Incredible love

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Aug 12, 2014

Chapter - 20 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 19 times)

Chapter 20

Khushi entered in Raizada design's building. It was not as huge as AR designs but it was very classy and the interior was very simple yet unique something similar to her jiji taste even she liked it too but for her AR is best

Khushi looked at the receptionist who was doing her work. She remembered the receptionist in AR design who gave her strange glares, she gulped and started

"excuse me"

Receptionist looked at her


Khushi sighed in relief as she was save from those strange stares which she recieved from AR receptionist

"am Khushi Kumari Gupta. I was selected as personal secretary here can you tell me where should i go?"Khushi asked nervously

Receptionist smiled at her nervous form

"yeah just go straight from here, there are stairs, go on them and upstairs you will find Akash sir cabin your new boss and then you will know what you have to do from there only"replied receptionist softly

"ah thank you"said Khushi

"you looked nervous is this your first time?"asked receptionist

"wellll..... Not first time but as my previous experience first day was hillarious with lot of strange stares so little nervous"said Khushi coming to her chirpy self

"oh but don't be nervous i believe today everything will be fine. By the way am Simran"she said extending her hand

Khushi shake the hands with a smile

"am Khushi as you know and thank you too you give me confidence"said Khushi

Simran replied with a smile

"it's okay now go don't be late"

Khushi : yeah you are right will meet you later

Khushi went in the direction where she was told

Khushi knocked at the door

"come in"came a strong voice

Khushi entered inside and saw a fair tall man working on his laptop his eyes covered by spectacles

Khushi stand infront of his table

He looked at her

"Khushi Kumari Gupta right?"he asked

Khushi noded nervously

He smiled

"sit"he said pointing at chair infront of his

Khushi sit nervously

Arnav sit on his chair thinking deeply about Lavanya words. They were puzzle for him

"Anie I think the time has come to fulfill her promise."

Lavanya words echo in his ears again and again

"what does she mean?"he asked himself umpteenth time

Just then Lavanya come in

"so ASR your schedule is very tough today"said Lavanya profesionally looking at schedule

Arnav : La...

Lavanya looked at Arnav confusedly

"what hapened ASR"asked confused Lavanya

"La tell me na what do you mean by those words"he asked looking at her confusingly

"whi..... Ohh those words you will know when true time will come for now just concentrate on work"said Lavanya

Arnav looked at her he wanted to know but then noded in agreement

Khushi walked out of the cabin to reception silently. Simran looked at her and smiled but Khushi passed a forced smile

"what hapened Khushi? you fine na?"asked worried Simran

"actually......"Khushi stopped

"your job is permanant now na?"asked Simran with a tinge of scaredness

"i......."Khushi looked at her scared face

"yes"and Khushi jumped up and down while Simran had a sigh of relief

"you scared me"she said touching her heart

Khushi hugged her in happiness

"ok as i got the job fully now need to do lot of work will meet you later"saying so Khushi went away


i know i know not much good. But will hope the next one will be

Thank you Mit0905 and Lesh85




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Sep 15, 2014

Chapter 21 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 32 times)


am back with late update guys

Am extremely sorry for late update but i have reasons

I have no internet


no time to write updates as my school is just eating up my head with constant tests and also recently held papers so

once again am sorry please forgive me and coment on my stories i will try to update all stories atleast once in a week

I will update other stories too soon

Chapter 21

It has been week since Khushi was working under Akash Raizada, in office it was nice time with Akash soft and friendly nature and staff sweet behaviour but in house at night Arnav thoughts never leave her mind even she start to dream some strange things and sometimes about Arnav himself and this irked her to no extent neverthless life goes on

Arnav become more workhoalic he start to keep himself in work for almost all the times yet he work less reason his feelings for Khushi and guiltness for such feelings even. Lavanya stop to talk about this matter after that day reason unknown

One fine day

Khushi walked inside the Akash cabin after knocking continuosely cup of coffe was in her hand

"where is Akash sir? Wasn't he here sometimes before"she said as she find the cabin empty

"now what to do with this coffee wait i'll just put it here and leave yeah right"saying so Khushi walked towards the desk

As she was keeping the cup on desk a little ajar drawer of desk caught her eyes there was a picture of someone whose side profile eyes were visible. Khushi remembered Akash seeing some picture and smiling when she come sometime before

A curious person that she is, she opened the drawar amd took out the picture. She got shocked seeing it

"jiji"the word escaped out of her mouth

Just then Akash enetered inside and saw Khushi looking at the Payal picture

"Khushi"uttered Akash

Khushi looked at Akash

"Akash sir who is this girl?"Khushi asked still unable to believe that she is her jiji

"ahh actually*Akash bit his lip and looked at her* I love her"he confessed

Khushi looked at him shocked. How is it possible??? jiji never told me

"does she also loves you?"she asked scaredly what if she hide it from me? And at the same time happy because Akash is really a nice guy

Akash sigh and sit on chair

"nope she doesn't even know"he replied sadly

"what???? You na"Khushi said angrily

"i know di also say same but what can i do? We just met once but really that first meet was nice....."Akash stop coming out of his dreamland

"really? Please tell me na how was the first meet?"asked Khushi excitedly

"well it was just simple encountered Khushi leave it na"said Akash

"hmm okay well i think i can help you in your love story"said Khushi settling herself on the chair

"you? But how can you help me?"asked Akash sitting straight

Khushi shrugged her shoulders and ignoring his question asked

"Akash sir is there any job of canteen i mean like a chef job?"

Akash looked at her confused why is she asking this? Neverthless he replied confusely

"yeah a chef is needed"

Khushi smiled brightly hearing this

"then will you give your love this job?"asked Khushi

Akash stood up shocked at her statement

"no way how can i let her do such job that too in my office in my presence"

Khushi too stood up

"Akash sir no job is big or small and small peoples like us do it happily"explained Khushi

Akash : but.....

"you want her love you na?*Akash noded* than for that she need to be closed to you so you have to do it"said Khushi encouraging him

"bu... Ok fine but will she do this job? I mean she didn't applied for any such thing then how?"asked Akash

"Akash ji you leaved it on me she will accept it" Khushi blurt his name instead of sir tagged to it obviously he was going to be her brother-in-law so she can na?

Akash : ybut Khushi how can you say it so confidently

Akash then added suspiciously : do you know her?

Khushi bit her lower lips. Should she tell him? Yeah she can after all he is her boss so she should

Khushi : actually she is my sister Payal jiji

Arnav leaned on chair exhausted, he has been working since two nights for this project and finally he get it. He opened his eyes to see Lavanya coming and congratulating him after all it is his big achievments but his mind was somewhere else

"La are you angry with me"he asked slowly

Lavanya looked at him confused. She was confused that why he is asking this?

"why are you asking this ASR?"asked confused Lavanya

"you know"he said slowly, looking down his eyes showing guilt and sadness

Lavanya remembered that day when they talk about Khushi when he told her his feelings

"why will i ASR there is nothing to get angry"

Arnav : then why after that day you didn't talked to me about it are you angry on me for decieving Pia? Am sorry for that day but truely i don't love her believe me La my heart still beat for Pia

Lavanya looked at him and smiled at his convincing words which seems like he is convincing himself

"Anie Pia wanted that you always remained happy. She never feel betrayed in any circumstances she just looked at your smiling face. Her love was pure and it just wanted your happines nothing else and i still believe on her, her love your love and i think now if she is seeing this then she is not happy with you as you are sad and not happy...... I hope you will understand it soon that she wants your happines"saying so Lavanya went away

Arnav looked at her retreating figure

what does she mean by saying all this? Does she want to say that i move on? No she didn't said it why will she? But then her words say something else. Whatever it is, whatever she think i can't betray Pia i just can't betray my love even when she..... I don't love Khushi i hate her that's it

"oh you hate her that's why you become friendly to her right?"his mind questioned sarcastically

"yes Arnav you don't hate her you have soft cornor for her"his heart told him

"oh shut up you emotional fool if he didn't hate her then also he doesn't love her okay"his mind retorted back to his heart

"no he has feelings for her that's why when she leave the job he gave him other opportunity from other branch of his own company"told heart

"no he gave her other job as he pity for her"said his mind

"no if it is so then ASR never pity on someone then why her? That means he has feelings for her"his heart said

"please shut up you both"shouted Arnav at them. Silence prevailed the room

Arnav sighed and get back on his work

"WHAT!!!"almost shouted Akash

Khushi noded

"and you still want to help me?"Akash asked not believing his ears

"yup because i know no one can be better than you, who loves her but Akash sir i want to tell you something before we proceed in our plan"Khushi said last line in fear

Akash : yeah tell me what's it?

Khushi : Akash ji... Jiji first wedding is broken......*she looked at him*because of me"

Akash looked at her shocked

"does...*Akash hesitated and then continued* does Payal ji loved him?"he asked with fear

"no*and Akash sigh in relief which Khushi didn't noticed as she start her story* and that's the great thing because my jiji didn't deserve such greedy peoples you know Akash ji they were asking for dowry again and again but on the wedding day i ran to them with our shop papers but couldn't reach on time neither to them nor on marriage and i think it was for best my jiji didn't got married to such people bloody greedy peoples"and Khushi keep on ranting them while Akash looked at her in amu****t

"stop stop Khushi please stop your car and take a break"said Akash with a smile

Khushi mouth opened in 'O' shape

"Akash sirrrrr"she said angrily

"okay okay now stop this planing and let's start work"said Akash chuckling

"oh yeah i came for........"and they started discussing work

It was night

Khushi was sitting under the starry night looking at twinkling stars

"hmm i decided everything talked to Akash ji too but what about Arnav ji will he be happy with this relation and also Akash ji family? I need to have a talk with Arnav ji regarding this hmm i need to meet him"Khushi talked with herself

"but how can i meet him?"thought Khushi

will Khushi be able to get courage and meet Arnav? If yes then what will be Arnav answer? will he accept Payal as his brother to be wife who is from middle class?

Let's see what fate and Arnav decide


Thank you mit0905 and lesh85

sorry for mistakes and late updates


Oct 12, 2014

Chapter - 22 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 33 times)

Chapter 22

Next day

As day dawned and sun touched Khushi face, she quickly woke up. She has lot of things to do. At first she really need to go in Arnav office. She remembered last night when she called Akash and told him that she will be hour or so late and the answer he gave

"what Khushi you called me at night for this? You could have told me in morning na."Akash replied

"no Akash ji actually i have some urgent work and I forget it in morning. I just remember so.... Can I?"Khushi asked hopefully

"Khushiii are you taking benefit of the love i have for Payal ji"he replied teasingly

"no no Akash sir there is nothing like that actu...."Khushi was then cut off by Akash chuckling voice

"ok ok you let me sleep bye"saying so they cutted the call

Khushi smiled remembering that conversation. She quickly got ready and eating breakfast in hurry rushed out of the house not giving ear to her buaji and jiji questions

Khushi entered in AR building. She gulped looking around. After so many days she is coming here she don't know how Arnav will behave. But she also doesn't have any time. She quickly rushed towards the receptionist

"is Arnav ji.... I mean ASR in cabin?"Khushi questioned

Rectionist looked at her shocked at first how she come back? And she is calling ASR Arnav ji?

Khushi rolled her eyes as recetionist keep on looking at her as if she is a ghost

"is ASR in cabin or not"Khushi asked again this time little loud

"Yeah but you are not allowed to go in without appointment"

Khushi ignored her other words. Khushi quickly rushed towards Arnav cabin but in mid bumped with someone. As a result the papers in the person hand falls down. Khushi looked with wide eyes, she quickly bend down and started to collect papers at same time saying sorry again and again. After collecting papers she give it to then person

"am extremely sorry I was in a rush sorry"Khushi apologized

The person was Lavanya. She smiled as she could see that she was really sorry

"it's okay. By the way I didn't you see you here before are you new?"Lavanya asked examining her

Khushi smiled at her

"no actually I used to work here but not anymore"Khushi replied

"then what are you doing today?"Lavanya asked out of curiousty

"actually i came to meet Arnav ji I had some important work with him"Khushi answered

Lavanya : Arnav ji?

Khushi : ohh I mean ASR

"oh ok by the way am Lavanya. Lavanya Kashyap"Lavanya extended her hand for hand shake

"am Khushi. Khushi Kumari Gupta"Khushi hand shaked with her with a smile

Lavanya*smiling* : nice to meet you

Khushi : me too

Lavanya : okk now I need to go bye

Khushi noded with a smile and then walked towards Arnav cabin. She knocked at the door

"come in"came a reply

Khushi walked inside the cabin

"Arnav ji"She whispered slowly

Arnav head shot up. He looked at her shocked

"you! What are you doing here?"Arnav questioned standing up

"Arnav ji I need to talk with you"Khushi speak softly

Arnav fake anger melt down to hear ' Arnav ji ' from Khushi mouth.

"Arnav ji it's really important maybe you got angry too can we talk?"Khushi asked pleadingly

Arnav wanted to deny but her pleading eyes wer not letting him to do so. Finally he noded

"sit"Arnav said pointing towards chair

"no am fine like this"

"okay say what you wanted to tell me"Arnav asked

Khushi took a deep breath

Khushi : Arnav ji your cousin brother Akash ji loved me sister Payal jiji, he saw her somewhere I saw my jiji pic in her cabin so I decided to help me my jiji doesn't love him na so I thought to make them together but then I remembered you and Raizada's status so I thought maybe you and your family will be against from it. After thinking a lot I decided that I will talk with you and if you will help me then surely i'll pair them up but if you ar against it then I will not help them my jiji just met him once so she doesn't love him and Akash sir love is also new it will end with time. So what's your desicion?

Khushi said all in one go so that Arnav didn't got angry after hearing half

Arnav looked at her shocked. His brother Akash loved a middle class girl Khushi sister. It is happy thing but Khushi sister..... In this way he will see her always which he doesn't want at one point and want on other point too. Also what about mami will she agree? Oh that's easy but he can't let his brother suffer from the pain of not getting ther love after all he is facing same pain from years. What so if he didn't get his love he will not let the same hapened with his brother. And Khushi theory is wrong once you fall in love you can't rise again what if his love is new he had fallen in love and now he can't stop the love and who know this better than him?

So after thinking everything he looked at Khushi who was looking at her hopefully

"you are wrong Khushi, Akash can never forget his love never"Arnav speak

Khushi smiled little getting the hint that he accept it

"so will you help me in getting them together?"Khushi asked hopefully

"yes"involuntary words came out of his mouth

Khushi : thank you thank you a lot Arnav ji we shouldn't let lovers get seperated

Khushi took a chit and writing something she give it to Arnav

"Arnav ji it's my number please contact me today at any time then I will tell you plan for now am going bye and thank you again"Khushi said excitedly and left

Arnav looked at her dissapearing figure in shocked

"what did I did?"he thought as he understood his mistake of accepting to wrok with her. There were others way too

Khushi when came out of cabin she met with Lavanya again

"oh Lavanya ji"She said as she collid with her again

"I think you got what you wanted right?"Lavanya asked

Khushi : yes and now I need to go getting late for office bye

"bye"Lavanya replied as Khushi walked out in hurry

"hmm so now ASR will help Khushi interesting"thought Lavanya


Opss am late again. Sorry*holding ears* but can't help*sigh*

Thank you and welcome to my story @ Nano123 and @ Induarshi. Thank you my lovely regular reader Mit0905


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Nov 2, 2014

Chapter 23 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 36 times)

Chapter 23

Khushi was working in her cubicle when Akash called him. Khushi went in his cabin

"Khushi did you talk to Payalji?"Akash asked

"well no not yet but I will talk today only don't worry"Khushi told him

"what you didn't asked her yet"Akash asked shockingly

"ufho Mr impatient she will be here tomorrow only don't worry"Khushi said calming down his anger

"fine but wait tomorrow is sunday"Akash said remembering the day

"ops no problem Akashji tomorrow she will come for interview"Khushi said with a wink

"what? What do you mean?"Akash asked confusingly

"wait Sir wait you will get to know soon"Khushi said with a smirk

At night

Khushi was gazing stars in her pink salwar kameez and was looking angelic. That's when Payal come and sit next to her on bench

"what are you thinking Khushi?"Payal asked

"arre jiji ap. Uff I just remember I need to talk to you something jiji"said Khushi

Payal : yeah am listening

Khushi : jiji there is a post for a chef in my office and as you cook so good I was thinking why don't you apply for it. I will be also able to eat your cooked food there and also it will help us financially

Payal looked at her in shock

Payal : what are you saying Khushi? I don't want to do any job

Khushi : please jiji in this way I have to not take food with me and you are also all alone in the home in this way you will also get some refreshmnet

"but Khushi...."Payal tried to argue

"no ifs and buts and now come with me"Khushi hold Payal hand and dragged her inside the home

Khushi told this to everyone and to her good luck everyone agreed and also make Payal agreed to it

Arnav was laying on his bed but his thoughts were far away. He was not able to decide to what to do or what not. He remembered his talk with Lavanya after Khushi went away

*This part for your confusion @Angel_Arshi*

"why are you so disturbed ASR?"Lavanya asked

"Khushi came"Arnav told closing his eyes

"I know I met her. And even I heared what she told you, sorry to eavesdrop but I was just outside the cabin. But what is bothering you?"Lavanya asked

Arnav sigh

"I don't want to work with her I don't know what came in my mind and I agreed"Arnav told

"well ASR I didn't find anything wrong in it you should help her after all it's about both of your's sibling"

Arnav took a deep breath and decided to call Khushi

Khushi was laying on her bed thinking about Arnav, that he still didn't call her. She was worried now. Just then her phone rang she quickly took it and looked at the caller id. Unknown number! That means Arnav. She quickly recieved it

"hello Arnav ji"

"yes Khushi tell me your plan now"

"another impatient brother"Khushi murmerd

"what did you say?"Arnav asked

"ahh nothing actually Arnav ji tomorrow is Sunday and your impatient brother want jiji to meet him so I was thinking.........."and she explained her plan

"what a foul plan"Arnav replied

"what the.... Arnav ji before complaining on my plan make yourself one then you will understand how hard it is, but for now you are going to do this only bye"and Khushi cut with anger

"what does he think himself huh?"Khushi talked to herself

"arrogant, akdu, laad governar hrmph"

On the other side

Arnav looked at his phone in shocked

"she cut the call my call! How dare she? And she used my line and scold me too what does she think herself"

It was something that make Arnav Singh Raizada angry but hearing it all from Khushi just irritate him and didn't hurt his ego it was surprising. So Mr Raizada brain not liking it start to instigate Mr Raizada

"what are you doing? You are not angry on him ASR the girl who is challenging you every now and then"His brain shouted

"oh shut up what so much in it to get angry and that too from Khushi?"Arnav said to his brain but then realized his last words. He himself was shocked on his words

"yuhoo Arnav is coming back"His heart shouted in happiness

"oh shut up you emotional fool he is just saying just like that"His brain retorted back to his heart

"he is saying just like that how just like that?"His heart asked sarcastically

"oh shut up you both"Arnav shouted to both of them

Next day

Khushi got ready in beautiful white pink anarkali dress and was looking beautiful as always. She went to Payal who was working

"cm'on jiji stop all this and now come with me we will eat breakfast outside today"Khushi said

"outside! But why Khushi?"Payal asked shockingly

"ofho jiji I need to buy some things for me and in the way we will eat something so now come"Khushi said dragging Payal

"but Khushi.....fine now first let me take my things and inform others too okay"Payal said stopping Khushi

Khushi : okay

Payal informed everyone and taking her things she walked out with Khushi

Khushi quickly messaged Arnav before Payal could see

Arnav was working in his room waiting for Khushi message. His mind was actually restless for Khushi message though it was for plan but he actually wanted to get her message reason unknown

It was breakfast time. Arnav was sitting and eating but at the same time was looking on his phone, Anjaly noticed this

"chotte are you waiting for some call?"Anjaly asked

"no di it's just that Khu....."Arnav stopped realizing what he was going to say. He looked at his sister who has a glint of mischeve in her eyes. Arnav quickly changed his tone

"Khu what chotte?"Anjaly asked

"why are you so interested to know it. Okay fine it's Khurana project, Aman was going to call and tell me about that but he has not call me yet now happy?"Arnav ended with a tinge of anger

Anjaly made face and start to eat her food

Akash looked at his brother in shock

"Khurana project! Bhai had given me that project and it is completed long ago then now which Khurana project bhai is talking?"Akash talked to himself

Just then Arnav phone beeped he quickly looked at it, it was Khushi message. He really want to meet her now so he quickly opened and read her message

"start it now"was written on message. It was small but it content Arnav heart

Arnav quickly looked at Akash

"Akash let's go"Arnav said standing up

"where bhai"Akash asked

"ah for meeting"Arnav said

"chotte meeting! today is Sunday or atleast let Akash eat first"Anjaly said

Arnav groaned. He want to go right now

"it's important di. Akash come you can eat later"Arnav said angrily

Akash noded and stood up

"but chotte...."Anjaly stopped seeing her brother angry and irritated face

Akash and Arnav both walked out

Arnav stopped the car infront of mall

"mall! But bhai we were going for meeting na"Akash asked

"yes your favourite meeting it is here in restaurant now come"Arnav said irritatingly

"bhai which Khurana project you was talking? As far I remember we got one which you gave to me and is completed long ago"Akash voiced his doubts

"what the.... Akash will you stop eating my head it was better you would have eaten your food"

Arnav walked inside the mall restaurant while Akash silently followed

Here Khushi dragged Payal in mall restaurant

"Khushi here everything is expensive why did we come here this big mall and this restauranat"asked Payal

"ofho jiji you just come"Said Khushi

Khushi looked around the restaurant trying to find Arnav and Akash and then she found them sitting on one table

"bhai here is no one why are we here?"Akash asked

Arnav rolled his eyes on this constant questions

Just then both hear the sweet voice

"Hi Akash ji and Arnav ji"

Both looked up and saw Khushi with a pretty and simple girl

Akash was lost looking at Payal while Arnav was lost in Khushi beauty

"jiji he is Akash ji my boss and he is his brother Arnav ji my ex boss"Khushi introduced them to Payal

"and she is your sister Payal ji right"Akash said drooling on Payal


Payal smiled and greet them

"by the way jiji why don't you give your interview to Akash ji now only till than me and Arnav ji will sit on other table and will eat something what say Akash ji"Khushi said winking at Akash

Akash understood that all this Khurana and interview drama was Khushi plan but what shocked him was that how come his bhai agreed for it.

"does that mean bhai know everything"Akash thought looking at Arnav

"but Khushi why will you go on other table"Payal asked

"because it's your interview so you both have to sit alone come Arnav ji"Khushi said draging Arnav with him shocking Akash

Khushi and Arnav settled on other table

"am sorry for dragging you Arnav ji but I have to do this or else my jiji would have not believe me"Khushi explained

"it's okay"Arnav said taking menue card

Khushi : Arnav ji!

Arnav looked at her : what?

"you are going to eat here?"Khushi asked shockingly

"yes so what?"Arnav asked confusingly

"yuck the food here is so tasteless let's go out and eat something"

Arnav : what the.... No way am going to eat roadside polluted food

Khushi : okay fine ordered something for you I don't want it

Time passed. Arnav ate his food. Payal came and told them to come on that table

"No jiji you eat something with Akash ji me and Arnav ji are going outside to eat pani puri you stay here"Khushi said suddenly

"what! But Khushi you wanted to eat here. Okay I will come too"Said Payal

"no no jiji you go and eat something I had already eaten now just want to eat pani puri you sit here for now"Said Khushi making Payal seated with Akash and left with Arnav hurriedly

"what the..... What do you think yourselve?"Arnav asked angry on his feelings for not getting angry on Khushi who is making him toy

"ofho Arnav ji look am hungry and I wanted jiji to spend sometime with Akash ji simple now come"explained Khushi

Then Khushi ran to pani puri vendor while Arnav has to followed her helplessly

Khushi ordered for herself and then asked Arnav who refused point black. Shrugging her shoulder Khushi start to eat with relish and at the same time was ordering vendor man to add more spice while Arnav stood admiring her angelic face

As Khushi was eating more spicy food and start to talk with Arnav that it's so nice and he should taste it she end up coughing badly

Arnav quickly pat her shoulder and asked for water. He made her drink water from his hand. When Khushi cough subsided she looked at Arnav who was holding glass near her lips and was looking at him with concern both got lost

Rabba ve.....

Both regained there senses when Arnav phone rang. It was Akash asking about there whereabouts. Both quickly rushed to mall with awkward silence around

They reached restaurant. Akash informed Khushi that Payal is hired for which Khushi just hugged Payal congratulation her as she knew that she was hired before inteview only. After taking with Akash for small time they all start to bid adieu to each other

"it was nice to meet you Payal ji"Akash said shyly

"same here Akash ji"Payal replied with tinge of blush on her cheeks on seeing which Khushi passed a dazzling smile to Arnav whose heart skip

I hope it's enough to make up for my absence

Thank you @Mit0905, @Angel_Arshi, @reena, @Nano123 and @Induarshi

I will update it soon if I got enough coments and thanks

Thank you


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Dec 6, 2014

Chapter 24 - is it love? (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 37 times)

Chapter 24

Khushi lay on her bed remembering about her plan. How funny it was! And finally she could say that her jiji too have something in her heart for Akash. Her blushing face says it all

But then Khushi mind travelled to Arnav. Arnav! Thinking about him she could feel some different sensation. She remembered how they meet and how she got appointed in his office. His torture then that day from when she saw a complete different Arnav. How equations between them change. Arnav never said they are friends nor did she say but some where she felt that in those moments they had become friends. Infact more than that...

"how much Arnavji was changed after that incident but after I left the office and meet him today his behaviour was different like he wanted to be away from me but why? Is he hurt by my act?"Khushi thought

"and what am thinking? Why my heart is again beating like that? Is am in love?"

On the other side

Arnav lay on his bed facing the ceiling. Khushi dazzling smile didn't leave his mind. He remembered all those old moments he spent with her. There first meet when she fall in his arms and he was lost in her hazel brown eyes ahh those eyes that always attract him mostly and he felt himself being dragged to those old moments which he spent with his mother and don't want to remember anymore which remind him of some one from his past whom he didn't remembered. And when they worked together in AR how much he tortured her, he did his best not to torture her physically but irked her which he did don't know why but then, when she was trapped in that room and was hurt mentally he couldn't help but stop torturing her infact he himself was hurt seeing her like that on that day and after that how he started to change but she resign for Him and even after then he helped her making sure she got job but to his surprise and somewhat happiness she got it from her own hard work but then when everything changed when he understood he can't think of her how much he was suffering and today when they met, he couldn't keep himself away from her all his those efforts went in drain and now he couldn't help but think

"if it is love?"

"can I love her?"he asked himself

Payal smiled as she remembered about Akash. Her little talk with him apart from that so called interview when he asked is she comfortable with him for which she shyly noded and how he tried to converse with her. She remembered there first meet which make her to think about him always

"is it love"Payal asked herself

"I love you Payalji and I know you also felt something for me"Akash said looking at Payal photo

"oh no I forgot to ask bhai how come he know about this? Yeah maybe Khushi told him but I need to thanks bhai and also need to tell both of them about Payal reaction"Akash said to himself

Akash stood up and was about to go when he questioned himself again that should he go now or tomorrow.

"no bhai must be sleeping I should meet him tomorrow"

Next day

As the next day dawned. Akash got ready quickly. As he was about to passed from Nani and Anjaly he stood shocked hearing there words

"Nani you know day before yesterday Khushi went to meet chotte"Anjaly told excitedly

"really? And you are telling me now"Nani showed annoyance

"come on nani now stop it and think we should do something to make our chotte realize his love."

Nani : hmm you are right he is so stubborn that he is not even understanding his love

Akash stood there looking at them then he smiled thinking to fulfil his sister wish and do his brother work who is helping him

He then walked towards Arnav and thanked him for helping him for which Arnav just give small smile and said

"don't worry you will get your love just like di"

Akash could feel Arnav pain but then he smiled thinking that this pain will be removed once Khushi came in his life and he accept her

Later that day in Akash office

Akash quickly wrapped up his work and was about to walk out of cabin when Khushi came

"arree jijaji looking too eager to meet jiji huh"Khushi said teasingly

"ahh woo"Akash stammered and scratch the back of his head while Khushi giggled

"don't worry I just came for that only after all we need to walk on step 2 na"Khushi said

"step 2!"Akash exclaimed confusely

"yes step no 2. Meeting"Khushi dragged him in canteen

Khushi walked there and asked Payal to join them at first Payal hesitated but then agreed. Payal and Akash sat together. Khushi pointed Akash to talk. Akash talked with Payal some random things. Both Payal and Akash were happy but for different reasons. Akash was happy to be with Payal while Payal was liking it when she was talking with Akash in all this Khushi left from there stealthily as she knew her jiji will not notice as her gaze was down

At night Khushi called Akash

"so jijaji I think you should get ready to confess your feelings"

"no Khushiji I think we need to work more and Khushiji I was saying you should bring her tomorrow in Park and also please don't call me jijaji now maybe Payalji heared it"

"okay than you come to park tomorrow and don't worry I will be carefull bye"Khushi said last words while giggling and cut the call

"I need to call Arnavji too or else how will be they together alone"saying so Khushi messaged Arnav to come in park tomorrow evening

Next day in the evening

Khushi asked Payal to come with her in garden so that they spend sometime for which Payal agreed thinking that her sister want to spend time with her

As Khushi and Payal walked in park Khushi told Payal

"jiji I called Arnavji too"

"why?"Payal asked confusingly

"woh actually that day you both couldn't talked so that's why oh look there he is"Khushi said pointing towards Arnav sitting on a bench

They both walked towards him. Khushi introduced them to each other. They talked for some time when Akash appeared

"ohh Akashji you are also here"Khushi asked faking surprise

"han actually I too wished to have some walk you know"Akash replied with smile

"Arnavji come I need to show you something"Khushi dragged Arnav but stopping in midway said to Payal that till then she should talk with Akash

Khushi took Arnav behind a shady tree away from Payal sight

Khushi sit down and asked Arnav to sit too

"no way am going to sit there"Arnav said looking away

Khushi stood up and holding Arnav hand she forcibly made him sit.

"what the..."Arnav uttered

"not what the it's not mess but awesome ARNAVJI for today forget ASR and let Arnavji live"

Both remembered there similar words before and laughed out. Khushi stopped and looked at laughing Arnav. Stealthily Khushi took her phone and captured Arnav picture

"wow Arnavji look how you looked while laughing"Khushi said showing her phone

Arnav stopped laughing and realized what he was doing he looked away

An awkward silence surround them again

" didn't liked that I resigned from AR?"Khushi asked after couple of minutes

Arnav looked at her. He didn't know what to say. He remembered how miserable he felt when she left

"Arnavji why are you trying to be away from me when we both were behaving nice before I left"Khushi asked on not getting answer for her first question

"how to tell you Khushi I can't give you my heart who wanted to be with you"Arnav thought as he looked at Khushi questioning glance

Arnav stood up

"I think we need to go now"Arnav said walking away

Khushi followed him

It had been two days, Payal has almost accepted her feeling for Akash and Akash could sense it too with there increasing closiness. Khushi was happy seeing Payal blushing face and at the same time she felt something for Arnav too which she couldn't point out. Arnav did his best to be away from Khushi but in help for Akash he always end up with her.

Arnav hold his head, his frustration reaching to peek. Lavanya came there

"what hapened Anie?"Lavanya asked holding his shoulder

Arnav stood up and turned away. Lavanya came infront of him

"why are you hiding your face what hapened Anie?"

"I am frustrated La am not able to take Khushi out of my mind am decieving Her"Arnav said

"no Anie you are not decieving Her and about Khushi you are not able to take her out of your mind because you are in love you are in love with her"Lavanya said

"no am not in love with her i cannot decieve Her I cannot"

"you are Anie and you are not decieveing Her infact She will be happy to know this. Just closed your eyes and asked Her, She will Herself tell you that you are not decieveing her"saying so Lavanya walked away

Arnav closed his eyes but opened them quickly

"what the... What am doing? I have gone mad or what?"Arnav asked himself and sit on chair closing his eyes

Akash walked to Khushi

"Khushiji, Payalji is not reciprocating my feelings so I was thinking something"

"what?"Khushi asked

"old plan, jealousy"

"oh that's cool"

"and you will help me in it"Akash said

"what! but Akash ji in this way jiji will not accept you thinking about me"Khushi said

"you don't worry it will work. Just bring her in party tomorrow night it will be my last stroke"

"hmm okay"Khushi said

"oh yeah Khushiji you bring her in mall too in pretext of buying dress for part, we will work from there"Akash said and walked away

Precap : jealousy


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Chapter 25 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 28 times)

Chapter 25

Khushi sit in her room on bed thinking deeply

"if I will show jiji that am interested in jiju or jiju is interested in me than she will just left thinking about Akash jiju because she will never try to come between me and him which shouldn't hapened. Why is jiju not understanding it seems like he is actually trying to keep jiji away. No no Khushi what are you thinking? Stop it now and just focus on your plan. Stop this right now!"Khushi thought convincing herself

That's when she found her jiji enetering the room she quickly stood up and took a deep breath

"jiji! You know tomorrow there is a party in night. It is our office party in a club. Am so excited jiji we never went to club na, it will be so fun"Khushi exclaimed happily telling Payal

"oh that's good Khushi"Payal said coming out of her thoughts

"jiji let's go for shopping today you know na we can't wear such clothes that too in club"Khushi said

"what? Khushi am not going anywhere"Payal said looking at her

"why jiji?"Khushi asked sadly

"firstly, am nowhere going to that club. Secondly, shopping again! Khushi we are going out almost everyday from some days so no way"Payal said

Khushi sighed, she knew her jiji was right they are going out a lot now-a-days, but it is for her only.

"jiji, you are coming with me and that's final or else am also not going. And I want a dress for part so you are coming with me"Khushi said stubbornly sitting o bed. Payal sigh, she knew Khushi can be stubborn sometime and if she, than no one can stop her

Payal : okay, fine!

Khushi happily hugged her

"let's go jiji"Khushi said rushing towards table where her purse was

Payal sighed at her excitement.

Both walked in the mall talking happily about some random things when Khushi support Akash talking to some one. At first she thought to tell her jiji but then think otherwise as she knew her jiji will start to question how come everytime they came outside they met him, so she silently walked towards there direction with Payal.

Fakingly Khushi bumped with Akash and dropped her purse

"sorry!"Khushi said and bend to took it

"oh Khushi ji, you! What a co-incidence"Akash said as Khushi stood up

"arre you here! Really what a co-incidence"Khushi said faking surprise

Khushi then deliberately ignored Payal and start to converse with Akash

"by the way what are you doing here Akash ji?"Khushi asked

Akash : the same thing that you are doing

Khushi looked at him with fake questioning look

"what do you mean?"

"ahh, I came to buy a dress for tomorrow party but see na I cannot find one"

Khushi : aww poor Akashji, come I will help you and then you help me what say?

Akash was about to nod when he noticed Payal, actually he noticed her before but showed as if he didn't

"arre Payalji you are also here"Akash said

Payal just gave him a fake angry smile almost making Akash smile who controlled it

"Akash! What are you doing? We are waiting"came a strong voice

Khushi turned to see Arnav. She was shocked, shocked beyond words

"now what will he think about me? I didn't even told him about this plan. He will say me cheap after seeing our plan"Khushi thought gulping down

On the other side Arnav was also shocked to see Khushi and Payal.

"what are they doing here? Is it Khushi any other plan? But she didn't told me anything about this"Arnav thought

"oh am sorry bhai actually I just met with Khushi ji, so I forgot"Akash said giving sweet smile

Arnav just noded looking at nervous Khushi

"Anie, why are you doing this please help me to choose dresses na"came Lavanya voice

Arnav turned to see Lavanya behind him and gave her a angry stare

Khushi was shocked to see Lavanya there and also more shocked to see Lavanya so friendly with Arnav. She felt a pang in her heart so she looked away

Akash smiled looking the surrounding hapening. Everything according to plan perfect!

Lavanya then noticed Khushi

"oh hi, Khushi"Lavanya said sweetly

Khushi faked a smile and looked at her almost angrily

"ahh bhai am going with Khushi to buy my dress will meet you here again"Akash said holding Khushi hand almost shocking Arnav

"Anie now atleast come with me"Lavanya said

"ahh yeah"Arnav said absentmindely

Khushi heared Lavanya and Arnav. She was shocked to heared Arnav agreeing. She gave Arnav angry stare, why? Don't know

Khushi hold Akash shoulder and dragged him with her to nearby store from where they could see others

Payal felt out of place, she was confuse to what to do

"arre Payal, I didn't noticed you"Arnav said

Payal looked at him and gave him little smile

"Lavanya meet Payal she is Khushi's sister"Arnav introduced Payal to Lavanya

"oh hi, Payal am sorry we almost ignored you. By the way am Lavanya, Lavanya kashyap"Lavanya said extending her hand

Payal smiled and hand shaked with her

"no problem it hapeneds"Payal said

Arnav looked at Khushi and Akash who were happily talking and laughing he felt jealous. Lavanya noticed this, she touched his shoulder

Arnav looked at her and gave her a little smile

Khushi was talking to Akash about Payal reaction and was faking laughter when she noticed Lavanaya touching Arnav shoulder and he smiling at her. She felt angry and jealous

"Akashji, why did you bring Arnavji with you?"Khushi asked annoyed

"oh actually I didn't bring him he himself came as Lavanya wanted his help and company so he came"Akash told with smile obsorbing her expressions

"who is Lavanyaji to Arnavji?"Khushi asked almost frustrated

"oh they are best buddy from school time, always forever"Akash said looking at them with smile while stealing glances with Payal, though in all this he didn't missed Khushi furious and jealous expressions

Here Arnav was talking with Lavanya and Payal and was trying to be nice. He keep on looking at Akash and Khushi who were wandering around laughing and talking. He felt jealous but try to brush it off

Akash and Khushi came to three

"bhai you know Khushi is awesome in shopping"Akash told

Khushi looked at Arnav proudly when Lavanya said in dissapointed voice that Arnav is of no use

Arnav looked at Khushi in amu****t but felt a pang in heart to see her sticking with Akash like.....lover. Arnav felt his anger rising, he looked at Akash

"Akash, I think we need to leave"Arnav said gritting his teeth looking at Khushi face

Akash smiled and noded praying in his heart to God to save him from his brother

Akash was praising Khushi in car while Arnav was driving. Arnav was getting furious hearing his brother praising Khushi

Arnav start to drive rashly and Akash got shocked on it

"bhai..what are you doing?"Akash asked shocked

Arnav stopped the car with jerk breathing heavely while Akash have a sigh of relief

"woah bhai what was it?"Akash asked adjusting his spectacles

Arnav looked at him angrily

"first you tell me what was it?"Arnav asked

"what bhai?"Akash asked innocently

"what was you doing with Khushi when you love Payal?"Arnav asked angrily

Akash smiled at the question

Lavanya was having a great time with Khushi and Payal. Arnav had stopped her for coming with him in a pretext that she need to buy her dress so she took Payal and Khushi company and she was enjoying a lot

"hmm she is so nice, maybe that's why Arnavji choosed her"Khushi thought sadly

"what am thinking? Why am so angry on Lavanyaji and Arnavji? I shouldn't care what Arnavji is doing with Lavanyaji then why am so hurt?"Khushi asked herself

Lavanya looked at lost Khushi, she could easily see the differnce in this Khushi and that Khushi whom she met in office. She was so sweet and friendly while she is so silent now.

"she can't be the same Khushi for whom Anie fell for, there is something that is disturbing her for sure"Lavanya thought, after some time her face lit up with smile

"Khushi come with me I need to order a coffee"Lavanya said sweetly in mall canteen

Khushi smiled and noded. Both walked towards the counter when Lavanya start to speak

"Khushi you told me that day that you worked in AR right"Lavanya asked

Khushi noded not understanding the reason behind such sudden question

"I hope my Anie didn't troubled you much during that time"Lavanya said

Khushi stopped walking and looked at her angrily. 'My Anie' my foot, Khushi thought angrily

"what hapened Khushi? Did he troubled you a lot? Am sorry from his side than, he will not do anything again"Lavanya said innocently

"Lavanyaji what do you mean by my? And why will Arnav ji listened to you?"Khushi asked angrily

"he is mine Anie that's why am saying so, and he listened my every words"Lavanya told

"stop it Lavanyaji! You shouldn't say something like that about Arnavji"Khushi said furiously

"why are you getting so hyper Khushi? Are you jealous? Don't tell me you are in love with him"Lavanya said

Khushi was so much angry on Lavanya talks that she didn't knew what she is saying

"so what? What if am in love with him? What will be problem?"

"oh it is problem Khushi because Anie is already in love and he told me that he can't fall for someone else.. Oh I forgot I need to make an urgent call"saying so Lavanya walked away

Khushi stood there shocked. She thought that Lavanya was saying that Arnav is in love with her*lavanya*

"oh so he loved her"Khushi thought

Khushi tossed and turn remembering Lavanya words.

"what did I say Lavanya? Oh no! What if she thought that am in love with Arnav but is am really in love with him?"Khushi asked herself sitting straight on her bed

Khushi remembered morning incident, how worried she was about his reaction and how jealous she was. She then remembered that park day incident

Khushi quickly took her mobile and surfing through it opened Arnav laughing picture, a smile crept on her own lips

"yes! Am in love with him"Khushi thought happily

But then she remembered Lavanya words that he love some one else, her smile vanished

"but my love is one sided"Khushi sighed looking at Arnav picture

"kaash ap hmse muhabbat kr pate"She said and put the phone aside

Next day

Khushi spent her day in college all dully even when Akash excitedly came to her and told her that tonight will be there last stroke, she remained silent and just gave a faint smile. She came back home early and have lunch there only

Khushi was playing with her food looking down while, Garima, Shashi and Madhumati exchanged glances asking each other what hapened to her but got no reply

"arre titaliya why are you playing with food like this huh? If you don't want to eat than leave na"Buaji said jokingly

Khushi stood up

"fine! Am going"Khushi said in dull hurt voice and walk away

Buaji looked at the two shocked and confused

No one knew what hapened to her neither she told anything. Later when Payal came house, they asked her

"Payaliya what has hapened to Khushi?"asked buaji

"what? What has hapened to her?"Payal asked confused

Then Buaji told her morning incident and Payal herself was confused

"arre buaji let her be, I think she is worried about the new project that's why and don't worry tonight there is a party remember? Then she will be al okay"Payal told with smile

Buaji, Garima and Shashi were also satified by this reply and they too noded with a smile

Precap : Party


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Chapter 26 - Confession (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 43 times)

Chapter 26

Payal looked at her sister frustrated.

"Khushi will you stop making those jalebies. You had already made a bunch of it"Payal said pointing towards the pile of jalebies

Khushi took a jalebi and start to munch it sitting on chair, still lost

Payal sigh and walked towards her. She touched her shoulder

"Khushi why are you so stressed? Is it because of party?"Payal asked softly

Khushi shook her head.

"What's she doing? Just for some talk with Lavanya she is behaving like a jerk and worrying her family. No no it's not right"Khushi thought

"ahh's...." Khushi tried to find words

Payal shook her head helplessly and sit near her

"okay! Let's just do this, there is 2 hours left for party and I didn't even saw dresses that you bought! Come and give me my dress and we will get ready for party"Payal said cherishly

"oh no! Sorry jiji! I forgot to show you dresses. Come I will show you and then we will get ready, as you say"Khushi said excitedly thinking about Akash party plan

Payal smiled. Both sister walk in Khushi room

Payal mouth remained open as she saw the dresses that Khushi bought.

"gown!"Payal exclaimed in shock

Khushi noded smilingly

"Are you serious Khushi? How can we wear gown?"Payal asked

Khushi rolled her eyes

"jiji they are not exposing, look they are much similar to our everyday dresses"Khushi said

"but Khushi...."Payal tried to argue

"jiji we are going to club. Do you understand it? Club! There people will be in much short dresses atleast we will also have something modern in that all"Khushi explained

"hmm, you are right Khushi! I na.... Just. Okay tell me you select them?"Payal asked

"your's is selected by Akashji and I selected mine"Khushi bit her tongue as she understood her slip of tongue

"What!"Payal exclaimed

"umm. I selected both, was just joking"Khushi said with a smile

Payal smiled while Khushi remembered how Akash selected Payal dress in his favourite colour, Khushi smiled

"Thank God jiji didn't asked about the price or money. Or how would I have explained her that Akashji took care of it"Khushi thought sighing in relief

Khushi and Payal entered the party venue and scanned the whole place for their Boss.

Akash was talking to some of his friends and was looking at the door time to time.

Suddenly he saw her entering with her sister looking absolutely stuning in his selected blue gown

Akash quickly rushed towards them knowing they must be looking for him, after all they don't know anyone else

"hi!"Akash said with a smile

"hi Akash ji"Khushi and Payal replied

Akash keep on looking at Payal who looked away shyly

"you are looking beautifull! You both are!"Akash said looking at Khushi but telling Payal

Khushi smiled while Payal just blushed

"come inside!"Akash offered

The three walked inside the busy club

Arnav was standing in a cornor looking around when he felt a gust of wind fanning his face. He looked at door and saw her. His breath stopped seeing her in his favourite colour, Red, looking absolutely stunning

Khushi looked at Arnav as she walked with Akash. The gust of wind and the sudden increased of her heart beat never failed to tell her that where he is.

Khushi was still looking at him when she found Lavanya coming near him, she quickly averted her gaze

Arnav was confused why did Khushi looked away with such angry expressions, he asked himself

"because she feel something for you and cannot see, me coming near you"Lavanya said as she stood near him

"no Lavanya, I don't think so and also I don't have anything for her. Anyways, now Akash is actually dating her"Arnav said

"what! Who told you?"Lavanya asked

"he himself!"Arnav said and walked away

Lavanya just smiled

"some one is jealous!"Lavanya said in whisper happily

The music started. Akash walked towards Khushi and forward his hand

"can I dance with you?"Akash asked

Khushi raised her one eyebrow and gave him me?-are-you-serious- look. Akash noded. Khushi shrugged her shoulders and gave her hands in his, eyeing Payal.

Khushi and Akash danced with other but their minds were far. Akash was looking at Payal who was standing alone silently while Khushi's eyes were on Arnav who was sitting on bar counter looking at her, she noticed it so she looked away

Arnav was burning jealousy seeing Akash and Khushi dancing. He took a glass filled with liquid and start to drink it as Khushi looked away

"Bhai, why are you getting so much hyper? Payal isn't reciprocating my feelings so I left it and trying with Khushi now, even I think she has something for me too so.... But why are you getting so hyper bhai what's wrong in it?"Akash replied, that he gave him in car rang in his ears

Arnav felt anger in him rising and he drink some more.

"you are not decieveing Her infact. She will be happy to know this. Just closed your eyes and asked Her, She will Herself tell you that you are not decieveing her"Lavanya words rang in his ears like asking him to do it

Arnav closed his eyes

She came near him clad in white dress with a smile playing on her lips. She lightened the dark place with her shining face

"Why are you so worried Arnie? Thinking, that I am feeling betrayed knowing your feelings for her? No Arnie, I loved you, I still does but I can't be with you anymore! Nor you can with me! Even if you want Arnie. Go and live with her. I am happy for you Arnie, I am!"She said and walked backwards with a smile still on her face

Arnav opened his eyes, feeling light. He looked at Khushi who was still dancing with Akash. Without thinking, he barged towards her.

Arnav hold Khushi wrist and pulled her towards him seperating from Akash.

"I need to talk to her!"Arnav said gritting his teeth

Arnav dragged Khushi with him, outside the club in a garden. He twirled her bring her infront of him

Khushi was still in a shocked state when she heared Arnav loud voice, she came back to sense

"what the hell do you think, you was doing with Akash huh?"Arnav asked angrily, taking a step towards her spitting fires

Khushi took some time to digest his words. She was confused on his question, she was about to clear the confusions when Lavanya face came infront of her and she looked at him with equal anger

"why do you care with whom and what I am doing? First you tell me what was you doing with Lavanya"Khushi asked nearing her face with his

"what the....she is my friend damn it!"Arnav said

Khushi narrowed her eyes

"Now you tell me what was you doing with Akash?"

"hm jis kai sath bhi hon...ap ko kya farak padta hai?"Khushi asked still angry on him with being Lavanya

"farak padta hai kyunke....."Arnav stopped

"kyunke??"Khushi asked with hope

"kyunke mai tumse pyar krta hun. Because I love you damn it!"Arnav said

Khushi felt happy hearing this. She was on cloud nine hearing it, she forgot everything even Lavanya too. Khushi quickly hugged him

"I love you too, Arnavji"Khushi retort back

Arnav felt his anger soothing down hearing her reply and a small smile appeared on his face as he hugged her back

Rabba ve....

Arnav broke the hug

"you are looking stuning in my favourite colour"Arnav praised her

Khushi blushed hearing him

"by the way did you know it's my favourite colour or... It's your favourite too so you bought it?"Arnav asked pulling her closer to him

"no! I didn't knew! Neither it's my favourite! It's just that Akashji asked me to buy something in red so I bought it"Khushi told innocently

"what the...."Arnav said leaving her

"what hapened?"Khushi asked confused

"what was you doing with Akash?"Arnav asked again but this time with jealousy

Khushi smiled at his jealousy and circling her hands around his neck she replied

"Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, you think you are smart but you are too much fool"Arnav looked confused

"uff.... He is my soon to be jijaji, budhu kahinke"Khushi said flicking her finger on his nose. Khushi stood straight while Arnav said

"what! But....that day he said that......"

"I am interested in Khushiji"Came a voice

Both turned to see Akash

Khushi eyes grew wider hearing this and her jaws dropped. Akash smiled at her expressions

"relax! It was just a plan!"Akash said

"plan?"Arnav asked confusingly

"Khushi said right, you are fool bhai"Khushi blushed knowing that he listened her

"Akash you eavesdropped us?"Arnav said

"sorry bhai! But see na we needed this atleast after all our efforts"Akash said

"we? Efforts? Will you clear the air Akash"Arnav said frustrately

Akash sigh. Akash pulled Payal near him who was standing behind him

"do you think I just stopped loving Payal? Bhai come on is it even called love? You know love better than me still? It was our plan! I already loved Payal and she too had feelings for me so we didn't needed much invlovement from third person. I confessed my feelings to Payal soon after, but then you both"Akash sigh while Arnav and Khushi stood shocked

They confessed and didn't tell!

"the day you helped me bhai that night I was coming toward your room when I heared Di and nani talk, that you have feelings for Khushiji so I decided that I will helped you! You both are hard nut to crack! Comeon even after falling in love with each other you didn't accept it to yourself too, Great! Then day after yesterday I came to Khushi with a plan of jealousy which was not for me and Payal but for you both"Akash confessed

"what! Means all those behaviour in mall, than in car and today it was all plan"Arnav said

Akash noded

"but it is not we two only involved in this. She is too invloved in it"Akash said pointing towards someone

Arnav and Khushi looked towards the direction and were shocked to see Lavanya

"Lavanya!!!!"Arnav and Khushi exclaimed

Lavanya came

"yes! Me!"then turning to Arnav, Lavanya speak

"the day you told me about your feeling for Khushi I got it that you are in love with her but then this ego of your's"Lavanya said shaking her head

"I have to do so much to make you realize it! So much lecture! And in last I have to do the same with Khushi"Lavanya told

Everything fall in it's places, the picture was cleared for both Arnav and Khushi. Their sibling and friends did it all to make them confess their love

"you even took my chance to get angry from you"Arnav said

Akash grinned

"by the way I have something to show!"Payal, who was silent speak

Arnav and Khushi looked at her confused

Payal took Akash phone and showed them some video

Arnav and Khushi were shocked to see their confession video

"you all"Both gritted their teeth

"bhai, cool down! I will not show it to di. I have deleted it after sending to your phone. But you can't stop me from telling it"

As Arnav took a step towards him, he heared Akash

"I am going to drop Payal, Lavanya is going in her car you drop Khushiji "Akash said before going away

Arnav took out his phone from pocket and smiled seeing the video

"now we have this memory for, forever"Khushi said coming infront of him

Arnav smiled

"Arnavji, when will we meet again?"Khushi asked pouting as Arnav drived car

"tomorrow!"Arnav told

"no Arnavji, I can't go out everyday "Khushi told sadly

"okay than......"Arnav stopped, thinking something

A wide smile appeared on his face

"tomorrow, during lunch break, Khushi"

"yes! That's right!"Khushi said happily

Arnav smiled seeing her smiling

Khushi hugged Arnav

"I will miss you!"she said

"me too!"Arnav replied

Both broke the hug

"good night!"both wished each other before Khushi walked inside her house

Arnav looked around the house stealthily but find it all dark. Sighing in relief, he walked towards stairs, as soon he walked on first stair the light were on. Arnav closed his eyes cursing, he knew this was going to hapened, Akash will not sleep before telling.

"chotte!!!"he heared her di voice

Opening her eyes, with a fake smile he turned


"hmse bhag rhe ho?"Anjaly asked

Arnav noded in no

Anjaly laughed out loud

"look, today my chotte is faking smile and behaving like a kid. Nice improvement chote!"Anjaly teased

Arnav gulped

"I saw it chotte!"Anjaly said suddenly

Arnav looked confused

"that video!"

"what the..."Arnav exclaimed

"I will not leave that liar Akash! He himself propsed so hidingly but make our video and upload it on internet!"Arnav said

"relax chotte! He didn't upload it on internet"Anjaly told

"Di.... I was just giving example! And you are not less than internet!"Arnav sid

Anjaly jaws dropped

"it hurts chotte!"Anjaly faked

"I was joking di!"Arnav said rolling his eyes

Anjaly smiled and cupped his face

"I am happy seeing you all smiling and joking around. I hope you remained like this always"Anjaly prayed

"di!"Arnav hugged her

"now go and rest. You are tired and see we are still standing on stairs"Arnav smiled at her di

"good night di!"Arnav said

"good night Chotte!"Anjaly wished back

Arnav laid on his bed after changing in his pyjamas. He remembered, their confession and smiled

Arnav took his phone and messaged Khushi


As soon he send message, he got reply


Khushi was laying on her bed thinking about their confession when her phone beeped, she looked to see Arnav message. She smiled and replied back

"missing me?"Arnav messaged

Khushi thought for some time and then replied


"what the...!"Arnav replied shocked

Khushi smiled reading his message

"laad governor, message mai bhi what the likhna nhy bhole."Khushi replied back pouting

"what the...."Arnav said reading her message. She was teasing me? but then replied

"stop pouting!"Arnav replied back

Khushi sit straight on bed and looked around

"I am in my home Khushi!"came Arnav message

"how do you know what am doing then?"Khushi questioned back

"I know you, in and out Khushi! That's why I love you!"Arnav write and send

Khushi blushed reading it

"I love you too"She replied back

Arnav smiled reading her message

"You looked beautifull while blushing. Don't look around, I can feel you, so stop stressing your tiny brain and rest. Will meet tomorrow lunch time"Arnav send message

Khushi smiled reading his so loving message

"okay! Good night! Sweet dream!"Khushi wished back

"Good night sweet heart!"Arnav replied back before switching off his phone

Khushi smiled reading message


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Jan 5, 2015

Chapter 27 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 56 times)

Chapter 27

Arnav woke up with a headache, he looked around his room and find some tablets with lime water placed on bedside table. He was confused, just then his phone rang. He looked at id and smile

"good morning Mr Alcoholic!"The direct words from other side shocked him and his favourite words escaped from his mouth

"what the..."

He heared the sweet melodic laughter voice from other side

"leave your what the.. And eat medicines"

"Khushi, wha..."he was cut off by her

"you must have got headache due to drinking so it's your medicine! Remember you drank many glass of alcohol yesterday night"She replied

"yeah, strange I drank so much but didn't lose my conscious and also so little headache"Arnav said as he start to took tablet

"not so much Mr! Your friend, Lavanya, had changed the glasses with apple juice on your brother's word"Khushi replied with giggles

Arnav almost spill the water from his mouth

"what the... How do you know?"Arnav asked

"yesterday when you was spitting fires on me in garden I smelled that alcohol smell so I got to know that you are drunk so in morning I called Akashji to give you medicines. That's when he told me not to worry as when he saw you drinking he messaged Lavanyaji to change the glass and you was so lost in anger that you didn't realized it"Khushi told smilingly

"ohh and what else he told? I am sure he must have teased you!"Arnav said as he took out his clothes from cupboard

Khushi blushed on otherside and replied

"yeah! He told me that we were so lost in looking each other even when I was dancing with him that we didn't noticed his glances and sign languages with Lavanyaji and jiji"

Arnav smirked and reply

"yeah, that's true"

"okay now stop it and get ready! I will be waiting for you at lunch time. Come on time"Khushi said

"is it order?"Arnav asked


"what the!"Arnav said

Khushi giggled and saying bye cut the call

Arnav smiled looking at the phone



Khushi played with spoon, looking at him with her left hand holding her chin. She keep on looking at him with a small smile playing on her lips

Arnav was eating his pasta silently, he was aware of her gaze on him but he didn't bothered to look at her behaving as if his pasta is the most interesting thing in the place. Not taking the silence Arnav looked at her

"what?"Arnav said in his typical ASR mode

Khushi smiled and noded No

"then?"Arnav said raising his one eyebrow

Khushi placed her both hands on table and replied with a smile

"am seeing that even if person fall in love he doesn't leave his bad habits! See on example is infront of us"Khushi said pointed at him with her eyes

"what the!"

"see, here is our typical ASR"Khushi said

"you know Khushi, people don't change so suddenly okay!"Arnav said rolling his eyes

"obviously! A person like you, can never"Khushi replied with smile

"what do you mean by like me?"Arnav said with his whole attention on her now

"look Arnavji, I mean that a person so khadoos like you can not change so much that he will start to dream with open eyes and keep on smiling at every places"Khushi explained

"so you want I change myself?"Arnav said softly, raising his one eyebrow

Khushi noded her head sideways and hold his hand above the table

"no ways Arnavji! I fall in love with you not with your change self! So no ways am going to say you that change yourself!"

Arnav smiled at her and placed his hand on their hands

Khushi smiled at him back

"okay now tell me are we going to meet like this on lunch time everyday?"Khushi said with a sad face

"no way! Am going to keep you with me"Arnav said, the obsession and love was showed in his words

"what do you mean?"Khushi said narrowing her eyes and sitting straight

"hey don't go there! I mean to say that you are going to work with me"Arnav clarified

"what the! Arnavji am working with Akashji and I just can't keep on shifting my job!"Khushi said

"so do you think your family will let you work with your jijaji?"Arnav said with a smirk

"what are you planing?"Khushi said narrowing her eyes feeling fishy

"surprise sweet heart! Surprise!"Arnav said with a huge smirk

"and what's that surprise?"

"Khushi, will it be called surprise if I tell you? Wait darling!"Arnav said

"ohh so someone is being romantic huh? Flirting with his own girl friend!"Khushi said now turning to herself

"whatever you think!"Arnav said with a smile

"oh so you accept that am your girlfriend!"Khushi said teasingly

"Madam you got that title yesterday night only, when you accepted my feelings"Arnav replied back teasingly

Khushi blushed remembering last night

"isn't it strange, Arnavji?"Arnav looked at her confusingly "we confessed in fights while usually people confessed their feelings so romantically"

"That was supposed to hapened! After all am ASR and I will do everything uniquely"Arnav said looking at her proudly

Khushi let out a laugh

"that's true!"She said with a smile

"Arnavji, I need to go! It's time"Khushi said looking at her watch

"what's the need Khushi? Akash will say nothing"Arnav said casually

"no Arnavji! Don't neglect your work I told na don't change yourself!"Khushi said giving him a pleading glare

"Ookay!"Arnav said sighing while Khushi smiled

"come i'll drop you!"Arnav said standing up

"my pleasure ASR!"Khushi said giving him a charming innocent smile making him smile too

Arnav hold her hand as they walked out of restaurant.

"dare you call me ASR or Arnavji again!"Arnav said in low voice, near her ear

Khushi looked at him and smiled

"you know everyone must be jealous of me! Seeing a most eligible handsome and buisness tycoon with me"Khushi said

"well than I must say some of them also will be jealous from me, seeing a most beautifull and charming angel with me!"Arnav said looking at her and giving a smile

Khushi was touched by his words, if she praised him for what he is infront of everyone than he praised her for what she is in his eyes. She looked in his ocean blue eyes and found immense love only for her, a most beautifull smile played on her lips making her face glow

"you know am lucky to find such a person"Khushi said pointing at him, with eyes

"and you know what am lucky to find an angel like you who changed me in such a person!"Arnav counter back with a smile

"you know am touched by your words! You won again! I think my love is less compared to your's"Khushi said

"really? But I think your love is more strong who make me like this!"

"so it means it's my win?"Khushi said stopping walking and looking at him

"I wonder how did I get a girl like you!"Arnav said looking in her hazel brown eyes with a smile

Kaise mujhe tum mil gayi, kismat pe aaye na yakin

"aise dekhte hy rahogy ya chlo gy bhi?(will you keep on looking or will come too?)"Arnav said with smile

Khushi looked away and smile. She noded and both walked towards car and sat


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Mar 13

Should I Continue? (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 11 times)

Hey anyone around?

I saw still some people looking out for my story. I know i disappeared but now I am back on HTA. The reason I left was because it was difficult to put up an update from even Android due to the really bad write up for it i.e putting forum codes even for spaces too much time consuming but now I find the way that is the desktop version from where I don't need to put up those awful codes every second.

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Mar 14

Chaptr 28 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 21 times)

Chapter 28

Khushi waited for answers but Arnav remained silent, not uttering even a single word. Khushi sighed. She placed her hand over his. Arnav looked at her.

"Arnav we are going to start our new life together... don't you think there shouldn't be any secret between us?" Khushi looked at him softly

Arnav became thoughtful.

"You just said na that she told you don't be fake to the one you love then will not you tell me about her?" Khushi asked

"Khushi... I..." Arnav tried to say

"It's okay Arnav I'll wait for you to tell me the truth" Khushi said understanding his hesitation "But remember Arnav it will never affect our relationship I can feel she is your past though an important part of your life even then I know your love for me is true and there can't be any truth other than this" Khushi said with love

Arnav smiled. He looked at her with love. 

"I love her!" Arnav confessed

He looked at her and saw a wave of shock and horror flowing on her face.

"You love her! You still does?" Khushi looked at him

"Yes! I do, love her! She gave me life and I can never forget that, I can never forget what all she did for me." Arnav looked at Khushi to see the hurt in her eyes "Khushi... love never dies, human does!" 

Khushi looked with confusion. She couldn't understand the hidden meaning of his last words.

"I love her a lot but life was cruel and it snatched her from me. She died but my love for her never!" 

Khushi was shocked at the revelation "She...died? How?"

"Yes she died! In a car accident, she left me forever! But I can still feel her around me. you aren't her replacement you created your own place in my heart, I love you but I love her too. She left an empty space in my heart that you filled with your presence and the moment I realized she came to me to tell me that she is going forever!" Arnav looked at her 

Khushi listened him intently. It stirred something in her heart.

"How did you met her?" Khushi asked

"It was teen's love! We met in college and she was... just like you" Arnav chuckled "she sticks to me and fought with me, for me, she changed me into complete new person. We were happy but then her death changed everything and I created a wall around me that you broke" Arnav said

"How did you fall in love with me?" Khushi asked

"Your eyes... they remind me of someone" Arnav looked in her eyes

"Who? Her?" Khushi asked

"No!" Arnav shook his head

"Oh God! How many girls you love Arnav?" Khushi looked at him in disbelief thinking he loved someone else too

Arnav chuckled "only you and her! I don't know whose eyes are they I don't know I even met her is it just illusion but your eyes brought me the memory of those eyes" Arnav replied honestly

"So that means am your dream girl?" Khushi winked

"You can think like that! But I never dreamed about someone" Arnav smirked

"Whatever" Khushi rolled her eyes

Arnav smiled watching her reaction. They stood up, feeling the velvety grass under their feet as they walk holding hands. The cool breeze walk with them like a blissful companion.

"Oh yes, tell me now, how did you find those designs?" Khushi asked suddenly, turning her head towards him

"Are you taking my interview? So many questions!" Arnav looked at her, too, making face

"Tell na" Khushi insisted instead of taking his words into consideration

"You are unbelievable!" Arnav remarked

"I know! Now tell me" Khushi said

"The day you resign you left those designs by mistake and I realize how good in it you are... I can't believe you was looking for PA job when you should have tried for fashion designing" Arnav rolled his eyes

"Ahh... I thought they aren't good enough!" Khushi replied meekly

"Really? I think they are such a superb designs that you can reach heights overnight" Arnav praised her

"Overnight? So funny!" Khushi laughed

"Are you doubting me?" Arnav looked at her in disbelief

"Just kidding" Khushi smiled sweetly playing her trick

The silence prevailed. Firflies showed their dance to them. Khushi enjoyed watching them. She took slow steps towards them a smile lingering on her face. Arnav watched her silently. She tries to catch the firefly in her hand but they flew from her reach. She pouted and Arnav chuckled silently. Khushi caught him laughing she glared and looked away angrily. Arnav shook his head and think to do something to make up his mood.

Khushi sat under a shady tree making annoyed face. Arnav came and sat beside her but Khushi looked away. Arnav opened his fist near her face letting the glow spread on her face. She turned to see the firefly in her hand and her face lit up in a dazzling smile. She looked at him with love and hold his hand from below, both watched the firefly and then looked at each other. Arnav opened his fist fully letting the firefly go. Both smiled watching it going. 

Khushi leaned her head on his shoulder. Arnav looked at her, she passed him smile and he smiled in return.

"Khushi" Arnav said slowly

"Hmm" Khushi gestured him that she is listening

"Don't ever leave me!" He said in a dim voice.

Khushi became surprise, she raised her head and looked at his dim face. Something was wrong!

"I'm always with you" Khushi didn't question but reassured him that was important right now

"I lost everyone close to me. That were sudden shocks! Those feelings... they were out of my thoughts. I never knew they exists! But now, now I know and I...I don't want to lose anyone maybe I will be not even able to take it. It has been too difficult to be compose probably this time I'll lose myself, shatter into never mending... pieces." He looked at her with sadness deep down in his heart and eyes

Khushi didn't knew what to say. Probably it's the first time he pour his heart out yes it is, first time, for her, for him. She never knew the depth of pain in the heart of such a strong person.

"Even if you'll try to separate me from yourself I'll stick to you like a crazy girl because I'm madly in love with you" Khushi said softly looking in his eyes

"That day will never come when I'll try to turn my back to you" Arnav replied with a glint in his eyes that agreed to his silent promise

Khushi smiled with him.

"This is...our new start without any..." her voice dims, his smile vanish "..secrets" she looks down, he looks away.

A guilt in heart laughs at their faces. The secrets were still there downrooted. Some truths, some lies, a past unforgotten, a life the reality of them masked by their fakeness.


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