Written Update - 12th December 2014 Ek Haseena Thi

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Dec 13, 2014

Written Update - 12th December 2014 Ek Haseena Thi (By sanchi)

Ek Haseena Thi 12th December 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Durga calling Dev. Shaurya aims at him. Dev asks what is she saying. Durga asks where is he. Dev says there is network problem, hold on and goes to talk. Shaurya says have patience Shaurya, this time there should be no mistake. Dev gets network and talks to Durga. He asks is everything fine. Durga says we got to know about Payal, she is safe. He says what, I heard Tarun talking to someone when he came to meet Shaurya, and I m here at this address. She says but Rishi called me and Payal is safe with him. He says I m sure Rishi is lying, he is with Shaurya, he is one of the rapist. I m sure Tarun was talking about Payal. He asks are they confusing us. Shaurya aims at Dev and he moves. Durga says even I felt this, but Rishi made me talk to Payal. Dev says what.

Dev says you go there where Rishi is calling you, they are smart and they can do anything, maybe it was not Payal, we cant take any chance. The call loses network again. Dev says if Payal is with Rishi, then why was Tarun talking about this place, whats this game. Durga calls Akash. She asks did he reach Rishi. Akash says yes, I reached and Payal is safe. Durga says it means they have sent Dev to wrong address, its setup. Akash asks what. The network goes again. Dev does not stand still and Shaurya misses focus. Durga reaches Dev. Shaurya is shocked seeing her and hides saying how did Durga come here, its good she came here, as I will kill your husband infront of your eyes, and then I will get you to win my bet.

He says bye Dev and shoots. Dev gets saved. Shaurya shoots again. Durga is shocked. Dev jumps across the car. Durga looks around. Dev asks Durga to move back. Durga also gets cover by the car. Dev comes out. Shaurya says this hide and seek game is over now. Dev gets inside the car. Shaurya gets angry. Dev gets down the car by the other door and hides. Sakshi comes to Shauryas room and sees he is not there. She says where can he go at this time. She asks the servants where is Shaurya. The servant says Tarun came and then Shaurya went saying he will come in some time. She thinks last time Shaurya killed Dr Thakur, why did he go now.

Durga thinks she has to reach Dev and they can safely leave. Dev signs no Shaurya shoots at Durgas car. Dev gets worried and runs to her. Shaurya shoots and Dev falls. Durga runs to him, and gets shot. She falls on the stone and gets hit on her head too. She falls and faints. Shaurya says why did Durga come in between. Dev panics seeing Durga. Shaurya says I have to leave from here, if anyone see me standing in my feet, it will be a problem. He leaves on his bike. Dev asks Nitya to get up, as he cant let anything happen to her.

Rajnath scolds the party president and says he will stop the campaign funding. The man says he cant do anything. Rajnath gets angry. Sakshi looks calm. Rajnath says our factory has raid and its not in Goenka industries. She says who will knew about this factory. He says someone gave info about it. She says it means many more raids can happen. He says anything can happen, we have to damage control. She says Shaurya is not at home and no one knows where he went. He says so what? She reminds him of Dayals murder. He says I dont care what he does, if is benefitting me, its good. She says dont you care if your son becomes a murderer. He says your son has become your weakness and you are not liking it, I can understand, we have to do what he told us, just sit and watch what he does, as we did his upbringing, let him benefit us. He leaves.

Durga wakes up in hospital and recalls Dev calling her Nitya and Dayal telling about Dev. She thinks Dev knows the truth that I m Nitya. He says I m very happy, the bullet just touched and passed, if anything happened to you Nitya. She says Durga, I m Durga, dont call me Nitya again. He says sometimes there are some moments when truth comes out, when you got shot, I . I know you are Nitya, why cant I call you Nitya now. She says now I understood what Baba wanted to tell me, he wanted to say that Dev knows the truth, did he know this. Dev says we will talk later, I will call doctor. She says no, you have to accept Nitya is dead. He says I cant, Nitya is alive and she is infront of me.

Durga tells the difference between her and Nitya, Nitya has dreams and happiness, does he see it on her face, I m Durga, I have just revenge feelings. Dev says if you are not Nitya, are you not my friend, why did you save me, why, the bullet was shot for me, why did you come infront of it, why Durga? Durga says I dont need to reply you. The doctor asks Dev to go outside. He says the bullet has touched her shoulder and its not anything to worry. She says she is feeling unwell. He says as you got hit on head, were you hit before. She says yes, two years before, why, what happened. He says about the blood clot, and she is hit on same place, the clot has to be removed, they have to do operation soon, it can fail too.

She asks what does he mean. He says if it fails, her life can be in risk. She asks how much time she has without operation. He says three days or three weeks. She thinks she cant die without taking justice for Payal.


Durga tells her plan to Dev to make Shaurya confess his crimes, in three days, and they all will be ruined forever.

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