Waiting For You!!!! Completed :)

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Apr 5, 2014

Waiting For You!!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 179 times)


Ringing sound resounded inside the four walls of the cabin; Man around the age of 29 yr took hold of his mobile, looking at the caller id he frowned. He had wanted to cut the call but something in him snapped and he attended to get a shock…..Akash!!!!

Akash stilled hearing the voice after almost 8 months; he gulped the lump calling ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi from other side ‘you remember me?’

Akash ‘how can I forget you?’

Khushi almost smiled but her lips ached to be stretched, Akash ‘Khushi where are you? Please tell me where are you? I’m coming there to get you’

Khushi ‘Akash can I ask a favor from you?’

Akash ‘you can ask me anything Khushi? Just tell me where are you? Please..’ he tried desperately, Khushi calmly ‘I’ll tell you but listen to me’

Akash ‘I’m listening’

Khushi ‘Payal, I’ve a jiji here, her name is Payal, I want your help, just take care of her. Help her to get her a nice job and take her away from the hell life she is living. I don’t want her to go through anymore. Please for our friendship sake I’m asking you one this last help. I just want jiji to be safe and live happy. And now I want you to record my statement’

Akash has many questions in his mind but that could wait, he started recording Khushi’s statement. Akash ‘Khushi…but that was your grandfather’s gift to you’

Khushi ‘yes but I want to transfer it on Payal jiji’s name, I want her to own it, it will be her home from now on, just do this favor for me and nothing more I want from you’

Akash swallowing ‘I’ll do as you say but please tell me where you are?’

Khushi ‘in this world Akash, I’m still living in this world and will continue living taking it a punishment for the sin I’ve committed’

Akash ‘Khushi…Khushi no…don’t say…you have not committed any sin, why don’t you understand? Please return back…..’

Khushi ‘I can’t Akash…however I say I’m a sinner who had hurt everyone…everyone hates me Akash…everyone…..no one wants me…no one likes me….no one wants me in their life….it is better I stay away from all rather than letting my black shadow fall on them.’

Akash ‘Khushi no one hates you…will you not listen to me?’

Khushi chuckled lightly, her voice choked ‘time to listen to your words has moved on Akash….I don’t want anyone to bad mouth you only because you are related to a sl** like me’

Akash cried ‘Khushi no…please don’t call yourself names….I can’t bear that’

Khushi ‘that is what I’m Akash, everyone calls me sl**, bi***, woman who has no morals….and they are right Akash…I’m all this…and because of me the two lovers were about to separate….I don’t want anything to go wrong now Akash…..be happy and safe Akash…and you will soon get a letter from me…it would almost reached you since I had already sent to you…must be on the way…..there is this address where jiji is…..just take jiji away from here…’ and she cut the call, wiping away her tears, with her shaking leg’s she started moving away from there to an unknown destination.

Akash shouted ‘Khushi!!!...Khushi!!!....Khushi!!!...Khushi!!!’ but the call had been dead.  He slumped down on his chair crying for his friend who is suffering for no fault of hers.

Why Khushi called herself by name? from whom she is running away? why she does not want to return back? why she is hated by all? and who is that all? what is in store for her? what is store for the people related to her? for your answer you have to read further.

So here it is......this will be two or three shot depending upon the length it takes to come to an end......will update the first part on Monday....do tell me you view on this.....had to post it otherwise I would have gone mad....this concept was lurking in my mind for more than two weeks......and like the title says I'm waiting from you to listen.....

Arranged Marriage Season One will be posted tonight.

Apr 7, 2014

Next Part Up!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 199 times)

Part 1

Arnav Singh Raizada kept the receiver down with aching heart, after more than eight months he heard her voice, the same voice which he once hated but now all he wanted was to hear her voice again and again. Her words echoed in his ears again and again driving a stake through his heart…..that is what I’m Akash, everyone calls me sl**, bi***, woman who has no morals….and they are right Akash…I’m all this.

Swallowing he took the intercom, Arnav ‘Aman trace this number from where it is made?’

Aman ‘yes ASR’

Arnav ‘and ask our man to keep their eye on Akash’s every move and also make sure there is one letter which will come to Akash soon, I want the address written in that letter, I want to know each and every detail of what is written in that letter. But Akash should not know it’

Aman ‘sure ASR, Sheethal will do as you said’ Arnav cut the call sighing, he wants her in his life back….where are you Khushi? But soon I’ll be in front of you to take you back in my life…..I’m so sorry Khushi….so sorry for not understanding you and your worth before it was too late.

Arnav Singh Raizada is repenting, repenting very badly and cursing himself for let go of the girl who loved him to an extent to lose herself in that love.


Khushi Gupta an enigma in construction world beauty with brains, daughter of Shashi Gupta and his first wife Rasika. After Rasika ran away leaving Shashi Gupta with their two year old daughter Khushi, Shashi Gupta then married a widow Garima who had a daughter 4 yr old Lavanya from her first marriage.

Khushi Gupta beautiful girl is also known for her snobbish, rude and arrogant behaviour. She never was looked lovingly by anyone, there would be only two emotions on anyone’s face and eyes for her, one hate and other lust. No one loved her, her father who hated her because her mother left him for another man, her step mother hated her because she is the heir of Gupta properties, her step sister hated her because she is more beautiful than her and successful in her career. Khushi Gupta is all which every other girl would want to be but she herself does not love her instead hating herself for the existence where she all got in her 24 yr life is hate and only hate from everyone. Two person who cared for her, One was her grandfather Shiv Gupta who had made her the owner of 75 percentage properties of Gupta’s despite of not considering the fact that she is the daughter of the same woman who had brought shame to his family leaving his son, all her cared and looked at is Khushi she is his son’s daughter, his granddaughter who for him is the return of his deceased wife Khushali in his life again in the form of Khushi. Shiv Gupta loved his granddaughter so much, pampering her, caring her, giving her all his attention, giving her also the share of love of her parents one who does not cared for her and left her and other for the hate on his mother hates her existence.

Second was her friend, philosopher, mentor Akash Mallik, Legal adviser of Gupta family in their business and properties. Only friend she had made in her 24 yrs existence, Akash Mallik had successfully managed to crack the hard wall and forwarded hand for friendship with Gupta when she was at grade 5, and he happen to be her senior of 10th grade. He had seen the broken girl behind the strong, attitude, rude girl and eventually after trying hard he got the fruitful result as they say two lonely people found each other, not as soul mate but as friends for forever, they did not care for the age gap but got easily into the beautiful bond of friendship. Akash is an orphan and was living in orphanage but after he met with Khushi, she and her grandfather became his only family. Both share a pure bond of friendship from their childhood, never let each other’s side. Khushi if trust anyone than it is Akash and her grandfather. These two were her everything until the day she met the man with the molten chocolate eyes.

 It was her grandfather’s 65th birthday celebration and Shashi Gupta had invited close friends and some of his business circle societies. One of them was Arnav Singh Raizada 28 yr old young business tycoon, CEO of AR Fashion House.

Khushi was amazed with the aura he had, his presence demanded attention. The first thing captured about him was his eyes, the brown caramel eyes when she was introduced to him by her grandfather he did not had hate or lust for her which is the only reaction she had got till now from anyone. Perplexed she came to know that his Nani Devyani Raizada and her grandfather Shiv Gupta were friends. Her grandfather had praised him lot. She was all lost in him, not only lost but fell hard for him.

Always keeping tabs on him and his activities, his null list of girlfriends and no any other strings was shock to her when she came to know he is chit clean guy who respects woman. She knows and got detail everything of him, his family, his likes and dislikes. Unknown to her she started loving him. Living in her new found of bubbles till her dream shattered when his sister bought his proposal for Lavanya. She was shattered to know what is lacking in her that Arnav chosen Lavanya over her. Everyone where happy expect her, Akash felt loss to see his friend.

At the engagement day of Arnav and Lavanya, Akash had deliberately asked ‘ASR do you love Lavanya?’

Arnav taken aback looked at Lavanya who is engaged in the conversation with his Di and Nani a little distance from them. Akash ‘just asking randomly, I never saw you or heard you with any girl from the time I came to know’

Arnav smiled ‘I’m the kind of person who is one man woman Akash. About I love or not, I would fall in love with her in our married life for sure, she is everything the way I wished to see in my wife, a traditional moral girl, who will love me and my family. Simple, that’s it. My Di and Nani met Lavanya in Dadaji’s birthday party and they instantly liked her nature, she is very soft and kind girl, my Di and Nani adores her. I love my family Akash and my family chose Lavanya for me, and somewhere I too liked her nature’

Unknown to them that day Khushi’s heart which was weeping for the loss felt her heart being crushed listening to Arnav’s word. She is all he did not want, she is modern, never cared for any tradition, too arrogant, too rude and heartless, and his family does not like her much which she has noticed from the time of her grandfather’s birthday party.    


Khushi had gone into her shell even more worrying her Daadu and Akash. Everything was going pretty good until at the party at Gupta Construction, GC had grabbed a big deal, million worth and had kept a party in posh hotel to celebrate its success, Arnav being Lavanya’s fiancé was invited by Gupta family. Someone played a prank on someone by spiking the drink, but the victim of it was Arnav, he had accidently drank the spiked drink and lost his sense.

Khushi seeing him uncomfortable came to him against her mind warning listening to her heart; she cannot see him in pain. Khushi ‘Arnav what happen? You look unwell’

Arnav dazed ‘I don’t know *hiccupping* but I feel dizzy’

Khushi concerned ‘then come let me drop you to your home’

Arnav ‘no I’m fine’

Khushi ‘but Arnav’ she staggered forward to hold him who was going to fall, he slumped his weight on her, seeing him not in steady state she took him to a booked room, that was her second mistake, first she has already done to fall in love with him.

Both reached the room, Khushi made him lie on the bed, and stood up to go and call someone to take care of him when she fell on him due the loss of balance when her sandals got stuck on the carpet. Arnav held her against him, he looked in her eyes all lost saying ‘you have beautiful eyes, hazel green’ caressing her cheek. Khushi tried to wriggle out of his arms but she lost the battle to her heart allowing him to mark her as his, he had already marked her heart as his and now she allowed him to mark her soul and body too.

Next morning was shock for both Arnav and Khushi, Arnav had lost his cool shouting at her ‘how did this happen? Why did this happen? Oh God I was going to marry Lavanya, how can I face her? What will I say her and my family?’

Khushi tried to make him understand, that it is not his fault since he was not in his sense, Arnav lashed out at her ‘yes I was not in my sense, but you were. Why did you not stop? You took advantage of me. For girls like you it would be all okay to have physical relationship before marriage but for me I wanted to share myself only with my wife, my soul mate, my life partner, my other half but…but now all is lost….because of you my life is destroyed…I hate you…I hate you’ Khushi looked at him wide eye, his eyes full of loathe and hate flinched her, her heart pricked at the intensity of hatred she found in his eyes.

He had left Khushi alone in the room all dejected and hurt, her life started slipping from her hand, and soul started dying with every word he uttered. He had then broken his engagement with Lavanya not wanting to cheat her shocking Gutpa’s and his family…..no one knew the reason of his breaking the engagement…..


One month passed, another storm hit Khushi when she got the news of her pregnancy….Khushi became pregnant and this news reached Shiv Gupta who was hospitalized because of heart attack.

Shiv Gupta was getting treated, all the Gupta’s are outside the emergency ward and waiting for the doctor to say something about his condition. Khushi cried leaning on Akash shoulder. Raizadas came running except Arnav who was on the way from his office….

Nani ‘how? How did this happen? He was alright and suddenly’ Anjali consoling her beside.

Garima walked to Khushi, pulling her by arm ‘this is all because of you’ she slapped her hard…Khushi staggered back, Garima pulled her hairs ‘tell me why did you do that? How could you do that?’ slapping her hard ‘tell us who is the father of the child’ Nani, Anjali, Lavanya and Shashi looked at her in disgust.

Akash came forward pulling Khushi away from them ‘don’t…don’t hurt her….she is not wrong’

Garima laughed hollow with no mirth ‘she is not wrong? Huh? Her existence itself is wrong. That man inside the room always loved her which she never deserved it, he had always believed in her but she.... what did she do…went and slept with someone and got pregnant’ Khushi closed her eyes in pain not able to bear the hurtful words.

Lavanya ‘This girl always bring shame to us mama. Now we know why she had always been away late night from home, it is because she is all enjoying her night life’ Khushi clutched Akash hard, not able to stand.

Akash ‘Lavanya….don’t talk about her like this…..you know nothing…’

Lavanya ‘nothing? Huh? Who knows may be you are the father of the child growing in her womb’

Akash ‘you? Shut up’ Khushi looked at Lavanya wide eye…every face looking at her with disgust…..her vision blurred with the mental trauma she is going through from past few months adding to her pregnancy. She fainted…..Akash saved her before she hit the hard floor, taking her over to doctor…..Arnav came running to see Akash carrying Khushi to another room. His breathe stopped when he listened what caused elder Gutpa’s health to get affect.

Eventually Shiv Gupta could not make it and passed away….Khushi was left alone with only Akash to support…..no one allowed her near Shiv Gupta during his last rituals, all treating her like filthy piece.

Garima had shouted at her the day not letting her to near her daadaji ‘Don’t…..don’t you dare come near him…..it is because of you he is not alive….you…you are the reason for everything….just take your filthy face away and leave’

Akash clutched Khushi’s trembling form who wailed to let her see her daadu… ‘Akash….Akash let me see him once please….Akash he is my…he is my daadu Akash….please….let me go to him…Akash please….my daadu Akash….’ Akash cried hard hugging her; he lifted her unconscious form and took her to her room. His heart clenched at her misery, his best friend is going through so much.


Arnav proposed his marriage to Khushi since when he came to know her pregnancy shocking both the families again, he declared he is the father of the child leaving his family broken who were already sad at his not wanting to marry Lavanya. The misery was not end…..

There was more hurt she had to bear and the more came when Arnav’s word he addressed to her alone made her heart to bleed if that was even possible ‘don’t think I accepted to marry you because I like you, it is a clear No because I hate you but I cannot turn away from the truth that the child in your womb is mine and I don’t want my child to be fatherless and called by names. My mother taught me to never turn away from any responsibility and always take the right decision without betraying anyone. Because of you I betrayed my family for which I’ll never forgive you but for that I cannot give punishment to my child. Don’t be in high hope because I’ll always hate you, you will be my child’s mother but never will become my wife’

Gupta’s and Raizada’s were not happy with his decision; Khushi was died again the day when she heard Garima, Lavanya, Anjali (Arnav’s Di) and Nani talking about her. She was passing by Lavanya’s room when she heard them all addressing her name and what she heard shattered her existence.

Garima ‘she is the reason behind his rejection to marry Lavanya’

Lavanya cried ‘she snatched my happiness, I loved ASR but she…she snatched him away from me.

Anjali hugging her ‘I always wished a girl like Lavanya to be my chotte’s bride but…but *taking Lavanya’s hand in her’s* trust me Lavanya we don’t like Khushi, I never wished that bi*** anywhere near my brother’

Nani shaking her head ‘I always known that girl will turn out to be like her mother one day. Today she did turned out like her mother and broke a happy family.’

Anjali ‘I can’t believe to get into Chotte’s life she could sleep with him, and Chotte fell in her trap, I can’t believe it what happen to my Chotte who never once fell for any girl’s façade slipped his control to this girl’

Garima venom coating ‘it must be all that girl’s doing, she must have done something’

Lavanya ‘she proved herself to be a true Sl**’

Khushi pushed her fist inside her mouth from crying out loud, she ran off to her room crying. She cried and cried to see the hate from the person you loved with your all being, she cried for being called by names, she cried for being her love named as lust, fake. She cried until her no more able to cry. At the dawn wiping her tears she stood up with decision being made.

Is it the end of Khushi's misery or is there more? Stay Tuned My Dear Friends....

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Apr 15, 2014

Next Part Up!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 214 times)

Part 2

Two days later, Akash was circling the city to know about her. Evening had turned to Morning but there was no sign of Khushi. From last evening he is going around the city trying to locate her but with no luck. Where are on earth did she disappear? She did not even thought about him. He should have known, known that something was wrong when she came with such request, how could have he failed to notice the signs.


Failing he came inside the Gupta Mansion, seeing the occupants his blood rushed to his veins, his temper raising. He marched towards them all.....he looked at Arnav who is on call shouting for to find Khushi.....fuming he threw a file on Gupta’s first....Garima, Lavanya and Shashi stood up shocked seeing him in so much anger which they never witnessed in him..... Akash ‘this is what you wanted, isn’t it?And here it is she has transferred everything in your name. For this you all has tortured her all this year...every minute of her life she went through lot.....mentally broked her to such an extent that she decided to leave all this and get lost from here forever.’ looking at the Gupta’s with loath.

He looked at Shashi spitting, forgetting the fact he is elder than him ‘you...you never was able to become a father for her.....what is her fault haan? If your wife left you for another man what is her fault in it? Did she ask her mother to leave you and go? Did she ask her to make her motherless? No, you could have given her love of both mother and father but no you always pushed her away and were busy in your life with your new family....only person who loved her, cared for her, looked after her as her parent is her Daadu....if he was alive today he would not have left her alone, would not let her hurt *shaking his head* no one will understand her.....no one.....’

Arnav swallowed listening to all this, Anjali and Nani looking at him in shock along with Gupta’s........... Akash looking at Arnav with pity and anger ‘you have lost the person not knowing her value. You looked at her arrogance but did not tried to look past the façade she built around, how wrongly you judged her character. She had always loved you but you **** broke her hard’ shoving the paper in his hands ‘even then I don’t know why she trusted you with her heart and her family’ Arnav looked at the papers confused. Akash ‘this is her true family which she loved more than her own life and always been protected it from outside world, and she trust you that you will look after the family’

Arnav in his croaked voice ‘Where is she? Did you find her? Tell me do you know where she is?’

Akash laughed the hollow voice filling the room ‘found her? She left Raizada....she left for good.....she did not even thought about me...her best friend....her brother......*clutching Arnav’s collar* she was my only family in this world and because of you today I lost her.....I’ll never forgive you..... Even if I know her where about any day I’ll never tell you Raizada.......I’ll find her for sure but never will let your *looking at the other* and anyone from your shadows fall on them.......because you *looking at Arnav* don’t deserve her.....nor you deserve the baby growing inside her.....when you could not understand the mother than how in the hell you will understand the child......no they are better off without you.....you will turn out another Shashi Gupta’

Akash left Gupta Mansion with heavy heart dreading for Khushi’s safety.......Arnav looked at the file in his hands.....he opened them....an envelope from inside fell down at his feet....he lifted the envelope.....torn the sides and took a paper from inside out....it was a letter addressed to him ‘I’m sorry Arnav for spoiling your life but I don’t want to burden myself and my child on you….you will accept the child and love him/her but will always have in your conscience of the night where for you it is biggest mistake when for me is beautiful night, in future you can hate my child too for destroying your life….I don’t want you to destroy your life…marry Lavanya and be happy always…...I have one last request.....please take care of the possession I’ve given you.....my heart has been rejected by you and I took it positively but please don’t reject the life’s I’m leaving behind trusting on you.....I can’t trust anyone expect you.....a family who I value more than my life......please take of them.....tell them I Love them lot....take care of yourself....bye......I and My baby will never come in your life to destroy it.....Lo *she could not complete the word, Arnav understood what she wished to write, his heart pained* that’s it.....have a happy future ahead’

He sat with thud on looking at the letter all lost....he don’t know what to feel....why did he feel he did grave mistake in misjudging her....why his heart is paining so much......more than his baby his heart is now paining for Khushi....did he do wrong in thinking wrong of her......what is happening in his life.

Anjali came towards him, putting her hand on his shoulder ‘it is okay Chotte.....good that she herself left from here....at the end she took wise decision.’ She does not have pity nor she is sad for Khushi leaving their life....she felt relief....all nodded at her words...Garima and Lavanya smiled looking at each other......Arnav looked at her with pain stricken eyes which made Anjali stagger backwards.....Arnav stood up....shaking his head he left with the file in one hand and letter in other.....his heart crying....eyes moist.

Driving aimlessly as lifeless soul he stopped his car before a beautiful house. Looking at the board written in bold he looked in awe ‘My Family’

Reaching the door he pressed the door bell, a middle aged lady opened the door....her face with serene smile...... Lady ‘yes!!!’

Arnav ‘I...I’m Arnav Singh Raizada’

Lady smiled at him widely ‘Oh Mr. Raizada welcome......come inside’ he looked astonish to see the warm welcome.....he felt home, calm and in peace......cute little girl came running followed by few other ‘Mother is Khushi didi here...’ but stopped short looking at Arnav.

Their face fell which adorned smiles before few seconds. Mother caressing her face ‘no my dear but her friend is here’

Cute little girl frowned ‘friend? But he never came with didi.....it is always Akash bhaiya who comes to see us with didi’ all the little eyes landed on him. Mother ‘he is your didi’s new friend’

Girl ‘then where is she?’

Mother swallowed ‘she has some work so she sent her friend’

Girl ‘Oh!!!’ she moved forwards and reached Arnav.....looking at him curiously ‘you are her friend’ Arnav looked at her all silent....his eyes betraying him.....he sat on his knees......Girl smiled at him ‘I’m Pari and you are?’

Arnav croaked ‘Arnav’

Pari raised her eye brows ‘Rajkumar.....’ she turned to others who rushed to her ‘Abhi, Pinky, Chandu, Aasha see who is here....Rajkumar....remember Khushi didi told us.....didi's Rajkumar is here.....’ she grinned widely, along with her other innocent eyes peered looking at him in daze.

Arnav swallowed hard.....he raised his eyes towards Mother who nodded her head at him......Pari clutched his hands ‘so you are finally here.....Khushi didi said she will bring you here one day.....but.....* her face fell* but she did not come with you’ Arnav caressed her face ‘she will come soon to meet you’

Abhi grinned ‘We know she cannot live without us....haina’

All the others grinned.....Mother came to them ‘kids go inside....I need to talk with him’

Aasha looked at him ‘will you come to see us after talking with mother’

Arnav nodded his head....the kids giving him a big smile left for their room.....Mother looked at him ‘come with me’ he took her towards her study/office room....both taking the seat sat in silence for few minutes.

Mother sighing ‘I know Khushi has left’

Arnav looked at her shocked....Mother ‘Akash called me and informed me. He even told me that Khushi has trusted these children with you. She must have her reason to trust you even after what happened. *Arnav tried to open his mouth* No, don’t.....I won’t judge you nor I’ll judge Khushi.....’ Arnav hung his head low....Mother ‘you should know about this little family before if you wish to be a part of this family *Arnav again tried to open his mouth, Mother shaked her head* I’m Martha who is taking care of the kids here......these kids you met are abandoned by their parents and some were rescued from the streets where they were begging for their lives *Arnav swallowed hard listening to all this*.......From one to many we have become a big family.’ She told more about Khushi and the connection between her and the kids.....he felt guilty....so guilty....because of him she left her only family who all are depend on her....who loves her and whom she loves....and most of all she trusted him with her family to take care well....these all the things made him hate himself.....after talking an hour with mother he left the room.....another lady named Meena took him to kids room.....he met with all of them......he looked astonished at the place....true to the knowledge he got to know they are one family....no pretense at all......living happily.....Meena ‘Khushi spends most of her time here....many times she stays behind here......no one knows about this place.....she is very protective of us....she used to forget all her worries once she comes here....*Arnav looked at her, Meena looked at him smiling* Khushi is first child for us......we adore her lot......Mother Martha is none other than her Granny who took care of her in her childhood *Arnav looked at her in shock on this piece of information....the lady did not had hate in her eyes for him, instead now if he remember she had pity and sadness for him and vulnerable eyes on Khushi’s absence* we have come to last room’ stopping by the door she pushed the door open....Arnav came inside with her..... it was a music room....a girl was playing piano......the music so alluring, peaceful.....even a sleeping heart will be awaken.....Meena went towards the girl ‘Veena’

Veena turned towards the sound ‘Meena amma!!!!’

Meena ‘beta someone has come to meet you’

Veena smiling ‘who is it?’

Meena ‘your Khushi didi’s friend’

Veena eyes brows twitched in confusion.....Meena ‘Arnav, his name is Arnav’

Veena smiled, her smile lightening the room ‘he is here....where is he?’ Meena ‘near you’

Meena ‘beta come to her’ Arnav followed her words and came near her.....Veena raised her hand....Meena put her hand on his hand.....Veena smiling felt him.....raising her hands she touched his face.....Arnav till now looking at her realized she is visually challenged girl...and she is trying to visualize him in her mind....Veena ‘it is good to meet you.....where is didi? Is she here with you?’

Arnav swallowed ‘no, I’ve come alone’ he wanted to cry so badly but restraining his tears from coming out.....he does not want to show his vulnerable state...however Meena and Martha did not fail to see the miserable state of him.....his eyes revealed it all.....

Veena ‘bhiaya why Khushi didi did not come to meet us. She always for most of the week’s live with us, but from past one month she did not come here, nor called any of us. Is she angry with us? But she always was happy with us, never ever got angry on us.’ A lone tear escaped at the aching voice of the child before him for her didi.....he could not control and left the room after patting her head.

Today he knew the real Khushi which she hid from others.....Akash's every word, Khushi’s letter to him, Kids questioning on the absence of their didi, Martha and Meena whose heart were crying for their child....all making him feel guilty, miserable....what had he done? Today he doubts on his conclusion if all that was Khushi’s fault....there is something he is missing. which he overlooked.....why Khushi? Why did you leave me? Once, only once you let me understand you.....it would not have been difficult for me......I always felt a pull towards you and always neglected it hearing your facade nature.....my family’s dislike towards you made me bury the attraction for you deep inside and in the repulse I had agreed to marry Lavanya but.....and the night us together made me believe indeed you are the type of girl like my Di and Nani described.....I should not have believed anyone rather than my heart.....I should not have accused you.....I should have tried to know the whole truth....Oh my God what did I do.....now she is pregnant too with his baby.....how would she be?.....he cried on the garden at the back of the house.....he felt low of himself when kids praised him, he has come to know how much Khushi has talked about him to them, making him a part of their family even when he was not there.

Wiping his tears he took out his phone and called Aman ‘what is the result Aman?’

Aman ‘sir there is no news still, detectives are trying their best’

Arnav gulping ‘I want the positive result Aman.......Khushi should be found at any cost.....and Aman make sure you put our men behind Akash.....he is the only one who can lead us to Khushi....she will contact him for sure today or tomorrow.....make sure his calls are tapped and forwarded on my mobile.....do anything keep a spy inside his house and office.....I want every detail of the happenings’

Aman ‘will be done sir’

Arnav cut the call not knowing it is not easy to find her and when will be found he would have lost more than one, he don’t know instead of gaining he will be losing more than he had. Life’s cruel game has started the wheel to spin only now and there is long way to end all the game to a peaceful life.






Khushi sat on the parks bench all lost, she has reached at the wee hours to Mumbai city away from all, now she don’t know what she has to do. She did not realize the time moving fact with morning turned to evening to now night....the park is now deserted but she felt nothing of her surroundings....her whole life till now spinning in front of her eyes with the taunting words of everyone.....tears escaped mercilessly. She came out of her pity state when she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder.....her eyes went wide with shock...she got up....three men surrounding her, is leering at her....stepping back she stumbled...

Man ‘shhh kudiye you will hurt yourself’

Man 2 ‘we are noticing from morning you did not move from the place....no place to go, haan’ he looked at her top to bottom.

Man 3 ‘don’t worries....come with us...we will give you everything’

Khushi felt like puking with their lustful gaze unnerving her and the alcohol smell giving her nausea feeling.....she turned around walking fast....the man too started walking....they tried to touch her hand when she sprinted to save herself from those men.....she ran....ran....ran......she is all exhausted with nothing she had from morning.......lane streets.....she did not see where she is going....all she did was to run to save herself.....she will die if anything dreadful happens to her.

Slumping down she blacked out calling for help in her heart.


Next morning Khushi woke up to find herself in a woven charpai cot....

Panicked she sat up checking herself and around the room....it a small room....she tried to get up only to be held back by a soft hand.....she looked at the person in daze....soft warm eyes looked at her.... Khushi ‘where am I?’ looking at the beautiful girl in front of her.

‘I’m Payal Sharma, yesterday night you had passed out before my home....I saw you when I came back home from work......tried to wake you but you were not opening your eyes....*looking around the room* this is my little home....and don’t worry nothing happened...you are safe....I reached you before those men could....with help of neighbors I dealt with them....’

Khushi ‘Thank you’

Payal ‘it is alright.....vaise how did you end up here? Where is your home? Where are you from? Most of all what is your name?’

Khushi kept quiet....Payal ‘what happened?’

Khushi looked at her, her eyes empty....Payal winced....Khushi in low voice ‘Khushi....My name is Khushi.....and I don’t have anyone’

Payal’s heart pinched....she knew how it feels to be alone....is she not living the lonely life from past five years.....she came and sat beside her.....taking her hands she squeezed Khushi’s hands in assurance.....a silent bond formed between the two.




A month later, Khushi looked at Payal getting ready for work....she called out to her softly ‘Jiji’

Payal ‘haan Khushi’

Khushi ‘can I too work with you?’

Payal almost shrieked ‘what? No...not in this stage’

Khushi ‘please I want to work....*patting her stomach* for us....I have so many wish for my baby....and how much you will do for us....already letting me stay here and top to that I’m not even any use to you....all day sitting at home and seeing you work out and come back home and again work’

Payal in hurt tone ‘don’t you consider me as your sister’

Khushi ‘no no jiji....please don’t get me wrong....’

Payal ‘then....’

Khushi ‘I really want to work and share our problem....and I’m only four month jiji.....I can work till the date arrives....I’ll be careful...’

Payal cupping her face ‘Khushi doing sales girl job is not easy’

Khushi ‘I can jiji.....I’ll take care.....but please get me job in your work place....my heart is not feeling good to see you working hard and I’m doing nothing.....please’

Payal sighed ‘okay....I’ll try’ patting her cheek she gave Khushi her food and medicines and left for work. Khushi looked out of window of the one room home, it had been one month she had come here to Mumbai leaving everyone and it was not easy for her. Payal had become her sister who gave her place and food to live, at first Payal was shocked to learn her pregnancy that day..

That night...Khushi swallowing her pride ‘can I....can I get something for drink and eat.....I have not had anything from yesterday.....if not for my baby...’ Payal who felt sorry had been shocked to learn about the baby...

Payal ‘you are.....you are pregnant’

Khushi ‘yes’ she looked down

Payal ‘how? I mean it is not my intension to try to privy your private life but...but who is he? You don’t look married..... Did he left you after.....after....’

Khushi cried out ‘no....he did not...I...i left him for his better life....I don’t want to burden myself on him’

Payal ‘but’

Khushi ‘no please don’t ask me anything more....just help me this time....I’ll go from here...’

Payal ‘can I request you something?’

Khushi ‘ji’

Payal ‘you can stay here with me....I’m alone as it is......if you have no problem to stay here’

Khushi looked at her genuine eyes......and said yes....rest all went on blurred....both had become dear sister from then on.....living for each other....waiting for the new member to enter the world...her baby.




One side Arnav was looking for Khushi with vengeance, all he needed was one clue where she is but with no luck he did not get any....he had hoped at least from Akash he will get the clue about Khushi but there too he is left dejected with no contact from Khushi to Akash. Other side Khushi has settled herself in Mumbai in low profile working as sales girl, in a single room hardly enough for two people to live but she and Payal could adjust for now, after two months they can think of changing the home by saving for home, it is no urgency for her shift at once when she is just in here early seven month......


Arnav threw the phone away in anger, Aman rushed towards him ‘sir!!!’

Arnav ‘what the hell is this Aman? No one is able to find her.....Aman I’m losing my patience with every day, every second.....it is seven months Aman....it is damn seven months and there is no news of her’

Aman hung his head down ‘sorry ASR....but our men were not able to find her....it is as if she disappeared in thin air’

Arnav grit his teeth ‘I don’t care Aman.....they should not stop their search....I want her in front of me’

In this seven months he had realized his hidden love for her when he started visiting My Family, his most of the time he spends with them without being any worry for his Di and Nani. After Khushi left he hardly interacted with anyone became all aloof cutting himself from everyone....only solace for him is the children in My Family who accepted him with open heart. The children who gives him peace, calmness but at the same time his heart aches when they ask him about her, about their didi, about his Khushi.....yes his Khushi....she has become most important part of his life. He want her and their child with him. He cannot lose them at any cost when he has come to know how important they are for him. But will he be able to get them in his life or fate will play another game is all need to see.


I know this is not much but it is needed part.......secondly I need some time to write update of other stories....so update for other stories will come on Wednesday or Thursday.....

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Last Part!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 271 times)

Past is in Olive color......

Part 3

Aman came inside the cabin ‘ASR her location is found’

Arnav looked at him eagerly, Aman without beating any bush ‘Mumbai!!!’

Arnav shocked ‘Mumbai? But our men were searching for her there too....we did not leave any city or state left....even outside India we are searching for her....how did we miss her? All these months she is Mumbai’

Aman ‘she was living in low profile.....no one thought to be.....’

Arnav ‘low profile’

Aman ‘yeah the area of the address is low profile in a squalid/shabby area’

Arnav’s heart dropped, a girl who born with silver spoon lived all her life in luxuries went and live in a slum area. Arnav ‘What?’

Aman sorry face ‘yes sir’

Arnav ‘book a ticket for me Asap or arrange my private jet’

Aman ‘already done sir....your flight is in an hour....and sir Akash has already left as soon as he got the envelope’

Arnav nodded at him, he left his cabin saying he better leave now otherwise he would be late. He needs to be there....he needs to get to her the earliest.....but why his heart is thumping fast....why is it feeling heavy as if something is not right?




Boarding inside the flight he took his seat, soon enough the flight took off, and he refusing for anything left to the memory lane where he found another truth....it was the time of when it had been one month since Khushi left when everything as a crystal clear came out clean in front of Arnav....he started seeing things clearly which before was covered in a facade veil.....Lavanya as soon as taking charge of the Gupta industries has started showing her true colors even though she still had maintained the nice facade of dutiful traditional girl in front of Raizada’s but he knew well that all is facade and lies....she is not the same as she pretends to be.


Arnav on wanting to know what exactly happened that night investigated the matter on his own when he comes face to face with the waiter who was given hefty amount to spike his drink.....he was shocked when encountered to know that all was done by Lavanya, she is the one who spiked his drink and the victim has become he and Khushi where all Khushi wished was to help him. Arnav came like a volcano that day to home...seeing his angry face Anjali strode towards him....Anjali ‘chotte what happen? Is something wrong?’

Arnav almost shouted ‘Every thing went wrong Di.....everything.....Di it was Lavanya who did all? She spiked my drink that night Di....…the waiter there who did this told me for which he got money’

Anjali ‘Chotte that can’t be possible…it must be Khushi’s work…’

Arnav ‘no…..it is not....high time Di for you to stop putting blames on Khushi for everything when she is never was at fault.......*gritting his teeth* I’m not going to leave Lavanya…she did the crime and poor Khushi burnt the accusation of all…’ he marched to Gupta house…....within few minutes with the help of his reckless driving he reached GH.....taking long stride he marched to the door to press the bell when he stop in tracks to listen their talks....the door was slightly open…

Lavanya not knowing Arnav is on the other side of the door is laughing hard saying ‘at last we got the properties in our hand….and mama soon ASR too will be mine….’

Garima venom filled in her tone ‘that Khushi has been hell ready to destroy your life.....…good that now she went away herself….always hindering in our goal….I had brainwashed her dad against her but Shiv Gupta was not fooled and carried Khushi over his head….it was always her for that old man....I really despised that girl’

Lavanya chuckling ‘ you know mama bechari Khushi….I spiked ASR’s drink and she got accused….tsk tsk but I missed the target….I was intend to spend the night with ASR not her….he does not even hug me on our short period of relationship stating only after marriage….always maintaining distance from me.......I was so frustrated….and with the look he passes on Khushi every now and then when he thinks no one notices has felt threaten to me….I wanted to be on safe side so mixed the alcohol in his juice but before I could make a move Khushi had got to him….I never knew my plan would be back fired….’

Garima surprised ‘you knew Khushi had spent the night with him’

Lavanya shaking her ‘no I thought ASR left for home but…only when he announced the baby in Khushi’s womb is his I realised what a blunder I did…I lost him….’

Garima ‘Oh baby now you got him right…’

Lavanya ‘of course….I felt to kill that Khushi when he decided to marry….how much papad I had to do to convince the Raizada’s that I’m ideal bahu…but it was not an hard task….since there family is known to us I did a good job in portraying myself a traditional girl all these years….I had always liked ASR and with the wealth and power he poses....I wanted to gain it all including him.....and I did....I degraded Khushi’s character so much in front of Anjali and Nani raising myself in their eyes......I did not want to lose to Khushi who is always the winning bird.......and see the fruit was before our eyes....*laughing hard* .....you have to see that Khushi’s face mama when Anjali brought proposal for me for ASR, she died then and there…oh it was so much fun…’

They both stopped talking when a visibly enraged Arnav came in front of them clapping his hand hard....both gulping stood up shocked. He came inside like a wounded tiger and lashed out on both the mother duo.

Arnav ‘wow what a perfect plan you mother and daughter played....no one could suspected a vile person behind that innocent facade you all show to the world......*glaring at them* don’t have hope that I ASR will ever marry a girl like you....Now I know who owns my heart not like in the past where I’m confused.....Khushi is and will always own me....get that straight in your head Ms and Mrs Gupta....bad luck even after Khushi left she won and you even before the battle start is a loser........ Khushi is innocent and pure at heart who is a gem and ASR never loses a Gem from his life.....I’ll get her back by hook or crook.....and you will left with nothing but to look from sideways......for the stunt you pulled on me and Khushi I would have crumbled this entire empire and brought you all to the road but this empire is made by Mr Shiv Gupta and Khushi who had worked so hard to bring to heights....she will be hurt to see it destroy.....I’m warning you stay away from me and my family’


Arnav sighed opening his eyes when the flight landed in Mumbai......Hurtful part was not over when later Lavanya manipulated the matter on saying how she felt insecure about ASR with not wanting to lose him since she love him and did that crime not thinking the consequences; what hurt him the most is when Anjali and Nani believed her over Arnav, this gave him pain to see his own family trusting the outsider rather than him, so he has been left out or rather he stayed out from them....their constant pestering to make him agree to marry Lavanya was driving insane....either he stays at office till late night and leave for work early morning or leaves for My Family to the peaceful home straight from his office which has become heaven for him. Now all he wishes is his true heaven in his life to come back without giving him any more punishment which he could not afford but destiny and fate has yet to feel pity on him and his state.





Door opened, Payal looked at the man before her, her eyes red and puffy. Payal ‘yes’

‘I’m Akash.....Khushi’s friend’ Akash said to the broken girl.....her tears escaped......Payal leaving the door went inside in her wobbly legs.....Akash came inside and looked around the room and swallowed....is this the place where Khushi stayed all these months......Akash choking ‘Khushi....where is Khushi? Please tell me....’

More tears escaped from her eyes......Payal with trembling hands gave him the letter.....

A letter addressed to Payal ‘jiji I’m sorry I’m leaving you but I cannot lose you too like I lost all my loved ones. First Arnav, then Daadu, then my b....*the words smudged with tears* and now I fear to lose you too….I’m sorry I’m going far away from you….Akash…my best friend will be coming to take you with him….trust him jiji…..he is my trust worthy and only friend….take care jiji…always be happy’


Akash sat with thud ‘Khushi....*his tears escaping* Khushi......Oh God I came here running to take you back...with a hope to get you back but....but you left again.....why did you do this....’

Payal looked at his shocked form ‘I....got up in the morning to see she is not in the home....I panicked....and searched......searched for whole area.....even went to police but they said....but they said to wait for 24 hours.....maybe she went nearby and will come.....and said they will take the complaint only when even after 24 hours the person is not back.....I don’t know what to do....where to search for her.....coming here I see all is this letter.....why did she do this?.....Oh God...where is she?....how can she think she will lose me?......please search her.......’ Payal weeps bitterly........

Payal horror stricken ‘Akashji…she is very weak Akashji….she had recently had miscarriage and from then on she is all more weak compared to before…she needs me Akashji….I need to find her….she is not good….my Khushi….how can she think like that….oh Khushi…’

Akash his heart lurching ‘mis...miscarriage....’

Payal weeping ‘yes, few days ago she had miscarriage.....she lost her child....since then she went to depression.....she lost the little hope to live the life with her baby gone....It was very difficult for me to control her....she shut herself completely.....one minute she would be crying her heart out and other minute she would be all stone with no emotion.....I never....I never thought she will take this step.....*looking up at him* please.....please find her.......I’m scared.....I’m scared what if she does something to herself....’

Akash ‘no no Khushi will never take that step.....I know my friend very well....she is strong....she is very much strong....I know she will never think of that.....but how did this all happen....how?’

Payal looked at the crying man with her own tears escaping........

It was the end of the seventh month....Khushi was showing dresses to the customer when she felt tired....feeling to have to drink some water she left the job to the girl beside her to take care of the customer.....she just then crossed a mannequin draped in a finery dress of very high price....the tiredness took toll on her and her head spin at the moment is to say a bad moment...bad timing with no one to support her beside and she tried to take the support but only to know the next minute the mannequin fell down breaking into pieces with the expensive saree getting spoiled......Owner of the shop rushed to the area.....livid in anger he grit his teeth.....whole employees trembled for the known thing to befall on Khushi.....they felt sorry for her.......the heartless man took hold of her hand and marched to the store room.......Payal’s heart stopped in dread.....she rushed behind them......

Owner to the quivering girl ‘how dare you? Do you know how much loss you bought to me?’ he clutched her hair......Khushi winced in pain.....her one wrist in his vice grip.....tears escaped from her eyes......Khushi ‘I’m sorry....please forgive me.....’ her whole body trembling.....fear, distress and pain all at once attacking her.....

Owner ‘Leave you? Huh? Why? You should be punished....you little bi***’ he brought her face near him.....Khushi ‘no no....no.....please’ she felt weak........Payal rushed towards them trying to free her ‘Sir...please...please leave her.....I’m sorry on her behalf.....this will not happen again......please leave her.....look at her condition....’

Owner sneered at her ‘get back to your work’ he bellowed.....Payal ‘please....please.....*she begged him, falling on his legs* leave her....she is in pain’ she felt needle piercing her whole body looking at Khushi’s condition.....her whole body trembling....pain visible on her face.....gasping for breathe......Owner ‘do I look like a mad to leave this girl who made a loss for me.....who will give money....’

Payal ‘I’ll....yes I’ll pay back for the loss but please....just leave her....’

Owner started to laugh......Payal could not see Khushi more in this state and rage engulfed her....standing up she pushed the man away holding Khushi close to her who at the moment was going to pass.....Owner’s anger reached it’s peak he lurched forward and gave a tight slap to Payal who staggered back.....Khushi who was leaning on her as a support fell down in thud.....her stomach hitting one of the box there.....Payal cried Khushi.......Khushi winced in pain clutching her stomach.......gasping.....Payal moved towards Khushi..... ‘Khushi....Khushi....’ her eyes went wide when she saw blood flowing down.....Owner himself was shocked.

Ambulance was called in and Khushi was taken to nearby hospital......hours passed......when the wait came to end all Payal got the news shattered her.....she feared.....feared for Khushi who was living for her baby....the baby she loved above all.


Taking permission from the doctor she went inside the common ward where Khushi is shifted.....tears escaping endlessly.....how will she convey this to her? How will she say to her about her baby?........hours passed Khushi gained her conscious.....she felt different....looked at Payal who is distraught......Khushi ‘Payal’

Payal sobbed......fear started creeping inside her......she tried to get up but winced in pain......wide eye.....Khushi lifted her weak hand keeping it above her flat stomach.....panicked she looked at Payal ‘my baby.....my baby....where is my baby....’ her voice came muffled....with at time gaining pitch.....Payal cupping her face ‘shhh Khushi.....please control yourself.....it is not good for your health to shout at this time....’

Khushi looking at  ‘but...but my baby....my baby is alright na.....’

Payal looked at her, her eyes held all the worlds pain.....Khushi dreading for the worst shouted ‘tell me.....where is my baby.....’

Doctors and nurse rushed towards them.....all the other patient in the ward looked at her with moist eyes....they knew what had happened to her child....knew how it feels.....Doctor taking deep breath ‘sorry...but your baby is no more...’

Khushi ‘no more....my baby is no more....how can you say that....you are wrong....my baby cannot leave me...’

Doctor tried to calm the hysterical girl but she is nowhere to stop at last they had give her sedatives.....Payal cried hard seeing her like this.....few hours later when Khushi opened her eyes she know she could feel her baby left her which she does not want to believe.....she cried...cried holding on to Payal.....only light she thought of in her dark abyss is snatched away from her making it bury in the full darkness......Khushi low voice ‘I need to see my baby’

Payal looked at her shocked ‘but....’

Khushi ‘please I want to see my baby one last time.....please ask them to let me see my baby..’

Doctor gave her the permission....how can they restrict from the mother to look at her baby......Khushi was taken in wheel chair to the mortuary where her baby was kept.....Nurse showed the baby to her.....her heart has been ripped apart from her body and thrown away mercilessly..... Khushi ‘can I....can I touch him....please...’

Nurse relented.....Khushi touched the hardly eight month infants little finger, caressing the baby’s cheek...... Khushi cracking ‘jiji...see na....my baby is sleeping peacefully.....he is so small jiji....so small.....ask him to get up.....please ask him na.....I cannot leave without him.....ask My Ayan to get up....my Ayan too left me jiji....he too left me.....I’m a cursed girl.....I’m very bad.....my baby too left me....’ she cried hard, Payal hugged her to herself crying with her....nurse eyes turned moist she cannot see the depressed soul....what was the fault of theirs? Why God has become so cruel to snatch the child from the mother.

Khushi had withdrawn herself after her loss of the baby....she could not cope up with her baby gone whom she thought of her only light in her dark life....with whom she started dreaming a future together.....she and her baby.....


Inside Payal and Akash cried with one remembering the dark day which shattered everything and one hearing to what and all his friend had to go through but the two had failed to notice that someone else too has listened to everything and he is shattered....his heart died million times death....feeling the air choking him.....Arnav moved out of the place, dragging himself like a dead in shock after listening to the conversation between Payal and Akash.

His feet took him to unknown destination, turning deaf ears to his driver.....the car followed him silently but he felt nothing, numb....numbness engulfing him.....his baby is no more....their baby is no more.....they lost their baby.....falling on the ground he shouted....shouted in agony....for his baby...for his Khushi....his eyes snapping open.... ‘Khushi....Khushi is out there....she is not well....no no....nothing should happen to her.....Khushi....Khushi..’

He sat inside his car asking the driver to step aside and he himself will drive.....he started wheeling the car searching madly for Khushi in the big city....calling frantically for Aman....ordering him and his men to look for Khushi.....getting all the strength to search her.





City hospital, Inspector ‘did you get the detail of the girl inside the OT’

Sup Ins ‘no sir....but sir from the things we got from the spot has this dairy too....here see this....the front page has written the name as Khushi....may be the girls name is Khushi .....and again we found that there is photo of the man in the dairy....when enquired came to know he is one of the top businessman in fashion industry’

Inspector ‘did you try to contact him and try to know if he knows this girl’

Sub Insp ‘yes sir....but call is coming busy.....I tried his office number too and they said he is not present at the moment in the office and is out of station for business meeting’

Inspector ‘try again and again’

Sub Insp ‘ji sir ji’


Aaa… Haan… Aaa…

Bheegi Bheegi Si Hai Raatein

The nights are drenched

Bheegi Bheegi Yaadein

The memories are drenched

Bheegi Bheegi Baatein

The talks are drenched

Bheegi Bheegi Aankhon Mein Kaisi Nami Hai

What sort of moistness is there in these drenched eyes?

(What kind of tears are there in these drenched eyes?)

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Haan


Same day, Morning, after the call to Akash.....Khushi walked in daze on the road.....her life is lost....she lost everything and everyone.....darkness engulfing her. Walking in a daze she did not realize her walking on the center of the road....a truck came by with full speed.....driver looked wide eye to see that in a few seconds before on  empty road is now a girl walking....he honked....but the girl did not relent......here Khushi is in her own misery...did not hear anything.....before anyone could do anything she was hit badly by the coming truck who was not able to pull the brake on time.....laying on her own pool of blood.....Khushi smiled feebly at her fate.

Sapnon Ka Saaya, Palkon Pe Aaya

The shadow of dreams came on the eyelashes

Pal Mein Hasaya, Pal Mein Rulaaya

It made me laugh for a moment, it made me cry for a moment

Phir Bhi Yeh Kaisi Kami Hai

Still what kind of incompleteness exists

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Haan  



Arnav’s phone rang, not looking at the caller id he attended the call...... voice from other end ‘Is this Arnav Singh Raizada?’

Arnav confused ‘yes....’ he is not in mood to entertain anyone other than wanting to know where his Khushi is?

Sub Insp ‘do you know any Khushi?’

Arnav stopped his car.... shocked ‘yes...I...Khushi....do you know her....where is she?’

Sub Insp ‘come to city hospital’

Arnav ‘City hospital? Why?....where is Khushi? She is fine right?’

Sub Insp ‘Mr. Raizada please come here, you will come to know’

Arnav ‘but...but what happened’

Sub Insp sighing ‘the girl Khushi is met with accident....we don’t know if the girl is the same Khushi you know....we need you here to check if she is the same girl’

Arnav’s heart thudded painfully.....he drove through Mumbai road......on his reckless drive he himself saved from getting into accident.....reaching the hospital he rushed inside....he met with the inspector and sub inspector.....they showed him inside the room.....his heart dropped....dragging himself he went near her.....taking her hand in his, caressing her face frantically.....her pale white form....attached to various tubes....pained him lot....hurt him lot.....he turned to others’....doctor too was looking at him.

Arnav ‘Khushi....she is my Khushi.....*crying, chocking on his words* what....what happen to her?....how did this happen?’

Inspector ‘she met with an accident while crossing the road’ he told all the details and asked few of his.....Arnav told him Khushi went missing eight months ago and he was searching for her.....he asked to doctor ‘is she fine? Tell me she is fine’

Doctor sighed ‘she was brought in critical condition.....she has lost so much blood....we did her operation....she is saved but....’

Arnav ‘but....’

Doctor ‘but she went to coma.....we don’t know when she will wake up....today, tomorrow, in few weeks, months or years.’

Na Jaane Koi…

No one knows

Kaisi Hai Yeh Zindagani, Zindgani

What this life is?

Humari Adhuri Kahani

(It’s) our incomplete story

Na Jaane Koi…

No one knows

Kaisi Hai Yeh Zindagani, Zindgani

What this life is?

Humari Adhuri Kahani

Our incomplete story  

Arnav slumped down ‘no....Khushi....no.....please....already we lost most precious thing in our life.......our baby.......now I don’t want to lose you too.....please....please ask her to open her eyes......I was wrong....*cupping her face* I was so wrong about you.....forgive me....give me any punishment but please don’t leave me.....come back to me....please I can’t live without you’

Other’s in the room felt sorry for him but they could do nothing......Inspector asked him to sign on some papers once signed he took his leave while before leaving gave Khushi’s dairy.


Aadhi Aadhi Jaagi Aadhi Aadhi Soyi

Half awake, half asleep

Aankhein Yeh Teri Toh Lagta Hai Royi

It seems that Your eyes have shed tears

Lekar Ke Naam Humara

In my name

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Haan  

Arnav clutched the dairy in his hands......he looked at the sleeping figure of his Khushi.....he took her hand and kissed them.....with heart heavy he opened her dairy.......another mistake.....not knowing he will fall deep into the abyss of guilt.


Khushi’s dairy page from one of her entries ‘I did not want to be a burden on him, I loved him and always will love him, my heart can never hate him. Wish he lives his life happy with Lavanya’

Rutha Rutha Rab, Chhuta Chhuta Sab

God is angry (with me), I’ve lost everything

Toota Toota Dil, Tere Bina Ab

My heart is broken, without You

Kaise Ho Jeena Ganwara

How will I pass this life?

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Haan


Another page ‘I did not intend to do that with him, I never wanted to hurt him, I’m not a ****…I’m not a girl who sleeps with man often…I had allowed only him to touch me, he is only to whom I lost my everything my heart, my body and soul. But he accused me of cheating on him and took advantage of him but I did not…I did not took advantage of his state…my heart could not refuse him, and his touch when I had always wanted to get his love, my heart became selfish to let him conquer me….did I do wrong? But I don’t regret that night….but he regrets…he hates me…very much…and it hurts me…’  

Arnav swallowed, he felt to kill himself....he had hurt her too much....was it not enough that she was already suffering by her family that he added to it.....the hurt he gave her is more painful than anyone else...because she loved him, she thought of him as her everything.

Na Jaane Koi…

No one knows

Kaisi Hai Yeh Zindagani, Zindgani

What this life is?

Humari Adhuri Kahani

(It’s) our incomplete story

Na Jaane Koi…

No one knows

Kaisi Hai Yeh Zindagani, Zindgani

What this life is?

Humari Adhuri Kahani

Our incomplete story  

Another page ‘Daadu…Daadu I’m sorry..I’m so sorry….I never wanted you to be ashamed of me but yet my love for him won over me, I could not control my heart and gave in to its desires which badly wanted his single glance, his love…my heart won over my mind….I’m sorry Daadu….I’ve always wanted to prove that I’m not like Rasika but I failed you Daadu because like her I had hurt you all with my beautiful mistake….why beautiful mistake….because I got to spend one night full of love with him Daadu…..and now I’m carrying his child….I don’t regret it Daadu but I’m sorry…..Daadu I cannot live here, he is agreeing to marry me because for the child but I can’t let him destroy his life’s…..for me this child will be symbol of my love but for him…for him it will be a burden and will always be a remembrance of his mistake which he regrets…..daadu it hurts Daadu…very much to see hate and loath in the person eye’s where you all wanted to see was love and only love…..why am I cursed Daadu because no one loves me, no one likes me, all hates me…..and do you know Daadu….Daadu his Di called me bi***….and Lavanya called me Sl**…..are they true Daadu?....but I’m not like that Daadu…I’m not a girl who will have **** with any guy she wishes….you know me na Daadu….your Khushi is not like that…….but he too thinks the same Daadu….I can’t take it……I’m leaving everything behind Daadu….I’ll not burden myself and my child on him Daadu….he should be happy….I can’t see him in guilt and pain, I love him so much to see him revolting in hate….I’m sorry Daadu your Khushi is going to run away like her mother’

Bheegi Bheegi Si Hai Raatein

The nights are drenched

Bheegi Bheegi Yaadein

The memories are drenched

Bheegi Bheegi Baatein

The talks are drenched

Bheegi Bheegi Aankhon Mein Kaisi Nami Hai

What sort of moistness is there in these drenched eyes?

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Ha Aaa… Haan

Aa Ha Ha Haan  

Another page ‘today yet again I lost another person I loved, my child…I lost my baby even before it came to this world, my baby must be hating me too like others, not wanting to come in my world, my baby left me….I hate myself, I don’t want to live…I’m loser who will always lose her loved ones and will always get hate from everyone’

Na Jaane Koi…

No one knows

Kaisi Hai Yeh Zindagani, Zindgani

What this life is?

Humari Adhuri Kahani

Our incomplete story

Na Jaane Koi… (x2)

No one knows

Humari Adhuri Kahani

Our incomplete story

Na Jaane Koi Kaisi Hai Yeh Zindagaani

No one knows what this life is

Humari Adhuri Kahani

Our incomplete story

Na Na Na Na Naa…

Yeah Yeah… Yeah Yeah Yeah…

Humari Adhuri Kahani

Our incomplete story  

Arnav cried reading everything where she has poured her heart.....her feelings for him, her dreams, her future together with him, her ache to be loved by him, for a happy family with him.





Akash on the other hand as Khushi wished helps Payal, took her to Delhi. Everything he did as per Khushi asked him and in the months passing both him and Payal fell in love and got married. But never their mission of finding Khushi stopped....there search was still on....they will not rest in peace till they got her back safe and sound.......Arnav on the other hand who found Khushi yet again lost her......his wait not coming to end with the days rolling.....month passing in high speed.......and he kept waiting for Khushi to come out of coma..... ....his cries, begging to Khushi went on.


Days turned to months, months turned to an year......but there was no sign of Khushi waking up…..Arnav looked at her.....he did not left her side....after the two weeks in hospital he shifted her in a flat he bought in Mumbai and settled in there leaving everyone behind in Delhi.....he is in constant touch with his Di and Nani but did not meet them in this one year or they were allowed to come to Mumbai even after their lot of pestering.....for him now all the mattered is his Khushi coming back to him.......Arnav holding her hands, pressing kisses on her face and her lips ‘please wake up jaan…please….I can’t take it more….I Love You….please give me any punishment for not understanding you but please don’t distance yourself away from me, I can’t see you like this….wake up please….I want to live and grow old with you…..Jaan when are you going to hear my pleas.....I’m begging you …..Please….I’ll die…..’He stopped his talk when he felt the tug on his hand looking up at her face his gaze locked with the hazel eyes looking at him wide eye…....he cried in happiness to see the eyes he was aching to open from one whole year is now looking at him.....her hazel eyes looked at him.......his molten chocolate eyes shining....he smiled through his tears...... ‘You are back’


                           The wait is over……..


Note: So Guys how is it? tell me please......this is the end to this three shot......but no that is not the end to Arnav and Khushi's story.......I've sequel planned for this three short as short story......but the start of the sequel depends on you guys.....only if I get good response like previous update I'll start the next stage of Arnav and Khushi's story......I already have planned all what to do and where to start and what will be the end.....only with your green signal I'll start writing the story.....will wait for your views and answer.

*Would like to clarify too.....the employees working as salesman or salesgirl is not anything easy.....like other work this too is all pressure up work....top to that owner will behind thier neck.....in high profile job people will get scoldins, warning for their mistake and that's it which itself hurts us......but the job like Khushi did or some of the job where owner tends to beat their employees if they did mistake without any mercy....they were treated as animal....My mom herself was witnessed to such an incident where a boy was beaten mercilessly by his employer.....People who has seen Tamil film Angadi Theru will know some harsh truth behind the worker of these job.

Please hit Thank You button and comment on it......And thank to all who hit thanks yous and commented on previous part.......

Apr 16, 2014

Thank You!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 74 times)

Thank You Guys for the encouragement your wonderful comments gives me every time and keeps me to go on writing on ArShi.....for each time to click the Thank You button.....even to silent reader....Thank to Every one.....I'll not take names separately since I fear what if I leave anyone and they feel bad so this is best according to me......Thanking You All From My Heart.

Apr 16, 2014

appreciation (By Asisk) (Thanked: 43 times)

i seriously loved this story yaar and i cant express in words how i felt when i was reading the updates.even though i had exams i was reopening the page to see whether u updated or not.

the emotions were heartfelt and were described beautifully.i was having tears in my eyes reading the updates.i am so badly waiting for the sequel.hope u continue soon.

i am so sorry bcz i was unable to comment due to my exams but now i would stalk ur pages every now and then to read the sequel.

finally i am sorry for taking ur space.

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