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Feb 27, 2014

Marriage Fixed!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 139 times)

At nite, Arnav said to Khushi that he ll go to his home, morning ll come back with my stuffs. But Khushi din agree to his words she was adamant and told him to stay tat nite, morning can go to bring his stuffs. Arnav know arguing to her is waste of energy, so he called to his dad and informed him that he going to stay in Khushi home . Arun was happy for his son and he can understand their feelings too, both need each other presence rite now. Khushi said to her parents about Arnav stay they also soo happy for their daughter who is behaving totally opposite to her past rude beings. When Arnav told that he ll stay on guest room, Khushi got angry and shouted, no you going to stay with me, in my room... Do you got it. Arnav thought, yeah how can I expect full change... After starts to loving me also she ordering me like before. Her parents were hiding their smiles by seeing arnav state and his expression. When Arnav looked at shashi he winked him which made Arnav to think, unbelievable what a family.... ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* They happily took their dinner together with fun and teasing, later they retired to their bed. Arnav told Khushi that he ll take couch to sleep and she can sleep comfortably on bed. Khushi was irritated on his words, Arnav don't you love me... Arnav raised his eyebrows and asked, now what made you to ask this question. Khushi replied, you only ... then what always you talking like that you want to keep distance with me. Arnav smiled, its just you are not well so I told you to be comfortable on your bed. Khushi said with anger, oh really then wy the hell you slept wit me last nite on same bed in hospital. Arnav rolled his eyes, Khushi warned him Arnav do you going to come and sleep on my bed or I wanna come and sleep on the couch, decide it. Arnav thought, Did I chose wrong gal how I going to spend my life time wit her. He came to sense, hearing her shouting Arnav I m waiting.. Tell me. Arnav looked at her and laid on the bed silently, Khushi giggled and laid beside him. She hugged him and kept her head on his chest, she asked, Arnav when you going to talk about our marriage to our parents. Arnav looked at her and replied, tomorrow we ll talk with them. Khushi smiled and said thanks for accepting me again, after what I did to you. Arnav, shhh... Forget everything and sleep now by saying he kissed on her forehead. A lone tear escape from her with that she drifted to sleep on his love. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Next day Arnav asked his dad to come Khushi home. All finished their breakfast aft sometime Arun also came from his home. Arnav asked them to gather on the hall and told them tat he wanna discuss with them. All are curious suddenly what he going to discuss, Arnav looked at Khushi and told them, Me and Khushi decided to marry again. Eveyone was shocked in happiness, shashi said its best decision... I ll arrange for grand wedding. Khushi said no dad I don't want grand wedding, just in temple we ll do. Arnav looked at her, she smiled and said we just want ur blessings, instead of arranging grand wedding we can provide food to orphanage and can help children's in their studies fulfilling their needs which is lack. Arnav was proud at her, others having tears on their eyes, they can't believe hearing her words. Her mom came forward and kissed on her head, then she kissed on Arnav head and said, thanks for bringing up my daughter. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Immediately shashi called their pandit to see a muhurat for their wedding, finally decided that wedding to held on after 12 days. Everyone was happy, Arnav and Khushi are happy for getting back their love wit whom they going to spend their life till last breathe. Parents are happy abt their children's life.

Mar 1, 2014

Marriage- wit love bond !!! End (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 132 times)

These twelve days went as memorable moment for them by showing their love on each other and all rituals they did in the presence of family members and with few close relatives. Today, it was their wedding both are happy and excited to start their new life with their love. Parents were arranging the stuffs for wedding which they need to take, to their temple where wedding going to take place. Arnav wore his sherwani which is maroon color, smile din leave his lips due to happiness. His close friends were teasing him which making him to give slight blush. Khushi was getting ready in her room, she denied for others to do make up or hair style, she herself decided to do on her own. When she saw her wedding dress which they bought few days before, something clicked on her mind and got ready soon in simple manner. She wished tat Arnav wanna see her first so she dialed his number. Khushi asked Arnav to come to her room but Arnav replied Khushi we should not see each other till wedding. Khushi said, god... What a man I m going to marry.... All groom ll took a chance to meet their bride but here I itself calling and he talking abt beliefs. Suddenly she heard click sound which made her to look at door. Arnav who came wit smile inside, his smile was lost on seeing her. Khushi who was boiling with anger was lost in his hotness. Arnav was shocked and surprised to see her who was wearing a bridal dress which is given by him as her birthday gift, he din realize when tear came out of his eyes. Khushi came to sense seeing his tears, she stepped forward to him, she almost said in whisper that day I can't understand ur meaning... Other than this occasion there wont be any occasion which ll be spl for me saying she leaned forward and kissed on his lips for which he too responded. Aft sharing their kiss Arnav looked at her lips where her lipstick was messed up. He smirked and gave sudden kiss on her cheeks, saying bye he went out wiping his lips. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Khushi mom came to check her whether she got ready or not, when she looked at Khushi she was shocked to see her and asked, Khushi can't you both wait for few more hours, you both can do anything on ur first night now itself you started. Khushi asked, wy what happened mom. She replied, look at your face. Khushi looked her face on her mirror, shocked to see her messy lips and also Arnav lip marks on her cheeks where her lipstick was tasted by him when they kissed on their lips. Khushi was embarrassed in front of mom and cursing Arnav for giving this situation. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* All went to temple, their marriage happened in the presence of god with elders blessings. While he tieing mangalsutra on her neck a lone tear came out of her eyes which fell on his hand. He looked at her eyes and assured her that he won't let her to shed a single tear, he ll hold it. They took pheras promising to shower their love on each other, standing by their side in thick and think of their life supporting their love. This marriage was done with bond of love. This moment was blissful moment for them, everyone lips are dancing in smile and heart filled wit happiness. They came back to their home, her mom did arthi and welcomed them. After finishing a small rituals all send off them to Arnav home. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* On that nite Arnav entered their room where Khushi was sitting in a middle of bed covering her face with her veil. She was nervous which making her to clutch her dress. Arnav noticed her gesture he went and sat on their bed near to her. He removed her veil and looked at his lady love. Khushi can't able to look straight in nervous, just blush playing on her cheeks. Arnav smiled nd said not to be nervous, we can take time to be easy, his words made her to get relax. He told her to change her dress which ll be comfortable. Khushi smiled and chose one dress, while she moving towards washroom, Arnav called her which made her to turn back to see him. Arnav said wit smirk, can you wear this by saying he showed one dress. Khushi was shocked to see, she became more nervous and words not coming out. Arnav added, Khushi wy getting nervous.. See you already wore it in front of me. If you forgot I ll tell you, this is the same purple lingerie which you wore to seduce me by showing ur.... Khushi shouted, Arnav... Plz stop. Arnav burst into laugh seeing her expression which irritating her more. Khushi grabbed her lingerie wit anger, Arnav still laughing and came to his bed, he laid. In few minutes his eyes went wide seeing the figure who came to take his breathe wearing lingerie. He thought she ll throw it in anger and ll wear some other dress but here she wearing and standing. Khushi raised her eye brow with smirk like, now what say... After seeing her beauty and boldness he can't resist hiself. He itself trapped on his own plan. Due to his feeling arousal, he grabbed her hand which made her to fall on the bed, above him. Khushi was shocked on his act. Arnav said looking in to her eyes, sorry baby.... After seeing you like this I can't wait for time to become easy saying he sealed on her lips. Khushi din respond at first due to shock, later she too enjoyed his love and showed her love to him. They enjoyed in love world which is unison of heart with love, body with desire, soul with passion. Their new journey started with their blissful and pleasurable feeling.

Mar 8, 2014

Epilogue (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 155 times)

On their first day after marriage, Khushi stirred in sleep due to Sun rays which is falling on her face. She felt something weird and looked down at her which made her to blush realizing that they din wear any cloths. She looked at Arnav with smile and pecked on his lips, went to get fresh. She took bath and got ready, suddenly something clicked on her mind and she moved out. Aft sometime Arnav opened his eyes lazily and looked around him, surprised to see empty bed. He rushed to take bath and came out of his room to check his lady love. When he checked kitchen he was shocked to see the scene, his mouth just spelled Khushiiiiii... Khushi jerked and looked back at him, with baby face she showed her both hands by raising little which is sticky. Arnav asked with shock, what you doing...what is all this... Khushi said with stammering, woh I... tried to cook.. Its ritual... preparing roti.. Arnav looked at her and asked with shock, really... Khushi are you sure you preparing it for roti. Khushi nodded like a child, Arnav can't believe and said, I thought you going to do wheat flour dosa, how much water you added Khushi. Khushi replied, just three jug of water. Arnav asked with shock, for this little amount of flour you added that much water... If you don't know to do why doing. Khushi gave sad face, Arnav added you can ask me na I ll teach you. Khushi asked with smile, really Arnav... You going to teach me. Arnav replied, of course.. Come now saying he stood behind her and gestured her to mix the flour, he too joined by hugging her in his embrace from behind. Arnav was in different mood he just holding her hands and mixing it, while doing he blew air on her neck which made her to shiver, she became numb and uttered Arnav... Arnav said, shhhh... Concentrate saying he kissed on her neck, unknowingly Khushi raised her hand and kept on his cheek from their standing position, Arnav also din realize that her hands were sticky, when Khushi turned to hug him without bearing his torture she burst into laugh which made him to confuse, he asked the reason, she raised her hand to show which is full of flour and also his face. Arnav understood it which made him to put his arm on her waist to pull her towards him and she crashed on his chest with shock, he rubbed his cheek on her both cheek sensually which made her to stood motionless just clutched his shirt for her support...... ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* A strong pair of hand hugged her from behind who was lost in her thoughts which happened three years back, she turned and looked at him with smile and blush. Arnav asked, hmmm now what makes my queen to blush.. Khushi replied with smile, nothing just remembered our first day. Arnav said mischievous tone, but by seeing your blush it seems you remembered abt our first night. She opened her mouth as awww and hitted his chest. Arnav caught her hand and hugged her. Khushi asked him, Arnav did you ordered eveything for tomorrow's party... Arnav replied, hmmm. Khushi, did you invite our friends and relative... Arnav, hmmm. Khushi looked his face and asked, what happened Arnav why you not saying anything except hmm. Arnav looked at her eyes, thanks Khushi... For making my life beautiful, you completed my life which was incomplete before. You know life is so strange we cant predict when what will happen. I never saw my mom and never felt her presence, I just thought my dad is my life but after seeing you I felt happy that someone going to enter in my life and fell in love with you, after marriage I cursed my life for bringing those situation, I just lost my hope after our divorce but again I got back you in my life, and now I m experiencing love more than I expect, its all because of you. Sometimes I missed my mom in some situations but after feeling your love, I can see my mom presence in it. Thank you for giving this feel which I missed in my life. Khushi eyes glistened with tears, she said, Arnav I wanna say thanks to you, if you are not here I never came to knew the meaning of life, you made me to understand what life is... You waked my every feelings inside me, you made me to realize about love, I never thought about others feelings and emotions, for me money was everything before but now I respect others feelingss and I understood others emotions which is happened because of you. I having both dad and mom still you only brought up me in life by showing mothers love and care on me when I suffered in pain, by giving fathers protect and safety when I was in danger. You are precious gift of my life which I can't lose till my last breathe.... Arnav sealed her lips to show his feelings. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Khushi was getting ready by wearing her red Saree which is given by Arnav on previous nite for this special occasion. She finished wearing it but when she took clip to pin her shoulder fleets she dropped down the clip by hearing door click sound, she bend to took her clip and looked front to see Arnav who was giving his intense stare on her, her fleets flew in air which blowing from pool side, she immediately caught it and clutched on her shoulder in nervousness due to his strong gaze. He admired her hair which was flying in air freely, her bindi which adding more beauty to her face, her long earings which kissing on her neck sides, her lip gloss which tempting to taste her petals, her bangles which gives tingling sound, her shy and nervous which showing her feminine beauty, which made him to move towards her. He glanced her from top to bottom, she look down on his scanning torture. He took sindoor and filled on her head, she looked at his eyes, he cupped her face and bend down to kiss her, suddenly something felt on Arnav leg, he looked down to see and khushi too saw. Khushi uttered aww my princess.. and lifted a little one from floor who was completing her one year... Arnav said, yeah she came on rite time to disturb us. Khushi hit him and said, Arnav she is our daughter she can come any time to us. Arnav replied, hmmm nite ll see noone can't come between us. Khushi shouted, you are shameless Arnav. Arnav replied, only with you baby by saying he came near to her cheek like giving kiss, she closed her eyes he smirked and gave kiss to their daughter, come soon down with my princy saying he moved out, Khushi looked with open mouth. ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************* Arnav was busy in receiving guests who were invited for their daughters first birthday party, suddenly his gaze fell on the stairs where his love descending with little one Alisha who was wearing pink frock with printed roses and hearts, a cute hat on her head, he smiled seeing his family who filled his life with happiness. Khushi came and stood with Arnav, their parents were happy to see their children with their better half and with daughter who was grand daughter for them. Alisha cut her cake with the help of her parents Arnav and Khushi, both shared a piece of cake by feeding with tiny hands, a click was taken on the perfect moment for the perfect family who was most happiest couple with their princess who descended here from the love world of Arnav and Khushi.

Mar 10, 2014

Few words !!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 78 times)

Hi dears... Thank you so much for all of you for coming along with me on this creation, with ur love I completed this creation successfully. I would like to say hearty thanks for those commented on this story, ur each words encouraged me to write in hectic day also. More than 20 stories I written including my OS, some creation I completed, some stories going on, but in all of them for this creation you guys gave me so much response, because of ur presence I reached this destination succesfully.

And my spl thanks for my readers who following me on every creations, thanks for believing in me and my writings from start to till now.

I m planning to finish drizzling love and Love at flight. Childhood buddies I ll try to update soon may be few updates can go for emotional ride but I won't drag it. Steamy night story is different story from my other works, its fully about feelings, pain, anger, hurt and emotion, so only I m taking time to write, to think freely.

Bound with her craziness, ha ha ha I don't like to say anything abt that... It was my craziness of my crazy brain. Simple funny story with very few updates.

Catch you soon with other stories... Take care, love you all... I going to miss some readers here who don't have touch with my other stories. Any how thank you once again to all.

Lots of love

Nakshathra..... 'Asha'

Mar 16, 2014

Realization... Once again (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 23 times)

Hey guys just go through the link for my story clearance, I don't want anyone of my reader also misunderstood the concept. It was my bashing post still I giving you a link to go through, try to understand the concept if any one of you not clear on theme. http://myeduniya.com/Entertainment/TvSerials/?revid=69019

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