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Nov 25, 2014

||The Creative Factory|| (By Sunheri) (Thanked: 2 times)


Welcome people, welcome to the new Creative Factory! This is the place where you can request for the banners for your fictions, signatures/footers, book covers, diary covers etc. for your own use. As this is a new Creative Factory, so there will be change in certain things. Lets start with the start, eehh, I meant, lets just get started...!!

Rules - for the Requestors;

> Please give the Official Graphic-Ers time to complete your request. It could take from 2 days to a week maximum, not more than that, depending on how busy they are. 

> Post your request here and the next Graphic-Er that happens to stop by here will take it. Do not request anyone in particular UNLESS there is something you want in particular [example: animated graphic-which not all can do]. 

> Please do not criticize a Graphic-Er's work just because you don't like it. They took out time to complete the request for you so it's expected you appreciate that. If you want changes made to your banner/signature, you can either message the Graphic-Er that made the graphic or post here but message them so they don't miss your comment here. You can always request again.

> Do not cut, crop or copy a Graphic-Er's work.

> You can only request changes to a signature TWICE once it's made. Changes asking the third time will not be accepted. 

> Be specific about what pictures, effects, colors, textures, and theme you need and make sure it is easier for the graphic-er to understand.

> Most importantly please provide pictures or atleast links because if you dont then it really takes time for a graphicer to search them and incorporate in the banner.

Rules - for the Graphic-Ers

> Similarly one graphic-er can take one request at a time. Once the graphic-Er completes the first can take up second request and so on.

> However during crises where there are only one/two graphic-ers, emergency cases like if someone wants a banner urgently can take up such cases despite of having taken up a request.

> Try not to take more than 1 week to complete a request.

> In care you want to take a leave please post a note here in this thread. Mention the duration during which you will be unavailable. Once you are back again post a note stating you are resuming your work. 

The Graphic-Ers

* The previous graphic-er team would be sent a message, regarding their participation at the creative factory. This is a chance for new graphic-er's to be a part of TCF team.

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