Written Update - 13th February 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh

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Feb 14, 2015

Written Update - 13th February 2015 Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh (By sanchi)

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh 13th February 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sanjay coming home and Garima scolding him for not taking care for her. They argue about Vinita and Saurabh hears them. Saurabh scolds Garima for blaming Vinita, and supports Vinita telling how she covered up with neighbor lady when she was taunting you on Shobhas MMS. Garima says no one came home. Saurabh asks Garima to behave maturely and leaves. Sanjay gets annoyed and leaves. Garima gets sad and Vinita taunts her.

Sarika gets ready to go and meet Vikram. Samarth asks for her phone and sees her call with Vikram and asks is she going to meet Vikram. She asks what double game is she playing, he will beat her. She says dont dare to scare me, else you will lose the politics chair, stay away else I will expose your truth. Vikram comes to Shobha and gives a glass of juice. She thanks him. She says I m not habituated to good behavior by people, I have been bearing just bad behavior till now.

He says you are not human, but an angel, you deserve a lot more than this, and I can do anything for your one smile. She cries and says you are good, You will get anything, you deserve a good woman, I m not good, dont ruin your life after me. He says I tried to explain myself that I should not be with you, but I could not convince myself, I love you, it does not mean I should get you. He says I mean I want you, but I dont want to forcefully get you, I just want you to be happy with whomever you want. He says promise me, say yes. She says dont know.

Samarth says Sarika is just a slave of mine, she wants to expose me, she forgot I know she killed her husband and send her to jail. He says I will kill Sarika if she comes in my way. Sarika meets Vikram and says she wants just one thing from her, she did not think their date will be so unromantic, but still, will you marry me. He says get lost.

She says wait, Shobha will get justice, cant you do this for your love. he is shocked. She says look at Shobha, she is away from kids, cant you marry me for her. He asks how will you prove her innocent. She says I have proof, Samarth is a creep and he always used Shobha. He asks why will she cheat Samarth. She says I will cheat anyone for you, I want you, you think what can you do for her, think of her humiliation and she can commit suicide too.

He says shut up Sarika. She says look at you, I want you to marry me to save her life. She says I can go against Samarth for you, cant you do this sacrifice. She says I m selfish and I admit, I want you in my life, you have to marry me, think till tomorrow morning, else the deal is over.

Nani talks to Shobha. Shobha says I did big mistake, I should have not come here, why is Vikram bearing all this because of my problem. She says I just got problems in his life. Nani says he worries for you, you both think about others and not yourself. She says you cant make each other away, some relations dont have any name and are higher than any named relations.

Garima packs her bag and cries seeing her wedding pic. Vinita comes and taunts her. Garima says you will be left alone one day, as you dont value relations. Vinita says you will leave from Sanjays life too. Garima thinks she wont go from here, else Vinita will win.

Sarika comes back home and Samarth asks her not to be foolish. She says dont try to control me, I m not Shobha or Garima. He says how can Vikram be ready to meet you if he cant bear seeing you. She says none of your business. They both argue. She says you cheated your wife. He says I just cheated, you have killed your husband, tell me straight why did you meet Vikram.

She says people will think you got mad, as Abhays death case is closed, but your all secrets are with me, you made Shobhas MMS and beaten her up, and showed her affair with her boss. She smiles and says mind your business, this will be better for you. She leaves. Samarth smiles.


Shobha meets Jia and hugs her, asking how is she..


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