Written Update - 15th December 2014 Ek Haseena Thi

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Dec 16, 2014

Written Update - 15th December 2014 Ek Haseena Thi (By sanchi)

Ek Haseena Thi 15th December 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sakshi thinking how is this answer, I think she got Payal, but who kidnapped Payal and who is trying to save her, not Akram Khan, why will he, I dont understand. Durga asks does she know she failed, no, its still remaining, see there. Basu comes with Karan. Durga welcomes them. Basu says its engagement tomorrow, so we came to discuss. Rajnath comes and Basu greets him. Rajnath says we were going to call you, its good you came. Durga says its ok, so I called them before you, I m the bahu of this house and I have a duty. Basu says Durga told me that engagement dress should be from our side. Rajnath says we Basu says dont say no to this relation now, as you are tensed about raids, seal this happiness before more raids happen.

Rajnath says it means you made this raids happen. Basu laughs. Everyone come there. Karan asks about Kangana. Basu says yes, shagun is waiting for him. Kangana comes and acts rude. Basu asks what does she mean. Sakshi thinks did Durga do Kangana in her favor. Kangana slaps Karan, shocking everyone. Durga and Dev smile. Kangana calls Karan a rapist and scolds him. Rajnath asks Kangana what is she doing, why is she creating an issue. Kangana asks really dad, what was it that you were doing, you have fixed my marriage with this rapist for your benefit, you were using me in this deal. Rajnath says what nonsense. She says I m talking sense.

Basu says fine, if you are call Karan a rapist, then even your brother is a rapist. Kangana says I know it well so I dont regard him my brother. Sakshi slaps Kangana in anger. Kangana asks what happened mum, cant you bear the truth, fine, I believe you all have ruined innocent girls Payal and Nitya, killed their family. Sakshi says stop it. Kangana says I wont, I will say it and you have to hear it, you are responsible for all this, when Shaurya did first mistake, you should have stopped him, maybe he would have not became this, you should have taught him to respect girls.

Shaurya says little sister, I m bored hearing this rape protect, I wont react if you call me rapist, whats the big deal, that girl was a drivers daughter, and if I was asked did I rape that girl, my answer would be we did not rape her, this is the fact. He gets angry and asks do you get it. Dev comes in between Shaurya and Kangana. Basu says we got much insult here Karan. Dev asks why are you waiting then, get out. Basu says I will see everyone, lets go Karan. They leave. Dev and Durga go to their room. Sakshi says I told you not to involve my daughter in this. Rajnath says I could not do anything. Shaurya says how would you have choice, as Nitya and Durga closed all ways. Rajnath scolds him and says I saved you many times. Shaurya says you did a dads duty, nothing else. Sakshi asks Rajnath not to blame anyone. They fight. Dev and Durga smile seeing them.

Shaurya thinks Durga is getting sharp, she told the truth to Kangana that I m rapist, and Kangana called me rapist infornt of everyone, just wait and watch, once I get Payal, I will show what is Shaurya Goenka and what is rape. Durga comes to him and asks what happened, surprised? She says I know, you did not expect me here, but even I did not expect you there in old temple place, but you were there, I could not believe no bullet has hit the target, I think you need practice. She taunts him. Shaurya says what do you think, I will go to jail. She says when I came to know Rajnath is planning to send jail, I changed my opinion, I dont know how did I tell you, I did not wish to tell this, I m sorry, anyways have water. He throws the water glass. Durga leaves. He says if dad does this, I will not leave you.

Rajnath gets angry and asks his manager to close factory, as it can have raid anytime, no one should know its Goenkas factory. He turns and sees Dev. Dev brings the tape. Rajnath asks why did he come here, time is with him, but dont think Rajnath is finished. Dev says yes, still there is something which I will fulfill. Rajnath asks what do you mean. Dev says this, what you were finding as Akram Khan and blackmailed your wife, it was with Sakshi and now its with me. Rajnath is shocked and asks what does he know about this tape. Dev says the truth, I wish I kill you right away, that you have killed my father. Rajnath is shocked and acts like crying. He falls in Devs feet and says I m so sorry, I did a big mistake, please forgive me. He says he is ready for every punishment, but please forgive me.

Dev gets angry and says no relation matters to him now, he broke all relations with him. Rajnath says I will be ruined. Dev says dont worry, I will not ruin or kill you, I m like my dad, but not like you. Rajnath says I will do as you say. Dev says I have a condition, you have a video clip which proves Shaurya did Payals rape, get him punished and I will give this tape to you. Rajnath says how can this happen, Shaurya is my son. Dev shouts Arnav Goenka was my dad, save yourself or your son. He gives the tape and says take this, I have more copies. He says I dont have time, decide soon. He leaves.

Shaurya thinks can this happen that dad will deal about me, he will send me to jail, fine, I will put full stop to his game. Rajnath shouts I m finished and drinks. Sakshi looks on. Shaurya comes to talk to Rajnath. Sakshi says first we have to make united front, else we will be ruined. She says Durga has ruined all our support system. Rajnath says I have a solution. Shaurya says then tell us. Rajnath says we have to tell the truth and give Shaurya to police. Shaurya says what. Sakshi asks what nonsense. Rajnath says try to understand, else everything will be ruined. He says we will get Shaurya out later. Shaurya says I knew this, you used Kangana and now me. Dev and Durga smile seeing this. Shaurya says I m not a fool like Kangana, if you play a game with me, I know what to do.

Rajnath says you leave it. Shaurya says you also leave it dad. Rajnath says you will do as I say. Shaurya says what if I dont then? Rajnath says I did not hesitate to kill my brother to save my business, dont force me to do such thing again. Sakshi is shocked.


Tarun drives and asks Shaurya why he wants to be at his farmhouse. Shaurya says I want to be away for few days. A truck driver goes to hit their car.


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