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Jan 14, 2014

| BANK OF STORY PLOTS / CONCEPT | (By Ferb_Finiace) (Thanked: 16 times)

hye guys....here i am ferb_finiace.....i was thinking that there are many new writter who want to start there own story but becasue they dont get apropriate concapt plot they dont start.......so here we are to help them out.......here are some plots which came into my mind but lack of time cant write so why not help others.......so take any plot you like and get set gooo on the ride of our beloved arshi......

#I love you like I hate you.

arnav lost his family and also his di......thus resulted into a heartless monster asr.....now he is the great arnav singh raizada with all the luxury but without any love....he lives with his nani mami mama and brother akash......khushi also lost her family in a very young age but he is very care free energetic and independent....she dont hold grudge against god for taking her parents away from her.....she is staying with her cousin sis who lost her family in the same accident as khushi......they both are very happy in there own lil wrld......but what happenes when arnav sing raizada enters her life.....will love blossom or  a seed of hathred had to grow.....will khushi bubly ness turn into aroogance......

its upto the persom who take this plot......

#If Loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

khushi is a muslim girls....and arnav is punjabi what happens when they cross each others path....love blossom......will there parent allow them to marry to another caste....how will they make them udenrstand....or will they marry the one whom their parents chose for them......

#pushed into love

arnav and khushi were married forcefully by their parents without their willingness......will there be any love or this wedding will be lovelss lifeless just like there ownself...will they fall in love.....will there be happness in there life....





Jan 17, 2014

some more plots and concepts....... (By Ferb_Finiace) (Thanked: 3 times)

# arshi in the jungle...


arnav is wild life photographer and khushi is  wild life care taker.....she all habitual to her surrounding.....she plays with lion and other wild animals....every animal is her freind...what happens when they croos each others path......


#stardum takes it all


arnav is superstar....and has a very laxurious life without a drop of love....khushi a simple girl who wants to become an actor with her skills and talent comes to the city of dreams....will her dreams break when arnav enters her life....or will they become true.....


#true love never ends


what happends when two loving souls are made apart......will there love survie or will end over there.......will they ever be able to forget each other by just a ninute misunderstanding....will they ever be able to forgive each other and start their from a new strating point.....


#journey of hathred to love


when two souls hate each other to the core......because of arnav khushi lost her house family everyhting......and reason of arnav hathred is he being misunderstood and his ear were filled with wrong impression of khushi being in affair with his jiju.....

 #hope this comes in use.....#

Jan 18, 2014

Concepts... (By Nanak) (Thanked: 4 times)

 Hey people, this is Nanak. I hope my dear ferb will not take me wrong if i suggest few concepts. I have few concepts in my mind and would be very glad if people starts writing about Arshi. Hope few of my concepts help.

 Meri Nafrath Wali Pyaar (My hateful Love)

    Arnav got to know that Khushi is engaged to someone...Ring fell down from his hand...His anger, possessiveness took over his calm, playful mood and he drags her...pulling her towards the Devi Maiya statue inside the Mansion ignoring her pleadings...everyone gather there shocked, scared seeing the madness in ASR's eyes...He takes the vermilion box and applies to her...tied the Mangalsutra which is kept in a plate for devi maiya...Married her forcibly..hating her for giving him the pain..His Ego...Khushi hates Arnav for doing this to her..Nani's and Di's worry....shyam's fiasco..will they sail through all these hate and land in the harbor of love?? ASR and KSR's Nafrath Wali Pyaar...

Landed in the world of Hate(Dark Tale)

   Arnav, who is an orphan....owns AR group of Industries...Arrogant, hates god, merciless, rude...fell in love at first sight..which he believes as lust or just attracted..but later admits that..fell in love, with Khushi...bubbly, chirpy, believes in god...lives with her mother and sister...He proposed her not even making a conversation with her..She deny his proposal as she even don't know him...His big fat Ego gets Hurt..He tried to convince her..but she moves away from him...The monster in him...the Ego of him consume him...He traps her in his trap...she had trapped...feeling helpless...He hate her because of his very big Ego...She hates him for whatever he did to her, her family...They Lands in the World of Hate...Will Love comes there in right time as hero or comes just like the polices in films who always comes late in the scene or will never blossom between them???

Pains of Life 

  Khushi Gupta, an innocent girl, married off to no. 1 business man of India....forced by her Dadi, her one and only family...Arnav Singh Raizada...due to his Nani's his one and only family...married off to his Nani's friend's grand daughter...hates her...still maintaining his bachelor Identity...takes his anger out on her...she remains silent...bearing his venom words..still being a dutiful wife...agree whatever he says...something happen and the Innocent in her is lost...she decided she will break their relationship...with the help of her friend, viren a lawyer....files a divorce...Arnav agrees instantly ignoring his Nani's words, putting blame on Khushi...That is when their love story starts, in the separation...Willl love can happen with this two, crossing over the Pains of Life??

    Well, if you guys like the concepts let me know. Due to lack of time and approaching 10th grade i couldn't write. But, if others wrote I will be very glad to read. If no one takes these concepts i will try to write, but really longing to read these type of concepts too. Ferb's concepts were also awesome.

  Important Thing to be say, MeD can also have Dark stories. I have checked many sites like India Forum, Blogspot, Worpress, few more blogs and websites, there are dark stories and i know there is few in MeD too and we write it neat. 

   Its that there should be at least 10 or something its very low. So try write with Dark concepts of your own too or the one in up guys. We can write Dark concepts in our style and can change the style of Dark. It will be dark still be fun and interesting, Thank You.

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Meri Nafraath Wali Pyaar
Landed In the World of Hate
Pains of Life
Aug 9, 2014

Few concepts.... (By V1184) (Thanked: 1 times)

Hi all, well i have a lots of thoughts running in my mind for writing SS and OS.If anyone is interested then please contact me through mydiary.I would have posted them here, but what will be the fun when you know what the plot of the story is?So if anyone want to write an OS and have no idea for what to write, you can contact me.I am posting this here as just now due to some fault, an OS which i typed for more than an hour got deleted.This happens to me all the time.So i thought that if i give my idea and someone write it out, i can read it in their style and others too can enjoy.Hope i have not talked anything wrong.Sorry Ferb for this view and others too if i have hurt them.

Aug 1, 2015

A new concept (By Nanak) (Thanked: 3 times)

Hey everyone, Nanak here with a concept. Hope you guys like it and may be some one uses it.

When Life becomes Nightmare

Khushi is a studious, nerdy type fifteen year old girl she was known for in her High School. She would spend her time with a book rather then spending her time in a party with loud musics. But what will happen if she happen to get bullied by a boy Arnav who is a new transfer student to her school, same age as hers'? Moreover because of a mis-understanding Arnav creates a big mess and trauma for Khushi which become her nightmare and then he dis-appears just like that. After years when Khushi is 25, she ****s to a new city/place for her job and the boy who happen to bully her, Arnav is her neighbor. The worst nightmare she was running away is her neighbor now. Only good thing left is... He hasn't recognize her yet.

Hope it is not boring and little good. Its just a random thought which came across my mind. Will be glad if someone tries it. Thank You.

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