arshi SS: di is happy(is she?)

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Jan 29, 2015

arshi TS: di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 70 times)

Sheesh mahal 14 years ago.. Chaca ji:get out of this place right now! Anjali(sob):but how can you can throw we out of this house,this our house ?(to arnav) Chote tell him nah Chote. . Arnav:Chaca ji u can't do this to we Chaca ji:you know how much money I spend to save this sheesh mahal.this my property now GET OUT! Anjali still sobbing hard ..Arnav can't bear her tear. .?? Arnav: I SWEAR ON MY DI THAT ONE DAY I'LL OWN THIS SHEESH MAHAL AND I'LL THROW YOU OUT LIKE YOU DO TO US!(to anjali)let's go di . They move out of the house that day At railway station, In train.. Anjali still was crying and sobbing hard Arnav:di look at me please Anjali turn look at arnav Arnav wipe her tear said:plz stop cry di Arnav:don't cry di till I'm still here for u Anjali:Chote promise me that will always support me like this plz Arnav :Do you trust me di? (Anjali nod) I will always be there for you ok.?plz smile Their train head to Delhi Shantivan, 2007 Nani: no anjali bitiya I can't agree to marriage you can't marry that shyam Anjali:but I love him Nani Nani:no bitiya I always have negative vibes when he came here.(To arnav)arrey Chote why are silent? Arnav:Nani u know that I don't believe in such a thing. If di like him then let her get married Anjali came hugs arnav Arnav : are you happy di? Anjali:very much Chote Nani:what about you manohar ? Manohar:I think arnav bitwa is right Nani:ok bitwa let's start marriage preparations Everyone get happy At night In arnav room Nani:arnav bitwa please think about this again this Anjali bitiya's life Arnav : Nani di is happy that is important and shyam is a lawyer , nice man etc etc Nani : ok bitwa I just don't want you and anjali regret at future. Good night Arnav : good night Nani.(In mind)di is happy. After anjali's marriage at bidai Anjali(sob):Chote how can I leave ? Arnav : di you know that you have to leave Anjali(cry):but how can I stay a way from our family Arnav :di plz don't cry.ok you and jeejaji will stay in shantivan. Anjali hugs arnav Anjali:really? Arnav:yes ,are u happy di? Anjali(smile):very much Nani: but how can she stay here she is married, she has go to her husband house Arnav : di is happy nani Nani:but..( fed up)just do anything you guys want Everyone happy Arnav in mind:di is happy. . Will continue next I'm nervous this my first writing Sorry if any mistakes Comment please should I continue or not..

Jan 29, 2015

arshi TS: di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 58 times)

Shantivan Delhi, 2011. Anjali: Chote did you had your breakfast? Arnav: No di I'll order some pizza at office. Anjali: but Chote .. Arnav: bye di. He went away. At evening.. Anjali(smile): Chote you back? Arnav: yes di Anjali: you look tired let me serve food for u. She serve food. Arnav:did u had ur food di? Anjali(look down): No.. Arnav: how many times have I tell you u di that don't wait for me, now come have together. Arnav serve anjali's plate. Anjali: ah Chote just get married then your wife will serve you and I will take full rest. Arnav: stop it di you know that I don't believe in marriage. Anjali(teasingly): ah now you can say like this but if you get married then you will forget your di. Arnav: di how can you even think that I'll forget u. Believe me di I will never do that. Anjali(smile):I know,I just joking chote.. Arnav: but I think that you always think about me and forget your husband, where is jeejaji di? Anjali: he is goes on trip to Mumbai Chote. Arnav:but di why he always out of town? Is everything ok di? Anjali:don't worry Chote he goes to Mumbai for a case. Arnav: are you happy di? Anjali: I'm happy Chote. Arnav:ok di I'm finished and one more thing di tomorrow I'm going to lucknow. Anjali(worry):for what Chote ? Arnav(stern):for some unfinished deal, di don't worry I'm fine. Anjali just nod and he went to his room. Anjali(suspicious): he is hiding something from me, I need follow him. Tomorrow morning. . Arnav call aman: is everything ready, ok. Arnav(to anjali):bye di. At lucknow, Gomti Sadan. Abhishek weds payal. Girl(smile): jiji you look very beautiful, I'm sure that jeejaji will be faint in your beauty. Payal:you're too much. Girl: trust me jiji KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA will never lie with her lovely jiji. Payal twist her naughty sister's ear : you never lie to your sister ah? Khushi: ahh ok just in this matter please trust me you look soo beautiful like.. Payal left khushi ear. Payal: like?? Khushi: like..(head to door) buaji. .. Payal: hey khushi! ! Khushi ran away Buaji:arrey nandkis**** why this sankadevi running this,hey sankadevi come here! Khushi: ji buaji? Buaji(ordering):this is house not any stadium don't run like this please behave like bride's sister and now bring that flower basket here. Khushi(pout):ok but (look at buaji) u know what buaji? Buaji:what? Khushi: today you're looking like.. Buaji:what nandkis****? Khushi: like jiji. Buaji puts hand on face:really ? Khushi: if don't believe me than just go and ask jiji she will answer you. Khushi went away Buaji:arrey nandkis****. . At corridor Shashi:they ask extra 10 lacks Garima: how they can do this shashiji Shashi: this our fate garima we are bride side, I will give our shop property paper to ram sahab (groom father)after wedding. Garima(tear): ji. Not knowing that someone had listen their whole conversation.. To be Continue ... Guys response please ... I need know should I continue or not

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Jan 31, 2015

arshi TS: di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 55 times)

Hey guys this is my third update on this story I want to inform you guys TS means ( ten shot ) and I want thank u guys who have support from start of my story. Khushi was shock hear that her jiji's would be law's want more dowry money and her babuji want to sell the shop. Flashback ( 11 years ago ) - Khushi : Amma what happen to babuji? Garima(fake smile): nothing bitiya your babuji just not well. Khushi : but you said to doctor that babuji had a car accident and why you sold your gold bangles for babuji's operation amma? Garima : because your loves one life are more important than anything. Garima can't control her tear and start crying. 2 day's later. Khushi : babuji. .. Shashi open his eyes look at khushi. Shashi : bitiya why are you crying, see nothing happen to your babuji and don't cry ok? Khushi nods her head. Garima : Shashiji doctor has discharged you. 2 weeks later... Shashi : I'm fine I still can run the sweet shop. Garima : but shashiji. .. Khushi : babuji .. Shashi : bitiya what are you doing here? u had go to school. Khushi : babuji I want to help you at shop. Shashi : no bitiya.. Khushi (stubborn): I don't want to school, I will help you. Shashi : bitiya. .. (fed up)ok but after coming back from school ok? Khushi(happily): ok babuji. From After that day khushi was working at shop and finished her study,that shop is her most favourite place which she spent most of days in childhood. (Flashback ends) Khushi(in heart) : I have to do something..I have save our shop. . .and why jiji's would be law's suddenly want more dowry than they already been ask? Something fishy..I had to find out. . . At SHEESH MAHAL Bank officer : I'm sorry Rajiv Malik but this has been Mahal sold to Mr.ASR he is the one who can help you now. Rajiv : where is he? Officer point at the man who wearing a black suit. Rajiv : Mr.ASR I been living here since I was born, please give me some time. ASR(sternly) : this is my property so get out of this place right now! Rajiv(plead) : Please Sir just one week. ASR : You know how much money I spend to buy this SHEESH MAHAL CHACA JI? ? Rajiv : you. ..Arnav Malik? ASR : that is past,now my name is ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA the one who write your fate and your fate is you will be throw out of this SHEESH MAHAL. .GET OUT OF THIS PLACE or should call the security? Arnav call out the security ASR : THROW HIM OUT OF THIS SHEESH MAHAL NOW! Rajiv : please arnav my family will be on road please! Security throw rajiv and his family out of the Mahal. ASR call aman. ASR : Aman is everything arranged? I don't want any problem in my show are you understand? ...ok (cut the call) ASR smirk. . Gomti Sadan, In payal's room Little girl : Payal didi this for u from khushi didi. That girl went out of room Payal : a letter? ? (Jiji please don't be panic after see this letter, I didn't run away with any boy, jiji do u know how much I love you, babuji, amma and buaji. I want to meet jeejaji I want to know is he really likes you or your I came to know that your would be law's want more dowry and babuji want to sell the shop for your marriage.I want to save our shop jiji not that only even I want to know is he really loves u or not. I want you have a wonderful husband who will love you till his last breath not for money.I do this just for ur happiness jiji. Your KHUSHI, ) Payal immediately try to call her. Payal(worry) : hello khushi where are you? Khushi(joking) : I'm going to meet my prince charming. Payal : what? ? Khushi : then what jiji? you know na that I'm going meet jeejaji. Payal : khushi don't get in to the problems. Khushi : jiji please try to understand that I just don't any ploblem in your life , don't worry I will be back soon. (Call cuts)helo..Jiji. ? Khushi look at her phone was switched off . Khushi : no more battery? Oh god! She start her scooter move toward her destination. To be Continue. . . Precap:arshi's first meeting. Guys please respond. .. Should I continue or not? I will update soon as I can. . Comments please. ..

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Feb 1, 2015

help me guys. .. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 33 times)

I did try to not make it in form of paragraph but I don't know how to do...Please help. ..

Feb 1, 2015

help me guys. .. (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 30 times)

I don't know how to get landscape on myview .. Please help...

Feb 1, 2015

thank you (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 28 times)

Thanks guys...



I can't get a landscapes...


Feb 2, 2015

arshi TS: di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 48 times)

Gomti Sadan.

Payal was so tensed.


Payal(in heart): Why I feel like something bad is going to happen to khushi?Oh god please protect her.Khushi where are you?


at traffic light.

khushi was stuck at traffic.


Khushi(pray):God help me clear this is so hot..


Khushi looking around and suddenly she look at a black BWM car's window glass.


Khushi(pout): My bindi it isn't in right place(she correct her bindi) and smile then she noticed...



Into the car.


Arnav was sitting at front passenger seat and Aman sitting at back sit.


Arnav: Wat the! Traffic?


Driver: Sir I think there is some accident.


tring..tring.. His phone rings.


Arnav: Hello Di.


Anjali: How was your work chothe?


Arnav: Going well Di.


Anjali: Don't forgot to have a lunch ok?


Arnav: Ok Di.


He cuts the call.and he saw aman smiling like a idiot.



Arnav: Aman why making your face like that ?


aman actually has been looking at a girl who was correct her bindi..


aman:nothing Sir




Aman eyes pop out..


Arnav:Who the hell is knock the mirror?


Aman: Sir that's from my side .


Arnav's phone start ring again..


Arnav: Hello Mr.Mehra...


aman open a mirror and look at the girl who was knocked.


Khushi was waiting for mirror open.


Khushi: Sir you didn't close your door properly, please be careful next time..


Aman: Thank you very much Miss..


Khushi(smile): Khushi, You're welcome and u?


Aman: Aman,khushiji traffic has clear.


Khushi: nice to meet you and bye.


Khushi starts her scooter and move from there.


aman close his mirror and smile.


arnav cuts his call.


Arnav:Driver move fast we should reach there in 5 minutes.


At Sheesh Mahal.


Khushi: So this is the place where jeejaji work?Sheesh mahal?


khushi goes to a girl who dressed in white saree.


Khushi: Excuse me..


Girl: Yes How can I help you?


Khushi: I came here to meet Mr.Abhisheik Saxena can you tell me where is he?


 Girl: Ok come with me.


Khushi follow that girl and at last that girl point at a man who wear white shirt and talking with someone phone.


Girl: that is Mr.Saxena...excuse me I had to go.


Khushi: ok thanks.


khushi start walk toward him until she hear what he has talking about..


Abhisheik: Oh really? They are agreed to give us more money? But amma think that we should ask extra 10 lakhs but it's ok anyhow I'll leave that payal after the wedding night,but we will ask our next prey 50lakhs.ok I'll reach there soon ok bye.


Khushi really shocked to hear the truth about would be jeejaji.


Abhisheik about turn to go then saw that khushi was standing there.


Abhishiek(stammering):arrey khu..shiji..




Khushi: How dare you to play with my sister's life creep,I will stop that marriage and I will make sure that you and your disgusting family go to the Jail.


Abhisheik(angrily): How dare you to slap me?(he held her hand)do you think that I will let you you to stop the wedding that easily?

Khushi(struggle in his arms):leave me !


he push her into random room and lock the door.


Abhisheik(in mind):Poor khushiji ... Her sister's marriage will happen without her presence..


He went away from that door without seeing the name plate on that door says:



In that room.




Five Minutes Later..


Khushi: I been shouting since five minutes no one has come to help me..

Oh god please send someone to open this door please..


After Two hours Later..



Sheesh Mahal,

At Hall .


Arnav feel dizzy..


Aman: Sir what happen?


Arnav: Nothing I think my sugar level went down..


Aman: Sir I think you should take some rest and I will send you the lunch.


Arnav:Ok but don't tell Di that I forgot to had my lunch.


aman just nod.


Arnav went to his room.


At room.


Khushi hear that someone is coming ..


khushi(shout):is anyone can hear me?hello!please help me to get out of this room!


She saw that a man wearing black suit open the door.


outside of the room.


Arnav could hear that someone ask for help from his room.


Arnav: I think someone has been stuck.


He open the door.

he saw girl wearing a green lengha and his went blank.



Khushi POV.


I saw someone here to help me to get out of this.

I didn't have a time thank that man I was going to run away from this room,but I heard loud sound (THUD) I saw the man who was open the door was laying lifeless on the floor .

Oh god, I should help him.

I rush to that man,there is only two questions in my mind now first one is he alive?

second why he faint?

I could see that he was breathing..

he is alive.. And murmuring something..

he want a sweet? Is it his last wish or what?

Khushi open bag and picks the sweet box.

she fed him a jelebi.

finally he is come conscious.And open his eyes..she want say that she had seen this eyes before but where?



Arnav's POV.


He could feel that someone was feed a sweet .

Finally he put all his energy to open his eyes,now he can see the most adorable eyes,he feel that he had already has seen this eyes before but where?



To be Continue . . .


Respond please guys..

Should I Update or not?

comments please..




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Feb 22, 2015

arshi SS:di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 28 times)

Sorry guys I can't update for long time cause some problem in my system.


Sheesh Mahal.


at room.


Arnav: Thanks for help me.


Khushi: It's ok, actually I am the one who should thank you.I been stuck here since 2 hours.


Arnav: who are you and how you stuck here?


Khushi: Actually... (she tell that how she comes to meet her would be jijaji,his real face,how he lock her in this room and she end up meet him)


Arnav(sternly): His name?


Khushi: Huh?


Arnav: What is his name?


Khushi: Abhisheikh Saxena .. Ok i should go I'm already late and i should stop my sister marry that fraud.


She went away..


Gomti Sadan.

In payal's room,


Payal was worried that khushi didn't arrived yet.


Garima comes to payal.


Garima: Payal do know where is khushi?


Payal nod No.


Garima(murmur): This girl .. Where is she went when her sister marriage happening?


Geetha(khushi's friend): Aunty we should bring payal to mandap(garima nod in agreement).


Then they bring Payal to mandap.


At mandap



That was grooms father voice.

Ram: I said stop it !


Shashi: Why Ram sahab? What happen?


Ram: Where is your younger daughter?


Shashi: She went out.


Ram: Really? (shout) Do you know where is your daughter went?


Shashi look at garima for answer but nod No.


Ram: She runs away with some boy.


Shashi: Ram sahab my bitiya will never do something like that..


Ram: Really then where is your dear daughter?


Shashi: She..


Ram: I won't let this marriage happen..


Shashi: Please..I beg u ram sahab..This is about my daughter payal's life.



That was Khushi.


Khushi: Babuji you don't have to beg him.


Garima(scold): Khushi where are you went?


Khushi: To know the truth amma.


Garima(confused): What?


Khushi: Babuji do you trust me?


Shashi: Yes bitiya.. I always trust you.


Khushi: This Abhisheikh and his family are fraud babuji they are trying to cheat us babuji.


Buaji: Hai arey Nandkis**** what are you talking sanka devi we all know that Saxena's family is well respected family.


Ram: Now what Shashi Sahab? This girl is now bad mouthing about my family.


Now Abhisheikh come down from mandap.


Abhisheikh: Shashi uncle the truth is yesterday I hear that khushi was taking with secret boyfriend about running away from home and I had advice her that is wrong and now I think that she want take revenge on me.

Suddenly there is a man enter the wedding hall clapping his hands and said..




Abhisheikh(shockingly) You?


To be Continue. . .


Guys I was thinking on make this tenshot to be SS.












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Feb 23, 2015

arshi SS: di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 38 times)

Thank you guys for response and comment here we go my update.


Part 6


Gomti Sadan.


Man: Haan me...(to shashi) namaste I'm Aman Mathur.


Shashi: Namaste beta.


Aman: I am here for proof that Saxena's are cheaters.


Ram(angrily): Hey! Who are you? What is your so called proof?


Aman takes laptop from his bag and play the video.


In that video.

(the video shows how khushi slap abhisheikh,how he held her hand,push her into the room and lock her.


Abhisheikh and his family start sweating.


Aman: This video takes from CCTV camera in Sheesh Mahal (to abhisheikh) do you have anything to say?


Abhisheikh: Huh. ..she slap me because i warn her don't do anything that bring shame to gupta family,but she didn't listen to me so i don't have any other choice then lock up her in that room.


Khushi(to shashi): Babuji his is lying.Actually i was goes to meet him to know that is he really marry want marry jiji for love or money after i heard his conversation with his mother that he will leave jiji after wedding night with all money.I slap him because i want to teach him a lesson.But he lock me in that room and i..


Abhisheikh cut off.


Abhisheikh: That is not true she is lying.


Aman: Mr.Saxena everyone should know the truth (he takes up some photographs from his bag) this his marriage photos with different girls.He has already cheat three girls before and now his next prey is miss. Payal Gupta.(to abhisheikh) There is some guests to meet you and ur family.


There is a Inspector and some constables and they arrest abhisheikh and his family.

Aman(to Inspector): Thanks Inspector.


Inspector: It's ok Mr.Mathur this my responsibly.(to shashi) don't worry Mr.Gupta everything is fine now.


Shashi nod.

Buaji and garima bring back Payal to her room.


Outside home.

Khushi(to aman):Thank you Amanji.


Aman: It's ok..actually you should thank ASR.


Khushi: ASR?


Aman: My Boss.


Khushi: oh! The man who faint at that room.


Aman: Haan.


Khushi: Please convey my thanks to ASRJI.


Aman: Ok,khushiji can you give me your phone number?


Khushi: Of course. (they exchange their phone number)


Aman: Ok khushiji it's already late i should go,good night khushiji.


Khushi: Good night.


Aman went away.


Khushi(whisper): A.S.R...(smile)


she head to payal's room.


At Sheesh Mahal.

In Arnav's room.

Arnav was impatiently waiting for aman's call,when his phone ring he immediately answer the call.


Arnav: Hello aman is everything ok?


Aman: Yes ASR..


Arnav: Did you get khushi's phone number?


Aman: Yes ASR.


Arnav: Ok send her phone number and (gritting teeth) make sure that Abhisheikh live his life long in jail understand? (murmur) How dare he touch my w..


aman cut off.


Aman: I understand ASR.


Arnav: Ok.

(He cut the call)


To be Continue. . .





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Feb 24, 2015

arshi SS: di is happy(is she?) (By Lillyzilin) (Thanked: 63 times)

Here we go guys my update.


Part 7




Gomti Sadan.


At payal's room.


Khushi was sitting beside payal in the bed.



Khushi: Jiji are u upset?



Payal(wipe her tear): No Khushi .. Why should I? Actually I should thank god.



Khushi(smile): Don't worry jiji. One day you will meet ur prince charming who will love you till his last breath(with dreamy look).



Payal: Khushi you're too much and what about your prince charming khushi?


Khushi suddenly remember ASR's face.


Payal: What happen khushi?


Khushi: Nothing jiji it's late so let's go sleep,(lay on her side of bed)good night jiji.


Payal: Good Night.


They fast asleep.



Sheesh Mahal.


At Arnav's room.




Arnav(shock): Di you here in lucknow?



Anjali: Woh..Nothing chote I just want to visit lucknow after long time so..(look for arnav's reaction).



Arnav:Oh really? Then what was that in your hand Di?



Anjali: Oh this is .. (look at a cover in her hand) This is a photo of your friend chote...



Arnav(raising his eye brow): Friend?



Anjali: Your girlfriend.. Lavanya Kashyap.



Arnav: WHAT THE! How did u think something like that Di?



Anjali: Because except me she the only one girl who you talk freely with, so I think you like her.. If you say yes then we'll ask her hand for marriage chote.


Arnav: Di If I talk with her that doesn't mean that I want to her marry her..I talk freely with her because she is my would be bhabi Di..


Anjali: What? Akash's..


arnav cut off


Arnav: Not Akash Di but NK's would be wife ok?


Anjali: Ok chote .. Actually I want ask u about Rajiv Malik?


Arnav: Nothing Di I just bought back Sheesh Mahal.


Anjali: And what about Rajiv's family?


Arnav: I don't care di, it's late and u should take rest Di.


Anjali(give up): Ok Ok.. I'll go and take rest. Good night.


Arnav: Good night.


Anjali went to her room.

He closed the door and head to bed.


Next Day...


At Gomti Sadan.


Khushi: Buaji I'm going to temple I'll be back soon.


Buaji: Ok.


Later at temple.


Khushi: Devi Maiya thank you so much for help me to stop jiji's marriage with that fraud and please sent jiji's prince charming as fast u can.


Later at outside temple.


Khushii was looking for rickshaw..


Khushi: Whether is clear to but why there is no rickshaw?

Then there is a voice come from behind her.


Voice: May I drop u home.


Khushi turn and said.


Khushi: You?(smile)ASR..



Arnav: Haan .. But it's Arnav for you.



Khushi(looking down): It's ok I'll call you ASR.



Arnav: May I drop u home?



Khushi: No .. It's ok ASR .. I..



Arnav: it's my pleasure to drop you home.



Khushi(smile awkwardly): oh...k


Later in Car.


Khushi: I live at Gomti Sadan.



Arnav: I know.



Khushi(confused): How you know that?



Arnav: You said that just now..



Khushi: Oh..



Arnav: Huh.. What is your name?



Khushi: U don't know my name?



Arnav: No .. U didn't tell me your name since our first meet.



Khushi: Khushi.. Khushi Kumari Gupta.



Arnav: Khushi this is for you(give her a box) open it..



A beautiful smile appeared in khushi's lips.


Khushi: Jelebi!... How do you know that I like jelebi?



Arnav(in heart): Oh No!...


Arnav: Woh.. Actually I thought to give you a treat then I suddenly remember the jelebi u feed me yesterday so I bought a jelebi for you.


Khushi: How you feel now? I mean .. Yesterday you faint so..


Arnav(smile): I'm fine.



Khushi: Huh.. Thanks for help me yesterday.


Arnav: it's ok you don't have to thank me..



Khushi: Why are you helping me so much?



Arnav(slip of tongue): Because your my wife...



Khushi: Oh...(then) WHAT!?!



To be Continue. . .
















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