Loving Someone Is Easy But........Completed!!! 30/01/15 :)

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Jan 29, 2015

Loving Someone Is Easy But........Last Part!!! 28/01/15 (By Sviji) (Thanked: 206 times)

Last Part


Khushi ‘Arnav ji leave na’

But her Arnav ji is busy in paying attention to something else rather than her words, not that she herself said these words with conviction it was said in half protest and the other half is lost in him playing magic with her.

‘Jeez get a room guys’ NK closing his eyes stood before them. Arnav and Khushi breaking away from the kiss looked away embarrassed.

She glared at him who looked at arrogantly as if -What,-we-do-not-to-any-crime-look.

NK peeping open one eyes checked if it safe for him, knowing the coast is clear he chuckled at them embarrassing Khushi some more and irritating Arnav.

NK ‘Pagal ho tum log...anyone would have walked in on you. And what were you thinking to do when there is an unconscious woman lying before you guys’

All the three looked at Sheethal lying unconscious on the bed.

Composing herself, Khushi ‘You sure Nanheji she will be helpful here’

NK ‘I don’t think so she have any choice and relax Khushi ji everything is in action now. We will corner her and catch the big fish’

Arnav ‘I don’t want any mishap to occur NK’

NK ‘Oh no that will not happen and she *looking pointedly at Sheethal* will have to do this.....*smirking evilly* she would not like to go for long tour to jail, will she?’

Arnav ‘She has to but for now let us keep it stall’

NK ‘that is for us to know not her though’

Arnav ‘Smart acting, are we?’ NK laughed, that irked Arnav some more.

Khushi ‘Stop it you two...Now get her back to conscious.’

Arnav ‘and how are you planning to do?’ Khushi smiled at him too sweetly before rushing inside the washroom and coming out in a minute with bucket full of water, before anyone could process she poured the chill water over Sheethal making her sit up squealing cursing the person. Khushi threw a blanket on her covering her body since her dress is sticking to herself, like in hell she will let her Arnav ji see that girl in such state.

 Sheethal ‘What the.....’ her words died down looking at the three standing before her with stony expression.

Khushi ‘Oops ****-Al, was the water too cold? I bet it was, since it is chill morning of Jan’

Sheethal gritting her teeth ‘What the hell are you doing here? *looking around* where I’m?’

NK chuckled ‘you don’t get to question us. It is us who will question you’

Sheethal ‘and I’ll answer. Huh?’

Arnav ‘You better do. Otherwise you will not be spared from your sentenced to all life living in Jail’

Khushi ‘Looks like you are confused’

NK shouting ‘Kamla Ji.....you can come in now’

A lady in her middle thirty came inside the room with such air that left no room to no-nonsense air.

Khushi ‘Confused?’ looking pointedly at Sheethal.

Arnav ‘Mrs. Kamla Pandey, IAS officer, pretty much what they saw has come to finally show the way to your real Sa-Su-Ral.’ As soon as he completed his sentence rest of the police officer accompanied her came inside the room. Sheethal was shoved into a chair, everyone surrounding her.

NK ‘She is yours Kamla Ji’ giving her a small micro chip in her hand.

Sheethal ‘Wh...what is happening here?’

Khushi ‘Oh you see ****-Al you have confessed your crime by your own dirty mouth about your dirty ways with your Shyam’

Sheethal looked at her horrified ‘This is lie’

NK ‘Wait...you would love to see it yourself’

He played the recorded confession of Sheethal blurting if all out in her drugged sense.

Kamla ‘Don’t worry ASR she will be go for long way inside Jail. I’ll make sure of that’

Sheethal ‘no!!!’

Khushi ‘hell yes’

Arnav ‘It was your call to destruction when you decided to challenge ASR’

NK ‘I pity you Sheethal. So bad, think what will happen when you to jail. Oh I’m loving it imagining it already...you will be given life imprisonment, isn’t Kamla ji’ Kamla nodded with Sheethal shuddered at the doom caused by her own hands.

Khushi ‘you can be spared with less punishment then lifelong chakki pissing in jail if only you....’

Sheethal ‘if only.....’

Arnav ‘If only you manage from Shyam to get the video of Di. Otherwise you quiet well know Shyam will get away with everything while you will be inside supporting him plotting with him’

Sheethal ‘he will not tell anything’

NK ‘Oh he will *pointing a small bottle* just mix this in any liquid substance and give it to him. This will do. We need his confession too. Mind you no cleverness, just do as we say’

Sheethal ‘What is this?’

NK ‘the concoction will make him spill the truth’ [I really don’t if such thing exist but heard it in CID]

Sheethal ‘but....’

Khushi ‘You are left with no choice here. Accept it or the police is ready to take you to your home’

Sheethal ‘wait...wait...’ she throwing a wary glances around everyone...Sheethal ‘I’ll do’

Khushi nodding ‘Good for you’







The trap was set then subh kaam main deri kyun.....

Sheethal walked inside the room, giving her seductive best look to Shyam.

Sheethal ‘Shyam!!!’

He turned to her, appreciating her choice of dress and the indirect way of long night she had planned for them. Who would not wish a good se** company when the company demand nothing but the same wish as his...no nagging....no string attachment....just go on with life.....

Shyam ‘So?’ arching his eye brow suggestively.

Sheethal ‘it had been long time we spend our time together so that to why not join you today’

Shyam chuckling ‘True’

She walked with the bottle of wine with two glasses and keeping it on the low table; she made two glass of drinks.

Giving him one she took the other....not knowing what lay ahead Shyam losing his senses in the company drowned drink after drink not noticing Sheethal had not took a sip of it.




Another day and another awakening with the chill cold water but with different persons in question. Anjali poured bucket after bucket of ice cold water which was nothing but before a ice cubes melted one.

Shyam looked ready to throttle but the continuously pouring of ice water did no good to him.

Anjali stepped before him with what held in her hand is latti (Wooden stick)....He looked around him; it was small cell, everywhere around him with only darkness with small bulb hanging above him. He tried to get up only to realize through his numb mind, he is tied to a chair.

Before he could process anything on how he landed on this situation, Anjali like a women possessed beat him without hearing his protest and begging to leave him. Her mind could process only one thing....Pain....Pain of physical and mental assault he done to her.....Pain of betrayal for loving him and trusting......Pain of living in fear with all these year for her, brother and families reputation.......Pain of dignity every minute shed by him.....Pain of cheating her own family.....Pain for one of the reason her brother has to go through the suffering separated from his love......Pain for what Khushi had gone through.....Pain for everything and anything she felt all in that moment...All she wants is for him to die.

NK rushed forward ‘Di...Di bas....he will die’

Anjali ‘I want him to D.I.E’

Khushi held her hand from giving another blow to Shyam who looked like will die any minute....he is anyway half dead.

Kamla ‘Enough Miss Raizada (As Anjali preferred) we don’t want him to die else you will land in trouble’

Arnav came forward ‘Everything is over Di. Now let the police do their work’

 Anjali hugged him crying ‘Sorry chotte....I’m so sorry’

Arnav ‘It is okay Di....it is okay.....’ only if you have confided everything way before to me....he sighed.....circumstance created was such that nothing was in their hand.

Kamla ‘The clipping in his possession has been retrieved Mr. Raizada. He is clever enough for hiding it in your own house store room knowing well no one will doubt it there. We have enough proof against him to put him behind bars for all his life’

Arnav shaking his hand with her ‘Thank you!!! Mrs. Pandey, if not for your help we would have felt difficult to trap them’ Yep right it is Mrs. Pandey to trap the two mice in her plan and all acted as she instructed. One of the officers has been there when NK and Sheethal were talking, recording Sheethal’s statement unknown to her. Being a criminal lawyer Shyam will easily come out of their catch, they needed someone who could easily approach him and get him confess. Sheethal!!! Who will not help police when they wish to come out unscathed? Shyam lured in her web planned by Raizada’s and Police fell hard not knowing as soon as the concoction started to kick in his system along with alcohol has started to spill the beans with every question Sheethal thrown at him as per long list of truth she has been asked to make him confess. As soon as he had blabbered with his big mouth, Police did not take a minute to arrest Sheethal and all sobered Shyam.







Nani and Maami wept, they still could not believe they had been played with big time. Their children’s life had been pawned and they were unknown to it.

Akash was mortified with the not so good thing happened, he knew something was amiss when Anjali came marrying Shyam, but he had dismissed seeing the conviction in Anjali’s word. He should have pressed the matter; he should have acted on instinct. Maybe his sister would not have put up with that monster.

Akash ‘I’m so sorry Di....I’m sorry.’

He hugged her, his eyes moist. Anjali just held on to her family. Akash ‘I’m sorry bhai. I should have been with you but.....but I could not be a good brother to you both’

Arnav patted his back, assuring him all is fine.

Payal and Khushi embarrassed with relief of now everything is fine in their family. Hugs and apology exchanged within each member of the family. With the decision had been made to put everything in past and to move on ahead not looking back.

NK ‘All is well if the End is well’

Everyone smiled wiping away their moist eyes.







Late night,

Arnav hugging her by shoulder looked up ‘What are you saying to them?’ their gaze locked in the three stars twinkling in the many which they considered as her parent’s and his mother.

Khushi ‘I was assuring them now everything is fine and to Mama I promised I’ll not leave her Chotte alone, not in life and not even after this life’

Arnav ‘You mean to say I’ve to put up with the crazy girl even after this life. That is so unfair’

Khushi looked at him, with her mouth open ‘Haww Mister don’t even try to get rid of me. I’ll not let you go easily ever’

Arnav ‘I would never want to’

She smiled at him, cupping his cheek ‘are you okay? Di has made decision to work and adopt Aarav’

He released a sigh, shrugging ‘I’ll not hover over her Khushi. I’ll just be there to hold her when she stumbles upon. So it fine with me at her decision. And about adopting Aarav, that little boy was misled and it is not his fault. He understands it now, which is enough and good.’

Khushi with admiration in her eyes ‘I love you my Laad Governor. You are the B.E.S.T’

Arnav ‘Naah It should be like The B.E.S.T has happened to Me’ looking at her pointedly conveying with his eyes of the words he meant.

Khushi chuckled ‘So toh hai....and I’m happy “I the B.E.S.T happened to You”....it is good influence on you, right’

Arnav pulled her close ‘yeah right and I would not want otherwise’

Khushi looking in his eyes, her gaze capturing the change in color of his molten brown eyes to dangerously close to black color.....she tip toeing on her toe pressed her lips, her hands travelled behind his neck, getting lost in the thick mass of hair, caressing them while Arnav groaned holding her by nape kissing her heatedly, pushing her more into himself. Their lip locked still in the heated kiss he lifted her in his arms effortlessly like always heading inside the room........Time to travel towards the path of to fulfil their choti si duniya.

 Bad time has gone....now they are looking for good times ahead with the promise to fight every storm together. They are, they were, and they will be together, Always!!!

                                                        The EnD

I know it is very bad.....very very bad ending I had given......but I could not think and write anything with my muddled up mind.

I hope there is no chappals and tomotoes coming my way.

Please do let me know how is the ending. It is request. And Thank you to each and every hit on thank you button and comment on previous update.

Jan 30, 2015

Thank You!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 32 times)

My Lovely Readers.....Thank you....thank you so much for always being with me.....Love you all.

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