New One Shot "Wife"

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May 9, 2014

One Shot-Wife (By Sviji) (Thanked: 180 times)

I'm not sure about this OS.....long back I intended to write this shot when it crossed my mind....but then I did not get any time and I'm feeling bad for not having it written would have come good...because the whole imagination and dialogues I thought of was humor filled but here today I don't even know what I wrote....I could not remember much of what I thought earlier and now it all got altered.....all I'll say is this shot is not very satisfying according to me....and you people too will feel, I can assure for that.....I'm all ready for rotten tomatoes to thrown at me.

This is also sequel to Me Marrier one shot but only difference is I have combined ArShi and Parud (I'm still not into Parud and I don't think I'll ever be but gave it a please Parud fan's no offense)

Here you go. FB in Olive color

Khushi opened her eyes slowly, blurred images of people surrounding her….she whispered ‘Arnavji!!!!’ and closed her eyes…..scrunching her face she opened her eyes slowly again….adjusting to the light she looked at the unknown faces in confusion.

Khushi ‘who are you all? Where is my husband?’

A Guy came near her ‘Paro!!!’

Khushi looked at him wide eye to see him trying to cup her face ‘don’t touch me’

He bewildered took his hands away…..Khushi looked at everyone again ‘where am I? And where is my husband? Call him’

‘Paro what are you talking? Have you gone mad? I’m your husband’ said the guy near her.

Khushi shocked ‘you are mad? I’m not….I’m not any Paro…..I’m Khushi….and my husband is Arnav ji…..samjhe aap…’

She looked all of them ‘I’m Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada and I need to go to my husband at once….he will be worried for me…’ she tried to get up but the guy restrained her.

‘Chup….bilkul chup….what drama you are playing now? Rudra Pratap Ranawat is not a fool to be taken on ride’ said Rudra. He towered over her 'and I'm your husband'

Khushi ‘haww how dare you shout at me? Who are you to me anyway? and what husband...husband laga rakha hai...have you ever seen your face in the are not my husband....*with dreamy look* my husband is very handsome man, has killer look, haye his smile, his glare, his fuming eyes, his angry avatar, his oh so eyes....he is very very much in love with me...My Arnav ji.....*all looked at her wide eye, she then looked at Rudra* Look let me go to my Arnavji. You don’t know what will be the consequences if he comes to know you all had….wait…did you people kidnap me….are you all too with that Shyam….Hey Devi Maya what is happening with me’ (No offence to Rudra's fan, it is just for fun....truth to be said Rudra too is handsome....but for Khushi Arnav will always be the handsome man)

All Ranawat family looked shocked at her behavior, more than shocked was Rudra.






In Delhi, Arnav ‘doctor how is she?’

Doc ‘she is fine, will come to conscious in few hours’

Arnav looked at her, Anjali came inside the room ‘Chotte you go and take some rest, I’ll stay with her’

Arnav ‘but Di….’

Anjali ‘please chotte….look at yourself….Khushi will feel bad if she sees you like this’

Arnav nodded at her ‘I’ll come back soon’

Anjali ‘accha baba’

Few hours later, Parvathi opened her eyes….Anjali cupped her face ‘thank God you are okay Khushi….wait let me call doctor’

Doctor came and checked her, giving her a green signal he left. Anjali ‘Chotte will be so happy. Only I know how much he suffered when you went missing….he became mad’

Paro ‘who are you?’

Anjali ‘huh? What?’

Paro ‘who are you? And where I’m?’

Anjali ‘Khushi what happened to you? Don’t you remember me? Your Di, your Arnavji’s sister’

Paro looked at her confused…..Anjali alarmed called the doctor….doctor came and checked her…he started asking question about her….Paro shocking the persons in the room ‘I’m Parvathi Rudra Pratap Ranawath’

Doctor ‘do you remember your place?’

Paro ‘Birpur, Rajasthan’

Doctor looked at Anjali……sighing he asked Paro again ‘do you remember your family members….who are there in your family’

Paro ‘My husband Major Rudra Pratap Ranawath, My Bapusa Dilsher Ranawat, Kakusa Danveer Ranawath, Kakisa Mohini Ranawath, Jijasa Maithili, Sunehri, Sumer’ and looked at the doctor.

Anjali shocked looked at her…..Arnav who had till then had returned from home had heard all the conversation….he stood immobile looking at Paro…..Anjali saw him, she dragged him inside ‘chotte see na what Khushi is telling’

Arnav just looked at her…..Anjali looking at Paro ‘your name is Khushi…not any Paro and he is *pointing towards Arnav* your husband Arnav Singh Raizada’

Paro shaking her head ‘trust me I’m not Khushi….I’m Parvathi Rudra Pratap Ranawat’

Arnav jerked back, his eyes moist….his heart chanting she is not his Khushi….not his Khushi…

Anjali ‘Chotte sambaliye apne aapko’

Arnav looking at her with his vulenarable eyes ‘Di if she is not my Khushi….then where is my Khushi….My Khushi Di….’






Birpur, Ranawat Palace…..

Khushi ‘how many times I’ve to tell you all I’m not Paro….I’m Khushi…..Khushiiiiii’

Rudra ‘shut up….kya Khushi Khushi laga rakha hain tumne’

Khushi ‘haww then what should I tell you….I’m Khushi….samjhe aap….from two days I’m shouting at the top of my voice to let me go to my husband but no one is listening to me’

Rudra was going mad listening to the same words from her….Maithili came to them ‘let me handle her’

Rudra ‘pagal ho gayi hai yeh ladki’ and left the room.

Khushi looked at Maithili in tears ‘please let me go to my Arnavji….he would be worried for me.......please let me go to him’

Dilsher ‘Paro….’

Khushi shouted at him ‘I’m not Paro…why don’t you all believe me I’m not her…..I’m Khushi….Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’

Dilsher ‘okay….okay….you are Khushi….’

Mohini ‘looks like she has hit her head somewhere’

Sumer ‘I too think so Maa’

Khushi ‘I’m saying truth…..I’m not your Paro….I’m Khushi….Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada…..My husband is top businessman in India….just let me go to him….he would be looking for me….he would be so much worried for me….you don’t know how he gets scared when he don’t find me….I’m missing from the home from past two weeks’

Danveer to Disher ‘I…I think she is saying the truth….’

Maithili ‘I’m thinking the same’

Dilsher ‘but Rudra don’t believe it’

Maithili forwarding a plate full of food to Khushi ‘please have this….you have not eaten anything from two days’

Khushi ‘I don’t want to….I want to go to my Arnavji’     

Khushi came out of the Mall waiting for the driver to come with the car…….a hand came from behind her and kept a cloth on her nose…..Khushi struggled to take away the hand but the pressure was so strong and she blacked out.

When she opened her eyes after few hours she came to know she has been kidnapped and it is by Shyam Manohar Jha….she was horrified ‘you’

Shyam laughing ‘yes me….remember me….’

Khushi ‘where I’m?’

Shyam ‘don’t worry you are safe with me’

Khushi ‘safe? with you? Leave me…..where I’m? I need to go to my home….my husband and family would be worried for me’

Shyam clutching her wrist tight ‘you are going nowhere….what did you think Khushi? Sending me to jail and marrying that Arnav Singh Raizada you can get rid of me’

Khushi ‘leave me’

Shyam ‘why will I? *trying to touch her face who moved her face away* I love you Khushi’

Khushi ‘bakwas band karo apna….if you love me then you would not have tried to throw acid at me’

Shyam ‘oh o Khushi that was just I was angry on you to reject me…..okay….but what you did…you married Arnav Singh Raizada’

Khushi ‘because I love him and you are horrible man that is why I rejected you….let alone love I can’t imagine liking you… don’t know know what you are doing? Let me go….if Arnavji comes to know he will not leave you alive’

Shyam laughed ‘he will not be able to find us….we are not even in Delhi darlingggg……and in few months he will forget you and marry her….she will play her part well’

Khushi ‘her?’

Shyam ‘her is Lavanya Kashyap….whom your Arnavji rejected for you….’ Khushi shocked looked at him…..Shyam ‘she is the one who helped me….she bought you to mall and escaped from the scene as per plan and gave my way to kidnap you’

Khushi ‘No!!!!’

Shyam ‘yes…..she will give her shoulder to your Arnavji to mourn over you and will win his heart with winning him too…’ Khushi shakes her head tear pouring her eyes…..Shyam ‘Shhhh Khushi don’t cry…..I’m here na…..’

Shyam laughed harder at her state ‘now no one can stop me from making you mine’ Khushi’s breath hitched listening to his words. He had left her in that dingy room alone, only coming to give her food which she refused to eat…..two days later she somehow escaped from his hold when someone else came inside the room to give her food…..she ran and ran not knowing where she was heading to….all she knew was she has to reach her Arnavji……when she tried to reach out for help she got to know she is in Rajasthan, in an unknown place…..she felt at loss….she don’t know what to do…..she felt like slipping in the unknown crowd…everything different here….she could not relate to anything…..Shyam had again caught up with her from whom she ran away and all she knew before passing out after her a day of run is she is lost in some unknown place…..and opened her eyes only to be in a new environment among new people who were calling her Paro.






RM, Paro looked at Arnav from outside his room, he is looking at the large portrait of his and Khushi’s wedding photo. His eyes moist….Paro gulped to see the love he has for his wife…..the love she wish to see in her husband’s eye for her….  

As her husband Rudra had promised he had fulfilled every vows he made to her….true to his words he did not become hers….all she came to know after her one month married life is that he is having relationship with another girl….Laila….the height was when that girl entered their home….Laila…..more than her husband the girl bruised her heart so much....the way she shows of her rights on Rudra and her taunts…..Paro could not take it and left the house in the middle of the night…..she don’t know where she was going and ended up banging someone….to her horror that man put something on her face and she blacked out….and when she opened her eyes she is in hospital in unknown place among unknown people.


Anjali looked at Paro and then at Arnav who is crying silently looking at Khushi and his wedding photo…..she put her hand on Paro’s shoulder….Paro looked back at her ‘I..I’m sorry I did not intend to intrude….I was passing by here and saw him….I’m sorry….he is broken….’

Anjali nodding  ‘come’ she took her to living room……they could have left Paro in hospital itself but they had to take her with RM after listening to her sad story… one should have to endure so much in this young age…..even though Paro’s presence aches Arnav’s heart some more for Khushi if possible but he could not let the girl face hardship who resembles very much like his Khushi.


Anjali ‘you are not Khushi?’

Paro nodded her head….Arnav came forward striding like panther….his face cold ‘then where is my Khushi…..we had escaped you from Shyam clutches….is he planning against us….or you with him….where did he hid my Khushi?.....why are you doing this?.....what are you both planning?....tell me where is my Khushi?’

Paro got scared seeing his enraged form, she had only till now encountered her husband’s anger but today she is subjected to another man’s anger who is total stranger to her….and if look could kill he would have killed her she thought.

Paro shaking her head ‘I don’t know what you are asking…..I don’t know any Shyam….Sachhi mein humari vishwas kijiye’ she started telling them how she landed in such situation…running from home seems bad idea now.

Walking out of the room Anjali helped Arnav to sit on one of the chair outside the room who is very distraught with no leading to his Khushi….he had thought that he found Khushi when the Private investigator he hired got hold of Shyam who was trying to escape again with Khushi…..when she was bought in she was unconscious due to heavy dose of drugs used on her but only when she woke up he come to know she is mirage of his Khushi….she is not his Khushi but is just looking as his Khushi…..her way of talking, her behavior, his heart not beating as his usual dhak dhak from the time the alike Khushi was bought in cleared all his doubt…she is not his Khushi…..Khushi where are you?





Anjali and Paro almost jumped from their place listening to his shouting from upstairs ‘I don’t care Aman, do anything but I want that bloody slim to open his mouth….I want results….I want to know where my Khushi is…..It has more than week she is been missing and kidnapped by him…..he should have known….any clue, any hint… the PI to search her from the place where the girl Paravthi is retrieved…..Khushi must be there somewhere….she should be….I don’t care what he says….I want my Khushi….if he cannot than hire someone else better than him….or hire more PI but I want positive reply’


They rushed towards Arnav’s room hearing noise, coming to halt at the threshold of the room they both looked wide eye to see the whole room is destroyed, and in the middle of the room standing Arnav Singh Raizada, his face like dark wolf is ready to pounce on anyone if they dared to come near him. Anjali approached him slowly ‘Chotte!!!!’

Arnav stiffened, she put her hand on his shoulder and came in front of him looking in his eyes with her soft understanding eyes that was his undoing, he hugged her and cried, a heart wrenching cry….all of them came running towards his room and stood rooted to their spot….Anjali ‘Chotte control yourself’

Arnav ‘How to Di? I can’t anymore….please bring back my Khushi….I cannot live without her Di….you know na she is my everything, my life…..please bring Khushi back to me… one knows where she is? No one is able to find her’

Anjali cupping her face ‘Chotte, have faith in your love…..Khushi will be with you soon’

Akash coming forward ‘haan bhai….we are all with you and bring Khushi ji back’

Maami was consoling crying Payal who is worried for her sisters where about….Paro looked amazed at the love she is witnessing in this home for the girl Khushi who looks like her….she is stunned to see how much everyone love Khushi and how much they are distraught on her absence….her heart lurched thinking of her husband….will he be missing like Arnav is missing Khushi?.....she diverted her mind away from the forbidden area where she belongs to but she really don’t belong to.





In Birpur, Maithili came to Khushi ‘baisa why don’t you come out? You will feel good’

Khushi looked at her with accusing eyes ‘why don’t you understand I’ll not feel good until I’ll reach my husband’

Maithili cupping her face ‘baisa, don’t worry we will help you’

Khushi stubbornly ‘how will you help me when that Rakshas is patrolling the house like bad wolf’

Maithili ‘we will think about something for sure, for now come out of this room. You have locked yourself inside this room from past five days’

Khushi ‘what should I do? That Rakshas always comes shouting Paro….Paro….how many times I should tell him I’m not his Paro’

Mailthili ‘it is al-right he will not disturb you. He has gone out somewhere’

Khushi jumped down the bed ‘really? Can I…Can I run away from here? Will you help me?’

Maithili looked at her alarmed, Dilsher came inside the room ‘don’t even think about it? My son will find you….this is his area….’

Khushi on the verge of crying ‘then what should I do? How will I reach my home back to Delhi? I cannot live without my Arnav ji’

Dilsher patting her head ‘don’t worry I’ll do something’

Khushi ‘you will?’

Dilsher ‘yes you are like my Paro, she was like my daughter….I’ll help you but you should behave normal…don’t let anyone suspect you…specially my son.’

Khushi beamed at him ‘thank you uncle’

Dilsher ‘nah no uncle….call me babusa…Paro used to call me babusa’

Khushi nodded her head, Maithili smiling ‘and she used to call me jijasa’

Khushi ‘okay babusa…jijasa’

Maithili patting her cheek ‘now come let’s go downstairs’ Khushi agreeing to her went down….she needs to know more about this family before she plans to escape from here.



Kakusa came to Dilsher ‘are you sure she is not our Paro’

Dilsher ‘I’m more than sure…did you notice her….her behavior, everything is different from Paro….the different language like those used in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai people…..our Paro is all reserved, shy, matured….but this girl is all mischief, stubborn, still like a child…..our Paro back answers Rudra but in a polite way but she is back answering him as if he is her enemy……Our Paro’s eyes always held love for Rudra but this girl always looks at him with dislike….she cannot be Paro’

Kakusa ‘then where is our Paro?’

Dilsher sighing ‘I don’t know where my bahu is….all because of my son….he is the reason she left the house…’




Dining table, all sat for lunch…..Khushi made face at Rudra who took his seat, he looked at her ‘Paro will you not serve me?’

Khushi grit her teeth ‘why will I? I’m not your wife’

Rudra fisted his hands ‘Chup!!!! One more word then you will regret opening your mouth’

Khushi fumed at him, all the others looked at the two with worried some and with joy some…..Maithili ‘baisa come with me’ she took Khushi to kitchen and handed her a bowl of curry and had to take them to dining area…..Khushi nodded at her, Maithili taking another bowl containing sabji left the kitchen asking Khushi to follow her… Khushi looked around, grinning widely, her eye sparkled at the idea…..she came out smiling softly…..filling the curry in a small cup she passed on to everyone….looking around at the others busy in having their lunch she patting her back inwardly mixed the chilli powder quickly she got from kitchen in Rudra’s bowl and passed on to him innocently… one doubted her, almost the next minute Rudra spat the food coughing….Mohini ‘kya huwa Rudra bana’

Rudra glared at Khushi who is smirking at him, a girl almost same age as Rudra came running giving him water and patting his head…..Khushi looked wide eye at the scene in front of her….the way the girl is almost hovering over him….Khushi ‘who is the girl?’

Sumer smiling sweetly ‘did you not know her? She is Laila….Rudra’s GF’

Khushi shouted ‘what?’

All looked at her horrified face, Khushi shrieked ‘she is his GF….but then you all said Paro is his wife….what an idiot is he? Having a beautiful girl as his wife he is having another girl in his life….that is undigestable…’

Mohini raising her eyes brows ‘how do you know Paro is beautiful?’

Khushi looked at her as if she has grown horns ‘of course she must be beautiful….then pointing herself I’m beautiful….if she looks like me then she must be…..I know my Arnav ji always says I’m like an Angel’

Khushi looking at Rudra ‘I know it, you are bad boy….that is why Paro left you….no girl will love to be with you….if I was in her place I would killed your this GF *looking at Laila who is looking at her in anger* and then you…’

All looked at her open mouth, Rudra shouted ‘shut up…stay in your limit’

Khushi making face at him ‘I sympathizes with Paro to get a husband like you’ she marched away from there….Rudra tried to catch when Laila hold his hand….he looked at her irritatingly ‘I said to you to not interfere in my life anymore than why are you here’

Laila ‘I will not go from here’ glaring at him she left for her room she is forcefully staying….Rudra sighed annoyingly then looked at his father who gave him disapproving look.





Khushi looked at Sumer who is playing with his phone….she shouted calling him ‘hey you’

Sumer looked at her taken aback ‘what? did she just call me like that?’

Khushi looking at him ‘I’m calling you bhai sahib’

Sumer ‘what?’

Khushi ‘yes, come here please’ Sumer raising his eye brows went to her….Khushi ‘I want your phone’

Sumer ‘why? Why you want my phone?’

Khushi narrowing her eyes ‘look help me, I need to call my Arnav ji’

Sumer ‘why should I help you? What will I get in return?’

Khushi ‘I’ll give you what you wish for?’

Sumer ‘achha will you able to give me five lac’

Khushi shrugging ‘I cannot but yes my husband can….he is very rich….I mean very very rich man he is….’

Sumer looked at her doubtly, Khushi ‘don’t you believe me….I’m saying truth…My husband Arnav Singh Raizada is very big businessman and if you will help me he will reward you with sum amount’

Sumer eyes sparkled….he gave his phone to her warning to not back out…..Khushi took his phone beaming at him and dialed her Arnav ji’s number.






Nani caressing Arnav’s hair ‘Chotte have something? Please it is not good for your health….what will Khushi bitiya will feel when she will see you like this….she will feel bad’

Arnav ‘then tell her to come soon’

Nani ‘she will Chotte’

Arnav chuckling painfully ‘she did not went herself away to come back Nani, she is being kidnapped and hidden somewhere’

Anjali and other’s listening to his words gulped….his phone gave the shrill ring….he sat up taking the call not seeing the unknown id….he answered the call with dull hello ‘Hello!!!’ Only to have his eyes widen at the voice he is hearing from the other end.



Arnav’s tear flowed freely, his joy knew no bound ‘Khushi!!!’ all the other’s hearing the name became alert.

Khushi from the other side choked ‘Arnav ji!!!’

Sumer looked at her, he looked around to see if anyone is seeing them or not, he cannot afford Rudra’s wrath.

Arnav ‘Khushi….Khushi….how…where…where are you?’

Khushi started crying ‘I don’t know….but I want to be there with you….please come and get me…..this Rakshas is not letting me go’

Arnav whole body trembled with her words ‘who is he Khushi?....tell me his name…and don’t worry I’ll get you soon….be assured Jaan your Arnav ji will come soon to get you’

Khushi ‘come soon Arnav ji…..*she looked down desperately*….I…Arnav ji…Arnav ji I want to see you’

Arnav ‘but Khushi…how?’

Khushi looked down sniffing, clutching the phone to her ear….Arnav taking shuddering breathe ‘Khushi only with Skype we can see each other’

Khushi eyes sparkled ‘accha…then I’ll come in skype’

Arnav ‘but how….you said people there…..’

Khushi ‘yes I said it but there are people here who are ready to help me and don’t worry about that Rakshas he cannot do anything to me…….just come to Skype’

She looked at Sumer ‘do you have Skype facility in your phone?’

Sumer nodded at her, Khushi ‘okay good…..hmmm do you have laptop or system in your home….voh kya hai I want to see my husband in bada screen not in this tiny screen’

Sumer raised his eye brows ‘why? Is your husband a star?’

Khushi ‘oye monkey don’t you dare mock my husband….he is more than a star’

Sumer ‘what? you called me monkey….how dare you?’

Khushi ‘I can dare…and if you will not help me I’ll not give you your money and also will tell to that Rakshas how you helped me….’

Sumer gulped ‘okay…okay why are you getting angry….I’ve laptop and I’ll bring here’

He left to bring laptop, Maithili who is moving towards her room saw her sitting in living room and went to her, Maithili ‘baisa what are you doing?’

Khushi ‘shhh wait you will know soon’

Sumer came with laptop to her….Maithili looked at her shocked….till then everyone else too came near them seeing the three feeling something odd….Khushi did not bother to look at anyone and after done with the setting and connecting the skype she called Arnav who was waiting for the request from her, he accepted the call at once and their bloomed on both the screens with their faces.

Mohini ‘she knows to use laptop’

Sumer ‘haan Maasa I’m too shocked like you are’

Dilsher looking at Kakusa ‘I told you, see she knows to use laptop when Paro does not know these things to even on’

All looked from behind to see a handsome man in his late twenties, his eyes moist and is all vulnerable…..Khushi started crying again looking at her Arnav ji ‘Arnav ji!!!!’ she touched the screen with Arnav on the other side tried to touch her…..Other in RM too were pleasantly surprised….they too looked relieved to see Khushi….everyone was crying looking at her.

Arnav ‘Khu…Khushi how are you Love?’

Khushi wept ‘I’m not okay; I want to be with you’

Arnav ‘soon Jaan, I’ll come to you soon and take you back with me’

Khushi ‘please come soon I cannot live here anymore…..I don’t like here, I miss you so much Arnav ji….I..Love You…’

Arnav ‘Me too…..and I Love You Too’ all the other’s in Ranawat house heard and looked at the screen with their shocked eyes…..Arnav ‘Khushi tell me where is this place….you said there are people helping you…ask them about the place you are staying and I’ll soon reach there’

Khushi nodded her head ‘Ji!!!’ she looked up at Maithili ‘jijasa which place is this?’

Maithili ‘huh? *coming out of her stupor* this is Birpur and you are staying in Ranawat hawali’

There in RM Paro got shock listening to Maithili’s voice….Khushi looked at Arnav ‘Arnav ji you heard it na….this place is at Birpur….and the hawali name is Ranawat where I’m kept….’

Arnav looked at Akash who too was hearing all the details ‘Akash, call Aman now…’

Akash understood what his brother is wanting to say ‘haan bhai I’ll tell Aman to make arrangements for you’re travelling’

Khushi ‘Arnav ji if you will not come soon then I’ll jump off from this haveli’s terrace’

Arnav ‘Khushi!!! Don’t you dare try to pull any stunt….I’ll not tolerate even a tiny scratch on you’

Khushi ‘haan toh hum kya karein yahan hum se nahin raha jaatha….us Shyam se peecha chuda kar bhage toh yahan par is Rakshas ke paas phas gaye’

Arnav looked at her concerned ‘Khushi kaun Rakshas….you yet did not tell me who is he?’

Khushi shaking her head ‘The Rakshas is army officer Rudra Pratap Ranawat…..…and do you know the Rakshas is saying I’m his wife Paro….. I don’t like him at all….’

Arnav got shock of his life….he remember Parvathi’s husband name she told as Rudra….he looked at Paro standing in front of his eyes all shocked…everyone in RM looked at Paro shocked….they too were aware of her story from Anjali…Khushi’s voice called out to him ‘and you know Arnav ji….he is here with his girl friend…I don’t like him at all… heartless he is? How can he do that to his wife…’

Khushi made face ‘like voh kaun sa gana tha….haan….main Laila…Laila chillauga Kurtha pardkhe….*twitching her nose* kaisa aadmi hai yeh Arnav ji….mujhe toh voh ladki Paro par bahut daya aa rahi hai….Jijasa ne bataya voh ghar ****ke iski vajah se chali gayi’

Dilsher looked at her with wide eyes to see her taunting Rudra like this….all the other’s too wore such a shocked expression…..Khushi looked deep into his eyes ‘Arnav ji you are looking so weak….are you not taking care of yourself? Look at you what you have done to yourself?’

Nani sitting beside Arnav ‘bitiya he is not taking care of his health…he does not eat…we have to force him…and medicine…do you know bitiya he fainted two to three times due to low sugar’

Khushi gasped ‘Arnav ji how you can do this? Don’t you think about me at all’

Arnav ‘Khushi…main…voh’

Her eyes filled with tears….Maithili sat beside her ‘and what about you baisa you too are not having your food’

Arnav glared at her ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi made puppy face at him ‘humein acha nahiin lagtha aapke bina’

Arnav ‘toh tumne yeh kaise soch liya mujhe acha lagega’

Khushi ‘but if you will not take care of yourself good then how will you be able to find me….it was good that I called you if not what would you do….before finding me you would have been admitted to hospital’

Arnav ‘nahiin hone dhetha aisa kuch I would have found you even if I had to dig any corner of the earth’

Khushi ‘I know *looking at Nani* Nani aap please bring his food, he will eat before me’

Arnav ‘what about you?’ Khushi looked at Maithili who smiling at her went to get her food…..Khushi started chatting with everyone in RM….Mohini ‘what is all this? She is here locked in this house and see how she is enjoying talking to those people as if she is here in picnic and enjoying very much’

Dilsher looking at her tauntingly ‘you will not understand….she is happy to see her husband and her family....they both look so much in love....if only my son loved Paro like this....’

Mohini muttered to herself 'in dreams'

Khushi taking the plate of food looked at Arnav ‘now we will eat together…common’ both started having their food….Anjali smiling wiping her tears ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi smiled broadly at her ‘Di!!!’

Anjali ‘as soon as you saw your Arnav ji you forgot us all’

Khushi ‘haww aisa nahiin hai Di’

Payal perking ‘haan haan we know kaisa hai’

Khushi ‘Jiji’ she then looked towards Mailthili an gestured to Payal ‘jiji, Di…she is jijasa…she is very nice lady….and pointing at Dilsher he is babusa…then he is kakusa….they all are nice…*pointing at Mohini* she is kakisa, inhein na muasam bigadne ki bahut hi shuak hai….*Mohini glared at her…Dilsher sniggered…..Khushi then point to Sumer* and voh gadha haina uska naam Sumer hai….’

Sumer ‘what?’

Khushi brushing him off ‘and Arnav ji he is the one who gave me his phone to contact….don’t think he did it with kind heart…aisa kuch nahiin hai….humare beech sauda huwa hai….I promise to give him five lakhs’

Payal and Anjali gasped ‘ek call karne keliye’

Khushi sighing ‘bahut hi greedy hai’

Arnav brushed it off ‘it is nothing before you Khushi’

Khushi nodding at him ‘aur haan hum toh bhul hi gaye voh Rakshas bhi hai is ghar mein Rudra Pratap Ranawat….aur uske saath voh chamak challo bhi….’ Paro’s heart winced at that….he does not miss me…

Dilsher chirped ‘Jallad….Paro always calls him Jallad earlier days’

Khushi ‘sahi toh hai voh….Jallad naam usper khoob jagtha hai’

Khushi then sighed ‘when are you coming Arnav ji?’

Arnav looked at Akash…Akash ‘bhai Aman said in two hours we can leave’

Khushi smiled at them broadly….she looked at Payal ‘jiji mere liye Jalebi banake rakhna….hum bahut saare kayenge….aur haan Di…app bhi apne haat ke halwa banake rakiyega’

Payal ‘tu kabhi nahiin suderegi…aise wakt mein bhi tumhein apni jalebi ki padi hai’

Khushi pouted her lips, Arnav looked at Payal sternly ‘Payal if she is asking for it then prepare her favorite’

Payal nodded at him ‘ji Arnav ji’

Khushi gave her a winning smile….Anjali ‘Chotte will take your side only Khushi and don’t worry we will prepare all your favorite’

Arnav ‘Khushi I’m cutting the call…I’ve to get ready to leave from here to Birpur, right?’

Khushi ‘ji..ji jaldi ayiyega’

Arnav ‘I’ll be there soon’



Khushi looked back at them all 'did you hear it soon my Arnav ji will come and take me with him.....yay I'll be free soon.....' she started dancing making everyone's eye to pop out.....Maithili smiled, Dilsher laughed 'yeh ladki pagal hai bilkul'

Kakusa 'haan pagal hai apne pati ke prem main jaise humari Paro Rudra ki prem mein'


Arnav stood up ‘Di I’m leaving for Birpur’

Anjali ‘haan Chotte bring our Khushi back safe and soon’

Paro ‘I’ll too come with you’

Arnav looked at her shocked ‘you will? But you said….’

Paro ‘yes I said I don’t want to go there….but knowing well about Rudra he will not let your wife Khushi free’

Nani patting her head ‘are you sure bitiya?’

Paro ‘yes Nani ji I’m’

All hugged her, in these few days she too was living like their family member. Arnav, Paro and Akash got ready to leave for Birpur…after taking the blessing they left RM to reach airport where Aman is ready with Private Chopper ready for them.






Rudra came inside the house, looking at the commotion ‘what is going on here?’

Khushi grinned at him ‘aayiye Rakshas ji….take these ladoos.....I’m going to be free soon’

Rudra growling ‘Paro stop your non sense’

Khushi ‘non-sense you non-sense…’

Rudra ‘Paro!!!’

Khushi ‘Khushi…my name is Khushi!!!’

Rudra ‘stop it…stop your act…I know you are faking everything’

Khushi ‘I’m not faking….soon my husband is going to come here to take me with him’ Rudra looked at her confused.

Laila came running ‘Rudra do you know what happened in your absence’

Khushi ‘lo agayi chudail…huh?....*turning to Mohini* Kaki ji can’t you change her weather?’

Laila ‘mind your words’

Khushi ‘in hell I’ll’ both the girl glared at each other. Maithili pulled Khushi away….time was tickling….Rudra glared at all of them ‘so this is what happens behind my back’ taking Sumer’s collar ‘how dare you to go against me?’

Khushi ‘he did right….you are keeping another man’s wife in your house’

Rudra ‘shut up’

Khushi ‘don’t shout….I too knows to shout…don’t think I’ll tolerate your shouting like Paro did….I’m Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’

Rudra looked at her stunned she is talking in perfect English….how can that be possible….Paro never knows to read and write English.

All heard screeching sound of car halting before the house, and in seconds Arnav came running inside shouting Khushi!!!!

 Khushi ‘Arnav ji!!!’

Both looked at each other, time stopped for both of them….like always their eye locked and they forgot their surrounding….Arnav ran to her who met him half way, hugging her tight he kissed all over her face stunning and shocking everyone in Ranawat’s family at the PDA.

They all could hear Rabba ve in the background……Mohini ‘Sumer did you hear any Rabba ve’

Sumer ‘haan Maasa looks like it is their theme song’

Mohini 'yeh ladki toh hum sabki mausam badal di'

Sumer 'khas kar ke Rudra ki' they two looked at Rudra who is boiling in anger.

Khushi clutching him hard ‘Arnav ji aap agaye’

Arnav cupped her face wiping her tears ‘haan Khushi….how will I not come to my Khushi? Oh Khushi I missed you so much *kissing her, cuddling her*’

Maithili blushed looking at the couple, Mohini was scandalized, other were looking stumped….Rudra has big What The in his face.

After what felt hour they parted from their intimate hug hearing coughing sound from nearby….Khushi looked behind Arnav to see Aman and Akash grinning at them….she shouted in happiness ‘jiju!!!’

Akash came forward with Aman, he patted her head ‘how are you Khushi?’

Khushi smiled nodding ‘now I’m happy’ looking at Arnav.

Aman smiling ‘for sure Mam’

Khushi ‘Aman ji how many time do I’ve to tell you not to call me Mam and call me bhabi or Khushi’

Aman ‘er…sorry bhabi’

Khushi smiled ‘that’s okay’

She hoped linking her arms with Arnav not noticing someone’s glare on them….Rudra stormed towards them ‘Paro what the hell are you doing? Hugging another man before your husband’

Khushi frowned ‘don’t you understand yet….he *pointing at Arnav* is my husband Arnav Singh Raizada and I’m not any Paro for God sake….I’m Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada’

Arnav pulled Khushi behind him, glaring at Rudra….both the men looking at each other ready to kill….Rudra ‘leave my wife’

Arnav ‘she is my wife and I’m taking her with me’

Rudra ‘I’ll kill you’

Arnav ‘I’ll die for her but will not let her to go away from me’

Rudra ‘Paro come to me’

Khushi shouted from behind ‘I’m not Paro….why don’t you understand’


‘She is saying the Truth Rudra…..she is not Paro’ Rudra and other looked at the voice and stood stunned….there Paro stood in all her glory…..Khushi was stupefied to see Paro in person…..she blinked…..Paro came and stood in front of Rudra….Khushi touching her softly ‘wow double role….they said you are like me but seeing you in real feels wonderful…’

Arnav sighed looking at his crazy wife….who is not looking at the serious situation they were in but is feeling Paro touching her to confirm she is not dreaming.

Paro smiled at her softly then turned to shocked Rudra…..Rudra ‘Paro!!!’

Paro ‘haan Paro….I’m Paro not she….’ Paro then started telling how Khushi and Paro got exchanged…..Arnav turned to everyone in the Ranawat family who were stumped…Paro looked at her family….Maithili, Dilsher and Kakusa came towards her….Paro hugged Maithili ‘Jijasa’….Maithili cupping her one cheek ‘baisa, we missed you’

Dilsher ‘Paro…’

Paro touching his feet ‘babusa!!!’

Dilsher ‘mere bahu ka dil itna dhukh gaya ki voh naraz hokar bina kisiko bataye ghar ****kar chali gaye’

Paro wept, Dilsher ‘naa beti…naa…’

Rudra came forward ‘Paro!!!!’

Paro turned her face away from him, she looked straight at Laila who is looking at her, her face having cunning smile….Paro smiled sadly…she turned to Dilsher, Maithili and Kakusa ‘give me permission I’ve to leave’

Rudra stunned looked at her….Arnav came forward with Khushi, he looked at Rudra ‘you could not realize your wife’s love….she loves you truly.....only when you will lose it you will know the preciousness of the gem’ his gaze sympathized…..Khushi pulling him ‘why are you talking to him Arnav ji….come let us go…’ holding Paro’s hand ‘if you wish and accept me as your sister you can come with me…..I’ll feel good’

Rudra ‘nai…Paro kahin nahiin jayegi’

Paro ‘kyun Rudra….humara koi maine nahiin hain aapki zindagi mein’

Rudra ‘meri patni ho tum’

Paro ‘sirf naam ki’

Khushi standing in front in between Rudra and Paro ‘look you cannot force her…don’t think she is alone she has me and my family…and why do you need her…you have your Laila na’

Rudra ‘who are you to her?’

Khushi ‘her sister’

Rudra sarcastically ‘from when?’

Khushi ‘from the moment I came to know about her, from the moment I saw her….to form a relationship a minute is enough’

Arnav taking deep breathe pulled Khushi towards him….Khushi ‘Arnav ji leave me….I need to speak with him’

Rudra and Khushi stood glaring at each other….Mohini to Sumer ‘yeh toh bijili hai’

Sumer ‘haan maasa….katharnak bijili joh Rudra ke sir par toot padi hai’

Arnav ‘wait Khushi *he turned to Parvathi* Parvathi it will be your decision if you want to stay here or come with us….don’t think you are alone…you have people who love you is standing with you, my nani, Di, Payal, Akash, Me, Khushi, your father in law, your sister (Maithili), everyone….it will be your decision what you want….we will respect you’

Paro ‘thank you Arnav ji’ she then glanced at Rudra ‘there is no place for me in your life Rudra….so it is better I leave you and your house’

Arnav greeted others formally, getting ready to go, Khushi hugged Maithili, Kakusa, Dilsher and smiled at Mohini and Sumer….Arnav signaled Aman who went forward and gave Sumer five lakhs check who gave close up smile…Mohini looked at the check wide eye

Arnav glancing at Khushi, then spoke to Sumer ‘you helped my wife and she promised you for five lakh….we Raizada’s never break our promise’ he signaled Khushi, Khushi nodded at him…they turned to go, and looked at Paro….Paro smiled at them and looking at Dilsher and Maithili ‘please forgive’

They both nodded negatively, Dilsher 'I understand you Paro'…..Khushi held her hand and moved towards door with Rudra looking on…..his heart heavy with every step she is taking away from him….on the threshold Paro glanced at Rudra once….Rangarasiya song playing in the background…Khushi whispered to Arnav ‘Arnav ji can you hear some Rangrasiya…Rangjaye…aisa koi gana meri Khano mein gunj raha hai’

Arnav nodding ‘I too can hear it….like we have Rabba ve they two have Rangrasiya song.....looks like it theme song for them’

Khushi ‘accha….vah kitna romantic hai’

Arnav shaked his head at her…..Khushi ‘Oh Arnav ji I forgot to tell you one thing…Lavanya ji too is involved with Shyam….she is the one helped him to kidnap me….’

Arnav ‘what the!!!’ Khushi nodded at him….he cupped her face ‘I’ll see to it that she is behind the bars…how dare she?’

Khushi ‘haan Arnav ji….because of her we were away from each other for more than two weeks’

Arnav ‘I thought I would die without you’

Khushi ‘humara bhi wahi haal tha’

He hugged her ‘I love you Jaan’

Khushi ‘I love you too Arnav ji’ she pecked his cheek giving him wide smile.

Akash ‘bhai chalein’

Arnav looked at him holding Khushi close ‘haan’





Two months later, all the couples were smiling, happy on the karvachuath festival except Paro….Khushi ‘jiji you love him lot na’

Paro looked away, her eyes moist….Khushi cupped her face ‘don’t worry jiji your love is true and I’m sure that thick head will soon realize and come running to you leaving that chudail’ Paro hugged her.

Anjali called both of them terrace shouting the moon has come…..all the ladies joined for the poooja…..Arnav-Khushi, Anjali-Rahul, Payal-Akash, Paro standing alone with heavy heart….all gave supported her, encouraging her all will be fine….Khushi started doing pooja for moon, looked at moon first and then looked at Arnav through the veil….Arnav gave her water and then sweet…..all the other pair did the same….Paro too did the pooja for moon and then she brought the veil downwards when she opened her eyes she got shock to see Rudra….her eyes filled with tears….Rudra shaked his head….he took the small pot from her plate and made her drink the water, and then sweets breaking her fast….Paro’s tears rolled down…Rudra wiped her tears, she hugged him tight crying…Rudra kissed her forehead patting her back ‘I’m sorry Paro….mujhe maaf kar de’

Paro shaked her head….Rudra cupped her face ‘I Love You Paro’ she looked at him wide eye….Rudra nodding his head ‘I really love you Paro…only I know how I lived these two months without you…don’t leave me every again’

Paro ‘never….I love you’ she hugged him overwhelmed to get his love.

Dilsher chuckling ‘at last tumhara jallad listen to your heart Paro’ Paro looked at Dilsher surprised….Rudra ‘I bought him too with me….he is not letting me in peace and was pestering to take him with me’

Paro laughed, Rudra caressing her cheek ‘kya kardiye tune Paro….my heart was dead when you were not there with me’

Paro ‘Our heart got tied in one when our bus passed each other’s years back’

Rudra ‘fool I was that I believed only now’

Paro ‘kya karein aap humesha pyar ke maamle mein budhu hain’ Rudra looked at her tilting his head….Paro giggled hugging him.

Khushi hoped grinning, Arnav pulling her by waist ‘now you are happy’

Khushi ‘very much…this is best karvachaut gift you gave me’

Arnav ‘anything for you my Love’ all the elders from both the family smiled looked at the young couple so much in love.


                                                    The End

All I imagined to be humor filled one shot where Khushi is taking left right class of Rudra but all I could write is something else of what I imagined.....I really tried to remember but I could not.....sorry guys I know this would be disappointment but something is better than nothing.....I'll come with another one shot soon.....

@Veditagupta I'm sure you will definetly feel that kya yaar Di ne yeh kaisa one shot likha hai.

but like I said I'll come with nice shot next time.

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