OS:The picture that changed my Life.

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Jan 16, 2014

OS:The picture that changed my Life. (By V1184) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hi everyone,i am here with my first ever OS on Rishbala. I have written it for a competition few months back.It thought to post it here.I wrote it on Ranbir-Deepika which i have now changed into Rk and Madhu. Hope you like it.Though it is a very small one am posting


Hi,I am Madhu and the guy in that pic is my friend Rishab . You all might know him as a Bollywood hero.But for me, he is my friend , my best buddy in fact my lucky charm. We fought when we met for the first time in a shopping mall and later we became friends.We were surprised to know that we are neighbors and our families are friends too. Then we had to go to different places for our higher education,that is when i missed him very much for the first time.Later i concentrated on my studies thinking that he would have forgotten me.I went to buy a dress for him as usual like i did for past 6 years.Yes,i used to buy a dress for him every year for his Birthday.We used to share everything that we both share same Birthday too.We were born on the same day.I went to buy a dress for him one day before his no our Birthday and i am selecting dress for him.But i din't like any and saw a dress which i thought is best for him.I saw him there.I thought it is hallucination but no it is real he is there near the bill counter.I went near him and i blinked my eyes to see whether it is really him or not.But no it is not my imagination he is real and he is smiling at me.I stood there still in shock and happy seeing him after 6 long years.He came and hugged me.I am feeling like i am the luckiest person on Earth.Soon , many people gathered around us taking our photographs , then reality hit me and i remembered that he is now not Rishab but Bollywood star Rishab Kundra. He asked me to come with him.I paid the bill and went with him.He took me to a huge palace like building where he lives.We talked a lot and then he gave me a dress , a beautiful lehenga and i also gifted him the dress which i bought for him.He asked me "Why i din't try to contact him after he became a star?"I was crying i mean happy tears and told him that i thought he has forgotten me and i even din't talk to his family since i came to college.He asked me to wear that dress and told me to come fast.I agreed for it and changed in to that beautiful lehenga. He too came in the dress which i bought and looked very handsome.I was lost in him.I came back when i heard a lots of applause and by flashing cameras.He said that i look beautiful and told me that i am his new heroine in his next film.I was shocked surprised and also happy...and now am a heroine in fact star heroine because of him now we both are Bollywood Stars and we realized our feeling for each other that is LOVE and i still have the pic which made me the heroine Madhubala .I still remember the day when we fought in the mall which made us become Friends and the day when we met in the same mall after 6 years and how he announced me as his heroine .I still had the photo which changed my life from a normal girl to a star Heroine with me which is taken that day(the day when he gifted me that lehenga and the most beautiful day for me).Now , we are soon going to be Life Partners.

I think this is the most stupid OS you guys might have read sorry for that.But really wanted to post this here.Please do tell me how it is.Will improve my writing skills soon and come with a good one next time till then bye...

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