my index: arshi way

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Jan 17, 2014

my index: arshi way (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 8 times)

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here you'll find all kind of story.

My first ever love story IPKKND :

it start when khushi realises that shyam is married to anjali. arnav find out the truth, what will happen to anjali??? will she believe her brother over her husband or will she remove khushi from her brother's life ??? to know more do check it out and drop your opinion...   (COMPLETED)

my first one shot: Red Rose For Love

khushi being a famous singer meet ASR the eligible bachelor, who proposition her on their first meeting. will khushi accept???    (completed)

my first TS:     (completed)

its my take from the day of arshi marriage. nani is locked in her room with all members trying to bring her out. shyam stop khushi from going up. they argue and is heard by arnav. what will be arnav's reaction?? will he tell the truth to anjali or continue with his lies???? 

the torn in his side:  (on hold)

my take when khushi came to delhi along with payal. she is searching for a job and have an unpleasant encounter with arnav on the road, not knowing that she will be working with him.

os: once upon a time (completed)

it is about two friends who fall in love with each other but due to some circumstances were separated. after some years they met again and one of them is about to marry, their love is rekindle. will they solve their misunderstanding???? how will they find a way out of this mess. will they be with each other as they promised years ago or will they be on each ends away from each other in pain writhing and waiting for each other????  

thank you for having a look hope you enjoy the stories. 

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Aug 29, 2014

My index (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 7 times)     (Completed)Glitter Text Generator   

its a story about two strangers, who met on the plane to new york. one is arrogant and rude. the other one is all bubbly, chirpy and full of life. But for some reason he liked the company of this stranger her smile, her non stop chatter, she sooth his burning soul. that's arnav singh raizada. what happens when the two stranger decides to get married in las vegas on the same day as the plane landed??? how their journey from stranger to husband and wife is??? what lay ahead that separates them only after a day of their wedding??? what makes khushi meets arnav again after two years??? what secret is arnav hiding??? is it connected to their separation in the first place???

Aug 29, 2014

My index (By Anamehreen) (Thanked: 8 times)  Glitter Text Generator

All relations have its own status but what happen when relation changes?  (On hold)   Glitter Text Generator

can a boy and a girl be only friends or with time their relationship is automatically considered as love one?? to know about such one friendship peep in!!!!     (Completed) 

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