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Jan 13, 2014

|MED CELEB| V1184| (By Ferb_Finiace) (Thanked: 3 times)




  • how are you managing work & MeD together?
  • Any wonderful memories you have got related to MeD?
  • what's ur real name dear?
  • Are you studying/working?
  • Your hobbies
  • What's your passion?
  • why is ipkknd so special?
  • Where are u from ?
  • three word to describe me and you..means our simmilarity and dissimmilarity.....

  • what do you think about me candy ?[ferb]
  • do you like ur pre.name candace or new name candy ?

# answer the question which you feel comfortable #

~~~thank you~~~

enjoy answering them

Jan 15, 2014

My Answers... (By V1184) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hi everyone,here are my answers.

How are you feeling while sharing about you with us?

i feel happy and thankful to you Ferb for this wonderful idea.

Did you like the idea of lMED CELEBl pls share with us?

Well,i just want to say that this is a wonderful idea where we can know more about each other and i simply loved it.

How are you managing work and MeD together?

Firstly,am not working...still studying in 11th class.I think i shouldn't answer this because i am one of the irregular member these days or else i come here whenever i want to study something from the net you may get confused but i will read stories here at the same time i study whatever portion was given for tests.(Read both at a time).

Any wonderful memories you have got related to MeD?

Yes,there are many wonderful memories and i can say though i don't remember but the moments when i met many lovely MeDians will remain the wonderful time for me throughout my life.

What's your real name dear?

My real name is Vyshnavi but due to some personal problems i want to be called as sweety or some other name you like.

Are you studying/working?

As i answered earlier, i am studying my 11th called as inter in our state.

Your hobbies.....

Need to think for this....ha my hobbies watching TV, reading story books and stories, reading text books(one of my  favorite thing to do before i go to sleep), editing and playing games.

What's your passion?

Sorry,i don't know what passion means.If it is something like which you can't live with or you love to the most,then it is drawing.Though i don't know how to draw correctly i still love to draw and want to become good in it.

Why is Ipkknd so special?

It is special because i met many of my friends in myeduniya in ipk page and it is the main reason that gave me my bestest friend in real life.She used to watch ipk and i used to see few other serials.Its in our Hindi class where we both suddenly started talking about hindi serials where we got fluency in Hindi by seeing them and she became my close friend and in every Hindi class we started sitting together and she used to tell or even say blabber about ipk's daily episodes continuously and i was the listener.So,IPKKND is special.

Where are you from?

Probably,from the Earth only.I am from Andhra Pradesh,India.

Three words to describe me and you..means our similarity and dissimilarity.....

Three words to describe me are... Question box,Boring and Weird.

Three words to describe you (ferb) are... Crazy,Lovely and Talkative(sorry if i hurt you).

What do you think about me candy?(Ferb)

I think you as one of my sisters and friends and also a multi-talented person with crazy brain.

do you like your pre.name candace or new name candy?

Well,i like both of them.You can call me with any name you and me feel comfortable with.So no problem on whatever name you may call me but simply it should be good enough to be called as.

for thinking me as a Celeb and hope i didn't bore you guys with my stupid answers.More questions are heartily welcomed.I will be ready to answer any questions.As per new rules of lMED CELEBl am posting my autograph and a monkey drawn by me here.

(Don't get shocked due to my poor drawing skills)

Ok bye.........

Jan 16, 2014

My replies to Nandhu_nan (By V1184) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hi Belinda,here are my answers for your questions.

Yes,am studying 11th only...but in college.In our state,Inter(11th & 12th) are taught in college only. Hope your confusion is gone.

What do u think of me??

I think of you as one of my sisters, as you already know what i think of you.If you don't remember then check your messages(yesterday's one) so that you will know.

how did u find myduniya???any flashback?

Well, not me but i came across MyeDuniya when there was frequent power cut in our city.Yes,its true.I started watching Hindi serials recently when i become a MeDian. It used ot power cur from 7pm-9pm everyday.Those days, i used to turn on computer,search for serials video links and watch them.It is when,i found that myeduniya is a site where we can find multiple links and that's it.I daily came here for links.As it is my hobby to explore new things and MeD is also one such new place for me.So,then i came across a story and seriously saying it took me a whole month to complete reading it for 7 pages(upto that date) then read it continuously till 13 pages but unfortunately after that i didn't come here for few months due to studies and half-yearly exams.Later , i started reading few other and then become a regular reader of many stories.Still,am trying to cover few stories which i had missed due to few days leave.Forget to say,i become am ember the very first day i came across MeD.Hope i didn't bore you all with this flashback.

what do u think of med?and med family

Very special place and very special family. MeD is the only site which i have visited most during the last two years. I think this is enough to let you know what it means to me.About MeD family,i can say that its really big and it will grow longer and farther very soon. I want to say that i met many of you my friends very recently but i feel like i have met you all years ago like say childhood friends.

who do u love more in med?????(as a sis or bro)

Tough question...because am i never separate anyone like loving one sis more and the other less.All are equal for me and any sister or friend will get same love from me like i give for others.No difference and for clear explanation i can say or use the dialogue that "My sisters or friends are like my one eye and my family the second one" so i can say that i have no differentiation for friends or family.........Don't get confused or irritated OK..please as i don't know how to express my feelings or thoughts properly.

then ur fav forum in med ??????

there are many forums.Here's the list:

Sasural Simar Ka,Saath Nibhana Saathiya and Balika Vadhu....for making me come across this wonderful duniya MeD.I told na i used to come for watching them.

EHMMBH....as it is where i posted something for the first time in May,2013 and i also learnt editing and done my first edit through Diamond123's post for MeDian weekend.

IPKKND......for making me meet wonderful friends and for the story that made me a regular reader and visitor of MeD.Now,i too become a writer that too because of IPKKND Forum only...

So here comes my stupid answers to an end.Hope you didn't get bored. Ok bye.......

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