Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love

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Sep 17, 2014

Unwritten Destiny-Found My Love (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 87 times)

Twinkle Twinkle little star,


Oh, my friends, how you are?


To read a joint venture all of u we inviting,


Which Krithika_Rshi with Sanchita Presenting.


"Unwritten Destiny - Found My Love" is the name,


We hope you will shower your love the way same.


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Hello all arshi fans….how r u??? I hope u like the poem which I have posted above….!! By now u must have guessed wat im upto by reading that poem…!! Me and my sweetest darling-sanchii are planning to write a collab on arshi….!! We r proudly able to saying that we completed total 2000 comments on one post in fb….lol we have written a short story in those comments….!! Hahahaha from that incident only we got an idea of writing a collab in myeduniya and so we r here presenting the theme of our collab….!!


Ek ladka hai….bahuth handsome hai…not only facially but also from heart….!! He is none other than ASR-Arnav Singh Raizada….!! how will girls able to concentrate on their studies if this guy become a lecturer in their college??!!! Of course many girls start to drool over him but here arnav who don’t even like these type of drooling over him said a lie that he is married…..!! Poor girls got  heartbroken…!! Arnav is not interested to even think about any girl who proposes him….to b frank any girl who have crush on him failed to gain his attention over her….!! but all girls will b same??? No right??? There is a girl who gains the attention of ASR among whole students….!! The girl gains the handsome hunk’s attention,,,,means she must b somewhat special and have something within herself right??? wat might b her speciality to gain his attention??? To know keep in touch…!!!


Ummmm….is this confusing???? I mean the above paragraph??? Ok ok…let me tell the theme straightly…!! In our story arnav is a lecturer and khushi is a final year student….!! How their destiny make them to tie forever in their life as soul mates and how arnav found his love will b the story…!! Finally it’s a “UNWRITTEN DESTINY-FOUND MY LOVE” (by krithika_Rshi and Sanchita)


P.S : the poem in the start of this post is written by sanchita…and the theme of this story is purely her’s…!! it will b more interesting with little twists…!! Keep in touch…!! The first update and character sketch will b updated soon by sanchita…!! Kindly let us know about ur views and opinions about this theme….!! Thank u…!!


With love…


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like the theme
continue soon....awesome theme
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Sep 18, 2014

Chapter one (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 128 times)

Helloooooo Arshians. How are you alllll As all of you already know what we, Me & my friend Krithi upto... yessssss we are presenting a joint venture.... She has already introduced the theme of this story in a wonderful way.... So without starting my blabbering I am presenting the first chapter....

Chapter One

“Plzzzzz Mamma…” Khushi told her mother, Garima irritated, who was behind her to show a boy’s photo which came for her alliance…

 “Beta, atleast look at the picture…” Garima again tried to show her the picture…

“Mamma, how many times I need to tell you that I don’t want to marry NOW…” Khushi finally burst out…

“But Beta…” Garima tried to tell something but was cut off in the middle by Khushi, “Hey Devi Maiya…  Mamma plzzz stop… I am just 20.. I don’t want to bind myself in the 7 rounds of marriage in such a young age….”

“We know beta…” Garima cupped her face & told, “You are too young to get married.. Me & your papa too don’t want your marriage this time beta… But you know na Your Bua ji is so ill. She wants to see your marriage..” She tried to make Khushi understand..

“No Mamma… I don’t want it..” She said stubbornly while walking towards her room…….

Garima was no less… Infact Khushi got this stubbornness as inheritance from Garima… She smiled as she remembered what she did with her parents when they had fixed her marriage with Mr. Gupta, who was now Khushi’s father…  She started to follow her while telling, “You know the boy is a professor..” trying to impress her daughter…

But khushi gave her a ‘I-am-not-interested’ look…. In the meantime they reached her room… “You know, his name is A…………………………” Garima tried to tell her the name of the name of the alliance but Khushi closed the door with a bang in front of her….

Khushi sat on her bed feeling relieved as she could not hear her mother’s voice any more..   “Thank you Devi Maiya…” she quickly prayed to God… “Today I saved myself.. But don’t know what will be tomorrow… Devi maiya, plzzzz be with me….” Afer talking to herself & her Devi Maiya, she drifted into sleep….”

Presenting  Sanaya Irani as Khushi Gupta…..

A student of  English literature…. A bubbly, chirpy, naughty but kind hearted girl.. She is very stubborn….. Modern yet traditional.. Like her name she always spreads warmth & smiles wherever she goes… Though she brought up in a rich family, she never gives priority to power & money …. Love her family…

preasenting Pyumori Mehta as Khushi’s Mother, Garima Gupta……

A modern yet traditional lady… she considers self respect & family honour the top most priority… Love her family very much….


“Chote, I want to talk to you…” Anjali Singh Raizada told her brother who was working in his room…

“Yeah di… Tell na….” he answered still engrossing in his work… Anjali frowned looking at him…

“Chote, will you listen or will I go?” Anjali threatened to her brother Arnav Singh Raizada… In short ASR… And it worked, Arnav looked at his di while kept aside his work….

“Okay di.. Tell now.. I am listening…” he answered..

Anjali smiled & sat beside him… “you know chote, I love this city…” she started… To which Arnav raised his one eye brow and asked him, “You again bring an alliance for me?”

Anjali nodded innocently and spoke, “what to do chote.. I want you to be married… That’s why I bring alliances but you always rejected..” she pouted cutely…

“And like all the time this will also go to my reject list…” Arnav thought… “But di..” he tried to tell something but Anjali made him stop, “Chote atleast you need to see her photo… ” Arnav was about to tell something but again cut off by Anjali, “You promised me that you will fulfill all my wishes…”

“Ha.. I am regretting now to promise like that” Arnav muttered which was loud enough to heard by Anjali…

She made a face.. “So that’s final that you will marry the girl” she chirped..

“What the…..” Arnav uttered instantly in shock as soon as he heard his sister.. But Anjali ignored him… “So chote.. what were you doing?” she asked changing the topic…

“I was arranging all the documents & which I need to submit tomorrow di.” He answered...

“Oh.. so you are joining from tomorrow?” asked Anjali to which he nodded…

“okay… good night chote..” “good night di” both the siblings wished each other....


Presenting Daljeet Bhanot as Anjali Singh Raizada

She is a very sweet lady of 27… Live with her brother Arnav.. Runs their family business.. You can imagine her as a business woman too… She is unmarried… Love her brother very much. He is the only family to her as their parents died in a plane crash…….


“Hey Devi Maiya… I am again late… I am late in the first day of my final year… Today Sharma sir won’t leave me… Raksha karna Devi maiya…” Khushi muttered while rushing towards her class room.. She felt relieved when she saw  that Sharma sir didn’t enter in the class yet…

“Hey Khushi….” Payal raised her hand making it easy for her to locate her in the crowds’ full class room…

After locating Khushi sat with her gang… “you know Sharma sir won’t take our class… he had transferred.. In his place one new professor is coming..” Her friend NK broke the news…

“you know I heard that he is very hot & Se*y..” Payal chirped….

“so what… We came here to study & learning… Not to drool over the professors….” Khushi shushed them all with her one answer….


Khushi’s eyes got widen when Arnav came to their class... “Oh god… He is terribly hot & se*y… Payal was bang on CORRECT” thought Khushi…. Arnav stood at the front of the class room… His electrified brown eyes looking over the students….

“Hello class… I am ASR… and I will be your literature professor from now on…” he introduced himself to his students, “So… I’ll start by the attendance, and when I call your name you need to tell something about you with your date of birth…” he told with a smooth deep voice…

Arnav continued with the names while Khushi just sat on the middle row with her best friends, Payal, Akash, Nk & Lavanya….

Khushi was too busy ogling that she had not realized he had said her name until Lav nudged her… “Miss Khushi Gupta…” Arnav called out…

“Miss Khushi Gupta..” He again called irritatingly not getting answered…

“Pre…..present… sir…” she answered timidly….

When Arnav looked at the owner of the voice his world stopped…  He could not take his eyes off from her… Her innocent eyes had some spark which did not make Arnav to remove his eyes from her….   A smirked overtaking is irritated expression.. 

“Are you going to have us wait all the day for your intro?” he asked smirking, “Or just continued ogling over me?”

Khushi’s eyes became widen when her mouth took a shape of ‘O’  “Me? Ogling over you? That’s impossible SIR & funny too..” She scoffed loudly..

The class was just gasped hearing her… She looked at Arnav & his looks made her stomach as a dance floor for the butterflies…. Arnav was shocked plus surprised by her sudden outburst… But he quickly composed himself…. “I’ll see you after college.. For now just proceed with your answer ” Arnav told her smirking…

“What the hell… How can he give me a detention of the first day of my final year” thought Khushi…

Shooting a deadly glare, not wanting to argue,she went with her answers..

“My name is Khushi Gupta.. I HATE arrogant people… I love children… I love my parents… My fav color is white”

Arnav nodded his head in approval and continued to call out names until the end… “Okay… Before I go to detailing the study anyone wanna know anything about me? ” he asked…. Arnav saw almost every girls hand shot up ofcourse except Khushi… So he chose someone near Khushi….

“How old are you?” Khushi noticed the voice was one of her best friend Payal… She rolled her eyes, “Hey Devi Maiya… What’s she doing” thought Khushi….

“I am twenty five..” Arnav stated with a smirk glancing at Khushi & pointed out at the next person, “Yes?”

“Are you single?” now Khushi notice the voice was the college **** Sheetal…

There was an intense silence… Everyone was waiting for his simple answer even surprisingly Khushi too…. “No… I am engaged..” he spoke out… All the girls let out a disappointed sigh while guyz sighed with relief….



Presenting Barun Sobti as Arnav Singh Raizada….

He is a professor of English literature… Love his di, Anjali who is the only family to him…. All the gentle men qualities had treasured in him… some time became arrogant… Over protective to his loved ones…

Sooo guyssss that's all for today.......

How's it? eagerly waiting for your comments............ Hope I did not disappoint you... & I think that you guyss also won't disappoint us..... Happy reading......

Thank You

With Love


Sep 19, 2014

Chapter 2... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 132 times)

Thanks a lot for ur comments dears…! I am sooo hapy so here im giving a longgggg update…I hope u al like it…do read it and drop ur comments…!! Here goes the update..!


“No I was engaged” he spoke out…all the girls let out a disappointed sigh while guys sighed with relief…!! Arnav can easily notice the disappointment in many girls and relief among guys…he smirked himself….! Unknown to him, his eyes scanned khushi once…she sat there with a smile if we said correctly, she is giggling seeing many girls state when he said he was engaged…!! Arnav is really amazed seeing her…he didn’t see any girl like her before…she sat with just giggling and few min back she answered him little rudely too….!! He in fact like that nature…!! Actually till now he don’t know what destiny had planned…!! After few seconds, all students come out of their emotions either happy or disappointment…!

Arnav: so, lets start the class wat say???

“noooooooooooo” is the only word that have come from all most all students instantly and simultaneously…!! Of course some students are exception for this…!! Arnav just giggled seeing their response…he can understand that this is his first day in college as well as those students too so obviously they are unwilling to listen class…!!

“ok…!! so….wat should we do?? There is still 15 min left for the completion of class??” he asked normally scanning the whole class….!! All the students first felt relief as he is not going to teach them that English literature today…! But they themselves don’t know how to pass this time…of course many girls are already busy ogling at him…!! To break the silence of the class room he again start to ask…

Arnav: ok then….if any of u want to ask me any other question???

As soon as he asked this question, a hand rose up immediately….!! By seeing the owner of that hand arnav just giggled himself having a small smirk on his face…!! That hand is none other than lavanya’s hand…!!

Prsenting lavanya kashyap, one of close friends of khushi….same age as khushi and about she is the one of main roles of this story…!! A nice girl and thinks arnav as….ummmm no I wont tell now…!! Keep reading and u will came to know in this update only about the relation between lavanya and arnav…!!

Arnav: yes….wat do u want to ask me?? (he said giving her a small smile…ufff he don’t know how many girls hearts got skipped seeing that small smile on his lips….many girls just kept on ogling at him….!! )

Lavanya: sir…do u have any sisters?? (she asked stressing the word SIR)

Arnav: (he just have given her a smirk and spoke out) ya I have one sibling, she is my elder sister, her name is Anjali…!!(saying this he once take a look at lavanya to see her glaring at him for few seconds) and……I have one another sister….even though she is not related to me through blood, she used to call me as bhayya from her child hood and used to tie rakhi my wrist every year…!! (he continued with a bright smile on his face) and I always treats her like my OWN SISTER…!! (he take a look towards lavanya and) is there any other question u want to ask LAVANYA??? (he said with a smile which reaches his eyes)

All the students INCLUDING khushi just looking at him with O-shaped mouth as he mentioned her directly with name…!!

“kya memory power hai yaar….he just saw her for one time when he took out attendance and he still remember her name???!!!! oh my god….!!” Payal blurted out little loud making all class to look at her including arnav…!! Payal just biting her tongue but all agreed with her as they too agreed with her words…!! But on the other hand, arnav and lavanya just giggling themselves…!! Khushi, who is sitting beside lavanya saw her giggling and signaled her “wat happened” through her eyes…!! Lavanya just signelled her that “I will tell u later”…khushi just nodded her head…!!

soon the class got over and then gang of khushi, lavanya, NK, payal and akash moved to canteen…!!



(at canteen)

The five friends settled themselves at a table which contained SIX chairs…!!

Khushi: lavanya why were u giggling in the class???? (khushi asked finally breaking her excitement)

Lavanya was about to tell but she stopped hearing NK’s shout “look at there”…! All of them looked towards where NK’s finger is pointing and gasping on seeing their new English literature PROFFESSOR entering into the canteen while talking his phone…!! Before their reaction, lavanya just stood up and shouted “arnav bhai”….!! All students in canteen who are by now looking at the handsome hunk just screamed a big “watttttttttt” which cause arnav to stumble in his step too…!! Then he scanned the whole canteen and lacated lavanya who is already giggling like him seeing the reaction of all those people in canteen…!! Within some seconds, he reached lavanya…!!

Lavanya: bhai….wat r u doing here in canteen??? U must b supposed to b in staff room na…!!

Arnav: ya lav but I thought to visit the whole college, im visiting this canteen too…!!

Lavanya: that’s soooo nice bhai…come on sit na…I will introduce my friends too…!! (saying this she pointed out a vacant chair which is exactly opposite to khushi)

Khushi, payal, NK, akash just kept on looking at them with wide eyes and wide mouths…!!

Payal: NK, am I seeing a dream??? (she asked slowly watching their conversation)

As an answer she got a pinch from akash which cause her to come out of shock…!! She just kept of rubbing her arm which is burning due to his strong pinch…!! By now arnav already settled on chair and just scanning lavanya’s friends and there she found khushi who is exactly opposite him but she is just looking at lavanya with her beautiful big walnut eyes…!! He can guess that they all are still in shock so he signaled lavanya something…!!

Lavanya: so bhai let me introduce u…these are my close friends..! (saying this she told their names…!)

 And when khushi name came she just kept on looking here and there with nervous…!! She didn’t expect in her wild dreams that he will b lav’s brother…!!  He expected what is she thinking about and with a smirk he said “hi khushi” to her…!!

Payal: but lav….u r the only child for ur parents na???

Lavanya: ya but…

Khushi: she has one brother who is her neighbor….(khushi expected…y cant she after all she is her close friend)

Lavanya: yes ur right khushi…u r too intelligent..!! ya guys u remember I used to say that I tie rakhi to bhai and he gifted me various gifts??? He is none other than arnav bhai…!!

NK: so u intentionally asked sir that question in classroom even though u know about him??

Lav: yes NK….i wanted to know y ur SIR will answer for that question….if he didn’t tell about me in class then I must have created a big scene in evening near Anjali dii…!! (she said with smirk)

Arnav: but I didn’t give u that chance….!!

Akash: means u treat lav as ur own sister??? That’s so nice sir…!!

Arnav: hey akash…u know na this is canteen so u can call me as ASR…no need of calling as SIR…! Vise….im just 25….5 years elder than u so….!! But do call me as SIR in class….bcoz my reputation will damage if u call me like that in class….!! (he said with a giggle)

NK: ASR, u r talking soooo freely at first meeting only…(he said with a smile)

Lavanya: ha NK….he is not that much ARROGANT…! (she stressed eyeing at khushi with giggle)

Khushi just bit her tongue knowing very well that lavanya is pointing her to pull her leg….!! There arnav is already looking at her with a smirk on his face…!! So she hides herself behind a book and kept on cursing herself for behaving like that in class…!!

“hey devimayya…wats this?? Don’t know wat r u planning with my life I even didn’t expected that he will b lav’s brother….! And now he wont leave me…he also told in class na that he will see me after college…now wat to do???” (she is biting her nails…her face is still behind the book hiding herself from arnav’s view…unknown to her, arnav is just enjoying her every antic…!! While payal who sat beside khushi just giggling seeing her expressions behind the book…!! Khushi gave her a deathly glare and so she stopped her giggle…!!

ab chal khushi….escape from here before he talk to u about the incident that happened in class….varna don’t know wat will happen” thinking herself like this, she stood up from chair and turned to her friends, she said “im going to library I need to submit book…I will met u after that” saying this in one go, she almost run from there towards library…!! She even didn’t dare to look into his molten eyes even for once…!! Arnav just giggled with amu****t seeing her departure in such a hurry….!!

Arnav: lav….y r u saying like that…poor she got tensed thinking wat will I do..!!

Lav: don’t worry bhai I always do like this, pulling her legs…!! (she said but she is surprised how her bhai came to know about the inner thought of khushi…!!)


After some minutes, arnav too left canteen saying that he is going to visit remaining college…!!

 He visited play ground, auditorium and finally he move towards library after half an hour…!!



(at library)

The library is soooo calm and peaceful as usual…! Khushi is searching for some novel to read…!! she already searched two shelves and this is third shelf…!! Finally she finds out the book in a row…!! “thank u devimayya” she thought herself and try to remove that book from that shelf….!! But it didn’t come out…!! She again tired it with little more energy…still it didn’t come out…!! “whats this??? Y is this book is not coming??? Try it again khushi…it must have got stick to the shelf” her crazy brain thought and she again tired with much more energy still it didn’t come from shelf….!! “hey devimayya wats this??? Did this book have powers like harry potter!!??? Y isn’t it coming when im pulling this out???” she gulped little thinking that that book have some super natural powers…!! Without losing her hope she again tried to pull that book out…!! But what she don’t know is arnav too pulling that book at that same time on other side of shelf…!! She don’t know that the book don’t have super natural powers but as arnav and khushi both are pulling it out at the same time with the same force its not coming out of shelf…!! Yes  they are pulling at the same time unknown to them…!! Finally arnav got annoyed and left the book and as khushi is already pulling it with force on the other side of shelf, she got down along with some books with a thud…!!

Listening the sound arnav went to other side of shelf only to see khushi gathering those fallen books from ground…!! “khushi” he called out and she got scared with sudden voice and on seeing him in front of her, she again drop down those books causing sound again in that peaceful and silent atmosphere…!! Now he bent down and collecting those books to help her…she gulped seeing him,,,this cause a smirk on his lips…!! By then the librarian reached there and began to scold them for being so careless in library…!!

“madam, he is professor” khushi told stammering…!! “watttt???” is the only word escaping from her voice…!!

“yes madam…I joined today only….im new English literature professor…came here to visit books in library” he explained himself..!

“oh im sorry sir…I thought u as a student” the librarian spoke out…!! “call me arnav madam…im very younger than u…u can call me by name” he showed his respect towards that elder librarian…! She as well as khushi got impressed by his soft nature…!!

“khushi cant u see and take the book out carefully??” the librarian asked with anger in her voice…!!

“she is not at fault madam….those books got down from my hand and she is helping me…im so sorry I didn’t expect those books to fallen on ground creating such a big sound” he said with very nice tone that melted librarian’s anger instantly…!

“its ok arnav no problem” said librarian…!!

“ummm….we will arrange them at their place madam…!!” he told her and she just nodde her head with a smile and left from there…!!

Khushi is arranging those fallen books again at their place and arnav is helping her…!! She is still nervous for her outburst in class so is not looking at him at all while he is enjoying her nervous and smirking himself….!!

After arranging she left the library immediately without even saying “thanks” to him…!! He too left after completing checking of books in library…!!


Soon college got over and all students went to their houses…!!



(at nyt)

(in RM)

Lavanya who’s house is just beside RM entered into RM after her dinner…!! She called out “diiii” little loud…!! Anjali came out from kitchen…!

Anjali: arey lavanya….kya hua?? Y r u screaming like that????

Anjali: or wat else diii??? I wanna know something….when did ur chote got engaged with out out knowledge??? (she asked with smirk)

Anjali, who is drinking water just got chocked it out and said “wat the”

“diii that’s my line” said arnav with a smirk while descending from stairs…!!

Anjali: chote…wats this??? Ye lavanya kya keh rahe hai??? (she asked with confusion)

Lavanya: I will tell dii but before that tell me y didn’t u tell me that bhai is going to join in OUR College only???

 Arnav: oyyy lavanya….me only asked her to not say it to u….i thought to give u a surprise…!! (he said settled in sofa in living room)

Lavanya: surprise??? Ya u have given me surprises…plural bhai…!! First I got surprise when I saw u in our classroom and later another surprise when u told that u were engaged!!!

Anjali: wat???? He told he was engaged??? (she got shocked)

Lav: ha dii…when that sheetal asked him is he single, he told he was engaged…!! (she said rolling her eyes)

Anjali: really??? But y did u said like that chote??

Arnav: or else wat to do dii??? U know na when I was working in another college almost all girls start to droll over me on knowing that im single…that’s y when that girls asked me am I single, I told her that I was engaged…!! Vise seems like that sheetal was all ready to drool over me so I said lie…!!

Lavanya: ya bhai…u did a good job…!!

Arnav: thank u thank u…(he said rolling his eyes)

Anjali: but u know wat lavanya, I found one bride for him…!! (she said exciting while arnav just rolled his eyes and he kept busy himself in reading magazine unable to hear those chatting)

Lav: really dii??? Who is she??(she asked exciting)

Anjali: wait I will show u her photo…! (with that she went and bring her photograph and handed it to lav)

“wat the” lavanya exclaimed….! “hey y r u copying my line???” asked arnav irritating…!

“bhai have u seen her pic??” she asked him with surprising…!!

“no…y r u asking that???” he asked with surprise…!

“bhai se her pic” with that she showed him the bride pic…!

“wat the” escaped from his mouth seing khushi’s pic as bride..!! she is in his favourite red color sari…!! To b frank he just kept on loking at her pic…!! Suddenly lavanya jumped in her place..!

Lavanya: dii…she is my best friend khushi…she is sooo nice girl…perfect match to bhai…!! Wowww she will b my bhabhi soon..! (she is jumping up and down like a kid while Anjali just looking at her with a smile…! But arnav is in dep thought…!

Lavanya: bhai…wat r u thinking???

Arnav: lavanya…I cant marry her…!

Lavanya: wat?? But y?? u don’t like her?

Arnav: not like that lavanya…she is my student…how can I marry her?? (he is hesitated) wat wil al students and staf think about me?? They will think that instead of taking literature classes I am taking love classes…I don’t want those type of remarks on me…!! (he told with fallen face)

Lavanya: (she sat beside him) bhai…y r u thinking like that??? Nobody can say any remark on u…!! as u know this is not love marriage na…before she become ur student her parents decided to make her as ur bride…! Today due to destiny u met her…! And I assure bhai…u both are soulmates…that’s y u told about her inner thought in canteen u remember??? (he is thinking…”yes whatever lav is saying is also truth”) and im sure she will b a god life partner..! (she turned towards Anjali) u know di she is soooo helpful and nice girl and simple and dedicated and talented to and she is the toper of our college…! (she turned towards arnav) and bhai…she is not those type of girl who droll over u…!! plz bhai think once…! She is so nice girl..!!

Arnav is thinking…”ya ok I will marry her but I wanted to know about her and I don’t want her to know that im the groom only” said arnav finally agreeing for his marriage…!! Lavanya is in clound nine imagining her bhai’s marriage that too with her best friend…! “thank u sooooo much bhai…finally u r agreeing for marriage….im soooo happy and don’t worry I will make u to know about khushi” she said with a bright smile….!! After chitchatting for a while lav went to her house to sleep biding gud nyt to her brother and sister…!!




That’s all for today girls….i hope its not that much bad…! *finger crossed* I tired my best to describe each scene clearly and if u have any doubts plz let me know I will explain….!! I almost typed it for 2 and half hours…so if there are any grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes, ignore them….! Plzz drop ur comments and press thank u buttons…ur comments means a lot to us…!! We try to update as soon as possible…!! Till then have a nice time…!!


@sanchi….girl u almost gave me heart attack with previous update…;) hahaha I mean by seing khushi’s favorite color I was like ‘wat the’…I just rooted to my spot…!! Girl u rocked it….! Read this update and let me know hows it ok??


With love…



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awesome continue soon
Sep 20, 2014

thank u from Kithika_Rshi (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 80 times)

OMG....!!!! really girls u made me speechless with ur comments....thanks alottttttttt from bottom of my heart...!! i didnt even expect these many comments in my dreams too....!!! thank u sooooooooooo much for ur encourising...! actually i was so scared to update the story about ur response but finally u girls made my day special and awesome with ur comments....! thanks once again...ur comments means alot for us...

@Nano123...thanks for ur comments dear...im glad that u like the update 

@kalai....thanks for ur comments diii....hahaah u saw arnav as external for khushi's viva??? hahaha no problem we will think of using it too...!! 

@lucky...thanks for ur comments dear....im glad that u like the update

@sadiya....im sure one day me and sanchii will faint for sure bcoz of ur praises 

@Aminak13...thanks dear...im glad u like the story line 

@wow...thanks for ur comment dear....we will try to give long updates dear

@ana...hahahah ana....tum bhi na....if u have this type of professor in ur collage then instead of listening his class u must have kept on staring at him ;) hai na??? 8-)

@Mitaarshi...thanks for ur comment dear...we will continue soon....

thanks to all who press thank u buttons and to silent readers too...! next update will b given by sanchi may b tomorrow itself...! once again thanks alot for ur response...actually yesterday i type that long update for almost 2.30 hours...i even left my another story and typed it as i felt STRONG argue to update it...!

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Sep 21, 2014

Chapter Three (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 120 times)

Hello Every bodyyyyyyyyyyyyy  Seeing your response in this story we are very happy......... So to express our happiness I thought to update a looonnnggggg update today...

Chapter Three

It was past of mid night… The normal people of the world were sleeping…  So that Lavanya too was sleeping in her room on her queen sized bed… Suddenly she felt something crawled on her… She woke up with a jerk & found a little baby was crawling on her… she immediately recognized the baby… A smile took place on her lips… “Hey baby… where is your MAMMA KHUSHI & PAPA ARNAV BHAI?” she spoke out while took the baby on her lap… The baby gave her a toothy smile without any tooth… Lav instantly pecked her on her cheek to which she giggled… Suddenly she felt something wet on her lap and she was shocked knowing that the baby just wet her cloth… “Oh God” she spoke out with irritation & placing the baby to bed she about to get down from the bed but in hurry she fell down… “AAAAHHHHHH” she screamed loudly…. & found herself on the ground…

Then she remembered what she saw in her dream…… DREAM…. Yes… She saw a DREAM… “Bhagwan ji.. What you have done with me…” she giggled… “hahaha.. I have seen a dream of Arnav Bhai & Khushi’s child… hahaha” she again giggled, “If I tell this to Arnav bhai then he will be faint that time itself… ” She laughed out loud…. And thinking about the dream & what would be the reaction of Khushi & Arnav if she told them about her dream, she drifted into sleep….


“Chote… Jaldi karo… I have a meeting today…. ” Anjali told to her brother while feeding him his breakfast… “Hmmm…” Arnav answered engrossing into a novel… Anjali nodding her head hoplessly……

“Hey Bhagwan… Chote you won’t be changed na… From childhood itself you are same while started reading something you won’t stop until it finished…” She told adoring her brother… “Btw what are you reading?” she asked him but got nothing as answer… So she saw the books name peeping in it…. “Hey bhagwan… Chote, you are reading this from morning onwards..” She remarked surprisingly as he was reading ‘Paradise Lost-Book IV’.. She thought how could he be so engrossed on that book…. A naughty idea came to her mind, “Btw chote… Do you imagine You and Khushi ji in the place of Adam & Eve?” she teased and giggled… Arnav’s eyes got widen hearing this…


“Di….” He looked at her horrified…. “Di… You are too much..” saying this he packed his book in his bag, gulping the remaining food & went from there not to show his blushing face to her to be teased again but to his bad luck He met Lavanya on their main gate….

“Hey Bhai.. Where are you going now??”  Lav asked surprisingly as there was still has much time to the college start…. “I… I… have some work..” Arnav answered stammering which made Lav shock….. “bhai… are you okay?” She asked with her eyes widen thinking why on the earth ASR is stammering then suddenly her noticed something  & asked “What’s that on your cheek…” “What??????” Arnav asked wondering while touching his cheek…. “Wo… something red… red….” She told… “It’s… It’s nothing….” Answered Arnav & hurriedly went from there…

“Thanked God… I saved myself from the crazy sister of mine.. Or else they have cme to know I was blushing…” thought Arnav while sat on his car…


Khushi, Lavanya, Payal entered in the college campus together…. They were giggling & chatting with each other…  Suddenly Khushi bumped with someone & her & that person’s books fell down on the ground…. All look at the person and fond that it was Sheetal…

“Bloody Blind… Do not you see while walking?” Sheetal bursted out to Khushi…. Khushi was about to say something but before her Lav snapped to her, “Mind your language Miss Sheetal Kapoor…” “Lav, leave it… You know na what type of girl she is..” Khushi tried to calm Lav down… Sheetal glared at Khushi & asked her “What do you mean?” in full rage… “We know what type of girl you are & why you asked ASR sir whether he is single or not… & even we know with how many guys you slept in their bed…” Payal answered in full rage as she could not tolerate the insult of her friends which made Sheetal totally mad & she raised her hand to slap Payal but Khushi caught hold her hand, “Don’t you dare…” she warned her & pushe her with a little force which made Sheetal to fell down.. The audience who were watching them started to laugh seeing her… She felt very insulted & went from there… That time Akash & Nk joined them… “Hey girls what happened?” Nk asked seeing the faces of the girls… “Will explain u later…” Khushi told Nk…

Arnav too was there watching the scene.. First he thought to go & help them but then changed his mind & thought to see how they handled the situation specially Khushi… But when he saw her handling the situation & the bonding between the friends he felt very happy….

After composing himself he went from there to do something very important…

On the other side Khushi & her gang went canteen & sat on their favorite table… “Khushi… If you did not stop me today then I’ll show her where she belongs.. how dare she…” Lavanya grumbled.. “Chill Yaar…” Khushi tried to calm her down… “Hey now at least explain, what happen..” Akash asked curiously… To which Payal explain the whole incident…“Bloody ****…. ” was the first reaction from NK & Akash…

“Today I won’t leave her….” Akash was about to leave from there but Khushi told him not to do anything & finished the matter….

After sometime they were on their way to the class… In their way Lav & nk were DISCUSSING SOMETHING SERIOUS while Khushi Akash & Payal were chatting happily…..

When they entered the class they were shocked… “what’s this?????” asked Khushi.. Lavanya’s look was also like ‘I-have-no-idea’ Payal too was dumbfounded & so was Akash & NK… 

The sitting arrangement had changed totally…..They found all the girls who were drooling over Arnav previous day were got there seat at the last and khushi, Lavanya & Payal got their seat at the front & with that there was name tagged on the seat… After all buzzing & murmuring they all settled down on their seat as their ASR sir entered in the class….

“Hello Class” he greeted them and got positive reply from them too…. His eyes instantly went towards khushi & he found her biting her nails... “She looks so cute” thought  Arnav & smirked himself…


He settled down on his chair and went through the attendance…. “Khushi Gupta” He called out and looked at her… Khushi was busy in her own world biting her nails… Arnav found there was a small frown on her forehead…. “Hey Devi Maiya… Plzz help me… yesterday sir told me to meet him after the college.. But in tension I forgot it… What if he informed about this to my home… Raksha karna Devi Maiya….” Seeing the various expressions on her face Arnav very well understood what was going on her head… He thought, “Would be Mrs. Raizada… I very well know what you are thinking.. Just wait & watch.” He smirked..

“Khushi Gupta….” He called out a little loudly which made Khushi startled…

“Ye.. Yess sir…” She answered stammering with little nervousness….

“Do you have any hearing problem.. If yes then plz consult with doctor…” Arnav teased her which made Khushi’s eyes widen with shock and mouth opened in a shape of perfect ‘O’.. “Thank you sir.. But I don’t have such problem..” she snapped.. Arnav chuckled seeing her but successfully hide it from the class…

The attendance went on & at last it came to end… Arnav closed the attendance book & told to the class, “So… Today is the first class of ours… Anyone know about Paradise Lost?” He asked scanning the whole class… Almost every one raised their hand & he took some pupil to answers about various questions asked by him… “Okay students… As you have the knowledge about the topic I am going to explain Milton’s Paradise Lost Book IV which is in your syllabus” he told & going on explain the topic while in between his explanation he stared at Khushi…

Payal nudged Khushi slightly, “He keeps looking at you” she whispered, giggling slightly to which Khushi snapped her head towards her direction, “Stop this nonsense Payal. ”she snapped..

“Hey I am not even kidding man.. watch him & I guarantee u will make eye contact a lot more than once” Payal told… Kghushi did as Payal said and was shocked when he looked at her directly in the eyes.. She LOST all though which had been going on her mind and just sat there getting lost in those electrifying brown eyes….

Lav gestured at Nk & gave him a thumbs up which he returned back to her with a nod… Suddenly they heard a weird sound filled the silent room and all the eyes looked at the source of the sound & found the sound was coming from Sheetal… All burst out laughing…. “Miss Sheetal.. If you have any problem.. Then you can go out of the class..” Arnav told her sternly.. He was already irritated with her when she misbehaved with Khushi Payal & Lavanya & now this distraction made him really mad on her…. “Sir.. I did not….” She tried to explain herself but arnav cut her off, “OUT” “But sir….” she spoke up but Arnav was way too angry on her, “I SAID GET OUT” he ordered gritting his teeth which made Sheetal frightened & she went out of the class…

Lavanya smirked & winked at NK which was not unnoticed by Arnav… “My sister is way too smirt but not much her brother…” thought Arnav & automatically his eyes went towards Khushi who was very much scared seeing this side of him….

He did not want her & the other students to be scared or uncomfortable in his class… He announced, “Okay students… That’s all for today… I know the mental state of yours… So let’s do something else…. There still sometime left to finish the class..”

“Sir can we asked something about you?” asked a boy..

“Yeah.. Sure…” Arnav agreed as he wanted Khushi to know about him….

“Sir, is our college your first work place?” asked someone…

“No.. I was in the MPD college before this college..” he answered smilingly…

“OMGGGG… In which age he got job?????” someone blurted out to which Arnav just smirked…

“Sir, from which college you finished your studies?” someone asked and the questions went & Arnav too answered with patience all the question till the end of the class….

It was the end of the class Arnav was about to went out of the class when he heard Khushi letting out a deed sigh… He smirked, “Khushi Gupta… I told you to meet me after college… Why didn’t you?” He asked in  a fake anger… “Woo… Sir… I…” she stammered…

“Come with me… Now” he ordered her…  Khushi nodded in agreement and started to go with him but in a hurry her leg got slipped and she was falling down Khushi shut her eyes off & waiting to fell down but her body never touched the ground instead of that she felt a strange pair of hand hold her waist to prevent her from falling…. She opened her one eye following by another and seeing the person who was her sir holding her, her eyes got wide open… She looked at the chocolate brown eyes and was LOST in it.. Arnav’s situation as no less.. He was LOST in the hazel brown eyes…..

Rabba ve playing on the background….

“Bhaiya….. Khushi…..” Lavanya called them from far as she saw someone coming towards them which made their trance broke down…. Arnav made Khushi stood properly…  “Come with me” he told in a stern voice to hide the embarrassment & straightly went to his cabin.. Following him Khushi too reached there…

Khushi’s heart beat raised being in a room with him ALONE..  Arnav took off his blazer & placed it on the head rest of his chair.. Seeing this Khushi’s eyes got wide open.. “Si…sir… what…” She couldnot complete her sentence coz of  her stammering… “Sit down..” he told to which she sat down without any argument on a chair…. Arnav too sat on his chair opposite to her…

He was trying hard not to laugh & called someone… “So Khushi.. Why did not you meet me yesterday????” he asked with a normal but stern voice… “Wo… Wo… Sir There was an emergency at home..” she told a white lie… Hearing this Arnav raised his one eyebrow & about to tell something but Lav came there, “Baiya.. you called me??” “Yeah.. Take your friend with you… she is afraid of me” he chuckled…

“I am not afraid of you…” She snapped.. “Let’s go Lav” and before the other two said anythins she stromed out of the room leaving behind an amuse Arnav and confused Lavanya….


“Hey Devi Maiya… What will we do now?” khushi said frustrated as their auto broke down in the middle of the road…

“Don’t panic yaar.. We will get another cab” Lavanya and Payal tried to calmed her down…They tried to stop many othe cabs but none was ready to stop.. Suddenly one car had stopped in front of them.. “What are you guys doing here??? What happened…” Arnav who was in the car asked them..

“Bhai, look na, our auto broke down & no other cab is ready to stop at all” Lav pouted..

“Why to fear when Arnav Is here” He remarked and told them that he would drop them…. Payal & Lav sat on the car happily while Khushi entered reluctantly… they were happily chitchatting… Suddenly Payal asked, “ASR, can I asked you a personal question?” Arnav looked at her through the mirror as the three were in the back seat.. “what???” he asked “Wo… What is your fiancé’s name???” There was a pin drop silence in the car… In fact without her knowledge Khushi too was eagerly waiting for his answer.. And after sometime both Lav & Arnav brusted out laughing startling both Payal & Khushi.. “Is this question so funny?” Khushi asked not knowing the reason of their laughing..


“Khushi… Bhai is not engaged…”



Presenting Payal Khurana..

A sweet and kind hearted girl… Love her friends & family…. One of Khushi’s best friend

 Presenting Akash Mehta

Khushi’s friend whom she treats as her brother & he too treats her as her sister.. A nice person…

Presenting Nand Kis**** Sharma in short NK

He is a good person from heart.. Little funny love his friends very much…


OKKKKKKKKKKKK gorgious ladies... Thats for all today........ Thank you everyboby for your love & support...

Thank You

With Love


Sep 23, 2014

Chapter 4.... (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 121 times)

“Khushi, bhai is not engaged” spoke out lavanya revealing the top secret about her bhai…!!


“watttttttttttttttt????????” both payal and khushi shouted instantly…!!


Lavanya composed herself after getting little scared due to their shouting…!! “ha girls….actually im too shocked when bhai told that he was engaged in our class” said lavanya while giggling seeing her friend’s response…!!


“but y did he told like that???” asked khushi instantly without her own knowledge…!! Arnav took a look at her through mirror to observe her feelings…!! He can clearly make out some glow in her face on knowing that he is single…but unfortunately she don’t that glow…she is just anxious to know the reason behind his lie…!! He smiled seeing his soulmate’s reaction, which is not going unnoticed by his sister lavanya…!!


Lavanya: actually khushi when bhai worked in previous college, many girls proposed him….on when sheetal asked him that question, he got doubt on sheetal that she have crush on him so told that he was engaged…!!


A bright smile appeared on khushi’s lips unknown to her…arnav is just observing her every move through mirror as he want to know about her feelings through her eyes…! A bright smile appeared on her face on knowing the reason behind his lie…! Her heart felt relieved unknown to her….!!


Khushi: hey devimayya…!! I didn’t heard till now that anyone can lie like this…!! (she said chuckling)


Arnav: ya but I can tell khushi..(arnav said instantly much to her surprise) I don’t like those type of girls who droll over me….i had experienced enough in my previous collage…!! (he said rolling his eyes with irritation)


His car got halted with sudden break bcoz of loud shouting of payal...!! yes she shouted loud “rukiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” by which arnav got startled and stopped his car instantly…!!


Arnav: wat happened payal??? (he asked shocked and worried)


Payal just bit her tongue on knowing that she shouted little loud…!! “nothing ASR my house in in this street only so I will get down here” she said pointing one street…!!


Arnav: ohh k…see u…bye..(said arnav in formal way)


Payal just got down from car…now lav and khushi and arnav are in the car…! Khushi and lav are chatting while arnav is taking glances towards khushi through mirror…!! Lav intentionally started to drag arnav to talk…!!


Arnav: by the way lavanya, wat have u done with sheetal in classroom??? (he asked looking at road while driving)


Lavanya got shocked as she don’t know that arnav had seen her winking at NK…so…


Lav: me???? Wat had I done??? Kuch nahi tho…(she said trying her best to cover her)

Arnav: don’t act smart infront of me lav….tell me the truth…!!


Lav: ha bhayyai…me only intentionally do like that…or else wat?? How dare she to insult khushi many times…(she said gritting her teeth)


Khushi got shocked listening to lav…


Khushi: watt???? U did it…!! Y have u did it lav….poor her got insult in front of whole class….!! (she said with sad face)


Lav: oyyyyy madam just shut up ok??? Im not like u to forgive all easily understand??? (she said turning towards khushi)


Arnav got shocked listening it..”did she forgive all easily??” this is the only thought lingering into his brain…so without his own knowledge, he blurted out a “watt theeee” lavanya who knows very well about his common line just chuckled while khushi made a shocked face towards him…!!


Lav: ha bhayya that sheetal hai na….she insulted khushi many times but this khushi always forgives her…when sheetal insults her, she gives her the answer instantly but later will forgive her easily…don’t know how this girl got this nice nature…!! (lav said while giggling while khushi just rolled her eyes)


Khushi: uffooo lav how many times u will tell this line….vise im not that much nice girl…!!


Lav: u too always says like this…!!

Khushi just giggled….!!

Khushi: but lav if anyone hurt us too…its not right to hurting them back…!! (she said looking at lavanya)


“awwww so sweet” said arnav instantly without his own knowledge…!! Khushi just got little shock while lavanya chuckled listening her bhai….!!


Arnav: vo actually I meant to say ur thinking is so sweet..!! (he said looking at khushi through mirror)


This time khushi observed that he is looking at her…! Her cheeks went red due to shyness without her own knowledge…!! She looked down with embarrassment with his compliment while arnav lost himselfin her through mirror…!! Lavanya observed it and she made a fake cough which made him to come back from his dream land…!!


Soon khushi asked lavanya to stop the car and arnav listened her and stopped his car…!! Khushi got down from car near her street and said “ thanks lav bye” she told lavanya instead of arnav…!!


“khushi, I didn’t drive the car” lavanya said giggling indirectly telling her to say thanks to arnav…!!


Khushi understood wat lav is hinting her and she take a look at arnav who is staring at khushi without blinking all lost into her…!! She felt little awkward and sensing this arnav diverted his gaze towards lav who is looking at him with teasing glint…!!


“thank u SIR” said khushi with stammering…!! A frown appeared on arnav’s forehead and instantly he said “SIR??? Khushi this is not collage…! “ he said with a cute face like a kid…!! Khushi just chuckled seeing his reaction and said “thanks arnav ji for ur lift…!!” she told and bidding a good bye to lavanya moved towards her house…!! Here arnav who is just lost in her call ARNAV JI just kept on looking at her…!! He felt like violins are playing in his heart listening his name from her mouth…that too ‘arnav ji’ how sweetly she had called him like that…!! He wants her to call him always like that THROUGH OUT his life…!!



That’s all for today girls….i hope its not bad..!! actually I tried to give long update but I didn’t get time to type so now I strongly felt to give update so typed this small update…!! But I promise there will b update for sure tomorrow…I will give it…!! Till then leave ur comments and press thank u buttons…!! Btw I want to give some precap too…!! I typed this update in hurry so don’t mind if it have any grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes…!!


Precap: khushi in RM…!!


Ummm so for now bye arshians…gud nyt have a sweet sleep…!!


With love…


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chapter 5...- I wanna make fraaaaaandship...;) (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 82 times)

Hello girls gud evng…!! Before the update, I would like to thank my one of the besties and my classmate, rupa for her feedback on my story…!! Thank u darling bcoz of u only I was able to change my mood back into normal to type this story…!!




He kept on looking at the way where khushi have just moved….!! Lav just waited for some time for him to come out of his dream land…but as she found that he is lost in khushi, she just snapped her fingers in front of his eyes to make him come to this world….!!


Lav: bhai…actually khushi had left long ago…!! (she said giggling)


Arnav felt embarrass and start his car…!! Lavanya decided to tease her brother…!! Why not..she is not ready to leave any chance to tease him so she started conversation with him…!!


Lav: vise bhai….u like khushi??? (she asked casually)


Arnav just smiled looking at the road….!!


Lav: bhai u didn’t answer me??? (lav asked again)


Arnav just kept quite knowing very well that if he say anything lav will tease him…!! Lavanya is not less to estimate her brother’s thought…!!


Lav: oh bhai…means u didn’t like her??!!! Oh so sad…k I will tell Anjali di to cancel this marriage…!! (she said smirking)


“nooooooooooooo” arnav almost screamed instantly which made lavanya to laughing out loud…!! Arnav just rolled his eyes on being caught by lavanya…!!


Lav: bhayya u know wat…u r very lucky to have her as ur life partner…!! U know wat bhayya u two are made for each other and r soulmates…!! Im very happy that u will get her as ur better half…!! U know wat bhayya she has all good qualities in her and she can handle any situation at any time…!!


Arnav: ha lavanya I have seen how she handled sheetal in college..!!


Lav: wat the….!! Bhai how did u know this?? (she asked with surprise)


Arnav: I was there only lav….i thought to stop that sheetal at first but later thought to observe how u three handle the situation especially khushi….!!

Lav: ohh….



Soon they reach their houses and lav went to her house to fresh up while arnav went to Raizada Mansion..!



(at night)

Lavanya reached RM after dinner as usual to talk to Anjali…!! They were chatting sitting in living room about their day while arnav came down from his room and sat along them….!! Lavanya winked at Anjali and they both start to talk about khushi intentionally…!!


Anjali: vise lav I heard khushi’s voice is so sweet??? U know wat me too wanna meet her…!!


Lav: ha diii not only her voice, her thinking too so sweet….ANYONE should say “awwww soooo sweet” listening her voice…!! (she said imitating arnav reminding him how he said that in car….!!)


Arnav is not a tube light to understand that his sisters are here to tease him so,,,,

“my dear sisters enough of ur teasing ok???” he told rolling his eyes while made both lav and Anjali to laugh…!


Anjali: but really lav I wanna meet her…..!! y cant u take her to home so that chote too can stare at her without blinking?? (she added winking at lav)


Arnav: wat the….common diii not again…!! Vise she is scared of me…don’t know y whenever she see me either she gulped or she just kept on biting her nails due to tension…! (he said remembering khushi who was biting her nails in classroom)


Lav: dekha na diii maine kaha na ki ye dono soul mates hai…!! (she said almost jumping in her place) that’s y he came to know about her inner feelings too…!!

 Arnav just kept him silent but he knows whatever lavanya has told is so true….he can felt her feelings- tension, embarrass, awkward and wat not…!! He is just feeling strange…its just two days…he is falling for her day to day…!! His dii has chosen a nice and good girl for him…he thanked his dii in mind…!!



After some time lavanya left to her house bidding gud nyt to her sister and brother…!!



(in Anjali’s room)

Anjali is getting ready to sleep while her mobile beeped indicating a new text message…!! She opened it to find lav’s message…!!

“diii as u know tomorrow is Sunday, we don’t have college and I know u and bhayya will go to farm house but if u stay at home I will make khushi to come here wat say??? And don’t tell this to bhayya…let it b a surprise for him” Anjali smiled brightly reading this message and gave a reply “okkkk”


Lavanya who is waiting for anjali’s reply in her room smiled seeing this reply and immediately called khushi…!!



(in khushi’s room)

Khushi is still in her room reading some novel when her phone rang indicating lavanya’s call…!! She lifted the call but before she speak anything she heard lav’s order…


Lav: khushi tomorrow morning u should come to my house as I have some doubts and u should explained me those doubts…!!


Khushi: helloooo r u requesting me or ordering me???


Lav: of course im ordering….vise come for breakfast mamma told that she will prepare breakfast for u too…!! Now I need to sleep gud nyt…!! (saying this she cut the call with out waiting for khushi’s reply as she knows that khushi will come for sure after all she likes her mother’s handmade food)

Khushi just giggled listening lavanya…!!



(next day morning)

The sun raya are peeping through the window waking arnav up…!! There khushi is getting ready to leave to lav’s house…!! Arnav lazily got up from the bed…!! Don’t know y but he is feeling that something special is going to happen…he felt so peaceful and fresh…!! He glanced at time…!! Its 6.30 AM…!!


“oh god…I forgot to day is Sunday na we should go to farm house” he was about to go to wash room to fresh up but stop on his track listening his dii…!


“gud morning chote” she wished him and handled coffee to him…!! “gud morning dii” he replied with a smile…. “chote today I have some work so we r not going to farm house” saying this she left from there smiling without listening his reply…!!   


“but y diii??” arnav shouted from his place to get the reply “u will came to know with in some minutes chote” from his sister…!!


(in lavanya’s house)

Lavanya is descending from stairs and is smiling on seeing khushi who is helping her mom to arrange breakfast at dining table….she kept on talking with her mother making her smile and she is smiling along with her…!!


“hey bhagavan make this khushi to smile like this ever……im sooo happy for her…!! She is such a nice girl always spread happiness where ever she is…she will b best life partner to arnav bhayya…finally he will forget his sorrow once khushi will b his life partner…!! Hey bhagvan bless both of them together….bless them to b happy always….i wanna see both of them happy forever…!!” she prayed to god with pure heart on seeing khushi’s pure smile…!!


Her thoughts got disturbed with the scream of khushi…! “good morning lavvvvv” she screamed making lav little shacking….!! She came towards khushi and hugged him….!!


“khushi tum bhi na….so greedy about my mom’s handmade dishes” she said teasing her for which khushi giggled…!!


“wat to do yaar aunty made delicious food na that’s y” she said showing her tongue…!!


“amma we both will go to RM for puja and later we eat breakfast ok??” said lav with her mom, radhika…!!


“ ok lav” replied radhika…!!


“ummm lav u go to puja I will wait for u” khushi said hesitating to go to RM…!! In fact she don’t know that RM is arnav’s house…!!


“arey khushi u too go with lavanya at least accompany her” radhika said to khushi…!!


Khushi little hesitated but later agreed and both the friends moved towards RM…!!


Radhika who knows about arnav and khushi through lav, felt very happy for both of them…!!




“Anjali diiiiiiiii” screamed lav and Anjali came out from her room….!! Lavanya hugged her and introduced khushi…


“khushi, she is Anjali dii, arnav bhayya ke sister aur my sister too…!” she introduced Anjali to khushi…!! Khushi got shocked….she didn’t expected that is arnav’s house…!! “matlab…this is arnav ji’s house???” she asked with wide eyes which made lav and Anjali to giggle…!! “ha baba” saying this lavanya moved from there…!!


“lav where are u going????” asked khushi little loud…!! “im going to bhai’s room khushi” she too said loudly imitating khushi…!! Arnav who is reading novel in his room heard khushi’s voice and a bright smile appeared on his lips and he wanted to come down but on listening lavanya he kept himself calm thinking that lav ill tease him AGAIN so just pretend to b involved in novel again…!!


When lav enters into arnav’s room he is pretending like he is involved into novel and didn’t hear anything…!! But his eyes which are shining due to the voice of khushi cant hide anything…!!


“bhai don’t act in front of me” said lav removing book from arnav’s hand which is in reverse direction….!! Arnav just cursed himself after knowing that he put that book in head and down direction without his own knowledge…! Lavanya just giggled and said “bhai as diii wanted to meet khushi, I make her to come here….! now instead of kept on looking at her always just talk to her and as u know she is scared of u, just make her to become free with u ok??? And come down to do puja” she said and left from room with a small smile…!!  She reached down and saw the scene where khushi is talking with Anjali all smiling and also made her to smile more…! She is arranging things for puja…!! Lav came down and join with the two ladies…!!


After some time arnav is coming down and his eyes caught the beautiful scene of his life…his khushi who is looking not less than an angel in white dress with rainbow color modern dupatta is smiling and talking with his dii…!! Her hair is coming on to her eyes due to gentle breeze and she is removing that hair to get view….!! He just kept on staring at her and descending stairs slowly…!! Khushi felt someone’s gaze on her and looked in that direction of arnav who is descending down from stairs…!! She just stared at him for few seconds…he has worn white T-Shirt and black jeans…!! They two for few SECONDS make a beautiful eye lock…!! Their eye lock got disturbed by anjali’s voice…!!


“chote come down for puja” said Anjali….!


“CHOTEEEEE!!!!!” exclaimed khushi with wide eye which made lavanya and Anjali to laugh and arnav felt embarrass…! “ha khushi its bhai’s pet name” lavanya explained and khushi just chuckled listening it….!! Its really an awkward moment for arnav…poor him don’t know how to handle his situation…!! So she just glared at all including khushi…!! She just gulped fearing about his anger…!! “oh arnav u again made her to scare” cursed arnav himself..!!


“ok baba lets do puja” said Anjali…!!


They all went to do puja…!! Lav is ringing bell and Anjali is doing arthi,,,,khushi is praying while closing her eyes while arnav who stand besides khushi kept on looking at her all lost…!! Lav observed him and to make him come to this world, she rang the bell little LOUD…!! Arnav jerked and come out from his own dream land and immediately closed his eyes to pray…!!


“hey devimayya keep all the people happy” prayed khushi…!!


“hey bhagvan…I like khushi soooo much…I want her to b my life partner….i know she will make me to forgot my sorrow…plzz make her to b my better half” he prayed to god…!!


While these two are praying Anjali finished arthi and looked at them…! They both looked made for each other….!! Anjali silently blessed them with whole heart…!!




After puja, lavanya take khushi to her house and they had breakfast…!! Lav’s parents left to her papa’s friend’s house to attend some party…!! Now khushi and lav are in lav’s room working on some presentation for class…!!


Its been one hour since khushi left RM…!! Arnav is impatiently waiting for her to come to RM again….!! Meanwhile lavanya intentionally teasing her brother

By keeping khushi with her…!! She knows that by now arnav might have getting excuses to meet khushi…!! As per her guess there in RM, arnav is searching for excuses to go to lav’s house…!! He felt strong argue to meet khushi….y don’t he felt like that!!! Vise khushi is near his house only…!! So making an excuse of “one novel” from lav he left to lav’s house not before the teasing of Anjali…!!


There in lav’s room, khushi is humming something which is not audiable properly…!!


“oyyy khushi sing little loud so that me too can hear it” lav said after her so much efforts to listening wat khushi is singing…!!


“o piyaa oo piyaa leke doli aa…” khushi started singing…!!


Arnav, who is near lav’s room listened her song…!! He just lost into her voice…!! He felt like that she is singing that song for him only…!! His feet automatically moved towards her…!! He stand and stood in front of her…!! There khushi, who is singing that song with so much of involvement while looking into novel felt his gaze on her and her song got stopped into her voice feeling his intense gaze…!! For some time both got lost into each other’s eyes…!! Lavanya had to made a loud fake cough to make them come into this world…!! Khushi’s cheek automatically turned into red due to shy with out her own knowledge…!! For the first time her heart beating is raising fast with his gaze…!!


Arnav: ummm….nice voice…!! (he said while looking at khushi)


Khushi just fidgeting with her dupatta controlling her heartbeat…!! He liked his effect on her….!! But he don’t want her to feel awkwardness so “lav di told me that the lunch for both of u are in RM…so COME SOON” he indirectly indicate lav that he want khushi in RM…!! Lav just giggled and said “ok bhai we will come in 5 min”…!! arnav left from there reminding her song again and again…!!



(in RM)

Arnav entered and about to go to his room…


“where is the NOVEL u want to bring from lav chote??” asked Anjali smirking…!!


Arnav just bited his tongue…how did he forget about his excuse to see khushi…!! “actually dii lav don’t have that novel with her right now” he said a white lie to her for which Anjali raised her eyebrows in the sense of “really??”


“vise dii I asked khushi and lav to accompany us for lunch as u said” saying this he ESCAPED from his di’s eye sight unable to bear their teasing…!! Oh godddd….this lav and di are teasing him tooooo much…poor him always felt embarrass and sometimes blush too…!!



After some time, lav and khushi entered into RM and they both are chatting with Anjali…!! Arnav intentionally came down after sometime as he knows very well that if he come down immediately after khushi’s arrival,  his sisters will tease him more…!!


He came and sat beside Anjali who is opposite to khushi…!! On seeing arnav, khushi again starting to bite her nails with tension…!! Both lav and Anjali have seen this and they both chuckled…!!


“khushi, y r u feeling scared when ever see me??” arnav asked with calm tone…!!


“me???? Nahi tho…” khushi tried her level best to calm her tension…!!


“ayyo I forgot to off the stove…I will arrange for lunch” Anjali said and signelled lav to come with her…!! “I will help u dii” with that she too left from there to give some privacy to both arnav and khushi…!! Arnav thanked to his sisters in mind…!!


Arnav: khushi….lets sort this today ok??? i have been observing whenever u saw me u r just biting ur nails with tension or gulping…!!


“hey devimayya how did he know that im tensed whenever I saw him??” her mind is exclaimed…!!


Arnav: now don’t think that how did I came to know…!! (he smirked her eyes went wide…she don’t know that they are soul mates and will understand each other very well) common khushi I didn’t like that u scare about me…!! Im not devil khushi…(he said with a puppy face)


She just giggled seeing his face…!! A bright smile appeared on his face seeing her giggling…!! Lav and Anjali are observing them from dining table…!! They are praying that khushi should feel free in his presence…!


Arnav: so lets sort out this??? Tell me y u feeling scared of me so that we can solve this right???


Some hypnotize is there in his voice…!!! Khushi lost in his voice and she too decided to tell him wat is scaring her about him…!!


Khushi: vo…vo….actually….that day I called u as arrogant na???(she is stammering)


Arnav understood about wat she is talking but he want her to complete…!! “common khushi b free with me” he asked with sweet voice…!!


Khushi: ha I called u arrogant na later u wanted to talk to me…so I thought u will complaint principal that I talk to u like this and he will suspend me from college….and later yesterday seeing ur anger on sheetal I am so scared of u…!! (she said in one breath while closing her eyes)


Arnav is beyond shock…she thought this much long that he will give complaint to principal??? In few seconds his shock replaced by a giggle sensing her innocence…!!


Arnav: khushi seriously??? U thought that I might have complaint to principal??? Unbelievable…!! Hahahaha ok then let me clear it…actually I wanted to talk to u bcoz I got impression on u as u were the only girl which defeated me saying that u were not ogling so I thought to say sorry to u for telling like that in front of whole class room….!! And in sheetal matter, I saw her misbehavior with lav, payal and u and I was angry for that…!! (he said with a smile observing the relief in khushi’s eyes) so I hope ur tension and scare got subsided???


“jii” khushi said with a bright smile…!!


“so……so I hope u understood that im not much arrogant….im some wat nice too???” he said chuckling…!! Khushi giggled and nodde her head…!! “thank god I made her tense free finally” he thought himself…!!


Arnav: vise khushi…if u don’t mind can I ask something???


Khushi: yes arnav ji…


Arnav: actually I like ur nature…and also u r my sister’s best friend too…so can we friends???(he asked extending his hand) don’t take me wrong…I just thought if we bcome friends, u will b free with me??? So….(actually he too little hesitated as he is scared of khushi’s reaction)





That’s all for today girls…!! Cliff hanger???? Hihihi I cant do anything…!! The next updated will b given by sanchii may b tomorrow or day after tomorrow…!! I hope this is a long update…!! I typed it in hurry as usual so just ignore any spelling or grammatical mistakes…!! Thanks to every one for ur lovely comments…!!


Ur comments has jaadoo yaar…me and sanchi are working on this story keeping our other stories aside bcoz of ur comments…!! Sooooo….comment more and get regular updates…!!


Sorry girls I cant reply to comments right now…but we r soooo thankful to all from the bottom of our hearts…!! Will meet u with next update…till then bye take care…!!



With love….


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awesome....eagerly waiting for next update
Sep 27, 2014

Chapter Six (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 80 times)

Hello every bodyyyyyyyy  Thank you for your all support Before I start the story I want to thank our friend Rupa for her special feed back for this story... Thank you Rupa for your "Fantastic of the plastic of the elastic" wala feed back.... Thank you very much...

Chapter Six

Khushi’s mouth hung open hearing him… She was beyond shock… She never thought that one of her professor wanted to be her friend…

Arnav, being her soul mate, easily guessed her inner conflictions. “Khushi… there is not such term that you should be my friend.. If you have any problem then it’s okay…” he told forcing a smile…

Khushi thought for some time.. His talk, his caring nature made Khushi to conclude that he was not a bad person.. She accepted his friendship, “Friends…” she spoke up while placing her hand to Arnav’s which was already there for her to shake….

When their hands met, both Arnav’s and Khushi felt some spark that they quickly let go of each other’s hand… Anjali and Lav watched them.. They were really happy for their brother and Lav was extra happy for her best friend too…… Finally from a teacher student relationship they stepped to the next level of their relationship which was Friendship…

But beside happiness, Lav was shocked & surprised too as Khushi accepted Arnav’s friendship … She was that type of girl who never accepted any guy’s friendship… For Nk and Akash it was different. Nk was their family friend and she knew him from her childhood.. And for Akash, he was like a brother to her… Being the only child of her family she always wanted a sibling… And finally she got her brother in the first year of her college life in the form of Akash…

“What the… Khushi, how did you accept to be friend of a guy.. Hey Devi Maiya..” Lav exclaimed in shock while coming to her to which Khushi felt embarrassed…. She kicked in Lav’s leg while rolled her eyes… Lav yelped in pain and instantly stopped looking at the red embarrassing face of Khushi… Arnav smirked knowing that he was the first friend of Khushi who was a guy… Anjali smiled admiring the trio and silently thanked to GOD for bring this girl named Khushi to fill her brother’s life full of KHUSHI..

She called them to join her to the dining table for the lunch… They settled in the dining table and started to eat while chit chatting with each other… Arnav was lost in Khushi while she was busy talking with Anjali & Lav… Anjali noticed this… She intentionally dropped the spoon on the ground which made a big sound.. Instantly Arnav’s trance broke and he again concentrated on his food…. And this time Real wala FOOD…

Soon their lunch got finished… Khushi Lav and Anjali sat in their living room to some chatting while Arnav reluctantly went to his room as he knew he won’t control himself staring her and his sisters would tease him again… For the first time Anjali met Khushi and she instantly liked her… She felt very lucky to bring her in their little family… Here Khushi too liked Anjali instantly in the first meeting…

“Khushi ji can you call Chote??? I need to show something to all of you” Anjali spoke out of blue…

“Meee….. I mean… How… I….” She stammered nervously… “Off ho Khushi… Go na…” Lav told giving her courage.. “You too come na..” Khushi tried to bring Lavanya with her but Anjali stopped her by saying, “She cannot go Khushi ji.. She has some work with me…” reluctantly Khushu went to call Arnav…

In her way to Arnav’s room Khushi lost her way and went towards pool side… She was stunned and happy too seeing such beautiful pool inside the house… But next what she saw made her eyes wide… “Hey Devi Maiya…” She gasped in shock as she saw Arnav in pool where his upper body had barely covered with anything, she turned around…

Arnav heard her loud gasp and immediately came out of the pool while covering himself with a towel... In hurry Khushi was going out of the area but her leg hit with something and she was falling… In fear of falling she kept her eyes shut tightly… But she never touched on the ground instead of that she found two strong arms encircling her waist protesting her from falling while her hands rests on his bare shoulder… She first opened her left eye and then her right eye…. Her eyes met with his… Their breaths fanning each other’s face….

Rabba veeee 

A water drop fell from Arnav’s wet hair to Khushi’s cheek… Khushi shivered and their trance broke…  Arnav made Khushi stood in her leg and asked, “Are you okay?” with so much concern.. Khushi this time looked directly into his eyes… She saw so much concern in that eyes and there was something else too but she could not understand that was LOVE for her.. She nodded her head in a positive way and her cheek hinting the color of beet root while her heart was beating very fast seein him like that… She turned away blushing..

Suddenly Arnav remembered something and asked her, “You… Here???? I mean….” Then only Khushi remembered why she was here.. “Wo… Anjali ji is calling you… I was going to your room but I lost my way…” She told slightly pouting at the last.. Arnav smiled seeing her childishness… He could see her pout through the opposite side mirror… He thought to kiss her then & there itself as she was looking so adorable but he controlled his desires…

Khushi hurriedly went from there… She could not tolerate their that much close proximity… after reaching to living room she bade bye to Anjali and forced Lav to come with her.. In their way to Lav’s home she continued to asked her the reason to her sudden change of nature but Khushi was too shy and adamant to tell her…

Later sometime,

Khushi and Lav laid on Lav’s bed while Khushi suggested her to eat some ice-cream… Lav agreed to her… “RACE YA” she asked.. Lav nodded her head in agreement and both of them started their RACE from Lav’s room to the ice-cream parlor of the opposite of the house…

 Khushi was the first one to come out of the house running and Lav came her piche piche… “Yaayyyy I own….” Khushi exclaimed in joy while clapping and jumping like a small girl who just got her candy…

“Khushi this is not fair… You always own..” Lav complained like a kid… Khushi giggled seeing her… “Wo to hoga hi… I am a compaln girl you now…” she started walking while talked with Lav turning her neck and….


She fell down…….. Before she could understand anything she heard a “What the” from that person on whom she fell down…

Khushi instantly know who was that… She looked at him with fearful eyes… Arnav looked at her… They again engaged themselves with a little cute eye lock…

As per their destiny, that time Arnav was going to somewhere when he heard Khushi’s giggling he stopped in his track… He was too busy to notice that she came very close to him while looking backward… They collide with each other and now currently she was on him laying on the ground…

Lav coughed loudly which made their trance broke…  They stood properly.. “Wo… wo… I am sorry Arnav ji….” Khushi apologized stammering and fearing… Arnav again guessed her fear and told, “Hey Khushi it’s okay… Why are you fearing????” He told with a bright smile on his face….

Lav came to her rescue.. “Hey Bhai….” Waving at him she greeted Arnav with a big smile and winked at him which was unnoticed y Khushi…  Arnav smirked, “Hey Lavanya… Where are you both going?” He asked wondering where they both going with so much rush as obviously he did not know about their RACE…

“We are going to ice-cream parlor bhai… This Khushi na, crazy about ice cream….” She informed Arnav while Khushi rolled her eyes and Lav winked at her..…. Arnav chuckled seeing them…

“Today I’ll give treat to you…” Arnav proclaimed.. “Really Bhai..” Lav was very much excited and Arnav nodded to her… “But…. ” Khushi protested.. “What happened Khushi?” asked Arnav… “Wo… I….” she hesitated… Again being her soul mate, Arnav understood her turmoil, he told, “You can take my treat… Except teacher student relationship we have another relationship…” before Arnav told further Lav coughed fearing that may be her bhai reveal the secret… Arnav got his memory back of keeping their would be relationship secret… “We have two another relationship…” he stopped looking at Lav and again continued, “You are the best friend of my sister and now you are my friend too…” hearing this Lav exhale a sigh of relief… “So can we go now??” he asked looking at Khushi… Khushi was touched by his concern and the ability to explain things to people.. She agreed and the Threesome went to the ice-cream parlor…

In ice cream parlor….

They occupied a four seated table… waiter came and Arnav told them to give their order… Lav ordered a Strawberry Chocolate ice-cream while Khushi ordered 3 different flavored ice-creams like Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Raspberry Ripple Ice cream, and Vanilla Ice cream… While she was giving order Arnav just cept wondering who would eat that much of ice cream.. They are only three… Lavanya already gave her order.. Then only he and Khushi remaining.. As far as he knew her, she never gave the order for him…

 Lav was giggling herself seeing her bhai so confused… To bring back him from his thought land she told him while placing her hand to his shoulder, “Bhai.. give your order…” to which Arnav came to this world and gave his order…. After some time their ice creams came and they started to eat… Arnav was stunned seeing Khushi who was eating all the flavored ice creams…. She was enjoying each and every flavor… Arnav was LOST in her…

“mmmmmmm” Lav made a sound while eating her ice cream seeming she enjoying it very much… Her this sound made Arnav to move her eyes from Khushi and concentrated to his ice cream……

At night…

Khushi went to her home after the ice cream party… Lav and Arnav too came their respective homes after seeing off Khushi…

It was night… As usual after dinner Lav came to RM for chit chatting with her bhai and Di… She was all giggling all the time.. Anjali noticed this and asked her what happened… “Di you know, today bhai was  all confused…” Lav spoke out controlling her giggling.. “Why?? What happened??” asked Anjali all curious… Arnav, who was there in the living room reading a novel, remembered his confused state in the ice cream parlor… He smirked… “By the way Lavanya, does she always eat 5 flavor together?” he asked.. “No bhai… She eat 5 flavors together…” She spoke up.. “what the…” Arnav exclaimed in shock… “What the… How can she eat 5 flavors together? Hey Devi Maiya…” Anjali spoke out in surprised… “Hihihihi… That’s why Khushi ios unique..” Lavanya told admiring her best friend…

“Di you know what…” Lav trailed off… “What happened Lav…” Anjali asked curiously… “You know when Khushi was going from here she was little blushing…” Lav spoke out glancing at Arnav … Hearing Khushi’s name Arnav’s lips cept a cute smile… Though his eyes were on the book but his ears were on his sisters conversation… “Really Lavanya..” Anjali spoke out in excitement… “But di why she was blushing??” She asked… “Hmmm… Thinking the same” Anjali told while tapping her index finger on her cheek… “Bhai  do you know why??” Lavanya asked Arnav sounding very innocent….

“She saw me shirtless” Arnav blurted out but soon cursed himself for his slip of tongue.. “What the…” “Hey Devi Maiya..” Lav and Anjali spoke out together….

“Wah… Chote… kya progress hai…” Anjali teased him… “Ha bhai…” Lav too joined her… Arnav was too embarrassed and went to his room with a redden face [ Well this is up to you what will you name the reason of his red red face… Embarrassment??? Or Blush???] leaving behind his sisters all giggling….




Precap: Arnav started to lean towards Khushi… Her breaths made her chest heaved up and down… He kissed on her forehead, then her  both of the eyes, then her both cheeks.. He slowly leaning towards her lips..


Thank you girls for your feed back and support... We are very happy that you guys liked this story... We are trying hard to give our best to you... And for this we want your comments... We are very disappointed seeing the decreasing response... Do not you finding the story interesting any more??? If not then tell us... We will try to do something...

At the last but not the least I want to say thank you to Puspita, Bhagyadwivedi,Sadiya, AnaMehreen, Angel_Arshi, Sp123, arshi_love, Vinaya123, Kalai di, Anita di, Sangita,,Wow, Jalebigirl, Sweety, Mitaarshi,Sreyalovearshi, Durra, Nupur, Malu, Priya Natni, Aminak13, Lucky, Nano, Arshifan92201 for their special comments... Sorry if I missed anyone's name...

The next update will be given by Krithi...

Thank You

With Love


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Oct 1, 2014

chapter 7 (By Krithika_Rshi) (Thanked: 84 times)

He reached his room…!! He settled in bed to sleep…!! But whenever he close his eyes, he remember the face of his soon to b wife, khushi…!! How many times he had lost him in her this day…!! He opened his eyes….a sweet smile came onto his lips…he remind the ice cream scene….how his khushi ordered those many flavored ice creams…!! Till then he don’t know that anyone can eat all those ice creams at a time…!! “pagal” he muttered and giggled himself…!! “u look so beautiful in white khushi…just like an angel came from the heaven for me” he muttered again while remembering her appearance this morning…!! He quickly look at the small table which is right beside his bed…there is a novel on the table…he grab the novel and open it and a wide smile appeared on his lips by looking at his soon to b wife’s pic in that book…!! Yes he had hidden the pic of khushi in red sari in that book…!! When lav was talking to him at that day about khushi, he secretly hid it in magazine and later he hid it in book…!! He likes that pic very much…why not…after all its his love’s pic and that too in red sari…which is his favorite color…!! He smiled again and kept that book on the table and decided to TRY to sleep….!! “gud nyt khushi” he muttered and closed his eyes to get a sweet sleep..!!



There khushi’s situation is not better…!! Whenever she close her eyes, his chocolate brown eyes which looks into her’s directly are appearing in her eyes…!! She jerked herself and sat on the bed and hold her head with her hand…!! “hey devimayya…wat is happening to me?? Y am I remembering his eyes today…!! Oh khushi…common who told u to look into his eyes when he hold u??(her cheek become red unknown to her remembering his touch) bas khushi bas….now sleep u have to go to college tomorrow…!!” muttering herself she closed her eyes but again his magnified eyes appearing in front of her…!! She opened her eyes and looked at devimayya’s satue in her room…!! “devimayya kya hai ye….plzzzz” she prayed without any meaning…she herself don’t know why is she remembering his eyes…!! She even don’t know wat to pray…!! At last she finally settled in bed…!! But unknown to her, her devimayya have already planned her spouse who is none other than ASR…!! Her destiny will made both of them together…!!





Its arshi’s room….the room is decorated beautifully with scented candles and rose petals and Lillies…!  Khushi is standing there near wall panting heavily after running around the room…!! Arnav is smriking and panting too…he is moving towards her with slow steps…!! He smirked how she challenged him to catch her if he can…!! Here she is in front of his eyes with her wedding lehenga….!! He scanned her with his intense gaze…!! She become red…! She wanted to escape from his eyes as she is sooooo shy….!! But he is there as a bodyguard for her…! He wont leave his crazy WIFE today…!! He is coming towards her with slow steps…automatically she starts to move backwards…!! Her heart is beating fast with his intense gaze…!! “kya kaha tumhne??? Catch you if i can??? See now I catch u….get ready for ur punishment Mrs. Arnav singh raizada” he told smirking on their wedding nyt..!! he scanned her from bottom to top…!! Her wedding lahenga perfectly suits her and she is playing with her engagement ring feeling shy and nervous at the same time…!! her chest is heaving up and down due to her heavy breaths due to his close approximity….!! He smirked seeing his effect on her…!! Her cheeks went red due to blush and she is blushing heavily as he came more close to her…!! She try to move from there with shy but he barricade her between his arms which are on both sides of her…!! “don’t even try to escape from me khushi” said arnav huskily making her to blush more…!! He looked at his wife…her chest is heaving up and down due to heavy breathings….!! He bent towards her and kissed on her forehead…!! A sweet shiver ran through her spine when his lips touch her forehead…!! She shied and about to push him with her both palms…!! But being her soul mate, arnav sensed it and pinned her hands with his to the wall…!! She got shocked for a while at how he came to know about her activity…!! She is looking at him with wide eye…!! “she looks soooo cute” thought arnav and kiss her again on forehead,,,, she closed her eyes…he kissed on her eyes one by one and later both cheeks…!! “arnav jii” she stammered with husky voice…!! He get lost himself in her husky voice and dragged her towards him by holding her waist with his right hand…!! She gasped but arnav is not in this world to listen her gasping….his eyes are scanning her rosy lips….he is damn tempting to kiss them from the day wen he saw that little pout on her lips at swimming pool…!! She lowered her eyes with shy on feeling her gaze on her lips…!! He snaked his hand behind her neck to hold it firmly…!! She shivered when his hand is heating her body…! He tilted her head little to kiss her and slowly starts to lean towards her…! Her heart is drumming loudly and she closed her eyes in anticipation….he is leaning towards her…there is only few inches gap…!! He drag her more towards him by holding her waist…!! She gasped and her lips parted inviting him to kiss her…!! His lips were about to land on her’s….



The loud sound of alarm made arnav to jerked from his SLEEP and sat on the bed…!! he looked here and there to locate his khushi…then only he came to know that its his dream…!! Yup the mighty arnav singh raizada, who don’t dream anything about a girl is now dreaming about HIS khushi….his soon to b wife…!! He looked at the clock which is indicating 5.30 am..! “damn this alarm….it should have to ring now????” he is frustrated as that alarm disturbed him from his dream…!! Poor him he was even unable to kiss her in his dream…!! But his mind reminded him… “arnav…early morning dreams will come true…vise ur khushi will b urs very soon then ur dream will come true”his mind told him…! He run his hand through his hair smiling due to embarrassment and shy with a little smirk…!! He has his OWN plans for his khushi….!! (me too don’t know wat r they seriously :p )


He went to washroom to get ready for college…who knows he may b eager to see his khushi…!! His dream making him to smirk more…! Now he is standing in front of the mirror knotting his tie around the neck…! He looks himself in the mirror…! He loks more new and fresh today…!! Now he is damn sure that he likes khushi for sure…!! She is not those type of girls who droll over him for his money…!! But he is feeling some sacred relationship with her..!! his heart is saying that there is a heart to heart connection to both of them…!! “if these days before engagement are these much memorable, then how would b those days between engagement and marriage?? They will b awesome..!!” arnav is thinking himself…!!! For the first time he is thinking about the marriage..!! even though his sister have been asking him to marry from almost one and half year, he let it as a deaf ear…!!! But now he is thinking about it as he found his soulmate…he came to know about this already…!! Eventhough he is so eager to marry her, first he wants to know about her fully…her thoughts, likings, disliking etc etc…!! and he also wants her to b free with him without scaring and all…!! His chain of thoughts is broken down by the call of his sister Anjali…!!


“chote come down for breakfast” Anjali screamed from the dining hall…!


“ya diii im coming” replying her, arnav starts to move downstairs while taking his coat and some books…!!


After having the breakfast, he went to college…!!



(at college)

Arnav’s day is as usual…!! He is taking classes one after another…!! He is little tired…!! Now he is in khushi’s classroom…!! As soon as he saw his innocent and happy face, he got refreshed and started the class…!! All the students lost in his teaching skills…!! His teaching is extraordinary…!! Now they came to know that how and y he became youngest professor in their college…!! The whole classroom is strictly following his lesson and all are involving in the novel which he is explaining…!! But even though he is scanning the whole classroom in between his explanation, most of time his looks are towards his angel khushi…!! She got involved in novel and is looking into the book by putting her hand under her chin…!! She looks so cute like a child…!! For few seconds arnav lost himself again into her…!! this is not unnoticed by lavanya…!! She intensionally drops the book on the floor to make a loud noise which brought arnav back into this world…!! Thank god nobody observed him losting in khushi except lav…!! Ya bcoz all got involved into his class and all eyes are only on book and his voice…!!


“sorry sir…it fell down by mistake” lav said apology…!!


Arnav who knows very well y did she drop the book just nodded his head with a smile…!! The whole class just thought it as accident but only two people-arnav and lav knows that she did it to bring him back to this world…!!


“so students, that all for today…there is still 15 min for the class but I don’t want to make all of u bored by continuing it after little disturbance” he declared while scanning the classroom and more than that he is scanning his khushi very much…!! Lavanya observed this…arnav was about to say something but his mobile got beeped and there is a text message for him…!! He opened it and starts to read it…!!


“bhai if u stare like that at khushi and lost urself into her always like u did few min back, then romours will spread like viral fever,,,, and khushi will DISTANCE herself from u as she don’t like rumors at all..!!”arnav read that message…!! It has sent by lavanya..!! the word “distance herself from him” stabbed arnav’s heart..!! no he cant let her distance herself from him…!! Ya whatever lav sent is true…! Khushi being a traditional and emotional girl don’t like rumors at all…!! So he decided to not take glances towards khushi always..!!


Soon the peon of the college brought a notice to arnav..!! there is a message that principal wants to meet him after the completion of the class…!! Arnav decides to meet him right now as he is free now and he don’t wants to waste the time too…!! So he excused himself from class and moved towards principal’s room…!





(in principal’s room)


Principal: arnav, there are cultural events in college and I want u to b incharge of those events…!! And I am so confident that u can manage them as u r the youngest professor..!! (he told to arnav who is in front of him occupying a chair)


Arnav: sure sir…I will do it…!!


Principal: and a student will assist u…! she is so talented and I already send peon to call her…she must b on the way…!! She is so helpful…and im sure u both will handle all the events wat say arnav??? (he asked with a bright smile)


Arnav: ya sure sir…!!


“excuse me sir” a melodious familiar voice made arnav to glance backwards towards the entrance…!! There his dil ki rani is standing with a bright smile…!! She saw him and is confused y he is in principal’s room and y principal had called her…!!




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Oct 5, 2014

Chapter Seven (By Sanchita) (Thanked: 86 times)

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Chapter Seven

“Excuse me sir…” a melodious familiar voice made Arnav to glance backwards the entrance.. There his dil ki rani was standing with a bright smile… She saw him and was confused why he is in principal’s room and why principal had called her..

“There she is…” saying this principal told Khushi to come in and spoke up, “ASR, this is Khushi… About whom I was talking with you…” Hearing this Khushi  was yet again got confused… “Hey Devi Maiya… Why principal sir had called me????” she thought, “and why they are talking like this????” her eyes got widen, “Hey Devi Maiya…. Has Arnav sir complained about me to Principal sir????” Then she feeling relax thinking, “ No… No… Khushi… Tu bhi na… You thinking too much???? Sir told you na that he win’t complained against you… then why are you feeling tensed??? Relax… Relax….” Calming herself down she concentrated to the conversation between Arnav and Principal and came to know that she would be assists with him in the cultural program….

Khushi’s eyes got widen… She was beyond shock…  Whenever she tried to avoid any connection with Arnav their destiny brought them together…. And now she was struck with him for some days in the name of helping him…. Khushi looked at the ceiling as if to looking at her  Devi Maiya and slightly pouted….

In Canteen….

NK, Akash, Payal and Lavanya was on canteen sitting in their favorite table… “Gyuss.. where is Khushi???” asked Nk… “Principal has called her…” answered Lavanya… “What… Pincipal????? But why???” Akash asked surprisingly… “Don’t know…” answered Payal….

“All the students are informed to come to college auditorium in 10 mins…” they heard the announcement from college authority… “Now what’s this????” commented Akash… “No idea…” the other trio shrugged and headed towards the auditorium…

After some time….In Auditorium

All students had gathered in the auditorium.. The buzz of the students twittering could be heard from outside…  A few minutes later Principal had entered in the auditorium followed by Arnav and Khushi… Seeing the principal they instantly go silent…. He took the microphone, “Hello students…. As you know our cultural fest is coming soon I want to inform you something…….” He then looked at Arnav and he forwarded towards principal and he announced, “I am giving the responsibility to ASR for the cultural fest.. If you have any queries then you can ask him… And one more thing… Our student Khushi is assisting him in this…” Again the auditorium filled with buzz when Arnav took the microphone….

“Hiiii everybody……..” he started with a husky voice…. There was a pin drop silent in the auditorium… “We, me and Khushi, want your full support arranging our cultural festival and we will try to give you the best cultural night… And about the events… we will inform you after discussing it…. But before that I want to know which kind of event you guys want…. Drop your ideas with a piece of paper and give that to Khushi within 2 days… Thank you…”

The auditorium filled with claps… Everyone was happy hearing Arnav’s speech…  They were boared celebrating the old type of cultural fest but now as a modern aged professor they hoped that Arnav would do something different… They all cheered happily… Arnav and Khushi also felt very happy seeing the students so so so happy…  All of them except one was fuming in anger and that was none other than Sheetal.. She was feeling very jealous….

After sometime, College canteen…..

“ASR rocked yaar…” Payal chirped as they came again in their favorite seat of college canteen and this time Khushi too was with them…  “Ha… He is my Bhai na..” Lav too chirped proudly while saising her invisible collar.. Seeing the both Khushi rolled her eyes while thinking, “And I am trapped with extra responsibility…” “Finally…” Akash sighed while joining his gang… “What happened???” Payal asked curiously…. “Finalyyy we are exempted from Briganza ma’am and her boring ideas..” Nk told while sitting on the chair….. The rest of the people giggled hearing him… Suddenly they heard some uproar from the corridor… “What’s going on????” curiously they went towards the source of the uproar and what they found there made them furious….




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