SS - The Queen Of My Heart (Complete)

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Dec 6, 2014

SS - Queen Of My Heart (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 85 times)

Hi, everyone,

So this a short SS of about 15 parts, which is my take on The Arnav Khushi Happily Ever after, I had written it a long time Ago, when Ipkknd was ending, however did not post it here!! So just thought of putting it up as well. Let me Know what you guys think.

SS - Queen of My Heart


Arnav was hell worried for khushi, as he walked out of the room after teasing her on the jalebi antic, in front of everyone! He knew he is going to have it as he's home for that as he smiled fondly through his worry! He knew this isn't his wife's world and hence the worry but seeing her determination he had full faith in his khushi. She wanted to do this on her own so he's going to let her- she doesn't want my help so be it but he was always going to have her back- he thought as he drove home.

Three weeks Had passed and he could see how hard his khushi was working, he admired her determination and he could vouch surely that khushi was going to give the others a run for the crown, coz he knew for sure other things cud alws be modified and changed a lil and he cud see khushi coping well really well indeed with her high heels and confidence and as a sponsor he had all the feedback,but his woman was a one with a golden heart - a woman of substance, and tht was how she went about winning everyone's heart- her cocontestants even. And that thought reminded him tht that's how simply a while ago she had walked in and become the queen of his heart.

Khushi was working hard, an it was tiring and gruesome. After that day when she stopped that evil vikranth from his advances on Natasha- simply she had won the hearts of evryone. All helped we train and she was more than happy, she had everyone's support , Nk, Mamiji, Naniji, Anjali and even arnavjis she knew. But today as se walked restlessly in their room on the eve of the competition, she was really nervous.

Arnav saw her walking all around, she was nervous he knew. He walked up to her and smiled-

Arnav- nervous ho khushi?

Khushi turned around, this was the first time she and arnav were having an upfront conversation about the show, everything had been perfect odrwise just that they had avoided discussing this issue being a sensitive one, but she knew he had her back and his silent approval and support shone from his eyes lovingly.

Khushi- arnavji.. Haan him thode.. Pata nahi hum kar payenge..

Arnav pulling her onto his lap and hugged her from the waist as they sat on the poolside recliner- khushi tumhe pata Haina tum apne type ki ek ho.. U have worked so hard u have come so far khushi- dong loose hope now..

Khushi snuggled upto him- u were keeping a watch weren't u arnavji.. I knew u asked them indirectly to be extra strict with me right.. For my good.. But I knew u were always watching over me.. Arnavji thank you..

Arnav- ofcourse khushi, I am always there to watch over you love, now c'mon don't b nervous.. Why don't u practice ur ramp walk in front of me once.

Khushi jumped- arnavji I would love to.. And she went in to put on her heels

Arnav as being the main sponsor had to in the end walk the ramp with the winner as this was a suprise for everyone as the winner Mrs India had to after receiving the crown walk in his bridal wear designed exclusively by him. He was sure his Wife would be the one walking wth him.

Khushi walked around with confidence and her angelic aura and he was so proud of her. As they snuggled to bed , khushi looked up confusingly-

Khushi- arnavji how is it that you managed to keep it a secret till now that I am your wife.

Arnav kissing her forehead- coz u asked me to khushi but he pinned her down and looked into her eyes and whispered- but tomorrow everyone will know, I shall reveal to the world what iv been dying to khushi-

Khushi as smitten as alws- what arnavji,?

Arnav- Mrs India or not khushi- but you Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada were , are and always will be the Queen of my Heart


Part 2

The next day, everyone in Shantivan was really worked up! Anjali had done Aarti for khushi, Naniji fed her sweet curd as good luck-even Mamiji wished her- payal and Akash had skyped with khushi for an hour in the morning.Everyone was excited for the event and were busy gearing up!

As khushi dressed for the first round in a long evening gown she cudnt help but remember how everyone was so excited for her and happy too. Arnav had kissed her mindlessly as his wish of good luck and everyone else at home had said- we know you will win surely.

Her gown was a peach one and she herself was suprised as to how good that looked on her! Soon it was time to walk the ramp as their intros came up in the projector.And before she stepped a stage- khushi took a deep breath and recalled arnav and his love and she started her walk on the ramp with the thought- I am going to make you proud arnavji. I am going to do this.

Arnav was stunned to the core as he witnessed the first round unfold and he saw khushi walking the ramp- she looked obviously ravishing in her gown and arnav wanted to kick himself for ever doubting her courage.He knew it surely that she's going to be in the top 10. And like he said Arnav Singh Raizada was never wrong as e heard te host announce the top 10- his khushi being in them.

Khushi cudnt Beleive it.. She was elated and tht gave a further boost to her morale. She cleared the 2 nod round and was announced in the Top 5 as well.

As she dressed in her black and pink saree for the final question round, she was a lil nervous as she heard her fone beep- 

Khushi, don't be nervous love.

Itl be perfect just like how it has been till now. Congratulations and now come on answer them and win this crown.


She smiled as she walked out on the ramp. She was the last one who had to answer the same question asked to all the 5 of them-

Question was- What do you think is the Best gift a woman as in a wife can give to a man , her husband-and vice versa?

She took a deep breathe ,she caught a look of her family and answered with confidence-

Good evening everyone! To answer the question- I feel the best gift a woman can give to a man can be categorized into two- she gives a heaven for a home to come back to and in tht heaven she gives him a child, as a symbol of their love. A man on the other hand gives her a gift of completeness- he completes her in every way she ever wants to be-in whichever role.He completes her with the feeling of love, respect, trust not only for sharing life's but with a feeling of belongingness that she is trasured for being there.It's simple- a man and a woman are the peices of a puzzle, it is only once they are together- that they become one- and guess that's how god alws wanted it to be.

And just as she finished , great applause followed! All the Raizadas were so proud Anjali had Tears in her eyes , but that ddnt stop her from noticing her brother sitting in the chief area, wiping away his tear and then clapping as hard as could be.

As arnav wiped away his tear which arose due to the strong emotion his wife's answer stirred in him, he saw his sister looking on him lovingly and as they both clapped away for khushi- arnav knew this moment was going to be in TOP 10 of his life- magically all were with Khushi and For khushi.


Part 3

As she heard the applaud, Khushi felt so proud of herself as she thanked her devi maiya silently for all the strength and luck she had bestowed on her always.

The Top 5 walked the ramp yet again , so that all the judges could have one last look before announcing the winners. There were three titles to be won- 2nd runner up,1st runner up and  the Mrs India!

As they all lined up, they heard the Host announce-

Host- As the time nears for us to announce the winner, we want to give you all a small surprise, afterall whats a show without a twist! Now the twist is for a change that before we announce the Winners ,our contestants will be modelling for us the Bridal Wear, which has been exclusively designed by our sponsors for them. It is only after this exclusive display, will we have our judges announce the Winners, as we feel it would be iconic to crown our Mrs India, when she is dressed as a Bride.

This was news to everyone as they were totally unaware that AR had made 20 exclusive bridal outfits for them to model.As Khushi, Natasha, Amrita, Diya and Aditi-TOP 5 walked in backstage they could already see the rest of them opening their packets which had each of their names on it.As Khushi walked upto her packet and opened it- she was mesmerized as she saw the bridal outfit of the exact same colours she always loved and she knew it then and there that her Arnavji ,had designed this for her.

As they all dressed in their bridal wear and walked the ramp finally and stood in their respective positions, Khushi could feel her heartbeats rise.She could see her family, arnavji who were smiling away at her, but now the anticipation was killing her.

Finally the winners from last year’s contest who were to crown them,were called on stage and all the girls held their hands in anticipation and excitement. 

Host- I would also like to call upon our sponsor Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada, CEO of AR Designs whose exclusive  bridal designs have been showcased tonight, and for the very first time after the crowning, we would have Mr. Raizada walking the ramp here with Mrs India.

Khushi’s breath caught up as her eyes opened wide as she saw Arnav walking up to the stage.So he had hidden this from her, -why her eyes silently questioned her husband as he came and stood with his ASR aura on the stage.

And just as silently she felt her husbands eyes answer with the -I wanted to surprise you look.

The host- So as the 2nd runner up we have- contestant no 15- Amrita.Amrita hugged khushi and walked ahead to receive her crown and stood ahead.

The first runner up is- contestant no 11- Natasha.Natasha went ahead received her crown and stood next to Amrita.Khushi closed her eyes and prayed to devi maiya in anticipation as Diya caught on to her tightly.

And now finally, catch your breaths everyone here is the moment of truth- Mrs India,2012 is none other than, Contestant no 7- Khushi. 

Her eyes flung open as she heard her name and felt Diyas arms go around her and happiness and relief engulfed her, as she walked up and saw her husband looking at her with all the love and pride in his eyes-The former Mrs India made her wear her sash and Arnav walked up with the coveted crown to his wife. No one else there except the Raizadas exactly knew how beautiful that moment was, as Arnav crowned his Khushi , Mrs India-2012.He gestured to her that they were to walk the ramp and they did it so magically- that the applause was thunderous.

The Host- Before we close our evening I would like to request Khushi to say a few words-

Khushi taking the mike in her hand- I really cant express how happy I am right now, I wana thank god, my family, my friends I have made here, my mentor just everybody for it is with their help and support that I am here today.And most importantly, I would like to thank my husband for always being there as my wall.

Host- Yes ofcourse Khushi your family and your husband, I am sure they are more than Happy and proud of you!!Anyone would be, right Mr Raizada, Mrs India here has made everyone so proud.

Arnav taking the mike- Yes ofcourse  she has, and I am more than just proud of Khushi here..

The audience and the judges and the host all were confused as to what is ASR saying, why would he be proud? And As Arnav read the confusions in the hosts eyes he said- I am not only proud of her for this but also for doing this on her own without revealing to you all who she really is- and I thought I was an epitome of professionalism- however my lady here beats me to it.

Gasps and hushes and murmers started in the crowd as they tried to comprehend what Arnav Singh Raizada meant as the host questioned him- your lady?-and as he saw khushi smile away secretly realization dawned on him as Arnav Singh Raizada spoke with a proud smirk- Mrs India 2012- that’s my Lady- Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

And as the media flashed their cameras and the crowd applauded- Arnav Singh Raizada went up to the love of his life and embraced her in a hug and kissed her forehead,right there on the stage, giving a damm to the fact that the world was watching.


Dec 7, 2014

Part 4, 5 and 6 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 80 times)

Part 4

As the show ended , Khushi and Arnav were stormed by the media as the reporters bombarded her with questions-

Reporter 1- Why did you hide the fact that you are Mrs Raizada, Khushi?

Khushi- well honestly like  my husband said before- I always wanted to do thid on my own, I wanted no special treatment.I ddnt want to be looked at Mrs Raizada-the sponsers wife and wanted to make this path on my own as any ordinary housewife would.It was a challenge for me and I wanted to test myself and hence I kept my identity a secret. Infact I made sure I worked as hard as I could and I am very happy to be here.

Reporter 2- How was your experience as you trained for Mrs India?

Khushi- Well to be honest, this was a very interesting path for me as I challeneged myself at every step,and ofcourse with the constant love and support and love of my family, it was a very joyful experience.It will always be one of the best days of my life.

Reporter 3- Well, we ddnt know then, but how did you feel being crowned by your husband?

Arnav was right next to her enjoying her answers and his wifes confidence as he felt Khushi caught hold of arnavs hand and answering- That was a very magical moment for me indeed, when arnavji crowned me- I cudnt have asked for more.

Reporter 4 to Arnav- And you Mr Raizada, how was it for you to crown your wife?

Arnav- Honestly, I was so overwhelmed with different emotions through me that I cant really describe how I felt.

The Raizadas were standing were standing on the other side and enjoying Arnav and Khushis talking to the media, as Arav tugged Anjali- I want to go to her and dad, and congratulate her.Why cant we go home? I have a surprise waiting for her there and he pouted.

Anjali ruffled up his hair a lil and said- wait my little chottey we all know you have been waiting for this since you drew that sketch,only ur dad had asked you to wait until now.


Anjali recalled as to how a week before Arav had walked upto them all when Khushi was on her rehearsals and said- Mujhe aap sab se kuch baat karni hai

Arnav- kya hua Arav, sab thik haina?

Arav- yes dad, bass aaj main unhe miss kar raha hoon, unhe jaldi bulao ,mujhe unhe kuch dena hai, kehna hai-

Anjali- Kise arav?

Arav- Dad, jab main ashram mein tha main hamesha sochta tha ki mere mom dad kaise hoge, muma kaise hongi- fir jab who sheetal aunty mujhe le aayi maine unhe hi apna world bana liya,fir pata chala ki sab jhooth tha,at that time dad main aapse hamesha baatein karta tha aur jab aapne aur unhone mujhe apna beta mana-,adopt kiya automatically aapko maine dad maan liya aur unhe mom..par unhe main muma keh nai paya shayad kyunki main dara hua tha after what Sheetal aunty did, but its not that I ddnt see how much she loves me and cares for me,Unhono mujhe apna beta mana hai dil se from the first day .He hugged arnav and whispered- Dad I wana meet my Khushi muma.I love her a lot dad,I have missed her so much jab woh ghar nai hoti.Pls call Khushi muma, I have made something for her.

Arnav broke the hug and asked- kya hai?

Arav took them to this room and he showed them a sketch he had drawn of him and,khushi – and titled it- My Maa- My world.

Everyone had tears in their eyes as Anjali said- Khushiji will be so happy!!

NK- oh yes, Im going to call her now itself

Arnav stopped them- No wait, arav hum ek week aur wait karenge- competition ke din hi aap yeh khushi ko dena aur use first time mom kehna.we all have faith that she will win and your gift will make her the happiest in this world.

Arav thought for a minute and whispered- Ok fine dad,I guess you are right.

An hour later Khushi had walked in Shantivan , only to be hugged by arav tightly-

Khushi- arav, beta kya hua?

Arav- nothing,Missed your shoutings

Khushi laughed and hugged him and took him to eat his food silently wishing and yearning for arav to call her- maa,she knew he wud take time after sheetals mishap,but she really longed to hear him call her maa whenever he called arnav dad- for she loved him with all her heart.He was her son, her blood or not ddnt matter- Arav was Theirs.

Flashback Over

Anjali- But arav u can go and meet her now though, cmon go..

Arav- are you sure bua? I can, woh camera?

Anjali- yes yes go go..

Khushi felt a tug on her chuni as she turned to see Arav standing behind her, as she bent down- he hugged her and said- did it! I am so proud of you and he wiped his moms tears.

Reporter- And who is this little kid Khushi?

Arav's eyes opened wide as he felt weird being under the cameras ,and he wondered what would they say,would they take his ashrams name- he wondered.

But that very moment Arnav bent down too and they both hugged Arav from their sides and told the world- That’s our Son. Arav Singh Raizada.

Khushi- Now if you would please excuse us, I want to be with my son for a while.

Arav took Khushi in a hug as the media went away, and cried out of happiness in her arms.


Part 5-

As she changed for the night, khushi recalled her day.It had been a long long day- a very memorable one indeed- she had done it, she was crowned Mrs India-tears of happiness filled her eyes as she touched her crown and recalled Arnav crowning her.The walk with him on the ramp,, his proud declaration to the world that she was his lady, his hug,her interaction with the media and their declaration about Arav, how everyone naniji,mamiji,anjaliji,nk had hugged her tight.The photo sessions, the celebration with the girls and their shock over the fact that she had hidden under their nose as Mrs Arnav singh raizada all along.

She had spoken to her amma,bauji,buaji who were in lucknow and akash and payal on her ride back home.

Khushi- Thank you devi maiya..You gave me so much today, thank you..i coudnt have asked for more.And then she walked downstairs to sit with everyone in the hall.Little did she know that her son and husband had planned yet another surprise for the queen of their hearts.

As she walked down, she saw all was dark in the hall and she called out- 

Arnavji,anjaliji,nanheji,arav…aap sab kahan hai?

And that very minute the lights went on and everyone yelled together-Congratulations Mrs India-Khushi saw the sight and she felt blessed to have all of them in her life as she ran and hugged arnav.

Khushi- Thanks everyone.Agar aap sab ka saath aur humpe bharosa nahi hota toh hum shayad kabhi yeh sab..

Arnav- Khushi, shh now and listen arav has something for you..

Khushi looked at arav in surprise and asked- hamare liye?arav?

Arav- haan aap idhar aaiye…and he made her sit along with everyone on the sofa..

And he rushed to his room and got his sketch which arnav had got it framed and gift wrapped.He walked upto Khushi and gave it to her-

Arav- jaldi kholiye isse

Khushi- ok wait..and she started opening it and the rest of them watched in anticipation and excitement.

As the paper fell away- Khushi eyes rested upon a sketch of her and arav! Arav had so minutely covered every detail of her face, smile, hair, clothes in his sketch. It was a picture of her and Arav and he had titled it- My Maa- My world.She read the title again and pinched herself ,incase this was a dream.Too much happiness in one day-there was a limit to how much her heart could take and tears started falling from her eyes…

Khushi- Arav..yeh..

Arav- Oho, ab aap please don’t cry..main kabse wait kar raha hun aapko yeh dene ka..khushi muma..

Khushi- what??say it again?

Arav hugged her- Khushi muma, are my world..I know main aapko yeh pehle nai bol paya kyunki main dar gaya tha..par iska matlab yeh nai ki main aapko maa nahi manta…And you know what i wanted to tell u this give u this a week back,but dad stopped me..

Khushi- what, arnavji…kyun?

Arav- kyunki dad said ki he was sure you would win and if I give this to you today, it would bring u more happiness Khushi Muma…are you happy??

Khushi hugged him again- yes yes yes..i am arav.. love…You are my lil prince..thank you baby..and she kissed him and he snuggled into her…

Arav- prince? If I am your prince then you are..

Khushi and everyone- what arav?

Arav walked upto arnav and hugged his knees for a minute and said- Sorry dad I know you love her,but I love my khushi muma pls dont fight with her, trouble her and you cannot- what the What the her..only I can! As I am her prince and my khushi muma is the Queen of my Heart.

Arnav hugged his son, for a minute he cudnt believe he had used the same words as him to describe what place khushi had in their lifes. Khushi watched her husband and son hug each other and she felt her heart would burst with happiness.

Everybody went away for the night and khushi after tucking arav in,returned to her room only to find it decorated with candle and roses all over.And as arnav hugged her from behind..she said-

Khushi- thank you, arnavji…today I am..

Arnav- I know ..its the happiest day of my life too khushi..

She turned around and hugged him, and as they stood in the moon+candlelights- she said- it seems I was right wasn’t I- my answer…You complete me seems I was always a piece of Your puzzle…

Arnav smilingly as he took her to bed- Oh yes that Khushi,I guess you were- they ddnt crown you Mrs India Just Like That..and on that note wait a  minute..

Khushi sat up on bed- Now what arnavji, you all are planning to kill me with Happiness?

Arnav laughed- this is for you..

It was a photoframe of a picture with Arnav crowning her, and on the other side of a pic of their walk on ramp together.

Khushi kept is lovingly on her bedside- and hugged him yet again-how come so soon arnavji?

Arnav- Well I am not ASR for nothing.Its not everyday Arnav Singh Raizada gets to crown Mrs India and good for his luck-she happens to be his wife!he smirked..

Khushi- Arnavji…I love you ..whoever said heaven ddnt exist on earth..i found mine when I found you..

Arnav pinned her down and whispered- Oh yeah, Mrs India so what am I going to get for giving you this paradise, you talking about..

She brought him closer and with love and affection pouring in her voice- Well its not just Paradise you have given me.Its Paradise on a golden platter and for that take whatever you want..I am all yours..arnavji..always was..and will be..

Arnav closed the remaining distance between their lips and whispered- I know…


Part 6

Khushi- Mrs India had been superbusy in the past two weeks after the crowning.She had been attending charity events, giving press conferences, and she had asked her PR to get her to tie up with all the big NGO’s possible.She had discussed her course of actions with Arnav ofcourse and he was more than happy with her choices and wish to help people in every way possible- as he always knew Khushi to be of those rare kinds-which aren’t made anymore.She was so compassionate about giving love and happiness to everyone that he was proud that – that day in his mothers garden he had bowed down to her.All her time was being occupied during the day in all of the above and evenings she would make sure to spend quality time with the family and arav specially and even help in house c****s in every little way possible.Infact he had even declared it on the dining table over dinner one day while she was serving everyone- Khushi, tumne bataya nahi ki tum asli mein superwoman ho!!Not that I Complain-I am more than Happy to have my own Superwoman.

Everyone laughed away casually as Arav joined in dad- Yes dad, you are right..khushi muma toh best hai.

They would talk about their respective days and work at night –before sleeping away blissfully in each other arms.

Arnav had been superbusy with his work as well, since Akash had gone to the US,his workload had increased tons-but he had managed that out well.However his new worry was that after speaking to Akash the other day, they had deceided that Arnav was needed there-as there were some issues with their expansion plans and Their clients wanted to meet him personally.Akash had told him that,this was a major benefit growth for AR and he should come there as soon as possible and let NK handle the work in Delhi until then-but what worried him to the core was the duration of thr Trip-A month.How was he going to leave Khushi and Arav behind for so long?

Meanwhile,Khushi had discovered another issue which needed immediate attention- The foundation which had been her main focus to get to work with, had asked her to visit them in London and help them, and her PR agent had told her that this was a very very good opportunity for her o spread her message across.What she was worried was- whether she would do this or not?-as her tour would be atleast a month long! How was she going to leave arnavji and arav alone for so long?

But she really wanted to do this,she loved the foundation the minute she had heard about it.-Make a Wish Foundation.This foundation worked for the happiness of children. All the children-and she was surprised to find out that there were many-who were suffering from diseases,ailments were the ones they helped.They asked these children to Make a Wish- and they would fulfill It for them.Some kids wanted to fill in their dream roles for a day as they knew they would never have the chance to grow up- they would want to be dressed as policeman,pilot,princess,doctors, meet their favourite celebrity,spend a day out in a amu****t park etc.and just like these innocent children their wishes were even more innocent and loveable.Khushi always wanted to help those who needed it and she felt by working with Make a Wish for a while would help her satisfy her dreams to serve the society as well,andi t would also be good for the country that Mrs India was taking the effort-so maybe more and more people would volunteer and help fulfilling these childrens wishes-nothing could be more spiritual-than bringing happiness on these kids faces.

She had deceided that she will speak to Arnav about it and discuss with him what needs to be done.

It was almost dinner time when Arnav had come home and found khushi sitting by the poolside.

Arnav- hi was your day??Mine was tiring..and I also have to talk to you about it..

Khushi- Arnavji…aap agaye..come sit I also want to talk to you about something important.

Arnav let khushi speak first and he was really moved by what his wife wanted to do.Did a soul like her exist really? Then he told Khushi about his needed business trip to US.And soon Arnav had come with a solution-

Arnav- toh thik haina khushi..ill go to US..and you can go to;east now I don’t have to worry about leaving you behind for so long!

Khushi, a little relieved- Yes I know, no worry about you but arav arnavji, hum use itna lamba?

Arnav smiled- I know I know, but I have a solution.take Arav with you- just last week he was telling me how he wants to get some soccer training during his holidays.Khushi his holidays are starting in three days and I am thinking where could he get better training than London-since he had talked about it I had been searching..apparently lucky for us Manchester United Club is doing this small workshop of about 20 days for kids in London.I was keen on it-but was wondering this isn’t the time but now if you are going to London-take him with you.You can spend your day working, he will be in his workshops- you can spend your evenings together and I will  catch up with you both in London as soon as I am done with my work.How does that sound?

Khushi smiled and hugged him- that’s great is it that you always have a solution, but we have to tell sure arnavji ,Arav will be so excited..

They told everyone over dinner,Arav was literally jumping since he found out and had declared that he is going to make it the Headlines of a Newspaper- That his MOM and DAD were officially the Best in the World.

Arnav explained NK as to how he would have to stay back and take care of work as well as Anjali,naniji and mamiji.NK who had already joined office sometime back willingly agreed.Anjali was just a little upset that she was going to miss her bhai,bhabhi and little chottey-but  was happy for them.

It was deceided, Arnav booked their tickets for three days later.He would be travelling with Arav and Khushi till London,and then take a connecting flight from Heathrow to JFK.

The night before their departure,as they snuggled upto each other,he saw a frown on his wifes face-

Arnav- Kya hua Khushi?

Khushi- Arnavji, I am very happy about this and a little excited too..but that doesn’t change the fact that I am going to Miss you terribly..How am I ever going to get any sleep at know I cannot sleep until you take me in your arms and hug me….thats when I feel content about my day ..and moreover this time difference..i am going to miss you so much…


Arnav- I know baby, I am going to miss you both much..I am so used to you as well..iv forgotten how I ever lived without you..but atleast Arav would be with you..

Khushi- And jijaji and jiji with you…and she sighed and hugged him..

Arnav- Its ok khushi, no distance can be too much between incase u haven’t distance makes the Heart grow Fonder..

Khushi smiled- yeah right arnavji..but you will take care of yourself wont you?

Arnav- yes I will now please don’t waste my time-as I have a very important business to take care of right now,as he bent down to kiss her..need to stock this all up in my memory to last me a month khushi..

Khushi smiled through the kiss and was more than happy to co-operate with her husband in let him finishing his business.

As he watched Khushi sleep, Arnav tried to calm down his beating heart- he had comforted Khushi so that she wudnt be sad- but honestly he himself didn’t know how was he going to manage without her.Miss would be a small word, he was sure he wud have that poking feeling in his heart all the time he was away from her.He would miss Arav too- However this needed to be done.However as he hugged khushi tightly and slept- he admitted to himself that even God would be surprised seeing Arnav Singh Raizada getting jitters at the thought of going away from his family,his Khushi and Arav.


Precap to Part 7- Arnav,Khushi and Arav set out on their trip. And Introduction to Arhaan Raichand.

Dec 8, 2014

Part 7 and 8 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 71 times)

Part 7-

Arnav, Khushi and Arav set out for London.Khushi was dressed in a very comfortable track suit, which was one of the things amongst her entire new wardrobe Arnav had gotten for her.Arav and Arnav were also dressed in their similar track pants and shirts- since it was going to be a long journey Arnav had forced Khushi- to dress in something comfortable.In the flight, they first settled Arav down and asked him to get some sleep, if he wants to be fresh and active while he reaches London.Arav excitingly listens to his parents and tries to get some sleep., however his excitement ddnt help him succeed much.Arnav and Khushi spend the next 8 hours ,talking to each other- none wanting to even catch a blink fully knowing that they will not be seeing each other after this for like about three - four weeks.As they landed, and it was time for them to part ways as Arnav had to go forward for connections.

Arnav- Khushi, you know I was a little worried about leaving you and arav in London all alone, afterall it is your first time out of the country-but I know you will manage it.I have arranged everything for you..Peter  from the London office will be coming to receive you at the airport, and he will be taking you both the service apartment I have Booked for you guys.And also Peter will be taking care of Arav and his workshops..hel be taking him about and also he has your no and everything ready with him, and I have it with me, so that I can contact you as soon as I reach.

Khushi- Thank you arnavji, hugging him.

Arnav- Khushi, you will take care.Its a new country, new not go around anywhere without telling Peter- be it anything, he should always know of your where abouts ok Love? And also I know you are here to help and volunteer- But do not forget yourself in the process- eat on time, sleep well, don’t stress..just relax.I am sure you will be taking care of Arav perfectly but I doubt you seriously when..

Khushi- when it comes to myself..completing his sentence for him giggling.I know I know have told me the same thing for like what 100 times now..relax I will be fine..

Arnav- What the..?? you even know how scared I am for you?and you here..are laughing.

Khushi- I am sorry arnavji..i wont laugh.But don’t worry well be fine provided you will be..

Arav who was watching this cute encounter between his parents finally deceided to re-assure his Dad – Dad, I am not that much of a Kid you know right..I promise I will take care of Khushi Muma..for you..but then you better finish up ur work and come to us soon..ok ..Promise..?

Arnav,kissing his son on the forehead- Yeah I promise Big guy..I will be with you both soon.

Arnav pulling in Khushi for another long hug and before letting her go he felt her silent sobs- Cmon now..I guess I should get going..Khushi don’t worry..well keep talking and we will skype as well..Il miss you ..

Khushi- I know.Il miss you too..cmon now you go..

Arnav walked ahead a few steps and then turned back- Khushi..

Khushi- turned back, seeing her huband walk up to her- kya hua arna..

Before she could complete her sentence..he kissed her long…..making Arav turn around as he really did not want to watch This Extreme Case of PDA being displayed by his parents.

Arnav- Couldn’t leave without that khushi..I love you..

Khushi smiled- me too..

Arnav went ahead, khushi and arav proceeded towards their immigration.Arnav had explained everything to Khushi, so she ddnt have any problem at all. After collecting their luggage, they proceeded out to the arrival lounge to see a man, standing with a board with their names,Khushi assuming him to be Peter, walked upto him.

Khushi- Hi Peter,

Peter- Hi maam, hope you had a nice flight, the car is ready..lets go I am sure you must be tired….

Khushi- yes sure, but then she remembered and asked Peter- where is the Travel Exchange Peter? Arnavji had given me some dollars, I think ill get it exchanged here itself on the airport since its already 7 pm now!

Peter- Maam, you don’t need to..Sir had asked me to get..

Khushi- I know I know, knowing him he would have sent you with lots of cash..but I don’t want to keep these dollars..might as well put it to some use.Why don’t u wait here with Arav..I will just go and get this done.

Peter- Ok Maam, well wait go straight ahead and then turn left..youl find American express..

Khushi- Ok..arav be be back.

Arhaan Raichand was returning back home from his trip to New York.He had just landed and was dead tired and couldn’t wait to get home.His brother Nikhil had called him to come in five days before- because apparently Nikhil ddnt have the time to see into this new work.Nikhil and Arhaan lived with their mom and dad in London since forever.Their Dad’s one of the companys was a PR agency- which mostly Arhaan used to handle, since he was more of a media person.Nikhil and his dad handled more of the other hardcore finance and businesses.This time Make a Wish Foundation had approached their PR company- as they were going to be working with Mrs India- who was to be coming to London for volunteer tour for a month and they wanted someone who would be with them and help them get the right publicity in the media.His dad and brother knew this was a very good opportunity for their work as Make a Wish was really famous in the UK and add an Indian beauty queen to it- would just be a cherry on the cake, and so he had to return early from New York as he was needed for this job.

Khushi was walking towards the travel exchange, when she saw a old lady on a wheelchair trying to get her wheel fine..something was stuck in it she guessed and walked upto the lady-

Khushi- Hi, can I help you?is there something stuck here..

Lady- yes child, I don’t know whats wrong im trying to fix it..moving the buttons here but my wheel just wont would be really kind of you to help..

Khushi bent down and tried to figure out what was wrong, but it was the first time she was seeing these mechanical wheel chairs and ddnt know what to do about it, she gave a weak smile to the lady and continued her struggle..and just then she felt someone ask behind her- Do you need some help here?

Arhann was walking towards the Travel ex- to get rid of his dollars when he saw an old lady struggling with her wheel chair- and before he could go to help, he saw a yound woman, walk up to her and offer the same- strangely he hadn’t seen many people offering to help strangers willingly in this country, however when he saw the woman struggle- he deceided to offer some help.

She turned around to see a very young man, he was an Indian she figured and probably a businessman as he was dressed in a suit- a glimpse of a suit reminded her of arnav and her heart ached at how much she missed him already it hadn’t been like  even 20 minutes, hed said he would call after hes in the lounge.Seeing her lost in her thoughts, the man asked again- Do you need some help?

Khushi- Oh yes thank you..I am unable to figure this thing out..her wheelchairs u know how to..

The man smiled- yeah sure- let me have a look..

Khushi stood up and let the man see it.Within less than a minute he had had it fixed apparently the lady’s digital wheelchair had some techy gilt, which the man seemed to know to fix.

Lady- Thank you both of you..its very kind of you.

Khushi- no problem, and arhaan turned at the sound of her voice..

Khushi- Thanks to u too..i guess I wudnt have figured this out and cudnt see her sruggle-she told the stranger as the lady went away..

Man- No problem at all..

Khushi smiled and walked ahead to the Travel exchange.

Arhaan looked at her as she walked ahead- well she was pretty, he admitted to herself and very kind too..she had a nice voice..but he kicked himself for actually thinking all that for a strange girl he had just met randomly at the airport and walked towards the Travel ex.

He was just done with his exchange when he turned to see the same girl right behind him.He smiled and went aside and watched her closely as she did her work.He was wrong- This girl whoever she was was not pretty.She was exquisitely beautiful and had a very nice smile.

Arhaan- hey again..

Khushi – Hi..putting her passport and things back into her bag..

Arhaan- So you’v come here for the first time? He asked as hey started walking back towards the arrival lounge..

Khushi- Yes..its my first time in London, here for an important work and what about you?

Arhaan- Its home.I live here infact just returned from a business trip!

Khushi- Oh that’s nice..

Arhaan- By the way, my names Arhaan, Arhaan Raichand and you..?

Khushi- Hi name is Khushi..

Arhaan felt hus heart tug the minute he heard her say his name and he was so lost in her that he had missed seeing that tiny sindoor mark on her forehead- but before he could say anything more..her fone rang..

Khushi picking it up, it was Peter- yes, Im almost there..

Khushi smiled- Ok I need to go now..bye..and rushed away.

He watched her rush and smiled to himself as he made his way out- what had just happened he wondered, why was his heart fluttering that way? Hadnt he seen more beautiful and attractive women- yes he had, and that too all over the world.And above that he had had a lot of flings as well- so why wud he feel like a teenager after meeting a stranger-maybe because she is different than all the ones uv met- his heart answered.As he made his way home he shrugged her thought away, thinking London was a big city and there were no chances he wud be seeing her again anyway- although somewhere deep down his heart wished to deciding- Khushi-the name suits her.

Once they had settled in the car, she heard her fone ring and smiled to herself as she picked up-

Khushi –yes arnavji..we have just settled in the car..peter says well reach the apartment soon..r u about to board soon?

Arnav- yes khushi..but what took so long?

Khushi- Oh nothing arnavji..i thought its late already so got the dollars u gave exchanged and on the way helped an old lady with her wheelchair-actually I couldn’t do much though..she sighed as she told him what had happened.

Arnav smiled to himself, there she goes even after the lecture I gave her, already helping out strange people in a strange country- Khushi..tum pagal ho..acha anyway..whats arav doing?

Khushi- he is busy looking out of the window arnavji…he is so excited to be in London..

Arnav- and what about you my love..arent you?

Khushi sighed- yeah I am..but its not complete without you..I miss you so much already…

Arnav – I know..ok now bye khushi I have to go now..will call as soon as I land..u take care ok? you..

Khushi- yes arnavji..u too take care…I love u..and have a safe flight..

As they settled in their appartment for the night- khushi made quick dinner for arav and put him to bed early and then decided to get some rest too- as tomorrow was going to be a long day for her -she had to meet up with the foundation people and they were going to decide how to take things about and even Arav had its first day of workshop tomorrow. 

But it was long before sleep came to her,as she missed her arnavji’s warm embrace, who on the other hand in the flight was also unable to get any sleep whatsoever..totally lost in the thoughts of his khushi..wishing she would be OK.


Part 8

Arhaan walked into the penthouse to be greeted by his family.After quick dinner , he sat with his brother in his study.He was very close to his brother- they were nearly about the same age anyway Nikhil being just 14 months older to him.At the same time Nikhil had always been the big brother whenever Arhaan needed him to be there.Both of them had studied in the US- his brother had finished his degree and had returned to join their dad, and a year later Arhaan had joined them too.

Nikhil was telling Arhaan about what all had happened at work and around since he had been away.

Nikhil- And yes- tomorrow you have a meeting with Stella from Make a Wish and you guys can discuss how to take things about alright? 

Arhaan- yeah niks don’t worry!iv got it..and he smiled.

Nikhil- Ok now so go get some must be tired..Im just going to finish off some work..

Arhaan- Yes brother, and he headed for his room.he turned back to tease his brother- do u ever get any chance to breathe behind all your wonder you have no Life, he smirked.

Nikhil- And what makes you say that..smirking back..

Arhaan- Well for starters, you haven’t had any girlfriend since Aditi-the **** cheated on you with her ex.- I know that hurt u bro..but u need to move on ok..its been so many years..why cant you get yourself to breakfree a lil from all of that and your work.

Nikhil- yeah right- thts coming from someone who moves on way too fast isn’t it?Dont bother.Im fine..and on that note let me ask you- how many interesting faces did you meet this time on your trip lil brother?( Knowing fully his brothers capability and history of flings-but he also knew that was only coz he hadn’t fallen in love yet- with the right one.Although the thought of Love made Nikhil cringe a little –for he had loved her, but like his brother had put it- she was nothing but a ****.)

His question reminded Arhaan of Khushi and his heart tugged a lil and he genuinely answered- Just one..and bet me was she different..

Nikhil laughed- did I hear it right? Just one and different….

Arhaan –yeah whatever…not that I am going to meet her again anyway.Good night brother.

Nikhil- yeah, goodnight!

Khushi woke up next morning only to see that Arav was already up , as she saw him stepping out of the bathroom,

Arav- Muma, I was just about to wake you up..

Khushi- why ddnt u wake me up Arav, when you woke up! And how did you get up anyway, I ddnt hear the alarm go off..she asked her son sleepily.

Arav smiled- I woke up with Dads call. Your fone was ringing and I picked it up so that it doesn’t disturb you..

Khushi- what arav, arnavji should have baby..

Arav- I was about to muma, but dad stopped me..

Khushi- ok now go have your shower while I make you some breakfast.

Khushi got up, picked up her fone and dialed Arnavji’s no which her son had saved as- Dad US- in her fone , the bell rang..khushi hoped he would pick up, she missed him..

Arnav,was about to doze off  when his fone rang and smiling to himself he picked up-

Arnav- Khushi, thank god..I ddnt know how was I going to get any sleep without listening to your voice..

Khushi- Well in that case you shunt have told your son not to wake me up when you called a while back..she grumbled..

Arnav laughed- I ddnt wana disturb you love..I know you have a long day ahead of you..

Khushi- Thanks..and now I have disturbed u haven’t i..u were going to sleep weren’t you..

Arnav- haan khushi, but don’t worry, aur sab thik hai?have your day planned?

Khushi- yes arnavji..dont worry..and how are jiji and jijaji?

Arnav- Payal and Akash both are good..would have made you talk to them but I guess they have slept and I will not wake them up knowing what a crime it is to disturb a couple once they are in their room..he chuckled..

Khushi blushed- Arnavji..aap bhi na..

Arnav- your nose is red isn’t it khushi? Ohh god..I miss you sooo much…

Khushi- Me too..hum bhi aapko misss youuu sooooo muchhh..acha now u sleep..ok but do call me as you wake up ok? And Don’t worry about Arav- today is just his frst day , Peter will get him to me as he finishes.

Arnav smiled- Kool, u take you Khushi

Khushi- I know..and they hung up

Khushi got ready, she wore a read knee length sweater with leggigns and a belt She had a coat on top.Before they stepped out ans she saw herself in the mirror- she honestly felt good wearing all of this.It was different but she still felt like herself, and she wondered why had she never tried any of this earlier.As they got ready to leave after breakfast, Khushi was instructing Arav- You will be a good boy, do not trouble Peter ok? And be careful please..and call me if theres any problem at all..and iv asked Peter to get you to me as soon as you finish for the day.ok?And here , your bag is ready, its going to be cold, so do not take out ur coat until u reach indoors, and she handed him some will be ok na beta?

Arav hugged his mom- yeah khushi muma..totally..dont you calls me big guy you know..

Peter picked up Arav from the apartment and then Khushi took a taxi to Oxford Street to the Make a Wish office there, to meet Stella.

At the office, Arhaan had already reached and was in conversation with Stella while she briefed him about what needs to be done-

Stella- Infact I am very happy that Mrs India has volunteered to work with us..I hear from my collegues in India that she is a gem of a person..infact she should be here soon..and once she is here well brief her about how and where we are going to start with.And also thanks to your company- and you for volunteering to help us on this too- we would be needing the right publicity and I know for sure since  Matt had asked for you, you are the best at it.

Arhaan smiled- Thanks Stella but I assure you Matt has chosen me just because he is my buddy, he joked. He looked at his watch- so by when will she be here..

Stella- should be here any minute now..and she gets a call on her extension from her secretary that very minute signaling that Mrs India had arrived. 

Arhaan got a call and so he excused himself and walked out of the room.A minute later Khushi entered-

Stella- Hello, Maam..welcome to make a wish..its a pleasure indeed..

Khushi- Hi Stella, please call me Khushi..and It’s a pleasure for me too..I cannot thank you enough for letting me have this opportunity..

Stella- have a seat and let me brief you how we are going to go about this in just a minute as I am waiting for somebody who is going to be with us entirely on this tour as Make a Wish’s PR to be back , I guess hes just on a call.

Khushi- ok, no problem..

Arhaan walked back in, to see a young woman -with her back to the door..reading away the pamphlets and brochures about the foundation and Stella explaining her about their work they had been doing.

Stella- Here he is..I would like to introduce you to Mr. Arhaan Raichand, and Arhaan this is-

Happiness reeled in him as he registered in, the face and smile of the woman he had met yesterday, the sight of which made his heart tug again.He was surprised to see her again , he thought he would never, well destiny was in his favour he guessed, as he smiled back answering- I know, Khushi, right..we met at the airport yesterday remember..

Khushi smiled- yes we did..

Arhaan, failing to comprehend what would she be doing here at Make a Wish asked- So what brings you here, Khushi..

Stella smilingly- Well Im glad that u guys have met before, Arhaan..shes the one we are going to be working with.

Arhaan shot a confused look between Khushi and Stella, before he heard Stella answer- That’s Khushi- Mrs India 2012.

Now it was shock that reeled through his mind as he registered Stellas words- Mrs India.Khushi was married.

He gave a weak smile before the meeting started and Stella explained to Khushi their plan and schedules.

He watched her closely, her smile, her voice-everything about her was so mesmerizing-maybe that was the reason I had failed to notice the sindoor mark on her forehead yesterday, which was very clear to him today- as he felt his heart go through a sinking feeling. Ironical he thought to himself- Just yesterday destiny had for the first ever time made his heart tug like that- in that magical way which only seemd to be possible in fictions and movies. And now he was going to have to be working with her, and he knew he couldn’t back out.- well atleast we could be good friends, he thought to himself-shoving every other thought of her in any other sense away. However he did feel his heart sink as he realized that-Just Like how he had met her out of the blue,Destiny had just Slapped him in his face- for this woman, however mesmerizing and beautiful she was-belonged to somebody else.

Their meeting lasted for about two hours as they discussed everything, and they deceided to take a break for lunch.

Stella- well lets all go to Starbucks round the corner and grab a bite to eat.

As they walked out-

Khushi- well I cant wait to start this off tomorrow..i am excited..

Stella- I know..right Arhaan?

Arhaan breaking from his chain of thought- yes you are right..

As they waited for their order to be served..he saw Khushi smile at him.

Khushi- well Its good you are helping us too Arhaanji.Im glad.It always feels better to know that even though being just here a day- I already know an Indian.

Arhaan smiled- Thanks Khushi..well its an honour to be helping Mrs India too u know..he joked..

Khushi- well you are funny arhaanji..

Arhaan- call me arhaan please..

Khushi smiled- ok. And then her phone buzzed.

Khushi- yes Peter, that’s great..why don’t you get him here.I am at Starbucks just right below the office.Wait il just come meet you out..and she excused herself..

Arhaan watched her leave and then started talking to Stella as they waited for her to return.

Khushi walked in with Arav , she had told Peter to grab a bite as well and then as rest of the day was free she had planned some mother-son time with Arav, she wanted to show him around as well.

Khushi- come Arav, hum apko unse milate hain jinke saath hum kaam karne wale hai..

Arav- yes muma..and I am hungryyyyy tooo…

Khushi laughed- yes baby, lets get you something to eat and then as we roam around you can tell me all about your first day ok..

Arav- yeah and then we shall text dad about it too.I miss him.

They walked upto to the table and Khushi smiled at Arhaan and Stella as she continued-

Khushi- Arav, this is Stella from Make a wish foundation I told you about and this is Arhaan..he will be helping us too..

Arav- Hi..nice to meet you..

Stella- oh hello young boy, you are handsome aren’t you..she said making arav sit next to her ..and khushi also took her seat…

Arhaan and Stella- and he is?

Khushi- My son.Arav

Son.He was her son.Arhaan wanted to really laugh at the cruel joke which had been played on him by Life- here he was already having a hard time digesting the fact that Khushi was a married woman, and now a cherry on the cake was- She wasn’t just somebodys wife..she was also a mother.

As they all ate and Khushi and Arav went away and Arhaan  headed back to his office- he decided to be cool and composed about it.He thought to himself-Well its just someone you met yesterday you might have liked at the frst go and now you have to work with her- add the fact she is married and has a son to it- and with all of that you just come to one thing Arhaan Raichand- Forget it.Just do your work and get it over with. But Somewhere his heart tugged yet again and reminded him that they did get along pretty well so there was a huge possibility that they would end up becoming good friends. But just that- his mind and heart both deceided to limit his feelings to just That. If Arhaan Raichand was anything, that was practical and fair- and he always did the right thing. He may have had flings but deep down he was a nice guy with a simple wish to fall in love one day, but he never sought after something which was out of bounds- and Khushi definetly was everything which yelled that.That she was a Forbidden territory.


Dec 9, 2014

Part 9 and 10 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 78 times)

Part 9

Arnav was missing his Khushi would be an understatement. He was going crazy. The minute he received Khushi’s text that they had returned back from their day out, arnav had ordered them to come on skype.

After listening to Arav and his day for a while, he waited as khushi tucked him in bed and put on her headphones to speak to him-

Arnav- Khushiiii…I..I…

Khushi- I know Arnavji..Its just a day and I don’t know how will I manage a whole month without you too…I cant..

Arnav, desparetlly wanting to comfort her- its ok sweetheart, from tomorrow your work will start, aravs training will start wll get busy and so will I and then you see the time will fly love…now cheer up and tell me about your day…

Khushi smled- Thnks arnavji, you always know how to make me feel better and she filled him in about her day,her meeting with Stella and Arhaan.

Arnav was a little alarmed at a guys name- Arhaan? So hel be with you guys through out is it?

Khushi- Oh is someone jealous arnavji…hehe she giggled.Relax arnavji..he seems to be a really nice guy and moreover they all know I am Married.However I do feel I can be good friends with him you know, he helped me the other day athe airport as well but ofcourse if you have a problem or uncomfortable at the thought- I wil not even become friends with him are above everything for me…

His heart swelled with love as he heard those words which did make him feel so much better- Well its not that Khushi.I am just jealous because I miss you.Infact I really have no problem if you guys become friends- theres no harm infact you could do with a friend in an unknown place, you know its better and Peter is always there too to..

Khushi- yes yes arnavji…u see just like how I was also friends with nanheji before we got married, but oh wait…I remember u telling me u were sooo jealousss…

Arnav- what the?? Yeah coz at that time I ddnt know you love me…

Khushi blushed- and now u know…

Arnav- yes I do..and please don’t look so lovely while u blush coz there is no way I can come and kiss u through the I wish I could…

She laughed and they talked more for a while as he filled her in on his day and then she even spoke to akash and payal and arnav reassured her that time would fly soon and wished her best of luck for her tour which was to start the next day.

As Khushi slept, she thanked Devi maiya and prayed to her to give her all the strength to help her succeed in her task.

In the next three weeks that followed, Time did fly indeed just like Arnav had said.Khushi had been so busy with all the work , they had fulfilled wishes of about 50 kids already- which Stella exclaimed was the record in such less time and what was so special was that Khushi had personally met all of these kids and participated upright in giving them what they wanted.The kids loved her and they found it very difficult to let go of her once she had to leave.On the other hand Arav was superbusy wth his soccer and all the free time he would get, peter would take him to his mothet and he would help her a in whatever way he could or else he would hang out with Stella , Peter or Arhaan.

Khushi and Arhaan had also become really good friends in the process.Well not only because they were working together towards a good cause, but also because it was so easy for anyone to be friends with Khushi.Arhaan was a really nice person, khushi had observed- he was really nice and helpful and not to forget- a very jovial person too. It was easy to be friends with him too, infact even Arnavji was thankful for arhaan had really helped her out in a lot of ways with work.

Arhaan Raichand had deceided on the very first day itself that Khushi was definetly a Forbidden Territory. However in the following weeks as he worked with her and got to know her, he couldn’t stop his treacherous heart from falling for her.She was a woman with such compassion and love , her wish to offer and help everyone and give as much as she could to it, to make the others happy- had won his heart. He had seen her go out of the way to convince Stella to fulfill some of the Kids wishes even thought they had been really impractical.He had seen her love her son unconditionally and manage her hectic schedule side by side. he had seen her always taking out the time to talk to her husband and family,whom she clearly loved a lot, he had seen her always doing the things putting herself last-wherein Arav would have to butt in and boss on her and remind her that His Dad had made him promise to make her take care-and if she wouldn’t, he would for him.He had seen her smile through the stress and sadness of witnessing young kids at hospitals suffer- it was depressing- very depressing indeed but she would not let it hamper her task. One day when he had been with Peter and Arav and Arav was telling him as to proud he was of his mother, and it was so easy for him to accept her as that.Arhann had asked him what had he meant by that- when Arav explained him that Khushi and her husband had adopted him, since he was an orphan.Arav had told him- she ddnt care uncle at all that who I was?where was I from? No..all she cared was that she loved me and had accepted me as hers and she and dad had then adopted him officialy, as their son.This information had only increased the respect he had for Khushi by tenfold.Besides, all that he had also found a very good friend in her.All of the above to find in one person was definetly rare, he knew- how could he not have fallen in Love? He knew this was going to be one sided always and he would never even want her to know of this- as it would risk her friendship too, which had become way too important for him to let go- if he couldn’t have her with him as his- he wanted to be friends with her so that she would atleast be a part of his life.He knew for sure that her husband was a very lucky man to have her and he couldn’t avoid the heartache he felt at nights when he slept sometimes thinking- what had he gotten himself into?Falling in love so deeply with someone-who could never be his.

It had been three weeks and since Khushi and Arnav had been so busy- they would not get a lot of time to talk to each other, yes they would talk once or twice during the day as and when possible, but that was really not enough.her schedule was hectic and the rest of the time she was always busy showing Arav around and spending time with him and the time difference between their countries wasn’t much of help anyway.It had been two days she hadn’t spoken to arnav properly and today as she was trying to reach him- his phone was not reachable and nor was anybody at home there, nor her jijaji and jiji were picking up the phones.She was worried,hell worried.After putting arav to bed, she finally called up Arhaan knowing that calling anywhere else would cause trouble as everyone back at home in India would just panic.

Arhaan saw her call.Well that’s odd its 11 pm, she wudnt call..I hope all is ok as he picked up-

Arhann- Hi khush, hope all is ok?Is arav alright?

Khushi- yes arhaan, im sorry to bother you at such an hour..hes alright..its just that I am really worried..

Arhaan- what happened?

Khushi- Iv been trying to call my husband and am unable to reach him, haven’t spoken to him properly since two days and now nobody at home is also picking up nor jiji or jijai..i am so worried I don’t know what to do..I am just so worried…

Arhaan didn’t like the sound of her worrying- khush, relax all will be fine ok..dont worry..maybe they are just busy..remember you told me about it just two days back how he was so busy with his hectic schedule.Shh calm down all will be ok!Wait till the morning..if you still cant get in touch with him, we will see what to do..ok?

Khushi calmed down a little- Yea you are right, thanks I am just being paranoid I guess..hed be fine..tomorrow is Sunday it’s a off for us..and even for him.maybe hell be free then..ok thanks arhaan,you are a good friend.Good night!

Arhaan sighed- Goodnight Khush.

Arhaan was very worried after speaking to her.She was really disturbed, and he had never seen her so, he felt anger fill in him for her husband on being so careless – that she was so upset. Well tomorrow is Sunday, hopefully all wil be fine for her.Il go check on her in the morning , afterall anyway me and Peter are taking Arav out.

Sleep wouldn’t come to him and so he walked into his brothers study where there was a small bar and made a drink for himself, only to find his brother there doing the same.

Nikhil- whats up brother?all ok..

Arhaan- yes bro..all is ok with me..just not with he poured himself a drink..

Nikhil Raichand was very well aware of the change that had come in his Brother since he had starting working with Make a Wish, and he also knew he had become really good friends with Mrs India-Khushi and even her son Arav, however he was still oblivious and unaware to the misery his brother was going through falling in love with Khushi, and he questioned- why what happened to her now?

Arhaan- apparently she isn’t able to reach her husband the whole day and that’s worrying the hell out of her bhai.

Nikhil- oh so that’s ok right, maybe hes busy and why the hell are u getting so worked up about it..

Arhaan- I cannot see her so upset, brother.

Nikhil, as he starting realizing what his brother meant ,questioned- and why cant you?he seriously asked him

Arhaan turned to him and Nikhil was surprised how miserable his brother looked as he answered- you remember bhai the day I returned from US, you teased me and I told you how I met only one interesting face and how she was different..

Nikhil- yeah dude, I do but what about her now?? Did you meet her again..

Arhaan giving a sad smile- Its her bhai.Khushi.It was her. I met her , I knew she was married- but I cudnt stop myself from falling for her.I do love her, I know she is out of bounds and trust me bhai I would never do something which is not right and you know that- But the heartache its killing me..and moreover I cannot see her upset,I don’t know what to do.For the first time ever- I know I have landed up myself in a situation which is way too screwed up.

Nikhil put a hand on his lil brothers head to give him the support he knew he needed- Its ok arhaan, itl be ok alright…but tell me does she have any clue about how you feel..?

Arhaan- No way bhai, and I will not risk it for anthing ever.We are like best friends and im not risking that for anything ever, atleast that way shel atleast be there.

Nikhil- hmm yeah you are right, im sorry for this though..i know I understand how it feels when one day you finally fall in love- and you know the one you love will never love you back-will never be yours. I know how it feels- It sucks, big time.

They hugged, each trying to comfort the other- knowing fully that thry were both victims to the disastorous one sided love.Nikhil hadn’t still let go of his past, the betrayal and accepted that Aditi had never loved him the way he had.And Arhaan had accepted very well that Khushi would never be his-but was helpless to the heartache he felt.

Ironical, as to how only Love had the power to do the two extreme things to Mankind- One-make Life seem so beautiful and magical in one moment and  Two-The feeling of misery and pain and emptiness and heartache, if one was unlucky enough to fall for someone who would never return their love.

Part 10

Three weeks had been so busy, that Arnav had reall had the time to even catch his breathe.And to top it all..he was missing Khushi so miserably that he wanted to finish up all his work and be with her as soon as possible.And that is how and why he had planned this surprise. He had finished his work early and was going to London- he had told Akash and Payal not to inform Khushi about it and not to pick up her calls.They argued that she would be worried, but he had told them that she would be more happy with the surprise.He couldn’t wait to meet her, hold her, kiss her, make love to her..he was meeting her after three whole weeks- 24 days to be precise- how had he managed to live he ddnt know, but he knew for sure he was never going to let her out of his sight for so long ever again.He knew Khushi’s work was still left, he had it all planned- he would be spending his days with arav who was almost done with his workshops and do some work which had come up in the London office and could spend the evenings with Khushi, once she was free.he would show her around London, his way-well that was if she hadn’t seen most of it- but he would take her to his favourite returants and places, he decided- as his taxi neared the service apartment.

It was 4 am and he knew Khushi is going to have the shock of her life, but he would trade anything in the world to see that expression on her face.

Sleep hadn’t come to her easily, as she was hell worried for her arnavji…she lay awake until 2 am praying all would be fine until tiredness won over and she slept.Arav had fallen asleep in the living room playing his games and she hadn’t disturbed him just wrapped a blanket on him so that he wouldn’t be cold.Her bond with Arav had deepened further and she was really happy about it.She thought she was dreaming when she felt her doorbell ring- she got up hurriedly and saw her watch it was 4 am- who could it be at this hour.She was hell scared, as she walked out to the door- to find arav also awake coz of the bell..

Arav- who cud it be so late khushi muma..its 4

Khushi- yes I know Arav, wait don’t be scared let me see..

Arav held her hand and stood behind her and Khushi opened the door, praying-hey devi maiyaa raksha karna- Who is …??

Releif, shock, Happiness – that was exactly what Arnav Singh Raizada saw on his wifes and sons face as they saw him and he smirked- Its me..he whispered…walking in..

Khushi Hugged him so tight that he would have fallen- what??? Do u even know how worried I this your idea of a joke..she punched him on his chest….as she hugged him harder.

Arav- dad..what the?? You scared us!!

Arnav laughed- Well I just travelled miles to just get to you both, and this is what I get for planning to surprise u both- a punch and what the?? And I Thought you guys missed me…he smirked..

Khushi and Arav hugged him- and he hugged them back..all three enjoying the closeness.They tucked in Arav in the other room, he only slept with Khushi as arnav wasn’t there..

Arnav- cmon now u sleep big guy..tomorrow is Sunday..well have all the day and u can tell me all about ur trip and time till now..

Arav- yeah dad, and he hugged him once before and whispered in his ears- I did take care of your wife you know..

He laughed and kissed his son goodnight, and walked back with Khushi to their room.As soon as they had entered- Khushi pulled him so hard into an embrace and kissed him all over his face- arnavji I was so worried..but thank god…I missed you so so so much….

Arnav – I know..but not as much as I did..and Khushi mind it dammit- I am not letting you out of my sight ever for so was hell for me..Khushi smiled and hugged him.

He picked his wife up in his arms and took her to bed.No words were required as they made love passionetly for a long time…showing exactly how much they had missed each other.And much later in at dawn sleep came to the two lovers, who seemed to have found peace finally, in each others arms after what had seemed like an eternity.

It was 11 am, Arhaan had been trying to get in touch with Khushi since an hour to ask her she was ok? When she didn’t pick up her fone, he decided it would be better if he went and check up on her.

Khushi and Arnav had only woken up by 10-since when Arav was grumbling outside their room for his mother-as he was hungry.Arnav wasn’t letting her get out of bed but she requested him to be a little kind for his son and Arnav grumbled and let her go.

He joined his family in the kitchen 15 minutes later.Khushi’s phone was on silent and in the room and so she was totally unaware that Arhaan had been calling and in her happiness and excitement of Arnav being back she forgot to even tell him about it.

Arnav was enjoying his breakfast as Arav was filling him in over the details of his soccer and how his coach says hes the future beckham in the making.Khushi was really enjoying their conversation, she knew very well arav had missed him too – a lot.

She heard the doorbell ring.

Khushi- wait, you guys il just go see who it is..

Khushi opened the door to see a very worried Arhaan standing there- and the minute he saw her – Khush, wht the hell? Do you have any freaking idea how worried I am..are you ok, iv been calling since an hour?hows Arav?Did you get in touch with him??

Khushi smiled sheepishly- Im sorry arhaan my phone was on silent I guess..and all is ok infact more than OK..why don’t you come in tell you..

Arnav had heard someone say- Khush,and his ears had shot in that direction and who had just called his wife with that nickname was what he wanted to see and so he got up to walk to the door with Arav behind him –

Just at that minute khushi had let Arhaan in and turned around to see her husband and her friend staring at each other-

Khushi- Arnavji this is Arhaan,remember I told you bout him and Arhaan thts my husband…

Arhaan, still letting it sink in , that he had just seen what he had whispered- Arnav Singh Raizada..

Khushi- wait, you guys know each other?? Arnavji…

Arnav walked up to them- Arhaan Raichand, ofcourse I do.I just ddnt figure out Arhaan was Arhaan Raichand. 

Arhaan to shocked for this co-incidence to occur whispered- And I ddnt know you are Mrs, Arnav singh Raizada, Khushi. And how are you ASR?? Its been so long..Bro talks about you all the time..

They pulled in for a hug like long lost buddys and khushi asked- bro? wait? What? How do u guys?

Arnav smiled and explained- Khushi, his brother me and Nikhil were like best mates at Harvard. Iv known them for so long and this one was just a year junior to me.

Khushi- so u guys like studied together? Great now I know why they say the world is small..cmon arhaan cmon in join us for breakfast..

Arhaan watched Arnav kiss khushi at the side of her neck, from behind before she served him, and he appetite just died totally.Until yesterday he ddnt know how could Life get any more miserable as he tried to cope up with the one sided love he felt for Khushi.But well guess it just did- he  thought drinking water realizing-He was in Love with Arnav Singh Raizada’s Wife.His brothers all time college best friends- Wife.

Well he thought Life sucked if you had fallen in love with someone who could never be yours.But guess he was wrong- it sucked even more to realize she was someones , who was your friend.He couldn’t avoid him, act like he didn’t exist and run away from it and make life easy hating and feeling jealous of the other guy –khushi’s husband-specially when he knew her Husband the way he did.

Arnav Singh Raizada’s - someone whom he had always admired and looked upto after his brother-and Khushi was HIS wife.She belonged to Arnav Singh Raizada.Dammit!!


Dec 10, 2014

Part 11 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 76 times)

Part 11

Arhaan had told his brother as he had reached back home - that he met Arnav Singh Raizada. 

Nikhil was really happy and he had taken Arnav's no immediately and invited him over for dinner, they hadn't met since a long long time and it was always good to catch up with old buddies. their parents were out and so as nikhil made all the arrangements, he saw his younger brother sitting with a grim look on his face-

Nikhil- hey what happened? I thought you always looked upto Arnav after me...

Arhaan- yeah I did, and I still do

Nikhil- so why r u glum? And btw in a hurry I ddnt ask - where did u meet him anyway

Arhaan- her husband

Nikhil, cudnt register what did his brother mean- husband? What r u saying.

Arhaan- he is her husband brother. Khushi- she is Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada

Silence was what followed in the room as, Nikhil took in the situation.he was sad for his brother, he really was-

Nikhil- I'm sorry lil bro, I ddnt knw now iv called him over for dinner.. It will get odd for you I know.. Should I cancel? I can meet him somewhere else you know..

Arhaan smiled sadly- no Niks, let it be, there's no point in running away from it. I saw them today- they are so happily in love Bhai- anyone who wud look at them would Wana fall in love coz just the way they look at ech other speakes volumes.I'm not a part of this story, I never will be. Khushi loves him-and she's happy and I want her happiness abd Its better I face these facts and learn how to live with it.

Nikhil smiled sadly- as he saw his brother retire- he had never doubted for a second that his brother was a clean soul- and his belief just strengthened a 1000 times more.

Arnav, khushi and Arav after spending the day together and roaming around, went to their place for dinner. It was a happy re- union and nikhil and arnav had loads to catch up on. Amidst the entire conversation- Arnav did notice the look in Arhaans eyes as he talked with khushi- an he thought he saw longing and feelings of unspoken love  in them, as he had seen that same feeling in his own eyes when he had looked in the mirror in the past- wen he hadn't admitted his feelingsto Khushi- however he brushed that thought away- as arhaan was like a lil bro to him just like Akash was- an there wasn't any way arhaan would fall for his wife- was there?

He also did notice, his friend give a worry look to his brother every once in a while, he had known nikhil for really long and he could sense something was wrong.Then he observed khushi, who seemed completely unaware of this air around her- he felt protectiveness an love rush over for his loveable , naive wife- who had no idea that there was a very high chance - her friend arhaan was probably in love with her.If the old ASR had existed- he would have beaten arhaan black and blue then and there- without clarifying the facts- forgetting that he even knew him.However Khushi's Arnav had learnt from the past- he wasn't going to react without clarifying things an that meant he would have to confront Arhaan.His chain o bought a broke as he heard khushi ask him-

Khushi- arnavji, tomm is my second last day of the tour-and me and arhaan will be busy with that- and Arav just told me he's done with his soccer training too- if u r free, will you be with Arav..please? Il join you soon

Arnav smiled - yeah sure love.. Don't worry..nikhil and me were just planning to hang out , Arav will be with us..

Khushi- thank u arnavji... Just two more days.. And then.. Omg I just realised we r leaving then isn't it..I'm Gona miss this..however as she turned to arhaan- thank you for helping me so much arhaan an being such a good friend to me..

Arnav closely observing arhaans pale face as he answered- why r u thanking me khushi, I should- you are a special friend and I am always there for you.

Khushi smiled back- I know..

Arnav- yes I would also like to thank u arhaan for helping out khushi- he said sincerely 

Arhaan and nikhil deceided to see them out- as thy were leaving for the night.At the street- 

Khushi- bye nikhil and arhaan. Thx for dinner.

Arav saw an ice- cream truck across the road - Dad I want some ice cream Please

Khushi- arnavji go get ur son some, il wait here with nikhil and arhaan, she smiled

Arnav smiled and took his son across- well too many thoughts were in his mind clouding it and his son was also talking to him and he ddnt see before he stepped on the road that the pedestrian sign was red.

However Khushi did- her glance went on the road as she saw a car speeding towards her husband and son and within a fraction of a second as her reflexes took over-she ran as she yelled- Arnavji...look..

It all happened too fast.Arnav and Arav felt her scream but before he cud do anything he felt and push and he and Arav had fallen aside-

Arhaan cudnt comprehend -as in flash khushi had made that run-but he saw it. He saw her push Arnav and Arav aside - as the car hit her and sped away-

Arnav an Arav turned and saw khushi being hit and three voices yelled the same name at the same time -

Arnav- khushiiii

Arav- Maa

Arhaan - khushiii

And all three rushed to her body which was lying on the road.

Nikhil had quickly called the paramedics and they rushed khushi to the hospital. Nikhil had convinced arhaan to come with him in the car behind instead of in the ambulance where- Arnav had rushed khushi to..and had laid her on the strecher, with a tear stricken face and panic and had asked them to get Arav with them to the hospital- he was not going to leave Khushis side and Arav was already in shock at seeing khushi being hit- he cudnt let him be with him in the ambulance- afterall he was still a kid.

Arav was sobbing continuously at the back seat as arhaan tried to calm him down , trying to avoid the panic his heart was feeling-

Arhaan- Arav chup hojao.. Kuch nahi hoga khushi ko

Arav- it's all my fault , if I hadn't asked dad for ice-cream, my khushi Muma wud have been fine..

Arhaan- no Arav don't think like tht please, he tried to comfort Arav while tears were threating to spill from his own eyes- god please just let her be ok, please .. He silently prayed.


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Part 12 and 13 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 73 times)

Part 12

The four of them waited outside in the lobby after the doctors had rushed Khushi into surgery.

Arnav was hugging his son, silently- as he comprehended as to what had happened.Once again- his wife had put her life in danger for him.It should have been me in there- he thought with pain in his heart.His clothes had her blood on them once again, she had been unconscious in front of him once again with injuries- just like the time she had been kidnapped- but last time she had come back to him in his arms , hadn’t she? Nothing would happen to her- right? He told himself- Yes nothing would, its my Khushi.Tears formed in his eyes as he remembered the sight of Khushi being hit and he **** do a dam **** about it!

Arhaan and Nikhil were standing close by.Nikhil knew what his friend and brothers mind were going through.He sent a silent look to his brother- who was trying his best to mask his emotions at seeing the girl he loved in surgery- why?Well because her husband stood right across him, and Arhaan couldn’t let it show, his brother knew.Nikhil didn’t know- that his friend had already had his share of doubts on that issue.

They heard Arav, ask his dad, who was sitting with a ghostly look on his face.

Arav- dad, I am soory..i know this is all because of me dad..if something happens to my khushi muma..he sobbed…

Arnav- I will not let anything happen to her ok Arav..

Just then, they saw a nurse rush out-

Arnav- what happened? Is she ok..answer me dammit…

Arhaan- hows khushi nurse?is the surgery going on fine?

Nurse- Well it was, but the patient has a lot of blood, shes had some severe injuries which the doctor is working on, how many internal injuries she has suffered- we don’t know and can only find out later.But the point of concern is, her pulse is really weak- we need more blood, wev already put the drip of how much of her group we had in our bank- her blood is rare- O-ve. Do u know of anyone with it? We are trying to arrange it- but the doctor is worried it might be late- we need it immediately..or…

Arnav and Arav weren’t of her blood group.How was he going to get any at this hour in this country-his heart sank as he asked- or what?

Nurse- She might not make it..

Shock reeled in him as he heard the Nurses words- His Khushi might not- well hell- he would bring the world down, but make sure she would be ok as he roared- watch your words, before you…

He heard a voice from behind, as Arhaan walked up behind him-

Arhaan- She will make it.

Arnav looked at him as he heard him tell the Nurse- She will make it Nurse. I am O -.Take mine..and take as much as u want dammit- all of it for I Care…but she shouldn’t fall short of it…

Nurse- Oh thank god, but Mr.we need to do some checks for you, when did you last eat.

Arhaan could not control his anger- Didn’t you just say there is no time here, I am fine.Just take as much as you want, where do u want me to come?

The nurse looked at Arnav for consent- Sir ,is it ok with are her husband..

Arnav just gave a silent nod and watched Arhaan go in with the Nurse-All his doubts flying out of the window.The intensity with which he had heard Arhaan speak- he was sure of it.

In the time that followed, Arnav deceided to call his family, this was a grave situation- they needed to know.Akash and Payal were making arrangements for their flight to London and his sister and naniji were on their way too, taking the next flight to London.

Arav had fallen asleep on the chair, as Nikhil came and sat next to his friend-

Nikhil- Shell be fine ASR, Im sure..

Arnav nodded silently as he acknowledged his friend giving him the support he very much needed.

They saw Arhaan coming back towards them with the Nurse instructing him-

Nurse to Arnav- Well shes stable now, your wife-however we cant say much until the surgery finishes. please make your friend here eat something..we didn’t want to but the emergency of the situation- we had to take two units and stubborn as he seems to be, we asked him to take a break while we plugged in one unit, but he ddnt listen to us.

Arhaan- Thank you.Im just fine.

Arnav Singh Raizada had realized a while back that his best mates brother was definetly in Love with his wife, and before the accident he was all set to confront him, but right now in this situation-all he wanted to do was Thank him.Thank him for saving his Khushi-he knew although he did it for personal interests too, but still if it hadn’t been for him- khushi would still be in danger- the very thought killed his being- as Arnav Singh Raizada deceided to do something which no man would have ever done- hell he would have never even thought of it

He deceided to forgive the man, who had fallen in love with His Wife- as he whispered to the two of them – I was right, I knew it.

Nikhil shot him a confused look- Right?

Arhaan- Sorry?

Arnav looked up,straight at Arhaan and answered- I was right, you love her don’t you, Arhaan- you love my wife.

Arhaan too shocked as he realized Arnav confronting him as he continued- I knew it Arhaan, the way you looked at her

Arhaan knew his secret was out as he whispered- Im sorry Arnav, you know I ddnt mean for any of this to happen, I swear.- I would have never even let anyone know of it- except Bhai ofcourse- Khushi has no idea about it..

Arnav stood silently listening to Arhaan as he explained- When I first met her at the airport I ddnt even know she was married and when I met her as Mrs  India- I deceided then and then that she was Forbidden Territory for me ASR-at that time I ddnt even know she was your wife, but she was someones wife- and I would have never let it happen if I had any control over it- I just fell for her, even though I knew she would never be mine…

Nikhil was proud of his brother, that would be an understatement as he saw his lil brother in conversation with ASR.

Arnav heard Arhaan, and genuinely he felt sorry for him- this guy even in college always landed himself in trouble and this time too he had- in the deepest of troubles at the matter of the Heart.He just got involved in this messed up situation out of nowhere- only to be hurt.

Arnav spoke- Its ok Arhaan.Im not angry or anything, infact I know you cant control somethings and love you really cannot.I am really just sorry for this to happen to you- The Old ASR wouldn’t even have thought before making your life hell for even daring to fall for his wife.But me- my khushi’s Arnav had changed a lot along the way.Khushi changed me- into a person I myself ddnt know I could be.Infact even I ddnt know when I fell in Love with her, I too had no control over it.So I Understand.

Arhaan sighed and hugged him, the one who was also a brother to him and finally let his emotions out.Then he spoke- But please, Khush should never know about any of this ASR? Please promise me.

Arnav- Fine. She wont know. This shall remain a secret between the three of us then. Nikhil-?

Nikhil- Sure brothers- well I am proud of both of you to handle the situations in the way you did.ASR- love really did change you ddnt it?

The very next minute- the doctors came out and Khushi was being taken to ICU as the doctor spoke to Arnav- Well, she is stable Mr.Raizada, however until she regains her consciousness, I cannot say much- just that the next 24 hours are a little critical.But I am hoping she would wake up soon and then there are the two major fractures-she needs to recover from.Pray.She needs all of yours.

Nikhil was with Arav as Arhaan and Arnav stood outside the ICU- watching the woman they both loved- each silently praying.

Arhaan- Don’t worry, shell be fine.Im sure.

Arnav- yes I am sure too, The doctor was positive.However how am I ever going to get over this guilt that it was supoosed to be me in there and not her..

Arhaan- hey its not your fault..

Arnav sighed- It is , like it just was the last time too..

Arhaan now confused- last time? Like this happened before?she put herself in danger for you?

Arnav smiled sadly- The girl we love arhaan is one crazy woman.Yes it did..the time I was kidnapped..

Arhaan shocked- You..Kidnapped..??

Arnav- yes its true.Ours is a long story arhaan..a very long and definetly a twisted one…

Nikhil walked up to both of them and asked- what story? Care to tell us ASR- I really want to know how did the mighty get tamed- he joked trying to make the atmosphere light, knowing no sleep was going to come to anyone anyway.

And he ddnt know why but he shared it.Arnav told his old friends, Nikhil and Arhaan- the story of his Life-His Love.The Story of Arnav- Khushi

And when he finished, he looked upto Arhaan looking at him with a very amused acuusing look-

Arhaan joked – OMG..I cant believe despite all the evil things you did o her.She loves YOU.You just got lucky, If I had met her before- It would have been our story, and my beauty wouldn’t have fallen in love with her beast of a husband.I would have been her prince charming, you know.

Arnav amused- Yeah right Arhaan.Let me just warn you – not to push your luck alright. I might change my mind about letting her be your friend any minute if that joke continues.Shes mine- always was and always will be.Im sorry, but you just feel in love with a wrong princess.

Arhaan sighed – I know..

Arnav now seriously- are you sure youl be able to move on? When she is still there as ur friend arhaan…

Arhaan smiled- I don’t know, but yes I would like to ask you that ASR- how come you don’t have any problems with me being friends with her-when you know how I feel…

Arnav answered- that’s because I know you Arhaan- you always do the right thing.And more important than that- take it as thank you gesture from my side for saving her Life.I know you did it because you love her but still -I want to thank you arhaan for saving my wifes life- and by the looks of it- there cudnt be any other way to. Am I right?

Arhaan smiled – You always are.

Just then the nurse rushed to inform them that Khushi had regained consciousness and that she was asking for her husband.

Arnav rushed in and pulled his wife who was now awake- in a hug- You scared the hell out of me Khushi, You did.When will you stop putting yourself in danger for me.

Khushi hugged him back- That would be never Arnavji.

She felt his sobs and reassured him by rubbing his back- Shhh love, I am fine..I Love you..ouchhhh…her sling on the dislocated shoulder hurt and Arnav pulled away alarmingly..

Arnav- Im so sorry, does it hurt much?You have two fractures Khushi- your shoulder and your leg.Doctor says u need minimum three weeks to recover- Looks like our stay in London has been extended- he said as he kissed her forhead lovingly.

Khushi- But everyone would be waiting for us at home right?and wheres Arav?

Arnav- your son is sleeping outside on the chair- arhaan and Nikhil are with him.And the everyone you talking about would be here soon.

Khushi, now alarmed- You told them?? Arnavji..why..???

Arnav hugged her- We are a family Khushi.They deserved to Know.

He was right, she guessed as she hugged him back.

Arhaan watched all of this through the window of the ICU and thanked god- for saving Khushi.Yes he had just suffered a heartbreak, maybe time would help him move on even though he ddnt know he could, he did love Khushi with all his heart, but he was glad things turned out better than he thought they would- Arnav knew.He wasn’t going to tell Khushi about it, and they all were going to friends always- the awkwardness had been put behind.His Respect increased tenfold for Arnav as he realized that maybe even he woudnt have been able to do what Arnav did- if he were in his situation.

Arnav had put Khushi to sleep and had stepped out to speak to the doctor when he saw Arhaan standing there-

Arnav- Shes fine.Iv just put her to bed.

Arhaan- Im sure she is ASR.She has you by her side-she would be more than just fine.


Part 13

The next day , as she woke up-she found Arav sitting next to her with tears in his eyes-

Khushi sat up on her bad- Arav,baby,please don’t cry I am fine now

Arav- Khushi muma its all my fault,aaj agar aapko kuch bhi…how would I live without you..i ddnt know the meaning of maa..until u came…I have never met my real maa, as I lost her.I prayed so much- I cudnt loose you…he sobbed as his mother pulled him into a hug..

Khushi- Arav, bacha aapki koi galti nai hai..aur aapne pray kiya dekha hum ekdum thik hogaye..

Arav- haan, maine aur sabne..even Dad..and even arhaan and Nikhil uncle..

Khushi smiled – toh bass fir kya hume kuch hosakta tha kya?nahi na..chalo ab..she tried getting up

Arav in his dad’s tone- Don’t you dare has told me specifically to watch over you..hel be back any minute and if he sees that I let you stand- pls don’t you love me?

Khushi laughed and sat back as she saw her husband enter in with Arhaan and Nikhi-

Arnav kissed her forehead- how are you now, khushi?feel better..

Khushi smiled- yes now that you are here.I do..

Nikhil – well u scared the hell out of us Khushi..

Arhaan- yes khush, you did..

Khushi- im sorry, but thank you all for your prayers- my son enlightened me on it..she smiled..

Arnav got a call and after talking he told Khushi- Di and nani have arrived khushi, they will be here to see you soon..

Khushi smiled and the nurse walked in to do some checks on her and before she walked out she turned to Arhaan-

Nurse- you ok Sir? If you feel any weakness or anything whatsoever,do let us know.

Arhaan- No Thanks.I am fine..

Khushi looked up at Arhaan- what happened to you Arhaan.

Arhaan- nothing Khushi.I am fine..

But her husband answered-

Arnav- He saved you khushi.You needed blood while in the surgery- he gave you his, and I can never thank him enough for that.

Khushi was surprised- arhaan..thank much…you have always been there.

Arhaan smiled back- no worries Khush, why don’t u just relax and bhai are taking Arav with us- we will all freshen up and be back alright.

They all walked out leaving only Arnav and Khushi alone, and arnav made his wife have some juice, as she asked-

Khushi- I am sorry to put you through this arnavji..

Arnav put his hand on her head lovingly- its not your fault, why are u sorry..

Khushi- I know..but still..

They sat their silently just holding each others hand, when Arnav saw a frown on his wifes face-

Arnav- kya hua? Whats going on that hyperactive mind of yours love?

Khushi- nothing, just Arnavji..although I cant thank him enough for it..but I still wonder..why would Arhaan give me his blood and like the nurse was talking he probably went out of his way ddnt he??

Arnav remembered his promise to Arhaan, and answered- Well I asked him the same thing you know Khushi- and he said- he did it because you are the best friend he never had.And he couldn’t let anything happen to you.

He hoped his answer had convinced her, for if she had asked anything more- he wasn’t sure how would he handle it, but luckily for him-

Khushi – Ohh I understand.Hes such a good friend you know arnavji..he has really helped me in so many ways..but this- how can I ever thank him enough?

Arnav- I know, and I also know you are as good friends with him as you were with lavanya and NK- and your friends are important to you, you do so much for them- so why wudnt they be there for you when you need them Khushi.

Khushi- yes I guess you are right…and she smiled back at him

Arnav- On that note, Lavanya will also be here soon.

Khushi- Whatt?? Now you told her???

Arnav-I ddnt call her, she just called me a while back for some work and asked about you- and I cudnt hide it ofcourse.She was in Nottingham and is on her way here too.See you are so important for everyone love..

Khushi- Thank you…

Arnav- For what??

Khushi- I know it..

Arnav for a minute he thought she was talking about Arhaan, but he asked- Know what?

Khushi – I know you prayed, ddnt you?For the first time ever in such a long long time.

They were both so overwhelmed as they hugged and enjoyed the feeling of being safe and at peace in each others arms.

A while later, Anjali and naniji and Payal and Akash arrived and so did Nikhil ,Arhaan and Arav and Lavanya.

The doctor had spoken to Arnav and the rest- that although Khushi would be discharged in about 5 days, she needs complete rest for the next three weeks for her shoulder and the broken leg and I suppose you will take good care of that.

During her recovery from the accident, Khushi realized that Devi Maiyya had filled her life with so many people who loved her so so much, that if she ever had to thank her for all of these, she was sure that no words would be good enough.

Everyone around her- her husband,Anjali, naniji,arav,her jiji,jijaji, her new found friends- Arhaan and Stella- showered her with so much care- that she knew for sure-if her amma and bauji were watching this from above-they would have tears in their eyes too.

Stella had one day, come with a bunch of get well soon letters- each being from the kids whose wish she had fulfilled and a bouquet from the foundation itself- wishing her a speedy recovery.Here too in a different country- Khushi had managed to win the hearts of so many people.

She had requested Akash and Payal to get back to US, now that she was fine.Payal- ddnt want to but she had agreed- as she knew arnav and the rest were there and would take good care of her sister.

She was finally being discharged after a week- and she cudnt wait to get out of the hospital.

There was a warm welcome for her at their apartment in London, and everyone was pampering her in their own ways, now that she was home.

Amidst all of that, Khushi noticed something.Something which made her heart swell with Happiness-

  1. She noticed- Nikhil Raichand who was helping Anjali in setting up the dinner table-staring at her every now and then when he thought Anjali wasn’t looking.
  2. And she also saw Lavanya and Arhaan sitting across from her- in deep conversation- as Arhaan was laughing at something Lavanya had just said.

And Khushi smiled to herself.She-who had been feeling totally useless just sitting all around and not being able to do anything nor help anyone- Just got the perfect way to help- as excitement rushed through her- it had been such a long time since she last played Cupid.Time was less- three weeks was all she had, as her mind started to cook up a plan.


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Part 14 (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 77 times)

Part 14

Nikhil Raichand had thought he would never feel such deep respect and genuine likeness for any woman.But he had felt it- for Anjali.The way she took care of everyone- of Arav, her family, Khushi, the way she hid her own pain behind that mask of a smile.He knew she was still hurting from her past-which he had found out from Arnav- but she wudnt let the world know as she tried to find happiness in others, and be strong for her family.

They had become good friends too, specially in the last 15 days as he had got a lot of time to spend with her- because for some reason he ddnt know why-Khushi had in these past few days always found some reason to get them to to something or the other together.She had sent them on numerous outings with Arav-proclaiming that since she cudnt and Arnav wudnt leave her side- it was only fair to the kid- that they took him out.One day- Khusi’s wishlist made her send Arhaan, lavanya and him and Anjali out to roam around, proclaiming guiltly- that she felt sad that no one was able to enjoy because of her.

Arhaan and Lavanya had gone ahead to shop, as Nikhil and Anjali sat in a café when the conversation had come up-

Anjali- So Nikhil, youv been with chottey in college- why haven’t you settled down know as in get married or something?

Nikhil- I don’t know, maybe a bad experience at heart.

Anjali- Oh what happened?

And Nikhil told her all about Aditi- he ddnt know why he felt really light talking to her about it.As he finished..

Anjali- I understand.It hurts..but you have to let go of your past Nikhil- one person hurts you-doesn’t mean all are the same..

Nikhil- I know..but have you?

Anjali- have me what?

Nikhil- let go of your past.The hurt and trauma you have been through- he asked anger rushing through him recalling what her filth of a husband had done to her

Anjali smiled sadly- so you know…

Nikhil- Yes I do, hmm so tell me have you?

Anjali- well honestly Nikhil, I am trying to really, but I don’t have the answer to your question.

Nikhil- well its time you did Anjali- you are a wonderful person who deserves every bit of happiness indeed as he put his hand on hers reassuring her..

His gesture- that simple one- meant so much to Anjali- it was like that silent reassurance that all is ok, past is past- she had every right to move on- as she looked up at him and asked- You think so, Nikhil?

This was the very first time he had had the opportunity to look so clearly into her eyes, and the purity and hope and the vulnerability that he saw in them made his heart flip, as he felt the sudden urge to hug her straight away and tell her that he would be there, he would make it all alright.

He answered- yes I do.I really do.

Anjali smiled- thanks, and she pulled her hand away..and broke the eyelock- as the steward came with their order..

And as he saw her smile again.He realized it.He thought it would never happen again to him- but it did.Nikhil Raichand had lost his heart to the woman in front of him.

On the other side- as Lavanya and Arhaan were on their way back to catch up with Nikhil and Anjali-

Lavanya-well I am so glad Chamkili- is getting better although I don’t know whats up with her these whimps and wishes of sending us all out every other day.

Arhaan laughed at that- I know Lavanya.true that..

Arhaan- however I do want to know the story behind why you call Khush that- Chamkili?

Lavanya laughed and explained to him as to why she did.

Arhaan- so, she was ur pa when u worked at AR, but if you all ddnt like her- how come you guys are such good friends now?

Lavanya- oh That happened when she was training me to be  Raizada bahu, she laughed.

Arhaan- What???

Lavanya- Yes yes it’s a long story.I was ASR’s ex you could say.I did love him but I knew he ddnt and that’s when Khushi came into his Life.Infact I knew it way before these two- that they were in Love- stupid idiots they were- took so damm long

Arhaan- well arnav did tell me about this past of it u know.Khushi training his ex.Just didn’t figure out it would be you..

Lavanya- cudnt have guessed I know..but these two are totally made for each other.Like totally! I love them to bits.

And then she turned serious as she asked Arhaan- You have feelings for her right?For Khushi?

Arhaan shocked- what??? 

Lavanya smiled- well ddnt I just tell you..i knew it before even khushi and ASR that they were in love coz I could read it silly.I saw it in ur eyes..

Arhaan- seriously,something got be seriously wrong with my eyes.Arnav read it now you too..

Lavanya shriekeddd- What ASR knows?

Arhaan explained lavanya everything and swore her to secrecy.

Lavanya- Kool that is- so now we are two people who have been in love with someone- who cud never be ours- but atlease they are happy together.Maybe guess with time..we could move on too…

Arhaan- are you sure?Is it possible..I don’t know if itl happen to me though..

Lavanya held his hand and reassured him- Arhaan seriously, I thought the same too a while back but time helps it helps a lot.It heals the rift of the heart.And I am sure- we will both be able to love again, maybe someday.

Arhaan smiled- Yeah maybe- that I don’t know.But what I know is that I have found a great friend yet again.

As the four returned back to the apartment- Khushi could feel it that she was succeeding.She had made these four spend as much time with each other- so that they could get to know each other as much as possible and discover their feelings for each other.She would cross her fingers and pray to Devi Maiyya daily for the same.

A week later, Nikhil had called Arnav to his office as he wanted to meet him alone-

Arnav- yes what is it Niks?

Nikhil- well since you are my friend, its only appropriate I discuss this with you first..

Arnav- discuss what?

Nikhil- I am thinking of proposing to the girl I love.

Arnav- when did this happen?? And why me dude? And who is it?

Nikhil- Anjali.Your sister..

Arnav shocked- whatttttt??? DI…you love di??? What is with you raichand brothers- one falls for my wife and the other for my sister- he fumed.

Nikhil- Calm down please.I know ASR its natural for you to be worried.But I really do love her…

Arnav knew the sincerity of his friends voice and he asked- despite of her past? You are ready to marry her?

Nikhil- yes arnav.I accept her and love her the way she is.

Arnav- Does Di know?

Nikhil- well not yet. I ddnt want you to kill me- so I thought to talk to you first.

Arnav nodded and gave his approval- Fine, go ahead and ask her.But Di’s decision stands, whatever she wants alright?

Nikhil smiled- of course,whatever she wants.

Arnav returned and took the opportunity of being alone with Khushi for a while as everyone was busy with something or the other.

Khushi- what its it arnavji..something is bothering you I know..

Arnav- no not exactly bothering Khushi..but

Khushi- kya hua??

Arnav- Nikhil wants to marry di.He told me today he loves her.

Khushi in her happiness hugged him- OMG..he told you arnavji…I knew it! I knew it…I am so sure di has some feelings too..she babbled in excitement…

Arnav pulled back- what? What are u saying???

Khushi smiled sheepishly as she explained him what she had observed weeks ago and how she was trying to play cupid among the four.

Arnav was way too surprised as he heard Khushi- So you mean to say, you sensed this long ago..why didn’t you tell me??

Khushi- well I ddnt want to miss the look on your face I am seeing right now you know..she giggled…well one down- one more couple to go…

Arnav- and what makes you think Arhaan and Lavanya will fall for each other Khushi( him knowing Arhanns feelings)

Khushi looked at him and answered- I know they will and I pray to devi maiyya for it- honestly I also want this for myself so that I can get rid of the guilt I feel- I want them to find their happiness- both of them have been hurt coz of me indirectly?

Arnav- Both??what do you mean?

Khushi- well I feel guilty that Lavanya had to walk away because she realized you love me.whatever it was- I know she was heartbroken and all because of me and secondly you thought you wudnt tell and I wudnt know- arhaan has been hurt too coz of me isn’t it indirectly..

Arnav alarmed- do you know?

Khushi- well I am not that dumb.I sensed it the very day when I woke up in the hospital and after we had that conversation..i read it in ur eyes you know..but I guessed you guys had already sorted out the matter, since I never sensed any discomfort between you two- although now that you know I know- I want to how did you?

Arnav sighed and explained her everything.

Arnav- But khushi, he shudnt know that I told you alright?

Khushi hugged him- yes he wudnt..dont worry..I just hope they find happiness with someone one day- although I do feel they would with each other- don’t know why though.I just feel it..

Arnav- Im sure all will be ok.You tried your best- now levae it to your devi maiyaa and give me my kiss- he whispered as he closed the distance between their lips.

Three days later, Anjali came in to speak to his bhai and bhabhi.Khushi had recovered fully now- they were leaving the next day back to India.She needed to talk to them about this.Nikhil had proposed to her two days back.It had come as a shock to her as she recalled-


They were out for a walk after dinner when-

Nikhil- Anjali, remember that day when you told me I should move on..

Anjali- yeah what about it?

Nikhil- I really thought about it and I guess you were right.

Anjali smiled- great Nikhil.I am so happy for you..

Nikhil- But I cant do this alone right.I need to fall in love- get married..

Anjali smiled- yeah that’s true..

Nikhil- well I can only move on if you would.

Anjali halted- what?? What do u mean?

Nikhil- Marry me! can only move on if you move on.

Anjali- is this a joke Nikhil?do u know what are u saying?? Why would you want to- with me- my record includes- a broken marriage, then a failed one, a miscarriage..and ofcourse my limp.despite knowing all of that you are asking me to marry me?why in the world would you?

Nikhil held her shoulders- yes despite everything dammit!!

because its you I have fallen in love with.Its you my heart wants.Nothing else.

Anjali- love me?

Nikhil- yes I do..and I know u feel something too but you are just scared to admit it…

Anjali- no I am not scared alright Nikhil.this is too much for me to take in.I m sorry I cant.

Nikhil now panicking-his heart broke as he heard her- Look Anjali I don’t wana rush you alright- take your time.

Anjali- I don’t need time Nikhil.I cannot- I am sorry- we are leaving day after and that’s final.You are a good friend- but im sorry that’s all I can offer you and she started walking away…

Nikhil- Anjali..wait…

But she just walked off and breaking Nikhil’s heart into a million pieces.

Flashback over

Nikhil had been right.She did feel something but she was scared-she was scared to admit it- well one couldn’t blame her.But in the past two days since she hadn’t seen him and avoided his calls totally Anjali felt her own heart breaking.She needed to talk this out..She entered in Khushi’s and Arnavs

Anjali- chottey, khushiji..i want to talk to you both…

Arnav- yes di..what happened??

Anjali- Nikhil wants to marry me.He says he loves me.Chottey please don’t be mad at him..

Arnav smiled- its ok di.I know..

Anjali was shocked- what u know? How?

Arnav- he asked me before he told you di.he wanted to know if I was ok with it?

Anjali- and you are???

Arnav- yes di..I am..Khushi and me both feel that you have every right to move on and you should.Hes a nice guy and he loves you and so if u feel something..

Khushi- yes di..if you feel anything then please don’t be scared.let go of your past- and look ahead- your future lies there-Nikhil will keep you very happy.

Anjali hugged them and cried- chotey , khushi..i do feel but..but..

Arnav- but wht di?

Anjali – but I was so scared..that I told him I cudnt.I refused chottey.I broke his heart and mine too…

Khushi- shh di..koi baat nahi sab thik hoga..he loves you..just talk to him once and I am sure he will understand..tell him you love him..and all will be ok..

Anjali- are u sure khushiji?

And they heard a voice from the doorway- Well I don’t know about her.But I sure am..

And they all turned to see Nikhil standing there with Arhaan, Arav and lavanya right behind them- and Nikhil walked up to her and wiped her tears-

Nikhil- Anjali, I love you.Yes your refusal did break my heart- but I also realized why you did it in the past two days and so I deceided since you were avoiding me upright that I needed to come here and knock some sense in your head.And all the hesitation I felt was out when- mom dad and arhaan gave me the courage to.

Anjali- what?your family? They know? And they are ok with past…

Nikhil hugged her and kissed her forehead- yes they are..and now if you would agree..they want to meet their daughter in law tomorrow..

Anjali smiled and hugged him- Im sorry..I love you too Nikhil…but..

Nikhil- I know we wont have a big wedding.I don’t want anything of ur past to come and haunt you back…we all don’t have any problem wth the court marriage…

Arnav- well I guess I need to get the tickets cancelled.Khushi- come with me now- we need to do so many things even though its just going to be a small family affair.Lets get to work-My sisters getting married.


P.S - will post the Epilogue Tomorrow!!

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Part 15 - Epilogue(Last Part) (By Arnavkhushi1) (Thanked: 100 times)


Two Years Later- Shantivan 

Khushi and payal served dinner to the family.

Naniji- khushi aur payal bitiya- khana bahut bahut Acha bana hai

Mamiji- hello hi bye bye, par hum abki sasuma ke saath agree karegi ka Padi

NK- amazing my bhabhis, right diya? He turned to ask his newly wedded wife.He had met Diya through Khushi at one of the events almost a year and a half back -the family had attended  it as Khushi's duties as Mrs India had ended that day. Diya was her good friend, and with a lil help from his Bhabhi/best friend playing Cupid - nk and diya had fallen in love and gotten married.

Diya smiled- yes you are right- khushi and payal- you guys really gotta teach me all this now- since I know surely  my husbands love for food will never end..she joked

Akash smiled and asked his wife-where's my son?

Payal- I v put aadi to sleep early today- as your naughty one year old was really in a cranky mood today

Arnav who was happily enjoying his family time - well that makes me ask and why does my son have a frown on his face?- he asked turning to Arav

Khushi- well I'll tell you arnavji. Aarav humse gussa hai

Everyone at the same time- kyaaa? Aarav apni khushi Muma se??

Khushi laughed as she explained- yes yes it's true..

Aarav- yeah right.. I'll tell you all why as he got up an picked up his Myra from her nannys hands-

Aarav holding his little sister possessively-dad, I had strictly told khushi Muma- just not to bring Myra to school with her on PTM but no she ddnt listen and look what they all did to my lil sister- she's just one..

Arnav chuckled and asked- what happened?

Aarav grumbled- every teacher at school and I mean every single one touched her cheeks an pulled it and Muma let everyone do it. Now everyone has tortured her with the pulling - and what can my lil Myra say to that.

Khushi laughed as Arnav took his daughter from her overprotective brother and said- aarav is right khushi, you know

Khushi and the rest laughed- well what i know for sure is that my lil Myra's father and brother are going to be her bodyguards- my poor baby- she chuckled

Arav- Muma don't joke. Please i ddnt like it- promise me you won't do this again- what brother am I if I can't protect my lil sister and i cudnt really do much to my teachers. i was helpless.please listen to me khushi muma-he said warning his mother.

Khushi- yeah yeah ok.. Because she knew there was no use- she wudnt win- just like she never won over their possesiveness and totally irrational bodyguard kind of watch when she had been pregnant. Her son and husband hadn't let her do anything at all, as They ordered her around with their what the's- don't do this- do that- its good for the baby. She was glad tht was over for her but she really did pity  her daughter though.

Khushi- ok now arnavji give her to me. I need to put her to sleep.. Aarav come you too..

Arnav- wait before you guys go.. I spoke to Di.. We have news.. She's expecting

Everyone gasped in pleasure.

Khushi- wow arnavji thts amazing

Arnav- I know and also she told me that the date has been finalized for arhaan and lavanya's wedding. We all need to fly next week- it's her order.

Naniji- arre wah yeh toh badiya Baat hai chottey

Mamiji- London- hello hi bye bye here comes Manorma

Evryone had there heads working on the preprations for the week ahead.Arnav looked at everyone an thought lovingly- one mad family I have. Then he saw khushi going up with his son and daughter and called out to her- khushi come soon. I'll be waiting

Khushi smiled- yes arnavji as soon as I put the kids to bed

Khushi put Aarav and Myra to bed. Aarav had willingly been ready to share his room with his sister infact,he made sure that her cot was nearby his bed. 

Aarav- don't worry Muma. Il wake u up if thrs a problem- but there won't be.

Khushi kissed her son - I'm sure aarav. Aap ho na iske saath I don't have anything to worry- c'mon now you sleep.

Aarav- night Maa.. I love you..

Khushi- me too baby

Arnav waited by the poolside for khushi to come. Life was perfect - Shantivan had never been happier than in these past two years- Di was happily settled in London with Nikhil and her family who loved her to bits an now she was expecting Too, he smiled happily at that.Finally his sister was getting what she truly deserved.NK had settled down as well- diya was a lovely girl.Payal and Akash had returned from US and even They had been blessed with aadi. And to top it all- his family was complete- Khushi had given him his little princess Myra.He cudnt Beleive as to how blissful his life was.

Khushi walked in to see her husband siting by the poolside.

Khushi- sorry arnavji, did u have to wait long?

Arnav smiled as he picked her up in his arms- for you. I can wait forever..

Arnav took his wife to bed and whispered as he kissed her- I will never get enough of you.. You know that dont you..To which his wife replied - I know arnavji.. Me too..

A while later as they snuggled Into each others arms, sated and content.

Khushi- arnavji I am so happy for so glad all has become so perfect for her and even for Arhaan an that reminds me I need to call them first thing in the morning..

Arnav smiled- I know Khushi..

Khushi- what were u thinking a while back?

Arnav hugged her closer- I was thinking how you fell into my arms one fine day and a miracle happened.

Khushi looked up at her husband- Acha arnavji.. SHe giggled

Arnav looked into her eyes seriously and answered - After all we have been through , i wana tell u that khushi, my love-As I live In this Perfct paradise of a life you have given me I thank god everyday for it. I seriously beleive something wonderful happened when you fell into my arms that day- now to think of it - it maybe gods way of sending you as an angel into my familys life and mine too. For it wasn't Until you Came along -Khushi and became the Queen of my heart- that I believed in Happily ever afters.You made me Beleive and have faith again... Khushi..

Khushi had tears in her eyes, as she answered- arnavji.. I love you..

Arnav- I love you too khushi and it only increases day by day..

Khushi- well if u are being so emotional today- I Wana thank you too..

Arnav - for??

Khushi-hum pehle sochte the.. Jab hum saath nahi kya kabhi sab thik ho bhi payega ki nahi humare beech. I used to think- ki Sapno ki duniya mein Rehna hi thik hai kyunki Asli duniya mein sirf dil tootte hain-but u proved me wrong made me beleive too.. you made and make all my dreams come true. You made it all happen for real. so i wana thank you arnavji ..for giving me the kingdom of my dreams.

Arnav kissed his wife mindlessly  again as he knew no words could express the Happiness he felt. They both knew- and they happily spent the next hour loving each other and expressing to each other the depth of the love they felt, which only increased everyday.

Khushi and Arnav, both slept a while later after sending a silent thank you to Devi Maiyaa- for blessing them with this , their very own-Almost heaven on earth.

Somewhere far off in the skies- as Devi Maiyaa acknowledged their thank you's , she smiled to herself being extremely proud as to how she had made it all happen. She had been pulling the strings all along.. She knew that only her khushi could make Arnav Singh Raizada beleive in life again , have faith again.. That no matter how cruel the world may be..happily ever afters do happen.She smiled as she looked at her tablet-

Task at hand- The Raizada Happily Ever After

Date the task began- 6th June, 2011

And she smilingly wrote-

Mission now accomplished . Case closed.


Note- hope you all enjoyed reading this FF, as much as I enjoyed writing my version of ArnavKhushi's Happily Ever After.

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