Four Shot : Separation and Re-union [Completed]

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May 18, 2014

Separation and Re-union~1 (By V1184) (Thanked: 4 times)

Hi all, am here with my first written work on Beintehaa forum and also this is my first two-shot.Hope you all like it.


 This starts at the point where Zain gives his will papers to Fahad and he takes Aliya with him.

Fahad didn't understand anything at that time and he stood still.

After few minutes , he recovered from shock and tells 'I am sorry dad.Please forgive me...please forgive me'

Barkat is happy because she got 51% share adn now her obstacle Aliya too is no more present in the house.

So she smiled widely in her mind and spoke innocently' zain bhaiyyu and aliya bhaabhi kaha hai?'making everyone realize their absence.

Fahad ' i will call him and ask him to come home.i don't want this bantwara to happen'He dails Zain's number but no response.

He again called but went in vain.He called Aliya's number but it's not reachable.

Fahad immediately leaves from there tensed for his brother and his caring sister whereas Usmaan saab is crying for his bad fate.

Suraiyya is trying to make usman stop his cry and think of something where she herself is so sad because she got her long-lost daughter recently and now she is afraid of loosing her son.

She inwardly blames Aliya to be the one who did this...who influenced zain to leave Barkat villa and go away from them.

Fahad came back in the night disappointed for not knowing zain and aliya's whereabouts.He asked all his and zain's friends whether they had come to them.But no use as everyone replied the same that they haven't met zain nor he came to them.

Barkat is very happy for two reasons that is her obstacle is no more and the will is executed too.So now she was planning to get hold of that 49% share too.She called Mir khan and informed him about the will and everything and she gave some amount of money to him.She asked him to leave Mumbai for a month and told that she will bring him there after all her plans succeed.

Shaazia and Nafeesa were happy for getting their shares.

Usmaan saab is worried for his sons whereas Suraiyya is inwardly blaming her 3 daughter-in-laws for spoiling her sons lives.

Morning scene after zain gave will papers to Fahad

Zain held Aliya's hand and moved out of barkat villa.Aliya is happy that zain agreed with her and gave his share to Fahad.

They both moved out hand in hand.

Aliya asked 'zain where are we going?'

Zain replied ' if you trust me then come with me silently'

Aliya said to herself 'i trusted you zain and will always trust you' and walked with him silently seeing him with lots of love.

Zain took her to the park near barkat villa.

He asked her 'you sit here i will be back in five minutes'

Aliya' no i am afraid i will also come with you'

Nooooooo zain shouted suddenly making aliya fear what's wrong with him

He then told you wait here i am just going near that tree. I will be in your gaze only


I know it is short but due to less time i splitted this one-shot in to two parts.Hope you like it and please comment.Both negative and positive comments are welcome.Thank you for reading

May 18, 2014

Second part (By V1184) (Thanked: 5 times)

He then went near a tree from where Aliya can see him clearly and he too can see his lovely wife.

He came back after 15 minutes and here aliya sat there looking at him angrily for not coming even after a long time.Though it is only 15mins she felt it like ages.

He came back said ' am sorry it took a little long time and come with me...' he stopped mid-way which made aliya confused.She didn't utter any words but went with him because she don't know what he is upto?

After coming out of that park, he directed her towards a cycle.She gave him a questioning look.

He asked her to come with him and then after a long ride on that cycle, they reached almost the outskirts of the city.

She was shocked that they were on the cycle for more than half an hour as she is lost seeing zain and he did his work happily.

Then he asked her to follow him on their way as it is narrow.

She held his hand tightly because she is afraid as they are in a forest area.

After a short walk for 5mins they reached the wider area of the forest and there laid a beautiful and small wood cottage.

Pic of the cottage:

She looked at him giving him the cutest smile of her.He then spoke that they are gonna stay in that wooden house for a week.

'A week' she screamed excitedly.

'yes for a week we will be here.come let's go in.'he said raising his hand to hold hers.

Aliya and Zain entered the house which is very beautiful and she fell in love with it the very instant she saw it.

'Loved it' zain asked.

'Of course who wouldn't love it zain?It is so beautiful.If it is possible, i will spend my whole life here.Those beautiful flowers and the garden in front of this is lovable.I wish we stay here forever becasue i can spend my whole life seeing y..'she stopped suddenly realizing what she was about to tell.

He know what she meant and teased ' seeing....what/who aliya?'

Aliya replied ' seeing this...this beautiful garden and cottage.' she mentally patted herself for telling some reason to him.

Zain smiled mentally and said ' oh sit here i will be back in 5mins'

Again...aliya said as she now can't live without him even for few seconds.He was nowhere to hear her words as he left as soon as he told her.

Now she decided that after zain comes she will express her feelings to him.


Sorry again wasn't able to finish this in this update too.My mind changed when i am typing this. I hope you people like it and i didn't bore you all with this.Now this turned to be a three shot and i will make sure that this ends in the next update itself.Thank you all for reading

May 30, 2014

Last part!!! (By V1184) (Thanked: 2 times)

Zain came in while Aliya is still lost on how to express her love to Zain.

He saw her for few seconds and switched off the lights to see her reaction.Due to darkness all of a sudden, she immediately whispered ' Allah what's this?Here i am not able to tell I Love You to Zain and now you too are not with me that you left me in darkness. Wo idiot pata nahi kaha chala gaya aur...'

'Idiot??mein idiot hun kya?and Aliya I Love You.This time na its not Aliya Bhatt and..'saying this he closed her mouth with his hands as he know what she will talk.

'...That day too its you only Mamu Ki Bhaanji.Ab bato idiot kaun nikla?' saying this he raised his eyebrows.

She replied ' idiot tum hi ho because you never called me with my name Mamu ka Beta'

Arrey, what's this now?At first we are enemies so we fought with each other.Few seconds ago we are friends so we fought.That is also ok.But now we love each other.So now promise me that you won't fight with me.' he forwarded his hand.

She was about to give promise to him and suddenly he spoke ' Waise bhi aliya tumhare yeh baatein sunne ke liye hi yaha laaya hun'

She replied ' Kya? matlab...tum pehle se hi jaante ho ki mein tumse pyaar kar rhai hun?'

He told ' Matlab mein right tha.I know it that day itself when you were speaking to yourself near poolside.'

She said ' to tab kyon nahi pucha?'

'Confusion clear hojaye to tum khud bologi to isiliye chup raha aur ab dekho na finally hum donon ne ek dusre se apne pyaar ka izhaar to kar liya na.Tum mujhe chupchap waada kar lo' zain said

'Ok' and she promised to him that they will never fight with each other.

It's been three days since they are living in that beautiful house.

In the evening, Aliya suddenly remembered that she didn't inform zain about her meeting with mir khan.

She told him everything and said ' sorry forgot to tell to you' and she hugged him saying ' mujhe maaf kardo meine apni waada tod liya'

He said' no problem aliya meine bhi tumse ek baat chupayi to hissa barabar ho gaya'

'Kya??kaunsi baat aur mujhe bahi battao please..' said aliya

He told her ' Thank you for this information.It will help me more in my plan.'

'What plan?' she asked confusingly.

'Well, everything is a part of my plan Aliya to trap that Mir khan and that Barkat aka Bobby Mir Khan.' he said.

'What are you telling zain?Wo barkat hain yeh bobby kaha se aayi hai?' aliya said

'No aliya she is bobby that mir khan's daughter.It is that father-daughter's trap to acquire our property and see us in bad condition.I didn't believe at first but confirmed this after doing her DNA test.Also you too told na she didn't have any intention to hurt herself but just to make me an emotional fool.'

'But..when did i say that to you...i mean hand-cutting wali baat?' aliya asked

'In your sleep..Do you think only zain abdullah have the problem or say the habit of talking in sleep?You too have that habit mamu ki bhanji' saying this he smirked a little.

'Zain!!!!!!' she shouted.

He continued, ' ok listen now we have our whole life to talk now let me explain my plan'

She nodded.

He spoke ' After that DNA test , i traced mir khan and got him arrested. But hta bobby is still thinking that her father is in some unknown place out of Mumbai.As we both walked out she is chilling herself as we won't return and she didn't have her chief obstacle that is you.Now my agents are on work gathering all possible information enough to keep them both in jail for lifetime.No one know about this and i don't want to because bobby has changed bhai's mindset.So i am working alone till nwo and you are with me right?'

She hugged him and said ' I am proud of you Zain Abdullah.Socha tha tumhaare dimaag kisi kaam nahi karegi par toda bahut kaam karta hai.Of course i am with you but what about this house.I don't want to leave this after four days.' said this with a puppy face.

He replied calmly ' Don't worry and this is mine no ours only. We can come here whenever you want but on one condition.'

She immediately replied ' Ok i will agree for whatever you ask?' She didn't realize what she said as she is busy admiring that beautiful house.

Zain thought ' Teri kismat achi re zain usman abdullah.Ab dekhna Mamu ki Bhaanji.'

Aliya is lost in the beauty of that house and zain lost in his wife.


I know that you all might be wondering why this story is not ending?But what can i do my mind and the power cuts are not allowing me to complete this.Anyway how's this update?Please tell me and i want to change this in to a short story so that i can end it the way i had planned.I will post the next update whenever i get time.So till my next update Bye...

Also forgot to ask can you please suggest some name to this story because i don't think the title which i had kept didn't match with the story.

Jan 10, 2018

The END (By V1184) (Thanked: 5 times)

I don't know if anyone will even read this now but I am going through my works and I decided to finish unfinished stories too. This is a start. Hopefully, I can complete my other pending stories too.

I wanted to edit the story above but decided to leave it that way because I typed what I thought then and it should be that way only.

Since, I am assuming, not many even know about this particular story, I will simply type out the summarized version of this story's ending and be done with it. I don't want to ruin the above parts with this part. So, here is the end I wanted to type back then but never got to due to various reasons.


Zain's agents gathered all the information needed to lock away Bobby and her father in jail for a long time for their crimes, in next 2 days.

The proofs were shown to everyone in the family and Bobby is now in jail. Suraiyya realises her mistake and apologizes to Usman and Aliya's parents.

Aliya's parents didn't say anything as they are happy to see Suraiyya change her thinking and just hoped that wherever Aliya and Zain are, they are safe.

Usman was at peace seeing Suraiyya change. Suraiyya even made Shaazia and Nafeesa change their behaviour.

Fahad is happy yet worried too about Zain and Aliya.

While everyone is worried, Usman got a message from unknown number.

Dad, it is Zain. I just got to know about Bobby's arrest. So will you please do me a favor? If you do it, then only me and Aliya will return home. ~ Zain

Usman called that unknown number right after seeing the message.

Zain, who sent that message after ensuring Aliya is sleeping so that his plan won't get spoiled, answered the call immediately.

'As-salamu ?alaykum dad.' Zain said

'Wa?alaykumu as-salam. What favor Zain? And are you both safe?' Usman asked

' We are both safe. We will be back in 2 days and I need your help. Please decorate our house.' zain asked

' Decorate for? and good to know you both are safe wand will return soon.' usman said

zain spoke ' for nikaah. i want to marry Aliyah with everyone's blessings and this time, no hatred.'

usman replied happily ' okay. we will make the arrangements. suraiyyah will be happy too. by the wat you are whispering, i think this is not known to Aliyah beti.'

Zain replied, ' yes dad. i want to surprise your bhanji and this time, no more hatred or misunderstandings. she is waking up. so be. don't call me. we will be there day after tomorrow. take care.'

usman ended the call with a smile and told everything to the family members. they are willing to help and wholeheartedly accept Aliyah this time.

Zain and Aliyah spent the next 2 days relaxing, talking to each other and Aliyah with hopes that her mami won't be angry or no one is upset because of her.

after 2 days 

Zain reassured Aliyah that everything is okay and that they can enter the house without fear.

He blindfolded her and took her directly to their room. Aliyah is worried where others are and if they saw, what will they think.

Zain told Aliyah to get ready in the dress kept there and not to remove her blindfold to which she question, how am i supposed to get ready if i can't see what it is like or how to wear it?

Zain simply replied, ' don't worry mamu ki bhanji. 2 women will come and help you. don't remove your blindfold till i ask you. bye.' saying this he left

He went to another room and got ready. Meanwhile, Shaazia and Nafeesa entered the room Aliyah is standing blindfold and helped her get ready. They stayed silent the entire just so they won't ruin the surprise.

After getting ready and making sure Aliyah is still unaware of the fact that she is in her wedding dress again but this time without much jewelry just so she wont suspect anything, Shaazia, Nfeesa, Zain and Aliyah went to the hall.

Zain removed the blindfold and to say Aliyah is shocked will be an understatement. She understood his plan now.

Zain spoke, ' Aliya, mein tumhe apni wife banaana chahta hun. Iss baar pura dil se, saare pariwar tumhara aur mera nikah se manjur hai. In fact, sab tayaairi humara family ne kiya. Tumne boli ki mein jo bhi puchunga, wo karoge. Ab mujhse nikaah karo. Karoge naa? '

Aliya is happy. She found this day so so better than her wedding day and this will actually be considered her wedding day from now on. She agreed happily.

'Qubool hai Zain Abdullah. Tumse nikah karke Aliyah Zain Abdullah banne ke liye taiyar hun.'

They got married, took blessings and everyone enjoyed the wedding.


This is it. I am sure I planned some other ending but this is going to have to do, because I can't think of a better way to end it.

Sorry for those readers who read it and waited for an ending. I am really sorry. Circumstances didn't allow me to back then and even now, I wanted to finish my pending stories first since I got some time.

Thank you to all those who read this.

This feels so strange. I started this on May 18, 2014 and ending it on January 09, 2018.

Once again, sorry dear readers and thank you.

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