Virtual Voyage did not miss opportunity of bringing stalwarts of various fields before i

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Sep 2, 2014

Virtual Voyage did not miss opportunity of bringing stalwarts of various fields before i (By virtual Voyage)

Virtual Voyage did not miss opportunity of bringing 

stalwarts of various fields before its students

Brought Mr. Ashutosh, Ex Editor in chief, IBN 7 and present Aam Aadmi Party 

politician to share his experience with its media students in a workshop, 

organized on 30th

, 2014: Virtual Voyage, an institute of Design, Media & Management of 

Indore, August 3oth

Indore, continues to create interest in its students, by inviting different famous and successful 

icons from the world of Art and media. This act connects the students with icons easily as 

they both interact on their queries in a different environment. Menaka Premkumar, the 

famous Designer of the country had visited Virtual Voyage on 27th

workshop, where she spoke on the elements of fashion and fashion forecasting. The workshop 

was successful in its endeavors and today, Mr. Ashutosh, Ex Editor-in chief IBN 7 and present 

politician AAP visited the institute to address its media students. The workshop was a great 


Shri Abhay Jain, Director, Virtual Voyage says “We at Virtual Voyage believe in making familiar 

our students with celebrities of art and media management. Today Mr. Ashutosh, the well 

known personality of our country in journalism and politics visited our institute and shared his 

experience with our media students. I am sure that our media students have certainly been 

benefitted with his guidance. “ 

Ashutosh is one of the renowned and admired faces of Indian TV journalism known for his 

knowledge and integrity. He pioneered a style which has inspired a whole generation of 

anchors. It was an unbiased discussion on the day’s main news and brought into focus various 

views on the topic and shook governments, helped change policies and decisions. 

In January 2014, after a successful career in journalism, Ashutosh joined the Aam Aadmi Party 

for a more direct participation in the movement for change that he truly believed in. Political 

activism has afforded him the chance to connect with people at the grass root level and work 

towards the change he and others like him wanted to see in India’s future. His journalism 

background assists him here in sifting through the milieu of problems and attacking the issues 


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