Top 10 - Reasons why #IPKKND is a Paradox!

May 24, 2014

Top 10 - Reasons why #IPKKND is a Paradox! (By Cool Cat) (Thanked: 55 times)

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I’d like to dedicate this post to the birthday girl, Coolbakes. Happy Belated Birthday Doctorji!

I was in a fix on what to gift you and vaguely remembered the time you pleaded me to write a post for the IPKKND forum because you loved them. That’s when I got my answer…I’ll do something that I do best and you love most and voila, this is the review post for you! :D


Presenting to you,

Top 10 - Reasons why #IPKKND is a Paradox!

IPKKND was a highly successful and magnificent serial which probably stole almost everyone’s heart. Everyone who watched it liked it…it set an example for other serials to follow with its intense romance, humorous dialogues, crazy characters and mega-villains.

However, there are several things that happened in IPKKND which can definitely not happen in the real world or at least in the world we all live in. Moreover, they have taken place in the beginning of tracks which simply implies if the beginning of a track is not possible in real life…the rest of the track (no matter how real it is) will not take place.

Note: Some of these things are applicable to other serials also which follow the same base concept as IPKKND.

Confused, already? I shall explain further!

1) A person like Khushi would never be hired at ARD

We all know how Khushi was hired into ARD. She simply asked Shyam for a recommendation and he gave her one. When she lost her letter…she was taken in as Lavanya’s/Arnav’s secretary due to her dressing sense. Like WHAT??

From what I have perceived ARD to be from the monologues of Arnav Singh Raizada, it is a firm with a large international base and he, himself is among the richest men in the country - somewhat along the lines of Ambani.

Arnav must have hired Lavanya after considerable thought. Why did such a sensible and rational secretary make such a foolish decision? To top it all, neither did Khushi have sufficient English skills or technological skills - the two key things to become a secretary of a large firm like ARD.

Either the CVs conveniently forgot to be rational or ASR cannot take wise employee choices and if he cannot do so then, I believe ARD would not be where it is in telly land.

We all know if Khushi hadn’t joined ARD…we would not have got our first Rabba Ve and lots of other cute tiffs. Forget that…the love story itself wouldn’t have started!

2) The Sethi brothers couldn’t have made it to ARD Headquarters

Remember the two ‘kale chashme’ wale bande who had come to swindle ASR and rob ARD through a business deal when all of a sudden Khushi started talking about aloo and pyaas in the conference room?

Apparently, it was Akash’s fault that he did not perform a background check on them.

But that is again impossible for a firm like ARD. There is absolutely no chance that a successful firm like theirs depends on only the assistant head/CEO (dunno Akash’s position in the firm) to perfrom background checks on clients. Generally, they have a committee or the head manager (i.e. Aman) performs a detailed report on the company they are dealing with (including profit rate, development, markets etc.)

So technically speaking the Sethi brothers would not have even made it to ARD unless they were 100% authentic.

I would have probably accepted this company swindling matter if the company in questions was not ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’s’ company.

Obviously, this implies that we would have not got to see the beautiful ‘Bin tumhare bole, hum samajhgaye’ track that was purposefully introduced to facilitate the progress of the Sethi brother track and the lovely scenes which followed.

3) ASR would never have made it to Lakshminagar without his bodyguards

I’d like to remind all of you of the image ASR was projected to have in the beginning - the most eligible bachelor in town, most successful businessman, one of the richest men etc. Basically, he was someone who girls would fall for and media will pursue for even the littlest gossip.

Then, how did he manage to avoid the girls of Lakshminagar and the neighbouring ‘mohalla’ from coming to know who he is with his handsomely huge cars?

Or how come we got to see no media people covering Preeto’s wedding because our munda ASR was present in it?

How come the media never came to know who ASR’s wife Khushi Gupta was? We had breaking news coverage for Lavanya and Arnav’s engagement but we never had any for ArSHi wedding, why?

Technically speaking, we should have had one, if this was the real world. Then aain, if we had the news coverage, then, the Mrs. India track would practically make no sense because the judges and contestants alike would know who Khushi Gupta was!

4) Khushi wouldn’t have fallen into the car boot before the Nainital trip

If we remember correctly, how Khushi fell into the car boot, we’d probably be laughing at the improbability of such a situation.

She was fixing some tiffin box deep inside the boot (she could have put it in the front of the boot as well, but then again she is psychotic Khushi so the folly is accepted) and she hit her head with the cover of the boot while getting up.

In such cases, the upper torso of her body would have fallen into the boot but the remaining part of the body would be outside the car. Either, she would remain in that position or she would slowly slip outside the boot and fall to the ground. This is speaking from the ‘Physics’ point of view.

But what happened contradicted the science of the planet. She fell into the boot as if it was some deep abyss. How is that even possible?

But if Khushi had not fallen into the boot, we would have not had the hilarious yet romantic awakening of love between Arnav and Khushi in Nainital.

5) Sheetal couldn’t have possibly stalked ASR without his security personnel knowing.

I still don’t quite understand how Sheethal managed to place Aarav’s suit order with the same tailor as Khushi did and managed to pay the kidnappers to fake-kidnap Aarav at Bhindi Bazaar where Khushi and Arnav had decided to spend their day.

How did she manage to stalk him? As far as I remember, they did not reveal their location to anyone. So unless Sheethal placed a chip in ASR’s car/Khushi’s car by opening it like a thief or she stalked them by trailing them, this would not have been possible.

In either cases, the security guards of ASR would have definitely known what is happening to their car outside RM or they would have noticed the stalker car. This is in assumption of the fact that ASR is rich enough to have enough and efficient security.

But, then again, if Sheethal hadn’t entered RM, we wouldn’t have had the ArShi Vishwas pariksha.

6) Airport’s CCTV footage is not kept in a shabby cottage with just one security guard.

How did Khushi realize her husband was kidnapped? She managed to hit the security guard on the head with a danda and voila the entire CCTV footage hut was hers.

It’s common logic that any nation’s airport CCTV footage contains highly sensitive and important information which cannot and definitely will not be in an area with only one security guard who either falls asleep or easily gets hit in the head. Please note the stress on the fact that there is only ONE guard.

Such a place will have a CCTV camera of its own and Khushi would most probably be arrested in a day for sneaking into the CBI and other secret agencies treasure box of information.

How she managed to dodge all of this is something, I fail to understand!

Had Khushi not have reached the extremely accessible CCTV area hut, she would have never found out that Arnav was kidnapped and would probably be in some delusion for a longer period of time.

7) Time taken to convert kerosene bottles to water is not 5 minutes.

Remember the finale of the kidnapping track where Khushi had traced the location of Arnav from the favourite restaurant of the kidnappers?

Arnav was almost cornered and the maing guy had threatened to burn the entire place with fire fuelled by the kerosene sprinkled everywhere. The assistant kidnappers brought the kerosene in a jeep and then went in for a while and in dashing macho style returned in almost 5 minutes. If my memory is not playing games with me, there were atleast 10 big kerosene bottles in the jeep which was at quite some distance from Khushi’s hiding place.

She magically managed to remove the kerosene from every single kerosene bottle and fill it with water from a single thin water hose (Note the use of single and thin), all within five minutes!

Jai Ho Devi maiyya ki! Or else, this chamatkaar is not humanly possibly!

If Gul had wasted time in showing a more time-taking distraction, the kerosene would left unconverted or the essence of the scene would have died. In either cases, ASR’s comeback would have been a failure!

8) Mrs. India had extremely shabby execution!

 I am sure everyone agrees with me for this point. If you look up any website, you’ll see how important and grand the Mrs. India contest is. It’s a parallel for the Ms. India contest but for married or divorced women.

It has almost similar rounds to Ms. India but what were we shown? AN introduction round, a talent round, a family round and a final catwalk round - and voila, the heroine became the winner!

In an actual fashion contest, the catwalk is far more fashionable and people like Khushi would not even pass the first round even if her answer had spunk and she had a genuine motive. The platform is far bigger with media coverage and the stage is atleast three to four times longer. Besides, the judging panel is bigger and the number of fashion designers working on the models is a lot more.

What we were dished out was an extremely poor and shabby contest, by ARD standards and real world standards.

Then again, if this wasn’t the condition, we would never have had the lovey dovey moments we got!

9) Wind does not change its direction because of one person

We have all seen Khushi’s dupatta flying or her hair flying backward or heard the silent gush of wind when Arnav enters the same room/hall/ location as Khushi whether it was indoors or outdoors.

For all the people who have paid attention in their science classes will know, that wind changes due to pressure gradient and not due to the arrival of a handsome business tycoon.

I don’t need to add the add the if statement here because without the wind, half the sensuous scenes wouldn’t even be worth watching.

10) Rabba Ves lasting 45 seconds or more are extremely rare or mostly impossible.

I have saved the best for the last!

Try this experiment at home! Just turn someone all of a sudden and try to stare into their eyes for at least 30 seconds.

You’ll realize that your staring session is interrupted by the hurricane of questions that will follow. What happened? Is everything alright? Why are you staring so weird;y? Tell me honey, are you fine? so on and so forth.

The fact that two people who hated each other so much managed to have Rabba Ves for more than 160 seconds surprises me because it’s nto possible in our world.

Again, no if statement because without Rabba Ves, IPKKND would not be….aah, let’s not talk about it! ;P


I am not trying to belittle a serial which gave me so much or I am not trying to demean it in any manner. In fact, half the points mentioned here are applicable to almost every other serial.

This is purely a fun post pointing out the discrepancies between telly world and real world. All I am trying to say through this post is that no matter how hard we try, the love stories we see on television can never be recreated into real life. The jolt back to reality is far too strong.

Most of them defy natural logic and practicality yet I shall continue to devour them with all my heart. No matter how they are, they still offer a lot of entertainment and I am up for grabs. I guess I am turning into one of the TRP aunties…Gaah! Someone save me!

Once again, if this post has offended anyone, I am terribly sorry!

Please do leave behind your views...appreciation and criticism are welcomed with open hearts!

With loads of love,

Cool Cat

PS - Doctorji, once again, a very Happy Birthday to you! May you get all the love and success in life!

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