Love Skypers!!! Epilogue - final shot

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Mar 24, 2014

Love Skypers!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 87 times)

Its a simple love story between a gal who living in India and a guy who living in US. They both were not interested in marriage but due to family they have to accept to do. It going to be arranged love marriage, how they going to interact with each other how love waves going to move between Indian and US couple. Distance is not a matter whether they far or near, its just about the feelings between two hearts. Skype going to be a bridge for them to share their feelings with each other beyond the oceans, they are Love Skypers......



Shashi who is the leading business man in India, having lovely family. His world has two most important persons, one is his wife who always give shoulder for him to share his pains and his daughter who make him to forget all the worries in this world. He can do anything for them, he can't see them in single pain. Without them his world is incomplete. He is a protecting savior of his small world from evil deeds.

Garima was a caring person, she never failed to satisfy her husband needs. She was a perfect wife for a man who loving her to his core. She loving her daughter more than anything but she was strict mom for her daughter who was crazy, they always ll have arguments between each other for small things too, still love never reduced on their bond.

Khushi who was bubbly in nature, princess of their family. She is a lucky gal to get all the love from her parents, as she don't have any siblings. She was her dad child who always will pamper her, stand beside her in thick and thin. For her, her parents are everything in this world. She was studious person who was passionate about her career. She completed her MMBS, waiting for the results. Her aim wanna do cardialogy in US.




Arnav was a guy who shifted to US in his small age itself. He lost his parents when he was 12, he having one elder sister who was his lovable sibling and she loving his brother like her own soul. After their parents death, nani brought up them in their life. Arnav know the struggles which they faced on their life after his parents death. From that time he was determined in his decision that he wanna stand on his own efforts without depending on others. He studies hard in the leading university with the concern of his uncle who took care of his dad business till that. Aft came out with flying colors he learned about business from his uncle, who also helped him like his own son. After an year he itself started to run his business on his own efforts and hard works. Now he is at a position of leading successful business man who runs his fashion house all over his country at this young age.

Anjali who was his lovable sister, married to a lovable person who resides in India. They were blessed with a baby boy Ankith who was prince for their family. During his vaccination they used to come to US. Ankith and Arnav bond were just like friends. Ankith used to share everything with his mamu whatever happened in that one year, Arnav also loved to hear his champ talks which ll be adorable.

Nani, the eldest person of their family, staying with his grandson who not having anyone to take care of him. She was worried about her grandson who always refusing to do marriage. Her wish is before she die she wanna see a heir for this family.

How these two family going to join together, how the couple who were not interested in marriage going to accept to do, if they accept how they going to fall in love, if they fall in love how they going to realize it. Skype going to be cupid for this couple who were unknown to each other, going to build bond between them which ll be everlasting forever.

Mar 25, 2014

Groom hunt started.. (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 77 times)

Khushi was sitting relaxingly in her balcony, having cup of coffee. Suddenly her phone got buzzed she took the call, when she heard that their result came out, with that she dropped her cup down and it broke into pieces. On the other side her friend thought this time what she broke. Khushi turned on her laptop and she was sitting, biting her nails seriously, some where fear engulfed in her heart and praying to god for good results, finally page got downloaded she looked at her result which made her to jump in joy.



Immediately she rushed down and shouted, Mom..... Dad....Where are you... Come soon. Due to her scream her mom who was cutting an apple, cut her finger. Her dad threw the file and came out in worry. Both asked their daughter, Khushi what happened... Khushi jumped with clapping hands and shouted, do you know I got distinction... I m so much happy. Her dad gave simple smile and her mom looked at her finger where blood was oozing out. They already know about her daughter she ll get best score so they dint react. Khushi asked with pouting face, are you not happy for me.... Her mom replied, for this you shouted like, this house itself going to disappear, because of your scream I cut my finger. Khushi noticed her finger and asked, can't you do properly see how blood coming what urgent for you saying rushed to take first aid box, she put bandage and said with proud don't worry mom when doctor is here, not to fear. Her mom looked at her thinking because of her only I cut my finger but here she....., and said, you are here so only fear. Khushi looked her mom with open mouth. Her dad nodded his head thinking, mom and daughter never going to change.



Evening their neighbour lady came with invitation for her daughter marriage, she invited their whole family and went. Khushi mom asked her husband, Khushi also finished her studies then why can't we see alliance for her. He said, we ll talk with Khushi then we ll decide it.



After sometime, they called Khushi to talk about her future. Her dad asked, Khushi do you have future plan, now you finished your MBBS, next what you going to do. And your mom telling to see alliance for you, what you say. Khushi looked with wide eyes, dad I wanna study further and I can't think about marriage now. Her dad and mom accepted.Her dad asked Khushi, tell me about your future plan. Khushi said excitedly, dad I wanna do cardialogy in US... And it ll take 7 years like that. Her mom shouted, what... Khushi we cant wait for 7 years, for your marriage. And no need to go US, in unknown place what you ll do alone, by studying cardialogy what going to do, this itself enough better get married. Khushi wit sulky face, after studying cardiology you are my first one whom I going to treat. Her dad and mom looked at her in horror. Khushi added, then what first I wanna check you really having heart or not. Here I m saying about my passion but you are planning to throw me out of this house in the name of marriage. Her mom got irritated, shut up Khushi you are getting married, I don't want to hear anything we going to see alliance for you. Khushi looked at her dad with pleaded face, his dad thought for while, they both are right in their views and can't see them in upset.



Her dad said, Khushi you get married now and continue your studies. Khushi replied, no dad I don't like to marry now, after studies I ll think abt it, just 7 years. Her dad tried to convince, Khushi your mom is right we can't wait for seven years, also alone we can't send you there, we ll see groom who working in US itself, your wish also come true and also your mom. Khushi don't like to marry but she had no choice. Her mom asked, but how can we find groom in US its very difficult. He smiled and said, in which generation you are.... Technologies developed well we can find groom easily. Khushi uttered, yeah technologies started to distribute grooms in world wide, we just wanna choose good product. If it started to distributes child also means it ll be much better....Any how after marriage you going to bug me for child. Her mom hit her head who was blabbering. Khushi rubbed her head where her mom gave hit, with irritated face she said, do as your wish but I wanna study saying she went. Her mom and dad looked at her thinking unbelievable.



After that day, Khushi started to prepare for her US exams and her parents started to search for a US Indian groom. Just 10 months more for her to go US before that wanted to do her marriage. Khushi was not interested in hunting groom, she just concentrating on her preparations for exam.

Mar 26, 2014

Cute bond and arguements (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 76 times)

Arnav went through hectic day in office due to his continuous meetings and video conference, he felt exhausted on that day, after wrapping his work he went to his home at evening. When he ringed calling bell, servant opened the door. While Arnav moving towards his room, something hitted on him, when he looked downwards he was surprised to see his champ. Immediately he lifted him saying hey Champ.... Ankith hugged his neck and said in kid voice, I missed you mamu. Arnav kissed his head and he too said missed you too. Anjali smiled at their bonding. Arnav asked her wy they din inform about their arrival. Ankith said with cute smile, surprise mamu. Arnav replied, I loved your surprise. After few talks Arnav went to get fresh and they all took dinner together shared happy moments after a year.



Next day Arnav waked and got fresh, started to get ready for office, suddenly door got opened sleepy ankith came inside rubbing his eyes. He wished, good morning mamu... Where you going. Arnav kissed him, good morning champ... Your mamu wanna go office, like you I dont have vacation. His champ made sad face and said, you don't like to play with me na, I know you don't love me..... Arnav thought, oh no he still din stop creating drama.... Hmmm how can he ll aft all he is my sister son na. His champ called him again, Arnav came to sense and replied, Champ see without informing I can't put leave na, I ll go now and ll return back in two hours. His champ asked, promise... Arnav said, promise... nd he went for office after bidding good bye.



After he went, nani shared her worries about Arnav who not willing to do marriage. She asked Anjali to talk about this to him. Anjali know very well about her brother stubbornness, every vacation he used to skip this matter keeping himself busy. This time Anjali was determined to make him agree for his marriage. She assured nani that she ll take care of this.



After few hours Arnav came back soon as he promised to his champ. Ankith also happy to see his mamu but he din show it, he came and stood in front of Arnav, said with angry face, you are late... You said two hours but now its lunch time you know. Arnav replied, some work I had but see now I came before lunch na. His champ said with stern voice, I dono that but you came late. Arnav fed up and said, k its my mistake and sorry for that. His champ said loudly, no I don't want your sorry.... Do ten sit ups... If I did mistake mom ll give this punishment only and now you also did mistake so you have to do. Arnav looked him with shock and cursed his sister, he said champ I won't do like that. Champ said with sad face, you can't do this also for me na... I Know you don't love me. Arnav rolled his eyes and thought, when he going to leave this drama. Arnav said, champ I love you more. He said back, then do it. Arnav nodded his head with uffff... He started to do his punishment, his champ smiling seeing him. Anjali who came out from kitchen with lunch giggled seeing his brother, she said with loud tone, who ll believe business tycoon ASR also put situps in front of a kid. Arnav got irritated and said with sulky face, not funny... Anjali chuckled seeing his expression which made him to get angry, champ was smiling all time.



At evening, Anjali went to Arnav room, she said to him, I wanna talk with you. Arnav know what going to come, he thought again I wanna hear all her old words. Anjali snapped him to make him to get sense. Arnav said, k Di tell me... Anjali said, chote nani is worried about you. We like to see your marriage wy you not understanding our feelings. Arnav took deep breathe, Di wy you both not understanding my feeling, I Know you both are willing to see me happy, and I m very happy for what I m rite now. I don't want this marriage stuffs, I like to be free and I m not ready to take those responsibility. Anjali asked, how long you going to be like this. Don't you feel some wanna take care of you, someone wanna share ur feelings. Arnav replied, I m not kid Di, I can take care of myself And you all having na to share my happiness and pain. Anjali got angry, chote I m talking about your own family and think abt ur future. Arnav fed up and said, you all are my family Di and please here after dont talk about this to me Anjali asked with stern tone, just give me one reason wy you are not marrying, after that I wont talk about this. Arnav rolled his eyes, because... Anjali repeated, because... Arnav uttered witout thinking, because gals are irritators.....Anjali got angry and asked, what.. M I irritating you. Arnav bit his tongue realizing what he said. Anjali asked again, tell me chote.... Arnav stood up and said, no Di... You better ask ur husband saying he rushed out. Anjali looked at his disappearing brother in angry with open mouth.

Mar 27, 2014

Teasings and first groom rejection... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 62 times)

After that incident Anjali was damm angry on his brother for his words, She decided not to talk with him until he come and beg her. Arnav kept himself busy with his client calls and also played with his Champ who always create drama if he din hear his words. Nani asked anjali, did you talked with him and what he said. Anjali with angry, don’t ask me Nani for him gals are irritators so he wanna be free…. We are all worried about him, but for him we are nothing he din think about our feelings and emotions. He is a heartless brother nani. Nani smiled and said, leave it anjali he always used to say something like this only, you don’t keep it in heart. Anjali asked, nani I din say him to do suicide, I just telling him to marry, to have happy family.



Arnav who passed on their way heard her last sentence, he chuckled and said standing on his spot itself, almost marrying is suicide only even suicide itself better. Anjali looked back with angry face, she fisted her hand, looked here and there, took one pillow and threw on him. Arnav caught that pillow and uttered, Diiiii…. Anjali shouted, what di…. My foot just shut up and go, I don’t like to talk with stranger who don’t care about other feelings. Arnav muttered, what the…. and thought, yeah rite, drama queen how ll live without creating drama…Ankith who came to search for his mamu, heard his mom shout on arnav, ankith came and held arnav hand, mamu mom told to shut up and go na…. then why you still standing and wasting your time… come we ll play video games. Anjali looked at her son with wide eyes. Arnav giggled and went with his champ. Nani dono what to say, still all are behaving like kid….



At nite, all are gathered to take dinner together. Anjali ignored arnav completely and he too noticed it. While eating he asked to pass dish but still she din react to his words. Champ said, mamu mom was angry with you na…. Arnav nodded positively. Champ added, then do one thing… I ll give you idea. Arnav narrowed his eyes. Champ said, its simple mamu… morning how you did situps for me like that now you do for mom, surely she ll talk with you. Arnav said with shock, not again champ…. Anjali who heard their conversation controlled her smile, inside herself. Almost everyone finished dinner, arnav at last asked, di you going to talk with me or not… Anjali thought, with this reason itself I ll make you to agree for marriage. Arnav added, di I m asking to you only. Anjali replied, I wont talk with you. Arnav nodded his head and said, fine… its better few days you wont run behind me for marriage stuffs, that’s enough… Anyhow good nite saying he went. Anjali looked him with open mouth, how dare he…..






Shashi saw one guy with the help of his friend who know that boy family. That guy working as software engineer who was rich and well settled in US, also looking smart and handsome. After knowing about his character and habits, shashi informed khushi about this. Khushi don’t have interest in this but she had no choice, for her studies she have to comprise. Shashi told her to check her mail where that guy photo sent to her inbox, and asked her to say her decision after contacting him. Khushi nodded her head and she checked her mail as her dad told, looked at the photo, she was shocked to see. She shouted Dadddddd……. Shashi came to her room with running. Khushi showed her laptop, what is this dad…. Who is that guy in this…. This is not only his photo…. Its his family photo…. See here half of the US population are covered in this photo…. Do you think I ll live in this family…. Shashi rolled his eyes, khushi that guy was good so only I chose and yes they are join family. Khushi said, oh really…from dadaji to choteji all are living under same roof… I just marrying because of my studies but here you will stop that by sending to that family, more than 15 members… No way dad… I wanna be peaceful but in this family surely I cant do anything. Shashi rolled his eyes and thought, how I going to see a guy, like she wants. When he looked at khushi, she just clicked delete button and looked at her dad, said Chapter Finished.

Mar 28, 2014

Drama worked!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 98 times)

Next day arnav went to office earlier than before, Anjali was waiting for him in the dinning hall with his breakfast but time was moving still no sign of him, she know about her brother, he never cant be late. And also she expected that he come to her, to convince her for his words which he spilled yesterday. Atlast she went to his room, to check whether he wake or not. She looked here and there, opened the washroom door but he was no where to be seen and she got puzzled, this time where he went without informing.

She came back to dinning hall, nani and ankith having their breakfast. Anjali asked, nani where is chote he is not in his room…. Did he said something to you. Nani said, no still I din see him but without telling how can he go like this. Ankith said hurriedly, mom mamu went early he said he having one meeting. Anjali asked, how you know. He replied, mamu only came to room and informed me. Anjali nodded like unbelievable, nani see to whom he informed and went, we are not important for him just his champ only he wants, because he is elder in this family na so chote told him and went. Ankith gave angry glare to his mother after hearing this, he said, yeah you gals irritating him na so only he din say but I m loving mamu. Anjali looked him with round eyes, oh we are irritating him and you loving him.…Ankith nodded his head, she added, who said you that we are irritating him. Ankith replied, ofcourse manu only. Anjali gritted her teeth and said to nani, Nani see what ur grandson doing on my son. Nani replied, leave it anjali… Anjali replied, I cant leave this nani… I ll surely make him to do marriage otherwise we wont change. Nani looked at anjali and thought, first when you going to change.

Arnav was busy on his work, he deeply engrossed in reading new project file, suddenly phone call interrupted, he looked at his phone seeing the name he smiled and thought, I know di you cant ignore me for long time. He attened the call but to shock he heard, nani got heart attack. Immediately he wrapped his work and rushed out of the office. He raced his car in full speed and reached home. He rushed inside and went directly to nani room where doctor was checking her. Arnav asked anjali, how suddenly di… Anjali replied, chote… heart attack wont say and come, it ll come suddenly. Arnav looked at his di in horror. Doctor finished checking, arnav asked him how is her health condition. Doctor said, always try to keep her happy and don’t give any sad news its not good for her health, I prescribed medicines just give it regularly. Arnav nodded.

Anjali winked at nani, nani smiled broadly seeing her. When arnav looked at nani with worry, nani changed her face like sick. Arnav said, nani nothing to worry just take ur medicine on time… you ll be alrite. Nani said, chote I m just worried about you only…. Arnav asked, nani I m fine you no need to worry about me, just be happy. Nani asked, how can I be happy without seeing your wife chote, before I die I just want to see ur marriage other than that I don’t need anything. Arnav closed his eyes, anjali showed to thumps up to nani, to continue. Arnav said, nani I m happy with my life which I m living. Nani said, leave it chote I know you ll just think about yourself, you don’t love us… Arnav said, what the… you too… nani I thought you only ll understand me and but here you all are creating drama. Nani added, if you love us long time before itself you agreed for marriage but still you are stubborn, you don’t care me and my wish. Arnav muttered, hmmm while in critical stage also she never failed to suck my life. Anjali who stood near, heard his words, she was shocked and looked him with open mouth. she shouted, choteeee… what you said… Arnav bit his tongue, replied as nothing. Anjali asked, you mean we are sucking your life… leave it chote I never thought my brother think like this, here after we ll finish our relationship. I can take care of her, you cant give little happiness also and tomorrow itself me and champ going to India, even nani too. Ankith came said, mom you go to India with nani… I ll be with mamu still I having my vacation. Anjali shouted, Shut up Anki… you too coming thatsit. Ankith said with sulky face, mom after we went to India, you ll irritate me to study… so I ll come later. Anjali looked at her son and her brother with fire on her eyes. Anjali shouted, be with your mamu itself, he spoiled you… forget ur mom. Ankith hummed, hmmm. Anjali looked her son with shock. Arnav cant control his smile, finally he said, enough di… I m agree to do marriage you no need go India tomorrow itself. Anjali heart jumped in joy, she looked at nani with winning smile, nani also smiled with satisfaction on her heart attack drama.

Apr 1, 2014

Second groom....& first bride... rejections!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 73 times)

Khushi was busy in preparing for her exams, she forgot about the groom hunting which happening on her home. One more alliance came for her, that guy is single son to his parents, well rich and cultured family it is. He is working in a multinational company and earning huge amount of salary. Khushi dad talked with his parents and also he said about Khushi to them. He asked them to send their son’s photo through mail, they also asked Khushi photo. Finally they decided to talk with their children.


 Before sending Khushi photo shashi decided to ask Khushi, he told everything to Khushi. Khushi said, k I ll contact him directly no need to send my photo, he left in her hand itself. At nite when she logged in skype, that guy was in online, she decided to chat with him, she don’t want to drag anything. She just send message as Hi I m khushi… She got reply from him instantly as Hi… I m Rithesh.. if you don’t mind, can you come in video chat… Khushi clicked the button for video, when she looked at his physique her eyes opened wide. She just closed the video chat, she got message, what happened….. from him. She hitted her head with hand, sent as sorry network problem, she came out of the skype with anger.


She rushed to living hall where her parents are, khushi shouted, Dadddd… her mom scolded her, khushi he is not deaf why shouting like this. Khushi, then what I ll do if he see alliance like this. Shashi asked, why khuhsi what happened, you don’t like that guy aa… Khushi asked, dad you saw him or not. Shashi replied, no khushi I just talked with his parents, they are nice and heard about that guy from them, I just told them to send his photo to your mail. Khushi said with stern tone, dad here after don’t come to me without you looking them, I don’t want any hot or handsome man at least he wanna be moderate. Shashi asked, why how he looking. Khushi said, he just looking like WWE fighter, I dono how much pounds he is, I want to live with the guy whom I marrying, not going to fight. If once he hugged me means I ll be buried inside him. You are trying to do marriage or planning to do murder. Her mom shouted, shut up khushi… Once you started means you just talking like express train. Khushi shouted, yeah why don’t you say… you married handsome husband but I wanna marry fighter aa. And added, dad tell to your wife if she do like this means I ll never do marriage. Her mom said to husband, tell to your daughter if she cant do marriage I wont allow her to study further in US. Khushi and her mom both turned their faces opposite to each other. Shashi sat keeping his hand on head.   



Anjali and Nani started to search for a bride, they were seeing in hurry burry  because they cant believe their chote, again he may change his decision before that they want to finalize it. Anjali  searched in many matrimony sites for Indian bride, finally she liked one gal who looking beautiful, she doing her modeling. Anjali din like her profession but she thought Arnav is working in fashion house so they may be perfect for each other, as both the profession matched. She informed nani about her decision, nani also thought arnav ll like this gal so she asked anjali to proceed that alliance. Anjali contacted her parents, they shared general stuffs about both family, and her parents said, my daughter decision only ours too. Anjali said, yeah they going to spend their life together, so they need to decide it. They said to anjali, k after asking our daughter we ll say it. Anjali agreed with it.


Next day her parents told anjali that their daughter like to meet your brother, after talking with him only she ll decide. Anjali said, no problem I ll inform my brother, he ll be free at nite only that time she can talk with him. Her parents nodded. When arnav came from office, anjali informed everything, Arnav asked, Di why this much urgent… we can take it slow. Anjali said sulky face, we can chote but we cant because I don’t believe my brother when and what decision he ll take, we cant say. Arnav gave angry glare to her, she said, stop looking at me… get fresh and talk with her she ll come online at this time. Arnav went to his room with anger, he got fresh. He decided to talk with her but not to accept her. He logged in skype but she is not in online, which made him to get irritate, what the… now itself she making me to wait, then after marriage what ll happen… by waiting for her itself my life time ll finish, she is not punctual. Arnav started to check his mails while doing his work, pop up box came that he received message. Arnav got irrirate more, while I working how dare she,  to disturb me. Arnav directly clicked to video chat, she too came for chat, they shared about them, one was saying with seriously other was sharing with irritation. Finally after talking for some minutes, he logged out and took deep breathe. Again started to work later anjali came and asked him, chote how is she… do you like her. Arnav said straightly, I don’t like her Di. Anjali asked, why chote… Arnav said, first she is not punctual….. second she disturbed me…. third she wont use her things again if once she used, After marriage using me, again if she do another marriage means…. Fourth She is crazy about shopping which I hate… Fifth she is just looking like Imported from beauty parlour…she ll suck my life in buying her cosmetics and accesorries


Anjali looked her brother with amazed, she dono what to say, he was just complaining like kids which is going on without stopping, just in few minutes he complaining like this means what ll happen if he spends his life time with her.


Apr 1, 2014

Way for their meet!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 83 times)

At that night, when they joined together in dining hall, anjali narrated everything to Nani who was not aware off. Nani itself felt pity for the gal who going to marry Arnav. Anjali added, Nani tomorrow I m going to India before she completes her sentence, Arnav said urgently, what the… di this is not fair I agreed to do marriage, for rejecting this unknown gal who decided to go from here. Ankith added, mom I wont come to India now itself, if you are angry on mamu you can go from here. Arnav gave angry glare on his champ, here already I trying to convince her but he telling her to go. Anjali looked both of them with irritation, nani blew air seeing their kids acts. Anjali shouted, Chote don’t worry, easily I wont go from here leaving you like this, this time without doing your marriage I wont leave from here. Arnav muttered, yeah without sucking my life how you can leave easily. Anjali asked, did you say anything chote….Arnav smiled sheepishly and said, nothing di I said without seeing my marriage life how you can leave…. Anjali added, of course.. I m ur di na….Anjali said to ankith, Anki you no need to come I ll be back in three days, you can be with ur mamu itself. Ankith replied, hmmm that’s better… and you no need to come in three days mom,you can take ur own time. Arnav and Nani chuckled hearing this, Anjali gave angry glare. 



Next day, Anjali went to India after bidding good bye to them. Arnav felt happy that in this two days she cant bug him with bride hunt. Arnav was spending his time in office and also enjoying is time with champ in home.


It was Friday, every Friday anjali used to go temple for pooja, like usual she came to temple and did pooja, After finishing it, panditji asked her about her beings and she too replied, she also said that she searching for a bride for his brother who living in US. Panditji replied, oh that’s good betiya… one lady ll come here regularly like you and she also searching for groom who staying in US, because that gal willing to do further studies there, that lady din like to send her daughter alone so she decided to do marriage with the guy who staying there itself. Anjali asked, panditji next time if she came here please inform about us, if possible get their number, I ll talk with them. And you note my number also which ll be useful. Please don’t forget to inform me. Panditji said, if they are made for each other surely they ll tied together. Anjali came back after giving her number.



Anjali immediately dialed nani number and told everything, nani was happy hearing this, she wished atleast this alliance wanna end with well. When nani passed this news to arnav after he came from office, he was shocked and said, what the…. Don’t she have any other work, this two days also she cant let me to be in peace…. Nani shouted, shut up chote… she doing everything for you only, arnav replied, oh really… when I asked these things…. Nani uttered, you wont change… Arnav went to his room saying, whatever…




Next day, anjali got unknown number call, when she came to know that the call was from bride family she was happy to hear. Shashi told that they got her number from panditji who also told about this alliance. Anjali replied, yeah I m seeing gal for my brother only, he living in US and running his fashion house. You may hear about him Arnav Singh Raizada. Shashi was shocked to her, as he was also industrialist he know about leading business man all over world, where arnav also one among them. Shashi was so happy and wished to finish this alliance but khushi decision is important for him. Shashi said, yeah I heard more about him, your brother is young talented person. Anjali asked, if you don’t mind can I come to ur home tomorrow because tomorrow nite I ll leave to US. It ll be better if we discussed this matter directly rather than call. Shashi also agreed happily.


Next day morning itself anjali went to their home, Shashi and garima welcomed her warmly. Anjali gaze fixed on the photo which is hanging on the wall, she instantly like khushi seeing their family photo. Shashi followed her gaze, and said that is my daughter, khushi. Anjali smiled and said, she is so pretty and you kept nice name. They offered snacks to her, and talked about their families, finally they shared about bride and groom those who were not interested in marriage. After sharing about them both are shocked if we ll get them to marry what ll happen in their life. But both like this alliance. Anjali cant able to see khushi directly as she went out. Anjali said, Tomorrow I ll talk to my brother and inform you. Shashi nodded and gave send off to her.


That nite anjali took his flight for US, after long hours of journey she reached Arnav Mansion. This time she was not tired on her journey she rushed to nani room and told her everything which made her to get more happy.


Apr 2, 2014

Arshi first meet!!! (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 86 times)

Anjali and Nani were eagerly waiting for Arnav who still din come back from his office, Anjali cant wait any more, she dialed his number continuously, at fifth call he attended her call. Anjali shouted, Chote why you keeping your phone… for urgency also we cant able to contact you immediately. Arnav worried and asked, Di… what happen any problem. Anjali replied, first come soon chote we are waiting for you… saying she kept her phone. Arnav quickly grabbed his car key and came to home after some minutes. When he entered living hall, anjali came and dragged him to make a seat. Arnav was rolling his eyes without getting anything. Anjali said, chote I saw one gal for you when I went to India. And I liked that family very much and that gal looks pretty you know. Arnav uttered, what the… di to tell this you called me urgently like this…. Unbelievable di I was worried that something went wrong but here you talking about the gal. Arnav stood up and tried to go, anjali said, chote I talked to her parents and they liked you… please for me you contact her na…. Arnav got irritated due to her bugging on this bride stuff, he just nodded and went towards his room. Anjali shouted, her name is khushi chote….. but arnav din hear he already went inside his room.


When khushi came to her home, shashi said everything about arnav and his family. Khushi asked, I wanna look his photo first. Shashi smiled and said, surely you ll like him, he is handsome and smart guy, infact every gals are running behind him. Khushi said with sulky face, but your daughter not that type dad…. Shashi said, I know khushi you just put Arnav singh raizada and you ll get his lot photos because he is successful business man who having lot fame. And her sister is so sweet she told you to contact him, she is happy about this relationship. Khushi replied, dad now no relationship between us first lets see he ll match with me or not then we ll decide. Shashi nodded his head.


Arnav got fresh and started to work, anjali came and saw she got angry, chote I told to contact her. Arnav said, di please having more work. Anjali said, you ll always work for full time, I don’t want excuse just contact her may be she ll be in online. Arnav logged into skype, anjali got some call so she went. Arnav scanned the names which are in online but he dono to whom he want to send message or chat. Arnav message to anjali, di tell me that gal name… Arnav was waiting anjali reply, till that he started to work. Suddenly pop up box came he clicked it.


Khushi: Hi… I m khushi


Arnav: So…


Khushi: what so..


Arnav: If you are happy, what can I do for that.


Khushi: Excuse me… my name is khuhsi…


Arnav received anjali message on his phone as khushi. Arnav bit his tongue and started to reply.


Arnav: oh… cant you say it clearly


Khushi: hmmm… My name is khushi… now enough.


Arnav: yeah more than enough… Now tell me about yourself and what is your long term goal …


Khushi: what….Are you hiring for job in your company.


Arnav: No… why..


Khushi: You asking question like this.


Arnav: so whats the big deal… Hiring for company or hiring as my wife all same only na..


Khushi: How mean you are…


Arnav: tel me how……


Khushi: Dad told about you, your sister came and talked to my parents, so only I thought to contact.


Arnav: yeah.. she is hell bent on me…


Khushi: why…. don’t you like to do marriage.


Arnav: Nope…


Khushi: why.. then how you agreed to do marriage


Arnav: because of my sis…


Khushi: I m doing for my parents and you doing for ur sister…


Arnav: It means you also not interested in marriage…


Khushi: nope… I wanna do cardiology in US.


Arnav: oh… to break other hearts…


Khushi: What you mean to break other hearts…. It is not like your designer clothes to stitch wherever you want.


Arnav: Really… gals are always used to irritate guys


Khushi: you guys are not less, you guys cant see gals growth and ll treat them like slaves.


Arnav: If you feel like that then why you agreed to do marriage.


Khushi: If you feel gals are irritating then why you agreed.


Arnav: You copy cat…


Khushi: After talking to you I feel, we are poles apart…


Arnav: yeah…. Here every action ll have equal and opposite reaction…


Khushi: that is science… but this is our life.


Arnav: yeah rite I too know…. Einstein stated…


Khushi: ha ha ha… its Newton…


Arnav: biting his tongue, I think now they changed.


Khushi: with laugh, from first itself like that…


Arnav: Whatever…So what you decided.


Khushi: Nothing to decide… you wont suit for me.


Arnav: Excuse me… just correct it, you wont suit for me.


Khushi: No, you just feel gals as irritating stuffs.


Arnav: you thinking guys as cheap  


Khushi: Its better to forget


Arnav: Same here


Khushi: I don’t want a guy like you


Arnav: I don’t want a gal like you


Khushi: Bye


Arnav: Good bye





Apr 3, 2014

Arshi second meet!!! Voice chat.... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 100 times)

Shashi: Khushi did you talk with him… how is he…. Do you like to marry him…


Khushi: no way…I can leave my studies also but I cant marry him.


Shashi: why khushi… whats wrong with him..


Khushi: Whats wrong… dad he itself wrong.


Shashi: Why, like that what happen… what he said…


Khushi: He telling gals are irritators, if he having that much problem then why he doing marriage and spoiling one gals life.


Shashi: thought in his mind, somewhere he is rite…. And asked her, oh.. then what he said.


Khushi: And you know dad, he don’t know who stated which law even school boy can say… I having doubt really he is business man or doing any fraud.


Shashi: with confusion, law…


Khushi: haan he telling newton’s third law stated by Einstein…. see how dumb he was…


Shashi: khushi I m seeing alliance for you to marry one nice guy… I m not seeing any professor for you to teach you. Why you bringing Newton and Einstein here.


Khushi: whatever dad… I don’t like him.


Shashi: fine… leave it. I dono from where I going to bring groom for you.


Khushi: not hurry… exams nearing so I have to go and start my studies saying she went to her room.


Shashi looked at garima who was sitting silent, he asked now what ll I do, how can I ll see nice boy in this few months. Garima replied with angry, oh… now only you realizing this… Ask your modern technologies to bring groom for her…. Already I told you this wont work but supported your daughter na… Shashi closed his eyes and thought, yeah… gals are really irritators.



Anjali: Chote… did you talked with her… you like her na I know surely you ll like her.


Arnav: with sulky face, when I said…


Anjali: it means..


Arnav: Simple… it means I don’t like her…


Anjali: What… but why chote… she is so pretty and also doctor


Arnav: yeah doctor… operation success patients close…


Anjali: Shut up chote… tell me why you din like her.


Arnav: She having more head weight and pride di…


Anjali: seeing her, I don’t think so…


Arnav: Di… don’t believe in outside beauty… actually we din see each other, just chatted through message.


Anjali: Chote… by giving lame excuse don’t reject all gals.


Arnav: she telling we guys cant see gals growth and treating them as slaves… if she having that much problem why wasting one guy life by marrying him.


Anjali: ufff.. chote she said generally… because many guys are there who doing like that.


Arnav: its general or not that I dono but how dare she, to tell me like this.


Anjali: chote.. don’t behave like kid…


Arnav: oh really… then why seeing gal for a kid… I don’t like to argue this anymore…. I don’t like her thatsit.


Anjali kept hand on her head and sat down on the couch. Ankith came to anjali and asked, mom did you see mamu… Anjali said with irritation because of arnav, yeah he ll be with his wife, in his room. Ankith kept hand on his mouth, wife…. Mamu got married, what is my mami name then. Anjali replied, haan laptop… Ankith giggled and rushed towards arnav room, shouting mamu… mom got mad….. Anjali who heard this looked at her son in horror.




Next day evening, khushi was preparing for her exams, discussing with her friend in skype, they were busy in clearing doubts through message chat. While doing suddenly there was network problem, khushi clicked her send button which is not going, atlast she fed up and hitted her laptop, without seeing a name thinking that her friend, she clicked for voice chat to discuss further topics, she asked, hey here network problem… can you send that file which I asked. Arnav who was working on his laptop, clicked pop up box in urgent with out seeing name, when he heard he was puzzled but he like to hear that voice more which he felt music to his ears. Khushi was shouting, hey.. did you hear me… why you not replying… suddenly she became numb hearing a husky voice, Excuse me…some tingling sensation came inside her and when she looked at the name she was shocked to see arnav. Arnav who was not getting reply, looked at the name was shocked to see khushi. Both shouted at same time, youuu….


Khushi: oh… I m sorry…I m discussing about studies with my friend suddenly network problem.. I dono how..


Arnav: But I feel you did wantedly….


Khushi: wantedly… that too with you… no chance.


Arnav: I saw many gals in my career, I know well about gals.


Khuhsi: But all are not khushi.. stop judging others.


Arnav: why.. you can judge boys as cheap… we should not judge gals aa…


Khushi: you know what, talking to you is my waste of time…


Arnav: then who asked you to call me and you wasted my time…


Khushi: ****… till now I may finished atleat one topic


Arnav: till now I may finish full reports for tomorrow meeting but because of your call.


Khushi: I said sorry for that…


Arnav: Sorry cant bring my time back na..


Khushi: I asked sorry na… I want more than this.


Arnav: who asked you to say sorry.


Khushi: Forget it Mr. Arnav


Arnav: I din remember to forget Miss. Khushi


Khushi: whatever


Arnav: then


Khushi: I told my dad that I cant marry you


Arnav: yeah I too said to my di, but she is eating my brain why why why..


Khushi: with laugh, haa my dad too asked me but he din bug me.


Arnav: somewhere you are lucky in this, but di wont leave me that much easily, I wanna escape from her saying silly reason.


Khushi: All the best for ur bride hunt..


Arnav: Here I m telling I don’t like these stuffs, but you saying All the best.


Khushi: but anyhow you going to marry one gal na…


Arnav: yeah, what to do otherwise this time my d ill take my soul I think. Its so weird to talk with gals regarding these, but my di not leaving me.


Khushi: Hmmm here my dad ll say but I ll contact him immediately actually I don’t like to drag the things.


Arnav: that’s nice, so how many boys you rejected.


Khushi: just two, first boy is from join family nearly fifteen members, if I married him surely I cant concentrate on my studies. Second boy was looking like wwe fighter I just got scared looking him.


Arnav: With loud laugh… wwe fighter, seriously…. Ha I wish you wanna be a couple, he ll suit for you know.


Khushi: Stop laughing… not funny… and what made you to think that he ll suit for me.


Arnav: its simple… if you talk too much, he can kick you na…


Khushi: arrrgh… arnavvv…


Arnav: okay okay Miss. Cool.. I just kidding.


Khushi: hmm you tell Mr. Hot how many gals you rejected.


Arnav: haaa what I hearing….


Khushi: now only she realized it, biting tongue… its just we both are opposite in nature na, you said and I said Mr. Hot.


Arnav: oh really…


Khushi: yeah really, you din answer my question


Arnav: just one gal, who was imported from beauty parlour.

Khushi: whatt…


Arnav: If I marry her I wanna die running behind her, to buying things for her because once she used one thing again she wont use it.


Khushi: with laugh… I wanna see that scene.


Arnav: nooo… I may die but I cant marry a gal like her who was so crazy about shopping.


Khushi: I ll pray for you to get a gal like that.


Arnav: you first pray for your boy then think about me.


Khushi: fine, I ll pray for both.. you and me.


Arnav: That’s good… lets see…


Khushi: hmmm… then


Arnav: nothing, you have to say…


Khushi: same here, just want to study… lot having to go through and exams also nearing.


Arnav: oh… All the best. Prepare well.


Khushi: Thanks


Arnav: its k.


Khushi: Bye. Good nite


Arnav: sweet dreams. Take care….




Apr 4, 2014

Arshi third meet!!! Video Chat... (By Nakshathra) (Thanked: 139 times)

After chatting, they itself don’t know how long they talked and how it ended well, it was shock for both of them. After this chat they thought He/She is not that much bad, with that they continued their routine work.


Next day, Shashi said about another guy. Khushi was fed up with this but she have to do its about her life. Evening when she logged in skype, arnav name was in online. She smiled thinking about yesterday’s chat, without thinking anything she clicked his name


Khushi: Hi…


Arnav: Hey… I hope today you did wantedly.


Khushi: hahaha ofcourse yes…


Arnav: whats up?


Khushi: nothing as usual, dad said about another guy. 


Arnav: oh… I ll pray for his safety from you.


Khushi: its not funny… why you came here.


Arnav: of course, to talk with a gal… which I hate


Khushi: excuse I m also gal only…


Arnav: but now you are not in bride list na.


Khushi: hmm that’s true.


Arnav: Miss.Cool shall I catch you later, actually I wanna attend client call.


Khushi: okay.. Mr.Hot take ur sweet time. Bye….


Arnav: Bye.



Arnav became busy with his client call, after that he took his dinner and spent some time with champ. When he came to his bed and looked at his laptop, he remembered about khushi and thought to peep in skype once. When he looked khushi is in online. Smile came on his lips and clicked for video chat, khushi who discussing her studies with her friend, looked the pop up box for video chat, she hesitated first then she clicked it.


When she clicked both said hey… at same time, after that how long they remain in silence, busy in admiring each other they din realize. Khushi thought, oh god… as dad said he is really handsome, too… Arnav thought, oh yeah.. as di said she is pretty only, without any makeup. Finally arnav came to sense  


Arnav: Still chatting with him.


Khushi: came to sense hearing his voice, ha..  no he din come. I m discussing about studies with my friend.


Arnav: oh.. I think I disturbed you.


Khushi: no no that’s k..


Arnav: when is your exam


Khushi: Next week…. Don’t know how going to prepare that much in less time.


Arnav: Don’t worry you ll do well… just try your best.


Khushi: hmmm I ll… just little tensed.


Arnav: first stop being tensed, if you are in tension just close ur eyes and think about ur beloved ones, smile ll come on ur lips.


Khushi: thanks… I ll try it.


Arnav: k. you prepare for ur exam. We ll meet later.


Khushi: Sure. Bye….



After finished, khushi clutched her heart which is beating faster than usual. When she tried to see his photo after hearing from his dad, there was problem in loading page, after that she never tried to see his face but now after seeing him in video, somewhere heart felt wrong that how can I say him, you wont suit for me…. I should have not say like that what he may think about me.


Arnav closed his eyes, khushi face flashed on him which made him to open again, lot of question running on his mind, from when did I started to talk with gals like this…  first we put fight but now I m giving advice, what she may think about me, she is nice gal only then why I put fight with her.


That nite they slept thinking about each other.


It became habit for them to do video chat daily at evening time, just ll talk about general suffs, her exams and his project, they became skype friends.


Khushi exam time came, she was busy in her studies but din fail to chat with him just for few minutes, always he used to say All the best for her exams. For one exam she was tensed, she remembered arnav words, she closed her eyes just arnav face came infront of her and his words echoed on her ear, “first stop being tensed, if you are in tension just close ur eyes and think about ur beloved ones, smile ll come on ur lips.” It made her tension free but it was shock to see his face when she closed her eyes.


That nite arnav came for chat,  she too came but she was tensed about something which clearly showing on her face, when arnav asked she said due to tomorrow exam. Arnav smiled and asked, Shall we drink coffee… khushi looked him with puzzle. Arnav replied, stop looking at me just go and bring one cup of coffee, I too ll bring…. Then we can drink together. Khushi smiled and went, arnav too went down to bring.


Anjali got call from her friend to check her mail, her friend sent her touring pics. Anjali came to arnav room to use his laptop for sometime to check her friends pics on her mail. Arnav was not in his room so she took his laptop and thought to go to her room. Arnav came with his coffee, he looked his di hand and asked, di why you taking my laptop. Anjali said, to check my mail. Arnav asked, cant you check some other time. Anjali asked with sulky face, why… for some time I cant use yours aa…. Now you are not using it also then why. Arnav replied, no di having work. Anjali got irritated, like that what work chote.. Arnav without realizing, I wanna drink coffee with her….. Anjali eyes went wide, whatttt… you going to drink coffee with laptop… chote what happen to you are u fine… Arnav closed his eyes biting his tongue, no di… I mean I ll drink coffee and also at same time I ll work in laptop. Anjali looked him weirdly and said, after checking my mail only I ll give so you just finish drinking first saying moved out. Arnav raised his hand in air like crushing her neck.


After few minutes he got laptop from her, he immediately logged in skype, he clicked for video chat, khushi was angry on him for coming late. Arnav asked, I think here some one is burning in anger. Khushi replied, yeah you came in few minutes na… Arnav said like kid, why all are getting angry on me. Khushi looked him with puzzle, arnav added, here my di… and now you… Khushi asked, why your di got angry. Arnav narrated all which made her to burst into laughter, asked with laugh, so Mr.Hot going to drink hot coffee with his laptop. Arnav said with baby face, No Mr.Hot going to drink cool coffee with Miss.Cool… because my coffee became cold you know, everything because of di. Khushi laughed hearing his complaint which made him to smile too….   


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