Arshi OS : Faith in love ....

Jan 29, 2014

Arshi OS : Faith in love .... (By Sandiamalikabc123456) (Thanked: 66 times)

Pandit declared them husband and wife .

After that the bride and groom took blessings from elders .

The groom was furious and  Yes  he was none other than Arnav Singh Raizada , the famous Fashion Designer married to Khushi Merchant ..scratched the Merchant ...... now Khushi Singh Raizada against his will . Yes Arnav was was against this marriage as he don't want to marry .... because he was afraid of relations . He don't believe in this sacred bond . He was afraid to believe someone other than his Nani . But Nani Devyani Rat**** was firm this time about her decision . She wanted to see the marriage of his Grandson . She wanted to see his Grandson settled before she dies . So she choose Khushi as her grand daughter in law . She met Khushi in a party . She thought as she is a famous celebrity she will be egoistic but she proved her thinking wrong by her humble and bubbly nature and behaviour . She got to know that she is an orphan and is single . So she thought why not tie a bond between Arnav and Khushi . So our Naughty Nani started meeting Khushi . Nani learned that Khushi is well cultured and traditional girl unlike his grandson who is very rude . Hhhmmmphh . So one day Khushi told about his grandson To Khushi . She said to khushi please accept the proposal to marry my grandson . Khushi respected her , so she said I have full faith in U . I know U are very generous but I want some time . I don't know him . Please . Nani gave her time . Whenever they met Nani tell about Arnav . Khushi got to know about his behaviour , personality , nature , hobbies , likes and dislikes . One day Nani showed her the picture of Arnav to which in response Khushi blushed and hugged Nani and said yes she will marry Arnav . Nani was very happy . After then she threatened Arnav to marry Khushi . Arnav agreed and after 1 week marriage conducted . Today was their marriage and Arnav was very furious .

Nani welcomed them in the house . Arnav directly went to his bedroom and khushi looked at his retreating back and looked towards Nani . Nani said :

Nani : he is tired that's why ..,

Khushi was looking very beautiful in her deep rich red Lehnga . Nani and Khushi assembled in hall and drank water . Nani was very worried about Arnav's behaviour .

After sometime , Arnav came down with a bag in his hand and looked towards Nani and Khushi who were laughing . For once he was lost in the magical and tinkling laughter of his wife . He straightened and said to Nani :

Arnav : Nani

Khushi and Nani looked looked towards stairs and saw Arnav with a bag .

Nani moves towards Arnav and asked :

Nani : Chotte where are U going ?

Arnav : I have a meeting in London .

Nani : but U have married today

Arnav : it was only due to ur compulsion

Khushi was very shocked about this .

Arnav looked towards Khushi and then at Nani : I will come after 2 weeks . Bye .

Then he went out of the house .

Nani looked towards Khushi who was very shocked .

Nani went to her and touched her cheeks affectionately .

Nani : Khushi bitiya

Khushi : g Nani

Nani : give some time . Arnav bitwa will adjust soon .

Khushi nodded and Nani kissed her forehead . After dinner Nani sent Khushi towards Arnav bedroom .

She looked at the beautifully decorated bedroom and went to wardrobe and took her night clothes . She came out of bathroom after changing and put her lehnga in cupboard and looked towards Arnav picture above the bed .

She laid on the bed and closed her eyes . A lone tear fell from her eyes . She wiped it and soon sleep took over her .

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Jan 30, 2014

Arshi OS : Faith in Love.... (By Sandiamalikabc123456) (Thanked: 75 times)

After 2 days :

Khushi : Nani I am feeling very restless today .

Nani assured her .

In London :

Arnav woke up to find Sheetal the model in his bed . Bedsheets were crumpled . Their clothes were lying here and there . His head was paining . He doesn't know when he came here and bedded Sheetal . He wore his clothes and left the room in anger .

After 4 days :

Nani was sitting in the hall munching on the popcorn chicken which Khushi had prepared . Khushi was in the kitchen helping HP in making the dinner .

The door bell rang . OP went and opened the door and saw Arnav .

Nani and Khushi also saw Arnav . Arnav said hello to both and went to bedroom . He took shower and changed his clothes . After sometime , he went down and sat in the dining table . Khushi put the dishes on dining table .

Arnav tasted the food it was very tasty .

Nani : Khushi bitiya prepared dinner today .

Arnav looked at Khushi who was serving Aloo Gobi to Nani .

Nani : I gained 2 kg in 6 days .

Khushi smiled at Nani . Arnav looked at Khushi who was looking beautiful in fawn saree .

After that Khushi cleaned the dining table and Arnav went to his bedroom .

Nani also went to her bedroom .

After sometime Khushi also retired to their bedroom . She saw Arnav working on laptop . Arnav also looked at her . Khushi see Arnav was very tensed . Without saying anything she went to bathroom after taking her night clothes .

Arnav looked at the closed bathroom door . He was very tensed about the Sheetal fiasco .

After sometime Khushi came out of bathroom . Arnav looked at her she was wearing a maroon nightgown .

Arnav : Khushi

Khushi : g Arnav g

Arnav : U please take a seat I want to talk with you .

Khushi took a seat opposite to his chair .

Arnav : Khushi I wanted sometime before we enter next stage of our marriage life .

Khushi nodded her head and went to bed and lay on her side of bed . A smile came on her lips .

After 2 weeks :

Arnav and Khushi are trying to adjust with each other . Nani was very happy .

Arnav went to Mumbai for his deal . Khushi was very sad . Arnav was also missing her presence , her beautiful , dazzling smile . Her new song Aadha ishq ( from Band Baja baraat ) .

After 1 week :

Arnav came home and was happy to see Nani and Khushi laughing .

At night , he went to his room and rooted to the spot by seeing Khushi . She was wearing a black nightgown and drying her wet hair . Arnav was in a spell , he didn't know when he locked the room , pulled her into his arms , kissed her , carried her in his arms to the bed and consummated their marriage .

Khushi was also very nervous to say him anything . So she went with flow .

In morning , Arnav was very angry at himself . He poured all the anger on Khushi and also slapped her .

He went to London the same day .

After 4 days :

There were headline news all over the world that the Famous ASR molested the model in AR . When Khushi heard the news she was very shattered .

Arnav came to Delhi that day and went directly to Nani . He saw Nani consoling Khushi . Khushi leave the room when he entered . He tried to assure Nani but she didn't listen to him .

He went to his room . Arnav saw Khushi in the poolside looking at the stars . He went to her and turned her towards him . He made her look at him by holding her chin and looked into her teary eyes . He was shattered inside to see tears in her eyes . He knows he likes her and may be also in love . He wanted to gave her clarification , because he was really restless and he didn't know the reason . He said :

Arnav : believe me Khushi . I didn't even remember that .

 He then narrated the whole incidence to her .

Khushi : I believe U Arnav g I have full faith in my love .

Arnav looked at her shocked and now he know the reason why he was restless . He felt bad about the day when he consummated their marriage but he didn't regret that night . That night was really beautiful night for him . He felt bad because he shouted at Khushi and slapped her .

He caressed her cheek on which he had slapped her and said :

Arnav : I am truly sorry for that day Khushi .

Khushi : its okay Arnav g .

Arnav was really happy inside to get such a devoting and caring wife . He kissed her on cheek to which Khushi blushed to beetroot . He chuckled by looking at her crimson face and hugged her while Khushi smiled and prayed inside that all the misunderstandings clears about Sheetal fiasco .

After 4 days :

Arnav cleared his name with the help of Aman  . That Sheetal drugged him so that she can take some huge amount of money from ASR . And nothing physical happened between them .

Police arrested Sheetal .

Nani and Khushi were very happy .

That day Khushi fainted .

Arnav was really restless and now he knows that Khushi is his heartbeat and he can't live without her . He loves her . HP called doctor . Arnav took Khushi to their bedroom and laid her on bed . Nani sat beside them on other side of bed . She looked at Arnav who was freaking out the hell of HP . He was shouting at HP why can't he work on his own ? Why he let Khushi enter in kitchen . Nani was now feeling peace that Arnav is happy with Khushi . HP asked sorry and went to open door as someone was ringing the bell .

Family doctor came . She send Nani and Arnav out and started checking Khushi . She took her blood tests also .

After sometime , she opened the door and came out . Arnav startled her by asking her about Khushi in high pitch . Doctor smiled at his restlessness . She knows Arnav when he was child .

She said to Nani : congratulations ! She is pregnant .

Nani was very happy and looked at teary Arnav . Arnav didn't know how to react .

Doctor : I have taken blood test . U please collect the report from hospital tomorrow .

Arnav : blood tests

Doctor : she was looking weak that's why .

Arnav : is there any problem ?

Doctor : no there is no problem . Every pregnant lady gave blood test to avoid any complication in pregnancy.

Nani : yes chotte . You don't worry .

After that  HP take doctor outside .

Nani hugged Arnav .

Both went to the room and saw sleepy Khushi .

Nani went to her and kissed her forehead and left the room . Arnav went to the bed and sit beside her . He also kissed her forehead .

He go outside to tell HP to prepare something healthy for Khushi . HP was really happy for Arnav . He was really happy that there will be a child in this house .

After sometime , Arnav entered the room and saw Khushi awake .

Khushi looked at Arnav . 

Khushi : Arnav g

At that time , Nani also entered the room with HP carrying the soup .

Nani : bitiya how are you .

Arnav sat on the recliner.

Khushi : I am fine Nani . Maybe I fainted because I have not taken medicine yesterday .

Arnav : medicine .

Nani also looked shocked at her . Khushi looked at Arnav and then at Nani .

Khushi : I was having headache yesterday night .

Arnav : what you didn't tell me .

Nani also looked at her angrily .

Khushi : it was not severe and I don't want to tense you all , as you all were already worried .

Nani : don't ever feel like that otherwise I will not talk to you .

Khushi : sorry Nani .

Nani : it's okay . But this is not the reason for your headache and why you faints .

Khushi looked confusedly at her . Nani laughed .

Nani : congratulations bitiya U R pregnant .

Khushi was shocked . She didn't know how Arnav will react and then her eyes clashed with Arnav . He was having a smile on his face . She relaxed .

Khushi : thank U Nani .

HP : congratulations Bhabhi .

Khushi : thank you HP g .

Nani : now U have to take extra care . So we will get healthy baby .

Khushi blushed . Arnav looked at her amusedly , how her cheeks went red .

After feeding her soup against her will , Nani went out of the room . HP also went out of room by taking all plates and bowl of soup .

Arnav went towards bed . Khushi looked at him .  

Arnav sit besides her and hold her hand . Khushi was really nervous . He slid a diamond ring in her finger . Khushi looked at it .

Arnav : I love U Khushi ..

Khushi was really shocked .

Khushi : Arnav g U

Arnav put his fingers on her lips .  

Arnav : I have fallen for U . I missed U so much when I went to my trips . I wanted to confess it to  but never had a chance .

He removed the fingers from her lips and set her flick behind her ear .

Khushi was really happy .  

Khushi : I love U too Arnav g .

Arnav then looked at her lips . Khushi blushed at his intense gaze . Arnav dipped his head and took her to the Arshi land where they only exist .

After 9 months Khushi gave birth to triplets . All boys .

In these nine months , Arnav was really a changed man . He took great care of her . He was really happy with his life . When he got to know , Khushi was going to give birth to triplets , his happiness knows no bound . But he was really worried for Khushi as she was really weak . Khushi was also happy with Arnav . In the naming ceremony ,  Nani named them Ayaan , Aarav and Arun . But Arnav wanted a girl . So after 2 years , Khushi was in a labour room due to Arnav deeds and this time she gave birth to a baby girl . Arnav named his princess Arushi . A combination of them . Nani was very happy after seeing her grandson happy in his life .

Arnav and Khushi were very happy with their life .

........... the end ........ 

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Apr 23, 2014

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