Sun Rahi Ho Na Meri Prem Kahani!!!

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May 17, 2014

Sun Rahi Ho Na Meri Prem Kahani!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 171 times)

Arnav kept the flower of bouquet above the sepulcher; he sat before the tomb ‘hey sweetheart, how are you?’

Arnav ‘I know you would be fine, and I’m fine too, in fact I’m so happy today…do you know why? *chuckling * of course you will know….today is my marriage with my Love, if you were alive you would have loved to meet her’

He grinned ‘how much I had been waiting for this day to tie her with me for forever…she is very beautiful, sweet and cute girl…. But you know it was very difficult for me to win her heart, yaar mujhe bahut saare papad belne pade… you know what and all I had to go through and what she did with me… you know the first gift I got from her but *smiling* if I get to talk with her than I’ll readily accept such thousand gifts’



Arnav followed her every where around the college, it has become his daily routine to round around her; the first sight of her robbed his gaze. Her beautiful eyes, her alluring face, her glossy skin, blossom soft kissable lips, her long lush hair, her fringes kissing her temple, she is epitome of Goddess. He had decided then and there she is the one for him.  

She was having coffee in their college canteen when Arnav determined to have the conversation with her today walked to her and propped on the seat opposite to her. She looked up at him and then looked down at her book ignoring him, taking notes from the book. Arnav sighed; she is one tough girl, always stays aloof, and never talks with anyone, as if she is living in separate world.

Akash and Payal looked at each other, Payal ‘Akash do you think she will talk with him?’

Akash ‘but bhai is all determined to get her talk to him’

Payal ‘I don’t understand your brother Akash, he is handsome, charming, rich, classy on whose one look girl’s die but he is running behind her who is all stern, rude, arrogant, never acknowledges him. Why does he chase her? He should leave her alone, she is playing with him I think….jyada hi bhaav kha rahi hai’

Akash nodding ‘yep what you said is right, but she is beautiful too and bhai is all flat on her, He has fallen for that girl hook, sinker and line’

Payal sighed at him. Arnav here looked at the girl, he coughed but she did not raise her eyes at him, he then shaking his head to himself ‘Excuse me’

The girl looked at him; Arnav smiled at her little saying ‘hi!!!’ but was returned with silence and narrowed eyes on him. She stood up, collecting her books in one hand and in other the coffee cup, started moving out. Arnav followed her out ‘hey I’m talking to you’

But she walked on, he tried gaining her attention but she did not even glance his side, he wanting to talk to her desperately held her hand but the reaction he got from her was unexpected….a half cup of hot coffee was splashed on him.

It was so hot man, never thought he will be one day showered with coffee that too hot one…..he opened his eyes and looked at her….he was very angry at the moment but then seeing her expression his anger turned into amu****t….her eyes had automatically got filled with tear.

FB ended

Arnav coming out of one of his beautiful memory looked at the grey black grave ‘Oops sweet heart I did not tell you her name right, well her name is beautiful as her Khushi, Khushi Gupta’

Arnav ‘hahaha you know that was the first time I saw her crying, and it was like watching a child, she looked so cute…and that was the first time she talked to me’


Khushi looked horrified at what she had done, the place where hot coffee poured on him has turned reddish…she felt so awful of her….she never intended to hurt him.

Khushi sniffing ‘I’m sorry…so sorry….I did not intend to hurt you….I got so angry when you held my hand….I’m sorry….really sorry’

Arnav looked on amused at her reaction, first she hurts him and then cries.

But then seeing her cry like this made him feel bad….he shaking his head ‘Shhh Khushi it is alright....don’t cry’

Khushi ‘but you are hurt’ looking at the red patches.

Arnav looked down at his hurt area, yes it is hurting him and man it will not be like thanda thanda cool cool when a hot tea is poured on you…it will definitely burn him.

Khushi wiping her tears ‘I’m sorry…but it was your fault too’

Arnav ‘excuse me’

Khushi ‘yes, why were you following me, irritating me….and now you held my hand…so…so I got angry and threw coffee on you’

Arnav raising his eye brows ‘that does not mean you should pour hot coffee on me…now see I’m hurt and it is burning’ Khushi then looked at his hurt area, again her eyes filled with tears, in small voice ‘I’m sorry’

Arnav ‘on one condition’

Khushi ‘huh?’

Arnav ‘I’ll accept you’re sorry on one condition’

Khushi ‘that is?’

Arnav ‘you have to be my friend’

Khushi ‘what? no’

Arnav ‘soch lo…otherwise your sorry will not be accepted and you have to live with the guilt to see me in pain due to this burned marks’

Khushi looked at him, she definitely does not want to live in guilt, even though his behavior provoked her to do something so awful but she should not have done that….sulking she said ‘okay’

Arnav grinned bringing his hand forward for handshake ‘so friends’

Khushi putting her hand in his, shaking it with him ‘friends’…..taking back her hand she stood in silent, then after few seconds of awkwardness ‘apply ailment on burnt area’ he nodded at her….Khushi ‘once again sorry’

FB ends.


Arnav looking at the grave ‘sweet heart do you think everything was okay after that….then Nah….she let me be her friend but always maintained her distance….I tried make her friendship with my cousin bro Akash and his girl friend Payal but she did not gel with them….all she do was stay little apart from us even though she was in our group…she did not let me in her life not even as her friend in true ways and that hurt me lot….I like her….like her way too much to see her eyes always has the pain which she never shares with me….she is like tightly closed lid’

He sighed ‘but I too never back down, and how could I? She is my heart beat and how can I let her rot in whatever hell she is in? I had to show her the heaven and I did… want to know how?’



Arnav ‘Khushi will you not tell me?’

Khushi coming out of her dazed state looked at him ‘what?’

Arnav took her hand in his ‘what are you hiding Khushi? No don’t try to lie, I can read you well, something is eating you up. What is happening with you? I’m your friend right, will you not tell me?’

Khushi looked ahead, sighing….Arnav wait for her to say anything but she kept quiet….disappointed he turn to leave when she held his hand….he looked at her whose eyes has turned moist and soon tears started falling down….he panicked….

Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’

She started crying loudly; he cupped her face, wiping her tears ‘kya hua…why are you not saying anything?’

Khushi ‘I…I cannot take this anymore…’

Arnav gulping ‘tell me Khushi….please let it all go,….I’m here for you’

Khushi weeping ‘My Amma and babu ji died in an accident when I was eight year old, and from then on I’m living with my chacha’s family. They adopted me due to the fear of society thinking what others will say if they let me unlooked. From outside all looks fine but inside the house I’m not one among them…I’m more than outsider for them…I tolerated everything but…but now from past few days everything has gone heights….’

Arnav ‘what did they do?’

Khushi ‘few days back a man came, he was about 40 yrs old….*hiccupping* and my chacha chachi has promised him to marry me off to him….I don’t know what to do….I’ve with difficulty asked time till my exams….I don’t know how to escape from this hell’ she cried. Arnav hugged her patting her back….he is now like a volcano ready to erupt on her Chachi and Chacha.

Arnav ‘shhh Khushi….I’ll make sure you are free from this hell….I’m always with you’

Khushi just cling on to him, she really needed someone with her, now she cannot handle all the happenings alone.



Next day the whole Laxmi Nagar witnessed the cold war in Gupta house. Arnav Singh Raizada stood tall spitting fire on Gupta’s.

Chacha ‘and who are you to her?’

Arnav ‘that is none of your business’

Chachi ‘it is, because she is from this family’

Arnav raising his eye brows ‘I don’t think so ever you people thought of her as one of your family member’ Khushi looked at the three quarreling, a crowd has formed outside the house to witness the commotion coming from inside their house. She never thought Arnav will pop out in her house that day asking for her hand, she in bewilderment stood there looking at him who did not make any eye contact with her.

Chachi ‘look I don’t want to give her hand in yours’

Arnav ‘why because you will not get the amount of money which you will be getting her married of to that man who is double her age’

Chacha stuttering ‘what? what are you talking? This is all rubbish’

Arnav ‘Oh is it? that man has already spilled the bean, now shut up. Or do you want me to involve police’

Chachi looked at him standing before them arguing for the chit of that girl, she walked towards Khushi and clutched her hand hard jerking ‘you are making him fight with us and now enjoying the show, are we? We fixed your marriage with Sharma ji with your consent, right? Tell him’

Khushi looked at her wide eye, she trembled, the pain increasing in her arm which her chachi is clutching in tight grip.

Arnav rushed to them and released Khushi from her clutches shouting ‘leave her’

Chachi narrowing her eyes at him ‘what did this girl give you that you are ready to kill us? Did she…….’

Khushi stilled in shock, disgust at where her chachi’s word….Arnav ‘enough, not a word against her. You people disgust me, Khushi is coming with me. You people don’t deserve her….*taking hold of Khushi’s hand* let’s go, you should not live in the place where there is no respect for you’

Chacha ‘stop you cannot take her like this’

Chachi her venom at Khushi ‘you? We did so much for you, and you have turned out to be slime….ehsaan farah mosh ho tum’

Arnav looked at them with murderous rage in his eyes, Chachi ‘don’t look at us like that, we had spend so much on her….that is not for free…’

Khushi gasped….Arnav glared at them, pulling Khushi in his arms, tears sting at the back of her eyes, and as soon as engulfed in his arms she cried….Arnav took his phone out ‘dad I need you here’

Within next twenty minutes his dad was in front of him, Arnav ‘dad I talked to you about Khushi, right?’

Amar (Arnav’s dad) ‘haan beta but you had asked me to wait till you talk with her family right. Did they agree for giving her hand in yours?’

Arnav shaking his head, with disgust on his face looked at Khushi’s chacha and chachi….and narrated everything to his dad…..Amar stood listening to everything he said, he looked at Khushi who has her head hung low….he walked over to her, pulling her chin up to face him ‘why are you ashamed bitiya? It is them who has to be….always stand up head held high’

Khushi looked at the Amar’s assuring eyes, patting her cheek, holding her by her shoulder he walked her towards her so called family and stood stall….his gaze similar to Arnav’s but his face calm and composed. Taking a check book out of his coat pocket he signed it and threw it on their face ‘fill it how much you people want….she is now free of you people and your so called generosity on her….I would have filled in the amount but she is priceless gem for my son and I don’t want to insult Khushi which will be an insult to my son’ Khushi looked at him shocked.

Arnav looked at his gather proud and then smirked at the two who is looking shocked at the turn of events. He walked to them and warned ‘From this moment she is no one to you, never ever try to contact her otherwise the consequences will not be good’ he turned to Khushi who looked at him and his father with astonishment. Amar ‘come beta your home is waiting for you’

He looked at Arnav who nodded at him, Amar stepped back and Arnav took hold of her hand squeezing them assuring her and lead her to his car.




Raizada Mansion,  Khushi looked at Arnav after settled down in the room given to her, she was baffled with the welcome she got, everyone were so happy to see her, warm and secure feeling she got here which she never felt in her chacha’s house.

Khushi ‘why?’

Arnav ‘why? Why….’

Khushi ‘why did you help me? And why did you wish to marry me? You don’t have to do this just because you are my friend’

Arnav smiling slightly, held her shoulder, turning her to face him ‘I did not do anything for you, I just did it for me, for us’

Khushi confused ‘and why is the question?’

Arnav cupping her face looked at her eyes intently ‘you did not understand did you? *sighing* I never thought to confess to you like this but there is no right or wrong time for this…..*looking deep in her eyes* Khushi I Love You, not now or yesterday but from the day when I saw you for the first time entering in our class like an Angel in white salwar suite’

Khushi gasped, Arnav ‘I’m selfish Khushi….and I’m very possessive of my everything, be it my loved one or my favorite things….and You are my top priority, the girl who has my heart, for whom my heart beats…and how can I let her go’

He chuckled ‘do you think I Arnav Singh Raizada, The ASR would have let go of the person who dared to pour on him hot coffee….but I stood there smiling infront of you….do you know why? *she shakes her in no* because it was the first time you talked to me…me….and I would have gladly accepted such hot coffee shower if I get to her you talk with me….I was over moon that day because finally at least you accepted to be my friend and the rest you know….’

His eye’s honest, filled with only love for her ‘You are My Life Khushi and I can’t lose you. My family already loves you because I Love You, because You are My Choice, You are My Happiness. They all see you as their son’s, chotte’s soon to be wife and their daughter in law of the house…more than daughter in law you would be daughter of this house. I’m not saying you to accept me today this instant itself, but try to let me enter your life as your lover and husband because No will never be taken as answer. The reason, I’m so possessive of you and I’ll burn this world if you are not in my life….I Love You so much so that it’s intensity sometimes scares me but the reality is You Mean The World To Me and I’ll never love to lose my world who is My Light’ kissing her forehead he left her stunned in her new room in her new home and her real home.

FB ends

Arnav ‘you are listening right?....Sun Rahi Ho Na Meri Prem Kahani… should?.....where was I? haan I confessed my love right….yes you see I had confessed my love for her but she did not accept me so easily….she feared to embrace the happiness knocking on her life…she was apprehensive….but at last she accepted me….she trust me with her….and she realized her love and confessed to me….I was so happy, so happy that day I don’t even know how to express it to you’



It had been a year Khushi had come to live in RM and at the same time a year Arnav had confessed his love for her…..he did not leave her alone even if she asks for it, all he said is she has no pressure on her to accept his love, but never to break the friendship. Amar and Arnav’s Nani showered her with so much love, they looked at her as their daughter, more than Arnav her words and wishes were taken into consideration and Arnav could not ask for more seeing them love his Khushi so much treating her as the princess of their house, she indeed is….Queen of his heart.

After graduation Arnav had joined AR helping his father, learning from him. Khushi even though they insisted to join AR she declined and got a job of processor in the same college where she studied. Everything was good, that day was any normal day or so thought RM member’s but at the end the surprise of even took place was nothing less shock to them, from horror, sadness, emptiness to utmost joy and happiness.

The day as usual started normal for all, Arnav was leaving for Mumbai for an important meeting and he had left promising to return by night.

Everyone’s life went like similar to previous day, but by the night at 8 pm Khushi, Nani and Amar were sat watching TV, the news channel where news reporter was going on going on saying about the terrible flight crash occurred due to the problem in landing at Delhi Airport. All sat stilled, fear choked them, no one is able to breathe….the airplane crashed one is the same one from which Arnav was going to return from Mumbai. Khushi’s whole world crashed before her eyes, even tears failed to descend, everything stilled in her world.

Nani shrieked ‘Amar beta this cannot happen, our Chotte, he was to return from the same flight….no…nothing has happen to him’

Amar rose to his feet ‘Maa nothing has happened, our Chotte will be fine….there is no news of anyone’s death, all they say is people injured….’ His own heart thumping in dread, his only son….he cannot lose him like he lost his wife…..he looked over at Khushi to see her sitting looking at the TV screen aghast…..he walked over to her, taking her hands ‘beta nothing would have happen to Arnav…he is all fine….I’ll go enquire now…’

Khushi looked at him, choking ‘I’m coming with you’

Amar ‘No, you be here with Maa I’ll inform you both’

Khushi shaking her head ‘no I’m coming, and I’ll’

Nani ‘me too’

Amar defeated and not in any form to argue took them to airport, on reaching there they looked at the passenger list to see Arnav’s name is there, first bomb dropped on them….they hoped against hoped he is not in that flight….on enquiring they got to know hurt people are taken to City Hospital.

Amar ran around the rooms along with Khushi and Nani checking for Arnav but he was nowhere to be seen.

Khushi ‘he is not here’

Amar ‘Khushi calm down…’

Khushi ‘how can I? He is nowhere….where is he? They said all the people are here but then where is he?’ Nani and she started crying.

Amar got a call on his cell, attending it he breathed sigh of relief….pressing the phone over his thumping heart he leaned on the wall…..he looked at Nani and Khushi ‘we need to leave for home’




Walking inside the home the three rushed to the living room, Arnav stood up seeing them coming running……Nani hugged him crying in relief, kissing his forehead ‘my bacha is all fine’

Amar hugged him tight, Arnav’s eyes stilled on Khushi from the moment they all came inside…..Amar ‘Arnav what happen? The news?’

Arnav gulping ‘I missed the flight dad, meeting took more time and till the time it finished I missed the flight and got the next one….only when I landed here I came to know about the crash….I came to home thinking about you all, I was trying to call you too, no one was picking at home and your phone was engaged….the rest you know’

Nani cupped his face ‘Chotte’

Arnav ‘I’m fine Nani’ all calmed down seeing him safe and fine…..Amar looked at Arnav and Khushi, both of them were looking at each other….Khushi did not even spoke a word till now….he looked at his mother who nodded at him and left the place leaving Arnav and Khushi alone…

Arnav ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi walked over to him dazed, standing in front of him, she raised her hand and touched his face, hands, confirming herself……Arnav looked at her gulping…..She looked in his eyes and then next Arnav did not even have the slightest idea of what is coming….she slapped him hard.

Arnav astonished ‘Khushi!!!’ he looked at her, her eyes brimmed with tears and started rolling down….she hugged him crying ‘don’t ever do this to me again….you don’t know how I felt seeing that news….I was dead…’

Arnav ‘Shhh Khushi’ he hugged her tight, his own eyes were moist seeing her miserable state.

But she was not to be stopped ‘I was feeling like my world ended right there and then….don’t ever leave me….please….never leave me alone… don’t know how much you mean  to me… are my everything….I Love You….I love you so much’ Arnav stilled hearing her words.  

Khushi cupped his face ‘you will never leave me na, please promise me’

Arnav choked in happiness ‘promise!!!’

He hugged her kissing her head…both cherishing being in the arms of their love….Arnav ‘Khushi tell me again’

Khushi ‘what?’

Arnav ‘I Love You…tell me you love me’

Khushi looked at his earnest eyes, hopeful face….hugging him, keeping her head against his heart ‘I Love You Arnav’

He smiled through his tears ‘I Love You Too’

Amar and Nani looked from the corridor of the first floor and smiled at each other, feeling happy to see them together. Nani ‘so marriage is on the card’

Amar ‘finally!!!’

FB ends

Arnav was so lost in reciting his love story that he missed his mobile ringing for a while now…..only at the end to the last ring he jerked out of his dazed state and attended the call to hear his darling love’s infuriated word ‘Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada get you’re a** here right now, it is time for our marriage and the groom is missing….if you are not in five minutes here then forget getting married to me…’

Arnav ‘what? that is not fair….I’m coming…but please baby make it fifteen…’

Khushi ‘no…five minutes…’

Arnav ‘please Love…Jaan….I’ll reach soon’

Khushi ‘okay ten….in ten minutes you should be here otherwise I’ll run away from here’

Arnav looked at the grave and whispered ‘sorry need to go sweet heart, Khushi will kill me if I reach late to wedding al tar…will come tomorrow morning with my Love’


La looked down to see Arnav running back to his car, yes the grave is Lavanya Kashyap, Arnav’s best friend from childhood, she had died by brain tumor at the age of ten and Arnav never fails to visit her even if it is for two minutes.

Cupid looked at La ‘don’t you feel bad to see him running to Khushi the girl he is in so much love and getting married to’

La looking at Cupid ‘I know right, it is bad that I died at the age of ten due to brain tumor but if I was alive I would have not let him get together with Khushi that easily but eventually I would have let him marry her because his happiness lies in her….a love is not to hold on to us….it is sometime to let it go…’ they both again looked down to see Arnav getting inside his car and driving back to RM Mansion where the wedding is to happen.


Arnav getting inside his car teased Khushi on her words ‘with whom?’

Khushi ‘haww there is no book return that a girl should run away with a boy….I’ll run away alone’

Arnav ‘too bad I’ll find you even if you hid yourself in any corner of the earth or universe’

Khushi ‘dekhthe hain pehle yahaan toh ajao’

Arnav drove fast as possible….at time as now his Khushi is unmanageable and he has to work so hard to pacify her…..




Wedding night, their wedding was grant one, talk of the city. Many girl’s heart broke hearing Arnav Singh Raizada getting married to his lady love but Arnav cared less he is so excited to make Khushi his infront of the world and he did it. And now after the pompous wedding and all the pre rituals the newlywed couple was left in their room.  Arnav holding Khushi’s hand ‘sorry I was little late to reach’

Khushi ‘I know you would have gone to meet Lavanya’

Arnav nodded at her, then smirked ‘if she was alive she would have given you tough competition, quite possessive for me you see’ he always love to rile her up with Lavanya’s name, yes what he said is true, in their childhood days Lavanya was very possessive of him, only she should be his friend and no one else otherwise there will be disaster which La will create. And if she was alive he knew she would have been the same.

Khushi chuckled ‘but Mr Arnav Singh Raizada you forgot you love me, your life is me so technically you are mine only mine’ Arnav looked at her with smile.


La on the other hand sighing ‘she is right’ she looked down again to see Arnav and Khushi moving forward to take their relationship to next level….closing her eyes she closed cupids eye too, that is so private and personal life of Arnav and she is not willing to poke her heard there.



Arnav ‘So are you nervous?’

Khushi ‘no, I trust you’ he looked at her eyes, feeling his heart burst in happiness at her words, he bend forwards and captured her lips….both drowning in their passion marking each other completely by heart, body and soul.


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