Asya SS : Hopeless end

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Jan 5, 2015

Asya SS : Hopeless end (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 5 times)

Hey guys this is my new story maybe SS! Am not sure if it turned into FF, it depends

I know first parts will be similar but not after that

Hopeless end


Mene o sanam tujhe pyar kiya...tune o sanam mujhe dhoka diya

Clouds scattered all over the sky with thunderstorm whining loudly, amidst them stood moon, shining dimly and sadly just like the way she was, looking at moon sadly yet shining dimly under the dim moonlight mostly covered by black clouds which actually spread in her life.

Sky cry at her pain and drops of rain fall from sky as tears fall from her eyes

She looked at sky and smiled sadly

You also understand my pain but then why didn't he? Didn't he ever think about my pain before doing all this?

And then she drowned back to today incident

She keep on looking at entrance hoping to see Asad arrival but there was none when 20 minutes more passed she become worried for him. She start to pace to and fro

Guests start to leave and she looked on, dejected

It had been hour and he didn't arrived when he has to come atleast 40 minutes before

Suddenly her phone rang she quickly reached to it and looked at the number, it was Asad she sigh in relief 'atleast he is fine'. She quickly pressed the recieve button and putting her phone on her ears, she speaked anxiously

"where are you Mr Khan? why didn't you reached till now? Do you know guest went away?....."she stopped as she hear Tanveer voice from other side

"Stop! stop Zoya! don't you think you talk too much?"

"you? What are you doing with Mr Khan phone?"she asked while everyone looked at her for any information on Asad

"ah! am not doing anything with his phone actually am doing something with him, am spending your wedding night with him"came her wicked reply

Her mouth opened in shocked, she felt heart broken but controlling herself and her tears she spoke

"do.n't! don't t.o m..e i know my A.sad okay"she choked while all looked confused seeing her condition

Tanveer laughed on other side and replied

"am not lying Zoya if you don't believe me then come yourself and see"

"where"she could't help but ask

"burned doll factory"

' Doll factory ' rang in her ears as if it contain many things for her, but she brushed off the thought. She cut the call and ran away in her red lehnga while Dilshad keep on calling her

It was cloudy outside, cold wind was blowing but she didn't bother she was more worried about the storm that was brewing in her heart and life as she walked inside the burned factory

She looked around to find Asad or Tanveer but didn't find anyone. As she walked around she walked on something, she stopped and took a step backward, for a look. It was an injection. She bend and took it in her hands. She threw it away as she felt it like poison for her, it didn't gave her positive vibes. She then looked around the burned factory which make her feel familiar.

She walked more and find a room. She opened the door and the scene that welcomed her shocked her to no extent

Her Asad on bed with that witch!

She felt heart broken as tears make their way

Just then Asad woke up and touched his head.

"Tanveer"Asad said

Tanveer froze for a moment and then looked at her, Asad followed Tanveer gaze and was shocked seeing Zoya while she ran away. Asad also ran behind her wearing his kurta while Tanveer smiled evily after all her plan was working

"Zoya"he shouted and stopped

She stopped and stood crying as she heared his shout

Asad walked infront of her slowly, her face showing pain

"am sorry Zoya but i ....."before he completed she shouted

"sorry for what Mr Khan? you what? That you could not stop your desires? Or you was forced to marry me so you took such step? If you was forced to marry me then you should have simply denied then destroying my life or you was so much weak that you could not even stop the marriage so you have to took such a drastic step?"

"Zo....."Asad tried to talk and touched her shoulder but was stopped by her as she showed him her palm, taking a step backward

"enough! Enough is enough MR Khan! you don't have the right to touch or talk with me and i don't want to even talk with a person like you"saying so she run away as her fake brave facade was breaking her already broken heart

Zoya walked in hall like a statue with no emotions just continuosely falling tears

Dilshad quickly ran towards her

"what hapened Zoya? are you okay? Where did you went? Did you find Asad?" Dilshad asked concernly touching her disheveled face with affection

She looked at her and break down at Asad name, she quickly hugged Dilshad breaking in her arms

"he decieved me.....he decieved me phupi. He decieved me!"she cried in her arms while Dilshad looked shocked

"you are misunderstanding beta he must have been caught in some work he can't decieved you he lo....."Dilshad stopped as she broke the hug and speak

"no phupi he decieved me he.....he........"she looked away in disgust while Dilshad gulped thinking what might had hapened

Zeenat came infront and touching her shoulder asked

"What hapened Zoya? Tell me what hapened?"she asked afraid to hear worst

She looked at them and replied

"what hapened? He ruined everything, he destroyed my dreams, he destroyed everything"

She saw Asad coming, she looked at him everyone followed her gaze and were shocked to see Asad dishevelled condition

Ayan went and asked Asad

"Bhai jan what hapened? Why is Zoya crying? And what hapened to you?"he asked worriedly

Just then Tanveer also walked in with messy hair and torn dress, draped in her dupatta

All looked on thinking what actually had hapened?

"Asad what is hapening here will some one tell me something?"Dilshad demanded answers

She stepped forward wiping her tears she can't be weak, atleast not infront of him she can't let him know how much damage he make in her heart, she can't let him laugh on her. He always hurt her make fun of her but not anymore atleast this time she will not let him know that he actually broke her and her heart and that she loved him to core, she just can't

"what is the need of any answers when you are seeing it yourself Ayan *pointing at Asad and Tanveer* they both ruined my life. Do you know what they did phupi? Do you know what your lovely Tanveer and Asad did?*sadly* How should I tell you? They did such a disgusting sin that i myself can't even think or tell. They are here after spenting there wedding night with each other, before our, no their wedding because they always liked each other so they must wanted to marry each other but on phupi insistence he got ready to marry me"her voice was loud and cleared and many gasps were heared on her each sentence

How much she tried how much she behave to be brave she couldn't stop her tears from falling. Zeenat quickly ran towards her side after recovering from the shock

"am fine appi am fine infact am happy that i didn't marry a person like him"she said trying to smile

She walked infront of Asad

"am happy that i didn't marry a person like you. A person who is double faced one side, he behaves to respect the traditions and other side he himself break all those links traditions and respect. Am happy that i didn't married such person but one thing Mr Khan, I will be never able to forgive you, don't think because I loved you and was ready to marry you or something, but because how much I seemed modern and am from New York I love my respect, my family respect, unlike you am feeling insulted and embarrased. Today everyone left the marriage hall without attending marriage but still they will talk about me, my appi and my phuppi whom i cared most unlike you"she said fighting with herself and him

Asad remained silent his red and teary eyes gazing floor beneath him

Dilshad came forward and faced Asad while Asad just gave a quick glance at her but then looked down

"how could you even think of doing this Asad today am disgusted of you when your father left, you and nazma were my pride everyone taunt me but i didn't budge because you guys were my world but today you crush my pride, you crush my world. Today, you proved it that you are your father son, upbringing might be best but it can't change the colour of blood"

everyone looked at her shocked while Asad is hurt

Dilshad then moved to Tanveer who behaved to be embarrased and ashamed. Tanveer was going to speak when Dilshad stopped her by showing her, her palm

"whatever, hapened you both are equally responsible for it. It's not only Asad fault but your's too after all a girl can easily stop a boy but what can I say to you. You was relative, far relative or should I say a stranger, I don't expect much from you"she smiled sadly on her own fate

Dilshad looked at heartbroken Zoya and inhaling deeply said

"let's go Zoya nothing is left here"

Dilshad grasps her hand and giving Asad and Tanveer one angry glare she walked away


I know I had many stories to complete but I can't help but post this one the reason is simple this story is in my system from months and also now there are just Sahil or Sehan stories so I had to post it now. I hope you guys liked it

Thank you


Apr 20, 2015

Chapter 1 (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 5 times)

Credit to Sameera_12

Chapter 1

It was a very painfull night for everyone except for Tanveer who was enjoying her victory

Tanveer smiled happily in her room

"bechari Zoya humary chaal ko smjh hy nhy skky, yahn tak kai jab hum chahte the kai Asad usse dekhe humne usse kitne horror full expression se dekha! phir bhi wo smjh nhy paye. han kese smjhty jub khud itne sadme aur udasi mai thy. Bechari!*and she laughed evilly*(poor Zoya didn't understood my plan, even when I wanted that Asad look at her, I looked at her with so much horrorfull expression still she didn't understand...yeah how can she? When she was in so much shock and sadness)"

She remembered that time when she planned so quickly

Asad woke up with heavy head, suddenly his eye caught his surrounding, he looked around and saw Tanveer. He was completely shocked

Tanveer had already noticed Zoya so she was not able to think what to do as she didn't knew Asad will wake up so quickly. If she replied to Asad queries, as she planned then both will know truth and if she answered Zoya then also will hapened same she didn't expect this

"look at the door not me stupid"thought Tanveer frustrated while Asad get down of bed and looked at her in horror

Tanveer mind worked and she make some horrorfull expressions looking at Zoya. Asad followed her gaze and looked at Zoya he was shocked and as Zoya ran out he also ran behind her.

"she is such a fool and now Asad will be mine his property will be mine"she said laughing horribly

Asad walked in Dilshad room with his bow head and eyes red with tears

"Ami"he whispered

Dilshad was sitting on bed, she quickly stood up and looked away

"what do you want now? Go away please"

"Ami please listen to me once please"he pleaded

"I don't want to listen anything, go away Asad, please leave me alone"she said letting her tears fall

Asad hold back his tears and went away with heavy heart

Zoya stood on roof holding railing and crying looking down. She was drenched completely in her pain and rain both.

"why Asad why? Why did you do this to me? Why?"she cried hardly

She remembered her moments spend with Asad after there marriage fixed. How soft he became then, how much he cared for her then, how much his every care and talks speak that he loves her. How romantic he became than even he prepared a romantic candle light dinner and was going to say something maybe that he loved her.

"he loved me? Then why did he decieved me? Was that all lie? Was he also forced to do that?"she asked herself

She then remembered how he left her always and went behind Tanveer even on the day maybe the day according to her he was going to propose her.

"his first priorty was always that witch Tanveer. He was always more concerned for her rather than me. He lied to me even if it is indirectly that he loved me, he lied!. He was not even going to propose but he act so"she said with pain and anger letting her tears to fall

"I never lied to you! I always cared for you more than her. I was actually going to propose but never could*paused* but today I say maybe it's late but still...I LOVE YOU ZOYA"came Asad voice

Zoya looked on her side and saw Asad standing near her. His both hands on railing like it was his support his eyes red and puffy while head down.

"I loved you from all my heart Zoya, I always did"he said looking at her

Zoya shook her head with disgust. At same time she felt pain hearing those most awaited 3 magical words at such situation.

"how many more lies Mr Khan? You decieved me, you ruined me Mr Khan, and you say that you love me? No you never loved me but try to show so, so that i don't break marriage*she smiled sarcastically*everything is crystal clear Mr Khan, nothing is left to say or anything. The truth is that you loved Tanveer not me you was just marrying me because of your Ami"she said with a killer pain

Zoya start to go but stopped

"but what hurts Asad is that you played with me, you played with my emotions. I was all ready to accept that you wanted breakup when actually you was planing to purpose me maybe*she paused* that too was maybe on your lovely Tanveer wish"saying so she went away

Asad stood there, guilty and sad. He looked at sky who was crying just like them

Zoya locked her room and jumped on bed crying her heart out. Crying at the situation in which they are.

How much she wanted to hear from Asad that he too loves her but today when he did, she even can't be happy as now his every word is lie and conspiracy for her yet don't know why somewhere deep in her heart she know that it's truth.


So here is first chapter guys! I hope you all liked it

Mar 13

Should I Continue? (By Starmuski) (Thanked: 2 times)

Hey anyone around on the forum it story?

I don't know if anyone's around or not but let me know if you guys want that I continue my this story. 

I am back on forum and planning to continue my stories on the condition thay I get enough satisfying response. My writings are not that bad that i get no or just one comment. 

i need Five comments from new readers. But yes if there's my really old loyal readers then I'll gladly put up my work for the loyals even if it meant one comment. But I need response that make me take out time from my precious time of studying to put up an update.

I'm not demanding a lot. The story is completed and I'll update regularly if I'll get SATISFYING response.

Will wait for you guys response.



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