baby. If it weren't for IPK, I would have died inside. The strong and passionate chemistry of Arnav-Khushi has always inspired me. IPK forced me to pave my way through optimism. IPK made me smile, laugh and cry. And I love IPK for that! 

List four people on MED with whom you would really like to collaborate and work with.

I love to collaborate with people only to learn from them! Four names? I would say.. Cool Cat, Jasquerade_x, Dhalia and you, my friend!

What are the three most precious things in your life?

My faith (religion, beliefs), my family/friends, and IPKKND.

Thank you so much Ferbs for this amazing chance and Happy 2014, friends!!!


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