Written Update - 16th December 2014 Ek Haseena Thi

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Dec 17, 2014

Written Update - 16th December 2014 Ek Haseena Thi (By sanchi)

Ek Haseena Thi 16th December 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rajnath saying he can do anything to save his business. Sakshi says Rajnath? Shaurya says you dont me helpless to spoil my mind, I m not afraid of you, but you should be careful of me, if you are mad, then I m crazily mad, I m in my senses now, if I lose senses, I will forget you are my dad. Sakshi is shocked. Durga and Dev smile. Shaurya says Rajnath Goenka did you get it? Shaurya leaves. Rajnath says this will be biggest mistake of your life Shaurya. Dev says we got a good reaction. Durga says yes, they have become weak links of each other. Dev says I m sure they wont trust each other. She says yes, we have to use this to ruin them, the mistake will be within 24 hours. Dev says Rajnath cared just for his money, power and business, the man who can kill my dad can threaten his son too. Durga says yes and is shocked seeing Suchitra hearing everything.

Shaurya calls Tarun to pick him up and he will stay in his farmhouse for few days. Tarun asks why suddenly. Shaurya says dont ask me anything, just come. Suchitra cries and asks did Rajnath kill Arnav? Durga and Dev ask her to come inside. She says tell me the truth, Arnav did not die by accident, it was a murder, Rajnath killed him. Dev says yes, I m really sorry, I did not wish you to know like this, I wanted to tell you myself, but this is the truth. She cries. Dev says I wanted to tell you, but I .. Durga says I stopped him, I did not wish him to tell you, we were worried for you. We did not know how will you accept this, you will lose trust on relations, I was afraid your strength will break, I m really sorry.

Suchitra says no need to say sorry, you did not do any mistake. She says if anyone did mistake, then its Rajnath Goenka and he will get punished for this. Dev says yes, Rajnath will get his punishment. He says he has the proof against Rajnath, now no one can save him. He says even Sakshi is involved in this, this tape was with Sakshi, by which she blackmailed Rajnath and married him for money, power and worldly comfort, but now they both will be punished. Suchitra cries.

Karan tells Basu that he was out of this matter, and broke up with Kangana, but dad you did this, why did you talk about engagement, Rishi was right, future works on past. Basu says I will kill Goenkas if I have to move ahead, the raid was not enough for them, I have to think something else, I have to bring Shauryas truth out. Karan says it means my truth too, dont do this. Basu says when I see you, I feel family planning is imp, you are a fool, if you get caught, even I will face trouble, will I do this, all this is done by Shaurya, we cant be quiet now, we have to do something that we can expose Shaurya. He says we have to do arrangements for this soon.

Rajnath drinks wine. Suchitra comes to him and says your hand has my husbands blood marks. Rajnath is shocked. She confronts him with anger and slaps him. She says I came to know everything, I m telling you that you will be punished for this, do anything you can, no one can save you. She says you and your wife Sakshi Goenka have hidden the truth and tried to look great, but you will fall so low that no one can make you stand, just wait and watch. She throws wine on his face and throws the glass. She leaves. Rajnaths face color fades.

Tarun and Shaurya are on the way. Tarun asks what happened, why do you want to stay at my farmhouse. Shaurya says I just wanted to come out of home for few days and wanted to give you surprise. Tarun says your surprises are not cool, whats your plan, to kill anyone. Shaurya whistles.

A truck driver gets after the car to hit it. He hits the car. Sakshi plays the piano. She gets a call and answers it. She is shocked and shouts Shaurya.Dev and Suchitra look at her and are shocked seeing her cry. Everyone reach the hospital. The media takes their pics. Durga gets headache and stops. Dev asks is she ok. She says I m fine and walks inside. Sakshi asks the doctor where is Shaurya. He says please sit. She says I did not come here to sit, where is my son. She asks what are they doing here, and asks Rajnath to take them. She says my son is here and I wont let their shadow fall on him, even you have threatened him. He says calm down, listen to me. She says you shut up right now, if anything happens to my son, I wont let you breath. She holds the doctors collar and asks where is my son.

The doctor says I m sorry, he is no more. Everyone is shocked. Sakshi asks is he mad, she is his mum and she knows nothing happened to him, where is he. My son is very strong, he is a fighter, please tell me where is he. Dev and Durga look at each other. The doctor says it was a big accident, both the guys were in car and they died on the spot. He excuses himself. Sakshi goes in shock. Durga says Shaurya cant die, how can this happen, he is Payals culprit, without getting punished, this cant happen, he cant die. He has to feel lonely and feel the pain which Payal went through. Dev holds her. Durga says he has to get punished and apologize to Payal. Shaurya cant die like this.


Sakshi asks Shaurya not to leave him. The doctor asks her not to see the face as its damaged. Sakshi sees Durga and Dev and says everyone present in this room will be punished.


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