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Dec 27, 2014

SS : Anmol (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 100 times)

Hello Dearies...

Here I'm with my brand new story Tongue Hope you guys will like it.

Please let me know whether you guys wants me to continue this or not.

But before everything let me tell you one thing, that


I CAN'T POST IT REGULARLY. May be ONCE IN A WEEK OR 10 DAYS I can. If you can wait for that long, then I'm ready to continue this. So, let me know.

Here goes the CS & Prologue





Khushi: 22years old. Completed her studies and doing job. Basically she is very bubbly, easy taking girl. But after her sister's marriage, she is not bubbly anymore. She lost her love and deeply in depressed. Seeing their daughter in lost condition, knowing the reason her father became sick and lost his life. After losing her father she lost hope in her life. She sent her mother to her buaji and she is staying alone in hostel. She will send money to her mother every month. She has one sister and one brother. Both are elders to her.



Arnav: 28 years old. Settled in own small business. Even though he is from rich family, but wants to build his own empire. He doesn't want anybody to call him as "Mr. Raizada's son". So he studied with his scholarship and finished with good marks. He took the loan from bank and started his own business. He is waiting for his soul mate. Mother, father, elder sister are his family including Dadi, chacha, chachi and their two sons. Both the families live in adjacent to each other. Dadi is his close family member. He shares everything with her. He is very understanding, lovely and friendly person to his close ones. But for outer world and for his employees he is very serious person.


Remaining characters will be introduced when story progresses.








Khushi: "If u doesn't want this marriage to happen, then I'm perfectly ok with it. But if you want this to happen I want to tell you something. After listening what I'm going to say, decide that you will marry me or not. But it is not before that. I don't want you to take any wrong decision and regret later like me. You ever don't do that." said Khushi


"I never regret when it comes to you Khushi. I'm ready for this marriage. My decision won't change. I want to spend my whole life with you and that's final."


"Don't decide everything now... first you listen what I'm saying"


"Hmmm. Ok tell me what u want to say"


"I had an affair. I loved someone. I can't marry you or anyone else."


It's surprised him. Here he, Arnav Singh Raizada, son of a billionaire, and he himself is a successful business man, her boss's son asking for her hand to marry and she being herself denying the offer? It really surprised him. But he liked her frankness.


"So, you are not ready to marry anyone?"




"Then, why don't you marry your lover?"


"No, I can't"




"He is already married. He said I can't understand him than the girl he chosen. So, he wanted one matured girl in ALL forms for him. Then he left me. But trust me Arnav Ji... it's really difficult to forget our loved ones. He might not love me sincerely, but I loved him. I thought he will be my support whenever I needed him, whenever I'm scared. I thought he will support me whenever I face insults without my mistakes. But...but..." tears rolled on her cheeks. She couldn't understand why she is saying all these to Arnav. Maybe I can get a good friend in him' thought Khushi.


That was the time, he realised how difficult to leave our loved ones behind us. He realised that how difficult for him to lose this innocent soul and move on. That was the moment he realised his love - love at first sight - for her.





So, how is it?Smile


I know it's short. But I think it will be enough to get interest. what do you say?Wink


As I already wrote the Part 1 before, I upload that one also - May be tomorrow. Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming




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Dec 27, 2014

SS : Anmol Part 1 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 134 times)

Its 9 AM in the morning. Everybody is in hurry... They are waiting for their guest. They will be coming at 11 AM. They are coming to see their younger daughter Khushi.

"Garima... go and check whether Khushi is ready or not" shouted Madhumathi, Khushi's buaji, ordering her sister-in-law, her late younger brother's wife.

"Buaji... I'll check now..." said Latha, Khushi's elder sister.

"No need... I'll go and check with Khushi, you go and check what your husband wants" said Garima, Khushi's mother.

"Why amma... She is my sister. I can take care of her. I'm seeing from marriage, you are denying me to meet Khushi. Why amma? What's wrong is there?"

"What you have done for her in the past that is enough. No need to do anything. Garima... you go and check with Khushi" said buaji.

"What have I done? She doesn't deserve him. That's why he rejected her. Where am I mistake in this?"

"We don't want to talk anything now. Go and check with your husband" saying this Garima went to Khushi, who is sitting in the room lost in her thoughts.

Khushi is thinking, how her life changed and changing without her wish.

She went to dances classes, but nobody ever said she did nicely. Reason - comparison.

She is very good in sports in her school, but nobody noticed that. Reason - comparison.

She wanted to study medicine, but she forced to study Arts, which she never interested in. Reason - comparison.

She loved one person madly, but he rejected her after 6 years of their relation. Reason - comparison.

Now, she doesn't want to get marry. She wants to spend her life as she likes, as she wish, as she wants. But still nobody give any damn for her wish. Reason - comparison.

She smiles sadly for her situation.


She is working as PA for Aran Singh Raizada, one of the most successful businessmen in India. She was satisfied with her life till day before yesterday, staying alone from family, doing job, she was living and loving her life. But when her boss called her and proposed her for his son, Arnav Singh Raizada, everything changed. She doesn't know how to react for his proposal. She asked him some time for thinking and taking decision. After coming home, she did a mistake that she called her buaji and amma to inform her boss's proposal. After talking with them, she decided to reject his proposal. But when she went to office next day, the situation before her surprised and shocked her to the core. There, her amma and buaji are talking with her boss. They accepted his proposal and came here to invite his family to come to their house.

When they saw Khushi at the door of his cabin, everybody stood up and went to her. But Mr. Raizada is the first one to talk with her. He thanked her for accepting his proposal for his son, Arnav. He said Arnav is very lucky to have Khushi in his life. After some talks, amma buaji left to Lucknow, where they are staying together, along with Khushi.


"Khushi... are you ready beta?" asked Garima

"Amma... yes amma, I'm ready" said Khushi coming out of her thoughts.

"Are you fine beta?" asked Garima, feeling bad for her younger daughter.

She is really feeling bad for Khushi what they have done for her from her childhood. They thought, if they compare her with her brother, sister and others, she will improve herself. But they never thought, they unintentionally degrading her in front of her brother, sister and others. She is very bubbly and active girl. When she lost her love, she became silent and depressed. She lost her love, reason - comparison.

"Khushi, I'm sorry dear. Please forgive me. I didn't to do anything intentionally. I never know things will change like this. I'm sorry dear."

"Amma please, don't say that. It is totally my fate. That's all; it is nothing to do with you."

"But Khushi..."

"Amma please, I don't want to talk anything now. I'm ready here. You go and check your work. Go amma" saying this Khushi forced her mother to leave the room.


After some time, all the Raizada family came to see Khushi. Buaji and Garima offered snacks and tea to them. After finishing all the introductions, the elderly lady of Raizada family said

"I'm Devyani, Arnav's dadi. I heard that the bride is very beautiful. Along with me some other person is also eagerly waiting to see her. Can you bring her here?" she said while seeing her grandson.

"Why so much hurry Dadi Ji? Don't you want to sit for some more time in our house? What the need to see her now itself?" asked Latha sarcastically.

"What!? We didn't understand beta. What do you mean?" asked Mr. Raizada.

"Uncle, it is..." she stopped by buaji, who took the situation in her control, saying "Oh it is nothing... she is just trying to make you people comfortable. Please don't take her talks seriously. Garima, go and bring thithaliya. They are waiting"

Nodding her head, Garima went inside to bring Khushi. All the Raizadas are waiting. Mr. Raizada never praised any girl. If he praised someone means, that person is really best. If he selected one girl for his son means, she is perfect for their son and also for their family.

When Khushi came in front of them, nobody tried to talk. In fact they are like in some trance. Seeing a beautiful girl in front of them, they forgot to talk. When Arnav lifted his eyes to see the girl, he felt like everything stopped around him. This is the moment, he felt like forever. He forgets to move his stare from her. She is amazing... beautiful like an angel' he thought and heard buaji introducing everyone to her. He waited for his turn to meet his eyes with her beautiful big eyes.

"Thitaliya... these are the Raizadas. She is Devyani Ji - Mr. Raizada's mother. She is Mrs. Raizada. She is Anjali, and her husband; he is..."

"Hahahaha Madhumathi Ji... she knows them. I used to talk with her about all my family members. And I know she is well capable to understand who is who, by seeing their faces. So, no need for us to introduce everyone. You just introduce her, the person who needs to be introduced" said Mr. Raizada.

Nodding her head, buaji asked Khushi to wish everybody. Putting her both palms together Khushi said


"Namaste Beta. Come here, come to me" said Devyani making place for Khushi next to her, from where her grandson, Arnav can see the bride clearly. Khushi looked at buaji, who nodded her head and took Khushi and made her sit next to Dadi.

"Beta... don't feel tensed... just relax... tell me about yourself..."

"You want to know about her!!? What is there to tell Dadi...? Nothing is there to tell. She did her degree in Arts... and doing job in uncle's office. Morning she will go and evening will come. That's all nothing is there about her" Latha interfered.

Everybody got shocked about her interference. Raizadas didn't like her talks about Khushi. Especially, Dadi and Mr. Raizada. Both Garima and buaji shared a look and started controlling the situation while staring angrily at Latha. But no one observed the feeling on Khushi's face, the pain in her eyes except Arnav. He felt bad about her. He didn't like the gloomy Khushi. He wants to see her smile. Suddenly he said

"Why? What's wrong in there to know about her? Whatever she do, whatever she likes she can tell. We want to talk with her. What is your problem in there?"


So, how is it?Smile


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Thank you so much each and everyone for your likes and wonderful support. Thanks a lot...

Socoolarnav : Thank you for your comment

Farakhan : Thank you

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zuna : welcome to my crazy world. Thanks for your interesting. Now I'm writing the next part of AKL. will try to post ASAP


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Jan 1, 2015

SS : Anmol Part 2 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 98 times)

69 Thank yous AND 83 Votes ( +ve ) Big smile  PartyDancing

Thank you so much... Hug Hug Hug

Love you all... Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming


Before starting the update, I request you to read this note


In this SS, Khushi Character is real. I mean someone very close to my heart - she is my Khushi. Most of her experiences are real. This is her life. (But her sister and Jeejaji are nice people unlike Latha and her husband). Remaining characters like Khushi's and Arnav's family are creative. MY OWN IMAGINATION. Some are my own experiences.


So, it's completely my own story. I didn't copy anywhere. IF you find any similarities to other stories, please let me know, I will delete it immediately.


Thank you so much for your wonderful support and response on previous parts. Hope you will enjoy the later parts.





Everybody got another shock. Nobody expected Arnav to take Khushi's side, including Khushi. Khushi looked at him in disbelieve. She tried to understand what he meant. After hearing his support to Khushi, Latha fumed at Arnav not knowing who he is. When she tried to shout at him, her husband stopped her to further damage. She couldn't understand what is wrong with her husband, but still she stopped herself saying anything, and went inside with her husband.


"Why did you stop me? I could give him a nice lesson. How dare he question me? Who the hell is he think of himself?" asked Latha to her husband


"My Boss" he said calmly, making his wife rooted to the floor.


At the same time, in hall, everybody looked at Arnav, to know what he meant.


"What? I didn't say anything wrong. How much they want to know about me, like that only we want to know about her. In fact we have to make them understand what we are and we have to understand what they are. That is why I said everything. Aunty if you feel I'm wrong then sorry. I was just..."

He was stopped by buaji saying, "No... No... Beta... you are correct. You did nothing wrong. Please forgive us for her behaviour. Please take your tea and feel comfortable"


After some talks with each other, Devyani turned to Khushi and asked about her interests and likes. Khushi, who doesn't have any feeling, answered all the questions asked by all the Raizadas. Arnav is waiting for the moment when he can meet with her eyes. But it never happened. He felt happy, when his Dadi asked Khushi to look at him.


"Beta... Do you like my grandson? Did you even see him?" asked Devyani


Not getting any response from Khushi, Devyani said again "Look Khushi Beta... there is no need to feel shy or fear... without seeing him how can you marry him? Tell me. And without your wish, this marriage will never happen."


"What the...!!!? Dadi...!! How can you say that...? If she didn't see me, she can see me now, right? Then why are you saying this marriage will not happen?" said Arnav, without thinking what he is blabbering. Shock is the understatement for everyone, especially for Khushi. She really gets shocked by this so called Arnav's behaviour. She really didn't understand what is wrong with this guy. She immediately lifted her head to see this particular guy staring at her with a small smile on his lips, little bit fear in his eyes. He is looking handsome with his perfect toned body, Fair in colour, Expressive eyes, sharp nose, 6 feet height, she thought. He is looking really handsome.


She felt little uncomfortable when she heard everyone of this particular Raizada family started teasing him, but somewhere felt nice, funny.


"Sambhalo apne apko Chote... I knew you already liked Khushi betiya when I showed you her picture. But here I need HER opinion on you. If she isn't ready then this marriage won't happen at any cost" declared Mr. Raizada.


"Dad..." he is helpless. He looked at her with hopeful eyes. She can see the desperateness in his eyes. He wants to know about her opinion right there. He saw her looking around like observing others. And then she looked into his eyes as she wants to tell him something. He doesn't know how easily he can understand her mind. Maybe her eyes - they speak volumes' he thought. She saw him smiling little at her nodding his head slightly. She doesn't know whether he understood what she wants or not. But when she heard him next moment, she is shocked little bit and also surprised.


"I want to talk with Khushi alone" he declared looking at all the people in the room


Everybody looked at him surprisingly but next moment they composed themselves and agreed to him. Garima took Khushi and Arnav to Khushi's room and left the door half opened.


When Garima left from there, Arnav looked at the beauty in front of his eyes, fiddling with her sari end. She is looking tensed.


"Now you can say whatever you want. Nobody is here. You are free to talk with me. But one request, if it is your negative answer about this proposal, then please don't mention it. Somewhere it hurts."


She looked at him. He is serious. She sighed deeply. Showing him couch to sit, but he didn't.


"Here I'm not the person who has to take decision. It's you... if you like me this marriage will happen. If you don't like me it won't happen. Amma and Bua Ji already told that"


"What's that mean? What about your interest?"


"There is no question of MY interest in this world. I never had any interests in any. I used to follow their orders and likes. That's all"


"What? That's ridiculous"


But she didn't consider his comment. She continued...


"If u doesn't want this marriage to happen, then I'm perfectly ok with it. But if you want this to happen I want to tell you something. After listening what I'm going to say, decide that you will marry me or not. But it is not before that. I don't want you to take any wrong decision and regret later like me. You ever don't do that." said Khushi


"You are perfectly ok with it? Why, don't you want this marriage to happen? Don't you like me?"


Khushi's eyes welled up. Facing to the window, she turned her back to him, to control her tears. "I never said that. I'm talking about you."


"So, you like me right?" He asked with hope while a beautiful smile adoring his face.


"I like you or not, this is not important. We have to think about your life. Coz your life is valuable."


"I'm confused... I..."


Before he continues saying anything, room's half closed door opened widely. Khushi's sister came inside with coffee tray and gave to Khushi. Seeing Khushi is talking with Arnav while he is in standing position, she got angry and started shouting on Khushi forgetting surroundings and persons.

"What is this Khushi? You didn't ask him to sit at least? Is this your manners? At least you would have asked me about how to behave in this situation. But no you never ask anybody about anything. You are a manners less and senseless girl. At least try to behave yourself like me. Learn from me. Chi... You won't change." then she turns to Arnav and says with a sweet voice "Please sir, take your seat and make yourself comfortable. Sorry about my sisters behaviour. She never learns anything. She is worthless. Before taking decision please consider my words. Have coffee I will leave now" again she turned to Khushi and poked her head hardly and said "at least don't forget to give the coffee to guest." saying this she left the room murmuring 'manners less girl. Chi'


Arnav, who is watching all this drama, turns to Khushi to see the hurt. But for his surprise there is no such type of feeling on her face or in her body. He wants to know what she feels through her eyes. But he couldn't. He couldn't because she never looked into his eyes. She is intentionally avoiding eye contact with him. She started preparing coffee for him and asked him third time to sit. Now after listening Khushi's sister's taunts he sat. Seeing this Khushi smiles and says


"Oh!!! I think like other people, you want me to take taunts from others before you do anything."


He exactly understands what her meaning. With so much guilt he said "I'm sorry. I should have sat when u asked me to sit. Then it wouldn't have happened."


"Oh... Don't be. If you sit also I will get these taunts, for some other reason or without reason. Leave it and have your coffee. It is getting cold." she offered the coffee which he took calmly.


"Khushi, can I ask you something?"


Smiling very little Khushi said "You are the very first person asking permission from me... after I was born I think. Go on ask whatever you want."


"Is she your own sister?"


"Yeah, she is. But what made you ask like that?" asked Khushi little surprised


"Then how can she behave like this with you, that too, in front of a stranger? How can she scold you where there is no mistake of yours?" Khushi can hear pinch of anger in his voice


Khushi smiled sadly and said "May be this is new to you, but not for me. I used to it." Before he could ask more she said again "leave it Arnav Ji... Think about what I said earlier... that is important now."


"What Khushi"


"OH God... how can you this irresponsible Arnav Ji. I never expected this from you. how can you be this careless about your life?" she lost her control. Suddenly realising what she said, she turned other side in embarrassment "I'm sorry Arnav Ji. I was just... I..."


"Khushi... it's okay... you must be in some frustration. I can understand. Relax... I don't mind. In fact mujhe acha laga when you are scolding me - like my wife" said Arnav with little bit tease in his voice


Smiling little, shaking her head and sighing she continued saying in a relaxed state "As I said if u doesn't want this marriage to happen, then I'm perfectly ok with it. But if you want this to happen I want to tell you something. After listening what I'm going to say, decide whether you will marry me or not. Please Arnav Ji... this is important. I don't want you to take any wrong decision and regret later like me. You ever don't do that."


"I never regret when it comes to you Khushi. I'm ready for this marriage. My decision won't change. I want to spend my whole life with you and that's final."


"Don't decide everything now Arnav Ji... first you listen what I'm saying... Please..."


"Hmmm. Ok tell me what u want to say"


"I had an affair. I loved someone. I can't marry you or anyone else."




So, how is it?Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


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Jan 5, 2015

SS : Anmol Part 3 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 121 times)

"I had an affair. I loved someone. I can't marry you or anyone else."


It's surprised him. Here he, Arnav Singh Raizada, son of a billionaire, and he himself is a successful business man, her boss's son asking for her hand to marry and she being herself denying the offer?! It really surprised him. But he liked her frankness.


"So, you are not ready to marry anyone?"




"Then, why don't you marry your lover?"


"No, I can't"




"He is already married. He said I can't understand him as the girl he has chosen does. He wanted one matured girl in ALL forms for him. Then he left me. But trust me Arnav Ji... it's really difficult to forget our loved ones. He might not love me sincerely, but I loved him. I thought he will be my support whenever I needed him, whenever I'm scared. I thought he will support me whenever I face insults without my mistakes. But...but..." tears rolled on her cheeks. She couldn't understand why she is saying all these to Arnav. Maybe I can get a good friend in him' thought Khushi.

That was the time, he realised how difficult to leave our loved ones behind us. He realised that how difficult for him to lose this innocent soul and move on. That was the moment he realised his love - love at first sight - for her.


"Are you still in love with him?"


"No... I'm not a fool. I'm just hurt... badly..."


"Why did you say all these things to me?"


"I don't know... May be I need a friend. As you are hell bent to marry me, it is compulsory to say everything to you. I don't want you to take wrong decision and doubt or misunderstand me after our marriage. I can't take anymore humiliations"


"Hmm... so, you don't want to marry me. Okay... then what about your parents? Will they accept you rejecting me?" asked Arnav composing himself.


"Me? Rejecting you? It will never happen because they already decided if you like me this marriage will happen. They never gave me chance to talk or think or express my feelings"


"Are you sure... if I reje... If I say I don't want this marriage, and they will stop searching another groom for you?" he couldn't utter If I reject you'

Khushi shook her head slowly


"Then why should I back off from this marriage? As you said, it's really difficult to leave our loved ones and move on in life Khushi. I too can't do that" he said looking at her intently.


Khushi looked at his eyes to understand what he meant. This is the first time someone asking for her, for her presence in their life.


"Please Arnav Ji... don't waste your life on me. You deserve a perfect girl for you. I can't be a good wife for you or for anyone. Please marry someone else, who can understand you, who can give support to you, who can bring respect to your family. Please don't waste your life. Please..." she pleaded him.


Arnav couldn't see her like this. He couldn't see her in pain. For a moment he thought of giving her what she wants. So, controlling his emotions he decided.


"Let's move from here" he left the room towards the hall, Khushi followed him behind. Suddenly he turned back and asked


"Who is that fool?"


"Excuse me?"


"Who is that fool, who lost you?"


After a minute of silence she said "My Jeejaji - Abhinav"


It shocked him more. "He married your sister?" he asked in a whisper in completely shocked state


"Yes... They both married. So, here is the reason for my backing off. I don't want you take wrong decision"


Before he says anything, Khushi's mother and Bua Ji came inside the room. Garima took Khushi outside.


"Babua... I want to talk with you" Arnav nodded his head


"I think Khushi told you everything about Latha and damad Ji, didn't she?"


"Yes, she did"


"I'm not forcing you for anything babua. I'm just trying to say what Khushi is. She is not what we are seeing now. She was a bubbly, cheerful, intelligent, helping and easy taking girl. When we lost our brother, she was depressed. She stopped talking with us. She stopped living for her. She lived for us. Still, she is not talking with anyone. I'm sure it will take long time for her to adjust in your house. Till that, she needs you. You have to take care of the things in your house before your family regarding Khushi.


She needs one heart to understand her. She needs one support babua. She needs love, trust and lifelong support. She lost so many relations and things in her life. That's why she is scared to accept change in her life - scared of losing again. She lost confidence, she lost believe on herself, she lost trust on relations. If you are not sure about taking care of her or not trusting her please back off from the marriage babua. She can't take anymore. She needs to be relaxed. She can't take any more pain babua. I think you understand what I'm saying. Please think wisely before taking decision" with that Bua Ji left from there, leaving Arnav in his thoughts.




Everybody looked at Arnav, who is coming from the room. They are eager to know about Arnav's decision - as Khushi already said she is okay with her parents' choice - trusting Arnav to take a wise decision. Khushi sat there while her eyes on the floor


"Chote... what's your decision?" asked Nani


"I need time Nani" he turned to Bua Ji and continued "Bua Ji... I, myself will call you about this. I will inform you my decision. For now, I will take your leave. Bye Khushi..." he looked into Khushi eyes.


Khushi looked at Arnav and nodded her head. She felt something in her heart when she saw Arnav leaving from the room. I'm the person who asked him to back off from this marriage, then why am I feeling this pain in my heart? Why am I feeling sad when he is going?' thought Khushi. Tears formed in her eyes once again. When she is going inside after Raizadas left from their house, Latha stopped her.


"What did you talk with him?"


"I said what I should say"


"Don't act smart. You didn't say anything about Abhi and you, did you?" asked Latha


Khushi didn't answer anything. Understanding Khushi's answer, Latha lost her control "How can you Khushi? How can you say about Abhi and you? What if they remove him from his job? How can you do this?"


Khushi didn't answer anything and left to her room. After changing, she came out with her luggage


"Amma, Bua Ji... I'm going to Delhi. Take care of yourselves. I will call once I reach there."


"What? Here I'm talking with you and you are leaving from here? What kind of behaviour is this Khushi?" shouted Latha.


"Didi... I'm not in a mood to answer your silly questions. Don't irritate me"


"Bua Ji, Amma... did you listen her? You are saying that I'm not talking properly, but here she is giving me reckless answer to me - to her elder sister. Is this acceptable?" asked irritated Latha.


"Latha... stop over reacting. Just leave her alone." Said Bua Ji sternly making Latha and her husband gulp


Bua Ji turned to Khushi and asked "Khushi...! You are leaving? What about your lunch beta?"


"I'm not hungry Bua Ji. I will leave now." She took blessing from her Amma and Bua Ji and left to Delhi.




"I didn't expect this from you Chote. I thought you will accept this marriage. Khushi is really a nice girl" said Mr. Raizada, once his wife and daughter left to washroom before their lunch


"I agree with you Aran. What's wrong with you Arnav? Before talking with Khushi, you were so eager to marry her, then what's happened after that? Didn't she ready for marriage?" asked Nani


"Nani... she is not ready for the marriage. But she is still accepting this proposal"


Both Aran and Nani looked at him confusingly. Sighing deeply Arnav told them whatever Khushi said and Bua Ji said. Nani gasped in shock after hearing things


"What a fool he is. Poor girl..."


"But Aran... she is innocent. I liked her very much. As she already said that she is not in love anymore, and then can't we have her as our daughter in law?" asked Nani.


"I'm completely fine and eager to welcome her in our house Amma. But decision should be taken by Chote and Khushi. I don't want to force them in this as it's their life. If they both are ready to marry, then I'm the first person to be happy"


They stopped talking further with Aran's phone ring. Others also joined them after refreshing themselves. They had lunch and left for Delhi by road as Arnav's sister insisted them to. When, their cars moving, Arnav saw Khushi on the bus. Before he say anything or call her both their vehicles moved further. Seeing Khushi in the bus after nearly one hour from their meet made him surprised.




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So, how is it?Feeling confused?Confused Tsk... me too... Unhappy I don't know what and how I wrote this update. Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints...


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


Thank you for your wonderful support. Heart Day Dreaming



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SS : Anmol Part 4 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 111 times)

Dearies... Dearies... calm down... please...


Dearies... Don’t hate Latha and her husband. In real life they are really good people. They both got married that doesn’t mean they are bad. But I really respect their decision, because... if Abhinav( My friend’s Jijaji ) and Khushi (My friend) got married, they would have spoiled their lives along with Latha (My friend’s sister) and If Khushi (My friend) got married to Abhinav( My friend’s Jijaji ), then how could Khushi meet Arnav(My friend’s hubby)? Directly or indirectly they helped and did good to Khushi (My friend). Please respect the characters. IN real they are too good. I know them personally. I adore them...


Coming to Latha (My friend’s sister) and her husband’s (My friend’s Jijaji), behaviour, it’s completely my imagination. It’s not real. They both are completely opposite in reality. They supported and supporting my friend. Please respect them. They are simply awesome people. My friend doesn’t have any grudges on them. All these happened 12 years back. They are completely happy and fine now.  She is really thankful to them for getting her Arnav Ji... I Portrayed Latha (My friend’s sister) and her husband’s (My friend’s Jijaji) as bad people, just because the story needs a negative character. I really apologizing both sis and Jeeju for this. 


Akka and Bawagaru... You both are perfect... Thanks for being with us... I Love you Both...


This story is completely my friend's life ( 80% of the story)


And here is the next part... Enjoy...



(Hope you read the note above. IF not please read first...)

Arnav is restless throughout the journey. After seeing Khushi on bus, Arnav took the driving seat sending the driver to back seat. Somewhat he found Khushi's bus and followed that bus till they reach Delhi. He couldn't understand what made Khushi leave the house immediately. He couldn't decide anything. ‘My Jeejaji – Abhinav’ he remembered Khushi's words. ‘What’s the matter with Khushi? Why did she leave immediately? Is it because of her sister and her husband? She said she loved that idiot, and then what made them get married to each other? I don’t think Khushi is incapable of understanding her life partner. I need to find out. I don’t want Khushi to be left alone. She deserves happiness. If not with me, then at least with someone else’ thought Arnav.


 “What’s wrong Chote? Why are you driving slowly? You said you need to go to office?”


“Di... you said you want to enjoy the road journey, because it’s been long. So, I’m trying to give you that enjoyment” he didn’t say anything about Khushi or his didn’t leave the bus before their car


“Oh... thank you Chote... you know you are the best brother in the world” Arnav rolled his eyes hearing his sister’s words


“Yeah... I know... whenever I do things you like, I’m best. Otherwise I’m heartless ruthless arrogant Singh Raizada, right? He asked making everyone laugh at Anjali


Seeing his sister in mirror, he smiled at her slightly and continued following Khushi's bus.




“Dadi... can I come in?” asked Arnav after knocking the door


“Of course Chote... you are can come at any time”


“Dadi... I’m wanted to talk with Khushi before taking any decision. Can I? Will it be good?”


“I don’t know Chote... but what’s the need now? You already talked with her, right?”


“Yes Dadi... but I have some questions to ask her before my decision. This is important to our relation. So, tell me, where should I meet her, restaurant or any park or temple or office?”


“I’m not the person from who you should take permission. Its Khushi... you have to ask her permission to talk with her. Go to her office and tell her about your need. Then let her decide where she wants to come. She is sensitive Chote... you have to deal her with so much care. I don’t want you to hurt her, she already had enough.”


“Hurting Khushi? And me? That never will happen, Dadi... I won’t hurt her or I won’t allow anyone hurt her. Don’t worry and you can trust me on Khushi. She is precious Dadi... I know... Anyway thanks for your suggestion. Good night... I will let you know about our talks, for now... sleep tight” he kissed her forehead and made her lie on bed. Covering her properly with quilt, he left to his room.



Aran looked at his son surprisingly, when he saw him hopping his car


“What are you doing here in my car? Aren’t you getting late for your office?”


“I have an important work in your office. It’s important than my office work.”




“Driver... move...” he sat there without giving any answers to his father. Waiting for answer for few more minutes and not getting anything, Aran sighed and immersed in the file




“Good Morning sir...” said Khushi after entering into the cabin. She stood at the spot seeing Arnav there. But, she felt relaxed seeing Arnav there.


“Hi... Khushi... how are you?” asked Arnav with a small smile on his lips.


“I’m fine... Thank you sir...” she turned to Aran neglecting Arnav's narrowing look towards her. But she is aware of his intense angry look. She bit inside her cheek to control her smile “Sir... your today’s schedule. You have meeting followed by lunch at Taj hotel. At evening you have a meeting with our IT team and PR team sir”


“Thank you Khushi... and you no need to come with me today as marketing head is coming with me. You just relax here and give me the report about all the managers and ask them to give the report about their subordinates. Now I will leave now. As Arnav will be here for today, you don’t need to take care of the employees and all. He will be on duty of checking with employees as a manager. You just relax...”


“What the!! Why would I check on your employees? I’m not manager or a damn security?”


“I’m the MD here, if you come then you will be manager. Just do as I say. That’s final...”


“I can’t believe this. I myself a business man and you both are... unbelievable...”


Aran has somewhat guessed Arnav's visit to his office. so, he want to tease his son for some time.


Khushi controlled her smile “Sure... sir... as ASR is here, I will relax now. Thanks for that. I will give you the reports by evening” saying this both Khushi and Aran left the room chuckling after seeing grumpy face of Arnav.


Once they are outside, Aran said “Khushi... please check with him and take care of him. He is really serious when it comes to work or office. He needs silence in office, which is not available in our office. So, please bear with his anger and control him if he loses his temper”


“Sure... sir... don’t worry...”


“Um... beta... I’m sorry about...” he wanted to say sorry about their visit to their home


“Please sir... Don’t be. I can understand your feelings. Don’t worry... I’m fine”


“Fine I will leave now. Take care...” with that Aran went from there.


The next second Khushi entered into her cabin her phone started to ring. When she check the phone, she found that call is from MD cabin




“Khushi, can you come here? I need something” said Arnav


“Sure sir...”


She knocked the door and entered in the room




“I need some coffee”




“I need some coffee”


“Then why did you call me? You should call to canteen”


“Oh yeah... right... but... but I don’t know the extension. That’s why I called you”


“But how did you know my extension?”


“It’s here... on this chart all the extensions are written na... I found it” he said not thinking what he is saying with a silly expression on his face

Raising her eyebrows, Khushi left from there to get his coffee. Few minutes later, she came back and gave the coffee to him.


“Next time don’t try to lie Arnav Ji. You can’t. Don’t give any lame excuses. You will get caught”




“In that chart all the extensions are there, including mine and canteen” she left from there with a small smile on her lips

Arnav smacked his forehead for his stupidity. He actually called Khushi to talk with her. But when he saw her in the room, he felt tensed and couldn't say her for what he came.




“Now what?” asked Khushi, getting frustrated. This is almost 8th time he is calling her to cabin saying lame excuses


“Um... Khushi... can you... please...”


“FINE... I’m coming...” she said




“What now?” shouted Khushi.


“AA... Um... Khushi... Um...”


“Arnav Ji... I have lots of work; please tell me what you want” she said controlling her anger




“Arnav Ji...” she said little loud to gain his attention.


“Huh... water... water... haa... I need... I need... some water...” he said seeing water jug in front of eyes


Sighing deeply Khushi took the jug, poured water in glass and kept it before him with a thud. Arnav immediately took the glass and gulped it urgently

Seeing him drinking water, Khushi turned back to go. But when she saw him sitting there she couldn’t go. Khushi took the opposite chair and asked


“What’s wrong with you Arnav Ji? Tell me what do you want? What do you want to talk with me?”




“Now... don’t ask me how I guessed it. It’s obvious that you wanted to talk with me. Now tell me, what do you want to talk?”


“Khushi... I don’t know how to ask or...” he looked at Khushi to see frustration in her face. “Okay... fine... I will say... I want to talk with you”


“I know that... can you say what the matter is? Can you say about what you want to talk?”


Sighing deeply... “Khushi... I wanted to talk with you about our marriage. I want to ask you about your decision. What do you decided about our marriage Khushi? Are you okay with my proposal?”


“I already said my opinion Arnav Ji... if you are okay with this, then I’m ready for marriage”



Arshigirl : Thank you...

Chamkililaadgoverner : Thank you...

Sa_Arshi : Thanks for the comment dear... But please read the note at starting...

Arshijan : Thank you...

Tanuya : Thank you...

Arshi_Shreya : Thank you...

Ilvashi : Thank you...

Sravsluarshi : Sure...


Thank you



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SS : Anmol Part 5 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 95 times)

Thanks for your understanding... Hope I won't disappoint you all. I know some readers are complaining the update being short, next time onwards I will try to give long ones. I'm not sure about this update. Just wrote it in hurry.

Very happy about the likes and thank yous, very disappointed about comments. Hope you will express your feelings about my story. Your comments only boost our energy to write the updates. Hope you guys will understand





Part 5: 

“I already said my opinion Arnav Ji... if you are okay with this, then I’m ready for marriage”


 “I’m not asking about what your family’s decision. I’m asking YOUR opinion and decision about this marriage, because Khushi... I need YOUR decision. For me YOUR opinion is important, not your family’s. I need YOU to take decision about YOUR life, not others. I just want YOUR opinion on ME and decision on OUR marriage proposal. If you don’t like me or not wanted to marry... then... then...” he gulped hard “I will back off from this proposal”


“What about your interest in this marriage? You said you can’t back off!”


“Yes, I can’t do this. But here more than my interest or my feelings, YOU are important to me. YOUR opinion on me and on this proposal is important to me. If you are not ready to this, I promise you... you will never see me again in your life”


“Arnav Ji...”


“I can understand your situation Khushi. But do you really think whatever you are doing is correct? Here I’m not saying you are doing wrong, but Khushi... wasting your life for the person who doesn’t love you or doesn’t deserve you, is not correct. He is living his life happily, then why shouldn’t you do that? And you said you do not love him anymore, then what’s wrong living your life happily? Why can’t you move on? I know it’s difficult to move on. But Khushi when your family want to marry you off, do you really think, you family will be happy seeing you like this?”


She nodded her head in no, while lowering her head


“Then... why can’t you marry?”


Khushi looked at him with unreadable expression on her face. Seeing her expressionless face Arnav felt helpless. He stood from his seat and paced in the room running his hand in his hair in frustration he said “I don’t know how to make you understand what I want to say. Khushi... when your family wanted to marry you off and when they will get you marry for sure to any man, why can’t you marry me? Don’t you like me? Do you want time? Please say something Khushi...” he sat with a thud in defeat


“I never say I won’t marry you” said Khushi


“I know... but that is not important. I need you opinion about me, whether you like me or not. Whether you like me enough to share your life with me or not, whether you trust me enough to live with me or not... I want YOUR opinion Khushi. I don’t want you to agree for this marriage because of your family. If you need time to think, I will wait”


“You don’t have to...”


“But I WANT to...” said Arnav.


Khushi looked at him. Sighing deeply and said “Arnav Ji... I’m not used to take decisions in my life. From my childhood, my family never allowed me to take decisions. They took all the decisions behalf of me. Now, when you are asking me to take decision...” she nodded her head in no “I don’t know...”


“But this is the time to change the tradition. You said, you don’t love him anymore”


“Yes, I don’t”


“Don’t you like me Khushi?”


“I don’t know Arnav Ji... I don’t want to give false hopes to you. But I should say, when I met you in my house, I found a friend in you, a very good friend which I needed most. I’m sure... I like you, but it’s not love. And I don’t think this like is enough for us to be husband and wife. I don’t want you to feel bad in your life”


“For God sake, stop thinking about others Khushi. For once, just for once think about YOU, YOUR HAPPINESS. Don’t you want to be happy in your life? Do you want to stay like this, alone, without love and care, without a person whom you can say yours? Tell me Khushi...” he is frustrated


“Yes... I want to be happy in my life. But why are you shouting at me like this? What’s wrong I did? Why are you frustrated? Why are you angry on me?” she shouted back at him while tears forming in her eyes.


“Why can’t you understand this small thing Khushi...?”


“Yes, I can’t understand, because I never had a chance to understand others. I never had a chance to think what others feel. I never had a chance to see what others feel. I can’t understand... I just can’t...” she cried bursting out her pain.


Arnav stood routed in his place seeing her crying.


“Khushi...” he whispered and sat on the chair next to her “Khushi... I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry Khushi... I’m really sorry... shh... please don’t cry... please Khushi” he sat there seeing her not knowing what to do exactly and how to remove her pain. When he found her sobs come down he said in a soft soothing voice “You may say I’m selfish here. Yes, I agree with you that I’m selfish... and I want to be selfish when it’s come to you, because I don’t want to lose you. I want you in my life, beside me. I need you in my life. I need your support in my each step. May be you can ask, why all these? But Khushi I don’t have answer to that. When I saw your photo, I felt like you are my life, I felt like without you I’m incomplete. I can’t say what I exactly feel for you, but Khushi..., I can’t lose you Khushi. I never felt like this before. I worked and working with so many girls, but I never felt this with any of those girls. I just want to be with you. That’s all matters to me. When you said, you don’t want to marry me...”


“Not you... anyone...”


“Okay... okay... when you said you don’t want to marry anyone... I felt like my world came upside down. Please Khushi... think once... I will never hurt you. I will keep you happy as much I can. I will give you whatever you want. Think Khushi... if you marry another person, then what if he harasses you knowing your past? What if...”


She stopped him saying with a small smile on her face “Are you scaring me?” she felt amazed seeing him, making her agree for their marriage; seeing him desperate for her. She felt wanted for the second time in her life, of course both the times the reason is this the same man in front of her who is hell bent on making her agree.


Seeing her small smile, Arnav felt relieved and said “What to do Khushi? You didn’t give any other chance to me to make you agree for this marriage” he also smiled. He took her hands in his and continued saying “Khushi... I’m not saying or forcing you to love me. I will never do that. You said I’m trying to scare you, right? No Khushi, I didn’t mean to, but I’m serious about that. When your family want you to be get married, they definitely will select one damn man for you. And as you said to me, I’m sure you will say about your past to him also. Then what if he takes advantage of your situation and harasses you Khushi? I can’t see you in pain Khushi. I want you to be happy and I want to be the reason for your happiness”


Khushi looked at him as trying to understand his point.


“You may ask me the same question about me, but what you don’t know is, Khushi I can’t hurt my own heart, can I? Khushi... I know... you can’t love anyone for now. But Khushi... when you should marry someone, then why can’t I be that someone? I will promise you Khushi, I won’t force you in anything as a husband. I will wait for you to be comfortable in our relation. I will wait for you to accept this relation. If it takes life time also, I’m ready to wait for you till my last breath. I just want you in my life. Can’t you accept me as your friend at least? Can’t we start our life as friends? You may say that no friends will marry to other, but Khushi I can’t lose you for others. I love you Khushi... I need you in my life. Please think once. I won’t force you and I won’t ask you to change yourself. In fact you no need to change, I love the way you are Khushi. I want you to take decision at least now; it’s your life Khushi. Please... you understand what I’m trying to say, right?”


Khushi nodded her head while happy tears rolling her eyes. She couldn’t believe that one person is ready to wait for HER till his last breath. He is asking her not to change for him. She felt like wanted all over again.


“Khushi...?” said Arnav with tension seeing her tears. He wiped her tears “I’m sorry Khushi... I never wanted to make you cry. I didn’t mean to interfere in your decisions or whatever it may be. I’m sorry Khushi... fine... if you don’t want to marry me... I will back off... you will not see me again... okay? Now stop crying please...”


“You are the first person, who is asking me in their life, who is ready to wait for me till the end, who wants MY opinion. Thank you Arnav Ji... thanks for giving me this much importance. Thanks for seeing me like a girl, a girl with heart. Thank you so much... Just give me one day... I will tell you my opinion. I needed time to come to one decision as it’s new to me” both smiled. “Thank you once again. It’s a lot to me. You can’t even guess how much happiness you gave me today. Thank you Arnav Ji...”


“Thank God... I’m so happy to know that Khushi. Take how much time you want to think, no hurries. I won’t force... but just be sure; you won’t take any decision in any hurry. You should be clear about your decision. Okay? Don’t let anyone to influence your decision, not your family not others not even me. I want YOU to think and take decision. If you have any doubts on me or any questions about anything, you can call me at any time. Okay...? Here is my card”


Khushi nodded her head


“Fine then... I will leave now. You carry on with your work”


“What? You are leaving? Sir said you will stay here till he comes, then?”


“Khushi... I have a business to run, did you forget that?”


“No... But...”


“Don’t worry... I will leave once dad comes here. He is on the way; he left a message to me. You go and do your work” smiling at him, she left from there.


Arnav sat there with a satisfied heart. He looked at Khushi who is doing her work from the glass partition from the cabin. He has a content smile on his face.


“I think you finished your work here, didn’t you?” asked Aran after entering into his cabin. He is happy to see his son smiling looking at Khushi lovingly


“Hey... dad... welcome back... yeah, I finished my work... just waiting for the result” said Arnav looking at Khushi and continued “Fine dad, I will leave now... will meet you at home... bye for now...”


“Bye...” just in few seconds Aran called “Arnav?” When Arnav turned back he signalled him towards Khushi's cabin. “You should inform her before leaving, if you want her to be your wife. She deserves”


Arnav hugged his dad tightly “Thank you dad, for understanding” Aran patted his back.


Arnav went to Khushi cabin and knocked the door.


“Bye Khushi... I’m leaving for office now. Just remember, you can call me at any time and you have a friend here. Take care... bye... see you...” he left form there.



Arshijan , Ilvashi , Arshi_Lover_12 , Socoolarnav :: Thank you

Sravsluarshi :: Thanks ra amma... I also happy to know so many Telugu people here. Thanks for your comment

Chamkililaadgoverner :: Yes, really I'm from Andhra. At present living in Bangalore due to hubby's job. Thanks for your comment.



Thank you



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SS : Anmol Part 6 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 99 times)

DancingParty  75 LIKESSS, 65 THANK YOUs   Big smile

Broken Heart     Cry          10 COMMENTS   Confused  

Why like that? Do you feel I won't deserve your words? Hmm... anyway Thanks for liking my story. A BIIIGGG thanks to you all Big smile      Hug

Thanks for your understanding and waiting... Hope I didn't disappoint you all. 






 Part 6:




"Bua Ji... it's me Arnav, Khushi's boss's son and um... um... I came to see... I mean we our family came to your house for... for..." he felt little uncomfortable not knowing how to introduce himself


"I remember you babua. Tell me how are you? How is your family there?"


"We are fine Bua Ji. How are you and aunty?" he asked sighing in relax


"We are fine babua, just worried about titaliya. What's your decision babua? Did you decide?"


"I decided long back when I saw Khushi's photo for the first time Bua Ji. If I get married to any girl then it should be Khushi, otherwise no one" he is firm in his decision.


Bua Ji felt overwhelmed hearing his decision. She immediately said "Then I will call your parents and will discuss with them about marriage dates... and..." she was cut by Arnav's words


"Did you ask Khushi's opinion Bua Ji?" his question is straight


"She will accept with us babua. You don't worry; I will take care of her"


"That is not correct Bua Ji. This is her life, she has to take decision. How can you impose your likes on her? Sorry if I sound rude, but I can't see Khushi like this"


"But, after whatever happened in her life, I don't think she will agree with the marriage. So, for her own good, there is no way for us to force her marry you"


"Bua Ji... before you force her for marriage, I want you to give time to her. I don't want you or aunty to force her in this marriage. I want HER to take decision about OUR marriage. Till that, please don't talk with her about this marriage. I already talked with her about this and I tried to make her understand. So, for once, please don't force and please help me get her in my life. Believe me Bua Ji... I love Khushi. I need her in my life. I want her to accept me not because you all wanted; I want her to accept me because SHE wants to. Please Bua Ji... doesn't think otherwise, but I need your help in this. Please..." he is desperate to stop Bua Ji to push Khushi towards their marriage and affect her decision. Well impressed with his outburst Bua Ji promised him, not to force Khushi or talk with her about this marriage anymore.


She is very happy to get SIL like Arnav. She always wanted to get an understanding person for Khushi. Khushi is apple of her eye from the first day of her visit in this world. As she lost her husband before she gets any child with him, she considered Khushi as her own child. She even forced her brother to give Khushi to her by adoption; of course he didn't accept that. She used to fight with her brother and SIL for comparing Khushi with others. She shifted from Delhi to Lucknow to take care of Khushi. She became Khushi's support in each every second. Khushi shares every pain, happiness, success and thoughts with her Bua Ji.


Madhumathi felt so much pain seeing her Khushi going into her shell. She tried her best to bring her back to her original self. But she couldn't do that. But when she saw Khushi's eyes twinkle when Khushi saw Arnav, she got her hopes back. May be Arnav is the person, who can give my Titaliya deserved happiness' thought Bua Ji. She always knew Khushi will be a successful girl. But now as things got changed, she needed a support and a push towards her success, and now, she knew Arnav will be the only person who can give that required push, because after knowing about Khushi's past, he is still ready to spend his life with Khushi. He is not ready to lose her. He almost gave warning to her to not to interfere or force Khushi from now on. That is the minute; Bua Ji believed and trusted Arnav with her titaliya. Bua Ji closed her eyes, praying god for sending Arnav into Khushi life. She also prayed to let Khushi accept Arnav by herself as Arnav wanted. She sighed in content and went to do her daily routine works.




"Good Night... Don't think much... just relax and have a relaxed sleep. You had a hectic day hearing my blabbering. I don't want you strain your brain more. You can think and decide later. Good night"


Khushi smiled little reading message from Arnav. He knows me, he can understand me' thought Khushi. She is thinking about him. She is confused about him. She is confused about her own feelings. How can she feel same feelings with two people? If she loved that person before, then how can she love another? If she is falling in love with Arnav, then wasn't she in love with that person in the past? Is it possible to love more than one person? Is it possible to forget our first love? Is it possible to forget our loved ones? Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other?


Khushi's mind is a complete mess with all the thoughts of her past, present, mainly with the recollection of the discussion with Arnav. She couldn't understand what she wants to think. She couldn't understand why Arnav is asking about to think and take decision when she already said her decision. He is really typical. He will make me crazy for sure' she thought. She closed her eyes in helplessness. She wants someone, who can understand her and guide her towards the right path. She suddenly opened her eyes and smacked her head How can I forget Bua Ji?' she thought. She immediately took her phone and called her home




"Ab aap hi bataye Bua Ji... what should I do?" asked Khushi after telling everything happened in her office to her Bua


"Titaliya... Is Arnav babua is not good with you?"


"NO Bua Ji... he is such a caring person"


"Is he talking bad? Or accusing or insulting you for your past?"


"NO... he didn't. He just accepted me with all my past. He said, he wanted me in his life not my past"


"Do you think, he will break his promise towards you in future? Or do you think he won't be able to stand by your side when you needed?"


"No Bua Ji... I don't think he will not be able to do that. He is such a nice person Bua Ji"


"Then what is the problem Titaliya? Why are you so confused in this?"


"Bua Ji... woh... um... main... woh..."


"Tell me titaliya... what is eating your brain?"


"Bua Ji... Woh..." taking a long deep breath she poured her heart out with all the doubts and fears she has "Is it possible to love more than one person? Is it possible to forget our first love? Is it possible to forget our loved ones? Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other? How can I feel same feelings with two people? If I loved that person before, then how can I love another? If I will fall in love with Arnav, then wasn't I in love with that person in the past? I don't know Bua Ji... but all these thoughts are eating my brain" she took some time and said in a low voice "Please help me Bua Ji"

Bua Ji felt so much love towards her Titaliya. She knew how much her Gudiya went through.


"Bahut sochiti ho aur bolthi ho tum. But let me tell you one thing betia. Titaliya, love is related to our HEART, not our brain, and our heart doesn't have brain for its own. Our heart craves for love and care all the time. Other than this, our heart doesn't know anything. If it finds a person who can give it the love and care it waiting for, then it will lead you to that person. Sometimes, we won't get back the love we are waiting for; then our heart again starts its search for a loving heart. And when it's finds that heart, then it will lead you to that heart. It's not a mistake dear. You can love all your family members at a time; you can love as many as in your life. But for a man in your life, you have to use your brain here. We are humans dear, we have to commit to only one person. You can't love two men as your life partners at a time. You shouldn't cheat him, you shouldn't lie to him, when he trusts you in his life - you have to be truthful to him. If you can't be truthful, then you are unfit to be loved back. If you can't give the love he is craving for, then you are unfit to be loved. If you can't be with your life partner sincerely, then you are not allowed to be with them, you don't have any right to spoil their life and world. You shouldn't live with him when you are thinking about other man or when you are meeting other man. You don't have any right to cheat him. You should be punished for your mistake. You should think about your priorities, like who more important to you is. Then man, who is living to give you all the happiness or the man, who spoiled your happiness. The man, who is ready to wait for you throughout his life or the man, who couldn't gave you a chance to understand the things.


Titaliya, I'm not forcing you to agree for this marriage. I'm just saying you to think wisely. Don't pull the thread till it breaks dear. Generally, life won't give us second chance to live. I think you got a precious man as a second chance. Please think about it betiya, nor for us but for you and Arnav babua"


"Bua Ji..."


"Tell me one thing; do you still love that man?" Bua Ji felt irritated to pronounce his name


"NO... but I feel hurt Bua Ji"


"It happens dear. But do you really think wasting your life is good thing when he is living his life happily? And why can't you see desperateness of Arnav babua?"


"No Bua Ji... I'm not thinking about that man any more. I know it's not my fault loving him, but it's his fault when he couldn't grab that love. I too want to live my life happily Bua Ji, with the man who can love me back. But Bua Ji, don't you think Arnav Ji deserve best? Don't you think he deserve a pure heart for him? He is such a nice person with golden heart Bua Ji. I don't want to misuse his love. I don't want him to feel bad when someone says he is not a first love for his wife. I want him to be happy always Bua Ji. That is the reason, I'm worried about. I said yes to this marriage only for you and Amma. But in reality, I don't want to spoil his life Bua Ji"


"Titaliya, whatever you said now, it shows how good your heart is. How pure your heart is. Don't worry betia, everything will be fine. If you can't find your answers, just talk with Arnav babua once. Clear your doubts with him. Explain everything to him. Clear his doubts, if he has any. Talk with him betia, it helps. Don't waste your life or don't lose the person who loves you. You understand what I'm saying, right?"


"Yes, Bua Ji..., I will talk with Arnav Ji. Thanks for being with me Bua Ji. I need this support now. I will drop the call now Bua Ji. I will talk to you later"


"Sure Titaliya, bye, take care"


"Bye, Bua Ji... good night"


After that call Khushi thought about their talks again and again. But still she is feeling she is not correct for Arnav. She doesn't want Arnav to face any humiliation because of her. So, she decided to talk with him. Not seeing the time, she messaged him


"Can we talk tomorrow? I need a FRIEND now. Can you come? Please?"




As Arnav is a light sleeper and a business man, every time he wakes up from his sleep when his mobile beeps or rings. So, his sleep disturbed with the beep in him mobile. When he checked the mobile screen he sat up on the bed and looked at the time - 2.30 AM. He hurriedly opened the message and read


"Can we talk tomorrow? I need a FRIEND now. Can you come? Please?"


He felt something is not right with Khushi. The message on his phone at this time of hour is the proof to her worried self. He immediately called her. The call was answered in few rings


"Khushi... Are you okay?"


"Um..., I'm sorry for disturbing you Arnav Ji. Yeah, I'm okay"


"Then what's that message? What's wrong?"


"Nothing... I'm just thinking about our... and I talked with Bua Ji. Though I agree with whatever Bua Ji said, but I'm still confused about our... I mean... about our marriage. As I never took any decisions, I don't know about what to do. I thought it's better if I talk with you. And you also said you will be my friend, right? So, I... thought of... you know... I... I mean..."


Smiling at her innocence "It's okay Khushi... I understand what you are saying. Tell me at what time you want me to come?"


"Woh... um... I... I don't know" she said in low voice


Thinking for few minutes, Arnav said "Fine... tomorrow morning at 8 I will pick you from your house. Get ready; we will talk after having our breakfast. Is it okay with you?"


"Yes, I'm okay with that. But, you will be my friend, right?"


He chuckled and said "Yes, I'm coming there only as your FRIEND, not as the person who came to propose you for marriage. I will give my opinion thinking in both the sides. I promise, my opinions will be selfless and two sided. Happy?"


"Thank you Arnav Ji. Good night..."


"Good night Khushi... take care. Tomorrow morning 8, be ready"


"Sure... bye"


After that both slept with a small smile on their face.




"I think someone is going to meet someone" said Aran to his mother




"Yes, Amma. Can't you see how he is walking in air? He is walking like he has some springs in his feet"


Both Aran and Devyani sat on the living room couch whispering in each other's ears about Arnav who is coming down from his room full ready in his casuals.


"And I think today also there is no office"


"I'm sure, AR employees will breath today and will work relaxingly" both giggled at Aran's statement




Both stopped giggling and sat right hearing Arnav's voice


"Yes, Chote..."


"Today, Khushi won't come to office"


This is new information for both the mother and son


"What? But she didn't apply any leave. I thought she will be at office lately" said Aran


"Even that is her opinion, but not mine. So, be ready for her absence. She is not coming to office. I won't let her"


The duo looked at him with open mouthed


"What? Don't look at me like that. I got a chance to spend time with her, that too she only requested me for a talk. How can I miss this chance? I will make sure, we will talk for long and she will forget about office. I can't lose her at all. I will make sure, she will agree for this marriage"


"Chote... but you shouldn't force your opinion on her" Dadi is little serious


"If I want to force her, then by now our marriage date would be fixed. But I want HER opinion. And I will help her to clear her doubts and mind. Don't worry Dadi, I'm not that rude. I want her to think and take decision. I will help her in that. I will accept her decision whatever it may be. Okay, fine... I'm getting late. Bye Dadi... bye dad... and don't forget she won't come to office today. Bye..." he rushed to the door and came back to them and whispered "Please don't tell this to Mom and Di. I think they won't agree with this. Please..." he looked at them with hope. They nodded their heads in understanding.


"We are with you Chote... don't worry, we have a secret" said Dadi, patting her cheek.


"Thanks Dadi... thanks Dad... bye" Arnav rushed out to meet his girl.


Renee , Sravsluarshi , Ambily , Tanuya , Arshijan ( love you too dear...) , Priy_Taanu , arshi , Annathomas , Chamkililaadgoverner , Ilvashi :

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SS : Anmol Part 7 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 108 times)




Part 7:

Khushi woke up early and got ready by 6. She is pacing around the hall seeing time for every 5 minutes.


"What's wrong with me? Why am I feeling tensed? Why is my heart beating hard?" she thought aloud


She again looked at the time which is showing 10 minutes past 7.


"Oho... Khushi... are you crazy? Why are you looking at clock every 5 minutes? It's not going to run seeing your face, is it? So, stop being tensed"

She sat there reading the news paper. Her eyes are moving on the words but not her mind is following them. She groaned in irritation and threw the news paper. She closed her eyes and kept assuring her heart saying Everything will be alright, just relax'. After some time, she felt sudden change in her heart beat. "Hey Devi Mayya... what's going on?" she thought out loud. She jumped from sofa hearing door bell. She gulped hardly and went to open the door


"Hi Khushi... Good Morning" shouted Arnav making Khushi step back from her place with freight


"Why are you shouting Arnav Ji?"


"Don't friends wish each other like this? I thought as you want me as a friend, I wish you like this" he smiled sheepishly and scratched his hair

Seeing his expression, Khushi laughed her heart out after a long time. She has tears in her eyes by laughing holding her stomach


"Okay... stop it. NO need to laugh at me" Arnav said. But not seeing any control in her laugh he said again "Oh... come on..., I don't know how friends will wish each other, okay? I always wished my friends in formal ways only... I mean like in official meetings" This statement made Khushi laughs more


"You... hahahah... wish... hahaha... your... hahah friends... in... hahaha formal? Hahahah I... can't... hahaha believe this... ahahhaha" she continued her laugh


Arnav frown his eyebrows and sat on the couch with a slight pout looking other way from Khushi which posture made Khushi try to control her laugh.

She sat on the other couch beside him and held her ears and said "I'm sorry Arnav Ji... Please forgive me... Sorry for laughing at you. Please..." she tilted her head to her right to look into Arnav's eyes.


Arnav side glanced at her and turned other side again




Arnav turned towards her and both looked at each other for few seconds and both burst out into laughter. Both fell on their couches laughing. After controlling the fits of laughter both settled on their couches


"I always thought how people can laugh on stupid things. And I never knew, one day I will laugh this much on some simple thing. Main bhi na... I too was behaved stupid. Sorry for wishing you in that weird and horrible way Khushi. Phew..." said Arnav


"But this is just a wonderful start of my day. Thank you Arnav Ji" she said wiping her tears from the corner of her eyes.


"Thank you? Why?"


"Because it's almost two years I laughed my heart out. This is really incredible morning for me. Thanks a lot... You made me laugh after a long time" she is genuinely felt thanks towards the man in front of her.


"Then for what friends are? Hey... don't laugh again" he said seeing the expression on Khushi's face


"You are behaving really weird Arnav Ji... full of filmy" she smiled at him "Thank you..." she said heartily


"I'm glad" he too smiled at her and continued "Okay... now tell me, how are you this morning? Did you sleep well?"


"Sleep? No way..."


"Khushi I said not to think lot. Fine... leave it. Shall we go, I'm feeling really hungry now, come on please..." he requested rubbing his stomach


"Let's go" both hopped Arnav's car after Khushi locked her house




After talking about some silly things and office stuff, Arnav ordered their breakfast and they again started talking. Only one thought in their minds how comfortable I'm feeling with him/her'


"You said it's almost two years you laughed your heart out. Why? What's happened two years before?" asked Arnav suddenly after they start eating their breakfast "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable Khushi. If you don't feel like saying anything, just leave it"


"No, it's okay... actually I wanted to talk with you about all these, my past, my present and future. If it is not now, then never"




"I was 16 years old when he proposed me. He was 21 at that time. I didn't respond to it, in fact I was scared. He was our relative's son. I didn't know what to say at that time. But after few days, I got attracted towards him when..."


"Attracted?" asked Arnav


"Yes, I was attracted towards him, when he supported me in my studies, when he showed concern when I fell ill. He again proposed me through letter. That time I accepted. After that, we met each other continuously, whenever we got time. He used to come to my house, my Nani house. When he comes to my Nani house, I used to rush there with some silly reasons - just to talk. After that he went to other city to attend his career development courses. When he returns to Lucknow, we used to meet on the road on the way of my tuition. After that, I got busy in my studies. But he never stopped encouraging me in my studies. Slowly my attraction turned into love. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I was completely into him. After six long years of our relationship, one day, when I and my sister went to park for evening walk he too came there saying he wanted to talk with me. When we sat on the grass, he held my sister's hands in his and told me that, he... he..." Khushi broke into cries


Arnav shifted to her side to console her "Sh... if you are not comfortable... stop all these... please... Shh..."


After controlling her sobs Khushi continued "He simply said that, I can't understand him as my sister does. I was like they are doing some prank. I laughed a lot thinking they are just joking. But I never thought... I never thought that..." she closed her eyes in her palms and continued "He said, he is in love with my sister and wants to marry her. Then I asked what about the promises he gave to me. He said he thought I would be perfect for him, but seeing my crazy childish antics, stupid pranks, easy go nature he thought I won't be perfect for his needs it seems. He said I should perfect myself; otherwise I have to live alone in my entire life. I asked him a chance but he bluntly refused me. He broke my trust that day. I never ever knew he will dump me. I couldn't understand what to do that day. I was terribly hurt. But I held all the things in my heart not allowing anyone to peek inside. It affected my health. I was depressed. Only Bau Ji and Bua Ji are the support I had that time. Even though my Bau Ji didn't know about me and him, he still supported me along with Bua Ji who knows everything. She confronted him but he bluntly rejected me saying I will never be a good life partner to any man. No good man will be ready to get marry me.


In the response to by Bua Ji's anger, he gave me one offer, if I couldn't get marry to anyone or if I couldn't find anyone then he would help me by... by... marrying me with a condition that he won't announce me as his wife, but he will let me with him. He said, as he is helping me for my better. My Bua Ji lost her cool with that and slapped him hardly. I was too shocked to react. I don't know the man I loved, the man who claimed as he loves me talking all these and offering me to be with him as his... ... I was too shocked and broken. My Bua Ji thought to tell everything to our family members and stop my sister's marriage with him. But my sister was adamant to get married to him. Not knowing the matter, my Bau Ji and Amma agreed for the marriage and announced their marriage. I stopped Bua Ji from saying anything thinking everything will be fine.


But after that, whenever they came to my house he used to talk with me sweetly like a friend who made my sister doubt about me and feel jealous of me. She became against to me thinking I'm trying to snatch her husband. She shouted at me, scolded me and even bet me. She was so insecure about her relation. Seeing all these, my Bau Ji confronted us about the truth. Unable to control herself, my Bua Ji burst everything before my Bau Ji. He couldn't understand what he heard and what he did to his child. He cursed himself and made himself responsible for my condition. This issue took a toll on his health. One day, he left us with heart attack.


I was completely broken that time. I was so guilty for letting my family to face all these. After my Bau Ji's departure, he along with my sister came to our house and settled there. He left his job; in fact they removed him from his job. So, he came there. Slowly he kept his eyes on our house. As you saw, it's big house and ancestral one. So, he started forcing my mother to write the house on my sister's name. When my Amma and Bua Ji opposed him he started fighting with them. On the other side not able to bear him in front of my eyes, I left from there and reached here and applied job in Sir's office. Luckily I got the job there and settled here. My Bua Ji gave her house keys to me to stay here. There she said I'm living in some PG, not wanted to leak my information to him. He tried his best to contact me to ask money. For almost one year, I didn't contact Amma and Bua Ji. I stayed alone here.


I sent the money every month for their needs. Even though Bua Ji knows where I live, she never came here or contacted me either. I got promotions in office. Sir helped me a lot in learning work. He also suggested me to go his son's office because there I will get more salary for my work. But I never wanted to leave him. Whenever I see him, I feel like my Bau Ji is back to me. I never wanted to lose my father once again. So, I stayed with him. He never interfered in my personal life. He never asked me what problems I have.


My sister is a house wife, seeing me working and supporting family, he started irritating her about doing job. She was never good at going out and doing work on her own. She was never comfortable going out. These irritating and small fights created a gap between them. Almost every day they fought for money. My sister held me responsible for each and every problem in their life. As a youngest child in my house, my Bau Ji pampered me a lot. As not having kids, my Bua Ji also pampered me a lot. This made my sister insecure about her place in my parents' heart. Slowly, she became against me. All these things added fuel to her problem in her married life. So, she is behaving the way you saw that day with me.


I just can't live this life anymore. I'm tired of facing this comparison, rejection and hatred. I never wanted to be burden for anyone. This is the reason for my rejection, when Sir came with your proposal. I never wanted you to regret in your life after marrying me. I can't take one more heart break. I can't take one more rejection" she closed her eyes while resting her head at the head rest of the chair "Now you decide about this marriage Arnav Ji. I don't want you to regret anything in your life, not in the matter of me. I don't think you are a fool to spoil your life by marrying girl like me. I hope you will take a wise decision. And I don't want you to lose your mind, because I know, you can't be peaceful after entering into my life with the people around me. And yeah, one more thing, please don't show me any pity or sympathy. The decision is yours now" she stopped talking waiting for Arnav to talk.


Not getting any response from Arnav, Khushi looked at him to feel tensed seeing his serious expression on his face. Is he backing now?' thought Khushi feeling a tug in her heart. She doesn't know why, but the thought - Arnav dropping the idea to get marry with her - doesn't sit well in her heart. She looked away not able to see the intensity of his looks


Arshigirl , Priy_Taanu , Arshijan , Ilvashi , Sinam1kana , Tanuya , Chamkililaadgoverner , sravsluarshi , Arshi_Lover_12 , Renee , mazhaa : Thank you so much for your comments...




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So, how is it? Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints... Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


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SS : Anmol Part 8 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 99 times)





Part 8:

All this time, Arnav sat quietly and listened whatever Khushi said. He never ever thought she will open her past before him too soon. He never thought she will be this frank. He looked at her face observing the expression. He can see the hurt, pain and fear, is it?! but why?' He thought. He felt surprised hearing about pity and sympathy. Is she thinking that I will marry her with pity? Oh hell no'


"What made you think I will marry you with pity or sympathy?" his voice is little serious.


Khushi looked at him and smiled little "Don't know... but I felt that" tension is clear in her voice and eyes.


"Not all our feelings and thoughts will be right Khushi. Sometimes our mind and our heart also cheat us with false hopes and wrong thoughts and feelings. Pity and sympathy are the last things I will show on you. I want to shower my friendship and my love on you. I love you Khushi. I never can pity you. In fact you know, I'm really glad that they got married to each other leaving you behind" Khushi looked at him shocked "Do you know why? If you got married to him, then how will I get you?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips.


"Please Arnav Ji... this is not a simple thing to smile. Why can't you understand the situation? I can't be a good wife to anyone. I can't be a good DIL to any house. If I get married and failed in my responsibilities, then what shall I answer to you, your parents and my family? I can't allow you to face problems with me in your life. Please Arnav Ji... try to understand the situation and think before taking any decision" she is serious


"I have already taken my decision" he is firm


Sighing deeply, she sat dejected with her head in her palms and her elbows are on table. She lifted her head little and looked sideways at him. He smiled at her and removed her hands from her head


"Khushi... whatever was happened, it's not your fault. Loving someone is never a mistake. If he can't reciprocate your love, or if he can't understand your need, or if he can't understand your love, or if he is unable to embrace pure love; then it's not your fault Khushi. It's not at all your fault. Which girl will take responsibility of her family when she is just 22? Which girl will accept whatever her family says when she is not ready to face the bad, if she is not perfect? Which girl will try to make understand one stubborn soul for his better life if she is not perfect? Which girl will think about others when she is in so much pain? Khushi... you were not at fault and you are not at fault. I'm not just attracted to your outer beauty or for" he said showing her body from top to bottom "your outer personality Khushi. I love you for what you are; I love you for your innocence, for your care, for your smile, for your pain... for your responsible nature, for your respect towards elders, for your obedience, for your straight forwardness, for your fighting spirit... I love you for everything Khushi. Oh god... why it's so difficult to get her in my life?" he raked his hand through his hair


"But..." she said in low voice




"What about your family? You all deserve best and first hand girl with fresh heart Arnav Ji"


"What? First hand? What's that?" asked Arnav confusedly


"Woh... first hand means... woh... I mean... the girl never loved anyone and who will love only you" said again in low voice by looking on the floor


Arnav didn't know how to react to her statement. He looked at her weirdly. Sighing deeply he said "Khushi you are not a product to say first hand and second hand. When we do our duties and fulfil responsibilities completely, sincerely, then nothing matters. When we both will live happily with each other, then nothing matters. The love, understanding and care what matters, nothing else Khushi. When we both can accept each other as our partners, when we both grow older with each other, when we both can make each other comfortable with us then this first hand and fresh heart doesn't matters Khushi. What all the matter is how we are living, how much we are into each other, nothing else Khushi" he tried one more time to make her understand.


"But isn't it a sin?"




"Isn't it... I mean... I... was... I..." she scared to ask Arnav about her doubt for which Bua Ji chided her for talking much


"What is it Khushi" asked Arnav patiently, still holding her hand in his. He is determined to clear her doubts and get her in his life


"Woh... please don't scold me or laugh at me for this. But these thoughts are eating me up" she said in low voice without looking at Arnav.


"Khushi... tell me what's bothering you" he patted her shoulder


"Isn't it a mistake to love more than one person? Is it possible to forget our first love? Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other? How can I feel same feelings with two people? Is love same for everyone? If I loved that person before, then how can I love another? If I will fall in love with... with... in future with... you... then wasn't I in love with that person in the past? I don't know Arnav Ji... but all these thoughts are eating my brain. When I asked Bua Ji all these... whatever she said, I felt like I understood. But when I'm talking with you, I'm feeling confused again. I'm feeling like I'm doing injustice to you. I'm feeling like you deserve best, but not me. Help me Arnav Ji... I really want to come out of this situation... please help me" she is so desperate to come out of this situation. In all these years, today she is feeling so helpless. She doesn't know why she is opening all her fears in front of him. She couldn't understand why and how can she feel so comfortable with him. She looked at him with so much of hope


Arnav looked at Khushi so surprisingly. He side hugged her and unable to control his overwhelming love towards this innocent Angel, he kissed her on her hair and tightened his hold on her hand


"Arnav Ji" Khushi looked at him with wide eyes, but she didn't feel any discomfort in his arms. In fact she felt secured


"I'm so happy to have you in my life Khushi. I'm so lucky to meet you. I love you... I can't lose you"


"Arnav Ji..." she said in a low voice


"You are so innocent and pure Khushi. I'm glad that I found you. I love you"


"But Arnav Ji..."


"Shh... I will clear all your doubts, okay? Listen... I will answer your questions one by one. Your first question "Isn't it a mistake to love more than one person?" No not at all... example, you love ALL your family members and friends. And when it comes to the MAN in your life, it depends on the situation. If you find you love other man than your man, then you should talk and clear the things with your man. We shouldn't cheat anyone Khushi. But loving other is not a mistake. And your second one "Is it possible to forget our first love?" the answer is definitely yes, it is possible to forget our first love but only when we get the pure love.


And next "Isn't it a sin to forget that person and think about other?" NO... it's not sin, because if you can't be with him then he is not for you. You both are not destined for each other. When he is not yours, then there is no use of thinking about him and wasting your life. And now, next one... "Is love same for everyone?" Yes, it is. Next one "If you loved that person before, then how can you love another?" because your heart wants another heart to share the love, happiness and pain inside yours. Next one "If you will fall in love with me in future then weren't you in love with that person in the past?" the answer for this is definitely you were in love.


And last one and most important one "How can you feel same feelings with two people?" and the answer is, love is related to our HEART, not our brain, and our heart doesn't have brain for its own. Our heart craves for love and care all the time. Other than this, our heart doesn't know anything. If it finds a person who can give it the love and care it waiting for, then it will lead you to that person. Sometimes, we won't get back the love we are waiting for; then our heart again starts its search for a loving heart. And when it's finds that heart, then it will lead you to that heart. It's not a mistake Khushi... it's just..." after that whatever he said reminded Khushi of Bua Ji's words - the same words, the same truth and the same reality. She looked at Arnav, who stopped explaining


"Bua Ji said the same" she whispered


"Because, it is the truth, it is the reality"




"Shh... don't... just think about what I and Bua Ji said and then decide"




"Khushi before we leave from here, I just want to talk like the person who came to your house to ask your hand. Can I?" getting nod from her he continued "Let me clear one thing, whatever is your past is I don't care about that. I love you and I need you in my life. IF you agree for this marriage then I will be the happiest person"


Khushi looked at him


"Please... give yourself a chance Khushi. You deserve happiness and I know we will be best couple and you will be happy in your life..." not getting any expression or reply from her, he said again sighing deeply "Fine, let's do one thing. As I can't lose you and as you can't marry any one by yourself, let's give a chance for this marriage and our relation. If you find you are not comfortable with me, then you can decide whether to stay with me or leave me. If you want to leave, then you will be free to go. I won't pull you back, okay?" Khushi can clearly hear the pain in his last words


"But what if I want to stay with you all my life? What if I need you in my life so badly?" she asked looking straight into his eyes. She decided what to do. She can see the hope, twinkle, surprise, shock, happiness, smile and fear in those eyes.


"" he asked doubtfully


"Yes, Arnav Ji... I decided I want to give a chance to my life... with YOU. Till now, nobody behaved this patiently with me. Till now, nobody make me feel wanted, till now nobody asked me to be in their life. Till now nobody had seen me as girl with wounded heart. When, you done all these, I don't want to lose you. I don't want to lose your friendship, support, care and... Love. I don't know I deserve your love or not, but for the first time I want to live for myself, I want to be selfish, I want to leave everything behind and move on. But I want to ask you one thing..."


"What is it Khushi... jaldi bolo" he became restless


"In future, if you want to... to... leave me..."


"That will never happen"


"Please let me continue... If you want to leave me or if you don't want me in your life, then please don't say the reason. Just ask me to go. I can't take one more rejection, from all people not from you. Please..."


He immediately hugged Khushi


"You talk a lot Khushi. That will never happen in our life. We will be together till our last breath. If I found you mistake, I will try to make you understand. If you find me in mistake, you point out. I'm not that bad to leave my wife in between, you can trust me in this. And I won't dare to leave you, because if I do that, think I'm a dead meat in next second in my dad and Dadi's hands. They will surely kill me. They love you a lot"


"Arnav Ji..."


"They knew about your past - only Dad and Dadi, don't worry, they are our side"




"Hush... chup... ek dam chup... bahut bolti ho Khushi tum. OMG... I can't believe this... you agreed for marriage... OMG... someone pinch me... I love you Khushi... I love you so much..." suddenly he became hyper making Khushi smiling at him


"Do you want to inform Bua Ji about this?" asked Arnav breaking the hug


Nodding her head Khushi took her mobile out. Before dialling the number Khushi looked at Arnav


"Don't worry... we can make this work. Trust me..." he side hugged her giving her much needed support.


Taking his support and leaning on him, Khushi dialled her house number


"HAI RE NANDA KISORE..." there was a squeal on other side which Arnav and Khushi heard as a response after hearing what Khushi said. Khushi kept her phone little away from her ear to lessen the damage for her eardrum.


"Titaliya... what I'm hearing is it true?" she is so excited to hear the news. They can hear Garima asking what the matter is and Bua Ji giving her the good news. Both Arnav and Khushi smiled at each other


"Yes Bua Ji" said Khushi


"Did you inform Arnav babua?"


"I'm here only Bua Ji... she said her decision first to me only..." he sounded proud making Khushi and Bua Ji smile and laugh.


"I'm so happy for you both. Arnav babua, do you want me to inform your parents or do you want to inform them? Let me know, once they know about your decision we need to talk about the wedding ASAP. I can't wait to see my titaliya to become a bride"


"My bride" said Arnav


"Ha... ha... your bride"


"First I will talk with dad and Dadi, Bua Ji. Then I will inform you and you can talk with them. Just please give me one more day. Please..."


"Sure, babua... take your time. For now, I will drop the call. I want to go to temple now. God bless you both"


"Bua Ji..." before they drop the call, Khushi called her Bua Ji with some hesitation in her voice. Arnav tightened hid hold on her palm sensing her fear.


"Don't worry titaliya... I won't leak the news to them till the wedding rituals starts. Anyway they left to Mumbai yesterday, as we know, they won't call us till we call them. So, don't worry about them, I will take care of that"


"Thank you Bua Ji. I will take your leave... convey my regards to Amma. Bye Bua Ji" with that they dropped the call


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Feb 21, 2015

SS : Anmol Part 9 (By Sankadevi_Lg) (Thanked: 100 times)






"I want to talk with her" she is serious.


Nodding his head he gave the phone to her


"Hello" she said in a low voice


"Did he force you? Tell me betiya, I will tear him up. Don't get scared, I'm with you. Tell me, did he force you?" she asked


WHAT THE!!!" he said


Both looked at each other and looked at the phone surprised and shocked thinking about what made them think that Arnav forced' Khushi


"Shut up Chote... We know very well about you. You will get more possessive about your things. You will do anything to get what you want. That is the reason Dadi asking Khushi betiya thinking you might have forced her decision about your marriage" said Aran controlling his happiness.


Both Khushi and Arnav sighed in relief and smiled little.


"No sir... he didn't force me in my decision. It's completely my decision to marry him. Sorry for making you all wait" said Khushi in low voice


"What did you say?" both Aran and Dadi said in high voice making Khushi shocked


"S..i..r... I... sorry sir... but what... did... I mean what did I say?" Khushi asked with trembling voice


Arnav immediately hugged Khushi sideways and said "Shh... Khushi... it's nothing... shh..." Arnav knew what Khushi feels about his father and he also knew that she can't take his harsh voice. He immediately understood what might Khushi feeling after hearing his father's voice


"But... I... didn't... say..." tears forming in her voice


"Shh... you are calling him Sir' that's why dad became serious, in fact pretending. Nothing else Khushi, relax...he is just kidding" he said in phone "Dad... Don't scare her. She is getting emotional now" he looked Khushi lovingly and hugged her little tight from her side.


Khushi looked at him feeling embarrassed and shy for the hug.


"Dad I will call you again. Bua Ji said she will talk with you about the wedding dates and all. I need to inform her about me breaking the news to you. And please inform Mom about this"


"Sure beta... take care..." they dropped the call.


"Amma... I'm so happy now. Khushi agreed for the marriage. From now on I don't have any tension or fear about Chote's future. I know Khushi will take care of him" said Aran


"Yes, beta... I too am feeling the same. I think only Khushi betiya can control this angry and naughty Chote. Devi Mayya... please support my children and take care of them" said Dadi requesting the Goddess and sending silent thanks


"What's going on?" asked Akshaya - Arnav's mother, coming inside from her social work


"Akshaya... you are late..." Dadi hugged Akshaya hugging her tightly


"Sasuma... you are looking happy... what did your Chote do?"


"Why did you say that?"


"Because, only Chote can make you this much happy" smiled Akshaya


"Yes, you are right, but now... it's not Chote... it's Khushi betiya..."


"Khushi???" frowned Akshaya


"Ha... Akshaya... she agreed for the marriage. Just now Chote called"


"I don't understand why all hell bent to make her agree for this marriage" Akshaya thought.


"Akshaya... what are you thinking? Here your son is going to be married and your mind is elsewhere? What's wrong? Is everything okay with you?" asked Aran with concern


"Yeah... I'm fine... I'm just... Leave it... why didn't Chote call me?"


"Check you mobile Akshaya. Chote first called you only. But when you didn't answer his call, he called me to inform and he also asked me to inform you and also said me to say that he loves you" Aran is well aware of his wife's mind. He never allows anything to spoil his son's happiness. He will do

anything for his son's then his family's happiness. That is the reason he is bringing Khushi' to this house


Hearing Aran's words, Akshaya felt happy but didn't show that.


"Okay... then I will call him and talk to him. I'm tired with my hectic day" with that she left from there leaving to happy yet confused souls behind.


Akshaya is very much confused, tensed, irritated, angry, frustrated and yet happy. She couldn't digest the fact that they are waiting for one middle class girl's decision. She couldn't digest the fact that her dynamic son's marriage is depended on one mere middle class girl. She hates the fact that the mere middle class girl is an epitome of beauty. The trio - Dadi, Aran and Arnav's behaviour is irritating her. She is disappointed with Arnav's desperateness about this chit of a girl. But she couldn't say or do anything in this matter; in fact nobody can do anything as they well know, if Arnav wants something then he will get that for sure. He never lose anything he likes or he wants. Now, he wants this girl, he loved her at the first sight. Then it is really foolishness to say no to this girl. They would be idiots to go into his negative mind. So, they have to be silent in this matter.


"I'm really feeling helpless now. I never thought Arnav will be the reason for my situation. I always wanted him to be my strength. But..." she sighed and sat on the bed drifting into her thoughts once again. She hates the fact that the family like them are dying to bring that beauty to their house as DIL, wife and granddaughter. Somewhere in her heart, she too wants to bring Khushi to her house. This frustrated her more.


"Why am I waiting for that girl to come here?" this question is eating her brain from the time she saw her son's glare at that girl. She sat there thinking about this. Suddenly she realised or thought that she realized "Yes, that is the reason for my waiting. I want Arnav to be happy in his life. If that is possible with only that girl, then be it. I will bring her into my house. If she acts different then I will show her what she is and from she came. I never allow anyone to back answer me or stand against me. I have to concentrate on this girl more. I don't know why, but I'm feeling a strong feeling that this girl's entry will bring huge change in our house, but it is bad or good I don't know. I have to be careful..." thought Akshaya.


Her thoughts got disturbed by their maid's words informing her about the lunch. She left her room after freshening towards dining hall.






"Come on Khushi... let's have lunch together to celebrate my success" said over joyful Arnav


"Your success?"


"Then what else? You are agreeing for this marriage is definitely my success. I never had this happiness before. Thank you for coming into my life Khushi. I never believe in love at first sight till I saw you. You are the amazing crazy girl I met till now" he looked at Khushi lovingly while holding her hands.


Khushi looked at him with wide open mouth and big eyes which make Arnav chuckle. He pinched her nose little and said "Cute" making Khushi lower her head in little shy


"Khushi... feel free to talk with me. I'm a friend to you before I become your husband. You can talk with me anything whenever you want, okay? You can ask me anything you want. Just make sure, you won't hesitate to ask. I want you to be comfortable with me. Don't worry; I won't force you to do the things which you are not comfortable. I won't force you for anything, I mean ANYTHING... okay? Relax and make yourself comfortable with me"


"Thanks for understanding me Arnav Ji. You don't know how happy you make me today by giving yourself to me as a friend, much needed friend. Thanks a lot Arnav Ji. I will try my best to be the perfect girl for your house. Thanks you" she is genuinely happy and thankful


"You are welcome. But Khushi... can we talk all these while eating or after eating? because, I'm really hungry now. If I won't eat anything my sugar levels will drop. Please... I'm hungry" he said


Khushi nodded while smiling little. They left from there, seeing the waiters' faces as they are still in the same restaurant from their breakfast time. he cursed under his breath when the car didn't start.


"What's wrong Arnav Ji?"


"I think there is a problem Khushi... just give me few minutes" he got down from the car and checked the engine and all. Not able to fix the problem, he looked at Khushi apologetically and called his driver to bring another car.


"What? No car is available? One minute" he turned to Khushi "Khushi there is no other car available now. Is it... is it okay with you if we I mean... if we ride my bike..."


"Bike!?" Khushi looked at him with some hesitation, suddenly something click in her mind and asked "But Arnav Ji... how can you ride bike? It's not good for you, I mean you security..."


She was stopped by Arnav "Oh... don't go there. I will be fine... just tell me can you ride bike with me? Will you be comfortable?"


"Woh... I... I mean..." she took some time to gather her guts and thoughts and said "I'm fine with that"


"Great..." he then talked in his phone and ordered his driver to bring the bike


They waited for some time, till his driver bring the bike. He took the keys and handed over the car keys to him and said "Take car with you to home. I will come by my own" he hopped the bike and asked Khushi to sit. After waiting for few minutes he again asked Khushi to sit


"Come on Khushi... fast... sit... I'm hungry..."


"I... I already sat Arnav Ji" said Khushi in low voice


"What?!" he looked at his back to see Khushi sitting


"Khushi get down" he said and hurriedly got down the bike. He kept bike on stand and suddenly lifted Khushi in his arms terrifying Khushi


"What the!!"


"Arnav Ji... what are you doing? Put me down... Arnav Ji..."


"Khushi you so light weighted. This is not good Khushi... Are not you taking your food? Why are you so less in weight? Are you okay?" he kept Khushi down looking at her so concerned


Khushi looked at his concern for her and said "I'm like this from my childhood Arnav Ji. How much ever I eat, I won't get weight. Doctor said, if I don't feel weak then there is no need to worry. I'm fine..." she said thinking about his concern and understanding his love towards her


"Are you sure?"


"Yes, I'm. Come on Arnav Ji... let's move from here. I'm feeling hungry" she comfortably diverted his mind.


"Oh yeah... hungry... me too hungry... let's go..." he too comfortably masked his worry for her with a smile


They both hopped the bike and zoomed towards the restaurant.



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So, how is it? Will try to correct my mistakes ( If any ) in my next part. Please let me know, if you have any doubts or complaints... Smile


So, will wait for your comments and opinion... Embarrassed


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