Khushi By Chance!!!

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Oct 20, 2014

Khushi By Chance!!! (By Sviji) (Thanked: 249 times)

Arnav Singh Raizada looked at the holy pyre where as his mind reeled with the little encounter he had with the hazel eye girl.



Two eyes peeped from window’s gap looking around, her eyes so beautiful clashed with his. They were so innocent and he felt himself lost in her eyes.



He was walking down the corridor when all of a sudden a soft body hit him with force and both fell down, with him on the floor and someone top of him. He was ready to lash out on the person but the moment his gaze locked with the shocked and fearful gaze he forgot everything. His eyes travelled to her eyes to her quivering lips. His eyes traced every feature of her face.

Someone called from behind ‘Khushi!!!’

The girl laying above him looked back and then looked back at him, his trance too broke and he helped her get up, then got up and looked at her who stood quietly in fear when a woman came to them ‘Khushi!!! Come with me. Your Amma is searching for you’

She held Khushi’s arm and led her other way may opposite to his. He looked at her retreating back when she before turning towards the next turn of the corridor looked back at him.

All he saw was the confused hazel eyes looking at him.




His eyes snapped up when Pandit ji announced ‘Kanya ko bulayiye Muharat ka samai ho raha hai’

He took long breathe, his gaze went over to the entrance of the wedding banner and the words he knew would have been written.

“Arnav Singh Raizada weds Payal Gupta”

Minute late Bride sat beside him with the help of her mother. They followed pandit ji’s word, varmala exchanging to kanya dan to saathphere to mangalsutra tying and sindoor filling in bride’s maang, and every little ritual.

Pandit’s voice boomed ‘Now you are husband and wife for seven lives. God bless you both’









Delhi, Raizada Mansion,

Anjali stood at the entrance to welcome her brother and sister in law with pooja thaal in her hand. She is happy at last her brother got married to a wonderful girl.

 Anjali looked confused to see Arnav carrying his bride. Anjali ‘Chotte What is this?’

Arnav ‘Di she is asleep’

Anjali looked at Maami and her Maama ji. Maami ‘the wake her up’

Arnav ‘No!!! there is no need’

Anjali looked at him astonished ‘But Chotte, we have to do finish the grah pravesh’

Arnav ‘and it will happen Di. First you do the Arthi’

Anjali did their Arthi; she put tilak on his forehead and put tikka on bride’s forehead under her veil. Arnav is holding her such way that it is not possible to lift the veil without disturbing her sleep.

Maami, Anjali and Maama ji looked at him astonished to see how he managed to push the small pot of rice by his bride. He brought her right leg and pushed the pot without disturbing her sleep.

Arnav ‘Di shall we go now?’

Anjali could only nod. Maami looking at his retreating ‘Is this our Arnav bitwa? The person who never cared for anyone is caring for his few hour new wife’s sleep, that too forced wife’

Anjali shocked ‘haan Maami’

Maama ‘ho saktha hai Arnav bitwa really likes Payal bitiya after seeing her’

Anjali ‘hope so’







Arnav laid his bride softly on his bed. He removed the veil from her head.

Khushi Gupta aka now Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada is sleeping peacefully not knowing the raging storm in her husband’s heart.

Few hours before,

They had just turned from the lane of his bride’s home street towards the Lucknow airport. They had to leave for Delhi, his home. Arnav got starlted to see his bride crying uncontrollably. She was fine till then what happen to her suddenly.

He turned his head towards her. He tried to touch her hand but stopped himself ‘Payal!!!’

His bride pulled her veil away looking at him with teary eyes ‘Payal jiji, where is my jiji?’

His breath got caught looking at the hazel girl before him. His heart and mind screamed ‘Khushi!!!’

Khushi looked around the car ‘My jiji….amma, babu ji…..buaji. Where are they?’ her tears flowing unchecked.

Arnav finally managed to talk ‘what are you doing here?’

Khushi ‘buaji….buaji made me sit in the car……she told….she will come with me…..but where is she?’

Arnav shouted ‘Driver stop the car’ Khushi got startled and scared hearing his loud voice. Her tears started flowing with loud cry.

His family has already left towards airport. And here someone else is sitting at the place of his bride. The hazel eyes girl who robbed him of his sleep but….. but he is married now and can’t think of her…..God what situation he is landed into. He has given me the candy but in a twisted way which he can never have. But the question is where is his bride.

Driver looked at him startled. Arnav ‘Turn around’. Car came to stop before the Gupta house.

Arnav came out of the car; he held Khushi’s hand and brought her out towards the house. Khushi smiled widely seeing her home. She ran and started knocking on the door ‘Amma, babu ji, jiji….open the door’

He looked at the big lock hanging on the door.

His head started spinning, nothing made sense. What is happening here? Arnav looked at her miserable form crying asked softly ‘Khushi haina tumhara naam’

She nodded her head……Arnav ‘Can you tell me how and what happened? How you came inside my car?’

Khushi looked up at him, hiccupping ‘I…I don’t know….Amma, Buaji came to me and made me to wear this dress and this things *touching her jwellery* and then buaji said I should be good girl and keep quiet, if I did she will give me lot of chocolates and jalebis. I love them lot so I agreed. Then they made me sit on the decorated fairy tale wala stage…..then I went round, round around the fire…..then buaji gave me jalebis and chocaltes. See this *she held half packet of chocolate in her hand*, she told me I should eat this chocolate hiding from everyone. And then she made me sit inside the car. She promised me that they all will come with me. But….where is amma, jiji, babu ji and buaji? Where are they? And who are you?’

Arnav processing her every word looked at her wide eye.


He needs answer for this horrendous joke Gupta’s played at them. His family had selected Payal as his bride but the Gupta’s made Khushi to get married to him. What the hell they played at? Not that he was dying to marry Payal but…..he hate cheater’s and betrayer’s.

Before he could fume on the audacity of Gupta’s to play with Raizada’s he watched with his horror filled eyes Khushi swaying on her feet.

He left with no choice carrying Khushi to nearby hospital. Doctor gave another shock ‘she was given drug, a sleeping pill’

Arnav ‘But how….’

Doctor ‘something she ate’

Arnav looked alarmed. He looked at his coat; there is chocolate stains where Khushi had gripped tightly. He discarded the coat and gave it doctor ‘Test the chocolate stains it. I doubt it is added in the chocolate. She was eating the chocolate before fainting. And Make it quick.’  Power and money speaks so the results came in few minutes. And it was confirmed the chocolate had been drugged to make a person to faint.

Arnav fumed thinking ‘So thought she will sleep through the journey and will not make a fuss’

After calling his family for his arrival be little late Arnav turned to his driver ‘Mohan see where the Gupta’s has gone? Find any information you get on them’ his driver nodding at him left.

After half an hour Mohan called ‘Sir no one knows where Gupta’s have gone? But there is one man and woman who is living behind Gupta house in their little cottage, they both are working for Gupta’s. Arnav ‘bring them here’



Arnav looked at the old man and woman; they are servant in Gupta house. Arnav ‘What do you know about them?’

Old man ‘I don’t know Sir ji where they went’

Woman ‘We really have no idea. As soon as grooms side left we got back to our cottage as our master ji (Mr. Gupta) ordered’ they were worried on why the groom is looking so angry.

Woman made courage to ask him ‘What happen Sir ji? Kona baat hui ka’

Arnav’s lip thinned ‘Yes!!!’ he showed them Khushi who is sleeping under sleeping pills.

Woman gasped ‘Khushi bitiya, how is she here with you?’

Arnav ‘Apparently she is the one with whom my marriage happened’

Man and woman looked at him shocked. Man ‘Kya keh rahe hai Sir, your marriage was with Payal bitiya’

Arnav ‘Looks like your Gupta masters had betrayed us Raizadas changing the bride at last minute as per Khushi’s word’

Gasp escaped from them. Woman ‘how can they do to that poor child? She is already suffering’

Arnav looked at them narrowing his eyes, Woman ‘it was from one year Gupta’s shifted to this house. We were the caretaker looking after this house from beginning and they let us work here. In this one year all we know is Khushi bitiya has got into some accident in which she has lost her mental balance. She is like a child.’ This piece of information shocked him.

Woman ‘I’m the one who took care of her after she has moved in with her family to this house.’

Man ‘we never knew they will do something like this with this poor girl. She is not even in the state to understand what marriage is?’ The old souls felt sympathy towards the girl sleeping inside the room.

Arnav ‘You can go’ he turned back; he is in no state to hear anything more. The old couple left after casting another glance at Khushi.  

But before going the woman looked at his back telling ‘Be patient with her Sir. She is like a child. Once Her buaji had told she forgot her five years of life. So she will be behaving as fifteen year child’ she left with her husband praying to God for the poor girl.

His ran a frustrated hand over his hair. He went inside the room where Khushi was sleeping. Her innocent face streaked with wet tears.

Arnav ‘I’ll not let them free. How dare they play with me, with my family and most of all with you? Their own daughter’

Somewhere in the corner of his heart he is happy to have her in his life. He is not in love with her but he is attracted to her from the first time their eyes met, when his caramel eyes clashed with her mischievous hazel eyes.

He could not wait for her to wake up which will be next morning so he left with Khushi after sometime to continue the journey. It was smooth ride with no uncomfortable.


Looking at his sleeping beauty he freed her from her heavy jewelry. Doctor has said she will come to conscious as the sleeping pill effects weathers and she will sleep through the long journey he has planned.

He would have told his family the truth but he does not want any drama tonight, already he had got more shock then necessary.








Next morning,

He woke up with light from sun rays had managed to escape through the screen and fell on his face. His mind was groggy. When he made an attempt to get up he felt weight on him.

He looked down to see Khushi still sleeping. He got up slowly and freshens up. Not having any choice he sat on his recliner working on his laptop waiting for her to wake up. He is glad there will no pestering from his family for being them newlywed couple.

From the corner of his eyes he felt the moment, he turned his head towards the bed to see Khushi got up rubbing her eyes. She in her sleepy mind looked around to find herself in new surrounding; this is not the usual room she wakes up daily.

Khushi ‘Amma!!! Jiji!!!Buaji!!!........’ her voice from unsure to fear took high pitch.

Arnav came to her ‘Shhh do not shout’

Khushi looked at him wide eye ‘Who are you?’

Arnav sighed; he sat before her who tried to drag herself away ‘I’m your husband, Arnav. We got married yesterday night remember they had made you sit on the decorated stage where we took rounds and then everything happened that’

Khushi ‘Husband? Gudda Guddi shaadi wala husband’

Arnav nodding painfully ‘Yes’

Khushi looked ‘then where is amma, babu ji, jiji, buaji?’

Arnav ‘they are coming, all are on their way’

Khushi ‘why did they leave me alone?’

Arnav ‘you are not alone, I’m here na, you are my wife and they wanted me to take care of you. They will come soon’

Khushi ‘I’m scared’ she is on the verge to cry, new surrounding, new people and her state is not helping her much.

Arnav ‘don’t be. We can be good friends you know’

Khushi ‘Achaa? Will you play with me? Buy me ice creams, chocolates, pretty dolls, teddy bears aur….aur many more things’

Arnav ‘I’ll….I’ll’

Khushi surprised with her big eyes ‘really? And you will not scold me?’

Arnav ‘yes if you promise to listen my words’

Khushi thought for a moment ‘okay!!!’

Arnav ‘Now common get up and get ready for the day like a good girl’




Anjali, Maami, Maama ji looked at Khushi with shock evident on their face. Khushi scared of them hid behind Arnav.

Anjali ‘Chotte who is she?’

Arnav ‘My wife Di’

The three looked at his calm demeanor with surprise. Maami ‘hello hi bye bye how did this girl become your wife. You were getting married to Payal’

Arnav ‘and guess what they had betrayed us making Khushi getting married to me’

Anjali ‘tell me this is a joke’

Arnav ‘hell no’

Maami ‘how dare they? I’ll not leave them’

Arnav ‘if only you know where they are?’

Maama ‘Tell us clearly bitwa’ Arnav narrated last night incident without leaving nothing from them. Another blow hit them when they came to know Khushi is fifteen by heart and mind. She can’t grasp the real meaning of marriage. For her it is a children’s play.

Anjali sat with thud on the sofa, Maami too shocked to open her mouth. Maama after blinking his eyes ‘Now what will we do?’

Arnav ‘Nothing, I’ve asked Aman to find about Gupta’s and their whereabouts’

Maami ‘and this girl’

Arnav ‘What about Khushi? She is my wife’

Anjali ‘Chotte?’

Arnav ‘Di whatever is the circumstance, it is true that I’m married to her and she is my responsibility now’

Anjali started crying cursing for believing the Gupta’s when the alliance came to them through their pandit ji. How fool she is? She destroyed her brother’s life who is now married to the woman who is still a child in her mind.

Khushi’s eyes teared up looking at Anjali crying. Arnav took a look at her and then looked at his Di ‘Stop crying Di. You are making her cry’

Anjali looked at Arnav with reproachful look but her eyes fell on Khushi whose face looked like she would any moment start crying. She felt sorry for the girl. She is not at fault here.

Arnav turned to Khushi ‘Khushi they all are your friends and this house is yours from now. Okay’ he made her understands softly and sent a silent warning to his family member to follow his suit.



Life is not smooth there were many bumpy roads but Arnav and Khushi formed a bond of their own, a bond no one could understand, a bond which cannot be explained but can be only felt.

Arnav had gained information’s on Gupta’s. Gupta’s are originally from Mumbai. Khushi’s parent died in an accident when she was only ten and she was adopted by her father’s brother, Shashi Gupta. Khushi is the heir of Gupta industry, Shashi Gupta and his family had their greed to get hold of her property. To their luck Khushi got into an accident when she fell off from the terrace of the Gupta house and she lost her memory travelling back to her age of fifteen year. Gupta had changed their address; they shifted themselves from Mumbai to Lucknow where no one knew them. It was easy for them to transfer her property to their name. Their only headache was Khushi, no one will marry her and they did the disgusting thing. Showing Payal as the bride they sold Khushi for free. New city, new people will not know about their true face their vicious plan to get rid of Khushi. Gupta were shrewd who made Raizada’s fool. Arnav was shocked to know how did they manage and how did they got the guts to cheat them. Raizada’s are not easy to take, they will be destroyed. All got cleared when another information came out. Payal Gupta was already married and to none other than Akash Raizada. Akash hated Arnav from childhood. He has the notion built in his mind of Arnav had taken away his parent’s and family from him. His own parent’s don’t trust him and had thrown him out of the house only because he had taken huge amount of money from AR Design House. And he took his revenge by tying Arnav with the mental girl. He had wanted Arnav’s life to be destroyed and he had destroyed according to him. Arnav and Raizada’s could not digest the new piece of information. It was hard to know Akash will play with Arnav and Khushi’s life.

The lawyer who helped them to get hold of Khushi’s property is behind bars but the Gupta’s, Akash and his wife Payal has escaped to some corner of the earth.




Two years after,

Khushi looked out of the large glass window of their room, her husband is sleeping. She looked at the moon wondering how her life made it twist without her knowledge.

Two warm arms snacked around her waist; she fell backwards towards the warmth, her husband, Arnav.

Kissing her shoulder ‘Kya kar rahi ho’

Khushi ‘Nothing, just thinking how my life took U turn and I don’t know it all’

Arnav looked at her face searching. Khushi kissed his cheek ‘I’m fine. Even though at first shocked. I’m happy now, at-least I got you in my life. The best thing happened to me in my worst time’

Arnav ‘You deserve every best thing in this world because You are the best’

She smiled turning back to look at the moon.

Six months back,

Arnav and Khushi has been inseparable, Anjali, Maami and Maama had felt difficult to accept her but they slowly did accepted her. It was not difficult to love her because Khushi is Khushi who does her magic on everyone in split.

That day as usual Maami, Anjali along with Khushi went to Mandir, their daily routine. Khushi looked at the other side of the road to see balloon seller selling his balloons. Not able to hold herself till Anjali and Maami finished their pooja she glided down the steps eagerly without their knowledge.

Eyes on balloon and spring on her step she crossing the road fails to realize the vehicle coming towards. The owner tried to put the brake but it was loss case because the vehicle hit Khushi and she fell on the other side.  

Anjali and Maami shocked shouted ‘Khushi!!!’ they were panicked to see Khushi missing after their pooja, when they saw her crossing the road. With horror filled eyes they looked at the vehicle hitting her.

Khushi was admitted in nearby hospital attended by doctor. Arnav was informed who came running panicking. Hours of waiting were hell for Arnav and others. Doctor had come out and explained only minor injuries and nothing major. She has fainted due to shock.

And when gain conscious she was not the Khushi they have known. She has got her memory, she is herself. Doctor’s addressing her as Mrs. Raizada confused and the information on her status shocked her and she had hard time to acknowledge the new relationship forced on her during her not true herself.

More shock was when she came to know her own family’s betrayal. They had done such a disgusting act. Cheated a family.

She had hard time to accept Raizada family as her own most of all Arnav.

His one word touched her heart when he came in front of her. She has been revealed her new identity and her life in Raizada house for one and half year when Arnav came into the room.

He took her hand in his taking a seat beside her ‘Khushi I know it is difficult for you to accept everything but remember I’m always there for you. Whatever maybe the circumstance got us together, but we are husband and wife now. Khushi we have our entire life together to understand each other more over for you to understand me. If you don’t want to be in this relationship I’ll not hold you back but please before that give a chance to this relationship’

Khushi had asked him then ‘Why?’ why he had endured her? Had endured her childish behavior? Why?

Arnav ‘Because I Love You!!! And I’ve no intention to let you go from my life. As I’ve fallen in love with you I’m sure I’ll make you fall for me’ Khushi had looked at him surprised.

Arnav caressing her ‘Take rest for now, don’t think anything’



She looked at Arnav who had hugged her to himself sleeping peacefully. They had gone long way to come together today. Arnav had not left any stone unturned to make her fall for him. He had even disclosed the attraction he had felt for her when he had come to her house to see her sister the day when their eyes clashed to each other.

He had on her insistence had released the lawyer from jail whose wife had begged them to leave her husband and also had stopped searching her family, on his question to why she had replied him then ‘I’ve Got You’

 Now they are happy, they are living happily. Life is so blissful.







Arnav rushed inside his home, his face panic settled. Anjali met him by stairs, Arnav ‘Di what happen to Khushi? She is alright na?’ he was in his office when Anjali’s phone call on Khushi scaring him made him rush to home.

Maami coming from behind ‘haan sab tik hai. Go inside she is waiting for you’

Arnav looked at the two woman confused seeing them wearing a smile, he dashed to his room. Khushi looked up at him smiling making him sigh in relief. He sat beside her on their bed ‘Khushi kya huwa’

He searched her face for any sign of distress or pain. She seems tired but glowing and happy. Khushi took his hand in hers gently pressing ‘Arnav, voh…I’m pregnant’

Her words processed in his mind he sat stunned, Khushi shaked him little to get reaction. Worrying filling her eyes ‘Are you not happy?’

Arnav ‘Happy? *hugging her tight* More than happy. Thank You!!!’

He stammered in his happiness ‘I never thought…..Khushi thank you…..I love you’ he kissed her forehead. Happiness making their way in their life.

Khushi smiled leaning her head on his chest listening to his heart beat. Life can’t be more beautiful than this. She, her husband and now their Chotti si Duniya.


                                                      The End!!!



 Khushi By Chance- Because Khushi came in Arnav's life by Chance. Don't know about the tittle suiting this shot or not.

I know this is most **** filled one shot I've written and all will think kya yaar, itna phika sa ek shot. tsk bad shot. But kya karroon. I started writing without knowing what I'm doing, jumbled thought 's came out as this one shot. Hope it is at least likeable.

Any tomatoes chappal's coming my way? I'll welcome them with my whole heart for writing such a ****py shot.



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