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Nov 25, 2014

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Hey-ya people! I am Shonali, as in Sunheri, as in Golden Girl! Here at this thread, I'll be posting tutorials, tips and tricks, as to, how to write creatively. I hope, these will help you all.


Creative Writing..! What's that?

You people, must be thinking that what is exactly "Creative Writing"? Isn't "Writing" and "Creative Writing", one and the same thing? Ha! What's there is creative writing? Well, well, my dear friends, these two terms are different, very different and aren't one and the same thing, and there is much much more to Creative Writing.

Writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the inscription of signs and symbols and words, whereas, Creative Writing is any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature, typically identified by an emphasis on narrative craft, character development, and the use of literary tropes or with various traditions of poetry and poetics.

Writing, is a basic thing thing, but Creative Writing is a broad concept, that expresses the creativity of words, that a person has. One can distinguish between a normal writer and a creative writer on the basis of the way, he/she expresses themselves in written, in words. There are always two (or more than two) ways of expressing same thing.

For example;

> Ram said to Shyam, "I won first prize in dance competition." - Now this is the simple way.

> With the trophy in his hand, Ram did a 360 degree spin, raising his collars, he then cheerfully told Shyam, "Yo buddy! I won the first prize in dance competition." - Isn't this a little different and better way?

In both the above written sentences, the situation is same and the dialogue is same, they are similar yet different. Isn't the second way, better to explain a situation, a scene through words? Isn't it more effective?

The difference between both the sentences, is the way to use words, the way to combine words in a more dramatic but realistic way.


I'll be posting more tutorials, other tips and tricks, regarding "Creative Writing", here at this thread only. Thank you.


Shonali (Sunheri)

Nov 25, 2014

||Creative Writing ~ An Idea|| (By Sunheri) (Thanked: 3 times)


If someone asks me today, as to how I started writing, and what did I wrote first, my only answer will be;

"I do not know!"

Yes, indeed, I do not know, how I started writing, and what did I wrote first. The only thing I remember is getting very bored, call it bored to death and then, without anything planned, or any thing mapped in my brain, I started typing things, meaningless and baseless things. I kept writing such things for next 20 minutes, after those 20 minutes, I actually started enjoying it. So, after those 20 minutes, I actually started writing something meaningful.

You know why, I wrote the above mentioned, little story of mine? Just to give you an idea, as to, how should you start writing. "Relax before writing" - this is the basic step, one should follow, experienced writers must know, the importance of relaxation before writing. Well, the thing is, that you cannot write something, if you're frustrated. Why let out your frustration on your poor keyboard? When you are frustrated, it means that you are not in a state to think creatively. So let out a deep breath, try one time or try some more, and get relaxed.

If deep breaths do not work, then try the laughter therapy, or just try to forget the reason of your frustration. Once relaxed, then think about the ideas you have for writing. There could be just this one particular idea in your mind, or there could be many of them. Yeah, many! Sometimes, you develop different ways to write one and the same thing, to portray the same story, in one way or other. Now the question arises, that which idea should you pursue, when you have many..?

It happens with me too. And thinking about all these ideas, make me go nuts! Literally!! Now, here's the solution to this problem. Why fear, when Shonali is here! Ha!

> Choose that idea, which refuse to go away from your thoughts - Saw the movie "Chandni Chownk To China"? Remember when the actor said, that there is this one particular Kung-fu technique that only you specialize in, that is there in you heart and thought, you just need to realize what it is. Similarly, you should select an idea, that never leaves your thoughts, the idea, that is there in your heart and thoughts and plainly, point blank refuses to go away from your thoughts.

> Choose that idea, which you have fully mapped in your brain - Sometimes writers start writing, with only a basic idea in their mind, the basic plot. They haven't yet briefly thought about the whole story yet and are not aware of the way the story is going. This only results in confusion, as to what to do next. And when they aren't able to think of a way to proceed, they just drop that idea. Isn't this wastage of time? So, it's better to select that idea, to write a story on, which you have fully mapped in your brain. That means, that you know, how the story, that you are writing will start, will go and will end, even before you have actually written the first paragraph of it.


I hope, this post will help you in selecting an idea, to write. Let me know, if this proved helpful to you. Thank you.


Shonali (sunheri)

Nov 27, 2014

||Shonali says - Get an "Idea"|| (By Sunheri) (Thanked: 3 times)


Not every time, you get relax and think and then get a perfect idea for a story. Sometimes we, the writers, need just an inspiration for one, just a little mental push, a little inspirational idea and, baamm! you create a whole new story. For writers who are facing similar problem, I came up with 3 basic ideas from where you can get an idea for your story. Wanna try?


Not a happily ever after - Ever read stories ending happily, with the quote, "And they lived happily ever after!"? There isn't always a happily ever after and this is where you get an idea for your story. Understood how? No?! Let me explain it, the other way around; No one has a perfect story, perfectly happy life, problems will and really will arise or at-least being a writer you can create one or two! Still didn't got my point? OK, then try this; Take a book, any book of your choice (by any book, I really didn't meant your textbooks, not the books of chemistry, physics, mathematics or biology ), read the last paragraph or at-least the epilogue and think what could have happened next? Take Cinderella's story for example, after she got married to the prince, don't you think that she would face any problem in future? It may be regarding her life, marriage or maybe her evil step-mother or step-sisters would try to create problems for her. Similarly you can also find a story, even if it's ending. So why not make a story's ending, the beginning of your story.

Situation Change - "What if", the biggest question, a vague guess, that what if "this" would or would not have had happened. Here "this" can mean a particular situation or any turning point in a story. Choose a particular situation, and think, if this had happened different way or hadn't happened at all, then what could the story be like? Think, "what if" things and situations would have been different and from there my friends, you could get a new idea for your story.

It can be realistic - Take a real life example. It can be your story, your friend's or your parents', add a pinch of salt to add taste to the story, add half a spoon chili powder to make the story spicy, mix the ingredients well and cook them'll at a shimmer flame. Huh? Oh! I am not talking about cooking, I am still talking about the idea for a story. What I meant is, that take a real story from around you, for example your parents', now add some dramatic situations to it, some misunderstandings, a dark gray shaded villain(s), lots of love and romance, and then serve the story to the readers.


Hope these ideas may help you! Give them a try and let me know if it helped you.


Shonali (Sunheri)

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